The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

𝟘𝟘𝟚 β–Ή π•‹π•šπ•žπ•– π•’π•Ÿπ•• π•Šπ•‘π•’π•”π•–

BEFORE SHE CAN RESPOND, a blonde girl steps out from behind the man, her brown eyes looking around with wonder before looking at Violet, surprised. β€œWho are you?”

Violet shies away from the pair at the abrupt questions. β€œI-I’m Violet. I-It’s nice to m-meet you.”

The man shoves his psychic paper back into the pocket of his trench coat and leans against the blue box, looking over at the blonde. β€œShe sent the message.”

The blonde nods and gives the teenager a smile. β€œI’m Rose. Nice to meet you. How old are you?”

β€œEighteen,” Violet replies hesitantly, not sure what to think of this encounter and the almost prying questions.

β€œTwo years younger than me.”

β€œWell then, let’s get going, shall we?” the man suggests, almost skipping into the blue box, leaving Rose and Violet to walk into the box themselves.

The blonde follows the suit-clad man into the box, motioning with her hand for Violet to follow, but the younger girl hesitates for a second, glancing back over her shoulder to the old house she lives in. Shrugging, the teen hurries into the blue box, a grin instantly spreading across her young face as she clambers up the stairs and spins as she attempts to take in every inch of the console room, giddiness blossoming to life and churning in her abdominal area, and spilling free from her lips in the form of an excited giggle.

Peering around the console, she sees delight in the Time Lord’s honey brown eyes as he flips a switch and grins at both Violet and Rose. The blonde lets out a laugh and runs around the console, following the brunette man as he rushes around, pressing buttons, flicking switches and turning knobs. Running her hand along the console, Violet feels the energy within in thrum and hum, a tingling sensation moving up her arm and throughout the rest of her body.

Words fill her mind - no, they’re more like instructions. Violet smiles up at the tube and begins to fiddle with the contraptions, much to the confusion and wonder of the Doctor, not entirely sure of how to take this. Violet murmurs words under her breath in a language he hasn’t heard for centuries, and the TARDIS makes noises in response, making the teenager laugh in response and reply with something along the lines of β€œyou stole this Time Lord for fun?” that makes the Doctor raise an eyebrow.

β€œYou have an interesting TARDIS, Doctor,” Violet teases as the pull the final lever and the time machine begins to dematerialise, causing Rose and the Time Lord to take hold of the console, the latter yelling out β€œallons-y” as he does so. β€œShe has quite the sense of humour.”

β€œHow can you even understand what it’s saying?” Rose exclaims, a wild grin on her face as they’re all thrown about due to Violet deliberately leaving the stabilisers off. β€œIt sounds like a bunch of groans to me.”

The TARDIS draws to abrupt stop and the three fall to the floor, Rose and Violet laughing a moment later at the baffled expression on the Doctor’s face. Jumping to her feet, Violet skips to the doors and pull them open, revealing the rolling green plains of North Scotland during the 18th century - a place she has always wanted to visit after watching Outlander.

β€œThat’s a very good question,” the Doctor adds, straightening up and checking the screen hovering above the console. β€œAnother is why we’re in 18th century Scotland when there’s a war going on.”

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