The Man Who Regrets : Doctor Who [1] ✓

06 : Dårlig Ulv Stranden

Violet lets the Time Lord say a final goodbye to the blonde girl trapped in a parallel world - burning up a sun just to do so. Instead of listening to the conversation, the young half Time Lord allows herself to be swept away into her mind of ancient memories; to be cocooned by the memory of the three of them only yesterday, but hundreds of years in the future.

Opening the doors of the TARDIS, Violet stares out at the multi-million stars with wonder, almost disbelieving the reality before her very eyes. Moving to stand beside her, Rose looks out over the endless expanse with a soft smile. Behind them, the Doctor watches the two girls with soft eyes, his hearts thudding softly in his chest, and his breath almost getting caught in his throat as his feelings for them blossom and grow within the hearts. He thought there’d only be Rose, but, ever since the first moment Violet boarded the TARDIS almost a year ago and it spoke to her, he found himself falling - plummeting really.

Violet feels his eyes on her and looks over her shoulder with a soft smile, which he reciprocates as she turns back to the stars, her blue eyes lingering on Rose for a second. It’s no secret that the teenager isn’t what people on Earth would call ‘straight’, and she’s long since accepted that fact. Ever since she met Jack Harkness mere years before the Doctor and Rose turned up - and went on a few adventures with the time traveller - Violet has been educated on the attraction to what Humans denote as ‘aliens’. That, in turn, lead to Jack calling her ‘omnisexual’ - the attraction to any gender and any species.

Sometimes, the young girl misses the small adventures she had, and the friends she made from the Time Agency and Torchwood. Despite that, travelling with the Doctor for the past year has made that hole in her heart slowly begin to fill. Anyway, she knows that she will meet Jack again soon. After all, they did almost run into their other selves - her future self and his past self. Well, then again, that could have also been his future self in a way, but his timeline is too confusing for her to follow.

Violet is attracted to Jack - I mean, who isn’t? - but she’s not exactly sure if it’s a physical or psychological or emotional attraction. It’s a similar attraction as to what she has towards the Doctor and Rose, but a little bit higher on the scale. Violet knows for a fact that the captain is attracted to her - for what reason, she isn’t sure - but there can be no doubt about it. Who knows, maybe something will come of the attractions and feelings she has for the three time travellers - one Time Lord, two Human.

“I… I love you,” Rose sobs, breaking Violet from her memory and making her look over to the older blonde. Her warm brown eyes are clouded with heartbreak and misery, flooded with crystalline tears and burning with determination to say what she wants to.

“And, I suppose, if this is the only chance I get to say it,” the Doctor muses softly, making Violet’s eyes burn with tears for the man with ancient eyes. “Rose Tyler-”

The transmission cuts off just before the Time Lord can speak those three little words, and they’re all left in silence: Violet’s lips parting in horror and her knees giving out beneath her, sending her to the ground; the Doctor letting his own, single tear fall, lips still poised to say those words, but not able to due to Rose not being there anymore. As for the blonde, she’s left on the beach with her parents and Mickey, and a secret she will carry to the grave - Violet being the only other one to know of it, and not being in any way inclined to tell anyone at all. It’s a sad ending for them all, and it’s broken more than its fair share of hearts.

He silently walks around the console, glumly pressing buttons and flicking switches and twisting knobs, and helps Violet to her feet, holding her gently, knowing that the young half Time Lord loved Rose almost as much as he did, and never got to show or tell the blonde. Forcing her tears back, the teen pulls herself free from the older man’s hold and walks away.

Well, she goes to, but, instead, freezes in mid-motion, blue eyes wide and disbelieving. “What the…?”

The Doctor looks up and his face screws up in confusion. “What?”

A red-haired woman in her wedding dress turns around and faces the two. “What the hell is going on?”


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