The Man Who Regrets β–Ή Doctor Who [1] βœ“

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VIOLET HAD HEARD RUMOURS about this day when she was travelling with another time traveler, but she never thought she’d see the day where the Doctor would lose the woman he loves - one of them at least. She’s seen the list of the dead, and she’s not entirely sure if she wants to be here to witness how the young British girl dies. Currently in the thick of it, the young Australian can’t help but feel sick knowing what is to come, and not having told the Doctor.

Daleks and Cybermen are flooding the building, the skies, and the city below, and Violet is almost trembling in her boots at the former after hearing how one of them killed Jack. It’s a mixture of fear and hatred consuming her, and she’s not sure what it is she can do with it in this instance. To be quite honest, she wants to kill all of them, but she knows that it’s near impossible to kill a Dalek - let alone a thousand of them. It’s making her wish that Jack is here with her.

Surrounded by complete strangers she knows only by name, the half Gallifreyan is feeling her anxiety rise to new levels. Instinctively, she goes through their names in her head. Doctor. Rose. Mickey. Jackie. Pete. However, it doesn’t work, and she finds herself becoming short of breath, eyes squeezing shut as she backs into a wall, sliding down to the floor and tangling her fingers into her hair, almost ripping it from her scalp with how tight she holds it. Her hearing becomes distorted, and she can no longer make out the words being spoken; the plan that the Doctor and the others are coming up with to rid themselves of the Daleks and Cybermen.

A panicked rendition of her name suddenly cuts through the distortion. β€œViolet!”

Dazed blue eyes flickering up, she looks into the worried eyes of one of the two men she’s come to love over the years. β€œI’m alright... Promise...”

β€œYou’re not fine. I need you to breathe, alright?”

β€œJust do it... Send the Void. I’ll be fine...”

She sees the look in his eyes and shakes her head, saying something in the ancient language only the two of them know that comes across as garbled sounds to the others in the room. He lets out a sharp sound of amusement and moves away from the young Australian, heading back over to the others. Violet bows her head once again and tries to regulate her stuttered breathing, her mind flashing with memories of moments gone by that she’d rather forget.

Faintly, beyond the sound of rushing blood in her ears, she can hear the Doctor, Rose and the others arguing. He’d have to be begging Rose to go with the others back to the other world for something on this scale to be happening, but, just as Violet is about to say something, she looks up and witnesses Rose and the four others vanishing. Eyes widening, she clambers to her feet, staggering over to stand next to the Time Lord, itching to take hold of his hand for comfort.

Rose reappears within seconds, much to the Doctor’s despair, but he allows her to stay - albeit reluctantly, Violet must admit. Entering what she’s told on the computer, Violet watches through hooded blue eyes as Rose and the Doctor push the levers, opening the void between the worlds and sucking in everything that is covered in the β€œvoid stuff.” Due to not having crossed into a parallel word, Violet remains stationary as the Daleks and Cybermen are sucked into the void, Rose and the Doctor clinging to magnetised clamps for their lives.

Then everything happens too quickly.

One second everything is working, and then a lever is moving back. Violet watches with horror as Rose moves to fix it, and the Doctor yells for her, face contorted into one of fear and anguish, and desperation. The blonde slips and flies toward the void, but, just in the nic of time, Pete appears and catches his not-so-daughter before going back to the other world just as the door between this world and that one close forever. The Doctor walks to the blank wall before him, and Violet’s lips part in a silent scream, tears torrential down her face as her eyes squeeze tightly shut.

Now she knows how the Doctor loses Rose, but she also knows that it is not just the man with ancient eyes - but also everyone who loves her in this world: Jack, Violet, her friends, and everyone else whose lives she has touched in her travels.

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