Little Red


His eyes were zeroed in on the beautiful red headed Quarian next to the turian, her body & scent screaming at him. He looked at her and roared mine!! When an orphaned baby Quarian girl came across General Adrian Victus, he instantly became attached and soon was her father. Being raised in the military life with her brother and friends, the only Quarian girl is happy but wishes to find out what happened that day her whole world changed. Meet Red Victus. Red wants true love and a happily ever after like in human stories. What no one expected was that human werewolf stories, were true, and the Beast King was her mate. Now struggling with her past, a war that threatens all life, and the sacrifice and losses it took, she steps up to the plate to fight with her hidden abilities that could tip the balance of this war. Thing is, her mate will have her, and never let her go. And those people who crashed her ship as a baby are more than just bandits. They want her and will do anything to get her. To survive, she has to fight with everything in her, even if it means the pack will lose their Luna Queen. Join her as she struggles with her mate, hardships, war, and her past as the universe is ready to use her or kill her. It may take more than just Shepard and an alliance to save everyone, it just may even take a Little bit of Red.

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The song is Dear Daughter by Halestorm.

18 years ago

General Adrian Victus's small ship he was suveying the Synde Apien Crest systems when one of his crewman spotted a downed ship on the planet of Armos Tevote, a planet known for its habitable life, the population rising with beautiful lands and crops.

But the place where the ship was downed made no sense. It was at the pole, a place uninhabitable for its freezing climates.

Victus looked at the screen in front of him at the live picture of the downed ship to freeze in shock. It was a Quarian ship.

The Quarians have a symbol of the Migrant Fleet on their ships, the Mutant Fleet there home since they've left their planet Rannoch by the Geth for over three hundred years.

It was on fire still, indicating it just crashed not too long ago. Get us down there! I commanded, watching my men shouting yes sir back as we descended onto the crash site, not expecting what we would find down there.

Hearing The Cries

We landed fifteen feet from our objective, the turian government here knowing what we were doing after informing them and Victus slipped into his armor and helmet, curious to know why this Quarian ship crashed and why it was so close to the turian's planets.

The Migrant Fleet lived in the milky way, where we all live of course, but in the Vallhallan Threshold system near the planet Raheel-Leyya.

He brought two men with him, grabbing his assault rifle and heading out near the crash site. He wanted to see why it was here. Something wasn't right about this. He thought as he drew near the site.

Sir. One of his men pointed to massive holes in the sides of the small ship, its side nearly crushed on the other half of it. The ship was on its side, the door wide open and burning.

The smell of death and burning bodies alerted him. He aimed his weapon and scoped the area after giving his men the fist in the air to hold position.

He scanned with his eyes before moving his hand in a circular motion, letting his men move around to find information.

Find anything of value and bring it back here. He informed them. Yes sir! They said and took off as he heard a baby crying.

He went near the driver part of the ship that was ripped off from the crash or explosion. This ship was definitely shot down. but why? did Palavan command or this government order this? He thought as his eyes landed on a small nicely made baby holder, its silver sleek sides and blue symbols on the sides faded by the black burns.

A baby Quarian laid on the inside, her red hair shocking him. She had no mask on which frightened him, and her deep forest green eyes were filled with tears.

Her tiny purple mouth opened as she screamed, making his heart squeeze with fatherly pain. He imagined his 7 year old baby son, Tarquin, like this. His eyes teared up at the sight of her beautiful rich light purple skin with burn marks.

He immediately went to her after quickly disarming and picked her up from the crib, making sure the beautiful dark purple blanket was secured around her tightly. Her eyes were all he could see but made sure she couldn't suffocate. His men came to him.

Everyone's dead sir. The taller turian said and the other nodded. The taller one was Corporal Bone Vereldan, one of his most trusted men and his father was a well known Doctor on Palavan after retiring from the military when he was injured.

The shorter was Age Salfor, who was enjoying being a powerful Vanguard biotic. Very trustworthy man.

Victus smiled and aimed his finger playfully at the baby girl. The girl's eyes widened and he heard a giggle. Her parents are dead. He told his men softly.

He looked at the girl. But that doesn't mean she'll be parent less. Let's go back to the ship and get her checked out. I'll send a recon team to survey the wreckage to help us find the cause of their demise.

If they took this civilian ship down, then there rouge and they'll attack this planet. Alright sir. Age said and smiled at the girl from beneath his mask. They headed back to the ship as Victus murmured, My Little Red.

eight years later

I stared at the pad before me, the Brockster show's newest episode coming to an end, making me sad. I sat outside my room on Palavan just temporarily, the trees swaying and people bustling about, trying to get through their day.

My red hair fell around my eyes and I watched Lady Celle kiss Lord Cole Brockster outside his mansion who's married before leaving him, her dress swaying around her beautiful curves as she headed to her car.

Lord Cole cried for her, hating how he cheated on his wife and fell in love with another woman who was being married to King Ashwald from another part of the country. We have our duty. Lady Celle whispered with tears in her beautiful blue eyes. No matter what they say, I love you. I'm sorry.

Lord Cole didn't get to reply before she left, his face showing so many emotions but mostly pain and anger. That's when the episode ended. I cried, looking at the pad sadly.

Why? I complained, noticing Kimmy the fourteen year old slut who lost her virginity not too long ago. I smelled that and I don't know how or why. Daddy says I can't tell anyone for fear of being killed or hurt. so I stay quiet and hang around Tarquin, my brother, because no kid wants to play with a Quarian.

I sniffled, wondering why my family abandoned me. He told me I was a survivor, but no-one matched my DNA. They weren't my family. The Migrant Fleet was too far away to go to and they wouldn't answer my daddy's calls, so I was alone.

They didn't want me. I thought glumly as Kimmy saw me and smirked, her green eyes and beautiful turian features crinkled up by her disgusted look.

It's freak! She screeched as Sara and Gilly nodded and laughed at me. I was too tiny to fight them and fighting was bad so I sat there and cried. She's crying! Sara said and giggled as I heard my brother who's seven years older than me shout with an masculine voice, leave her alone!

They stared at him in awe as he grew up nicely. He wasn't the cute little boy like everyone wanted to remember. He was almost an adult and gorgeous. He glared with his beautiful blue eyes at Kimmy and the gang. She tried flirting with him multiple times, but he almost killed her.

They raced away laughing and I stared at my pink dress and my bare feet, wishing I was normal. But i'm not. My own kind hated me and now the little kids here do.

When i first arrived, Daddy said many didn't trust me. That since I could breathe their air and polluted air from that day he found me and I was okay, that I was an abomination that was going to end the world.

But as time went on and I grew up, everyone in the turian worlds loved me. They say I'm beautiful. That's why Kimmy and the girl's hate me. All the boys ask me out and not them.

I stared at Tarquin as he reached down and lifted my chin up to look him in the eye. Hey. He whispered. You okay? I shook my head.

No. I whimpered. Why am I different? There right. I'm a freak. My own family hated me. I sobbed as Tarquin picked up his baby sister, her frail size and weight making him worry. He grabbed her pad and noticed the Brockster show. He smiled. She loved that show.

She loved true love and a happily ever after like the human stories of Prince Charming. Yes, we watch human things. They may be a little violent and short lived, but they are some of the most greatest species ever. He thought as Red listened to his thoughts. She smiled at him.

Your perfect as you. It's not that your family didn't want you. You could've been sent to them after they went ahead to make sure you would be safe, and they thought you died in the crash. Did they look for me? I asked.

He smiled at me. I bet you they did. He said, not wanting to lie to her but not wanting to tell her the truth that no-one came looking for her. She also could read thoughts so not good.

She didn't that time, too busy hugging him. I love you. I sang to him. He smiled and brought me inside the house while whispering, I love you to.

8 years after that

I grinned at Daddy as we sat aboard his ship and all the crewman sang happy birthday to me. They stopped and I stared at my cake for me only and everyone else's cake and blew them out with the help of my best friends Bone and Age. I laughed at their blowing the candle but blowing spit on each other tactic but missed my bubby.

Tarquin was off under another man's ship, so he missed it. But he did send me my gifts and an 45 minute long video of how much he missed us and loved us.

I smiled happily at everyone and thanked them, watching Daddy smile at me lovingly. I loved being on the ship with everyone. I grew up mostly on this ship but was able to spend some time at home when we can.

As long as I have my family, I'm okay. I thought as he came up to me and hugged me. Okay birthday girl? He asked me. I giggled and nodded. Thanks Daddy. I told him and kissed his cheek.

He chuckled and all the men were laughing and talking to me and their friends. After I got my presents, which everyone on the ship got me my own armor and helmet with saved up money, making me cry happily, which was super cool, I was given my own made turian dog tags by Daddy and a new outfit which was pink.

Tarquin got me a new car before Daddy could. I know this. He was trying to hide his anger at his son besting him from me but I read his mind. It was cute.

Bone and Age hugged me and I was happy to have a family like them. I sighed since a small part of me wants to know about the past. My past. My family, If I had siblings, who were my parents, why they left me and never searched...

My heart hurt but I hid it with a smile, the awed look of everyone at my beauty making me blush and my bffs and Daddy protective of me. I giggled, not knowing, that thousands of lightyears away, was someone who would mean the world to me.

18 years old: two years later

Daddy looked into my room on the ship which was made next to his and knocked. I sat on my bed criss crossed and grinned at him. Yes? I asked him curiously.

He came in and sat down next to me. My birthday was three days ago, and he got a new paint job for my car. It was a dark forest green, which is one of my favorite colors. He smiled at me.

Were stopping near Illium, the asari world while I talk to the asari leaders on their ship. He cleared his throat and continued. If you want to go to Illium, you can. but... I squealed with happiness and excitement. You must take...

Bone and Age? I asked happily and interrupted Daddy accidentally as he made a face at me. My face fell.

There coming with me to help seal the deal. He said slowly and I whined. Dang it. I complained, using a human term. He laughed. You get Private Wilkers and Private Soarus. He told me.

I smiled at the choices. They were nice men, always eager to prove themselves to my Daddy and me. They wished to marry me. I read there thoughts. I need to stop that since it's rude. Okay. I told him.

I'm not going to act like other girls Daddy. You need them and that exceeds me. He frowned at that. He clucked my chin and I giggled. Don't think your not special enough. He told me sternly.

I giggled again and nodded. He smiled and got up to go towards the door. He looked back at me and whispered, you can go tomorrow but until I get a goodbye, some things to help keep you safe, and a kiss. He chuckled and I laughed. I love you. I told him. He laughed. I love you back. he said and left.

I laid back in bed dreamily and giggled with excitement. I get to finally meet an asari for the first time and see Illium at once! I shouted happily, in all my years of traveling, meeting an asari or anything besides a turian for that matter.

Daddy was always protective of me. But he's giving me a chance to see the world since I'm what he calls, a "hermet." It's a human term. He told me.

I smiled and jumped off my bed and to my closet and stand, ready to pack up and my saved up money from working on the ship, ready to see the world.

hope you like it. after this is completed, i'm going to go back through and reupdate it. and no, i won't publish this on Wattpad until at least 15 chapters unless i change my mind or you want that.

i just, i have love this site and Wattpad is hard to get noticed on there. no, i'm not a selfish person lol, i just love seeing my creations finally getting attention for the first time ever since i started writing online. hope i don't sound stupid or obnoxious.

if you want more, let me know. and if you can, please like and give me a review to see what i need to fix or your opinion. it's really appreciated. have any books and message me if you want a review on them.

i'm dying to add more books to my pile lol. see you later!!

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