Little Red

Chapter 2

Pictures and video are on Wattpad. Song is Dragon Age by Lindsey Sterling. Very good video and amazing game. You want to play it. Trust me.

Red's POV

I smiled at Age who stuck his tongue out at me playfully, his eyes sparkling as his body emitted a blue glow to show off his biotics, as usual. He was wearing his armor and studying the dress I was wearing.

I wanted to wear my armor, but dad said I needed to go out and have fun, but not the "drinking-until-I'm-drunk- wake-up-next-to someone-without-my-money" fun. The dress was from the year of 2018. It was too beautiful.

Before our year, the year being 2184, they had gorgeous jaw-dropping dresses. Now it looks too plain and too much like the other species but mainly the Citadel type of outfits. Irritating, I'll tell you. So I find mine, which is hard, with the help of a human who is eager to talk to me and my family.

He must've had a thing for aliens because he kept complimenting Tarquin before he left, who looked so awkward and miserable that I helped him after letting him suffer with the flirting for a couple of minutes, lol.

He got me later by dumping cold water on me while I was asleep in bed but it was worth it. At the time, it was. And after the cold water it was still. lol. Lol is a human term the human, named Billy Richards, said is for "laugh out loud." It isn't used much anymore sadly. came from 2018 as well. I liked it. The small words to make up the bigger phrases is fun.

Did that happen to you? I asked Dad, the response seemed to be personal and to quick, like that actually happened. He chuckled and said with an odd look on his face, darling. Just get ready and go have fun. Maybe some day I'll tell you. He turned and looked at the dress I laid out and smiled and I knew he'd approve. It wasn't Kelly like but it was me. It was a human design. They have amazing clothes. I'm not much of a dressing up type but this was my first time in Illium so I had to make an impression. Besides, I could meet my true love there. I smiled dreamily at the thought of my one true love.

I still believed in the human's "happily ever after" stuff. And it shouldn't matter the gender or species of your true love. I'd even marry a Volus so it doesn't bother me. I just ran into Kelly a couple months back before we moved from Palaven. This was dad's last trip before staying at Palaven for good. He would still be stationed at a camp, but he wouldn't move around. Best part was, there letting him keep his ship. I cried when I thought they would give this ship away to someone else.

I was selfish. I grew up here on this ship. I have so many memories on here. I mean, somebody else could have memories on here like I did, but I hate being too selfish. I didn't want this ship gone from my life. Tarquin still visits as much as he can. He was given the 9th Platoon to command a couple months back which is an amazing honor. Dad was so proud of him. I was to.

The day I ran into Kelly was the last day before we left and came here.


I raced out of the house, my stuff packed onto the ship as I raced to the small cafe five blocks from here, the dark grey pavement under my four toed bared feet warm as the sun felt like a gentle heat hug.

My short but not too short black skirt and white human tank top that stopped at the belly button was clinging to my warm skin.

The temperature wasn't too hot but not too cold. It hardly ever got cold here at home. I noticed a tall and not curvy female turian who glared at me with blue eyes with two girls that wasn't the two in the past.

It was Kelly. She really grew up, didn't she? I mumbled under my breath.

I had already slowed down to a walk as everyone who past me by patted me on the back or said welcome. I always thanked people and blushed. I still wasn't use to the fact I was loved here. And not just this city, the whole planet adored me and I don't know all of them! I was shocked but happy to say the least.

Look, It's freak! She sneered at me, her outfit looking desperate to run from her body, It's hugging her form and wishing it could get a break and be burned off. Hilarious, I know.

Look, it's the girl who can't keep her legs closed and is jealous no-one remembers her. I retorted back, my innocence still there at the sentence but I heard people say these type of phrases so I rehearsed them back.

She screeched at me and pointed a nail that was manicured and was the most hideous shade of pink I had ever seen. Trust me, I like pink.

You watch your tone with me! She shouted. I glared. Or what? I challenged. The two girls glared at me with the same outfit and nail color as her. Talk about desperate. I thought. Just because you have all that power doesn't mean I can't beat you in a fight. She taunted. I smirked.

I knew some fighting and shooting since being in a military family, but Dad was too terrified to teach me to shoot or fight until a year ago when I was attacked by some assassin, and my powers kept me from dying.

That's when I was assigned two bodyguards since I never wanted any so I could have some moments of privacy.

But I did get a massive scar down my left shoulder to my wrist from his blade. Who uses blades!? I loved them so I thought I was the only one. He wasn't a turian but a Krogen by the way, to ensure I died probably.

He was hired by some rich turian who wanted me but couldn't since we met at a time I don't remember and I wasn't into him. He was angry I basically rejected him and he sent an assassin on me.

Talk about childish and dramatic, I know. Don't know how Dad found him, but he did. Dad made sure to have everyone "pay him a visit." He is in prison now, covered in numerous scars and burns.

He made sure to let anyone know not to mess with his little girl. Makes you want to smile and cry for joy although the torture I believe is a little too much.

I'm a gentle soul. I believe violence doesn't solve everything but it can solve problems at times where violence is beneficial, like our war with the reapers.

I heard about the reapers. but I know there real, hiding and lurking out there somewhere, waiting for a chance to get us.

I have this gut feeling as humans say, and it was usually right. Humans are so fascinating, aren't they? I just wish the war wasn't sooner but rather later.

Kelly glared at my smirk and snarled, bring it! I stepped towards her as she stepped back. What's the matter? I taunted as I looked up at her, watching her face pale and her eyes widen. I thought you could handle me in a fight without my abilities? I asked.

Her lips quivered and she glared as people watched, too shocked and angry to stop this. We believe that when of age you should fight your own battles. That's why no-one is stopping this. They want to see her be put in her place.

She would've been a good person had she not let desperation for attention come out. She had good parents who loved each other, two older twin brothers and a younger sister who cared for her.

I don't know why she needed the attention but she decided having sex was the way. Now I'm disappointed in her. She could've been something more than being known as the hoe had she not gone down that path.

How should I know you won't use them? She sneered. I smiled. I'm not going to fight you with my abilities because I want you to remember that I can beat you up and put you in your place when you push me. I said.

People looked at me in awe. She glared even more daggers at me from the attention I was unknowingly soaking up. She sighed.

I won't fight you because of my nails! She declared, her friends nodding like that was an amazing excuse when I knew and others knew she didn't want her butt kicked. I smiled gently at her. She flinched.

Okay. I nodded and walked away from her, but what I heard from her made me turn around and lunge out at her.

Maybe if she were so special her parents would've wanted her, huh?

End of Flashback

That day, people had to keep me from killing her. She was sent to a hospital and an officer showed up to talk to me. I told him why I lashed out, her small patches of blood on me. I barely grazed her but she's making a ruckus, I know it.

He told me to watch my temper but good job on putting her in her place for saying such disgraceful words and left, my Dad and brother coming in to scold me.

I was grounded but too be honest, I'm glad I didn't kill her. Even though what she said added a scar to my already fragile and stitched up heart, I didn't want her death on my conscious.

Bone walked in after Age left a couple of minutes ago for me to get ready. I did and loved my look in the mirror. I was wearing a long red dress that hugged my big curves, the chest area a v shape and a little showy but oh well.

A huge slit from upper thigh down dominated the right side. Makeup is for others but not me. I wore nothing but my flat red converse from that time as well.

I smiled at them as I walked out of my room to see Bone, Age, Dad and some crew members who whistled as I twirled and giggled, noticing a loud smack and ouch.

The ones who whistled were rubbing their temples as my dad and bffs looked innocently at me, causing me to laugh and shake my head.

I hugged my dad who came to me, kissed his cheek and promised to be careful, as we headed to the KyJak to take us to Illium.


We landed and I stepped out, shocked at the beautiful marble and silver floors and railing overlooking the giant city, the plants on the wide enough rails for them when I noticed a extremely unique dark purpled skin Asari woman with the normal yet beautiful blue eyes and large hips.

She wore a white dress with short sleeves that showed some chest and her hips with white heels. she was built thick but gorgeous. she smiled at me.

Hello Red. She said. I smiled back and Wilkers, who is a sentinel and has brown eyes and Soarus, who is a soldier that is more buff and taller has light grey eyes, smiled at her stiffly to show her they were warriors.

Either showing off or just doing it to show anyone the turian military was a force to be reckoned with. Probably both.

You know my name? What's yours? I asked politely, as she laughed and said, yes. Your father told me you were visiting for your first time. She pointed to herself.

My name is Kimrah. I help anyone who is lost or needs guidance. She said. Like an guide? I asked. She smiled and nodded. I thanked her.

If you need any help, let me know and have a wonderful day here. She said. I grinned, thanked her again, and walked into the large circular white door that spun counter clockwise before opening to a large office and past it, the markets. I was happy. I was carrying my pistol to.

Wilkers and Soarus had an assault gun, shotgun, pistol, and sniper rifle. They are carryable on your back until when needed, then they are opened after pulling them out and clicking a small button, making them transform into the gun itself.

Very confusing, but very amazing. Technology can reach no limits right now besides time travelling, portals, and immortality. Alot of people are still desperate to be the creator of anyone of those.

Let's go! I squeaked as Soarus laughed with Wilkers grinning like the goof he is, as we went past the office with mostly Asari but a few humans, Salarions, and Volus, eager to find a new perk for my weapon or armor.

Please Don't Leave Me: 4 hours later

I bought an new upgrade for my gun and my armor, excited to go back to the ship where there being shipped at to apply them. Wilkers touched his ear, signaling someone was talking to him.

I didn't pay much mind to it or the fact Soarus was listening as well, their faces growing cold and sad. Soarus touched my shoulder.

I turned to him from the fish items on the pad from the round and blue glowing table with items available for purchase on the pads. They looked pained. I tensed up. Not good.

What's wrong? I asked. They stared. Palavan command gave your dad permission to assist the Asari in anyway they can. Soarus stated with a monotone voice.

I nodded. That's a good thing to do. I told him. We need allies. I said. Wilkers nodded than sighed. I looked at him.

A massive group of raiders have attacked the Asari fleet in space 20 lightyears from here. They asked for his assistance and he said yes. Wilkers said, looking out of place more now than ever. They wanted to help. Like I do.

I stared in horror. We must help them! I cried and turned to go, just to be stopped by Wilkers. He shook his head at me gently. Soarus scoped the sky with his eyes. I didn't even see the ship take off.

No. He said to keep you here and he'll be back soon to fetch us. Wilkers grunted. I shook my head, my insecurities washing up on me like cold water.

No! I growled quietly. He can't leave me! I whimpered.

Soarus came up and hugged me. He isn't leaving you. Wilkers said sternly. I nodded. He's helping the allies and he doesn't want you in the fight yet until your ready. Soarus said. Or getting hurt. Wilkers added in.

I nodded in defeat. Fine. I sighed. Wilkers suddenly walked away after saying, let me get your armor to change into.

I smiled when he came back with my beautiful armor, its gleam from keeping it polished, clean, yet sturdy and powerful making me proud.

The color was a nice pink, red swirling design, and dark forest green patches. It looked really nice despite sounding odd to mix together.

I went to a small bathroom around the back of the markets near the old office for Dr. Liara T'Soni, since some asari woman was oogling over her used to working here from the bottom of the stairs reaching her old office.

The other lady was oogling to at the desk at the top of the stairs, hearing the woman but I didn't. You don't want to hear what they were saying or even thinking.

I didn't but not going to find out. I took the dress back to Bone who left it at the office to be shipped to the ship by a delivery system online after putting the dress online by a VI (Virtual Intelligence).

I watched the sky where the magnificent ship had sat, missing it already. Wilkers put his right arm around my shoulders from my left as Soarus grabbed my right hand with his left before staring at me, not realizing that my Dad and bffs would be too late, and would regret not being here on time.

The Fight

Not even ten minutes past when an odd pinging sound entered the air, making us frown at the sky with tensed shoulders, the curiosity filling our eyes to the brim.

A large but too big of a purple human squid like ship appeared, its tentacles stretching out and for us as Wilkers, Soarus, and I drew out our weapons after putting our helmets on, my shaking hands showing that I was afraid.

Screams and movement happened all around us with officers in ships trying to shoot it down as more appeared, destroying them one by one.

A large light appeared and slammed next to us, throwing us in different directions, and the massive crack it made from the left of us close to the office and the exit where our ship was, having something about to fall into it to enjoy. It was having me.

Hope you enjoy. Any theories so far? Sorry took so long. Editing all this is difficult. Here are some images to help u imagine it.

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