If He Be Worthy


In the aftermath of the alien invasion of London, Coulson's team is set out to retrieve a man, a man that had picked up Thor's hammer. John Watson hadn't meant to get mixed up in the alien invasion.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"So why are we following this guy again?" asked Sky looking out the car window at the short blonde man that they had been following for the past twenty minutes. She was bored as she twisted the bracelet on her wrist, restricting her from the web unless she was authorized by Coulson. Simmons and Fitz looked eagerly to Coulson, they had been wondering the same thing, he must be very important to pull them away from the site of the alien confrontation at the college. Coulson had been unusually tight lip about this man and the wrinkle between his eyes was deeper meaning he was worried about it.

Coulson looked up from the report he was reading to look at her, knowing he couldn't put it off any longer he had to tell his team what was so special about this man they were tailing. "He's a person of interest, during the alien invasion this past week he took control of a squad of police and helped to evacuate civilians and fought against the dark elves. After the fight he helped treat the wounded."

Sky looked at Simmons, before looking at Coulson, "That's good and all by why does that concern us?" she probed knowing that there must be more to the story, maybe he took a piece of alien tech.

Coulson pursed his lips, "It is what happened afterwards in the cleanup" bringing up the screen on the dashboard he started a video stream. "This was captured by a nearby security camera that surprisingly hadn't been destroyed in the conflict." The team watched as this man walked into the screen. His eyes were scanning the area around him, until he suddenly tripped over something. The man looked at the offending object and reached out to pick it up. To everyone's shock they recognized what was in man's hand.

"Is that what I think it is?" demanded May as the video paused on that frame.

Coulson nodded, "Yes this man, Dr. John Watson is holding Thor's hammer Mjolnir."


John glanced in the shop's window, confirming that the black van was still following him. This worried John, if it was Mycroft the car would have already pulled up next to him with the familiar get in. But it had been almost a year since his last kidnapping, ever since Sherlock had jumped off the roof of St. Barts.

With all the strange things happening, portals, alien standoffs, a sudden tail was worrying to John and he deliberately walked in the opposite way his flat was while also going down streets that had the most CCTV cameras in place. Even though Mycroft didn't kidnap him, he still kept an eye on the Doctor, a fact that John learned a month after Sherlock when he had been jumped by a few thugs. They had made off with his wallet and left him unconscious in an alley. When he woke up in the hospital he had been surprised to see the umbrella man sitting next to his bed reading the newspaper, John's wallet was sitting on the bedside table.

Mycroft had informed him than that despite what had happened between them, John was still under his protection whether he like it or not. After that Mycroft had popped up once every few weeks to check up on him. John wondered if Mycroft even realized that he had been a part of the battle that happened with the aliens but considering Mycroft was dealing with the aftermath of an alien invasion he probably had not time to check up on what John had been doing. Especially since he shouldn't have had any reason to be at the College in the first place.

He hadn't meant to go anywhere that day except to Tesco, but Lestrade had called him for a repayment of a favor, so even though John had hated anything to do with NSY he went to help Greg, the one who risked a lot to call Sherlock to warn him. John suspected that the only reason Greg hadn't been in bigger trouble was because Mycroft had a hand in it, just as he had a hand in keeping John from being arrested for chinning the Superintendent.

Greg was the only reason that he went to the scene and then accepted a ride back in the patrol car. They had been passing the Old Royal Naval College when it seemed the sky ripped open and a huge something broke through something that wasn't of this world. Lestrade had sworn and pulled over and watched horrified as the alien ship cut through the Thames and into the ground surrounding the collage.

John found himself getting out of the car, an example many of the Yarders followed as they all parked behind Lestrade.

"What the hell is that?" Anderson whispered, his mind simply refusing to accept what was happening in front of him.

John could hear Sherlock whispering Idiot in his mind at that statement, "Nothing from this world" breathed John, both terrified and fascinated by what was going on. He had heard rumors of strange things going on around London, places where things disappeared seemingly into nowhere. The man on the news running around naked at Stonehenge talking about different realms, and that Thor had landed in London. Remembering the reports of aliens trying to take over Manhattan and the sudden reappearance of Thor, John had a feeling that these guys we not coming in peace.

Like shrugging out of a coat, John shrugged off his good Doctor personality and Captain Watson took his place. "Lestrade" he barked, making the man stand to attention. "We need to evacuate civilians, whatever this is we need to get people out of here, and call in for back-up. Let's move people!" he ordered, surprised and happy when everyone jumped to do what he said, Lestrade called in for back up while a group of officers broke from them and headed towards the building to start evacuate. John instructed whomever was left to bloke off the perimeter to try to keep people from trying to approach the situation. John had taken the remaining officers and crept closer to get a handle on the situation. It was from behind a pillar that John watched a group of aliens coming off the ship following one that looked like half his face had been melted off. The aliens barely managed a few steps before everything went to hell as Thor dropped down from the sky and thus bringing about the beginning of the fight.

One good thing about the starting of the fighting was that people were more willing to leave instead of taking photos of the aliens. John was relieved that he had brought his Browning as fired a few shots at the approaching aliens. He briefly barked out directions with the radio that Lestrade had given at the police force that was now under his command. He ducked down next to Lestrade when the aliens returned fire.

"This sure as hell isn't my division" cried Lestrade curling further behind the pillars, the blast from the aliens gun sending shrapnel in the air as they hit the pillar they were ducked behind. It was absolute craziness, Thor was sending shockwaves through the air causing glass to shatter and debris fly all over the place. The lead alien liked to blast Thor with a red substance that rocked Thor backwards.

John turned to give Lestrade a shark smile, feeling more alive than he had in months as adrenaline pumped thickly through his veins. "Just like the good old days" he said before breaking cover to help a few kids that were pinned down and unable to escape.

During his time of ducking and helping innocents escape, he noticed the two people a man and a woman with a strange device that seemed to activate the metal rods that looked to be pounded in the ground around the college. He had briefly wondered what they did until he was caught in the zone and found himself outside of the college with two other people a girl and a boy. John trying to get his bearings, didn't pay much attention to them until he was pushed out of the way as cars came raining down from the sky.

"You saved me" said the girl to the boy and John watched as she pulled him down into a kiss and suddenly John was back inside the college looking at the two people with the strange device. John nodded at them briefly not waiting around for an explanation before running back to where his people were. He had a feeling that the situation was out of his hands as he looked up into the sky and saw the circles that were windows into the different realms drawling closer and closer together almost lining up overhead. John called a retreat and with the rest of the Yard they ran back to the perimeter they had set and watched as the red spiraling substance rose to where the worlds with lining up.

"My God" whispered Donavan hand reaching out to clutch at John's elbow, fingers digging into the beige jumper an anchor in all the strangeness going around them. John had wondered in that moment if it was the end of the world as they knew it when all of a sudden the red cloud was just gone, and a few seconds afterwards the giant spaceship was gone as well and the world was strangely silent as the windows to the realms reached their zenith and slowly began to de-aline and fading away from view.

The next few hours were a blur as John did all he could, helping coordinate the police, digging out trapped people, and helping the wounded. When the most significant event of his life happened, though at the time he didn't know it.

John had been wandering where the spaceship had been eyes taking in the damage, the ship had caused a lot in such a short period of time. He was to engrossed in the damage around him that he hadn't been looking at his feet as he wandered. So it was unexpected when he found himself on the ground, pushing himself onto his knees he looked to see what he had tripped on eyes taking in what looked like a hammer.

Frowning he reached out and grasped the handle, feeling a strange tingling running up his arm, like an electrical charge but it only lasted a few seconds and then was gone so John didn't think much about it. The hammer was heavier then it looked, but felt comfortable in his hand. Standing up he swung it back and forth a few times, sighing as he heard a clash of thunder above him. It would seem that a storm was heading there way and John hoped that he wouldn't get caught out in it.

"John, John" came the voice of Lestrade, wondering what the DI wanted John set the hammer down were it had been and promptly forgot about it as he walked in the direction the voice was coming from. Not realizing the colossal thing he had just did as seconds later the hammer was summoned by its owner Thor.


"Do we have any information on him?" asked Ward, assessing the man. Short and stocky, and what looked like a bit of pudge hidden by the brown sweater that he was wearing, all in all not a serious threat.

"SHIELD's working on it but has been blocked for the most part, Sky if you could work your magic" said Coulson reaching into his bag and passing her, her laptop, and continued with the briefing. "We know he's 37, and ex-army man holding the rank of Captain."

"I thought you said he was a Doctor," said Fitz looking at the man who seemed unaware he was being followed.

"He was, he was an Army Doctor got wounded almost two years ago and was honorable discharged" returned Coulson.

"I thought Doctors didn't get close to the front?" questioned Simmons, trying to shake the feeling that she had heard of John Watson before, but couldn't place him. But she hoped that they could finish soon so that she could go to her favorite café Speedy's before they left London again.

Coulson sighed, "They usually don't, but like most of Dr. Watson's past it has been sealed away behind heavy duty firewalls which is why we need Sky. In the meantime, I think we need to bring Watson back to the bus, Director Fury's orders."

Just as Coulson had said this, Watson calmly walked down a side alleyway never indicating that he knew he was being followed, the alley was too narrow for the car to follow him and Ward pulled the car over. "May, Ward, we can't lose him" warned Coulson as the two agents got exited the car and made their way to the mouth of the alley.

John had had enough when the car continued to follow him, calmly turning down an alleyway he waited to see what would happen. As expected he heard the slamming of door and footsteps. John pressed himself deep into the shadows and waited as a man and woman walked into the alley. Acting quickly he struck, delivering a blow to the back of the head of the black haired man with precision. As expected the man went down hard, out cold. Unfortunately this alerted the woman and as she turned striking out as she did, John knew that she was the greater of the two threats.

Bringing up his arm, he blocked the woman's fist that would have connected with his head. This seemed to surprise her for a second and John used it to send his own fist at her that she blocked. They traded blows back and forth and John knew that he wouldn't be able to win this fight she was just too good, had more experience than he had. A lot of her blows connected, and John was barely able to dodge a fist that would have broken his nose, but landed on his check instead. When she swept his feet out from under him and was only saved by rolling out of the way. Getting to his feet he was happy when the next few punches he threw landed on his target.

He knew the only way out of this fight was to play dirty, letting her connect a blow to his stomach he doubled over feigning weakness as he wheezed, when she made a move to restrain him he struck, tackling her with a tackle that would have made his former rugby coaches proud. Once on the ground he quickly put her into a choke hold, while using his legs to hold down the woman's arms.

The woman bucked trying to get him off of her but John held firm, "Calm down, trust me I'm a Doctor" he told her. The woman didn't listen and continued to struggle, although it became weaker and finally she stopped altogether, though John waited a few more minutes until he let her go. Standing up he whipped the blood that trickled from his nose already feeling his face swelling from where she had gotten him. John knew that if he hadn't gotten a jump on the two he would have been at the mercy of the two. Licking his lips, wincing as his tongue hit his split lip he knelt next to the two and maneuvered them into the recovery position before heading out, but he had only made it a few steps before someone called out to him.

"Dr. Watson stop right there, and put your hands up" came a commanding voice. John sighed turning around smoothly drawling his Browning from his belt flickering the safety off as he faced the new threat.

The man was wearing a suit, not as nice as what Mycroft would wear but nice, he like John, looked ordinary that no one would look twice at them in a crowd of people, but both were old war dogs John could tell by the way he held himself. He held a gun in his hand with ease telling John that he was familiar with one, but it was unlike any gun John had seen before. He looked calmly at John, but his eyes kept flickering towards the alleyway with concern. Obviously worried about the people that John had taken down. Glancing behind the man, he could see three more people in the van looking at John with wide eyes, before looking worriedly at the alley way. John returned his attention back to the man in front of him and his strange gun.

"Whatever you want mate, I don't have and if I was you I'd leave while you still had a chance" said John calmly, but he knew his eyes were hard as pieces of ice. His stare had made a lot of people back down, and on a memorable occasion it even worked on Mycroft.

The man meet his eyes with a cold stare of his own, and shook his head, "I can't let you walk away, if you come with me no harm will come to you."

John chuckled humorlessly, "I could say the same with you, if you let me walk away now you will save yourself a world of trouble. And if you make your mind up quickly you might be able to save your teammates in the alley before they bleed to death." It was a low blow to say this, but John really didn't want to shoot the man and John had a feeling that was what it would take to get this man to let him go. So John chose the easiest way to get out of the conflict without harming anymore people, by telling a little lie.

As expected this caused the man to jerk, momentarily lowering his gun. John bolted at this small action using it as an opportunity to run, racing the familiar paths of London streets. He had built a decent mental map of London's streets and shortcuts while with Sherlock and he used this knowledge now as he escape to a point that he could use a handy skip to get on a fire escape ladder. Once on top of the building he began to race to Baker Street, knowing to go back to his flat would be a stupid mistake and the familiar place would allow him a place to regroup and work out what the hell just happened.

Coulson didn't even think about chasing after Watson as he darted towards the alley way calling for Simmons to get out of the van. His mind already supplying himself pictures of Ward and May in a pool of blood each more gruesome then that last and swearing he would find Watson not matter what the cost if either one died because of the man.

But all those thoughts stopped when he entered the alley to see May and Ward sitting up looking dazed but otherwise fine. Coulson sagged against the wall, resting his weight against the entry way sighing deeply. He chuckled a little bit and mentally saluted Watson in his head at the clever bluff Watson had used to escape. From behind him came Simmons, Fitz, and Sky looking worried but that soon disappeared as they saw that May and Ward were okay.

"What happened?" asked Ward wincing as Simmons knelt beside him and began to inspect the back of his head at the lump that was there.

"The good doctor got the jump on us it would seem, took both you and May down" answered Coulson smoothly, running a hand over his face as he sighed. "It would seem that we greatly underestimated him."

The group looking down at May and Ward couldn't help but agree and the same thought ran through their head on who the hell was John Watson? All Coulson knew was that Director Fury would not be happy with this piece of news, and now that they had tipped their hand it would be harder than ever to track down this man. For now they would have to regroup, wait for any information Sky could dig up on the Doctor and inspect May and Ward for the full extent of their injuries. Afterwards maybe before they went on the hunt of John Watson again they could stop at that café Simmons mentioned, Speedy's which if he remembered correctly was on Baker Street.

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