Chapter 2

Lily arrives at the Chief of the hospital's door sweating bullets. "Okay, here we go." She knocks on the door.

"Come in." The head of the hospital grants permission for her to enter.

"Hi, my name is Lily Garcia. I'm the girl from the Pennsylvania hospital you wanted transferred." She slowly walks in.

"Of course, we are anxious for you to start working here at our hospital. Please take a seat Lily." He offers as he works on some paperwork.

"Thank you." She fidgets with her fingers and looks around the room.

"Oh don't be nervous." He doesn’t look up from his paperwork.

"Excuse me." She stops her actions to look at him.

"Lily-" He puts his pen down."You don't have to be nervous. One of our best surgeons recommended you, so you don't need to be nervous. We only hire the best of the best here. For starters, I'm Chief Rollins, welcome to the best hospital in New York. I will need you to fill out some forms about yourself and experience."

"Okay. One question Chief Rollins, am I going to be actually working today?" Lily gets a pen out for the forms.

"Yes and no." Chief Rollins prepares the paperwork."Our schedule for you today is meeting me, paperwork, a tour of the hospital, and a set up with an actually pediatric nurse in the hospital for the day. We always pair our new nurse with an employee, so you can get the lay of the land. Oh, the tour is a huge chunk of schedule because of how big our hospital is." He runs down the itinerary.

"How long does it usually take, may I ask?" Lily questions.

"It is depends on the questions and the person. The more questions asked the more time it takes and if the person likes to see every detail. On average, it usually takes about two hours give or take." He passes the forms to her. "I will leave you while you fill out the paperwork, so I can confirm your partner for today. I will be back in twenty minutes." He gets up and leaves.

20 minutes later:

"Wow a PHD in Harvard plus Valedictorian." She looks at all the accomplishments on his wall. She continues to look around to see an image on the other side of the wall.

"That is my beautiful family; they are my pride and joy. The reasons that picture is so huge and the only image on the wail is because they are the centre, only and huge part of my life." Chief Rollins speaks up as he re-enters his office.

She is startled by his unexpected voice. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to ponder around your office."

"It is fine. I see that you've finished the paperwork before I came back. Employees before you usually take the full 20 minutes or are still working on them when I get back." He walks beside her.

"I just finished about 5 minutes ago. Some of it is the information from my previous job, so it was repetitive to me." She sits back down in the chair.

"Well then, it now time for most of the employees best part of the first day. It is the tour of the hospital." He offers her his arm.

"One question, how many years have you had your PHD for?" Lily questions for her own knowledge.

"For about 3 years, I got my Master 4 years ago. I got my Bachelors 7 years ago and attended medical school about 20 years ago. It was a long process, but it is worth it at the end." He looks at all his accomplishments. "Well, shall we start the tour?" He again offers her arm.

"Yes we shall." She smiles accepting his arm.

About 2 hours later:

"Wow, seeing the hospital from just the lobby doesn't due justice than the tour." She is shocked.

"It really doesn't because every service has its own sections with rooms, OR, and equipment. The biggest services that we cover are Emergency/ Trauma and Pediatrics. Cardio and Neuro are the second ones while the others are still important, but we don't get as much as these four." He gives a brief rundown of the services the hospital provides.

"So that is one of the reasons, beside my skills, that you transferred me?" She ponders with Pediatrics is one of the major services here.

"It is one of the reasons, but the main component is that you were referred by one of our surgeons. Our staffs here is a big family, we like to support each other and encourage any help we get. Most importantly is that we give credit where credit is due. So, when a staff member recommends someone, we take that person seriously as an employee to hire. I will give you a piece of advice, getting a recommendation is the easy part, but proving that you are allowed to be here is a different story. Now do you want to meet your partner for today?" He lightens the mood while Lily is still processes the information Chief Rollins said. "Don't worry Lily you'll do fine. We just need to see your skills for ourselves, but when you sign those forms you became an employee."

"Thanks, so is he/she the head of Pediatric?" She refers to her buddy for today.

"She is a veteran nurse because the head is off today. The veteran and head of Cardio are helping each other with a certain patient, but she is not busy to help you. She took time off to give you a low down on what you're actually are doing. You will be assisting her with everything for today and then tomorrow you will be administering. Just think of this day as a refresher day before you actually work for real."

Lily and Chief Rollins are now standing at the nurses’ table in Pediatric wing waiting for the veteran nurse. She finally comes and starts to introduce her to Lily.

"Well, have fun and don't scare our new Peds nurse on her first day." Chief Rollins jokingly warns the veteran nurse.

"Don't worry I will." Veteran nurse giggles which makes Lily go back to her nervous state. "Lily, please stop worrying. She is harmless, well, for the most part. Little tip, if you impress her you will impress anyone here." Chief Rollins smiles to give her some reassurance.

"Come on Lily let us go save babies and children." The veteran nurse smiles as they go to the children wing, a man comes up to Chief Rollins.

"Who's the new girl?" He wonders never seen her before.

"That is our new Peds nurse, Lily Garcia."

"So, that is who Phil was talking about?"

"Yup Roman, she is the best Peds nurse we have." He compliments.

"Don't let her hear you say that, she thinks she is the best." Roman says talking about the veteran nurse.

"Oh don't worry and you will not say that to her either." He warns Roman to not blab.

"Man, when did she become the Chief of this hospital?" Roman chuckles with the pull she has on him.

"When this happened." He shows his hand to Roman.

"Ah, any regrets?"

"Never and don't worry you'll have it again if you want." He pads Roman's back.

"I don't know, Emma really needs to accept her if I do. She is my only girl in my life right now." He smiles.

Back with Lily and the veteran nurse:

"So, most of the children patients are between 4- 6 years olds while we mostly get neonates for babies. The babies and children are usually in separated wings unless we have family patients admitted." Veteran nurse goes over the most frequently patients on the wing.

"I know should not ask this, but what is wrong with the certain patient you're working on?" Lily questions.

"Chief Rollins told you, didn't he?" She rubs her chin.

"Yeah, I hope I didn't get him in trouble." She once again gets nervous.

"Don't worry he likes to brag a bit, especially about me. The patient has been our patient since she was born. She mostly spends the most of her first 2 years in and out of the hospital. She's the hospital's most valued patient, so we only have the best working on her. Roman, Chief Rollins, the Head of Peds, and I are the only ones that take care of her." Veteran nurse utters.

"Roman, who is he?" Lily asks not have met him yet. "Oh, he is the head of Cardio and the best doctor we currently have on the floor." She looks at the charts on the desk.

"Currently?" Lily has an eyebrow up.

"Well, the best doctor was Chief Rollins, but he usually doesn't operate unless necessary; 'when necessary' means when Roman is not available."

"Ah, well I can't wait to meet him." Lily gets excited to meet the other employees.

"You can meet him at lunch he usually sits with Chief Rollins and I."

"Thank you, but this break I really want to set up everything in my apartment. I know it sounds boring, but I like to really settle in before doing anything else."

"I get it, maybe next time." Veteran nurse smiles as she continues to show her the routine.

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