Love Me or Hate Me


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First Day of School

Hello, amigos! So, if you`re new, welcome welcome. Please have a seat and enjoy yourself. And if you`re not then come along this journey of me writing this story. Have fun!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight once so ever. Only the plot and my OC`s.


"No, please!"

"Lily, you're going to be late for school. So, let go of my foot...Release." My mother looked very serious. Which scared me. I unhand her foot and stood back on my two feet. Today was my first day in this place. I mean, I wasn't scared or anything.

Who am I kidding? I'm terrified.

Okay, so let me explain who I am. My name is Lily Dana Taylor. I am a total of fifth-teen years old (turning six-teen this December might I add.) I am the eldest child of the two with my little sister, Ciara who was six. My mum was a single parent since I was twelve. My father died in a train accident. I don't really like to talk about it though. All I know that he was the best dad in the world. When the accident happened mum was devastated. I think she's a little better know, but it'll be rare if she started seeing other people. I believe she just worries about us and how we'll deal with her dating. It was like the script was reverse and the children had to approve of the parents dating matter.

Anyway, My mom, little sister and I moved to Forks, Washington from Florida. Why did we move from nice, sunny Florida was beyond me. To make things worse, I don't know a single soul here. Therefore, I have to go through that awkward stage of making friends again.

Damn! To think I was finish.

I'm the most awkwardest, geek their was, but I think since I'm somewhat pretty, I can hide it. Well, you know, until I'm out of high school. The thing was, I wasn`t shy or anything. I was a complete sarcastic, witty teen who was in love with the Big Bang Theory and The Avenging. I even preferred to not draw too much attention to myself. Attention means being in the spot light. Being in the spot light means being watched. Being watched mean an audience. An audience means judging and I for one do not like judging. It's just plain scary. Just like my mother when she doesn't like telling me things like now. Which getting back to that...

My mother sent me a warning sign that meant I better be ready in 25 minutes. I know that look all to well. She went back to my sister, Ciara room to help her get ready. I groan loudly and dragged my feet across the floor to my bedroom. Stupid school. I was very much fine with being in my other school where I knew for a fact people would start to ignore me, but no. That was way too hard. Now, I`m going to really draw attention when I walk into a building being the new kid and all and my slight tan-ness sticking out like a sore thumb. I`ve seen these kids in Forks. They are pale.

I finish taking a shower and threw on a pair of blue jeans, a grey franjes shirt that read: Today I`m Doing Nothing and grey Vans. I slipped on a few bracelets and I looked into the mirror-

Oh, my gosh! Why was Chucky the doll in my mirror?!

Um, I think that`s you.

I leaned in and my reflection did the same. Crap! That was me. I gagged. What the fu-what was wrong with my hair? Did a leaf blower come into my room last night? Man, my hair wasn't right. I just kept staring at the creature in the mirror still amazed that it was me. After the struggle of flat ironing the demon, which is not an easy task. I think finding out who A was simpler then this. Shaking my head, I put some mascara on and a little of my watermelon chap-stick. Man, I love this stuff. It tasted like yummy deliciousness.

I don`t think you`re suppose to eat that.

I don`t care.

This is why you have no brain cells.

Well, that was just rude.

So, I`ve been told.

Why do I have a demon conscience?

You love me though.

Do I conscious? Do I?

I looked into the mirror again more impressed. My long, red hair that looked close to a blond effect (I don`t know why my hair changes color like that in different weathers) looks pampered along with my bang.

"Lily Dana Taylor! You better be ready!" I rolled my eyes before grabbing my bag and sped down stairs where I met my darling mother at the bottom with her arms crossed.

"Tada!" I said with fake enthusiasm..

She rolled her eyes, "Funny."

Note: Do NOT and I repeat not mess with that woman.


So far, so good. No one has said anything to me...well, except that weird kid Eric. As soon as I stepped into the building, he slung his arm around me and started to talk away. I soon lost him when he stared to go to his locker. I can tell hanging around him was going to cause attention. He seemed like a school gossip and I was creeped out by the fact he knew my name instantly. Was my mother handing out flyers or something? No? Oh, then you`re a stalker and I don`t roll like that. I walked to my new locker which I can't seem to find. Come on. Just looking for locker 612. Okay, I see 620...618..Okay. Now I`m lost. I breathed in and began to look around to find someone who could help me. This is really rare to see me interact with someone without being force. Watch me out of my habitat will you.

Nope, too jocky.

Too nerdy.

Too much of bitch.

...Maybe she could help me out.

I walked over to a brunette who was setting books in her locker. I gently tapped her on her shoulder which got her attention. She turned to me and then greeted me with a smile. I smiled back. I examined her paleness that matched the rest of Forks High, her light brown eyes blazed into mines as she ran her fingers through her her dark brown, bouncy hair. She looked like that awkward person you`d see on regular daily basics.

"Sorry, to bother you, but I couldn't find my locker. Could you help?"

"Sure. What's your locker number?"

I looked down at the slip, "612."

"Follow me."

She lead me to a locker that read 612. I could`ve sworn this wasn`t here before. Maybe it had powers that made it turn invisible.

Or maybe you`re stupid.

You know, for conscience, you`re sure making me feel unappreciated.

I smiled and thanked her. "Thanks..."

"Bella. Bella Swan."

"I saw a swan a pond before." She looked confused.

Come on ,Taylor! Stop being weird for 5 minutes.

You know that`s too hard.

Okay, three minutes.

I`ll try, but I`m not promising anything.

"Lily Taylor."

"What class do you have next?"

"Umm, Science." I looked up from the sheet of paper.

"Me too. I could show you the way."


I got all my classes with Bella! Thankgoodness! At least I know someone. It was time for lunch and I approached the cafeteria like a lost puppy. This is always the hardest part when your the new kid. Having to figure out where you`ll fit in at without them leaving all at once. I shudder at the thought. It was scary.

"Lily, over here!"A familiar voice yelled. Bella. I sigh in relief. I won't be the loser sitting by themselves at lunch. I slowly walked to her table when I finally noticed 5 other people with her. They all looked pale, but yet, beautiful. I started to feel a bit self-conscious. I made my way to the table sitting beside Bella and waving awkwardly at her friends.

"Guys, this is Lily. Lily this is Edward, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Emmett." She pointed to each and every one of them.

The pixi one- Alice, I think- started smiling at me. "So, Lily," She starts, "Where ya come from?"

"Florida." I state. Please God, do not make me waste my juice all over my pants in front of these perfect people. I am begging here.

Alice nodded at my answer. "Wow," Was all she said.

"Leave her alone, Alice." Emmett says, "You don't want to scare her off with your peppiness." I couldn't help but left out a small giggle.

"Shut up, Emmett." She pouted.

"It`s okay if she scares me off with her peppiness. I might scare you away with my weirdness," I shrugged. It`s not the first time that it happened.

If you are still talking about that time in first grade.

I am completely over that!

Sure you are.

I am! I`m convinced that kid picked his nose anyway.

Edward just looks at me amused. Wouldn`t it be crazy if he could hear my thoughts?

No, it`ll be embarrassing.

I have unique thoughts.

Yeah. Unique. Which mean special.

I am not special!

Edward snorted as if he was trying to keep himself from laughing.

"Don`t be to sure about that, Lily. Alice has a talent." Alice hit him in the arm as Bella rolled her eyes but, a smile still on her face.

Hmm, maybe my first day wasn't that bad.

"Hey, Lily," Bella called coming up to my locker. It was at the end of the day in hell...Oh, excuse me, I mean school. But, it wasn`t too bad. I had Emmett to entertain me. Even though I`m ninety-nine percent sure he takes steroids. Does he not know that its bad for you? Bella and I were beginning to become good friends as well. And I learned for a fact that she is indeed awkward. But, it gave me hope. If she can have friends like that and still be the way she is, what is it in store for me. "Would you like to come to a bonfire with me on Friday?"

A bonfre? As in a party? I was getting invited to a party? On my first day? Nope, I must be dreaming because the Lily I`ve known for the past fifth-teen years and a half does not get invited to parties so quickly. Maybe this was a joke. But, maybe it wasn`t.

Stop being paranoid and accept the offer.

I am getting sick of you.

Too bad you`re stuck with me.


I erased the thought from my head and replied, "Sure," I smiled. It was tight, but it was something.

"Awesome! Not many people are invited though."

So, me, the girl who arrived here today got invited to an exclusive party?

I am so AWESOME!

I`m going to have to agree with you on that, conscience.

That`ll be the first.


"Okay, I'll pick you up at 7-ish."

"Fine," I told her the direction to my house and we exchanged number as she walked away.

Note to self: Make sure to scream to the top of my lungs when I get home.

Today was awesome!

So, there goes my first Twilight story. Did you like it? Will you review? It really wasn`t much of a change, but it`s something. Review!


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