I can feel it coming in the air tonight

I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight

Well, if you told me you were drowning

I would not lend a hand

I’ve seen your face before my friend

But I don’t know if you know who I am

Well, I was there and I saw what you did

I saw it with my own two eyes

So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been

It’s all been a pack of lies

Well I remember, I remember don’t worry

How could I ever forget, it’s the first time, the last time we ever met

But I know the reason why you keep your silence up, no you don’t fool me

The hurt doesn’t show; but the pain still grows

It’s no stranger to you or me

-In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

Ginny sat by the edge of the pool-sized tub, waiting for it to fill up, her towel wrapped around her naked body. Draco was still gone visiting his parents, but she hoped he would return soon. She wished she had left a note in the room in case he did return before he said he would, so he would come join her in the tub. But no matter, she could stand to bathe alone for once. He probably tired of spending every waking moment with her, besides.

There was a clatter in the room, and Ginny’s head whipped around in the direction of the sound. She had waited until the bathroom was empty before entering, and had checked the shower rooms just in case to be certain. Perhaps she had missed someone. Ginny stood, holding her towel tighter to herself and hoping she wasn’t about to be caught in the prefect’s bathroom considering she wasn’t a prefect. Ginny crept towards the shower room she had heard the sound coming from, calling out, “Hello? Is anyone there?”

She poked her head around the door, but, just as the last time she had checked, each of the stalls was empty. Brows furrowed in confusion, she turned back to her enormous, luxurious bathtub.

Ginny gasped in surprise, shocked by the man standing on the far side of the room. It took a few seconds for her heart to slow to a normal pace, and she placed a hand to her forehead, apologizing. “You startled me.”

“I’m so very sorry.” He whispered, bowing his head. “I did not mean to.” He stood stiffly, his hands folded behind his back, his eyes averted politely. His brown hair fell into his eyes, hiding them behind shadows.

“Oh. It’s alright. I’ll just be leaving.”

“But why?” His head tilted to the side curiously, though he still did not look at her.

“I’m not a prefect. I don’t want to get in trouble or anything. I just know this bathroom is usually empty and it’s closer to where I live—”

“With Draco Malfoy, right?”

Ginny’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. “Uhh, yeah.” She squinted, staring closer at the boy. He had a Gryffindor insignia on his chest. “Oh, you’re in my house, aren’t you? What’s your name again?”

“You don’t remember my name? You’ve said hello to me before. Your brother and even Harry Potter remembered my name.”

Ginny blushed. “I’m sorry. I’m not very good with names. I don’t think we’re in the same year, either.”

“No. I’m a seventh year.”

“Oh. Well, that’s nice…” Ginny bit her bottom lip awkwardly, shifting on her feet. “Well, I think I’ll go anyways. I’m not really comfortable showering around other people.” She stepped towards the bench where her clothes lay in a pile.

The boy stepped towards them as well. Ginny froze, a strange feeling coming over her. Writing it off as nothing more than being uncomfortable naked in front of a man, she took another step forward. So did he. “I’m sorry. Did you want something?”

“Yes, I did, actually.”

She sighed, trying to keep her tight smile on her face. This guy was really getting annoying. “Oh. What is it?”

He lifted his head, and the light caught his face. Her smile dropped, as one rose up on his lips. His blue eyes glinted in the light. “You, Ginny.”

Ginny froze, staring at the boy in shock. His eyes. Sparkling blue. Like ice. So familiar, yet…different than she remembered. As if months of nightmares had made those eyes seem more distinct to her than they truly were. But still. They shone with an internal light. A light that was all too familiar. Ginny shook her head, taking a step back slowly. “Who…who are you?”

“You see, Ginny, that’s what really hurts.” He lifted a hand as he walked towards her. His lips pursed in annoyance. “After all that I’ve done for you, to you, you have the audacity to not even know my name.”

“How…who…” She glanced again at the Gryffindor crest on his robes. “You’re in my house?” Her voice was filled with disgust and disbelief. “I’ve walked past you? Sat next to you? Slept just…just rooms from you?”

“And still, you don’t know my name!” The anger in his voice frightened her. “Do you know what I’ve done to get your attention? Do you have any idea?!” She stepped back again, in pace with him, trying to keep the same distance between them. “I’ve tried talking to you. But you ignore me. I’ve tried sitting next to you, but you look right through me. For years I tried to get your attention, but you never even noticed. And you dated countless other boys, just like the little whore that you are. Harry Potter, Michael Corner, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom, of all people! And now, Draco Malfoy. But not once did you consider me.”

His rant had grown crazed, and as he spoke, she only partially listened. She spent more time trying to figure out how to get the hell out of there. Her wand was on the other side of the room, with her clothes. She knew she couldn’t take him on physically, nor could she dodge or block any spells he cast at her without her wand, but if she kept him talking, perhaps she could circled around the tub to her clothes and make a run for it.

“Even as I fucked you, you didn’t recognize me. You would think, with eyes like mine, that you would have remembered them long before that, but no. Do you know what a man has to go through to get close to you?!”

“How did I not see your eyes if I passed you ever day in the hallways?”

He chuckled. “Don’t take me for a fool, my love.” She shuddered at the pet name. “I’m a half-blood. Muggles have surprisingly simple ways of changing eye color. I simply popped in some brown contacts and you did not even notice when I stood right next to you.” He shook his head, gritting his teeth. “I remember the one time I forgot to wear them. I saw you across the hall. You looked right at me and were frozen with fear.” He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes at the memory. “Oh, that fear. I love the smell of it. I can smell it on you now, in fact. But nothing, nothing topped the Halloween ball, when I purposely left them out just to haunt you. I heard you had quite a panic attack after that. I just wish I could have been there to watch you shake in fear and insanity.”

Her clothes were just a few meters behind her. She just had to turn and dash for them. He still had his eyes closed as he spoke. “Nothing is sexier than fucking a woman who is deathly afraid of you.”

Ginny spun on her heel, sprinting towards her clothing. She didn’t look back to see what he was doing, if he was following her or attacking her. Ginny slipped on a wet patch and fell to her knees, sliding forward towards the bench. She skidded to a stop, grabbing her clothes from the pile and throwing them to the floor, searching through them for her wand.

“Ginny.” The girl’s eyes lifted slowly with growing dread. He spun her wand in his hand. “Looking for this? Tsk tsk tsk. You should know by now that I’m smarter than that.” He pocketed her wand, then held his own out. “Now. How shall we do this? Do I want you tied up or would I rather if you struggled?” He stroked his chin as he thought.

Ginny jumped up, dashing for the nearest door. She ducked just in time to avoid a jet of purple light that streamed over her head. Ginny fell into the shower room, shutting the door behind her and locking it. There was a tiny window at the far end of the room, but she wasn’t sure how far of a drop down it was to the ground below. Still, she would rather die than let him take her again.

Ginny ran towards the window, searching for something to break it open with. The door burst open behind her, and she turned just as a body came hurdling towards her. The redhead fell to the floor, the boy on top of her, skidding a few feet. In the confusion of the tackle and sudden fall, she lost track of which direction was up, which pocket the boy had placed her wand in, and remembering to hold onto her towel. When she got her bearings again, briefly checking mentally to make sure no bones were broken, he had her pinned to the ground, his lips pulled up a cruel smirk, his eyes shining with insanity and lust.

“So, do you remember my name yet, Ginny?” She didn’t answer him, but instead let out the loudest, ear-piercing scream she could. His slap silenced and slightly disoriented her. “Don’t bother, I sound-proofed the room. No one will hear you scream.” He leaned down, kissing her cheek. “Just like before, love.”

“Get off of me! Stop! Get off!”

“What’s my name, Ginny?” He grabbed her flailing arms, holding them by her sides. She attempted to knee him, but he caught her leg between his. “Naughty naughty. Answer my question.”

“I don’t know! Let me go! Help me! Somebody help me!” He hit her again. Her left ear went deaf, all she could hear was a loud ringing. She tasted blood in her mouth.

“Say my name, damnit!” He grabbed her shoulders, shaking her. Her head bounced against the ground. Her vision became splotchy, and she fought against unconsciousness. She could not pass out. There was no telling what he would do to her then. “I said say my name damn you bitch!”

The boy grabbed her chin in his hands, his nails digging in. His eyes gleamed with anger. He leaned forward, until their lips almost touched. “Damn you. My name is Seamus Finnigan. Seamus Finnigan! Got it?!” Ginny nodded quickly, fearfully. “Good. Because you’re going to be screaming it soon.” He leaned down, crushing his lips against hers.

Escape. She had to escape. Nobody could hear her screaming. She couldn’t fight him physically. She had to get her wand, but she didn’t have a clue where he’d put it, and she was disgusted by the thought of reaching into his robes to search for it. Run. She had to run. If she could get to the door, get outside of the bathroom, she could scream at the top of her lungs and they would have to hear her. They had to.

Ginny’s arm slipped up, out of his grasp, and she punched at his face with all her might. The boy reared back with a scream, falling to the floor and clutching at his face. She briefly observed that he was bleeding before she took off running out of the room, slamming the door behind her, though it wasted precious moments. She could hear him moaning in pain as she dashed towards the exit.

Locked. It was locked. No. It couldn’t be. There was no lock on this door. But no matter how she pulled at it, it didn’t budge. He had used a spell on it. To lock it. Ginny’s fists slammed against it, and she screamed in fury and despair. A simple Alohomora would open it, but her wand was back in the shower area, with him. She couldn’t possibly go back there.

He wasn’t moaning anymore. She saw the door knob rattle. She had to hide. It was the only thing she could do. She was out of options, and she was close to unconsciousness, and she knew she was not making much sense, but the word hide kept repeating over and over in her head. The tub. The tub was nearly full with soapy, bubbly water. The streaming water that filled it rippled the surface. Anything beneath it would be hidden from view.

The door began to open. She was out of options. Hide. Out of options…Ginny held her breath and jumped, plunging into the warm water. The bubbles and soap stung against her open cuts. She felt herself bob up towards the surface, and she used the wall to push herself down, below the water, so he couldn’t see her.

It was oddly peaceful down here. Silent, still. She couldn’t hear or see anything. Even when she opened her eyes to search the murky depths, she saw nothing. It was as if her heart and all the world had suddenly paused, stood still. Even time held its breath with her. As the seconds ticked by and her lungs began to scream for air, she felt the most peaceful calm she had ever known. She even thought she saw a figure, a shimmering, silver figure that swam up to her. The large eyes behind huge glasses stared at her in fear and pity, and she briefly remembered the girl’s name. Moaning Myrtle. They shared a knowing glance. Myrtle could hold her breath all she wanted. She was dead. Ginny was alive. And she could hold it no longer.

Ginny breathed out, the bubbles rising and breaking the surface. If she stayed down any longer she would pass out or drown. Against her better judgment she felt her body long to the break the surface, her lungs to breathe in the air. She was going to die. One way or another. By her own hand or his. She was going to die.

Ginny felt something clamp around her hair and yank her up.

Draco ran down the halls, calling out Ginny’s name. He knew he was waking up most of the portraits and probably all of the houses, but at this moment he couldn’t give a damn. The more people that were awake the more that would know that Ginny was missing and in serious danger. Dread filled his heart. Where was she? Where had she gone? Where should he search first? The castle was huge, and he was one man. He could try going to all her usual haunts. He could try warning Snape or the Headmistress. He could just keep running down the halls screaming at the top of his lungs. But all of those would take too long. He was wasting precious time, and every moment that he wasn’t with Ginny she was in danger.

He only wished he knew where to search. What was wrong? Who or what was hurting her? If it was that damn Pansy Parkinson again he would have to add a fourth murder to his body count, in the very least.

Draco turned down another corridor and felt an icy dread take over his heart. For a second, all he saw was white, and he felt memories flash through his mind that were not his own. The sound of a girl crying. The dripping of a faucet. The thud of a book hitting his head. A hand pushing a stall door open. Huge, bright green eyes. And then, nothing.

He fell to the floor, shuddering from the sudden memories, and spun to see what he had just passed through. Or rather, who. Draco had never actually touched a ghost before, but he’d heard it was a pretty uncomfortable experience, especially if the person had died gruesomely or traumatically. He stared up at the girl before him. She wore old-fashioned robes, pig tails, and huge, round glasses. Tears streamed down her eyes permanently, as they had when she’d died.

Myrtle. He’d spent countless hours last year talking to her in the third floor bathroom. She had been his only companion last year as he’d been haunted by the thought of his fate, his impending murder of Albus Dumbledore. She’d never been as close to him as Ginny was, after all, she was dead, but he could consider her a friend, perhaps his only besides Ginny and Snape, morbid though it may be to be friends with someone who didn’t have a pulse. The strange fear and dread in her eyes caught his attention.

“Myrtle. What’s wrong? What is it?”

“Draco! It’s Ginny. He’s got her. Her rapist. He’s going to do it again. And this time he’ll kill her. I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything but find you.”

“Where?! Where is she?” Draco demanded.

“The prefect’s bathroom.” Draco rose to his feet, sprinting down the corridor. “Draco! Be careful!” The ghost called after him.

Ginny gasped for air as he pulled her above the surface of the water. “Trying to hide from me, are you? Look what you did to my eye, you stupid bitch. Look!”

She glanced up at his face fearfully. His eye was bleeding and swollen, she had clearly jabbed her thumb into it. If it was even there anymore. He could not open his eyelids for her to see. “An eye for an eye, aye?” he hissed. Before she could breathe in again he plunged her back down into the water. She screamed, water filling her lungs, and tried to swim away from him, but his hands clutched her hair too tightly. Ginny reached up, grabbing his arm, trying to pull it off from the top of her head. It was no use. He was too strong. Struggle though she might, she couldn’t escape him.

He pulled her back up again, and she coughed out the water in her lungs, gasping for breath. She managed to take a deep breath this time before he pushed her underneath again. He held her down longer, she lost track of the time, until her breath left her lungs in large bubbles of air. She was going to die. There was no two ways around it. She felt her vision get blurry. He pulled her up again, this time barely letting her catch her breath before dunking her into the water once more. Her vision went black. She felt weightless. Calm. Ginny’s hands loosened on his wrist. She was floating. Floating on a cloud.

Cold air hit her body. The ground was hard beneath her back. Her chest heaved. Water and blood spilled out of her mouth. Red rain. Red rain was falling down on her. She was back in the alley. The dark alley. His eyes, his voice, were all she knew. He whispered cruel words in her ear. Her fault. It was her fault. If she wasn’t so damn pretty, such a little tease, a little slut. His body was heavy on top of her. Not like Draco. Draco was gentle and warm. Draco made love to her. He, Seamus Finnigan, hurt her. Blue and black molded. Her vision swam. It was the most peaceful moment of her life. This calm.

Draco burst into the room, the door blown to smithereens. It took half a second for his eyes to find them. Ginny lay on the floor, naked, wet. He was on top of her, though he still had his clothes on, his mouth on her neck. There was blood, though Draco wasn’t sure whose it was. Ginny’s head lolled to the side, water spilling out of her mouth, her eyes half-lidded, but she saw nothing. Damn him, he had tried to drown her.

Draco only made it two steps into the room before the boy noticed him. He stood, grabbing Ginny and holding her naked body in front of him like a shield, his wand at her throat. “Take another step, Malfoy, and I’ll kill her.”

He paused, his wand held out before him, his teeth gritted. Draco glanced at Ginny. She was limp in the boy’s arm, unconscious, her eyes occasionally rolling around the room unseeing. Draco felt a twitch start up in his face as he tried to hold back the rage burning in him.

“Put down your wand, Malfoy. Do it!” Draco closed his eyes, taking in a shuddery breath, and slowly kneeled down, lowering his wand to the ground. He stood back up. “Good. Now kick it over to me.” He did as he was told, watching as his wand rolled across the floor, landing under the boy’s toe.

“Very good. You can take directions. Now, follow my next instructions very carefully.” The boy smirked, licking Ginny’s neck. “Watch as I defile your girlfriend.”

Draco’s fists clenched at his side. The rapist grabbed Ginny’s breast in his hand roughly, gauging Draco’s reaction. “It’s too bad she passed out. I wanted her to feel this. No matter. I can wake her up easily enough.”

He lifted a hand, striking Ginny on the cheek. Her head rolled around and she woke up with a gasp. Her eyes rolled over the room before landing on Draco, and they widened in surprise. She lifted a hand towards him, a sad look on her face. “Draco? Draco…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I tried to fight him.”

He bit his lip against the tears, nodding at her. “It’s okay, Ginny. It’s not your fault. You’re going to be okay. Whatever happens, Ginny, just keep your eyes on me, alright. Just…just go to your happy place. Okay?” She nodded in understanding, a smile lifting on her lips. He watched her slip in and out of consciousness.

“Let her go. This is your last chance. Let her go now and when I kill you it won’t be as excruciating.”

The boy chuckled, shaking his head. “Oh no. I can’t do that. Ginny and I have some…unfinished business. Isn’t that right, love?” He pressed his hips against hers. Ginny hissed in pain as his hand grabbed at a bleeding scrape on her arm. “Tell him how much you want me, Ginny. Go on. Tell him. Tell him what a whore you are. You know you enjoyed it that night. You know you want me.”

Ginny’s eyes lifted heavily to Draco. There was such a deep sadness that it frightened him. No fear, no, she was beyond being afraid. Just sad. As if she knew what was going to happen next. As if she knew that she or he or both of them were going to die. Draco’s eyes widened and he shook his head. The corners of her mouth lifted. He did not look, but watched, from his peripheral vision, as her hand shifted ever so slightly.

It all happened so quickly, Draco had no time to move. She pulled a wand out of his cloak, it must have been Ginny’s, because Draco’s was still on the floor. Ginny spun around, so that she and her rapist were face to face, her wand between them. A long second passed as they stared into each other’s eyes, his afraid, hers wild and fierce. And then she whispered the words. Avada Kedavra.

He fell back, slowly, taking his time as he died. His body crashed into the water, sending it splashing over the edge. He bobbed on the surface for a few seconds before he began to sink under.

Ginny collapsed to the floor, and Draco suddenly remembered how to move. He ran to her side, catching her as she fell. She gripped him tightly, for dear life, and he rocked her as he held her. Draco lifted Ginny’s face, kissing all over it, not caring where his lips landed, so long as he could touch her, could assure himself that she was alive and, for the most part, unhurt. He wasn’t sure who started crying first, she or him. Or when that crying escalated into giggling, then laughing, even as the tears streamed down their faces. He wasn’t certain why she kept repeating the words “Thank you” over and over again, or why he kept assuring her that it was over, that it was done with, that she was safe now. He didn’t know how long they knelt there on the floor embracing, or who it was that finally found them and pulled them away from the scene. The only thing Draco was certain of was that he and Ginny were alive. And that was all that mattered.

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