How I Made You Meet Mom


"Jared Arc, son of Jaune Arc, finally activates his semblance and finds himself 30 years into the past with his young father! What's worst is that the jump made him forget who his real mom was!

Fantasy / Humor
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Prologue: Times Have Changed

Jared Arc, son of the legendary Jaune Arc, was facing quite the predicament in his life.

He always imagined that his biggest problems for the seventeen year-old hunter were as followed: schoolwork, training schedules, jobs, Grimm, working up the nerve to ask out his childhood friend, Xia Ren, or maybe uncovering an evil plot to start a violent revolution to overthrow a kingdom like his dad's friends.

He never would have thought in a billion years that the source of his current problems would be Jaune Arc, his idol/hero/father, the person he strives to even be half of the man each and every day.

Specifically, he didn't guess that his problem would be his seventeen-year old father, now vomiting down a trash bin on the outskirts of Beacon as it was thirty years ago.

'OK. Calm down, Jared Arc. You're in Beacon… Beacon thirty years ago according to that newspaper, if I haven't gone madly insane by this point. And now you're helping your young father barf out the rest of his lunch on a nearby trash can because he had just excited the bullhead that was just taking him to the first day of the rest of his life…'

The sheer weight of the situation in front of him was very draining for the Future Arc. The last thing he remembered was going in the training room of his regular house before attempting to finally activate his semblance after a few good years since activating his aura.

He always wondered why his semblance never appeared after his aura was opened by his father, and trained vigorously to somehow summon it. But to his dismay, he never could manifest it…

Until today.

Jared meditated back home, trying his absolute best to manifest his aura. After failing again for what could easily be the one-thousandth time, Jared fell to the floor exhausted.

However, when Jared woke up, he found himself on a bullhead on its way to Beacon Academy.

And if that wasn't strange enough, he spotted his young father running out of the plane and looking for a place to spill his contents.

At first Jared pinched himself, then slapped himself, then banged his head on the nearest lamp post, only to feel actual pain and a sore face.

The blonde kid looked exactly like a picture his dad showed him when he was around his age. He was even wearing the same family symbol his father proudly wore, and had Corcea Mors strapped to his belt, the weapon he was promised when his father believed he was ready.

Then there was a convenient newspaper that flew into his face that was simply the nail into the coffin.

It told him that the date was thirty years ago.

With his brain not functioning properly, Jared's body moved closer to the trash cans where there was also a recycling bin for him to put the newspaper in. However, he neglected the glaring fact, or was too shocked to notice, that the teenager looking like a young version of his father was right next to him vomiting out his lunch.

The young blonde, blue eyed knight finished his little episode and turned groggily towards Jared, ignoring how tense the boy was.

"Ooohhh… sorry for bothering you for this…" Jaune stood back up and turned to the odd black haired, red eyed, purple clad boy wearing a rather sleek trench coat.

"It's no problem, Sir." Jared mentally cursed at himself at the slip of the tongue. His father was rather strict in his upbringing and he started training Jared when he was young. Jared didn't mind at all, in fact he just found one-on-one training with his father really fun. But out of years of martial combat and teaching, Jared was instructed to always call his father 'Sir' and nothing else.

"Uhhh… my name is Jaune, Jaune Arc. *Cough* Short sweet and rolls of the tongue, ladies love it!"

'Huh? Is that a pick up line? But you told me to never use pick up lines because they end up—oh. You learned that lesson the hard way didn't you, Sir?'

"Then why did you use that on me?" Jared had his brow raised.

"Umm, sorry. That was how I was planning to use it anyway. Did it sound lame?"

"I dunno, I guess it's how people would go about using it… and I'm a heterosexual, so I—"

"Whoa! I am totally straight! I was not flirting with you."

"Then why did you start off with that?"

"Err… only thing to pop up in my head? … I… Well, so what's your name huh, Mr. Trench Coat?"

'Jared Arc—boom, time paradox! Yeah, let's not do that.'

Thankfully, Jared has had many experiences in randomly coming up with names within the span of two seconds.

"My name is Resh Kolc."

After thousands of 'Think of a new name every three seconds' game with his childhood friend Xia Ren, he had become a master at the make believe game, and Jared questioned his friend's sanity when she claimed this would be a helpful life skill.

Now Jared was questioning his sanity to find himself actually seeing his friend be right… again. It always questioned him how she always seemed to be right with everything she said despite how surreal she would claim them to be.

"Resh Kolc? Sounds really foreign."

"Ummm… sorry?" Jared offered, unsure how to respond to that reaction.

"N-no! I didn't mean it like that!" Jaune stammered out.

'Dear gods, so my social awkwardness is hereditary?'

The two boys found the next few seconds quietly unpleasantly before Jaune spoke out again.

"Anyway… we better attend the Initiation right? Don't wanna be late."

"Yes, Sir."

"It's… just Jaune."

"… Jaune, yeah Jaune."

As Jaune went ahead, Jared was starting to feel the urge to run away in the opposite direction and jump off the cliff.

As much as he would love to do that, he begrudgingly told himself to follow Jaune due to the severe lack of information he had about what in Oum was going on.

'I gotta get out of here soon…' Jared told himself.

The two went walking for only a few seconds until they heard a nearby explosion.

Jaune looked a bit concerned and nervous before asking out. "What's going on over there?"

However, Jared/Resh remembered this event, how could he not?

'Oh I know this! This was when Mommy Ruby accidentally exploded into Mother Weiss's carriage, and Mama Blake helped her out somewhat!'

Then he realized. Something was extremely wrong.

'… Why did I call all of them mothers? My mother is… WHAT. THE. PATATO SAUCE? Why do I have six different sets of memories with six different mothers in each of them!? Which one was my original one!?'

Much to Jared's dismay, his dad had already spotted the young red girl on the floor and walked towards her.

"Hey… I'm Jaune." The future patriarch extended his hand to Jared's mo—I mean Ruby before helping her up.

"Ruby," The fallen red girl answered simply before standing back up. "Aren't you the guy that threw up on the ship?"

Jaune couldn't help but frown.

Taking his face as a cue to talk about something else, Ruby nervously turned to the other boy.

Jared started to panic the moment the younger girl looked towards him. "What about you?"

"I am Resh Kolc, Mam!" In confusion, Jared had accidentally saluted to her.

Jaune chuckled nervously while Ruby seemed confused at how to react to that. "I'm… flattered? But please call me, Ruby."

At least he was able to shift attention from his dad to himself…

Jaune then started to explain the specific background and science behind motion sickness, Jared clutched his head. Something was resurfacing…

"Mommy, Mommy! I want to taste the dough!" The voice of a young, squeaky, five year old cried out in excitement.

She giggled at her son, gently ruffling his moppy black hair before stopping his fingers from getting to close to the batter. "Ah-Ah~! No. No spoiling your dinner, Jared." But she noticed her son's crimson red eyes not even turning to the direction of her voice. Rather, he seemed to be hypnotized by the sticky batter in front of him being mixed with chocolate chips. If he was any more of a kid or even a cartoon character, her son would have been drooling.

It warmed her heart to see her son so excited. "You know, you're just like me when I was your age. I was always so excited to have my mother's cookies. I had something like a sixth sense; whenever my mother put on an apron, or even walked into the kitchen, I dropped whatever I was doing and asked her to bake cookies," She started off, while playfully stopping her son from taking one of the dough during her monologue. "Oh I remember her smile, I remember how I would spend what would even be hours staring at the oven. I remembered how my heart would race when I would hear that ding… and now…" She finished placing the last dough in the tray and placed it in the oven. Despite being far away, she used a few Huntress skills to keep her son away from the left over batter from his sticky fingers.

Her son pouted, but she giggled once more before gently kissing his forehead. "I get to be the one making you addicted to cookies.~ But this time, I promise to be there a bit longer for you…" She carried her son off the chair he was standing on for their high kitchen table and placed him back on the floor. "Now go and wash your hands, or else you won't get any cookies."

Little Jared dashed off as fast as he could, but the warmth in her chest didn't diminish in the slightest. She then looked over to the left over batter, and with her son gone, she could play the daughter just this once…


She looked back and saw her son pointing madly at her, catching her red handed with batter in her hands and about to place it in her carnivorous mouth.

"You said no eating!"

A coy, smug smile appeared across her face. "Mwahahaha! Foolish, son of mine! I only said you were not allowed to eat! All of this dough is mine!"

"Not fair, Mommy! I want some too!"

"Never! Mwahaha!" She laughed once more before devouring the innocent blob of batter in her mouth, making chewing sounds with her mouth.

The boy could only stomp his foot in a huff. "I'm telling Daddy!"

Back at the present, Jared paled as he remembered vividly his past memory with Ruby as his mother. Apparently, from what quick memories he could scan over, he had many more happy memories with all of his other four mothers.

However, his mysterious sixth set of memories was not open as all the others. Whenever he would try recalling those memories, he would get nothing, but a feeling that knew something important was there.

Jared quickly glanced at Ruby. He had to leave—preferably yesterday. The longer he stayed here the more he felt himself… changing…

But unfortunately, there was the rather huge problem of getting away from current Ruby and Jaune. He didn't want to leave them. His father always told him strangers were friends you haven't met yet. And despite knowing their badass versions in the future, these two really looked desperate in finding some kind of relationship with someone right now.

All of his parents taught him to do the right thing, and despite potentially writing himself out of existence by doing this, Jared wanted to keep them company…

After all, he couldn't help but feel curious to the time period his Father loved the most.

"Err… Resh?"

"Yes, Sir?" He inwardly sighed at the slip of the tongue.

"Are you alright? You seem deep in thought." Jaune asked with concern.

Jared smiled a little. It was honestly relieving to see his dad was still his dad, still the same caring and somewhat doting father. "I'm fine, S-Jaune… just some… stuff…"

Jaune dropped the matter at Jared's answer. However, it was then Jared realized something else was wrong.

'Hey wait a sec. I thought we were going to the auditorium. Why are we heading in the opposite direction?'

Before Jared could ask, Ruby spoke out. "So… I got this thing…"

'Oh I remember this! Crescent Rose V1! Mommy Ruby's pride and joy before her second major upgrade… then third… then fourth… then fif—'

"Whoa, is that a scythe?!"

Ruby nodded at Jaune's cry. "It's also a customizable high-compact sniper rifle!"

Jared noticed the look on his dad's face and answered for him. "She means a gun, Jaune." Then received a silent nod at the translation.

Ruby removed the scythe from the ground, and damaged area, "So what do you guys have?"

"Well I got this thing…" Jaune brought out Corcea Mors, the sword that had said to be in Jared's family for generations. Jared briefly remembered how one day he could inherit the weapon as Jaune went on explaining how the sword and the shield was just a sword and a shield.

"What about you Resh?" Silver eyes greeted his crimson ones.

"Huh?" snapped out of his contemplative spell, Jared checking his belongings. When he was first trying to find out what his semblance was, he had his weapons in preparation of its activation just in case something weird happened.

He folded his long sleeves to show the two his weapons: two purple wrist bracelets on both of his hands. At the simple press of a button on one of them, the bracelets expanded over his arm, armoring Jared's hands in shiny purple steel.

"Gauntlets?" Jaune questioned.

"It's actually a temporary weapon. I don't have a proper weapon yet." Jared answered back casually before unarming them back into wrist bracelets. It was complicated, but it also pertains to his past—their future, so how he didn't know how to fully explain without revealing too much.

"What do you mean by that?"

Ruby noticed some special designed panels around Jared's arm, mostly the black 'orbs' at the back of his palms. "I see a lot of ionic conductors around the knuckles area. Are you saying it's temporary because your weapon needs a power source to function on?"

"Err… what?" Jaune seemed slightly lost.

"Basically, my weapons run on a battery. A good battery, but a battery none the less, and having a weapon that relies on a power source isn't very… efficient..." Jared told them, trying his best to stray from the subject.

"Oh…" Jaune and Ruby nodded before Jaune noticed something wrong. "By the way, where are we going?"

Ruby looked at him questioningly with some shock in her eyes. "I was following you."

They then turned to Jared, to which, the third party member responded by raising his brow and taking out a pamphlet that nice lady in the uniform gave him a while back. "… We could use this directory we were handed on the plane…"

Ruby and Jaune just looked back at Jared as if he just drowned their goldfishes. "They gave directories out in the plane?"

'How could they—Oh… OHHH…' Jared realized why they had missed something so simple. "Well… you and some others were busy with… you know… *Cough* that thing about motion sickness…?"

Jaune blushed and quickly changed the subject. "J-just lead us to the dome already!"

Jared rolled his eyes as he pointed them both in the correct direction.

However, someone in the distance was watching the trio carefully, unseen by the future hunters.

"You gotta love time travel. Good luck kiddo, you're going to need it."

{Author Notes.}

Hello! Thank you for reading this story, I really appreciate the time you took to read this, which means if you got this far, my stories don't suck that bad!

Anyway, this is the introduction to one of my more famous stories. I'll try to upload more chapters, with some grammar tweaks, here later. If you want to see more of this, you can check my Fanfiction(dot) net account, which is the same as this one, just look up my name.

See ya soon!

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