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Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure


Meet Anto, an Amnesiac who is also mute! Like many Amnesia-prone folks before him, the young boy sets off to find out his lost past! Now if only the world could stop trying to kill him at every turn..

Fantasy / Action
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Ep 1: Never Touching Zero

"…you've got all of that to come. You and Me… Time and Space… You watch us run…"—Professor River Song.

In the uncertain future, the skies rained fire and destruction. Corpses filled the land while blood flowed into oceans. Towers crashed and nature became twisted, poisoned, and slowly rotted to death.

It was the end of days.

But this was not done by natural means.


For the first, and oddly the last time, evil had triumphed over good. A powerful, malevolent force was allowing entropy to squeeze every last ounce of life left within the world.

However, the world's greatest heroes launched their final assault at the being that had caused this madness. They scaled and laid siege of the Villain's large, dark fort and eventually faced down with the being beyond that of legends.

"You…" One of the bravest of the heroes said with rising anger. "You caused all of this! You're about to pay for all your crimes you've done! The horrors you've committed! Any last words, you bastard?"

The great evil turned to them, originally having his back facing them. He oozed with amazing power that stiffened and tensed all the heroes and their partners into defensive positions.

He then responded to them with words that defied their mortal minds.

"Oops. Sorry about that, my bad."

The true story began under the darkened celestial sea of night where a young girl, who has recently turned to the age of 10, gazed upon the vast cosmos with excitement in her heart as she sat on her roof top. Tomorrow, she would begin her epic journey all throughout Unova with her friends. She dreamt of winning the Unova league, being famous, catching rare Pokémon, meeting new or extraordinary people, but in her maiden heart, she held a slight wish to get closer to someone she held dear.

The innocent girl blushed at the thought of romance so quickly, and tried to force the shamelessly embarrassing thought deep within the locking of her brain. Her prayers slightly answered, and she spotted a bright shooting star racing across the infinite sea of space. She closed her eyes and wished for an amazing adventure, and for the safety of all her friends…

With that done, she resigns for the night, she headed back into her house through the window so that she may dream of sweet and pure dreams.


The fireball racing among the infinite space was actually… a gigantic metal orb! Burning through the lower atmosphere, the orb came closer and closer to the ground due to the Universal Law of Gravity coming faster and faster as it headed towards the earth.


Deep within the forests, the odd object crashed and blew away a large chunk of the surrounding area, leaving only a smoking crater scared upon a once lush green forest.

Pokémon, terrified from the falling piece of heaven, ran away from the danger long before the impact.

But as the smoke settled after the explosion, Pidoves, Patrats, Lillipups, and several Audinos, gather around the crater. What they saw next went beyond their simple comprehension: an amazingly complex sphere coated in the sleekest of white metal.

It seemed unharmed despite crashing with such extreme temperatures, but there were dents along some of the object, as if it was damaged from something else besides the crash. Strangest of all about the fallen item, was this odd beeping noise that the enigmatic sphere was making… it was becoming louder… and louder… suddenly a high pitch ding is heard.

The one colored machine… warps itself open, much like how a person would open their mouth…

All of the Pokémon fled in sheer terror at what they couldn't understand, but their primal instincts were all blaring out like sirens in their minds to 'Run, run before its too late!'

One Patrat; however, did not flee from the scene. A small piece of this Patrat's unique character seemed to be attracted to the enigma like a magnet. Because of this, he saw what had come out of the unknown oddity, and it forever changed the small creature's life…



"… kid…"

"… necklace… ld…"

"… Good luck, kiddo... oh… and if you ever meet a guy named Looker…"

Pokémon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure.

Chapter 1: The Curious Samurai.

N, an alias for the King of Team Plasma, walked around town with several of his Pokémon, Purrlion, Gurdurr, and Tympole. He wished to view the state people were in order to better grasp how both human and Pokémon should be separated.

He viewed the environment around him, and secretly spited anyone within his glance that held or showed a Pokéball, a tool used for forcing his friends to fight for human's selfish desires. He mentally noted that cruel object would have to be forever banned if he was to free all of his friends.

Suddenly, loud cries snapped N out of his calculating spite. He saw and walked over to the edge of a crowd to hear what was going on.

"I don't believe you, a Patrat?! A Patrat came out of nowhere and attacked you!?" One man yelled.

"It didn't do that! It injured my daughter and her Pokémon, Lillipup!"

Murmurs where spoken among the crowd N noticed some whispers that irked him. "What a terrible Pokémon!/We should catch it and give it to some trainer to be disciplined."

N wanted to quickly reprimand them for saying such cruel and inconsiderate things so quickly, but what surprised N was that this Pokémon was claimed to have attacked a little girl. Even if he did say what he would think, no one would listen to him under being so blinded by their own fury towards what might have been a serious misunderstanding.

N noticed that the little girl in question was sitting on a crate in the corner while stroking her Lillipup, so he and his friends circled around the crowd and made their way to meet with her.

N approached the girl, who tensed up at his presence. He smiled gently to ease her, "Little girl," N stated as he kneeled down to meet with her. "Is it true that a Pokémon attacked you and this little one?" He said as he petted the Lillipup.

The girl spoke softly, "It was scary…"

N was surprised at the little girl's answer. he truly believed that there was some kind of misunderstanding , and that the Patrat in question was wrongly accused. However,he still believed something seemed off, so he asked the girl in question in a way that would calm her down "It's OK, little one, tell me about it and I will help you."

He did also mean that. N didn't like trainers, but that didn't mean he would be cruel to another human, let alone a scared little girl.

The young girl cuddled her Lillipup before explaining to N that the Pokémon that attacked her was an unusual Patrat. It was unusual because this Pokémon wielded a weird stick. Then she told the story about how she met the Pokémon: while playing in the outskirts of town and nearby Route 1, the Patrat came out of nowhere and attacked her Lillipup, knocking him out in one hit. Afterward, the Pokémon in question glared daggers at the little girl. Out of pure fear, the girl picked up her Lillipup and ran away screaming and tripping as she did. When her father asked about what happened to her, she tensed up at remembering and didn't say a thing.

N figured out that was the reason why her father overreacted the way he did. he assumed the worst and wanted someway to mitigate what happened to his daughter, which was why he was lashing out now.

N sighed at this apparent misunderstanding, but he still wondered why the Patrat attacked her friend. N patted the head of the little girl, "You are a very brave girl… you know that?" He smiled softly, "Not many people would have gone back for their friend like you did… could you do me a favor?"

The little girl still cuddled her Pokémon like it was her own heart, but she loosened her grip and asked, "What is it?"

"Don't be a Pokémon trainer." N stated.

The girl tilted her head as she stared at N's eyes with confusion, "… Why?"

N frowned, "Your Pokémon will only get hurt more in the future."

The little girl let go of the little creature and placed it on her lap, she didn't seem to understand what N was trying to tell her, but she was trying to.

N thought this was acceptable for now, so he decided to find this violent Pokémon.


It wasn't too hard though, it came looking for him.

"Gur!" N's Gurdurr flew back from the impact of the attacker. N gritted his teeth; he was disappointed in his own mistakes. The weird stick that the little girl described was actually a wooden sword that was the perfect size for the Pokémon. It looked masterfully crafted, which made N question where such a common Pokémon could use or even find something of that quality, but as he was trying to figure that out, the Patrat swiftly stuck Gurdurr with a clean hit into his neck.

In retaliation for his ally, N's Tympole blasted the Patrat with a water gun, but even though the attack hit the Patrat, he expertly regained his composure midair and landed on its feet. He pointed his blade towards them, ready for another attack.

N quickly saw his Furrlion and Gurdurr, who got back up from a direct hit, about to charge back and gang up against the Pokémon, but he quickly stopped them. "Stop! … It's my fault you got hurt, friend, I didn't foresee this event, and you got hurt because of my stupor, I am sorry," all three of his Pokémon calmed down, but still seemed ready to fight again if the odd Patrat made any move. N turned to the Pokémon and asked it, "Friend, why do you attack other fellow Pokémon so mercilessly?"

The Patrat took a fighting stance, tensing all of the others, but it spoke in chirps. "… You claim to converse with me?" Is what it asked.

N was rather surprised at the tone of this Pokémon's voice. All his life he could hear the voices of Pokémon, and he used this ability to the best of his use in his quest into freeing all Pokémon. However, when he heard this Pokémon's voice, he noticed some kind of strong spirit behind this Pokémon, and a trace of sorrow. The oddity of such uniqueness piqued his interest, but he had to first address the problem standing in front of him. "I can do more than converse, friend, I can talk to you and hold a proper conversation."

The Patrat finally eased its fighting stance, much to the relief of the four. Even though they were sure they would win a three vs. one, N was sure this Patrat would cause heavy damage even against such odds.

"Is this the truth?" The enigmatic Patrat asked.

N nodded, "Yes, can you tell me why you've been attacking defenseless Pokémon?"

"I aimed only for Pokémon with human partners."


The Patrat turned his back on them, "It is easier for me to show you than to speak of it, follow me," The Patrat wrapped a green vine around its waist, and used it like a belt to carry his wooden sword. Then he started walking deep into the forest.

N started walking, but he was momentarily stopped by his Purrlion, "Lord N, are you truly following this barbarian?"

"Please do not call me lord. But it's alright, this situation is very curious, which really intrigues me. Also, while there is danger, I don't think it would be from this Patrat." N replied then followed the Patrat with his other friends slowly following.

As they walked a few paces behind the Patrat, N increasingly became more… intrigued. "Friend, where did you find that wooden sword?"

The Patrat ignored him.

"Why you! How dare you ignore N!" Gurdurr snarled. However, N placed his hand in front of the large Pokémon and shook his head.

N was having a curious day. He had never seen a Patrat act almost… human. He believed that Pokémon were true and honest creatures, but this one seemed so strange. This had sparked an odd curiosity within the upcoming Pokémon savior.

The Patrat then stopped in front of a large tree. It sat on a large root of the big tree, crossing its legs, folding its arms, and closing its eyes. Then he said, "Go to the other side of this tree." And he stayed still.

"What!? Hey!?" N's Pokémon seemed angered at the tone of the common Pokémon, but N stopped them once more and did what he was told.

N walked to the back of the tree and his eyes widened in surprise. There was an injured boy behind the tree! He was bruised all over with scars and blood seeping from his clothes! N quickly ran to him and noticed that there were several herbs over some of his wounds, showing that the Patrat had tried to actually help this boy. "Gurdurr! I need your help!"

It finally made sense to N. His deduction was that this mysterious Patrat was attacking trainer's Pokémon was because he needed a human's help in aiding this injured boy, but since he couldn't speak a human language, he hoped maybe a trainer would be interested in him and thus bait the trainer into finding this boy while trying to catch him. As N pieced it all together, he became even more confused and curious of such a smart and enigmatic Pokémon.

N had to be careful in moving the boy, even more so when he found out that he was almost mortally injured. The town wasn't faraway, but the only place that seemed to have the equipment to save this boy… was the Pokémon Center… a place that N spited as well as he did the Pokéball. But he had to bite the bullet on this one; he wasn't just going to let a person die like this. He didn't like humans, but he was never one to kill or let anyone die. The four got ready and started making their way back to town; however, when they were leaving, the Patrat had disappeared from his spot.

N then wondered what the story was behind this injured boy he was helping back to the center. It looked as if the boy had been through hell itself, with injuries painted all over him, but what caught his attention was a lovely designed, orbed gold and black pendant. It looked beautiful and very expensive; especially considering it was the size of a baby's fist. N shook his head, there was a time and place for everything, and now wasn't the time for questions.


Deep below the warmth of the sun, deeper than the darkest of oceans, there lies a fort, a fort so deeply hidden from the world that it might have been on a different planet all together. Yet this was no Pokélantis, its total opposite in fact, where the previously mention would represent ancient history, this other was almost fifty years ahead in their state of the art technology. Where one lasted centuries ago, this other seemed newly created despite being made longer than it seemed. Lastly, while one was deeply buried within the sea and devoid of all things not of sea life, there were many… life forms… in this almost other worldly fort.

Deep within the giant fort, a gathering of unknown but powerful people plan ahead for their mysterious future…

"… Gentlemen… what can I say about this? Other than saying—HOW THE ^%$# DID YOU SCREW THIS UP!?" A grand voice booms across a large room. Slamming on the table and causing the entire room to tremble.

A meek and scared little voice speaks out, "Apologizes 'Joe Goss'! Didn't know that em Code: Judicator was a no-good 'Aunt Nell' double agent for Interpol!"

A smug chuckle catches the attention of the room. "I told you all not to trust that guy."

"Com naw brudah, Warden, me be knowin ya nevah liked brudah Jude from dah time he beatin' ya like a boxin' bag."

"Code: Warden, Code: Magus, we are still under the briefing over the loss of the Seed. Please remain silent."

"Thank you, Code: Inquisitor, but it's not just the Seed that got away. Judicator was able to download all of our project and files in a USB drive which he obviously hid with Subject 5. If Subject 5 somehow gets in contact with an Interpol agent or even the other organizations such as Team Rocket, Cipher, Plasma, or etcetera, then the result would be catastrophic," This mysterious speaker places his hand out, pointing to everyone in the room, "This is a Priority Omega mission: The capture of Subject 5, without alarming anyone of the public or underworld."

"S-sir?" Another lowly voice cries out. "What's stopping Subject 5 from simply telling anyone about what he knows?"

A loud sigh is heard in response of such a question, "… Do you even remember what planting the Seed does to a person?"

"… Colors… bright colors… slowly, it starts to take form… there's a ceiling now white-creamish color, now with tiles all across. Move… slowly start to see everything… hear distant voices…"

"…" Sight and thought is restored to this boy as he continued to look around: he found himself in a comfy bed wearing a patient robe. He looked over to his right to see a shelf with clothes all folded nicely and cleaned. On top of the clothes was a beautiful golden with black designed pendant.

The boy suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head. He heard someone's voice speaking to him from some far distant place. "Here, take this necklace and hold on tight to it, you can do that, can't you kiddo?" The pain stopped and the voice disappeared into memory… the boy stared into the pendant before taking the clothes.

[A little while later.]

The boy came out and stood in front of a mirror to better see his self: A young Caucasian teenager estimated to be around 5.2-5.3 feet tall, between the ages of 13-14 with short, black, and messy hair, and nice shade of amber tinted pupils. He wore a mysterious shirt: it looked like some kind of eight sided, red with white cross that stretch from the torso of the shirt to the back showing the same eight sided cross on a blue background. Mysteriously, the words 'Union Jack' crossed his mind. Over the shirt, the boy put on a black zipper hoddie jacket with streaks of white around the edges of the sleeves, hood and bottom. He wore normal blue jeans, and wore green with white trimmed rubber shoes. Lastly, he put the pendant around his neck and proceeded to leave the room.

As he did, a female wearing a nurse's costume with oddly shaped pink hair, yelped in surprise and immediately said, "H-hey! You weren't supposed to leave yet! Your injuries were so severe!"

The boy stared at the odd nurse. His eyes showed some kind of confusion mixed with pure surprise, as if her appearance simply bothered him somehow. "…?"

"If you are wondering where you are, then you're in Accumula Town. A young man brought you in terribly injured… but…" The nurse looked at the boy again, somehow his wounds were all healed, wounds that should have lasted at least a week. How was that possible? She swore she was one of the nurses who helped this boy into the emergency room just to stabilize his heart, heck they had to shock the boy several times just to keep him alive, but here he was standing as if he had never been hurt. Still, she had to continue the conversation, "That was a few hours ago… l-look, we need you to get back in bed to run proper tests. You can't leave yet!"

The boy slowly nodded his head.

The nurse was still stunned at his fast almost Pokémon like healing, but then she remembered something important, "Wait, now that you're awake, who are you and where do you come from?"

The boy stared blankly at her then placed his right hand on his head. He opened his mouth… but no sound came out. The boy opened his mouth again… still no noise… not even a random moan. The Boy looked mad, then he screamed—well he tried to. It just made everyone in the hallway stare at him awkwardly as he looked to be screaming at the top of his lungs without making a single sound. The boy panted after a while, but even his panting was almost muted.

The nurse looked at him curiously. "There did seem to be some records showing damaged vocal chords… but I didn't expect it to be by this much. Give me a sec…" The nurse quickly left, only to come back with a notepad and a pen. "You can use this. Write down your name, address, or phone number, so you can properly wait and rest here while your friends or family pick you up."

The boy received the two objects and looked at them in wonder… he then just stared into the empty white itemized tree for a while without any movement.

The Nurse seemed a bit distraught as she wondered why he couldn't simply write any of the information down. "Alright, that's it. You go back into your room and rest up, mister. You can't speak and you're too disoriented to even write! I'm surprised you were able to change and walk out here!" She pushed the younger boy back into his room. She made sure that he was back resting on his bed before leaving the door.

But the boy was not disoriented, he felt fine… sad, but fine. With her now gone, he sighed and wrote on the note pad the words he struggled with to write down earlier: "I don't remember anything."

A blank slate, nothing.

The boy tried his hardest, but all he could remember where proper facts like manners, basic math, basic languages, but what he could not remember was any memory that gave him an idea to who he was. Even when he tried to remember how he knew basic facts, but there was literally nothing.

Worry started creeping in the boy. He wondered just what was going on with him? He was mute, and now, he couldn't even remember his name—no… just now, there was some kind of spark. It was small, but a word finally formed in his head: Anto.

"Anto? … Is… is that my name?" He wondered. He had little to go on, so for now, he would take the word as his own name.

He heard a small noise coming from the window. Anto took the note pad and the pen with him as he opened the window. He found a strange creature staring back at him… wait… his memories seemed to be slowly coming back… he did recognize this creature, it was a Pidove, a Pokémon.

"Pokémon? … I do know that word… but… something feels… off…"

Anto leaned forward, his head pounding as if there was something wrong with the word he had just remembered. However, he continued to lean forward, and his elbow slipped of the edge. This made him lose balance and forced his upper body to fall on the window ledge. He would have just gotten himself back up. However, Anto accidentally knocked the Pidove off the ledge. It flew back up, and it was quite peeved to say the least.

Then it started pecking the poor boy. Anto tried to shoo away the attacker, but he accidentally shifted his weight too much and fell off the window. After tackling the ground with his back, Anto groaned silently at the biological warnings his brain was sending him.

The Pidove, satisfied with his petty vengeance, smiled wickedly before flying away with prideful victory.

Anto got back up, but he noticed that he fell from the third floor, so his first instinct was to quickly call for help—but he couldn't speak… huh.

W-well, the next option to get back was to simply walk around back to the front of this red building… Huh? He landed in an alleyway? A dead end one? Anto looked behind him and noticed that the only exit seemed to go deeper into the town and away from where he was resting. Without much choice, Anto picked up his note pad and pen, and then walked out to the unfamiliar world…


… And he just walked into someone screaming their lungs off. Anto cursed in his head as he felt a large ringing in his ears, he tried to see who did that, and was able to see a glimpse of kid wearing a hat, a moderately thick blue jacket, with black pants being dragged away by some girl wearing jean mini shorts, wearing a white shirt underneath a black vest.

Anto stared at the odd sight a few seconds while hearing the two people arguing to each other. He heard the words, "Black" and "White" being addresses to each other like they were names. This made Anto have another headache; why do those names feel so familiar?

"Hey! You!"

Anto looked over to see a gang of bikers looking very peeved and heading towards his direction.

One of them, presumably the leader, got of his bike and made his way to Anto. The leader with a huge frame, blue Mohawk, an eye patch on his right eye, and a personalized leather jacket. The intimidating man loomed over poor Anto. "Oi, what's the big idea messin with our valuable, peaceful Loiterin Time!"

"Yea man! I lik toe medi'ate be four we beat unsuspectin punks for all them shiny material possessions!" One of his posy members echoed with sophisticated dialect.

The large man then grabbed Anto by the collar. "Looks here boi, my crew an me like to ride wherever them wind be takin us, but we also like to catch zz's like any other mortal. Now, we hear that you'd like to challenge the elite four, now don't cha boi?"

Anto nervously shakes his head. He was not the one just screaming a little while ago, and these people were misunderstanding, he wanted to tell them they were wrong, but… he was mute…

Wow, he hoped things like that wouldn't happen often. Right? ... Right!?

"Naw… don't be nervous boi," The leader told him as he wrapped his muscular, anaconda like arms around Anto's shoulders, "Ya caught us in a… neighborly mood," The rest of his gang members chuckled along with the leader. Anto nervously smiled with all of them. "So tell ya what, just apologize, and we'll call it a day."

Anto felt relived and tried to move his hands with the notepad, but the leader stopped him. "Where are you going boi? Just say it out nice and loud like we're ya own mother…" The leader had mistaken his movement in his hand as an attempt to leave, so he stopped him. Suddenly, things weren't looking so good…

Now, a calm person would use their amazing acute mental skills to get out of such a predicament without a scratch, but Anto was not that person. He started to sweat when the leader wasn't letting him write anything down.

"Come on boi…" The leader's voice became deeper, more hostile. "Don't tell me ya got too much pride to apologize…"

Anto was now sweating bullets. In desperation, he tried opening his mouth… but his heart sank like the Titanic when no words came out again. It really didn't help the poor guy's situation when the leader loosened his grip and started glaring at him. "… Are you makin fun of us?" The way he spoke was like the clam before the storm.

Anto nervously shook his head again, but the leader once more grabbed his collar and lifted him into the air, dropping his notepad. "Ooohhh, I sees, ya thinks ya too good for us don't cha?" Anto furiously shakes his head. "You thinks cause you got a future ahead of you that ya aint gonna be like us huh?!" Again, Anto fruitless shakes his head as if his life depends. He spots his gang crunching their knuckles, bringing out blunt objects, and—taking out a freaking chainsaw!? Correction: his life DOES depend on them understanding him.

The leader screamed at him and shook him violently. "Well let me tell yous somthin! You think that just because we don't have a high school diploma we won't amount to nothing! But we showed them! We showed those silent, disappointing, scornful, cold shoulder treatments from our parents… *sniff* that we could make our way in the world! *Sniff* *Sob* He'll regret selling my teddy bear collection…guh… " The leader's voice began to crack after he mentioned his father. His eyes suddenly became watery and his nose started running. "*Sniff*… *Sob*I-I *Sniff* told him I never wanted to be a mime! … Prf… WAA! DADDY!" Then the leader put Anto down and started sobbing madly. He hugged Anto, whose eyes widened in sheer shock, and stared sobbing on his shoulder… and drooling, and blowing his nose on to his jacket…

Anto questioningly looked over to the other members: they also were suddenly overwhelmed by memories of their loved ones, and started breaking down as well. Since the leader was still hugging him and contaminating his right shoulder, Anto shrugged at the Deus Ex Machina, and just hugged the leader back while patting his head to say it was OK. (Ignoring the smell and icky feeling near his head.)

After a few more disgusting seconds of feeling almost every tear, drool, and snot being poured heavily on Anto's right shoulder, the man finally did let go. Ignoring his completely tainted shoulder, Anto, thinking it was alright, got his note pad out and wrote, "You know, it's still not too late to go back to school, and prove them all wrong."

The leader read the words, still wiping away some of his snot. "Y-ya think so? B-but what could we possibly do? We ain't smart…"

Anto scribbled more words then he showed what he wrote down. "Look at all of your bikes: they all looks so well maintained! You could sign up to study being mechanics!"

"Y-yeah! There's no one who loves Pokémon and Bikes as much as we do!" The leader cheers. He looks back at his crew who also are sharing the same hopeful smiles. "Ya know what?! Let's do it bros!"

"YA BOSS!" They all cheered. Anto nodded, proud at the odd event he helped.

"But we're going to need some money. School ain't cheep," Then all of the Bikers stared back at Anto… and his very expensive looking necklace.

Anto looked at them, then back his necklace. He looked at them, then back to his necklace… he didn't like the way they were all staring at the probably priceless artifact after they had just mentioned they needed funding.

A few silent, awkward seconds passed by before Anto bolted as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

The leader quickly got back to his motorcycle and made it roar to life. Then he… put an eerily familiar looking Sengoku Era helmet on his head before shouting, "Let's get'em bros! HERE WE GO!" He yelled as he ran ahead with his posy cheering wildly behind him.

Anto ran for dear life, but he could not out run a motorized bike even in such a closed alleyway area. To his dismay, the leader was catching up on him and was about to grab him.

*SLAM!* "KRF!"

Out of nowhere, a Patrat with a wooden sword kicked the leader in the face and knocked him off his bike. Anto's eyes widened as he avoided the sliding bike and looked to see his rescuer.

The Patrat faced the other gang members with his back facing Anto. "I check to see how you're doing, and once more, you find yourself in a dangerous situation?"

Anto tilted his head, he knew this Pokémon was a Patrat, but… could they always speak?

"OI! You lousy little rat, you kicked our leader in the face!" One of the gang members screamed. Then they all took out their own Pokéballs to bring out several of their own tough and gritty looking Pokémon.

Anto quickly panicked, but he saw the Patrat ready his blade, ready to stand and fight what obviously was a losing battle.

"Blitzle, use Spark!" One of the members called out to his Pokémon.

Anto showed a very confused look when he heard the Pokémon responded in a human language.

"Imma run you over, little man!" The thunderbolt Pokémon complied and quickly dashed toward the Patrat.

Anto snapped out of his stupor and panicked, but he saw the Patrat stiffen its stance, pull its blade beneath its waist, and then slashed the chin of Blitzle in an upward motion, which not only cancelled the attack, but sent the mightier Pokémon flying back to the gang members.

"What in blazes?!" some yelled.

Anto quickly looked around, and saw that the motorcycle of the leader was still ahead of him. His mind suddenly sent him information that told him how to drive a bike. "Wait… I know how to drive a motorbike?" he thought.

He turned back and saw all the gang members gritting their teeth and reading to send all of their other Pokémon right for his momentary defender. A tricky idea formed in Anto's head and he decided to go with it: he quickly pushed the motorbike back up, and then he grabbed the Patrat, and jumped back on the bike.

The little bladesman was taken by surprise. "What are you—"

Anto revved up the engine, and to his relief, it stared. He was thankfully tall enough to steep on the gas and stomped on it to get away from his pursuers. In his mind he answered the Pokémon's question to himself. "I'm all for the never give up spirit, but I always prefer the whole live to fight another day troupe far better!" The boy thought in his head, knowing he was unable to answer.

Under his arm, the Patrat seemed shocked, "H-how did you do that? I had just completely understood you without you speaking, how did you accomplish that?!"

Anto looked back at the Patrat staring back at him with his large hypnotic eyes. "Wait… can you hear my thoughts?"

The Patrat's eyes widened, "Your thoughts? Are you related to a Psychic?"

"What, no, at least I don't remember being… I don't remember anything before waking up in a hospital… An-anyway, you can hear my thoughts!?"

"I assume so… but you don't remember anything prior to that odd spherical device?"

Anto's eyes widened, "… What?" Did this Patrat know who he was?

"Air Slash!"

Anto reacted to the call quickly and swerved the bike to his right. He avoided a powerful shockwave of air that sliced the area where they once were.

"You're dead meat, thief! Swoobat, Air Slash again!" Another one of the gang members ironically cried out. The Pokémon complied and shoot another powerful gust of wind. Anto moved the bike again, but it cut off the very edge of the handle.

"Ha!" They cheered.

"Head to higher ground; take a right turn here and don't stop!" Patrat said before taking his sword and making his way behind Anto. As soon as they turned, Patrat jumped off the bike and quickly started running on the wall they just turned from. Then, when all of the pursuers had just turned, they only saw Patrat pouncing right for the Swoobat! Patrat slammed its feet into his enemy's eye and he kicked the enemy flier right into the face of another gang member, forcing him to lose control and fall off his bike, which slid on the ground behind them. Using the momentum of the kick, Patrat launched himself forward to land on the handles of the gang member in the lead of the chase.

The person in the lead got scared with Patrat's surprisingly intimidating glare. Patrat then shoved the rider out of his biker by hitting him in stomach with his blade.

The bikers immediately braked and turned away to avoid running over their ally. Angry, one of them refused to let them get away, "Swoobat, Gust on the bike!"

"Take this, ya jumpy circus freak!" The injured Swoobat cried and sent the machine flying high into the air. In mid air, Patrat was not fazed in the slightest: he quickly spotted Anto, and launched himself towards him using the bike.

With a roll, Patrat canceled the potentially damaging momentum and landed on the roof ahead of Anto. He timed his jump and ended back behind Anto, sitting down as if nothing happened.

"Wow…" Anto thought, seeing only glimpses of the smackdown from his rearview mirror. "I may have amnesia, but I clearly don't remember Patrats being badass… at all."

"… I don't know what you're talking about… anyone can do this with the proper training…" Patrat explained while glancing in a random direction.

"I call Bull!" Anto looked back at him, mentally shouting. He started to think he was hiding something.

The Patrat returned his look with a deadpan gaze. "By the way, you should probably pay attention to where you're heading. I think we're about to run off a cliff."

Anto looked ahead and gaped in shock because Patrat was right! He was still driving upward, and he had just reached a lookout area that he was about to jump off!


The two flew off with big air, Anto yelled at the top of his lungs… only for no sound to still come out.

If Anto was learning anything today, it was that being mute was far more disadvantageous than it sounds.


"That's right! We must liberate the Pokémon! Then, and only then, will humans and Pokémon truly be equals. Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokémon... and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention." A preacher named Ghetsis finished his speech in front of a mass of collective people. He made his way to walk off the stage, but suddenly he heard people gasp, shout and point behind him.

"Sir, lookout!" one of his uniformed men shouted.

Curious, Ghetsis turned around—only to see what the close up of a motor bike wheel looks like.

Suddenly, a high-pitched squeaking noise is heard, followed by a loud thud, and splutter of liquid spurting out of something.

Anto made the bike land properly and he swerved to a stop right after the stage. He looked horrified after running over someone's face.

"Lord Ghetsis!" His men cried as they all checked the status of their lead preacher. Some of them pointed at Anto and his Patrat, "YOU! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?"

Anto, overwhelmed with emotions, just shrugged his shoulders as his brain tried to process everything that was happening to him ever since he woke up.

"After him!" They cried. Anto immediately tried the bike, but in the name of moon, it had run out of gas. Anto jumped off and ran away from the mob, with the sword wielding Pokémon not too far behind.

"Hmm…" It chirped solemnly. "I believe I'm starting to see how I found you injured in the first place and why you lost your memory…"

"Shut it… Ta… Takezo!"

"… Excuse me?" The little creature asked as he raised it's brow.

Anto ducked from a being doused with a Water Gun move before answering back. "I'm not going to call you Patrat all the time, but for some reason, when I tried to give you a nickname this word came out. I think it's the name of a famous Samurai or something… kind of makes sense since you wield that wooden sword of yours like one."

Patrat, or now Takezo, looked stunned as he repeated the one word that seemed to hypnotize him, "… Samurai…"

Meanwhile, with all of the people who were left behind or who did not join the group that was hounding down on Anto and Takezo, there was a person there who starred in great disbelief at not what happened, but who had caused it.

"It's the boy… and the Patrat?" N stated in utter confusion since he swore he left the boy at the Pokémon center merely hours ago.

For now, the future savior would have to prepare solely for liberation, but he would never forget the string of odd incidents that seemed so perfectly connected to each other that happened on this day.

Takezo and Anto continued to run away from the mob of oddly dressed weirdos. Little did they know that this was the beginning of their great and destructive chase across Unova.


In a faraway region, deep beneath Mt. Quena, two powerful Pokémon sense a disturbance in the for—err… I mean they sense something is wrong.

"Something… is in the air… something not… truly evil… but… dangerous… I am heading off and following this feeling. If we can sense it all the way here, then others must have sensed it as well. Whatever this foreboding feeling is, we can stop it. I am sure of it. However, I cannot shake this feeling that this will not go well."

{Author Notes.}

Hello People of Inkitt. My name is... well on the account, but if you're too lazy to look, I'm PhantomGalaxy13, or PG-13 for short.

I was invited over here and this place looks like so much fun! I was wondering how else I would make my stories more known and showing it to more people looked like a cool idea.

If you want to know more about the stories I have, check out my fanfiction account. I have the same exact name. There, I have most of my current story progress all written out and ready to go with some little extras.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, you're amazing!

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