Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 10: Powerful Accidents

Episode 10: Bringing 'Mind' to 'Matter'.

"There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet."

-Stephen Hawking

The two trainers stared down each other. The wind blew calmly as their Pokémon readied themselves to do battle.

"I really can't believe that you have the ability to talk to other Pokémon…" Wes muttered as he tried to wrap his head around the secret that Anto had explained to him. He certainly wasn't expecting such a claim after Summer was 'grounded' by Nurse Joy into staying in the hospital. Yet here he was now, having a practice battle with the mute with the ability to mentally speak with Pokémon somehow.

… Life really was simpler back as a thief in Orre.

Wes sighed before he called out the first move.

"Umbreon, Bite!" The dark type ran off, getting closer to the small normal type.

Anto smiled, getting ready for a plan. "Hold up Takezo… use Detect!"

What was supposed to be a simple training battle, turned into something more…

It all started with a Pokémon Move that worked a little differently than it was supposed to be.

"Huh? What the—"

"Takezo?! What's with your eyes!?"

What makes stories so impossibly amazing… is when they combine the most impossible and unthinkable things…

And label them as accidents.

[One week later.]

Four blurs, each in different colors: brown, blue, pink, and black.

They clashed, repelled, and collided with each other.

Ohko, the blue blur, spun in the air, aiming his legs right for the black blur, Umbreon.

"Espeon, Reflect!"

A psychic wall appeared to intercept the fervid axe kick from descending on the dark type. While it did stop the attack, the wall actually bent from the impact.

"Now Espeon, use Psybeam on Ohko!"

Espeon fired a concentrated beam of psychic energy at the susceptible Sawk. However, with fierce speed, Takezo, the brown blur, ran from behind Ohko and jumped on the psychic shield before bouncing off from it and grabbing Ohko to move him out of the beam's path.

"Tch! Seriously that Patrat has some amazing speed to him… Umbreon, Secret Power on Takezo! Lock him down!"

The black Pokémon complied by accessing the powers of its surroundings of the forest. A vine whip appeared and launched itself towards Takezo's legs.

However, a blue hand caught the vine and stopped it from reaching its target.

"Now! Psybeam again!"

This time the beam was aimed to go faster and both the Patrat and Sawk were too close to each other to avoid the attack.

But it looked like they didn't need to.

Ohko smiled and pulled hard on the vine he caught, causing Umbreon to fly from his spot. The fighting type whipped the dark type towards the psychic beam, canceling is kinetic power.

Wes was annoyed that he used his own typing against him for what felt to be the umpteenth time this week, but he had to give credit where it was due: he was the very first trainer to abuse his opponent's advantages. He definitely would keep this tactic for himself if the need arose.

Espeon ran up to his brother, both of them facing down the other duo, ready to charge once more.

Wes sighed and rose out his hand. "Alright, I think that's enough for now."

{Wes P.O.V.}

Celebi, it's getting really hard to battle him these past few weeks. He already abused the fact Espeon and Umbreon's typing could work against each other, but now he has two Pokémon abusing that fact. If I didn't rotate Deino every now and then all of these practice matches would really suck in my favor.

Anto still seemed energetic. "Wait! What about practicing that new Fusion Move?"

Ugh, those words. Just thinking about it gave me a head ache. How exactly did we discover that?

Oh right, it was during the second day when Takezo learned a new move. Since he already knew four, he was going to forget an old one or the new move itself…

But Anto seemed to find a strange loophole to that rule.

By all means what he just did was impossible, if it wasn't for his claim about being able to talk to Pokémon telepathically—something I refuse to believe, but I can't refute because it makes too much freaking sense.

Anyway, he called the strange loop hole, 'Fusion Move' which has some charm to it and could really shake the foundations of battling if he was actually able to pull it off.

I should probably clarify how this all happened again.

Takezo learned Hypnosis during a fight against Umbreon. But the thing was he was trying to use Detect that moment because Umbreon was going to use Bite on him.

The conflict appeared in his eyes. Where Pokémon usually use Hypnosis, they would have their eyes glow red (or pink), but when Pokémon use Detect, their eyes would glow blue.

Takezo's eyes glowed both colors: his left eye glowed red while his right eye glowed blue.

The effects of the combined move was also amazing, not only did Takezo expertly dodge the attack, but Umbreon fell asleep after missing his attack.

It was an accident but Anto and Takezo seemed to somehow… remember that feeling…

Yeah it sounds like a lot of Tarous, but considering what's been happening ever since I came to Unova, I can't really refute that…

Again that goes back to his weird ability to talk to Pokémon and understand them. The way he seems to communicate, at least in his word—writings, is that he seems to connect to Pokémon on a 'feeling than actual language'.

It's confusing to say the least, but then he tried it in these terms: 'Instead of a Pokémon trying to forget one move, how about them trying to combine moves together? That way, no move needs to be forgotten and it gives existing moves new powers!'

I know Anto is an amnesiac and all, and I am in no way a Pokémon professor, but I am sure that things can't be as easy as he makes it sound. He probably making actual Pokémon physicists cringe at his ignorance, but is actually making them drop their jaws to the floor when he was able to convince Ohko to use dragonic energy from his Dual Chop attack into his Double Kick move.

Another plus side was that even if some moves were combined, the Pokémon could still use normal moves. Like how Takezo could still use a normal Detect without the Hypnosis bonus. But he couldn't use Hypnosis normally since he never learned it properly. This kind of meant if he wanted to use Hypnosis, he had to use it as well as Detect.

Still this type of power had amazing possibilities as a trump card in future battles, and could help in getting into the league.

I also happen to remember how he unlocked this 'technique' for Ohko in the first place.

"I just told Ohko, 'Hey remember that feeling you do when you do Dual Chop? Try to do that same thing the same time as Double Kick.'"

… And it worked.

Professors, eat your hearts out…

Though I have to admit that was a pretty cool move, seeing the blue-ish dragon energy form fangs around the fighting Pokémon's feet.

Still the kid is defying the rules of Pokémon battling… I gotta admit that's pretty cool… I can definitely get behind causing some 'legal' controversy that doesn't involve me getting arrested or wanted.

Can't wait to see what kind of tables are going to get flipped when people start seeing that.

But yeah there are some huge setbacks to this. First of all, conflicting or parallel types tend to cancel or make both moves harder to use. What I mean was that Takezo seemed to have a harder time pulling off the Hypnosis and Detect than Ohko did with his Dual Chop and Double Kick. Since the typing of Detect and Hypnosis don't match well, while dragon and fighting are just neutral.

Which meant the rules of physics weren't completely set to let Anto screw all of it. Can't let those Swinub start flying, now can we?

And one major drawback was that once two moves combined, they couldn't undo it. Anto thought trying to combine Swords Dance and Detect but it completely backfired. When the Pokémon would try to combine moves that weren't already 'fused', the energies would cancel each other out…


Takezo surged with psychic energy glowing brightly from his eyes when he tried to interchange the moves with each other.

Thankfully, it stopped just as fast and we figured out that we could only fuse two moves, at least for now.

Another drawback where the amount of uses they could even try. Takezo seemed capped at only using Hypnosis/Detect only three times. While Ohko struggled using his combined move, Dual Chop/Double Kick more than twice.

As for me… it looked as if Anto could help my Pokémon learn it too. No surprise, Deino seemed to master combining moves on the fly, being a new born and easily able to adapt to combining its moves together. (Wow, dark and dragon type moves combined is some insane firepower.)

So, after recalling all of the benefits, risks and history…

"Alright, we'll try this stuff again. So? Which ones do you want to use? Or do you want to try a new combo or something?"

Anto looked over to Takezo to which the Pokémon started speaking after what seemed to be a glance.

I briefly wondered if Anto could actually 'talk' faster to other Pokémon than others. I mean with the way he just thinks: his Pokémon could hear his thoughts, and since thoughts can sometimes be faster than actual oral words, did that mean that Anto could command and react with his Pokémon faster than even some of the best Pokémon trainers?

"Wes, please get Deino out. Takezo wants to try something."

I took out the Poké Ball and tossed it to summon the pseudo legendary. Yet, I can't help but wonder how this thing, as peppy as a Poocheyena, will turn into something like that Hydreigon.

"Ready?" Takezo stepped forward and wielded one of his wooden blades. Nothing needed to be said but this, "Deino, use Earth Power!"

The small creature roared as the earth beneath Takezo shook violently. Takezo jumped high into the air before the ground beneath him could collapse under him.

"Now! Use Dragon's Wrath!" Basically it's what I called the fusion move of Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse. Deino opened its mouth with a small orb of blue, dragonic energy before it suddenly being enveloped by black shadows and blasting off in the shape of a huge dark dragon head, ready to swallow its target.

Whenever I see that combined move, I can only imagine how powerful it would be once it's refined and when Deino is fully evolved.

Still, Takezo already knew about this attack, and took a swords stance with the blade above his waist. His palms also glowed with darkness and dark type energy quickly flowed into his wooden blade.

Takezo charged towards the attack, but his sword was now as black as coal. In a large arcing, horizontal slash, Takezo unleashed the dark energy as his sword made impact with one of the dark dragon's fangs.

Oh wait—


I dusted myself off and coughed a few times. I forgot the amount of energy behind combining two attacks were usually stronger and more destructive.

"Anto, you alright?" I managed to say between coughs. The mute seemed fine besides the silent coughing.

After the dust settled a bit, we found out all our Pokémon were fine, and we needed a bath.

Today was our last day of training before the Nerd would be released from her charge. Being forced to stay bed ridden on a week, ironically, made her more stressed.

It was something about… not being able to call HQ in a week?

That explains why her Capture Styler kept making that weird noise throughout the week. Dang thing wouldn't let me sleep until I disabled that function. (Yeah, I convinced Nerd to let me repair the Capture Styler while she was healing.)

And then she tried to choke me when I told her that. Seriously that girl is trouble. If Anto and Headband hadn't pinned her down she probably would have had to have been staying in bed longer.

Though I have to admit, it's insanely fun messing with her. She makes it too easy.

"Well, how about we go get breakfast at the cafeteria now?" I offered before recalling my three Pokémon.

It was then I noticed Anto pointing to the nearby power pole that seemed busted. Then I noticed the other busted power generators around the vicinity of our little ground zero.

Maybe we shouldn't have decided to train so close to the Pokémon Center this time…


"Summer!? Where have you been!? We've been worried sick about you!"


"Where's Jack and Kieth!?"

"Who are those three guys beside you? And why does the silver haired kid look familiar?"

Wow… these bagels are really good...

Oh and those are a lot of Rangers.

"Err… it's kind of hard to explain…"

"Get off me! It's crowded enough as is! Erhm! Summer, why are you using a public Pokémon Center Video Phone and not your long range communicator on your Capture Styler?"

Because I disabled it.

Summer seemed to sneak in a leer at me before looking back at the old man. "Sorry Professor Hastings, it was damaged! I'm having a mechanic work on it right away! Though, he's taking his sweet time…"

Hey, not my fault having new firepower under my belt interests me over fixing someone else' broken gear.

"Err, Summer?" Tracey came up with a nervous laughter before pointing to the line waiting behind his. "I think you should hurry up?"

Right some of the public video phones short circuited for 'some unexplainable reason'. Nurse Joy believes some kind of dark type Pokémon must have messed with one of the generators, but too many people here have dark Pokémon or Pokémon with dark type moves so it was sort of hard to figure out who could have done such a thing.

It's a shame no one could figure out why or how this happened. Yep. No one.

Anto, stop looking at me like that, you'll give us away.

"Umm, right. Sorry Professor, I can't brief anyone about my status right now due to unforeseen circumstances, but I promise to give you all a detailed accounting… as soon as my Capture Styler is fixed!" She waved goodbye and hit the button before anyone else could say something.

Nerd, slumped into her chair with a loud groan. "Oh what am I going to do?"

I swallowed. "I suggest getting off that chair and letting the other people make their calls for starters." Seriously, why is food so good everywhere but Orre?

Summer scowled at me before getting off the seat. We let the next person up to the video phone before our little group made our way to the buffet.

"Seriously, Wes, I need that Capture Styler fixed soon!" Summer demanded of me as we all sat down on a dinning booth.

"I keep telling you: Capture Styler equipment is mostly custom made in your Ranger Union. Even finding substitute or momentary parts will be hard to find here in Unova. Not to mention the place that could even sell those parts would be in more metropolitan cities than this one. I'd have a better chance going over the computer stores in Castella City than here." I answered. I honestly have no reason to lie or joke to anyone, even Team Snagem Grunts, when it comes to machines. If one those idiots messed up, I have to clean things up for them.

She sighed again. "Alright that's it. I need some bagels too. Anto, where are they?"

Mute pointed over to the buffet before Summer went out.

Anto seemed to scribble something down before showing it to us. "Actually, I think she's taking this all better than I thought."


Headband started to say something. "I still find it strange that you would help Summer so willingly… considering your…"

How subtle. "I wonder how many times I have to keep telling you that I quit?" I don't like thinking about why though. Better change the topic. "Anto, you're finally going to challenge the Narcrene Gym, you were able to scout some of Lenora's battles right? To study and counter?"

He nodded his head before he simply stared at something beyond me.

… That's a lot of blueberry bagels.

"That's a lot of blueberry bagels…" Dang it, Headband.

"The other foods are temporarily out due to the power outage, and I need to stuff myself right now." You came out of resting on a bed for one straight week, how is that tiring?

I spotted Anto freely taking a bagel and eating it without getting an earful from the Ranger. What the heck? When I ask for it, it's wrong, but when he does it, its fine? … Wait, he can't really ask…

Sometimes I wish was a mute amnesiac if that was how easy-going life could be.

[Nacrene Gym]

{3RD Person P.O.V.}

The Nacrene Gym has also doubled up as a Museum and Library, and has been one of the great prides of the small city. The Gym Leader Lenora was always fascinated with bones, ever since her father had brought them back from mining. She would always have this fervor in curiosity where she would ask countless questions about where the bone came from, what it was a part of originally, how old it was, and so on and so forth.

Her passion had always driven her to continue learning, but it was with her love of Pokémon that made her want to share this passion to learn to whoever she could teach. While being a teacher or professor did seem to have some merits, nothing could compare to the lessons she always seemed to learn from battling. The excitement, the action, the strategy, the epic wins, and the bitter losses… all of her battles were far more memorable than her time sitting around in a classroom. So along with being an archeologist, what better way to teach people about her passions than being a Gym leader?

Anto stared down the surprisingly huge stack of books the gym offered. He was currently taking the Gym challenge and had to solve specific puzzles in order to meet with Lenora.

He was given the hint to look for a book called 'Pokémon, Nice To Meet You!" by Hawes, the museum assistant director and husband of Lenora, a rather mild mannered man.

Anto briefly wondered how those two actually met considering their personalities, but he had to focus at the task at hand.

While he had to look for clues, he also had to be careful of the people around the gym. Lenora's students, volunteers, employees, or whatever connection they had with her and Hawes, would have to challenge Anto if he came up to them whether or not they had the right clue into leading to Lenora's secret room.

Anto let out Takezo out of his Poké Ball and let the small samurai climb up his shoulders. If he could, he'd rather not let Ohko fight out here and damage anything expensive looking.

As he made his way towards the first hint, Wes, Summer, and Tracey all watched with Hawes back at the museum lobby. They were watching Anto on a large screen that would change whenever Anto would walk out of range in a camera.

Summer turned to the Assistant Director. "Hawes, I want to ask: Gym trainers will also fight against Anto as he progresses through the gym? But everything looks expensive in there. Is it a good idea to have Pokémon battles there at all?"

"Ahh," Hawes started, fixing his glasses. "Don't worry about that. The Pokémon League was kind enough to help fund the reinforcement of the material there. All of the bookshelves in the library are designed to be fire proof and can withstand the power of a Gigalith using Giga Impact. We've had many battles there before, and Lenora always enjoys a little excitement in learning new things."

Wes looked back to the screen where Anto was having to battle with one of the Gym Trainers. It amused Wes to see Takezo versus another Patrat. However, despite being the same Pokémon, one glance at Takezo told anyone that he was leagues ahead of the normal counterpart. The unarmed Patrat attempted to use Tackle on the swordmaster, only for Takezo to respond by simply punching the other Patrat in the face, stopping his momentum and forcing a Knockout.

Hawes gapped at the sight of that. "… That… is one healthy Patrat…" He fixed his loose glasses.

The other three suppressed a laugh, but smiled wide. He had no idea…

Meanwhile, Lenora also watched with intrigue as she watched the bladed Patrat one-shot his lesser counterpart. She looked over to her Watchog, staring intently at the small Pokémon in the screen and smiled.

It looked like she was going to have another exciting battle this week.


Despite going through several more trainers and their Pokémon, Takezo only seemed be warmed up as he winded his arms around.

"Show off." Anto commented as he found the button to Lenora's lair.

"Compared to the Absol, Espeon, Umbreon, Scyther, Crustle, and Ohko, the Pokémon here lack their battle experience and presence." Takezo responded.

Anto clicked on the button, allowing a shelf nearby to move and reveal a secret stair case.

"Besides, they were but a warm up for the true fight ahead." Takezo called out before climbing up to Anto's shoulder.

Both Anto and Takezo made their way down stairs where Lenora was waiting for them excitedly in the large arena.

"Welcome! The director of the Nacrene Museum and the Nacrene Gym's Leader is me! Lenora! Well then, challenger, I'm going to research how you battle with the Pokémon you've so lovingly raised!" Lenora heartily called out. "This will be a two on two singles battle. Fight until both Pokémon are knocked out. Agree?"

Anto nodded.

Lenora smiled, took out her Poké Ball, and summoned a large, fluffy dog creature. "Come on, Stoutland!"

"Come and have a piece o' me, ya Whipershnappers!" The large dog barked.

Anto looked to Takezo. "Sorry, Takezo, he's a little out of your weight class. I'm sending Ohko in first."

Takezo simply nodded and jumped off Anto's shoulder before being recalled into his Poké Ball. Anto grabbed the Great Ball and summoned Ohko out from his container.

"Yo! What's up Side Burns dude?"

"Ya be makin fun of me stache, ain't cha laddie? Oooh, ya in for it now!"

"Of course we are, we're in a building, yo!"

"… Oi, don't tell me ya a few stones shy of a well now, laddie?"

"What do wells have anythin to do with dis? Of course I feel OK! And since when did feelin well got somethin to do about rocks?"

Anto resisted the urge to facepalm. He noted he and Takezo might have to do some crash course in basic objects with Ohko after this.

"It seems like our Pokémon are quite fired up!" Lenora called out heartily. "Let's start things off! Stoutland, Takedown!"

"Dodging isn't really your style, especially not in this case! Meet him head on with Double Kick!"

Ohko slid and shifted quickly into a stance. He raised his leg and jumped into a powerful side kick to meet with Stoutland.

The two collided in a powerful shockwave that blew up to the corners of the room. Both Pokémon staggered back, yet it was obvious that Stoutland was the loser of that exchange due to the fact he was hit by a supper effective move that was increased due to same typing and the fact Take Down had recoil damage.

Ohko's cloak fluttered madly but still didn't come off. However, Lenora was able to notice what was beneath the clothing.

"Is… that a one armed Sawk?" She asked slightly shocked. "I might have had some reservations about fighting a handicapped Pokémon, but after that exchange that would be an insult to you, your Pokémon, to Stoutland, and to me! Ha! A handicapped Pokémon overpowering my Stoutland? You are a very interesting Challenger with very interesting Pokémon! It appears I have to take this very seriously. Stoutalnd, Roar!"


The husky Pokémon performed the loud move, forcing Ohko back into his Great Ball and dragging out a bewildered Takezo out into the field.

"Hmm?!" Takezo quickly drew out one of his wooden blades.

Lenora quickly recalled Stoutland before throwing out another Poké Ball. "Go Watchog!"

The evolved Pokémon stood proudly in front of his pre evolved species.

Anto quickly grabbed Takezo's container to switch him out.

"Oh no, Watchog, use Mean Look!"

The large Pokémon flashed a dark light summoning an illusionary wall of dark eyes staring evilly at Takezo. When Anto tried to recall him back, the return laser did was stopped by a dark eye.

"There, now I can have my match with you."

Takezo leered at his opponent. Anto quickly noted that Takezo seemed off for some reason. "You are my opponent?"

"Indeed. I look forward to this. It's not every day you find someone seemingly stronger than you were when you were their level. Still, I'm stronger than you right now, so that's all that matters."

"Perhaps…" Takezo wielded his blade ready.

"Takezo, is something wrong?"

"… I do not have the best past with Watchogs. Please focus on the fight at hand."

Lenora seemed deep at thought as she watched today's challenger. "By the way, I remember you making an appointment earlier this week, but you said that your name was Anto, correct?"

He nodded and wondered what this was all about.

"I was wondering why you haven't introduced yourself after I had. It's quite rude to keep someone waiting."

Anto rubbed the back of his head before he made a few hand motions with his arms.

Meanwhile, Tracey, Summer, and Wes smiled at the reaction Hawes was giving. His eyes were widened as he recognized those hand motions. They were hand gestures for mute people.

"He said, 'I'm sorry, but I can't speak.'." Summer translated.

Over the past week while Summer was recovering, Anto had learned sign language and hand gestures over the internet. He would spend time with Summer in trying to learn it to pass the time away in her resting. Summer then roped in Wes and Tracey along with her after the first combined lesson. While it had been just a week, Anto passionately learned the signs and hand gestures over nights memorizing the motions. He now knew most of the basics, but by now he could have a 'normal' conversation with the others who have also learned to pick up his signs. (This was also around the time Tracey and Anto decided to tell Summer and Wes about his ability to talk to Pokémon.)

Lenora's eyes also widened, "You can't talk? But how are your Pokémon…" The entire picture just hit her and she couldn't resist the urge to laugh. "A sword wielding Patrat, a one-armed Sawk, and now a mute trainer? You keep getting more mysterious by the minute! Watchog, Confuse Ray!"

The larger Pokémon launched beams of light towards Takezo, but the speedy Pokémon dodged the beams by cart wheeling to the side.

"Now, use Low Kick!" Watchog raced toward the pre-evolved Pokémon, launching a sweeping kick as he got in range. Takezo simply jumped high and swung his entire body to hit Watchdog with a clean Cut. Watchdog staggered back, clutching his chest from the pain of the surprisingly powerful attack.

"Alright, close range is a no go. Thunderbolt!" Lenora cried.

Watchog complied and unleashed a powerful surge of electricity towards Takezo who barely avoided the attack.

"Close in! You're a sitting duck at that range!"

Takezo rushed for Watchog; however, Watchdog was more than capable of keeping up or keeping away from Takezo's speed.

"All we have to do is keep away from your Pokémon's close quarters and blast away with our range! Keep it up, Watchog!"

Anto gritted his teeth. He didn't exactly have a plan to properly counter long range speedsters yet. He seemed to have this problem a lot since both of his Pokémon were physical attackers. This fight was starting to turn like the practice fight with Takezo V.S. Brav before he won his first badge.

Actually, now that Anto thought about it, most of Takezo's battles always involved the opponents trying to shut down Takezo's close combat range: Cilian used Rock Slide, Harold and Pachi were surprisingly skilled despite their first impression, Wes had Espeon lock down Takezo completely with Confusion, and now Lenora was using Watchdog's speed and long range to eventually catch Takezo.

It was similar to the Pachi and Harold fight, but Anto didn't want to risk that maneuver at a sharper opponent such as Lenora. Still, if anything, there was always something in a fight he could exploit. He just had to keep looking for it while Takezo raced past the lightning bolts.

… Hopefully, he could find it fast. He really didn't want Ohko facing a Watchog that could easily keep out of Takezo's range, let alone Ohko's.

"Come on! Think! Watchdog is keeping away from Takezo by blasting him with a Thunderbolt every time he either tries to get close, or when he has a clear shot… I really don't want Takezo to use that distraction method again if Lenora sees through it. The risk would be too high just to score a regular hit that Watchdog might recover from. There has to be some other thing I can exploit…"

While he was thinking it over, Watchhog launched another blast of electricity towards Takezo, but this time, the samurai waited a little longer before dodging and rushing straight for the bigger normal type.

Lenora smiled as she saw the little Pokémon come closer. "Now Watchog, use your Illuminate ability!"

Watchog's body flashed with blinding light in one second. Forcing, Anto to look away, but not for Takezo.


"Oh, Celebi!" Anto paled after the light flashed down. Takezo had dropped his blade and was staggering around while covering his eyes with his hands.

"All Patrats have sharp eyes. However, sharp senses can also be used against an opponent. I remember my Watchog as a Patrat having that same problem when I would work with lens flares," Lenora admitted before smiling at Anto. "I don't want to risk a fight too long with your speedy Pokémon, so taking away it's sight should finish it off! Watchdog, Thunderbolt, full power!"

"Takezo it's coming straight for you, make a hard left!"

Takezo, while stilling holding his eyes, jumped away as hard as he could to avoid the blast, barely missing it. However, without his sight, he flopped to the ground instead of landing on his feet.

"It-it looks like Anto might not win this…" Summer noted sadly as she saw the conditions of the fight.

"I have to admit so too, Takezo is blinded, and if he gets knocked out, I doubt Ohko could handle fighting against two Pokémon like that, even with a type advantage." Tracey agreed while being a little disheartened.

Wes stared hard at the battle. "Hmm… there still might be a chance…"

The two turned to him. Summer was surprised. "Huh?! How can he win this!?"

Wes pointed to the screen. "Did you not notice the look on Lenora's face right now?"

Anto was surpised to see Lenora's confused look.

"Alright, I knew you were mute, so I figured you must have had some kind of sight or signals that you were showing your Pokémon to command them… but even when your Patrat was blinded, he still knew how to dodge that last attack… how in the world did you do that?" Lenora asked curiously.

All Anto could do was give a nervous shrug. The time she took asking allowed Takezo to stand back up and remove his hands, but his eyes were still closed. Mean Look was still in play, so still no switching out until Takezo was knocked out.

"Where is my sword?" Takezo asked.

"I commend your tenacity, but it is over. Well fought young one."

"Oh right, Watchog, Thunderbolt!"

Anto didn't have the heart to call out Takezo to dodge this one. There was just no way he could dodge the next one being so exhausted and blinded.

Unfortunately maybe he should have tried because a direct hit from that Thunderbolt looked painful to watch.

Takezo fell and Anto's heart sank.

But he still wasn't out of this yet.

Never give up until the last Pokémon drops!

Anto threw Ohko out.

"Alright that was cheap! Come on out here, Side Burns, so I can whoop your butt all over this grass!"

"We're on a dirt ground, Ohko."

"Even better! Now it won't be comfortable when I drag you through it!"

Was it too late to surrender? Wait, he was mute, and he still didn't know the hand signals for 'surrender'. … Dang it…

"Now this Pokémon isn't as quick, Watchog, Thunderbolt!"

Unfortunately, she was right as Ohko was shocked by the quick blast of electricity.

Anto's mind raced. He was at an even worse position than before! He should have tried the technique with Takezo afterall. Ugh, Anto was filling up with regret—wait. Maybe it wasn't too late to do it… at least differently…

Back at the spectator's lounge, other museum guests had gathered over the course of the fight and were watching the main screen behind Hawes and the other three.

Most of them were already saying things like, "Oh man, I missed watching a gym fight." or "Man poor kid, he's getting owned." Even "Mommy, I'm bored, I wanna see the dragon skeleton again!"

However, Wes looked at the sudden change in expression at Anto's face. 'Huh, I wonder what you saw Anto…'

"Thunderbolt!" Lenora cried again to which her Pokémon gladly complied.

"Ohko, right there! Jump for it as hard as you can!"

"Huh? … Hunh!?" Ohko said, but did what he was told especially when he saw what he was referring to.

Ohko jumped and avoided a rather powerful Thunderbolt. It looked like Watchog had switched his style of fighting. The Thunderbolts for Takezo were very fast, but didn't have the same power they did right now. Since Watchdog was now aiming for a slower target, he could focus more on the power rather than the accuracy of the move.

Thankfully, this slight difference might have caused them the match.

Ohko landed on the ground with a roll. He stopped on one knee down and having his back face away from Watchdog.

"Keep up the Thunderbolts, Watchog!"

The Pokémon complied and quickly charged up for another Thunderbolt.

Anto's eyes widened. Now or never!

"Now! Throw it hard!"

Ohko stood up fast, rising forward and releasing his hand from beneath his cloak… with Takezo's sword!

"Huh?!" Lenora stared at the small wooden blade at the fighting type's hand.

With a large arching swing, Ohko threw the blade like a baseball, going fast at amazing speeds towards Watchog.

Watchog was still in the middle of a Thunderbolt attack, and launched the attack to somehow prevent it from reaching him. Too bad he forgot that it was wood and electricity did nothing to even lessen the force of the blade from making contact and slamming hard into his chest.

"Hurry! Double Kick!"

Ohko pretty much burst from where he was and began his first kick in a rising motion that launched Watchog into the air. Ohko knelt and jumped high, spinning as he did to gain momentum for his second kick—an Axe Kick right as he was just a little above Watchog.

Fighting type move from fighting type Pokémon plus gravity equals owwie and boom.

Big boom.

The actual museum shook a little when Watchog slammed into the ground, causing all of the museum attendees to glue their eyes on the screen, silencing the naysayers and the doubtful as they saw the Challenger actually stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Wes smiled cockily. "Show off…"

As the dust cloud settled, Lenora smiled wide but was a little sad to her Watchog knocked out.

"Using your previous Pokémon's tool as a throwing weapon to hit Watchog from afar? Hahaha! I have never had a battle like this before where items from a previous Pokémon help the next Pokémon! Very well done in even using that!" Lenora applauded Anto before pulling out her second Pokémon. "But it's not over yet! Stoutland, go!"

"Oh? Ya think ya can last against me laddie? Even though ya couldn't handle a little sneeze?"

"Sneeze, nah bro, you definitely roared. I even remember that stinky breath that came out before I found myself back in the Big Sphere."

"You call the Poké Balls the Big Sphere?" Anto wondered if that was the Pokémon equivalent of the Big House or the Slammer.

"Looks like I got to be the one showin ya some manners laddie!"

"Yea, by the way, what's a laddie?"

Anto once more reminded himself to have a talk with Ohko later on.

"Go, use Ice Fang!" Lenora commanded.

Stoutland's mouth started to turn a light blue color with fog of warm air now being seen coming out of his mouth. He rushed for Ohko with amazing speeds, but Ohko replied to the attack with another Double Kick.

Ohko stepped forward with his left foot, but then spun on that ankle, allowing him to have an easier time motioning his entire body to perform a roundhouse kick to knock Stoutland's head on the left side. Stoutland teetered away from the blow.

The Ice Fang Attack was cancelled after the first kick made impact, but Ohko followed it up with a flying kick right for the body of Stoutland.

Stoutland slid from the impact, but held on tight. After he caught himself, he still stood tall, growling madly at Ohko.

"It's going to take more than that to stop, Stoutland!" Lenora called out before showing a coy smile. "Stoutland, Roar again!"


Stoutland complied and did what he was told. However, despite confusing everyone momentarily, nothing happened.

"That won't work on me a second time pops!"

"Who are ya callin, 'pops'!? I'm Twenty Seven, ya bloke!"

Anto felt confused, but that was something bothering him at the back of his head. He learned something from watching one of the videos of Lenora battling before. But what was it?

"Stoutland, Takedown!"

Once more Stoutland charged, but this time, Ohko jumped over Stoutland and brought his hand out. A deep, purple-ish blue glowed in his hands mid air. "Dual Chop!" Ohko launched a the first punch that smacked Stoutland's head down before he landed. Following up his chain, Ohko ran back into the front of Stoutland and used the second attack as an uppercut on the downed Stoutland.

Ohko jumped back from the attack in case there was any retaliation.

"Dang Side Burn, you're tough." Ohko said shaking his hands slightly.

"And ya hit like a wee school boy… ha! Take it as a compliment, laddie. The others couldn't hit water if they fell of a boat!"

It was then Anto remembered what was bothering him so much about that Roar attack. He remembered Black's fight among one of the videos he's watched. It was Stoutland's trump card.

Lenora seemed to notice the look on Anto's face turn from confusion, to realization. "Oh? Did you figure it out? Well too late! Stoutland, Last Resort! Full Power!"

"Ohko! Watchog broke your Sturdy ability, we can't risk a Reversal, so let's go with your Trump Card! Go, Twin Dragons!"

Ohko smiled as a large bright purple energy enveloped both of his legs. He ran off, preparing to meet Stoutland's greatest attack with his newest one. Ohko and Stoutland jumped towards each other; Stoutland throwing his entire weight towards Ohko, and Ohko getting ready to pretty much drop kick Stotutland mid air.

Both attacks made contact and a large explosion appeared.

The vibrations of the attack shook the gym once more. But this time, everyone in the museum was chanting wild cheers as the battle reached its climax. No longer were they bored from watching what they thought would be a one sided battle.

Two objects fell from the impact and landed hard on the ground. It was both Stoutland and Ohko.

Then only one of them rose from the ground.

"That… was tight… good fight yo."

Anto sighed in relief while Lenora only smiled. "As bulky Stoutland was, Your Sawk had quite some power in him. It was obvious he would win with the way he was handling Stoutland. Still, I had a wonderful battle!"

Anto raised a thumbs-up to Ohko, who simply smiled and returned the thumbs up.

New mental note to Anto: give Ohko an award during the talk.


"That was amazing Anto!" Summer cried in excitement.

"You and Lenora had everyone glued to the screen. It was a very exciting match to watch." Hawes congratulated Anto kindly.

"It was an exciting match for me too. Definitely one of my more memorable matches," Lenora admitted. "But now question time, how did you command your Pokémon like that?"

"Sorry, Lenora, but its Anto's secret," Wes started. "Can't let people figure out his tricks before he enters into the League."

"Darn! But I'll keep an eye out for you! I'm sure this year's league will be interesting if you enter it!" Lenora chuckled jubilantly. "… Now before I forget… this is the Basic Badge. It proves your victory here in my gym, and take this…" Lenora handed out a yellow disc along with the badge.

"Even I felt bad at how your Patrat looked so defeated. So that TM I just gave you was Thunderbolt! Use it to your heart's content, and work on that range problem!"

Anto smiled and bowed to Lenora thanking her as he did.

He looked back into the second badge he received.

Two down, six to go.


He spotted the boy along with the others leave the Gym. Soon they would make their way back to that accursed Pinwheel Forest, away from his watchful eyes.

"Milord? Why do we avoid entering into the forest?"

"The forest is her domain. Nothing a thing passes by the Sacred Sword of the Winds."

"I can rip out her throat!"

"… Underestimating your enemy is fatal and a sign of overconfidence that leads to weakness. And I have no use for a Pokémon with any weakness."

"Forgive me sire, I was merely expressing my loyalty to thou. I would carve out my own eye if thou doth ask."

"Understandable. However, despite your power, A Sword of Justice is more than match with you through experience. There is a reason they are beheld as legends. They are never to be underestimated."

"As thou speak sire… then what shall we do?"

"We will have to take the sea route to avoid her domain and reach all together. We were careless before when those rangers found us, more so when you disobeyed my orders and confronted him."


"Yet we seemed to have gained more than lost despite your disobedience… for that… you are still useful…"

"Thou truly are a merciful being, master!"

"I am honestly surprised at how many things you can actually call me sometimes… The four are now resting. We will take this time to go ahead. We have much more ground to cover than them, so it's best to begin now."

"And… of the other lords and ladies? Should we message them?"

"No, they are preparing for Dimension Enterprise to make their move. No doubt they're sending their top hunters for… you know. … They have also been dealing with increased activity from Interpol, so for now, Sierra and I are the only ones in Unova. That is enough questions, we move now."

The two beings vanished in a blink of an eye.


The Pokémon stared at the scared and burnt area of the forest, dropping her rocks that she spent an entire week collecting at the river bank for their colors and shapes.

"… What the heck happened to my home!?"

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