Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 11: Personal History

He spoke to the man in the Torren Region, a place known in infamy next to Orre. Where Orre was a wasteland where people struggled to survive, Torren was a region where people struggled to live.

The land was plagued by five separate sociopathic cults that killed anyone of their choosing at the drop of their hat. That was until a year ago, a powerful man accompanied by a Hoopa defeated all of the cults and restored peace back into the region. He was called the Augur in that region, a title given to the Strongest of Trainers. However, he has been considered missing for that year.

"Professor Reukra, I thank you once more for the business avenue you have opened with us. As promised, we have sent the data files of Cipher's Shadow Pokémon Project. The ability to create a move that is super effective against all types of Pokémon."

"Thank you. … It appears that you have even given us data on their future XD project with notes from your own scientists… how kind of you."

The leader nodded. "We take our business very seriously."

"That is what I respect about you, Mr. Dimensions, you care only for your practice much like we of The Cult of Perfection. … But that is also why I distrust you."

Mr. Dimensions chuckled. "Same to you Professor Reukra. However, we both pride ourselves in being logical men, and with that in mind, right now our interests are aligned and we benefit from our continued partnership. All I can say is good luck to whoever finds the reason to backstab the other first."

"… That sounds fair. We will be doing business again."

The video ended, leaving Mr. Dimension to glance over at the Great Ball in front of him.

He took the sphere and held it softly in his palm. "… Delta Pokémon hmm? At times I wonder why Arceus gifted us Humans with imagination if we can do this over a measly span of several thousand years. … Like Pokémon, we too evolve…"

He sighed.

"However, what are we all evolving into?"


"Hey! Hey, Anto!"

"Hmm? Oh, ****, what's up? Aren't you going home after practice?"

"I was going to ask you that! Don't you take the bus ride home? Why are you heading back to school this late?"

"I'm going to ***** with *****. I promised to ***** him yesterday."

"… But isn't that his job to *******? Why are you ***** with him?"

"He **** me some wonderful **** whenever I go there. It's really fun, if you have the time you should come with us."

"You really like to ***** huh?"

"… Almost…"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"I almost **** it as much, or maybe even more."

Anto woke up.

Then he noticed as he tilted his head that he had an unfinished blue berry bagel on the desk near his bed.

"OK that's enough of those for a while." He promised himself poorly. After all, the doughnut shaped counterparts were surprisingly good.

Anto got up from his bed.

He better start packing for the trip to Castella City.

However, there was one little thing that he needed to do just before he left.

"Hello. This is Dimension Enterprise. You have been connected to customer service. How may I help you?"

Anto brought out a notebook. "I just have a question. Does your company sell necklaces or pendants?"

The attendant just stared at the screen. "Umm…n-no. We do not sell jewelry. Is… is that all?"

Anto thought about it a bit.

In hindsight, he probably should have had more questions prepared for the attendant. But there was the fact he didn't know what exactly to ask them. It was sort of like that case where one answer appears, but more questions take its place.

If only there was some way to get more than one answer…

Anto scribbled down on the piece of paper. "Do you have any physical building or branch here in Unova?"

The Attendant in the screen typed something into another computer and waited a few seconds as the lists came out. "Hmm, yes we do. One of our branch offices for Unova can be located in Castelia City." She said, finishing reading the results.

Anto made a thank you and waved goodbye to the attendant and ending the call.

"Well, add that to the 'to do list'." A voice called out that seemed to be listening to the mute's conversation.

Anto turned around to see Wes standing by the archway closest to him. Wes stood up and walked over to him casually while taking about current plans. "It figures that Castelia City would have a lot of things going on since it is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in Unova, but I didn't expect so much of our goals to be a part of it." He pointed out.

There really was a lot to do over at Castelia City now that Anto thought about it. Wes needed some new custom gear to fully fix Summer's Capture Styler, there was also the third badge to collect, and now there was Dimension Enterprise to check out. … There was also the fact that Wes did admit that Dimension Enterprises was actually in illegal trading business, but had no physical proof of it.

Considering the public face of D.E. seemed fairly normal, there was a chance that Anto may have come from the darker side of the mysterious corporation. Still, who knew what kinds of horrors awaited behind a multibillion dollar corporation?

If movies and clichés were any hint, there was going to be more than he could count pieces of sand on a beach.

Anto sighed and wrote something down before showing it to Wes.

"Is it too late to go back to Orre with you and become a simple thief?"

Wes smirked at the jab of all his complaints about life being easier as a Snagger. "You know, for a mute kid, you've got a way with words."

Episode 11: Open Mike.

"And finally, after all of that, we finally saved the Oblivia Region!" Summer proudly finished as the four continued their walk down Pinwheel Forest.

"Uh question?" Wes asked. "It's sort of bothered me since you first mentioned it, but how exactly did Guardian Signs work in the past if they only seem to work with your Capture Stylers?"

"I'm sort of curious too." Tracey admitted.

Anto nodded in agreement.

"… It… it just does!"

Wes pointed out something else. "One more thing, you said a Celebi pulled Ben into the past? Effectively making him the ancient hero you heard about in the present? Which in turn, meant he was the one that created the Guardian Signs in the first place… when he only learned all of those in the present… ?"

Summer seemed flustered as she tried to gather her thoughts. "I'm pretty sure he didn't create them per say. … D-don't think about it too hard!"

"Too late, I'm pondering the exact existence of said Signs in the first place," Wes teased sarcastically. "Seriously, it's almost as baffling as how Anto here somehow defied Pokémon physics and created Fusion Moves! Next thing you'll be telling me is that there is a way to evolve Pokémon into powers that rival legendaries, but can only do so during battle!"

The poor souls all laughed ignorantly.

Tracey took a very inquisitive look though as a curious thought crossed his head. "Summer, why did you want to become a Pokémon Ranger?"


"Well, sorry for asking, it's just that out of everything you could have done. Why be a Pokémon Ranger?"

Summer blinked at the mention of her past. She seemed to think about it for a second before explaining it. "Well, to be honest, it's a lot more normal than you think. I grew up in Almia, one of the few Regions that don't have a Pokémon League. Almia, as you know is one of the main Ranger associated Regions besides Fiore, so there were more Rangers there than trainers." Summer regaled a bit while adding some back information. She glanced around the boys to see all of them listening carefully, except Wes who seemed interested at some random tree in the distance, but otherwise seemed to respect listening to her.

"Being surrounded by Rangers made me want to be like them. They were so cool when they would protect Pokémon, uphold the law, and how they beat the bad guys! I was there when Tim Dim Sun almost destroyed Almia, but the Rangers defied all odds and defeated them, restoring peace to the land! Ever since then, I strived to become more and more like them."

"So you became a ranger because it looked cool?" Wes asked plainly, to which Summer huffed.

"It wasn't because of that! Being a ranger means responsibility of helping Pokémon and Humans co exist and promoting goodwill while defending peace!" Summer explained.

Wes rolled his eyes, unimpressed with all of the talk on justice and peace and what not. It made him rather annoyed listening to Summer's little commercial talk.

Summer turned back to Tracey. "What about you Tracey? Why did you want to be a Pokémon Watcher?"

"Well my mother was an artist and my father was a breeder. Back then my mother taught me how to draw by showing me how to draw Pokémon. While my father would have me help in learning the habits of certain Pokémon in our small village." He chuckled at the memory. "Back then my drawings were as bad as Ant—I mean they were really bad when I first started out." Tracey chuckled nervously as he saw the mute leer at him.

'Smooth.' Wes and Summer thought in their heads.

"But over time, I got better and I wanted to draw more Pokémon… then I found out about Pokémon Watchers and well… left off from there." Tracey duly finished.

Tracey looked over but soon stayed silent. He wanted to keep the conversation going but then he realized which options were left: one without a past and one who wishes he forgot his past. Asking either of them to continue the topic would be awkward for everyone.

"Hey!" Summer stared off much to Tracey's relief. "Since the bridge is under construction, don't we have to take a hike through Pinwheel Forrest to enter Skyarrow Bridge?"

"I think it sucks how the construction workers have to occupy the other bridge in order to fix the other one. Couldn't they have found a better way of fixing it? Or make another makeshift bridge at least?" Wes complained since he was quite annoyed about their situation.

"It's not like we haven't been here before! I'm sure we already reached the worse of it when we stumbled on to that Hydreigon!" Summer exclaimed optimistically.

"… Did you just jinx us?" Wes noted with slight irritation.

Summer dismissed him. "Pssh, you need to learn how to relax Wes. I'm sure we can handle—"

A Venipede fell from the sky and landed unconscious in front of the four.

"… Wes, not one word." She didn't need to look at Wes to feel his smug gaze aimed at her.

"How about four?" Wes thought about saying the infamous words of 'I told you so.'

This time a Pidove and a Patrat fell in front of them. Then they saw a large beam shot out from up ahead of them, followed by several screeches.

Tracey removed his bag pack and kneeled to one of the Pokémon. "I'll take care of these Pokémon. You three check what's going on over there!"

The other three nodded before making their way. Summer headed in first, coming out in what looked to be a clearing filled with two different groups of Pokémon facing against each other.

"What's going on here?" Summer asked.

Wes and Anto sent out their Pokémon before Wes turned to the mute.

"Hey, why don't you ask them what's going on?"

Anto stared at both sides. He looked at the collective group of Pokémon and concentrated on some of the screaming Pokémon. His eyes widened and he wrote down something in his notebook.

"The group on our right was trying to find a new home. Apparently that Hydreigon destroyed a populated living area for Pokémon in this forest and both sides are getting into a territorial problem!"

"Wait, you mean this is our fault!?" Wes screamed out in surprise.

Summer twitched. This was their fault?

"Dee?" Wes' Deino tilted his head.

At the small dragon's meep, all wild Pokémon turned their gaze towards the young dragon.

"Oh, Celebi." The three humans and their Pokémon took a step back.

Ohko looked surprisingly pumped. "This looks like One V.S. Ahh! I'll take you on!"

"The term is 'All'. And No. Please do not provoke the approximately fifty Pokémon in front of us." Takezo warned slightly while readying his blades.

"But in case he does decided to go Jinkins on us that doesn't mean we have to help him right?" Wes' Umbreon asked questioningly though he didn't really seem to need to be so cautious about the question since Ohko seemed oblivious to the implications.

Espeon stared down the Pokémon glancing his way. "Unfortunately I don't think they will have the mind to ignore us if just one of us attacks."

"Bark!" Deino yelped.

"Tell me again why we have so much trouble trying to teach the kid that he isn't a Lillipup?" Ohko quickly mentioned.

"That! There!" A Scolipede angrily yelled from the group on the right. "A spawn of that accursed Pokémon that destroyed our homes!"

The two groups of Pokémon seemed to move closer to the heroes. With the others all ready to defend the youngest member.

"Nerd, I don't know how, but I blame you for this."

"Shut it, Wes! Anto, can't you explain to them we main no harm?"

Anto glanced at everyone in his group that stared back at him. What the heck? Since when was he their trump card?

Anto was shoved by Wes towards the group of Pokémon. He begrudgingly leered at the blue clad teen before fixing himself and trying to… aim… his ability to all of them. "Er… Hello! Can I have your attention please?"

"NO!" They all yelled at him, causing the mute to flinch back towards his friends.

"Well that was rude." Wes' Espeon noted.

Anto felt some rising anger within him, if anyone paid better attention, they would have noticed a small gleam of purple along the edges of Anto's eyes. "Alright, listen up you mindless masses of unthinking idiots!"

"What?!" Some of the Pokémon cried out in response while others blinked in surprise.

"Maybe if you would all STOP SHOUTING FOR ONE BLASTED MINUTE! … We could actually work things out." Anto shouted out within their minds, forcing the groups of wild Pokémon to back off.

"Yo Boss that kind of hurt." Ohko used his pinky to clean his ear.

"Sorry about that." Anto quickly glanced over to his group's Pokémon. He turned back to the crowd of Pokémon. "Alright, look. What's going on here?"

A wild Stoutland from the left side walked up. He explained that the Scolipede's group was from the side of the forest where the Hydreigon rampaged. Lacking food and shelter they moved over here. Now his group was the one that lived here originally and sharing their resources would hamper them. And there was also the fact that they wanted to attack the small little Deino that was now a part of their group.

It was a tricky situation, but a problem where the supply did not meet the demands. Anto looked over to several grass Pokémon and remembered something.

"Um hey? There are fifty of you right? Can't you guys find a grass type or anyone that knows or can learn Grassy Terrain?"

All Pokémon's rage instantly died down and was replaced with some looks of sheer shock and sheepishness.

"Well that's kind of anti climatic. Can't really complain though." Umbreon relaxed as the words hung in the air.

Summer and Wes breath s sigh of relief when they noticed the sudden shift in the mood.

"There's a Snivy in our group who can use it…" The Stoutland started weakly. "We will accompany your group in re-healing the burnt land."

The Scolipede agreed before the Pokémon slowly started to disperse in different groups.

With the danger now gone, Wes casually came up to Anto and patted his shoulder. "Well, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting that to actually work." The Snagger half expected him to be mauled which would probably buy everyone time to run away. … While the thought did cross his mind, he wasn't actually going to act on it if it did happen.

"Good Job Anto, what did you say to them?" Summer asked before Anto explained to them via hand signs. "Oh! That sounds creative! Using a Pokémon with Grassy Terrain to fix their home!" Summer exclaimed.

Deino walked a little beyond the humans, right up to Takezo whose blade was still drawn. "You alright Mr. Big Eyes?"

Takezo turned to the dragon. "Um, please call me Takezo. And as for what I'm feeling…" Takezo stepped forward, staring down what looked to be a random part of the forest. "It is quite rude to stare! Reveal your presence to us!"

Then everything happened in a blur.

A forceful and almost arcane gale of winds stormed the group. Takezo dashed in front of everyone, held his blade, and quickly empowered it with Umbra Shred, the combined move of Cut and Assurance.

Everyone but Takezo was distracted as they shielded their face from the gales. However, Deino felt the samurai beside him swing his blade in fast motions and heard small pangs as he made each swing.

The winds died down as mysteriously as they started.

"What the heck—WHAT THE HECK?" Wes cried out as he looked at the area around them. Surrounding them were pieces of sliced land. Gashes and other tears surrounded the group except for the area they were in. Following the cone or triangle shape of the area that was untouched, they traced the slashes around them until they saw the point of separation was in front of Takezo with the land directly in front of him with a mini trench right beneath him.

Takezo panted heavily and deactivated the darkness enchanted blade, but no sooner than he did, his wooden sword fell into many smaller pieces into the trench in front of him.

Takezo wheezed heavily. "… Is… there a particular reason for this? … Sword of Justice?"

Everyone looked beyond to where Takezo was staring, and they were all amazed. A powerful, green, four-legged Pokémon with red accents stood some distance away from Takezo.

Summer gasped as she saw the Pokémon. "No way! That Pokémon!"

"Not a native, what is that Pokémon?" Wes cried out as he and his other Pokémon got ready.

"That Pokémon is Virizion! She's supposed to be part of the Unova Legendaries as a part of the Swords of Justice! They say they appear to save Pokémon… but. … Well… records show… they kind of hate humans… a lot. They blame us for starting wars and hurting other Pokémon." Summer explained uneasily.

Wes fought the urge to roll his eyes. "I never liked Justice anyway. Too overrated."

Just then Tracey came in carrying some of the injured and unconscious Pokémon with him. "Guys! What was that large gust of wind!?" Then he looked over to Virizion and in his surprise accidentally dropped the Pidove like a rag doll.

"…" The other three then face palmed.

"Apologizes," A female's voice appeared in everyone's head, cuasing them to flinch towards the Sword of Justice. "But I had to admit I was quite curious when you had sensed my presence, especially from your kind," She pointed the compliment towards the gasping Takezo. "I also apologize for attacking, but as the human female stated, I am not quite fond of Humans… yet to my surprise you reflected what was meant to be a distraction attack to scare them off."

"S-scare us off?" Tracey cried out as he gently placed the Pokémon he was carrying down.

Takezo slowly stood back up, Ohko, Umbreon, and Espeon slowly forming behind him to protect their trainers and friends. "…Is that not shameful to attack one who is not prepared? Where is the justice in that?" Takezo questioned almost passive aggressively.

"The attack was not meant for you. It was meant as lesson for the humans."

"What do you mean you attacked us!?" Wes screamed out angrily, throwing his free arm out. "What the heck did we do to you!?"

Virizion glared at Wes, but the Snagger stared back equally. She slowly strode her way towards him "Is it not your fault that this problem arose in the first place? I recall over a week ago that boy with a machine strapped on his arm and the girl fashioning a similar device came into the Hydreigon's Cave, causing the mother to lash out at the later loss of her child."

"That was an accident!" Summer cried out. "We didn't mean for that to happen!"

"That did not stop the Scolipede's group from suffering over the loss of their home and scavenging for food for several days." Virizion pointed out coldly. "Nor did it stop them from confronting the other clans of Pokémon that live in this forest."

Takezo had enough. He stood up and pointed at Virision accusingly. "And what did you do then to keep the peace!? The humans here may have caused this, but they were also the ones who settled this without a need for violence! What did you do? Sulk and stalk them as you aimed your failed frustrations at innocent beings?"

Virizion's eyes narrowed to Takezo. "I see your tongue is as sharp as your sword and skill, warrior. However, you are pointing it the wrong way."

"I wield my sword in honor for my master. I care not whom I point it against, be it evil or just. I chose to wield my blade for the sake I share my friendship with." Takezo proudly declared. But Anto noticed that he referred to someone as his 'master'.

Wes walked up to Virizion, staring hard into her eyes. "I may not understand what the sword user is saying, but I do know he seems to have a point, seeing you flinch to his words. If I had to guess, it was probably about us fixing the problem you couldn't figure out how to solve. Some Sword of Justice, getting jealous of a bunch of humans doing its job."

Virizion's gaze suddenly made the winds around all of them blow in deadly ambiance. "Your words mean nothing to me, Thief. I see it in your very eyes: the people you've hurt, the lies you've spoken, and the crimes you've committed. It is humans like you that the Swords of Justice wish we could bring justice upon."

The Snagger's mind flashed with pieces of his past; a past he spent so much in trying to forget. Wes gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and snarled. "JUSTICE!? WHERE THE HELL WAS YOUR SO CALLED JUSTICE WHEN MY FATHER DIED OUT IN THAT DESSERT!? WHERE WAS JUSTICE WHEN I WAS SO WEAK… too weak to move… that I had to sell my… my father's favorite bronze, Clock Master Stopwatch just to eat someone's leftover scarps to not starve to death?" At the last part, it sounded more like he was questioning himself than the powerful legendary in front of him.

"…It is none of my concerns in what humans do to one another."

"That's just pure bigotry and racism," Wes spat darkly. "If you hypocrites just learned to why we humans even do the things, instead of judging others with your own swords so far stuck into your rears, then you will find out why people are greedy, why they are hateful, spiteful! … Because they were alone; they were hated; they were abandoned; they were not loved. … Team Snagem was more than a criminal organization. Gonzap collected us all from the dirt of the road, gave us a place we could sleep under the cold freezing nights, a mug or glass to drink the coolest of liquids on the hottest of blazing heat, and a mess hall where all the fun idiots gathered around and drank beer all day and night long, forgetting the troubles that befell all of them before they started sipping that alcohol, and laughing as if they finally found their 'Beer Buddy for Life!'. The world had wronged us, so we wronged them. That was justice to us! … Until those idiots came…"

Everyone was silent as they listened to Wes. He sounded so angry at the start, so mad. But they had no idea why—they had no clue what he even went through until that moment. Tracey was horrified at what he heard. His own father died… and he had to sell whatever memento he had of him to live?

Anto felt rather a great empathy with Wes. He couldn't explain it, but he wanted to say—to truly tell him that he knew what it was like to hate one's self so much. He didn't care why he had this feeling, but he wanted to express it.

And Summer's heart was pulled. She quickly thought about this morning when she talked so freely about her past to Wes and the others. She felt a secret shame of being so proud and remembering every vivid moment of her life, yet Wes did so much to forget and repress his horrible past. Was that why he struggled to open up to her? He didn't want to be a Snagger but he still did it for revenge on people who wronged him? How could you openly say that you didn't want to be a Snagger because you were forced, but because you actually enjoyed bringing others pain?

Wes sighed and rubbed the back of his head. "Drat… now look at what you made me do." He scoffed softly.

Virizion closed her eyes… then stepped back. "The sorrow in your eyes… never have I felt such despair and pain. … If what you say is even half of the truth, then perhaps we were wrong after all. I still believe that all humans are evil… but I will at least acknowledge there will always be a reason why your species does what it does." She reclined her head and in one swift motion, brought it down. This caused another storm of winds to come. Everyone shielded their eyes, and as soon as it ended, they saw that Virizion had left to probably ponder about her views on humans.

A few seconds passed until all eyes slowly gravitated towards Wes. He had just spilled some rather juicy beans about his past that he originally wasn't planning to share.

He was surprised when it was his Espeon that spoke out first. "Wes?"

Everyone stared at the lavender Pokémon in shock. Wes; however, was mildly surprised and asked, "Did you just talk?"

The Espeon glanced around. "I… I was just paying attention to how that Pokémon used Telepathy despite not being a psychic type. After hearing and watching her use it a few times, I think I got how she worked it… you sound clearer now."

A small smile appeared on Wes' face. "Same to you. So this is what you actually sound like huh? I knew you were a guy, but I always imagined you to be more feminine for some reason."

"Not my fault I look girly now. I blame genetics." Espeon rolled his eyes before turning back to his trainer. "But Wes… your my—no our partner. For my dumb brother here and now that other little dragon who we try to convince is not a Lillipup. You cared for us and treated us well. I don't care if she's the ruler of the world; I would gladly stand with you against the world."

Wes's smiled grew. "Thanks that means a lot. I really do mean it."

"Um Wes?" The Snagger turned back to see the Ranger struggling with her words before breathing in deeply."I'm sorry for what happened to you. I really am. And now I also see why you want to start a new leaf… but I still think you're a jerk that needs to work on his social skills."

"Heh," Wes half sighed. "Don't tell me you're going to spend you days trying to make me fit back into society as 'a well mannered civilian'…" Then he full on groaned when he saw a look of victory in her eyes.

Tracey spoke out. "I'm sorry too. I had no idea that you went through that…"

Wes shrugged. "Hey, you're a watcher not a psychic. Even then things like these can't all be known." Wes turned to Anto, but then remembered an important fact. "Oh wait. Oops, wow you are hard to remember that you're mute."

Anto took a glance at Espeon before looking back at Wes. "Oh come on!? How hard is it to remember someone you travel with is mute!?"

The other three human just stared. Now it was Anto's voice—if it even was his voice—that spoke in their heads.

"OK, maybe that Virizion did hit me in the head or something…" Wes muttered as he placed a hand on his head to feel for any injuries.

"Wes, I just asked Espeon to use telepathy on me. It's finally cool to speak to you guys—well not orally or by signs, but this feels easier than all the others." Anto commented. "Unfortunately I think I can only do this when Espeon is out."

"Wow…" Wes started thoughtfully before turning to Espeon. "Good job Espeon, way to make things even weirder."

"Oh please, Wes. Things were boring enough until this." The psychic's tone was heard to be sarcastic in their minds.

Anto thought out. "Oh and since you can now talk to other Pokémon, I'm shoving you to be peace keeper next time we face a mob of angry, blood lusting Pokémon!"Anto finished with a evil smirk.

Wes found himself smiling wider. It was odd really; he never really felt this type of acceptance in a long time. These people, despite being so different from him, really seemed to actually care about him. Sure, he wasn't the best at expressing anything but sarcasm most of the time, but it was interesting to find people that were quick enough to laugh at your mistakes first before helping you up then holding it against you… like he would do. It felt weird… being himself… and not putting up much of a front as he used to… it almost felt relieving.

"Racist Legendaries, ugly cultists, strange violent Pokémon, Telepathic mutes, and incompetent rangers… holy heck life was simpler in Orre." Wes exclaimed while ignoring the call out of dissatisfaction from Anto and Summer.

"Perhaps, but does not hide the sense that you enjoy this over your previous home." Everyone looked over to Takezo slowly smiling.

The Snagger clicked his tongue. "Wow, the first thing I hear from your Patrat and it's already leagues smarter than you three combined." Wes noted that to his three human companions. In response, said human companions glared back at Wes for the lighthearted insult.

"I'm still in the mood to punch something, yo. Think we can call that green dude back to fight him?" Ohko pointed out towards the ruined field in front of them.

"Please do not. And once more, 'he' is a she." Takezo corrected his teammate.

Wes rolled his eyes and turned to Deino and Umbreon. He was surprised they weren't talking telepathically.

"Oh," Espeon started out. "My brother and Deino are dark types. I have no idea to connect them because my powers don't work on their typing."

"Well this is something at least. You could translate for him then."

"I barely listen to half the things my brother says, why would I start translating for him?" Espeon said before earning look from his dark type brother.

Everyone else chuckled lightly at that.

Then something else came out of the bushes. Everyone tensed toward the sound, but relaxed and became confused at what they saw next.

"W-where is she?! Am I late!? … What the heck happened here!?" Her voice was heard by the humans. Epson must have accidentally linked her to the conversation.

A shiny Petilil came tumbled and rolled out and surveyed the area, seemingly ignoring the large group in front of her.

"Noooo! I missed her! I thought I had finally found Ms. Virizion!" The small Pokémon started rolling in anguish.

Everyone looked at each other then Takezo stepped out to greet the odd Pokémon. "Miss?"

The Petilil stopped rolling around and brought herself back up to meet with Takezo. "You! Did you see her!?"

"If her you mean that racist hypocrite, then yeah…" Wes spoke out bitterly while folding his arms.

However, rather than seem discouraged, the strange Petilil actually seemed excited. "You guys did meet her!? I'm ssooooo envious!"

The others all raised their brow at the reaction.

"Um miss? You do realize we had a rather bitter encounter with her?"Takezo pointed out calmly.

"Huh?" She seemed to snap out of her excitement and take a good look at the group then her gaze fell on the humans and she nodded. "Oh, she bashed your humans didn't she?"

Takezo nodded. "That is one way to simplify it, yes."

"Hmm…" The shiny Pokémon's gazed met with Anto's, who the boy wondered why she was staring at him. "OK! I've decided! You! You're a trainer aren't you!?"

"Err… yes?"

"Take me with you!"

"Why!?" Anto cried out in surprise.

"Humans who cross paths with at least one of the Swords of Justice, have a higher chance of meeting them again! And I need to meet with Lady Virizion!" She exclaimed.

"You're willing to travel with me so easily? What do you need to meet her for?"

Petilil jumped impatiently. "I just want to thank her personally! Besides, the fact that all you humans seem unscathed meeting Lady Virizion means that you're either strong enough to face her or she acknowledges you! Either way will help me!"

"So you are basically asking us for help in order for your own personal gain?" Takezo asked.

Petilil stared at Takezo. "Oh. Is that how I sound like?"

Anto rubbed his head. "Well yeah, but then again, I have no real reason to refuse. So you want to come along with us?"

Wes looked at him weirdly. "You want to bring a fangirl of that thing to come along with us?"

"She's Shiny. If she gets too much on our nerves, we could sell her to the highest bidder." He thought out half sarcastically.

"Ahh, I like the way you think." Wes was impressed.

"I don't!" Summer yelled out with Tracey looking slightly horrified. "That sounds horrible, Anto!"

"I was kidding, I was kidding!" Anto waved his hands out nervously.

"Huh I guess we're both selfish then," Petilil giggled. "If you even did try that, I will get back at you."

"I guess that's fair." Anto admitted. "Well… no one else seems to disagree. Welcome aboard. I think you'll be named… Lily."

Lily blinked. "Simple yet sweet… I can work with that. Lily it is." She then walked up to Tracey and the unconscious Pokémon. "Gimme a sec…" She then unleashed a sweet Aromatherapy attack on the three fainted Pokémon, waking them up and making them go away.

Anto was surprised that she seemed healing oriented. That had possibilities if she allowed him to make her battle.


"UGH! Finally! We've made it to Unova!" He turned to his other two as they made their way out of the air port. "So what next?"

"We split up," The female of the trio explained formally, continuing their walk and ignoring all else. "Warden, cross Skyarrow Bridge. Magus, you take the North Western area of Unova, while I will make preparations for the North Eastern side of Unova. The OmniGauntlets, our special all-purpose gear given to us personally by Mr. Dimensions, should be able to detect the seed within a fifty mile radius. Look for populated areas; some of our profilers suggest Subject Five will be looking for his memories."

The last man happily took a flyer from a nearby person giving them out and smiled as he returned to catch up with them. "Right then brudahs and sistahs. While ya be doin' that. I'mma go and check out the Music Festival in Nimbasa City. They be havin everything man!" He showed them a flier about a grand event taking place soon in Nimbasa City.

"Hmm… I would have said to keep to the mission… but if this event attracts Subject Five… Warden, continue your route, I will accompany Magus and prepare a trap."

"Inquisitor, if not for the fact that I know you never take anything seriously, I would have called you out on Tarous crap for sending only me to do work while you two enjoyed yourselves."

"Hey man, I be taking work seriously too." Magus defended.

"Regardless, take what you will to set up at our Unova base here in Castelia City then proceeded to your route. And remember, not only are we racing to find him before Interpol does, but we are also racing to find Subject Five… from the other four subjects…"

It turned deathly silent between the three of them.

They strode powerfully out the airport, the sun shining as they walked out into the light and into the hunt.

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