Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 12: Bridge Brawl

Episode 12: The Set Dominoes

"Wow! Look at that vast sea!" Summer cooed as she took in the astonishing sight of the Skyarrow Bridge.

The endless sea was beautiful as distant Pokémon poked out of the ocean's surface. The clouds were so far off, but their shadows could reach even the group's area from so far away. The wind softly moved the fresh air around the group, making their lungs inhale as much of the sea air as possible.

"Thanks, Captain Obvious." Wes remarked slyly while carrying Deino by hand.

Summer turned to the Snagger. "Wes, would it kill you to not be so sarcastic?"


Espeon saw Takezo walk up to him. "Just mate already."

The two humans stared incredulously at the samurai.

"Oh, don't you DARE start that again!" Anto called out. "Seriously what is it with you and that?"

"Bad habit. It stopped before since I haven't been with a human in a while. There is also the fact I don't know much about humans to begin with."

"You." Wes stared at Takezo. "I'm starting to regret having Espeon give us the ability to talk to you."

"Everything has its consequences," Takezo shrugged. "Regardless, I have never seen the sea before. It is quite outstanding to see it for the first time."

"I'm watching you…" Wes warned the samurai who simply shrugged again.

"Anto!" Summer yelled with a flushed face. "Tell Takezo not to say such things! It's indecent! … Wait has he been saying that this whole time!? About us!?" Summer's face became even redder at the thought of Takezo planting ideas like that towards the other Pokémon.

"Err yeah, but I don't know what mating means yo." Ohko pointed out easily.

"It is the first time I've heard of it." Tracey's Scyther voiced out. "You young ones these days…"

"My bro and I kind of thought it was funny." Wes Espeon admitted.

Wes stared at his psychic starter. "You two are supposed to be on my side."

"Who says we can't have more come to your side?" Espeon drawled smugly.

"No! I am not hearing anymore of this conversation!" Summer yelled hysterically with an obvious red face. "We are just friends, and as soon as everything is over, I am locking him in jail and throwing away the key!" She finished as she stormed into the building before the large winding stairs. Leaving a very unamused Wes to look back at Tracey and Anto.

"So…" Tracey stared out. "What do you think of Summer?"

Both Anto and Wes stared at the headband wearing boy.

"Dude, too soon." Anto mentally projected.

"… I am still weirded out by your telepathy…" Tracey responded to Anto who simply shrugged.

Wes sighed in exasperation. "And I thought talking to Pokémon would be a big deal. I miss the days where I thought they just said their names over and over." He trailed lethargically after the Ranger.

"With all these complaints, you sound like an old man." Anto commented.

Wes opened his mouth, but realized he had nothing to say. In defeat, he sighed and walked after Summer.

As soon as the four (and most of their Pokémon) came out into the bridge their moods returned to normal. The sea had looked even more beautiful than they had reached the entrance point as they threaded on the great bridge.

"Hey look! A voyager!" Anto said as he pointed to the East. True enough a large ferry boat was on its way to move under it.

Tracey placed his hand over his eyes to shield some lighting. "Yeah! It looks to be heading its way towards Castelia City as well!"

Takezo jumped on the rails and looked over to the boat. His sharper eyes were drawn to an odd name, but since he was a Pokémon, he didn't understand it. Had he understood it though, it would have said…

S.S. Sinnoh Voyager.

"It's all quite amazing how there are three bridges like this over in Unova…" Tracey readied his sketch book in case he saw a new potential drawing.

Summer pointed ahead. "Hey look!"

To everyone's surprise there was this circus clown performing by juggling a bunch of colorful balls while balancing on an even bigger ball. Beside him was a levitating Medicham wearing a turban with a fancy gem on its center.

However, when Anto saw him, he immediately had this horrible feeling in his gut. He wondered why; he didn't even seem to have any memories coming out of this odd feeling, but something was telling him to run. Against his better judgment, he ignored them as the others made their way to the performer.

"Hail and well met travelers!" The clown excited called out to them while continuing his gimmick. "My name is Wardeno, the wandering clown!" He stretched out his funny bell shoes and pointed to his Medicham. "And this is the Amazing Budi! A powerful psychic of epic proportions!" Then he briefly pointed to a small empty basket with some loose change in it signifying he was doing this for money.

"I see a long and healthy life in you, young Bobby."

Lily blinked as the fighting Pokémon pointed at her without opening his eyes. "You do know my species have no males right?"

"Technically, she also the only female Pokémon among us, literally choosing anyone but her would have been at least partially correct in that assumption." Takezo described out plainly.

The Medicham remained in his meditative state. "… I see a long and healthy life in you, young Billy."

"You know, I think you were supposed to move your finger. Not change the name... or at least use a girl's name." Lily deadpanned.

Wes noted something odd beside the clown. "Hey, what happened there?" He pointed over to a rather damaged area in the bridge.

"Oh ho ho!" The clown smiled. "Pokémon battles sometimes break out here. That one is from a recent boy and the janitor of this bridge. The janitor just left to borrow some Pokémon to fix the damage." Wardeno jubilantly exclaimed.

Takezo stared almost hypnotically at damaged area of the bridge. To him, something seemed rather off with the battlefield ahead of them. It almost looked… vicious… almost like when he was in that dog fight against Team Snagem and the Police.

Takezo glanced over to the Medicham and focused closer onto his hands. His fist seemed fresh… new… as if it was recently healed… and there was a scent of medicinal potion around him.

Medicham opened his eyes and smiled at Takezo.

"So? How about it? Spare some alms for a poor clown like me~?" The clown playfully did a hand stand on his large rubber ball.

"Well I'm impressed!" Summer said before trying to fish for some spare change.

Takezo noticed and felt a blip of bloodlust and quickly reached for his newest blade.

Suddenly, clown flipped once more, but as he somersaulted back upright, he kicked the large ball towards Summer, which smashed into her then into Wes. The two slammed into the fence, and Wes struggled to prevent them both from falling off.

"Summer!? Wes?!" Tracey cried out.

Anto turned back—only to see the clown's twisted smile inches from his face. Then a sharp pain before his vision faded into darkness.

"Anto!" Takezo raced to attack the man who held Anto's unconscious body. However, a sudden shift forced Takezo into using Detect and stopping just before a Fake Out attack slapped him. Budi the Medicham back flipped back to Wardeno.

"I gotta admit; I was kind of worried about your group parading with many Pokémon around you. But of course that also worked against you." Wardeno smiled darkly behind his clown makeup.

Tracey turned shocked at the man. "What's going on!?"

Espeon and Umbreon were able to rebalance both Summer and Wes. Wes's mind raced as he pieced bits of clues together to come up with an interesting hypothesis. "You! You're from Dimension Enterprise aren't you!?"

The clown's smile dropped. "… What the heck are you talking about?"

"Don't even try to play dumb with me!" Wes declared. "Only Dimension Enterprises has a blasted clue to Anto's past!"

"Tch! I was just going to leave, but if you three know that…" The clown tore of his right sleeve to show a rather buff right arm with some odd looking techno gauntlet. "Budi! Execute Illuminati Protocol."

The Medicham slid into a fighting stance much like a martial tiger stance. "I see a long and peaceful afterlife in you… fools…"

"You can count right? It's seven against one!" Umbreon called out.

"Protocol: Key waves initiated," An animatronic voice from Wardeno's gauntlet called out, "Awaiting, voice input…"

"Medichamite!" Wardeno called out before raising his fist up that had the gauntlet.


Suddenly a bright orb of colored light surrounded Budi. The gang was surprised and shielded their eyes as the lights grew brighter.

The moment the light died down, everyone was surprised to see the Medicham changed forms!

He know looked more like some kind of enlightened monk with four flowing psychic streams of cloth giving him the look of an enlightened one. His legs looked to be decorated with jeweled, beaded necklaces. The psychic's turban had four flowing stubs and had one stub pointing upward from his usual appearance.

Ohko didn't see the Pokémon coming as he closed the distance between them in seconds then punched him hard into the stomach, forcing the Pokémon to stagger back in pain.

"Ohko!?" Takezo cried in surprise as he tried to quickly slash at the back of the fighting type only for one of the four cloths to stop and trap his sword mid air. "What?!" Takezo then noticed a hue of psychic energy along the cloth before one other strip turned into a shape of a fist and punched Takezo away.

Lily jumped and launched an Energy Ball while Umbreon launched Secret Power along with Espeon's Psybeam.

Budi telekinetic energy gathered in one of Budi's main arms before he slashed the air and sent a fast Psycho Cut to overpower all three attacks!

"What the heck? How did you do that!?" Wes cried out as he and Summer looked to see all of their Pokémon struggling against one Pokémon. This situation was eerily familiar to him. The strange looking Medicham looked much like that odd winged Absol that seemed way stronger than its usual form.

"Sorry kiddo, I ain't tellin." Wardeno mocked.

Wes turned his gaze at Anto's unconscious slung body before glancing at Espeon. "Espeon, tell everyone to handle that Pokémon!"

The lavender Pokémon's gem shined and all of the team's Pokémon seemed to spring back to life. Tracey then sent out his Sycther, Marill and Venonat to join them.

"Ha! Even a nine on one you stand no chance against a mega evolution!"

"Mega evolution?" Summer repeated curiously.

"Your fate is sealed. Accept the embrace of death." Budi claimed as he lifted his hands from prayer and opened them up to his opponents.

Ohko got back up. "Yo! Ya don't just sucker punch me without using Sucker Punch!"

Takezo slid beside him, blade drawn and pointed. "We need to get Anto! Obstruct our path, and face the consequences!"

Espeon shouted to all of his allies. "Ohko, Takezo, Scyther! You three are our front liners! Umbreon, Lily, and I are going to be back line and long range support! The last three aim for the trainer! Get Anto back! Both Groups separate them! GO!"

Takezo, Scyther, and Ohko charged fiercely at Budi. The supposed Mega launched all four of his psychic cloaks at the close combatants to counteract their rush. Scyther and Takezo burst ahead, flinching two of the fist shaped cloaks with powerful slashes; Takezo wiping two of them with Umbra Slash and Scyther smacking the other two with a mighty X-scissor.

Ohko, taking advantage of the opening, rushed beyond the two and right for Budi with a jump and fist reclined back. Budi quickly placed both his foot down and slid one back in order to form a fighting stance. Then he also unleashed his fist to meet with Ohko's and a shockwave exploded on impact.

However, almost two seconds after the shockwave and before it even gave everyone else a chance to recover from it, Budi was able to see Deino, Marill, and Venonat quickly run pass him along with Wes and Summer.

Budi looked back to his partner, but that distraction allowed Ohko to push through by twisting his fist and uppercut-ing the hand up, staggering the psychic fighter for a second. Ohko quickly spun and did a Dual Chop. The first hit being a reverse Roundhouse kick to the face that was filled with dragonic energy. The second attack was delayed as Ohko allowed Budi to stagger from the first hit and turn his back at him then did a flying jump kick as the second attack, launching the Pokémon a good distance before the evolved Pokémon regained it's composure mid air and landed on one foot as it slid to lessen the impact.

His for cloaks glowed once more before going on the offensive.

The evil clown frowned as he stared at the five people coming his way. He quickly readied his gauntlet and typed something in it.

"Deino, Dragon Pulse!" Wes cried out as the small dragon launched the attack towards the clown.

The gauntlet suddenly lit up and the clown pointed his hand out. "Activating Protect Move."

A green dome off protective energy was summoned and nullified the attack.

Wes clicked his tongue. "Figures! So there was a reason you were still so confident: that gauntlet can actually perform Pokémon moves."

Wardeno simply responded by pointing his gauntlet towards the other group not currently fighting his partner. A beep was heard before the electronic voice played again.


The group then ducked to avoid the large blast of electrical energy.

"Mana?" A small blue Pokémon cried out as she looked above her.

"Wow!" A brunette boy with a red scarf and cap cried out as he viewed the many blasts coming over his bridge. "It looks like one fierce Pokémon battle is going up there."

A blonde haired boy with a green scarf walked up to his friend. "Huh. That's a weird Thunderbolt attack."

The brunette turned to his blonde friend. "How so?"

"It looks… too clean? I mean not all Pokémon perform electric attacks the same way; there's always some wild unpredictable variant to it, but that one… it looked way to orderly, almost mechanical." He explained.

"Oh…" He looked back up where even more blasts came out. "Still, it kinda looks intense for a battle."

As the two and their Pokémon looked at the view with piqued curiosity, inside the cargo area of the ship a group of people were also watching the fight unfold from little sight they could see.

"There's the Skyarrow Bridge. We should be arriving in Castella City soon. Everyone knows what our mission is?"

"We just hit Castella City's Dimension enterprise branch hard!"

"Don't get cocky. They should have some good cargo right about now, so we have to secure those as well."

Budi leaped toward the large pillars supporting the arc of the upper curves of the bridge. Using his cloaks and psychic ability, Budi was able to climb easily to the top.

Takezo shadowed after him hoping quickly over fast moving trucks, and then wall kicking from two pillars to reach the top. Ohko was a little blunter. He also leaped after Budi, but had to crush the pillars under his grip to lift himself up in an almost leapfrog manner jumping upward only to dent metal after each jump.

"Darn these wings aren't as good as they used to be…" Scyther complained bitterly.

Espeon, Umbreon, and Lily came after him. Espeon spoke out, "Those two are going to need back up!" He turned to Lily. "I think I can get you up there."

Lily raised her brow. "How?"

"Have you ever wanted to fly?"

Lily blinked. "Yeah? It's been one of my wishes—"

"Wish granted!" That was all Espeon screamed before he threw Lilly high up with telekinetic energy.

"YAAAAHHHHHH!?" The small grass type screamed.

Ohko looked over to the screaming missile and placed his hand out to easily catch the speeding Pokémon.

"Bro, that was tight!" He yelled in excitement and accidentally dropped her to the roof floor.


The lavender Pokémon glanced to his brother. "Wow. She's way more creative at death threats than you."

"She still has to get in line. I'm first in killing you." Umbreon sarcastically noted.

Scyther sighed before shaking his head. "I swear you young ones get crazier as time goes on."

Back on the top, Takezo pointed his blade at his opponent. "May I suggest channeling that anger towards our enemy?" Takezo offered to Lily as he stared down the supposed Mega.

Budi, regaining his senses after the odd scene before him, attacked the trio. Lily, still furious, unleashed her wrath by letting loose a rage induced Magical Leaf. Making a multitude of rainbow assorted leaves fly toward him. Budi unleashed all 'six' of his fists and smashed all the pointed leaves into dust in the wind.

However, the second he smashed the last of the attack, Ohko was right there getting ready to launch a powerful side kick. Budi reacted fast, catching the kick by wrapping all four of his cloaks around it, but then Takezo raced from underneath Ohko and quickly did a rising slash into Budi's chin and staggering him, and releasing his hold on Ohko before kicking off his torso to flip back to his teammates.

Budi launched another Psycho Cut at both Takezo and Ohko, but Lily intervened by launching her own Energy Ball technique which only stalled the powerful attack for a few seconds that allowed the two to dodge easily.

"It's time I ended this." Budi exclaimed as suddenly his fist seemed to be coated with some kind of steel armor, then in a flash, punched Ohko out of the roof with a Bullet Punch.

Espeon gasped and quickly used his powers to catch the fighting Pokémon and bring him over to their side.

Meanwhile with Ohko gone, things were looking much worse for Lily and Takezo. Budi launched another Bullet Punch at the unsuspecting Lily, knocking her off as well. He turned to Takezo but was surprised to see him finishing up a Swords Dance.

The white glow from Takezo's blade was barely seen as he poised into another sword fighting stance. Budi, seeing that this one might be trouble, readied his own fighting stance with one leg raised.

The two stared each other down, neither wanting to make the first move without any doubt.

Budi moved first, with an burst of speed from a Bullet Punch attack, but Takezo was able to use Detect in order to avoid the speedy blow by back flipping several times away from his opponent. While mid flip, Takezo started setting up another Swords Dance and finished it as he landed after his fourth cartwheel.

Budi knew that setting up that many Swords Dances would give even him a problem at his powered up state. So he once more launched another Bullet Punch to catch the speeding Pokémon. Takezo quickly used Detect to avoid the first swipe, but then Budi's other hand solidified in metallic coating and released another quick Bullet Punch right after the first one. Since Detect had already been used, the second attack hit Takezo square in the face and sent him flying back a good distance.

Takezo still held strong, and was able to land and slid to try and cancel the momentum of the attack, but the pain was quite staggering since it was direct hit.

Budi smiled since all he had to do was keep spamming the speed boosting attack to overwhelm his opponent before he could unleash a finishing attack.

"Yo! Ya think you can just knock me down and be done with that!?"

Budi turned to that voice, but only saw a close up of a fist.

{A few minutes ago…}

"I got her!" Espeon cried out as he caught Lily.

"I still hate you!" She cried before she noticed it was just him and Ohko. "Wait, where are the others?"

"I stayed here watching you guys, but the others went to get Anto off that other guy." Espeon explained.

"We gotta get back up there yo! That ain't no way I'm letting that odd clown smack me down and keep me here!" Ohko told the psychic.

"You're kind of heavy. Unless you want to climb back up there again, there's nothing I can do but toss Lily back there and start a game of Ping Pong with him." He said as he glanced to Lily.

Lily angrily stormed. "I'm surrounded by psychos!"

"What? That ain't my type. I'm fighting type remember?" Ohko told her.

"Great. Guys are either stupid or sociopathic. What the heck Arceus? What have women ever done to incur such a curse?" Lily whined before ducking at in coming water attack.

"Enough meta on Gender relationships," Espeon called out. "We're in the middle of a rescue operation. If that fighting type beats Takezo, dividing them in the first place will be for nothing! We all know what happens when a competent trainer and a powerful Pokémon get together don't we? Let's not let out opponents have that!"

"Then launch me back up there! I can't climb back up that fast!" Ohko pointed up to where Takezo was avoiding Medicham's blows.

"I told you you're too heavy!" Espeon repeated.

Ohko looked to Lily. "Then you help!"

"Ohko, I have known you for only a few hours, and I already realize that you're not the sharpest knife in the tool shed. I'm not a psychic type!"

"Yea, but you got those fancy rainbow leaves that follow wherever ya want them to, ight? Just use that with pink cat's (Espeon: I'm lavender!) power to lift me up there!" Ohko clenched his fists.

The two special attackers looked at each other. A Magical Leaf combined with a Confusion could work, but they were slightly surprised that Ohko was the one that thought of this since he seems to have a problem remembering there is more than one gender.

"Fine," Lily stated as she summoned a large swarm of mystic leaves, "Takezo is the one of the few Pokémon here I tolerate anyway."

Espeon and Lily's eye glowed as they focused on Ohko before glancing towards Medciham. The colored leaves all gathered below Ohko and were starting to have a heavy blue outline signifying the psychic powers were being added in.

Soon, the leaves all seemed to form a catapult that was solidified by telekinetic energy and looked to be aimed towards Budi.

They both thought of the same thing at the same time:

Hitting that punk hard.

And Ohko was off blasting not unlike a rocket.

Using the amazing momentum form the launch, Ohko threw back his fist and yelled out, "Yo! Ya think you can just knock me down and be done with that!?"

Budi was distracted for one moment and then was decked square in the face by Ohko's punch then launched off the roof.

While it did hurt, Budi recovered from the impact and quickly combined all of his cloaks to extend and warp around a large metal cable part of the roof and use that to slingshot himself back into the roof with Takezo and Ohko.

"That's it!" Budi cried angrily as pieces of rocks were slowly starting to levitate from psychic power. All four of his cloaks formed into fists and started glowing in several different colors, each signifying different typed attacks in each one. "No more play time! I'm killing you all and throwing your bodies into the sea!"

Takezo, walked slightly limping beside Ohko. "I appreciate the assist."

"No prob, but how we gonna handle this?"

Takezo readied his blade. "I still have one plan left, but you may need to face him alone for a bit."

Ohko readied his fighting stance. "Hey, anything is better than dying at this rate."

That was all they could get in before Budi's heavy assault on the two martial artists began.

{Back at the Bridge}

Wes was rather frustrated that they could not even get close to the clown. Whenever they would try to, the professional clown would activate a Pokémon move from his gauntlet, like Teleport, Reflect, Thunderbolt on the Marill, Magic Coat on Venonat's Sleeping Powder, and even Dazzling Gleam on his Deino. Thankfully, Umbreon and Scyther came back to help, but after he easily took down the first three Pokémon, nothing seemed to get through.

"Hold still so I can hit you!" Wardeno cried as he launched Scald attacks towards the group.

Summer and Tracey jinked to avoid the blast of boiling water, but they found themselves farther away from getting closer to Anto.

Summer also seemed annoyed on how to get past that machine. Then an idea hit her.

"Wes!" She quickly cried out to the boy.


"Do that thing you did against the Cofagrigus!" She yelled before aiming her hand towards Wardeno.

Wes' brow was raised at the odd sentence. What did she—Wes immediately understood what she was trying to say.

Wardeno leered at the Ranger, something was coming.

But he was surprised to see her launch her Capture Disc at him.

Not wanting to risk anything, he activated his gauntlet and made the disc hit a telekinetic wall of Reflect. But the Disc rolled along the wall and circled behind him before launching itself at him again. Wardeno recalibrated his gauntlet and this time made a Leaf Blade shoot out of his weapon which allowed him to slash and bat away the flying disc with a horizontal swing.

No sooner than he did that, he felt something clinging on to his gauntlet and almost touching his skin.

He looked back and saw the kid's Umbreon chomping hard on the now malfunctioning device with a bite attack.

"Crap!" He cried as he tried to remove the creature, but as he did, Anto's body fell of his other shoulder and made him fall into the ground.

Wes smiled and spoke out loud, "Not bad, nerd." It was the same trick they had used agasint team Plasma where they would distract the opponent while the real Pokémon would sneak up and launch the finishing blow.

"Thanks, I knew you would—are you still calling me that!?" She snapped her head back at him.

Wardeno tried to re grab Anto, but backed away as soon as Scyther made a Slash for him and got between them.

"Surrender!" Tracey yelled out. "You're defeated!"

"Not quite!" Wardeno gritted. "Once Budi comes and beats your Pokémon, I'll order him to—"

He was interrupted with a large tear of dark energy parting the sky above them.

{A while ago.}

Ohko dodged a winding side punch and quickly countered a punch from Budi with one of his own. The attacks clashed, but Ohko followed it up by attempting to crescent kick him. However, he didn't really learn from last time and Budi's four cloaks quickly wrapped around his leg and allowed Budi to throw him away. Ohko crashed landed on the connecting archway at the very top of the bridge and slid until his head hit the brick fence.

Budi followed him, fist gathering up psychic energy and stalking towards the weakened Ohko.

Then he remembered something.

Where was the small swordsman?

Ohko got back up and charged a Reversal towards his opponent. Budi clicked his tongue and quickly sent his cloaks to ensnare his prey. He only needed three of his cloaks since Ohko only had three limbs.

Budi made Ohko come closer to him. "Wow. You fight well for a cripple. I almost feel bad about killing you. Key word was 'almost'."

Budi threw back his fist and launched a Drain Punch right for Ohko's stomach. The attack harmed the fighting type, but his pain only got worse as time went on.

"Funny thing about Drain Punch. If you stay too long on contact, it can drain all of your life force. Ain't that a fun fact?" Budi coldly stated as he Ohko's struggling became weaker and weaker with each second.

"Unhand my friend!"

Budi turned around to see a very ticked off Takezo walking calmly toward him.

Budi tossed away Ohko's near unconscious body and strode toward the normal type with renewed vigor he had stolen from Ohko.

"I apologize profusely for taking too long Ohko." Takezo aimed his voiced at his fallen ally.

"Just… kick… his… butt…" Ohko gasped weakly as he rose out his one hand and showed a thumbs-up sign.

Takezo nodded before pulling his blade behind his waist.

"How cute, but you don't stand a chance against me now. I'm at full power again, and you're on your last legs." Budi taunted as he launched himself with a Bullet Punch with all six of his fist charged with metallic coating.

Takezo closed his eyes for one second and opened them up with blue energy, revealing another Detect. However, this one was different. Takezo was using Detect for only one fraction of a second to dodge the blow that would reach him first. Angling himself rightly, he let lose an Umbra Shred attack after three more set ups of Swords Dance he completed from Ohko buying him time, and using his 30% power boost from his Analytic ability.

Needless to say, the amount of boosts Takezo built up showed.

That large tear in the sky filled with dark energy was certainly hard to miss.

"Whoa! What was that!?" The red scarf kid cried out.

"I-I don't know. I've never seen an attack like that before!" His green scarf counterpart answered.

Their small Pokémon looked curiously as the large attack seemed to fade.

"What was that!?" Wardeno cried out in shock. His eyes only widened when he saw his Medicham back to normal and falling down from the sky. He quickly jumped back, took out his Poké Ball and recalled his partner before anything else could happen.

He greeted his teeth angrily and stared at the group of kids. "You'll pay for this…" With that, he slammed his fist into his gauntlet causing one last spark and he was gone in a Teleport.

Tracey quickly ran for Anto. He sighed in relief to see that he was just unconscious.

"What the heck was that?" Tracey gasped as that seemingly random attack was over with.

Wes sighed and viewed the area around him. "… A whole new trouble that's what…"

The last of the conscious group was surprised to hear a voice of an old man call out from above.

"Hey! You youngsters! Get me down from—my beautiful bridge! What happened to you!?"

"I thought this was finally over…" Summer sighed dejectedly.


The old man was apparently a Janitor named Geoff. He and his two Pokémon were cleaning the bridge as usual, until a strange man came up to him. Suddenly, his Pokémon attacked him and his two Pokémon, Trubbish and Cinccino. It moved far too expertly and knocked all three of them easily. Apparently, he was able to hide and trap them inside a brick cube on top of the bridge. They were able to escape when Takezo unleashed his powerful slash and smashed the Medicham through their prison.

He and his Pokémon, while horrified at the dirt and damage on the bridge, thanked the group by helping the injured into the next city's Pokémon center.

However, while entering the city, no one noticed how seemingly overpopulated the crowds of people were, even for a large metropolitan area such as Castelia City.

Nor did any of them hear or notice the talks about the upcoming festival in Nimbasa City.

Perhaps if they did…

Bah. That is not important right now.

After a tiring day of traveling and fighting, the group all earned their well deserved rest.

After all, the madness would only continue later on.

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