Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 13: Dramatic Change

Ep 13: Lucky Number.

Anto found himself waking up in a beach.

The same beach he saw in his dreams.

So… he wasn't awake; he was in a dream again.

But why would he wake up into a dream while he is sleeping? Was he even sleeping in the first place or did he just wake up from being asleep somehow? How would waking up in a dream from falling asleep constitute as 'waking up' since he was still 'asleep' in a dream?

Ouch. You don't usually get headaches in a dream.

Then again the last thing he remembered was pain from an odd clown.

What exactly happened?

"Ah, welcome back human."

Anto looked behind him and saw Hoopa reclined on a bent tropical tree and eating a pineapple.

"The moment you left, this plane went under some kind of lock down. Been trapped here for what? Two minutes to you humans? Meh at least this place isn't that bad. But that's one sophisticated protection spell."

"Spell?" Anto repeated in curiosity.

Hoopa swallowed his snack before floating over. "Yep magic. Powerful one to. Most of all, something I haven't seen yet."

Anto shook his head. "That can't be right! I was found in some fancy machine and… some kind of high tech multibillion enterprise! Where did magic come in?"

Hoopa summoned another fruit into his hand by summoning a ring and making a papaya fall out into his palm. "Dude, this place is an artificial dimension. I already told you coming here was hard enough on my own."

Anto stared incredulously at the Pokémon. He tried to wrap his head around this, but just felt another headache. "Oh this isn't making any sense…"

"Well you are mortal. Dimension and alternate realities tend to be a little beyond your comprehensions." Hoopa added in. "Still, with you here, maybe now I can find more about this place." He finished his next snack before tossing it into the sea.

Anto blinked at what he said. He was about to ask what he meant, but then he started to think. Hoopa had just mentioned that this so called 'dimension' locked down when he left and trapped him. Now that he has returned, maybe they could actually explore this place. After all, Anto had only been at the beach part of this island all the times he's been here. Maybe he should help Hoopa simply because he also wanted answers to this—maybe for different reasons but their interests were aligned.

Anto sighed. "So where do we start?"

Hoopa smiled, obviously impressed at how the human in front of him seemed to react to his attitude without much annoying complaints, and how he seemed to quickly pick up on the logic behind his whims. Those stupid scientists believed he was just some idiot—look at them right now. "Well this island is pretty small, but like I said it's artificial."

Anto let that sink in for a second and placed his hand on his chin. "If it's artificial… does that mean someone wanted this to be a small tropical island?"

"Ha! Yes! I was thinking that too while I was trapped here. So human, what do beaches mean to you?"

"My name is Anto. And second, I don't actually know. I have amnesia." He explained.

Hoopa's expression turned solemn. He also seemed to think hard about this next part. "That's weird. Hmm, an amnesiac suddenly appearing and disappearing in this artificial pocket dimension… This just more curious by the second," His childish grin returned. "Consider me hooked!" He turned his gaze to Anto and pointed at him. "You, Human!"

"You're not going to care about my name aren't you?" Anto commented in.

Hoopa seemed to ignore him and continued on. "You're obviously the key to unlocking what treasures are hidden here! So until I find what I'm looking for, you'll have to stay!"

Anto shrugged. Not like he could do anything else in this dream. Hoopa seemed harmless enough to play along with anyway.

Hoopa floated past him and pointed towards the center of the island. "First off, into the woods!" He exclaimed excitedly before flying in.

Anto sighed as he started to walk after the levitating Pokémon.

"Will you play a song for me?"

Anto stopped dead in his tracks before he reached the forest. He whipped his head and saw a silhouette of a girl in the distance.

"S…Sk…" Anto didn't understand. Something was coming out of his mouth. Something he didn't recognize. Why did that voice make his heart go through so many emotions like happiness, sorrow, pain, regret, joy, and other feelings? Why was his mouth seemingly choking on something about to be said?

"Crap! Hey! Don't disappear on me now! You just got here!" The distant voice of Hoopa cried out.

But it was for naught. Anto felt himself grow dizzy and faded back into black.


I remember I was crying once, I didn't know why, but I was crying. I was four years old and I was crying my eyes out in my own home living room.

That's when my grampa walked in. It was a rare sight to see him actually awake in the house. My parents were at work and he and I were the only ones here.

"Now, what's wrong, sport?" Despite being so old, so wrinkly, I always liked Grampa. The look in his eyes almost made me think he was some cool kid trapped in an old man's body, but boy was he proud of that old body of his that smelled weird sometimes.

"The kids made fun of me… they called me weirdo!"

"Ouch, the dreaded 'weirdo' insult. How horrible to see they haven't changed that. So why did they call you that?"

The young boy in my memory took out a blue harmonica. "They didn't like what I was playing!"

Grampa smiled. He was always good at that. He put his cane down and sat on the couch, before motioning to my younger self to sit down with him.

"Come here kid, I want to tell you the secret of the universe…" He spoke to me like an angel about the truth of reality. I dried my tears for a second and listened closely to him, I hung on his every word. "Nobody is perfect."

"Nobody is perfect?" I sniffed once before repeating him.

"Did you think I was born this beautiful?" The old man chuckled heartily as he pulled on one of his wrinkles, making his grandson smile. "Listen, sport, no one starts off the best of the best, even those so called talented people. Talent can only get one so far, but work and dedication brings us all the way. I'm going to tell ya something, and its way more important than the secret of the Universe I just told ya: You're going to be amazing, sport. You'll be the best damn harmonica player in the world or whatever thing you want to be. You'll be the greatest thing since the roller blades back in my day!" He stopped for a minute and looked into my eyes with a spark in his eyes I never seen before… or ever saw again. "… And you want to know why?"

"Why Grampa?"

His eyes betrayed his entire body, it was so full of life, so sure of everything, and as if filled with the knowledge of the cosmos. "Because you are destined for the stars, sport. I've seen it the moment I first laid eyes on ya, but you need to remember one thing. One crucial thing that applies to every single thing you will ever do: Never, ever, EVER… give up."

He was right. I eventually became an amazing harmonica player and musician. My only regret was that Grampa never got to see me perform my first piano piece. He should have seen it, I rocked the stage… then my parents told me he did see it, he was telling everyone in the great beyond how amazing his grandson was.


He opened his eyes to see a familiar sight: an eerily familiar ceiling.

"Everyone, he has awakened!"

Anto tilted his head to see Takezo sitting down with his legs folded. His head was turned around as he called out to someone.

"Anto! Oh thank goodness!" Summer called out as she, Tracey, and Wes came up to him along with some old man he never met.

"Are you alright?" Tracey asked him.

"Uhh… did anyone get the plate number of that car that hit me?" Anto dizzily thought out.

Wes smirked. "Actually it was a clown. An evil clown. Good thing no one here has a fear of those things."

The old man smiled nervously at the amnesiac. "You must be that really strange, psychopathic amnesiac then?"

Anto wondered why the old man called him that before questioningly glancing over to his supposed friends then saw two of them seemingly direct their gaze at the blue clad, tanned Snagger.

"Basically, we told him everything while you were having your beauty sleep." Wes deadpanned before introducing the strange man. "By the way, his name is Geoff. He was a janitor in Skyarrow Bridge we damaged."

"Do you kids have any idea how much happened to me over the past two days!?" Geoff whined to them exasperatedly before calming himself down with a sigh. "But then again, thirty years of cleaning a bridge those have its share of strange moments. Even though this one takes the cake!"

"And Eats it!" Summer added in excitedly before everyone looked at her weirdly. "What? Don't get it? … Ben showed me this—never mind."

Anto glanced over the place around him a bit more. He observed how he looked to be in a Pokémon Center room not unlike how he first woke up in the beginning of his journey. He focused his sight beyond his human friends to see all their Pokémon behind them, Takezo and Espeon were also out.

A little unsure, but willing to try, Anto looked over to the man. "So you even know about this?"

Geoff flinched at the sound of a voice in his head, but to his credit was able to recompose himself easily. "Now that is weird… but this simply means you youngsters were telling the truth," His expression turned somber before he sighed again. "… I've stayed here long enough. I think it's time I got back to cleaning up the bridge, it'll be long, but at least that'll give me time to digest this."

"O-Oh! Thank you again for helping us with Anto!" Summer thanked him before she and Tracey bowed in respect.

Geoff scoffed before he left the room with his two Pokémon. "Feh! Life was much simpler as janitor." He grunted lightly.

Wes scoffed and Anto smiled at that as he left.

As soon as he left; however, things turned serious.

"We should probably talk about that now," Wes started off. "It looks like this Dimension Enterprise is really after Anto."

"His life is in danger! We should keep him with the authorities!" Summer voiced in.

Wes turned to her. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"What are you talking about?! People just tried to kidnap him! He needs to be moved to a safer place!" Summer reasoned.

Wes folded his arms as he explained his reasoning. "Did you pay attention to that fight we had? That was just one guy and one Pokémon. And we still were almost overwhelmed! No offense to 'The Man' and all, but Dimension Enterprise has done an amazing job at keeping its public image squeaky clean, which means I'm willing to bet they have some agents in the higher up places because of their standing as a trade route superpower. After all, I only knew about them because I was part of the bad guys. You didn't even know they had dark side until I told you. Who knows how far their slimy claws reach?"

Summer, and indirectly Tracey, didn't think about that. It was true they had recently just heard of Dimension Enterprise's black market agenda, but they had only realized it when Wes confirmed it for them. Despite being a major company, it was very quiet in humbly doing its job while slowly gaining power over time. There was a high chance that since it secretly had so many ties to other places, it would secretly place people in strategic places of their choosing.

"Then… what do we do?" Tracey voiced out.

"Don't I get a say in any of this?"

Everyone turned to Anto who gave them all a casual expression.

"Thanks Espeon. OK, from what bits I could gather, the clown and his terrible fortune-telling psychic Pokémon almost kidnapped me and hurt you guys. Right?"

Wes nodded silently, Summer looked kind of nervous, and Tracey seemed a little unsure of where this was going. "… Yes, but—"

"Tracey, sorry for interrupting, but I'm not done. If there really is nothing we can do, let's just go back to the original plan: me entering the league and getting more worldwide recognition."

Tracey and Summer's eyes widened at that statement while Wes honestly looked confused.

"What?!" Summer cried out in shock. "Anto, there are people after you. You aren't safe! Why would you continue with the league challenge?"

"I think that's a better reason to do the challenge. Here's how I see it: if I can get into the league that would mean that people would recognize me as a contender. However, if Dimension Enterprise tries to steal me during my challenge, the entire world will notice the odd disappearance of one contestant, which might lead into a police investigation that would find a trail of crumbs leading to them. Publicity is apparently my ally in this."

Wes recalled back in the bridge when Wardeno claimed he had to get rid of them simply knowing that Anto was a part of Dimension Enterprise. "You're right. When you were caught, he actually tried to get rid of us when I called him out on being an agent from Dimension Enterprise. If you get into the league, they can't touch you without revealing themselves."

"Whoa! Hold up!" Tracey exclaimed. "The league is still quite some time before it even comes up! Don't you think that they will continue to try and take you during that time?"

"Your original plan still works, Tracey. Going to the league implies that we have to get stronger. The more gym battles we fight, the more experienced and stronger we become. Then we'll have a better chance at surviving the next several attacks and potentially repel them rather than just sitting on my butt and waiting for them to go away."

"He's got another point there, Headband," Wes admitted thoughtfully. "We stand a better chance at stopping them ourselves. Besides, who would believe us in hiding away Anto because some poorly dressed clown is after him? And remember where we are? Castelia City, there's an actual branch of the company here. We might be able to find some answers if we sneak get in there."

Everyone turned to the Snagger with a slightly confused look on their face.

"Sneak in? What do you mean?" Tracey inquired.

Wes smiled mischievously then aimed his gaze to Summer. "Looks like being under house arrest actually has perks."

Summer felt herself shiver.

The four unlikely people later found themselves nearby the docks. Once more, the building branch of Dimension Enterprise was not designed to stand out. Compared to the many towering skyscrapers Castelia City had, this one was smaller since it only had at most fifteen floors. Oddly enough though, it was one of the few tall buildings that were so close to the ports. In fact, it was literally next door to its own warehouse in a private port near the coast of Castelia City.

"Is this the place?" Anto asked through sign language.

Summer nodded. "Yeah. This is the place…" She then sighed. "Wes this is a horrible idea."

"I have to agree with Summer on this one. This is reckless and dangerous! We might get arrested… again!" Tracey voiced out.

"You guys need to calm down, if you doubt the plan, it will fail. You gotta believe in yourself and in the lie." Wes smoothly explained.

Anto grabbed everyone's attention by making sign language again that said, "If I get into Jail a second time, I demand to be in solo cell! I am not playing Strip Poker again!"

Everyone was actually impressed with both Anto and themselves for actually knowing and recognizing the hand sign language for 'strip poker'.

"… Is that where you got your harmonica?" Tracey inquired.

Anto just pointed ahead and silently demanded that they go in already.

Summer refused. "I could get fired if I do this!"

Wes sighed dejectedly. "Wasn't you who told me while Anto was still unconscious that this Mega Evolution could help in finding your missing friends? We all talked about how similar the Medicham and Absol were in being amazingly strong. There has to be a connection to them, and the only way is through Dimension Enterprise. And how do we get in? By you claiming that there's a potential attack from Team Plasma, and getting them to let us investigate their docks." He went over the plan.

Summer crossed her arms. "I'm telling you this is a bad idea! We could just ask for their assistance!"

"But what if some of them are spies? They could report it to their higher ups!"

Tracey noticed something of interest. "Uh guys? Where did Anto go?" He said which made the arguing two turn their heads at the empty space of air the mute was standing just a few seconds ago.

The three snapped their heads to the main entrance where they saw Anto already in front of a desk man who was explaining something to him with a smile. Anto seemed to be talking to him with his notebook and the man simply nodded and smiled before the two walked out of the building.

They were all still stunned as the employer greeted them all with a smile. "Hello, my name is Lawrence, and I will be your tour guide for today!"

The three glanced to Anto, who was standing behind the man holding up his notebook that said, "And this is why you let me do the 'talking'."

Told by a mute.

Despite the amazing life of all three people, that easily placed as the top weirdest thing to ever happen to them.


"Mam? I don't understand, why are we doing this during the day? Wouldn't it make sense to do this during the night?"

"Are you kidding me? If we attack with a loud enough explosion during the day, all those busybees swarming the streets of Castelia will panic like a hive of startled Combees. The police will be overwhelmed trying to calm down the public and have trouble getting to us." The superior reasoned cruelly before glaring demonic daggers back at the subordinate. "Question me again and you will learn the consequences. Do I make myself clear?"


"Excellent. Prepare the bombs. We have reason to believe that some members of the Cult of Perfection are also here, so kill them without mercy."

[Returning to the main four…]

The four of them continued to follow the attendant explaining the first few public floors and breifly going over the basic information behind their company. "Dimension Enterprise is a company that has lasted forty years ago by founder, Kard Dimension, and deceased father of our current Ceo, Sied Dimension. He was actually the son of a fisherman merchant who…"

Wes zoned out of the conversation as he viewed the Warehouse from the windows he was passing. They were on the second floor, so he was able to get a better view he noticed some of the cargo Boats nearby near the warehouse docks and noticed something weird. He quietly placed his glasses on and stared at the name of the boat. Thankfully, he had worked on these lenses for quite some time, not only allowing him to see better at nights at the dessert, but there was a side component that allowed him to adjust his lenses to zoom in, albeit not as good as regular binoculars, but they still help zoom in on moderately far away objects. He then was able to spot the flag on the cargo ship and it didn't look Unovan. In fact, he didn't recognize that flag symbol before.

But he did see that there were people moving from the Cargo Ship into the warehouse.

Then Wes seemingly focused on something of interest.

Did one of those shipping crates just jump by itself? Why is chained and so tightly secured? And why are the people around it wearing lab coats?

"By the way," Wes called out, surprising the attendant. "You guys make shipments throughout the world right?"

"Ah, yes, our shipping routes across the globe twenty four seven. However, we have recently started a proper branch here in the Unova Region." Lawrence answered.

"So who is that boat right now? I don't recognize the symbol." Wes casually asked as he feigned curiosity and pointed over to the boat that could be seen in their view.

"Oh! They are from a far away region that isn't known very well. It's our shipment from the Torren Region."

"Torren Region?" Summer cried out in surprise. "I know that place! That's were retired Pokémon Ranger, Xavier lives!"

"I heard rumors about it being a very dangerous place to live," Tracey added in. "If you thought Team Rocket and others were bad, they say Torren Region has five crazy organizations plaguing them!"

"I think they've recently had an era of peace." Lawrence explained as he closed his eyes and lifted his finger up. "Most of the organizations had been defeated by that region's strongest trainer."

Wes whistled at the impressive idea. "Are you telling me one man undid over several organizations by himself?"

Lawrence shook his head. "I'm sorry, I don't know much about Torren Region's culture or history. I don't know myself, so I can't answer that question."

Anto looked back to the warehouse. It was then he noticed something oddly blue sticking out. Actually, it was multiple blue objects, no, people. They dressed weirdly, almost Team Plasma weird.

Anto quickly got Summer's attention and wrote something down for her to read out.

"Huh?" Summer asked as she read the message. "Um, from what you do know, are there any rumors saying that these organizations wear weird clothes?"

Lawrence thought about it a bit. "I think so. All previous, historic teams have had uniforms," He didn't notice Wes roll his eyes as he said this. "But the ones in Torren are extra weird from what I heard. I don't know the details, but they almost look like weird fashion models—the bad kind."

Wes then glanced over to Anto, then flowed the mute's gaze towards the nearby warehouse. He put his Visor back on and adjusted them to zoom in a bit. His eyes widened as he saw the group of people, and what they were arming before running away and ducking hard under covers.

Wes hurriedly reached for his Poké Ball then screamed desperately. "Espeon! Reflect! Full Power!"

Before anyone could even react to Wes' sudden action, they were interrupted by a deafening boom.

"Set out your Pokémon! We have fifteen minutes to gather as many left over goods we can find! Then we steal the Cargo ship and make our leave!" The leader of the Bombers cried out.

Suddenly, the people stopped their advancement when they saw figures seemingly come out of the smoke.

"Well if it isn't the Abyssal Cult? How, irksome this is if you had followed us all the way from The Torren Region." A man wearing an undamaged lab coat commented out loud as he was followed by a shiny Alakazam. Soon after, more rather intimidating scientists stepped away from the flames, facing the supposed blue wearing cultists with calculating coldness.

The commander of the Abyssal Cult walked forward. "We should say the same to you. What? Is Torren getting too crowded for you Cult of Perfection that you have to move somewhere else?"

The commander of the Cult of Perfection removed his glasses and rubbed them as he spoke out. "How small minded. We were given an opportunity to increase our power and potentially expand our reach, and we took it. You're obviously here to mooch of our success. A rudimentary tactic, but it at least makes sense." He then placed his glasses back on, a shine of light reflecting on it before his glasses showed the see-through reflection of the opposing leader. "Unfortunately, you attempting to blast us to kingdom come, has obviously failed, and despite how I appear, I am very, very ticked off."

"Oh boohoo." The blue leader mockingly told them. "If that explosion didn't kill you, we'll just do it ourselves! Attack!" The leader cried before throwing out a Poké Ball that held a Shiny Greninja and the subordinates attacking in following.

The scientist sighed as he fixed his glasses. His fellow cultists summoned their own Pokémon to counter the opposing team. "Women. Why are they so annoying?" He called out before he sent his Alakazam versus her Greninja.

The first thing Anto did when wake up was clench his teeth. His ears were ringing and his head was aching all kinds of pain. His eyes could only see blobs and bits of blurry colors. What happened? The last thing he remembered was Wes calling out Espeon and then telling him to…


His head started pulling himself back together, the blurry visions he was seeing stared making more sense. As he came together, he felt his skin tinge at intense heat around him. Finally, he realized something, the floor was on fire.

"Wake up, mute! Dang it, wake up, Anto!" Wes' voice screamed.

Anto slowly got back up, Wes was helping him up and he was getting a better look at the room around him. Marill was desperately trying to douse the flames around them, and the whole side of the wall they were in looked terrible and blasted to oblivion, and was burned to the point that the once vibrant and welcoming halls looked ashy, gray, and devoid of life.

Tracey seemed to be looking after the fallen Lawrence who had some bad looking horrible injury, and Summer was nowhere to be seen.

"Wh-what happened?" Anto mentally called out, seeing Espeon and Umbreon nearby.

"A bomb happened." Anto took a better look at Wes, he looked fine, but he was slightly covered in soot and ash from an apparent explosion. "Espeon was able to hold out a powerful enough Reflect to avoid us dying, but the impact of it hitting the building still caused problems as you can plainly see. Summer and Headband's Scyther went out to help evacuate any survivors and injuries. I stayed to wake you up. You need to see what happened to the warehouse." He said with grim urgency.

Anto stared out the large gaping hole out of the building and was horrified at the sight.

There seemed to be two teams, one wearing blue, and a bunch of scientists duke-ing it out in one of the most brutal Pokémon fights they had ever seen.

Nearby, things were exploding around them, and there looked to be cages that were dent and destroyed merchandise scattered, burned, or destroyed. And Anto felt sick as he saw even some charred up bodies.

It almost looked like… a war.

"We need to stop them." Wes clenched his fist. Anto felt Wes determination. He left his previous life to avoid this, not see it all over again. Anto reached for his Pokémon and summoned all of them.

"By Arceus…" Takezo cried out in sheer disbelief.

"I… I don't think this is one fight I wanna participate in." Ohko hesitantly started, not having that usual pumped up attitude.

"Sorry guys, welcome to our life." Umbreon darkly put.

"But it's no longer our life, and we're putting a stop to it. We need your help." Espeon told everyone.

"Wait," Lilly glanced between them. "It's just going to be the six of us against all of them?!"

Wes looked at her. "No. We're going to hold them off and stem the damages. At least until the police arrive and arrest those idiots. We need to hurry, I think both sides are out for blood."

Anto nodded in agreement before remembering they were still on the second floor. He glanced to Espeon and Lily. "Lily, Espeon, how good are you two at carrying multiple objects?"

Wes looked back at Anto. "What do you mean?"

Anto pointed ahead to the large wall, or lack off, in front of them. "The fastest way down there has been opened for us."

"I can carry everyone, even my brother, if Lily can pile up a platform of her Magical Leaf." Espeon added in to which everyone turned to the grass type already summoning the mystic controlled attacked into forming a platform for all of them.

"Done, get on!" Lilly cried out as she and the others jumped on and both Lily and Espeon controlled the platform to land on the ground fast but safe.

When they got down, the first thing they saw was a Machoke continuously punching an already knocked out Seaking, almost as if he was trying to kill it.

Takezo and Ohko burst off, both blind-siding the fighting type into a ruined wall and having it crashed on top of him.

"Are they mad?! Are these barbarian trying to kill one another?!" Takezo screamed out checking the fallen fish Pokémon. It was injured horribly, but it appeared it would live to flop another day.

"It looks like it. We have no choice, everyone, we're going to have to use the Dual moves, use all of yours sparingly since we can't use them as much, but use them to take out these suckers!" Wes cried out. "Anto, I'm going to trust you to handle the side of the fight near some of the ruined merchandise, I'm heading for the fighting heading towards the boat!"

"Good Luck, Wes." Anto told him before he and his three Pokémon were making their way.

Wes glanced around and spotted a broken barrel of empty Ultra Balls. He walked over to them and looked at his Snag Machine.

"… Sorry, Nerd. I'm breaking my promise." He told himself as he gathered a dozen of them or so and retracted them back into their smaller forms. He charged one up. "Come one Umbreon, Espeon, we have murders to beat up."

Meanwhile, Summer ran the halls with Scyther close behind her. They had just helped as much people as they could from the upper floors by having Scyther cut through the debris trapping and crushing some people. They were able to help security into evacuating the other workers as much as possible, and when Summer was able to get the head officer organized in the evacuation, she and Scyther went towards the explosion.

She was horrified at the sight of the ground zero, and was forced to put her hand on her mouth to cover the ash and smoke from entering her lungs. She remembered back awhile ago, Espeon seemed to keep the air around them fresh by trapping the untouched air around the area he used Reflect to put them in.

Hopefully, the others were still safe.


Summer heard what felt like a Pokémon's cry for help. She looked to Scyther, who nodded in hearing the cry. The two chased off, and saw the sight of a Scientist and his Arbok cornering one of the strangest Pokémon Summer had ever seen.

It looked like an Ivysaur, but it instead of the usual flower on its back there were these small, deep amethyst gems etched over its back. Still there were leaves around the gems, but they were a heavy purple with red polka dots. Its skin was completely pink instead of the usual bluish green or even regular shiny color and it had several flowers around its head that was found between its ears that was giving it a peaceful look.

{If you want to see an actual picture of this, watch on youtube 'shadypenguinn's Pokémon Insurgence Walkthrough part 5'. It has the newest model for Delta Ivysaur in game.}

The odd Ivysasur cowered as it curled up and placed it's paws over it head to somehow hide in front of the towering and intimidating Arbok.

"Get back in your cell, Delta Ivysaur! Escape is futile!" The scientist roared as his Arbok hissed.

"Scyther, Slash!" Summer called out. The powerful bug and flying type rushed for the Snake and connected the strong swipe of his sickle arms which sent the mighty sake coiling backward.

The scientist turned to the voice. "What? What's a Pokémon Ranger doing here?!"

"I should ask you what's going on! What in Arceus' name is going on here!?"

The scientist just scowled and threw out another Pokémon which was a deadly looking Bisharp. "Bisharp, attack the Scyther! Arbok, capture the Delta Ivysaur!"

The two Pokémon did what they were told, Scyther and Bisharp clashed steel, but easily pushed back the older Pokémon. The Arbok lunged itself for the strange Ivysaur, but it slipped out of it's way and ran up to Summer as if it sensed her emotions to protect her.

"It's going to be alright." Summer tried to sooth the near crying Pokémon. As Summer felt the Pokémon, she didn't feel the same feeling she would have whenever she was with grass Pokémon. In fact, she felt like this Pokémon was almost a psychic… and fairy type? But that was impossible, she just heard the scientist call this Pokémon an Ivysaur a poison and grass type, not a fairy or psychic type.

"Give that thing back!" The scientist roared.

"This is a living being! Not some lab experiment!" Summer cried out and stood in front of the small Pokémon to protect it.

The scientist ignored her. "Arbok, after her!" The scientist wailed as he pointed to her. The Ivysaur cowered behind her and Summer gritted her teeth as it came closer.

Then Scyther jumped in, kicking the Arbok in the face with his foot paw. Making the larger snake slid back until it stopped itself.

"Way to go, Scyther!" Summer called out in hope, but paled in horror when Bisharp performed a Night Slash across his exposed back, making the older Pokémon wail in pain like never before.

"Arbok, Bisharp! Double Team the Scyther!" The scientist commanded coldly.

Summer could only watch in desperation as the two Pokémon ganged up on the injured Pokémon. The Arbok used a Slam attack to crush the bug type into the ground he fell on. There was a horrible crunching noise as the attack connected that was heard even over the sounds of battle and Scyther's own soul-shattering scream of pain.

Summer couldn't even look away as the Arbok wrapped itself over the fallen mantis Pokémon, lift it up and toss it over to Bisharp who had his blades armed.

"No!" Summer cried out. but Scyther still tried to fight and weakly raised one of his sickles out. However, it was all for naught as Bisharp launched a Sucker Punch right for Scyther's face, another painful blow but this time cuased blood to spill out from the punch.

"Not again…" Summer clenched her fist hard. Her thoughts raced back to all those times she sit back and watched someone else fight and get hurt for her troubles. She wasn't going to let this happen again! "Not this time!" She quickly looked toward a nearby flame and checked her Capture Stlyer functions. "Please work…" She aimed her capture Disc at the fire and launched it with haste. It went into the flame and Summer quickly activated a sequence in her stylus.

"Fire Assist Primed. Limit ten seconds." An electronic voice came out.

Summer acted fast, swinging her hand with stylus and pointing towards the stalking Bisharp and Arbok towards the severely weakened Scyther. The two enemy Pokémon glanced over to see a small speck of red incoming fast towards them and they jumped away when a wall of fire appeared from the streak of red and separate them from their prey.

Summer ran towards Scyther. She had to get him out of there. However, she didn't notice nor care that the Ivysaur was slowly trailing away in fear of the fight.

Summer ran up and kneeled to the fallen Pokémon. "Scyther!? Please be alright!"

The older Pokémon whined, signaling it was alive, but it was greatly injured and fatigued from the blows of the Pokémon.

"Damn you old age… not now…" Scyther cursed bitterly under his breath. His bones were aching badly, more than likely some were even broken now but the pain was so overwhelming over him he didn't even know or care. It took all of his strength to stay conscious or else they would really die in this situation.

To Summer's horror the flames quickly died down. The scientist and his two Pokémon looked furious as he scanned the area for the Ivysaur.

"You little wench! The Pokémon escaped!" The scientist roared before pointing to her. "Bisharp, kill her!"

The steel Pokémon lunged and did a rising Night Slash towards Summer, who barely dodged the attack but had her goggles cut off from the attack and made her hair fall down. The Pokémon Ranger stumbled and landed beside the fallen Scyther.

Summer gritted her teeth and stood back up, shielding Scyther from the two Pokémon and mad scientist in front of her. "I won't run away anymore! I'm tired of other people saving me when it's my job to protect them!"

"Quiet wench! Arbok, Poison Fang!" The scientist commanded with furious rage.

The purple snake lunged, mouth wide to kill her with venom.

Summer closed her eyes shut.


"What!?" The voice of the scientist called out in shock.

Summer opened one of her eyes to see what was going on then quickly opened both of them in surprise. The Arbok was frozen mid air with psychic energy.

Her mind raced at the thought of a psychic Pokémon saving her. "Wes?" She called out before turning her head. But then she was once more surprised to see the psychic attack came from the strange Ivysaur!

"No! The Delta Ivysaur is using the psychic attacks!" The scientist cursed out.

"L-Leave them alone!" The female Delta Ivysaur exclaimed before tossing the Arbok right to the Bisharp and making the two Pokémon get knocked back.

"Not this again! Bisharp! You take point, and hurry up and kill the Ranger!" The scientist commanded again.

This time the dark type got back up and lunged for Summer and Scyther again. However, the Ivysaur then launched something coated in metal that it was originally carrying in the air with it psychic ability, and threw it towards the fallen Scyther.

Before the Bisharp could launch it's Night Slash on Summer, a bright burst of light shined brightly in the darkened battlefield.

In the mid of the flash, a loud almost musical clanging of steel was heard.

As the light died down, Summer refocused her eyes and was surprised to see a Scizor!

A Scizor was using one of its claws to clamp hard on the Bisharp's hands and causing the dark and steel type to feel pain.

"Haven't your mothers ever told you, not to strike a lady?" Scizor mocked with a haughty voice before throwing the hand upward, making the Bisharp staggered to regain his balance. In that moment, Scizor ducked, followed the staggering Bisharp and performed a powerful X-scissor that made the Pokémon fly from the impact and fall nearby the Scientist's feet.

Summer finally looked behind her to notice that Scyther wasn't there anymore. And suddenly this Scizor appeared out of nowhere. … Did Scyther evolve when she wasn't looking? How? Was there a Metal Coat somewhere around her? Never mind that wasn't important. Now there was a fighting chance!

The scientist growled as both his Pokémon got back up. "GRR! Kill them you buffoons! Kill them!" He desperately yelled as his Pokémon launched themselves towards the red bug/steel type.

Bisharp tried to use a Sucker Punch to get a hit off first, but then was blinded sided by a powerful Technician boosted Bullet Punch from Scizor.

"This body feels great!" Scizor cried as he dodged a slam from Arbok and quickly did a rapid fire of spamming Bullet Punches on the poison type. Scizor stopped the vicious storm of steel fists(claws) for a second to let the very weakened Arbok have a second of breathing before finishing it off with a powerful rising uppercut of the Bullet Punch variety. It flew high into the air and slammed down unconscious. "Bones don't feel as weak anymore! And I feel as vibrant as I did in my prime!" Scizor viewed over his body with great joy before focusing on the Bisharp coming back into his feet.

He let the Bisharp come at him with a Night Slash assault, but Scizor dodged each dark powered slash easily. After dodging as long vertical Night Slash, Scizor spun and performed a powerful X-scissor right across the chest of the Bisharp. The direct hit finally made the Pokémon fall.

The scientist finally saw things weren't going his way and tried to flee, only to stop as he turned to see a very pissed off Summer.

"You Li—"

He didn't get to say anything as Summer punched him square in the nose, breaking it and knocking him out cold.

"… I never liked evil scientists. They always cause so much problems." Summer shook her fist as she then picked up her broken goggles of the floor. She sighed. "… Well I've been meaning to get rid of these anyway, I was out growing them."

Scizor then walked up to the Ivysaur. The smaller Pokémon almost jumped as the taller Pokémon came to her, but calmed down when the red Pokémon knelt on one knee and smiled at her. "I owe you my life miss. You have my deepest thanks."

"O-Oh! Y-You're welcome…" She nervously responded.

"Did you save us? Thank you for that." Summer said as she assumed by Scizors actions, the Ivysaur was the one who saved them.


A monstrous roar echoed throughout the battlefield. Summer and Scizor wondered what was happening at the heart of the battle.

[A little while ago.]

"There! Lily, Energy Ball! Ohko, Dual Chop! Takezo, knock those stupid idiots out!"

Anto commanded his Pokémon accordingly. Ohko defeated Haunter in one blow while Lily overwhelmed a Gastrodon with her Energy Ball. Takezo quickly ran up and whacked an Abyssal Cultist right in the neck before throwing his blade and hitting someone from the Cult of Perfection square in the unmentionables before Anto ran up and hammered him in the face to knock him out cold.

"Niiiccce, boss!" Ohko gave a thumbs up to the boy.

"Yeah, well watching you guys spar, I can't help but want to learn how to throw one heck of a punch as well." Anto rubbed his knuckles.

Takezo pointed ahead. "We must hurry! We were lucky so far, but I believe there might be others who truly might be close to killing one another!" He cried before Anto tossed him back his blade.

Anto nodded before noticing three slightly dirty objects on the floor. It looked like some kind of scarf, band, and specs. He noticed that these were all Choice Items, powerful objects that greatly increase a specific fighting ability, but lock a Pokémon into using one move in return. Anto thought those would really come in handy, and decided to keep his eyes out for any other items he could use that survived the explosion.

Then he noticed a Swampert tackle a Rhyperior and make the ground shake beneath them because they both slammed into each other hard and were locking hands together to overpower the other almost like Sumo wrestlers.

"Lily, Magical Leaf! Ohko, Takezo, follow it up with an Assurance to Swampert's neck and Double Kick into Rhyperior's neck! Hold back and just knock them out!"

His Pokémon trio sprung into action again, expertly following his orders and taking down the two bulkier Pokémon.

"What the?! Who's that kid?" Anto looked over to see the two opposing trainers of the Pokémon he just knocked out looking at him. They both took out another Poké Ball—


They both screamed in pain while Anto fought the urge to gag at the horrid sight.

The two of them were blindsided. Acid shot out and melted off the Scientist from behind while the blue person was electrocuted to death. Anto shivered at such a cruel sight, but he forced himself to focus. He was in a life or death situation, he needed to suppress his emotions or else they would all die. He had to push back the increasingly rising fear and doubts. They would only get him killed. It wasn';t easy, it was the hardest thing to do really. He was a forteen-ish year old boy with Amnesia, he didn't ask to be suddenly thrown into a death match between these crazed lunatics. But he was here, and so were his friends. He'll talk about this later, let the adrenaline run its course and force his mind to think!

The attacks. It was a Thunderbolt and Acid. Poison and Electric. The Poison attack was landed on the scientist, so it must have been from a blue guy. Since all of the blue people he's beaten up so far have a water Pokémon, there is some kind of sea theme with the blue guys and the Pokémon just used must be part poison as well as water, or at least can learn acid. The scientist's Pokémon are way more varied, but the electric attacks match them more unless it was a Lanturn or such.

Anto calmed himself as he crowded his mind with information. It was working for now.

"Boss! We gotta go!" Ohko called him out.

Anto nodded as the three of them made their way up some debris. At the top, they were horrified to see more casualties, but Anto focused on those who were still fighting, those that they could still save and stop.

Some scientists were fighting against several blue guys. It was a good thing that these guys were all fighting each other and not him. It really made thing easier for surprise attacks and knocking them out cold.

However, Anto noticed that they were close to a really weakened crate with layers of chains slowly being broken around it.

"Tentacruel, use Acid Spray!" A blue female called out and launched the corrosive chemical towards the scientist and their Pokémon. But all of them jumped out of the way and it hit the heavily chained crate.

"NO!" The scientists yelled. "Not Experiment Delta Charmeleon's containment unit!"

Suddenly a large hole appeared as the last of the acid melted away. Everyone satred into the deep darkness of the crate and saw nothing.

Until a pair of ungodly purple eyes shot and opened up.

"(EEEEEEEOOOONNNN!)KKKKIIIIILLLLLLLLLL!" The Pokémon cried out in a shrill, ear-piercing roar that shook the area around a quarter of a mile.

Everyone shut their ears but Anto's amber eyes noticed something crash through the weakened crate and cleave a Scientist in half.

A horrendous and terrifying Pokémon was standing over the corpse it just killed. It looked like a Charmeleon, but without its skin! It was like a walking skeleton of undead Charmeleon but at the tip of its tail was a dark ghost fire. Its torso was hollow, but it looked filled with a abyssal darkness of where its heart once were. The ribcage around his torso seemingly opened up to show a form of supernatural darkness at the center of its chest. The air around it felt cold, as if it was the chill of the dead.

{If you want to see a better image for this, simply search up Delta Charmeleon in whatever search engine you have. Or for more specific results, search Delta Charmeleon in the Pokémon insurgence wiki. Basically it should look somewhat like the description above.}

One of the Abyssal members pointed out. "It's a Delta Pokémon! Capture or kill it!"

The variety of water Pokémon charged straight for the skeleton version of the fire type. Anto briefly wondered why they called it a Delta before he saw the flame of the Charmeleon turn into a deathly green color.

The Pokémon inhaled, pointing his head high, before launching a devastating Dragon Breath right into the face of the Tentacruel. The water poison type yelped in horror before his face was burned off.

"By Arceus…" Takezo, horrified at the sight, just stood and watched as the Charmeloen kept going. Using moves such as Shadow Claw, and Shadow Sneak to go up to the weakened Pokémon and kill them mercilessly. Then chomp viciously on the human trainers, slaughtering them like a meat house. All the while as it did this, it was continually screaming "Kill! Kill!" over and over again.

Anto snapped out of it. "We need a plan. Now." he quickly took out the items he found and gave them accordingly to his Pokémon. Takezo got a Choice Scarf, Ohko was given a Choice band on his head like a bandana, and Lily wore the Choice Specs. "These thing boost your powers, but they lock you into one move. So do not use a move until I tell you to."

"What are you going to do?" Lily asked.

Anto glanced over to the powerful and angry Pokémon stalking over to an injured scientist. "Something you three will probably hate me for. HEY YOU! WALKING SKELETOR! YEAH I'M TALKING TO YOU! THE MOVIE RIP OFF CONVENTIONS IS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!"

The enraged Pokémon in question turned its head towards Anto and his Pokémon.

Anto glanced to his Pokémon. "OK, phase 1 complete. Phase two—RUN!" Anto yelled as he dashed off in the opposite direction. The trio also followed right after him.

"So what's phase 3, boss?" Ohko asked as they glanced behind them and saw Delta Charmeleon catching up with them by using a Shadow Sneak to phase into the ground and chase after them like an angry shadow spirit.

"Um, work in progress?" Anto weakly offered. "Wait a sec, he's using a ghost type move—Takezo, take the hit, you're immune to ghost types!"

Takezo slid to a stop while making his body face the opposite direction then, with even greater speed than before thanks to the Choice Scarf, he slammed his palm into the moving shadow and activated his Assurance attack.

The dark palm obviously dissipated the shadow and made the Charmeleon jump out of the ground and roll in pain as small bits of dark energy coiled around its body.

"That looked really effective. It's a ghost type? But they called it Charmeleon! It's supposed to be a fire type—no. I they called that thing a Delta for some reason. I really don't think it's normal. Ohko, get ready to lock into Dual Chop, I'm willing to bet it's also a dragon type from how strong that Dragon Breath was. Lily, get ready to lock into Magical Leaf. You'll be using it defensively though—I'll explain more as the fight goes!" Takezo came back with the group and everyone readied themselves as the Delta stood back up.

"Kill… Kill… HURT!" The Pokémon roared before firing a powerful Dragon Breath towards them.

"Now! Use Magical Leaf like a wall!"

Lily acted quickly, making the leaves she controlled from a rudimentary barrier for all of them. Thanks to the boost from Choice Specs, the Magical leaves all glowed brighter as if to signify they were much stronger. But even so, the leaves all had trouble absorbing the attack and burned out when the Dragon Breath faded.

Charmeleon wailed like a mad banshee before charging at them wildly.

Takezo sped off, sliding and swiping the Charmeleon off its feet by slashing its legs with a Assurance boosted slash. As it hung in the air for a few seconds, Ohko ran up and performed a rising uppercut filled with dragonic energy, making both of them rise into the air. Then, quickly spinning his body and kicking the Charmeleon straight into its stomach. With Choice Band, the Charmeleon flew like a baseball back into ground and crashing into whatever merchandise and items that were left.

Anto was glad that the choice items were really working in his favor.


Then he felt everything go cold despite being surrounded by flames. "Wait a sec. Please don't tell me this is a different version of Blaze, the ability that pretty much boosts a starter Pokémon's moves when it's weakened?"

"Curse… you… CURSE YOU!" Charmeleon burst from the ground, his ghost fire in his tail had only grown and was now big enough to show a dark, angry face glaring hard at the four in front of it.

Anto turned hurriedly to Lily. "Magical Leaf wall again! Full power!"

Giving it her all, she summoned a far more impressive wall in front of them.

Charmeleon didn't care. He inhaled a lot of undead energy before unleashing a devastating Shadow ball that exploded on contact of the wall and broke it.

The blow made the four fly until they all smashed into a left over wall. Ohko tried to get up, but saw the failing wall collapsing on them. He looked to Anto and quickly pushed him out of the way before the wall fell on top of him.

Lily and Takezo saw what happened. "Ohko!" Then Takezo jumped off and parried a powerful and boosted Shadow Claw from tearing Lily apart.

However, that did not stop the force of the attack to pound Takezo and Lily to the ground, trapping them under the continuous weight of the enraged and powerful Charmeleon.

Anto got back up and quickly saw Ohko trapped under debris while Lily and Takezo were about to be crushed! He looked around him, desperate for anything to help and thanked whatever being for the gift.

"Hey you!"

The Charmeleon looked over to see Anto throwing a Dusk Ball hard coming its way.

Takezo saw this, and quickly pushed up the Shadow Claw back. Quickly, he got up and smashed an Assurance boosted sword into the Charmeleon's neck and aimed him towards the thrown Dusk Ball.

The ball hit the Charmeleon in the forehead and it absorbed the creature.

It wobbled once.

Anto came up and tried to do the same thing he did with Ohko.

It wobbled twice.

Takezo prepared itself for another go.

It wobbled a third time.

Lily quickly used her leaves to get Ohko out of the debris as fast as possible.

Then it locked.

The four breathed a sigh of relief.

"Everyone alright?" Anto asked.

"I am a little sore, but I'll live." Takezo answered.

"Same." Ohko concurred as Lily finished fishing him out.

"Next time give us some warning before making the mad beast come after us."

"I thought arming you guys with stat boosters items was clue enough?" Anto weakly joked, earning some chuckles form his Pokémon. They needed that to distract them from the near death experience.

However, it was short lived as a powerful Dark Type attack exploded elsewhere.

"That looked like Dragon's Wrath. Is that not Deino's dual move?" Takezo worryingly looked to Anto.

"Alright guys, we need to move. Wes needs our help."

[A few minutes before…]

Wes threw the Snag Ball snatching away an Empoleon while quickly charging up another to capture a weakened Cradily.

"Hey!/What the—" The two opposing cultists were then knocked out by Espeon and Umbreon.

"Well that's numbers 8 and 9 stolen Pokémon," Wes told himself as both Ultra Balls locked and succeeded in stealing Pokémon.

Then he saw a large explosion of water coming nearby the cargo boat.

Racing, off and charging another Snag Ball, Wes and his two Eveelutions raced after the fight. When they got there, they were surprised to see a shiny Alakazam throwing flaming debris at a shiny Greninja.

"You know," The scientist commander called out. "It just occurred to me that you were going to try and steal a slow cargo boat to make your escape. What in heaven's name did you think that was going to work?"

"Oh please. We totally were expecting you Cult of Perfection to have some back up. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a helicopter stashed somewhere in that behemoth." The Abyssal commander responded coyly as her Greninja fired more Water Shurikens at the Alakazam. The psychic type simply caught the fast attacks with psychic energy and made them explode harmlessly. He tried to catch Greninja by throwing something else, but the nimble Pokémon jinked out of the way.

"This is getting problematic," The scientist fixed his glasses before summoning a weird looking Wartortle.

"What the heck? What's with that Wartortle?" Wes asked as he and his Pokémon choose to stay out of sight.

{OK you get the idea by now. But this time I strongly suggest looking up Delta Wartortle since this is getting long as is.}

"Crap! A Delta Pokémon!?" The female commander cried out in shock as she saw the dark turtle that seemed suspiciously dressed like a ninja.

"Delta Wartortle, use Shadow Sneak. Then pin that other ninja down."

The Wartortle vanished into the ground and like a snake, quickly appeared behind Greninja's shadow and clung to him.

"Shake him off!" The female commander yelled.

"To late. Alakazam, Psychic!"

"I thought you were a scientist. Even I know that Delta Wartortle is a dark and fighting type. And Greninja is a Dark and water type!"

The scientist commander smiled darkly. "Ever hear of Miracle Eye?"

She paled at the mention of the move that allows psychic moves to hit dark types. She got even worse when she saw her Greninja being lifted by psychic energy.

"It's time to end this. Alakazam, catch." The scientist called out before throwing an odd gem that looked suspiciously like Budi, the Medicahm's gem to him. Wes stared as the scientist took out an electronic bracelet. "Mega Evolve!"

"Y-you can mega evolve?" The horror on the female's face was palpable.

As Mega Alakazam came to be, the scientist fixed his glasses again in a mocking manner. "Please. You truly believe we couldn't replicate it's functions? Mega Alakazam, crush her and her Greninja."

The female and her Pokémon wailed as they felt an overwhelming psychic power crush them.

However, Alakazam sensed something and stopped his attack to stop a strange glowing Ultra Ball from reaching him.

"Crap!" Wes cursed as the ball then exploded by Alakazam's power.

"What on earth?" The scientist looked over to where Wes, Epseon, and Umbreon were. "Great, a witness. I don't know why you threw a Poke Ball at my Pokémon, but you'll regret that. Wartortle, defeat his two Pokémon."

With another amazing speed, the ninja turtle came in, ready to unleash a Faint Attack on the Espeon, Umbreon, stepped between them and clashed with a Crunch attack.

Espeon felt a huge psychic pressure towards them and saw the Alakazam preparing a Psychic towards them. He quickly aimed all of his strength into a Psybeam to counter the stronger attack, but was obviously being over powered.

Then Wartortle performed a Vacuum Wave, a fighting type move on the Umbreon, forcing it back and making it stagger in pain.

Wes gritted his teeth. "Alright, plan B! Espeon, Psycho Star! Umbreon, Shadow Unknown!"

"What?" The scientist raised his brow at the call of such moves.

Espeon, reaching deep with himself, fired the combination move of Psybeam and Swift, launching a storm of swift moving, psychic stars at Alakazam that exploded with fierce psychic energy at contact. Umbreon, using the combined move of Secret Power and Crunch, made the area turn dark around him before boulders shot up from the ground and pelted Wartortle with dark infused environment.

With Alakazam momentarily down, Wes threw another Snag ball at the Wartortle. This time he caught it and it came back to his hand.

The scientist recovered from the shock and his Alakazam returned to his senses after the attack. He noticed his Wartortle was gone and realized why he threw a Poké Ball from the start.

"You little thief!" The commander of the scientist roared. "Alakazam, get back my experiment!"

Wes saw a much stronger version of Psychic plow quickly through Espeon's attempt at resistance and he quickly pulled out Deino's Poké Ball.

However, it was a second to late a he dropped it and felt his body freeze in place.

Espeon, Wes, and even Umbreon were lifted into the air by Mega Alakazam. The commander of the Cult of Perfection scowled hard at him. "You thief! I should have known that machine of yours can steal other Pokémon! … Wait a sec. That's not a public invention… who are you?"


The scientist looked over to see a Deino running up to him angrily.

"Crap! Deino, stop!" Wes cried out. He was trying to send that Pokémon away to get anyone else.

"Is that a baby? Alakazam, take that creature too." He coldly stated. The mega complied and lifted the struggling Pokémon in the air.

"NO!" Wes, Umbreon, and Espeon all struggled, but the mega psychic's hold on them was too strong.

"Give me back my Delta experiment, or else the little one gets it." He demanded.

"Fine! Fine! Don't hurt him!" Wes called out.

"Wait. What am I doing? I have complete control of the situation," The scientist darkly realized. "Alakazam, kill them all then take his machine and stolen Pokémon back."

The Mega complied unleashing a devastating psychic blow with all four of them. Wes, Umbreon, and Espeon all wailed in agonizing pain as the attack was breaking their minds apart.

Deino however, seemed to focus more on the fact his friends were being hurt. "D-Don't… hurt… my… FRIENDS!"

A large burst of energy came from within Deino and another bright flash of light made Alakazam lose focus and drop all of them.

Wes and the other two got back up, only to see Deino had evolved! He was now a Zwelious! And both heads looked particularly ticked off.

"Alakazam! Hurry, use Psychic again!"

"Use Dragon's Wrath!" Wes responded quickly.

Both heads gathered quickly gathered a large amount of combined dark and dragon energy and launched two vicious looking dark dragons that smashed even through the Miracle Eye psychic attack.

As the two horrifying dragons got close, the scientist screamed in utter panic. "Get us out of here, Teleport!"

However, before he could try, the Alakazam found himself frozen by Espeon's Psychic energy. That hold allowed the improved dark dragon to make contact.


Wes shielded himself as the attack died down. The two of them were unconscious but seemed to have be blown all the way into a metal crate from the force of the attack.

Wes rubbed his head. His head was aching, but it seemed like all was there.

"Wes!"/ "Wes!"

He turned around, seeing Summer, and Anto coming up to him. They must have come after taking care of their ends.

He genuinely smiled at them before sitting on the ground, completely relieved that this was all over.


"Well Crap." Warden said as he watched the explosion from afar and see the police coming up. "Man… that will put us in a tight spot. But at least I was able to get up the Back Up and reinforcements ordered from Inquisitor." He glanced over to Budi who was meditating. "Come on man, we have to prepare for the trap."

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