Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 14: Kicking Back

"We're here live reporting in Castelia City Docks where right before is the company Dimension Enterprise Unova Branch in ruins. According to the sources, an evil organization from the Torren Region had attacked them with a bomb, but was cut off by a rival enemy team. They were battling brutally until several unknown heroes, claimed by the workers, had subdued the violent criminals. However, not all of the heroes wanted to remain anonymous. We were told by some of the witnesses, including one of the criminals, that there was a Pokémon Ranger among them," The cameraman turned the screen towards Summer. "Here is officer Summer to give us some information on the incident."

Summer looked a little roughed up in the video. Apparently they had caught her while she and Tracey were still helping out the injured into the ambulances, and she still had ash all over her hair, and dirt all over her face.

However, that did nothing to diminish her bright smile. "I'm sorry, but I'm a little busy right now."

"Oh please, just a few questions? How did you know about the attack? Who where these others that were claimed to help you subdue the criminals? And who was it that left those confiscated Pokémon in your care?"

Summer remained composed on the television. "I have no comment, nor am I allowed to give out the identities of the civilians helping out in this event. Now if you will excuse me..."

"OK, put it off now."

Anto clicked the power button and closed the T.V.

A day had passed since the 'Bombing Port' event. And the group was licking their wounds, or so to speak, from the fighting.

Summer was currently away from the center. She felt especially dirty from all of the fighting and decided to take the day off in a hair salon. Tracey was out buying supplies for tonight's dinner. Which left Anto and Wes lounging around their room with Wes trying to work on Summer's Capture Styler again and Anto trying to figure out a battle strategy for his next gymbattle.

It was surprisingly silent after the event. The once busy streets had been deathly quiet. As if recent events, had scared the grand metropolis.

Anto briefly thought about it. Most of their lives they've probably never seen strife or war in such a peaceful but busy life such as this. This event, the bloodshed, the casualties, and the sudden threat to their security must have shocked these people into remembering they aren't always safe. Because of that, the once full streets were almost emptied, and the streets were only filled with slowly moving and quiet cars.

"This… this feels weird."

Anto turned to one of the new members in their room, Delta Ivysaur. The foreign Pokémon was a subject of a heavy experiment and was trapped in a science lab all of her life. When she was being moved, she wished she was free, and as if whatever being above was listening to her, the explosion happened. This event allowed her cage to be broken and made her escape. However, a 'lab coat', as she and Wartortle described the scientists, spotted her and chased her into a corner until Summer appeared. She really seemed attached to the Ranger girl, and Summer decided to take care of her since her current partner was waiting back at the ranger Union. She didn't think she could handle handing over the scared Pokémon to anyone else.

She later introduced herself as a psychic and fairy type Pokémon which surprised everyone. Because of her typing, Espeon later taught her the trick of how to telepathically project their voices to everyone, including Anto, but because Ivysaur was also part fairy type, she was also able to allow dark types into the communication link due to her second type overpowering some of the immunities of the dark types. This allowed a majority of Wes' dark types to actually speak their minds.

It was found out from her and Wes' new Wartortle, that they were Delta Pokémon. Pokémon that have different typing from the rest of their species and had their DNA heavily altered to the point where they would learn different move sets than that of their normal counterparts.

Anto expressed getting a Delta Charmeleon, but it was deemed too angry to release under current circumstances.

As of right now, since Espeon was taking a nap to rest up from his battle with the Mgea Alakazam, Delta Ivysaur was left here to as the translator for all the Pokémon left in their room.

"Why weird?" Anto asked her.

"… W-Well by now the scientists would push me into tests and hook up all these cold, hard machines to me… and now? I'm just doing nothing and I feel so anxious that something bad is going to happen when nothing is happening…"

Takezo turned to her, originally sitting on Anto's bed, "We told you, you are free from them right now. You are in good company. I admit we are not the most… behaved of people, but we can promise to be your friend."

"You're automatically my friend!" Lily cried and ran up to hug Ivysaur, glad to see a sensible female among a multitude of malfunctioning testosterone. "Thank goodness that I don't have to deal with Ohko's inability to remember I'm a girl!"

"Hey not true! I can totally remember that there's a dude and not-a-dude!"

His trainer and two allies sighed.

"Case and point." Lily looked back at the confused Ivysaur.

Umbreon lifted his head from Wes' bed. "Please, have you seen Zwelious now? He's worse than before! I think evolving at a young age has impaired his cognition stage."

Everyone in the room looked toward the dragon with two heads somehow staring at each other.

"So if I'm me? Then who are you?" One head asked the other.

The other head replied in a peppy manner. "You is I! And Me is myself, which is you!"

"So I'm you?"

"And I'm you too!"

"So I'm me and you? Then who am I if you are me?"

"Maybe I'm the me that is you that is I!"

"But if I'm you, and you is me, then who are we if we're not each other?"

The other head gasped. "Maybe we are you who is me who is I that is you who is myself!"

"Oh you'd want me to think that, wouldn't me?!"

Everyone decided to tune him out of sheer necessity to protect their sanity.

Wes groaned as he placed an important looking microchip down. "I just realized that we recently gained the ability to talk to the rest of you. And now I wish we never did in the first place. Scientists are crazy for saying we should learn how to speak with you creatures; you're insane! We shouldn't communicate with Pokémon."

"Oh please, Wes. Like you humans are any different. It kind makes sense crazy attracts crazy." Espeon theorized as he snuggled on to the pillow on Wes' bed.

"I honestly find you all different as well," Everyone turned to the wall where Delta Wartortle was leaning on. "But honestly a good kind. All my life I've had this sense of danger whenever I was around the scientists and all those test they put me through. For all of my life, I felt tense, anxious much like my fellow experiment Ivysaur there, and I had this feeling of death hanging over me every second that would get worse if I didn't meet the labcoat's results. Yet when you first opened me up this morning… that feeling has just... gone… and I've never felt such a feeling before… and I like it… I really like it."

To be honest the rest of the group didn't know how to react to that, but they felt a small bit of pride. Despite how they seemingly get on each other's nerves, apparently their band of misfits and idiots were preferable to insane, cold blooded scientists! … Though, if one thought about it, anything would be a better choice than the latter option.

Takezo smiled. "I believe that is called relief from anxiety. I've studied and mastered a human art of meditation where it allows you to find you inner peace where you come into a state where you don't feel such an emotional turmoil. If you would let me, I can be sure to never let you feel such anxiety again."

"You can get rid of it for good?" Wartortle asked in a hopefully tone.

Takezo shook his head. "Meditation is not meant for that. Nor would you want to remove such a trait that proves you are alive. However, meditation will allow you to come to terms with your emotions, and ultimately make you understand why you felt as you did before and why you feel differently now. This understanding will help you almost never let emotions like those control you for the rest of your life."

Wartortle seemed to think about that. "I'd like that. I'd very much like that."

"Can I join in?" Ivysaur hopefully asked.

Anto took out a Dusk Ball. "Well I wish this guy would come…" The Pokémon inside the sphere was a very angry beast. Anto had reservations at opening him up when everyone was still recovering so he was still kept within the sphere. "Delta Charmeleon… why was he so angry?"

"That may be partly my fault." Wartortle admitted ruefully. "Fighting him was one of the 'tests' I had to go through. From what few times I could gather, he was far more rebellious to our captors. He always tried fighting them, but he would always fail. The scientists would send me to subdue him at times of his rage. I think all of that restraining has hurt him. He thinks everyone is out to get him and I don't think he's realized he's had the chance to be free."

Anto's grip on the Dusk Ball tightened. "… I guess that means we have to show him it's over. That with us, we won't harm him."

"We'd have to get over the initial stage of him not trusting us though…" Takezo noted.

"Hey, I've handled you three so far, and I've done alright." Anto tried to support his idea.

Wes leaned away from the desk and turned to Anto. "Wait, didn't Takezo pretty much take care of you until you met with Tracey? Also, didn't Ohko beat you up when you and he first met? Lastly, didn't all three of your Pokémon help save you when you were knocked out unconscious?"

Anto placed his hand on his chin and thought about that deeply. "That… that didn't occur to me."

"All that means is that I have to handle our newcomer." Takezo mockingly puffed his chest.

Anto smirked. "Just as long as you don't get him obsessed with the idea of Summer and Wes becoming a couple."

Then the mute received a glare from the Snagger.

After a few seconds, everyone in the room burst to laughter. The two newcomers, Ivysaur and Wartortle smiled genuinely for what felt like the first time in a long time. They prayed to whatever being up there that this wasn't a dream and that if it was they never want to wake up again.

"Welp, I'm going to go get a snack," Anto stood up. "Anyone want anything?"

Wes pointed up to catch his attention. "Oh, see if they still have blueberry bagels here in this center."

"Didn't we have too much of those?"

"Then what are you getting?"

"Fine, blue berry bagels it is."

Everyone waved goodbye to Anto as he left.

On his way down, he was able to spot something in the main lobby of the Pokémon center he didn't spot before: a piano.

Anto stared at the lonely piano at the middle of the lobby. He felt the entire world darken—not in a bad way. As if the piano was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life and it was the very first time looking at such an instrument.

He hypnotically made his way to the large wooden instrument, an unknowing smile coming up his lips. He slid into the empty seat, almost childlike and filled with excitement. Placing his hands on the key and gilding his fingers along the surface felt so… relaxing to him.

He pressed one note, and as if by the magic of the single note, a lock felt like it was opened. Anto closed his eyes and placed both of his hands on the piano.

As soon as the first notes played, everyone turned their heads towards the piano and the boy playing it.

There were a few handful of people in the area. Originally they were still quiet after yesterday's bomb scare. However, when Anto started playing, they let themselves all go and relaxed to the melodious tunes of the miniature concert.

No one in the room seemed to know what song that was. They didn't recognize it, but they all agreed that it was quite wonderful. It eased them, made them feel warm and calm.

The newcomers that had just entered into the Pokémon Center stopped and listened to the melodious notes strung together by the instrument and the boy. Three of them especially found it quite attention catching and head turning since they were not Unova natives.

Even a deep purple spiked hair, seventeen year old man with pale skin, piercing blue eyes, blue logo t-shirt with a Master Ball imprinted on the torso, ripped jeans, and wearing black sandals. Lastly he wore a large purple backpack on his back. He also turned his head towards where the music was coming from.

There was also a chestnut brown haired seventeen year old man with chocolate brown eyes, a black T-shirt, and khaki shorts wearing black running shoes that was in the middle of trying out one of Castelia City's famous cones until he looked toward the music playing boy.

As the song finally came to a close, the boy opened his eyes and stared at the pieces in front of him.

The room went back to the way it was before the boy had played, but now some of the side conversations were commenting on the song they had just heard.

However, before Anto could leave, he was approached by someone.

"Wow that was such a nice song you played." A rather sleepy boy drawled on his compliment. He was a brunette wearing a red scarf that stood out along with a red hat.

Anto smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, it was really cool!" A blonde boy with a green scarf wearing some white and orange striped, long sleeve turtle neck, jeans, and rubber shoes energetically commented along the lazily looking boy. Anto noted to himself that these two seemed like polar opposites but good friends by how they were standing close to each other.

It was then he focused on the two Pokémon with them. There was A Chatot on the blonde boy's shoulder and a Munchlax below with the red scarf kid. Those Pokémon were definitely not Unova natives.

"Speaking of!" The blonde boy started off in a high pitched voice that Anto found strange. "Castelia City is so huge! There are Skyscarppers as far as the eye can see!"

The brunette beside him commented. "And their cones are the best as they can be!"

The blonde turned to him. "Even in a new place, is food all you can think about?"

"Not true. I'm looking forward to Unova's well made trout."

"That's still food!" Anto was surprised to see the blond guy slap his friend in what he hoped was a comical manner.

They both smiled and turned to Anto, who just seemed confused at them.

"Huh? It didn't work?" The brunette asked.

"Hmm I guess that's fair, not everyone likes Manzai." The blonde boy answered casually in acceptance.

"Not all places have similar tastes," Anto and the other two boys looked back to a rather elegant girl with blue hair wearing some kind of white hat, fashioning a pink overcoat, had a white scarf around her neck, and wore long white boots on her legs. There seemed to be a heavy air of royalty around her. "Maybe he is simply unfamiliar with style of comedy you show back in Sinnoh."

Anto tilted his head in wonder to who these three were. Where they like a scarf trio or something? And did the girl say Sinnoh? That does explain the Chatot and Munchlax.

"Ahh where are my manners?" The girl turned to Anto. "I am Platinum Berlitz, and these are my closest friends, Dia, sort for Diamond, and Pearl. May I ask the name of someone with wonderful music skills?" Platinum introduced herself and calling the brunette Dia while mentioning Pearl being the name that belonged to the blonde.

Anto blushed at the compliment and rubbed the back of his head. However, he was kind of nervous since he didn't have any writing utensils with him. He sighed before deciding to make hand motions trying to tell them his name.

The moment Anto started moving his hands, two of them had their eyes widen.

"Huh?" Dia questioned as he looked over to his Minchlax and looked back to Anto. "Are you a mime?"

"Dia, he's mute!" Pearl snapped. "Those are hand signs!"

"Oh, so what's he saying?" Dia asked plainly.

Pearl seemed to drop his tension. "Err… Platinum?" He turned to the smarter member of the trio.

The girl shook her head. "I apologize. I do not know sign language."

"His name is Anto."

Anto recognized the voice and looked behind them. But his eyes now widened at who it was, or who he thought it was.

There was a girl with golden brown hair fashioned into a pony tail that reached to the top of her shoulders. She had chocolate brown eyes and was wearing a white designer jacket with a light teal blue T-shirt underneath. She was wearing some kind of loose khaki pants and had some really nice looking black platform shoes.

The four of them, including Anto, just stared at the stylish looking girl heading their way.

"He is a friend of mine, and he is mute." The fashion girl explained while carrying some bags that looked to be filled with conditioners.

Anto seemed confused. Had he met this pretty girl before? And why did she sound so familiar?

It was then another voice came down on them.

"I was wondering where you were Anto. Why does it take so long to get me bagels?"

The group turned to the stairs where Wes had come down to them. He looked to Anto, then the Sinnoh Trio, then to the girl that looked stylish. "Oh hey, Nerd, you're back."

"Summer!?" Anto whipped his head back at the Pokémon Ranger in sheer disbelief. When did she look like that!?

"Wes, when are you going to stop calling me that?! My name is Summer!" She emphasized her own name heavily.

Wes smirked in response. "When you stop making it so easy to tease you. Anyway, glad to see you changed your hair style. You looked like you had a dead Krabby on your head all the time."

"I did not look like I had a Krabby on my head! Right Anto?!" Summer and everyone else turned to the mute sitting on the piano seat.

Anto worrying glanced to both of his friends. He was about to concur with Summer, but then as he thought about it, it kind of did look like a Krabby with the two hair spikes in the front like claws and the other spikes in the back as its legs. He felt himself sweat as he paused to shake his head.

So he did what any good man would do.

"I'm going to get food now." He signed language them all before awkwardly escaping.

Summer was dumbfounded and pointed her hand to Wes without turning her head towards him. "I swear you will regret that Wes."

"Maybe, but for now I'm just going to be mildly smug about it for the rest of the day," Wes shrugged off before looking at her more seriously. "Anyway I have some good news: I was able to fix a majority of your old Capture Styler Functions."

Summer actually brightened and turned excitedly to the ex criminal. "Even the long range communicator?"

"Even that."

"Whoa wait, a Capture Styler?" Pearl interrupted them before pointing to Summer. "You're a Pokémon Ranger?"

"Yeah. My Uniform was a bit ruined due to a recent even so I went shopping for some new clothes in the mean time."

"Oh wow, what's Pokémon Ranger doing all the way here?" Dia asked curiously.

Summer winced a little. "That's… not really public information…" She nervously replied as she scratched her face with one finger.

Wes noticed the uneasiness of Summer and decided to step in. "Hey, you guys aren't from around here right?"

Platinum seemed curious at that assumption. "Yes. How did you know that?"

Wes pointed to the Munchlax and Chatot. "Those two Pokémon are definitely not Unova natives. Anyway, since Anto has been taking too long, I decided to go get my own meal. You guys wanna eat?"

At the mention of food, both Dia and his Munchlax's personalities suddenly perked up. "Food, really where!? I bet it's where Anto went!" Before the two rocketed after the direction Anto escaped.

"What!? Dia, wait! Come back here!" Pearl cried out before he and his Chatot chased after him.

Summer sighed and turned to Platinum. "I see you also have some lively male friends around."

Platinum smiled. "True, but that is why I enjoy being with them so much."

"Oh Arceus, trade with me." Summer begged dramatically.

Platinum blinked before glancing over to Wes. The tan boy wearing blue just shrugged his shoulders. "Trust me. You'd be doing everyone a favor with that." He replied in mild smugness before walking after the other boys.

Platinum seemed confused for a second before she relaxed in a small sigh. "You all sound like you get along so well."

Summer sarcastically laughed. "No. Let's just say our interests are aligned. As soon as I'm done, he's—never mind. I am hungry. Food does sound good right about now." She gave up. Trying to explain things would just give her a headache.


A little later in the afternoon, Anto had Ohko, Takezo, Lily out in a rather secluded area of Castelia City.

Previously, he had just finished having a nice lunch with The Sinnoh Trio or Scarf Trio as Wes secretly dubbed them. It was rather fun hearing how Platinum was actually an heiress and Wes pointing out she did have fancy jewelry about her. During the conversation, it was mentioned that there was a Pokémon League up and coming here in Unova and that caught Platinum's interest. Maybe she would join it after visiting the music festival in Nimbasa City. However, during the conversation, the other three were very careful not to let slip too much about themselves due to the fact it would take a very long time to explain how all four of them got together.

Speaking of four, Tracey was able to come back at one point and was also invited to the meal with new friends. He introduced himself as an assistant to Professor Oak to which caught Paltinum's interests greatly since professor Oak is one of the forerunners in leading the scientific studies of Pokémon. Near the end of their lunch, Platinum and Tracey started speaking in science which confused everyone except Wes for some reason. After the meals, the trio thanked the quad and went on their way.

Now, back to Anto, he and his Pokémon were waiting in a rather secluded area behind a few buildings. It was a little out here, but it made sense to be a great spot for both training… and something else.

"We're here."

Anto turned at the sound of Tracey's voice. Summer was carrying Delta Ivysaur in her arms while Wes had all of his Pokémon out as well. Tracey followed everyone else's example and brought out Scizor, Marill, and Venonat.

"You guys ready?" Anto asked as he took out the Dusk Ball.

Anto let the ball out and out came an angry cry from Delta Charmeleon.

All Pokémon circled around him; the more battle oriented front liners faced him first.

The ghostly skeleton glanced around him, until his skull glanced over to Delta Wartortle.

"YOU!" He roared, his ghost fire at the tip of the tail flared in anger. It's ghost face looked equally ticked off.

He was about to move until Takezo appeared instantly in front of him, placing his wooden blade pointed right at his neck.

"Apologies. But I must ask you to calm down." Takezo glared, ready to fight with the Pokémon if necessary, but will not since that would only hinder their purpose.

"I understand why you hate me," Wartortle began before dropping his battle stance and walking over to him. "But it's different now. I'm no longer here to hurt you."

"LIES!" Charmeleon screeched. He dropped into the shadows with Shadow Sneak, escaping from Takezo and quickly tackled and pinned Delta Wartortle down.

Takezo tried to go after him, as well as everyone else, but Wartotle motioned a stop sign to all of them.

"All those times you've hurt me! It's another one of their experiments isn't it 'Favorite'? What is it this time?" Charmeleon clenched his fist and punched Wartortle hard. What was worse was that Wartortle still didn't want anyone to move."That you can beat me even when you're pinned down and battered up? Oh then even I'm going to like this one!" He punched again before raising his other claw and activating a Shadow Claw.

Takezo knew that that was going too far, but someone else beat him to the punch.

"That is enough!" Anto cried as he grabbed Charmeleon's arm from slashing the downed Wartortle.

"Who the heck are you!? Another blasted scientist?!" Charmeleon snarled before reading his other claw.

Takezo took his other moving claw as a sign to step in again, until…

"WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR ONE SECOND!?" Anto mentally screamed, causing several Pokémon to wince at what felt like a psychic screaming heavy metal into their minds.

After a few seconds, he tried a different approach. He kneeled on one leg and tried talking to him. "… My name is Anto. I was the one that 'caught' you during your escape."

That last word seemed to have stopped Delta Charmeleon's rage momentarily."Escape?"

"You don't remember do you? You just saw the scientist and Pokémon running towards you, so you attacked them like usual."

"I was wondering how I was able to kill them so easily this time. … Wait a sec, you're that odd psychic that screamed at me before!" He pointed accusingly at him, his flames re-igniting behind him

"Not really psychic, but yeah, I did that to stop you from killing them. Also, could you please get off of him? He's really not going to hurt you anymore." Anto pointed to Wartortle.

"W-why should I belive anything you say! This is probably an elaborate trap!" Charmeleon yanked his arm away from Anto and pointed it to his face.

Anto quickly motioned Takezo to stop, which the little normal type was getting a bit peeved at people telling him to stop saving their lives. Anto could see the sorrow in his eyes—umm, he had no eyes, so eye sockets? Err, he still felt the sorrow in Charmeleon's voice. It wasn't that he was angry with everything; it was because everything was hurting him and he tried to fight back. That's why he was so cautious, so angry at him, or at least Wartortle. Was all that fighting to him really over? Of course Charmeleon would have trouble believing that after all of his life in fighting, he suddenly was told he didn't need to fight anymore. That would obviously cause him to doubt such a dramatic change in his life to be possible so quickly.

Anto needed a way to get to Charmeleon without showing any harm. Anto thought about it for a second and decided on his next course of action.

"… If this was really a trap… why are you fully healed?" Anto pointed out. When he got back from the bombing event, he asked—begged Nurse Joy to heal his Pokémon without looking inside. Thankfully, she complied and was able to fully restore Delta Charmeleon.

Charmeleon's tension dropped. He slowly lowered his claw as he re inspected himself. The last thing he felt was being pushed to the point of using his ability; letting his primal instincts kick in after feeling horrible pain coarse through his body… but now he felt as good as new, nothing like back in the lab where they would only fix him up to the point where he wasn't strong enough to escape, but good enough to fight for their stupid tests. So why was he fully healed? Why did he feel at full strength for once? Why did it feel like… someone actually cared for him?

"I don't know if you'll forgive me," Carmeleon turned back to the unnatural dark and fighting type. "But I am sorry for the pain I have caused you in the past. But now? We both have a chance at a new life away from that terrible place I'd very much like to be alive to enjoy it."

Charmeleon hesitated thoughtfully before getting off of Wartortle. Charmeleon then pointed to Anto. "You! … I will take your word as of now. But if I find out that you are lying to me—"

Anto realized the threat, but he saw through it. Putting up a tough act when you're actually scared to the core, it felt familiar to him as well. Something he thought he must have experienced before amnesia. So instead of focusing on that, he decided to thank Charmeleon for giving them a chance and to apologize what had happened to him before.

Hugging a skeleton-ghost-dinosaur thing felt a lot nicer than he originally thought it would be.

"Thanks… and I promise you that you won't feel hurt again, at least with us."

No human was ever that close to Delta Charmeleon before. No one had ever touched him without some kind of physical force applied to stop him. Yet there was this odd boy with the ability to speak to him and was… holding him in a way that he actually… didn't hate…

He felt like he was being protected… and that… he wanted to protect…

"Welcome, Sentinel. Welcome to our merry band of crazy folks, people too stupid to realize the meaning of the word 'abandonment'."


Over yonder, a girl was watching the television screen, flipping through the channels like a bored teenager looking for something good to watch… which was exactly what she was and doing.

However, to her surprise, her brain actually noticed something that stuck out from the television.

"No Billy! I'm not you step brother! I'm You're half Niece!"

No no, the one a little before the Johto Drama Channel.

"I have no comment, nor am I allowed to give out the identities of the civilians helping out in this event. Now if you will excuse me..."

"Whoa, whoa. Wait a sec. That girl on the news… Summer? What the heck is she doing all the way in Unova?" She then continued to watch the program, later learning that she was last seen in Castelia City.

She got off her seat and quickly put on a familiar uniform and a just as familiar device into her wrist before going out the door.

Extra/Omake: Money makes the Whole World Corrupt.

*Summer is trying out the fixed Capture Styler.*

Summer: This works great. I have to admit, good job Wes!

Wes: No problem.

*Anto comes in and seems confused.*

Anto: (Via Sign-language) Wes, I thought you told me that the parts you needed were high quality. Where did you get the money?

*Summer's mood drops and then glares at Wes.*

Wes: (Coughs) … I didn't steal the items if that's what you're implying.

Summer: Then what did you do?

Wes: I paid for it alright? I used money like every other person.

*Officer Jenny barges into the room.*

Officer Jenny: Everyone be on high alert! There's a Pickpocket on the loose!

*Anto and Summer glance back at Wes*

Wes: … What? I didn't say it was mine.

[Extra # 2: Custom Settings]

*Summer is waiting near a desk with her Styler on top of it*

*Heavy Metal Music comes out of nowhere and startles Summer.*


Summer: (Covering her ears) Wh-what!? What's going on!?

*Wes pops in through a door with his hands covering his head.*

Wes: (Shouting over loud music.) Oh, I replaced your ring tone with something catchier! Now whenever someone calls you, it will play!

Summer: (Glares at Wes.) CURSE YOU, WES!


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