Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 2: Strange Company

Pokémon: Anto's Bizzare Adventure Chapter 2: There are absolutely no hidden messages, at all.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

-Mark Twain

Deep beneath the fierce and dark currents of the sea, we return to the base of where powerful people be.

Within the halls of science that echoed with bright lights, the great leaders plotted and planned in order to restore their weakened might.

Before, the room was once filled with all who needed to be. Now, excluding the leader, there were only three...

"… Has anyone seen the news lately?" The leader started off the small meeting.

"Err… which one, sir? Is it the Orre region opening up a new Phenac Colosseum… right?" Warden asked.

The leader shook his head, "… Check this paper in the Unova Daily. It's fresh off the press…" He tossed a paper to the middle of the table. A light suddenly appeared below, and projected a larger holographic image of the front page to the entire room.

The headline for today's post was a picture of a young adolescence with his tongue sticking out like some heavy metal guitarist while his entire face looked heavily constipated. Despite his face being like that, the boy was riding on a motorcycle that was about to land on a very well dressed preacher's face.

The headline read as followed: "Kleptomaniac motor biker crushes Team Plasma Preacher from the sky." ("Hrgplshmngrpff!"— Ghetsis quote coming out with full body cast: interviewed right after coming out of emergency treatment. PS. our reporters are very tenacious.)

"… You all realize the two people in this headline is, right?"

"O, man! I be knowin, who he is! He be that Ghetsi Man that we be sellin high computah software too." Majus answers.

Warden takes another look at the boy in the picture. "Hey, isn't that constipated brat, Subject 5?"

"Good, you three now know where you're going."

"We are heading to Unova, sir?" Inquisitor asked.

The Boss looked over to Inquisitor, "Yes, and be sure to catch him quickly. We did not expect him to make such radical 'changes' in our plan without him purposely knowing."

"Since when is running over some over the top, pious preacher with a stolen motorbike considered a 'radical change'?" Warden wondered out loud.

"Since he's now attracted public attention before we even tracked his escape pod. At this rate, he may either die, or get arrested by the police: both equally unacceptable to our plan. You have fifteen minutes to pack."

The three commanders seemed confused at what he said. Warden pointed out the reason why by asking this to his boss, "Doesn't the plane leave in ten minutes though?"

The leader simply stated in a calm manner, "Then you don't want to know what happens if you continue packing and miss it, don't you?"

At that, all three commanders vanished in an instant.

The leader then stood up from his chair and paged someone over a telecom. "Simone, get me Yelnats, I need him to go over our new contract with Team Snagem, there are some things we need to change in that. I'm also going to have to talk with Gonzap... Oh, sorry, wrong button... yes... congratulations on your eight kid and third marriage, Larry. By the way, your fired."

Takezo and Anto were gasping for breath under a tree at some random part of Route 2. It was already late at night and the unlikely duo had finally just escaped the presumed cult called Team Plasma.

"We finally lost those beaver-dam cultists…"

Takezo turned his head at the boy, curious of an odd word he heard, "… Beaver?"

Anto realized his choice of vocabulary, and rubbed the back of his head in confusion. "Huh… I guess that's some kind of expression where I'm from… or was from…" Anto slumped into the tree and looked to the sky: it was absolutely beautiful. The stars where as bright as gold and the night sky were painted in a cosmic blue that blended among space like art on a canvas. "Wow…" Anto gaped. "I've never seen such a beautiful night sky before…"

Takezo tilted his head in confusion at what Anto had just said. "Excuse me? The night sky is always as is."

Anto shrugged and continued to stare at the magnificent sight before him, something told him that the night sky was not always 'as is' as his little friend told him."Oh right, Takezo, Thank you for helping me earlier today. I could have been in the hospital again, or worse, the morgue!"

Takezo nodded, still a little surprised at being called a name despite not technically being owned by this boy. "It is of little consequence. However, you are aware that giving me another name implies that I belong to you, correct? Even though you are not technically my current trainer."

Anto shrugged, "… So you don't like the name?"

Takezo shook his head. "On the contrary, I find it very… exotic and filled with mystic knowledge. I may actually start taking that as my true name. But still, I wonder how you can come with such a word since your memories have been lost."

Anto's eyes snapped open, as if he remembered something, "Right! You said you actually saw me before! What was I like!?"

"… Hmm… it is not a very long story, but it is a very curious one…" Takezo regaled the tale of how an almost otherworldly device fell from the sky and landed near the forest he was currently staying in. Then he told the boy about finding him coming out of the orb, mortally wounded. In a desperate attempt, Takezo had begged for the assistance of several Audinos who gave him herbs to help slow the wounds.

But it still wasn't enough, Takezo explained that the best person to heal a human were other humans. Since he couldn't speak any human language, Takezo told the boy that he had come up with the idea of attacking trainers in an attempt to have them tempted to catch him. In a sense, it did work, but not the way he expected. Takezo described one trainer who brought him to the medical facility, someone who also had the ability to speak and hear Pokémon, but on an oral level.

Anto stopped Takezo there. He was surprised to hear that there was also someone there who could also understand Pokémon, but Takezo believed they were different. This was because his ability seemed natural, where as Anto's seemed very out of place, considering his muted voice and amnesia. Still, the way Takezo described the trainer made Anto feel as if he knew him… or maybe even glanced at him as he was running away from a certain crowd… but where?

"But during the whole period, I was very curious of who you were. So after the trainer had his Pokémon bring you to safety, I waited a bit before heading into the city myself. There, I found you running for your life, and the rest is now held within memory." Takezo finished disclosing his tale.

"Wait, what happened to that machine I fell out off?"

"That was the reason I did not follow the trainer or you immediately after you went towards your human medical centers. I quickly went to the crash site, only to find the machine to have disappeared completely, leaving only the damage in the forest where it once was."

"Wow… what the heck happened to me?" Anto wondered as he stared back into the sky.

Takezo nodded, "At this point, anything can be said about you and remain true, but…" Takezo also looked up at the sky."It is getting late. We will plan more about this tomorrow."

"Wait? You're going to help me with my memories? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but you don't need to help me so much. Like you said, I'm not your trainer and I don't want to force you to do something you don't want."

Takezo looked back at the boy, surprised at what he had just said. He stared at the boy's amber eyes before silently chuckling. "I suppose you're right… but as it stands, the only thing of interest in my life is training my blade. Not to mention, I did promise my…" Takezo shook his head quiclky before returning back to his topic, "Boy, do you at least remember your name?"

"The only thing that comes to mind is Anto."

"Then, Anto, we shall be helping each other. I will assist in helping you regain your memories, while you assist in keeping me company. This shall be our pact. … It has been a while since I had a companion…"

Anto looked at the Pokémon. Besides him, there was also something mysterious about this one, but he choose to keep it a secret. Curious, Anto asked Takezo a question, "Weren't you with other Patrats?"

Takezo held his wooden blade and fiddled with it as he answered, "Not in the beginning, and later on in my life. They just seemed... uninteresting to me. But it's a story for another time, go to sleep." Takezo dismissed the topic at a quick speed, almost cold and spiteful at the mention of other Patrats.

Anto wondered about that, but he saw Takezo cuddled into the roots of the tree, preparing himself to sleep.

Secretly, Takezo noted to himself that although they did not know much about Anto's past, his character seemed to at least be quite caring to put another's well being before his own, much like a gentle but melancholic memory.

Takezo quickly fell asleep. Anto looked up to the sky one last time before also hitting the hay.

The wind blew softly… the sand beneath the feet were smooth and very hot… the waves washed back and forth in the most soothing sounds… palm trees stood tall and gave relaxing shade to anyone in need…

Here, Anto stood confused, and bamboozled under a bright beach sun.

Something felt off with this place, and not just the fact that he was sure he was nowhere near a beach before he slept, yet Anto didn't understand what it was going on. He looked around for Takezo, or anyone for that matter, but found only himself.

After closer inspection, he found himself on a small deserted island.

"… How did I—what? I can talk again?!" Anto screamed in his own voice. He was very surprised that he could talk again. However, even though he was glad to talk, he still had no idea what was going on. Actually, he was becoming more and more confused.

"… Hey! Takezo! Where are you!?" He cried out.

The only sounds that can be heard are the winds blowing softly and the waves coming back and forth.

"… This is so weird… huh?" Something caught Anto's attention: some kind of… screen? Floating above the beach shore?

Anto walked slowly towards it, and found something very odd written on it:

Takezo/Patrat. Lv. 10+ (*Limit Surpassed*)

Ability: Analytic (increases power of attacks by 30%)

HP: 62 (+3)

*Attack: 34 (+3—+4)

Defense: 28 (+2—+4)

Special Attack: 11 (+0—+1)

Special Defense: 26 (+2—+4)

**Speed: 42 (+4—+5)

Moves: Cut, Swords Dance, Assurance.

The more he looked at it, the more it made less sense. It looked like some kind of stat board of Takezo. And something felt… strangely familiar about the set up. Had he seen something like this before?

There was also something that was bugging him: Level 10+? Limit Surpassed? What did those mean? Did it have anything to do with Takezo's surprising battle efficiency?

Suddenly, Anto heard sounds of something coming closer to him. He looked behind him and noticed some huge blob of purple that slowly taking some kind of four legged form… it started to take the form of a Pokémon… a Sawsbuck, if his memory was still right. Wait, his head was starting to hurt… The thing looked like a Sawsbuck, but… it was something different?

... What?

Regardless, the odd Sawsbuck simply stared right at Anto. Anto was beyond confused; what was going on?

"Confusing isn't it?"

"What? Who said that?" Anto cried out as he looked around. In fact, that voice a while ago sounded a lot like… himself? But how? He wasn't even talking then, and it didn't feel like it came from the blob though.

Thinking of it, Anto looked back at the odd shaped blob, but it suddenly rushed for Anto and covered his vision in pure black. The last thing he saw was darkness followed by a bloodshot eye glaring fiercely at him.

Anto jumped out of the trunk gasping for breath. He found himself silent again as his panting seemed to make no sound. He quickly looked around the area and found himself under the same tree he had slept in last night. Anto moved his hand to his head and wondered if those odd events before was a very obscure dream.


Well, at least his stomach could still make sounds. Anto looked toward to where Takezo was, but he saw that the Patrat was not in his sleeping area.

"Takezo? Where are you?" Anto thought in his mind, but there was no response. Anto got up and started walking around the forest he slept on. As he did, he looked at his clothes: there was still that dried stink on his right shoulder, dried sweat from all that running yesterday, and now there was dirt, mud and leaves all over him.

Anto wished he was at least near a Pokémon Center, because if he recalled correctly, they allow free service to trainers.

… But he technically wasn't a trainer… well… at least right now. But Anto thought about it a bit more, he had a lot of odd basic knowledge to his mind: He knew about half a dozen region's names and Pokémon starting from Kanto to Kalos. He had some odd knowledge about all of their legendary Pokémon as well though he had no re collection where he had read such odd information about them or how he knew those things.

Perhaps he was a trainer then? He did see an odd figure of a Sawsbuck in his dream, so did he have one before whatever event made him lose his memory?

Anto's thoughts were distracted as he realized he heard the sound of running water. He had wandered near a pool with a waterfall falling from a cliff.

"Oh, you have awakened, good morning, Anto."

Anto looked back and saw Takezo behind him holding a bunch of berries. "I had searched around, and fortunately, I had stumbled upon a wide variety of berries. Would you care—" Takezo suddenly sniffed the air. He sniffed the air several times before returning his gaze back to Anto "… Anto… forgive the expression, but you stink. Literally."

"Umm… yeah… I really need to clean my clothes and myself…"

Takezo dropped the berries into the ground and pointed to the waterfall."Do it here… now." He chirped.


"I have a sharper sense of smell than you, but I am not going to torture my nose any longer by letting you stay in that stench for the rest of the day," Takezo folded his arms like a strict father."So strip."

"C-can't I just wait till we get to a Pokémon Center!?" Anto shook his hands in front of him. He had a huge blush on his face.

Takezo tapped his foot impatiently. He glared at his human ally while his own nose started to twicth. "Alright, let us try to compromise: either you go and shower now, or I strip you myself and force you to wash yourself."

"B-but what about my clothes?" Anto said as he slowly gripped his jacket.

Takezo picked up a few berries, "Do not worry, I have experience with human clothes before."

"Y-you what?" Anto thought, misinterpreting those words.

"Strip faster!"

Anto stared at his new freshly smelling clothes as he held an oran berry. "How the heck did you know that a chesto berry would dry my clothes so quickly, and make them smell good?"

"Allow me to simply state that I learned some rather unorthodox methods over the course of my life... and just so you know, I am not as old as you assume I am." Takezo chirped as he ate a pecha berry.

"What, you're not like some kind of super old and wise sage dude?"

"Anto, I am only sixteen years old. That's fairly young considering human lifespans."

Anto stopped for one minute as his eyes widened in sheer shock. He was just trying to wrap around the concept of his friend, his approximately 1'10 foot tall friend, was older than him by only a few years.

"Six...Sixteen!? I assumed I'm at most fourteen years old! But you're older than me by only two to three years!?"

Takezo smiled mischievously, "Who knows? But if your are still wondering: I shall not answer any questions that tie to my life as of yet."

"... Could you be anymore enigmatic?" Anto complained as he looked to his companion.

"You must spend more time with me in order to learn my secrets Anto." Tekezo explained with a slight tease in his tone.

"Well I can't tell you my secrets if I wanted to, because I forgot." Anto responded as he kicked a small rock of the dirt road they were walking down.

Takezo's playful torment died down quickly, he gave Anto a determined look before saying, "And I am helping you remember those secrets. Have faith Anto."

Anto felt relieved from hearing that. He truly was grateful for Takezo helping him, and with someone like him who could handle several other Pokémon with ease, he would get his memories back for sure.

"Hold it!" A voice called out and stopped the two. Then they stared in shock at an ugly sight: there was this large fat man dressed in clothes clearly designed for younger people, like a cap and blue jeans. Beside him was some odd looking Pachirisu dressed up as a Pikachu with poorly designed cardboard and finger paint.

"Why… are you humans so weird?" Takezo sweat dropped.

"No comment." Anto replied, suddenly wishing that he he became an amnesiac after seeing the sight of the man's bellybutton pointing outward for a few seconds.

The big guy struck a pose that made his stomach jiggle and shake more than it should. "I, Ash Ketchum challenge you to a Pokémon battle with my trusty Pikachu!" He cried out.

"(Pachirisu!) I am clearly not wearing a cardboard box!" His Pokémon stated as he fixed its head in the least subtle manner possible.

"You bring shame onto our entire Pokémon species." Takezo dryly stated.

"Ash Ketchum? … That name sounds familiar…" Anto put his hand on his chin.

"I once saw a televised cast of the True Ash Ketchum in a Pokémon battle. He was quite honorable, but this poor man… once more, how shameful of them." Takezo shook his head in disappointment.

"Hey, battle me, cause I'm Ash Ketchum!" The wannabe screamed.

Anto sighed and took out his note pad. He wrote on it and showed what he had written down: "I'm mute, I can't battle you. Two: You're NOT Ash Ketchum."

The man gasped, "How dare you! Come on Pikachu, let's show him our bond that has lasted for a long, but oddly vague, amount of time!" He shouted out for some reason. "Use Thunderbolt on his Patrat!"

"Take this!" The Pachirisu cried, launching a powerful bolt towards the two. Anto and Takezo separated and avoided the attack.

Takezo drew his blade and faced the sad copy. "I truly did not wish to fight, but since it has come to this… prepare yourself for dishonoring another's name!"

"Thunderbolt again!" The copy cried. Immediately, another powerful attack was launched. Takezo avoided the attack and rushed for the Pokémon impersonator. However, the Pachirisu avoided Takezo's slash by jumping over him.

"Now Thunderbolt!" The poser cried out. Mid air, the pale Pikachu copy blasted another bolt towards Takezo and it made contact. The Blast shocked Takezo and sent him flying.

"Takezo!" Anto cried.

The Patrat gritted his teeth, "It appears I have underestimated my enemy…"

Anto glanced over to the Pachirisu then suddenly, a flood of information hit Anto's mind. "T-Takezo, Pachirsu, or other electric Pokémon in general, are faster by default! Close combat for you is near impossible in this situation. If this keeps up, you'll be knocked out!"

"Then what must I do then!?" Takezo cried out as he avoided another Thunderbolt.

"I have an idea… it's kind of crude, but if you trust me, it should work!"

"… I trust you, Anto." Takezo said.

"Of course ya do, it's kind of easy to trust an amnesiac…" Anto responded with a smirk,"Here's the plan!"

The two copy cats looked in confusion at the other two. It almost seemed like the Patrat was the one giving the orders and the human was simply nodding his head. "Is he really mute?" The man asked, but his 'Pikachu' just shrugged its shoulders.

The two snapped out of it when the enemy Patrat took a stance ready to attack, but it surprised them when the Patrat threw its sword high to the sky! The two people looked up at the blade, but when they looked back down, Patrat was already at close range!

"Cut! Follow it up with Assurance, then you know what to do!" Anto cried out in his head.

With a karate chop from his right hand, Takezo slashed at the Pikachu copy vertically, and cut off the stupid cardboard box it was wearing. Then he followed right after that attack by using the same right palm to turn dark purple then slamming it upward into his opponent's chin, which sent him flying. But Takezo reacted quickly and grabbed the tail of the electric squirrel, and threw him backwards.

"AAH! Pachi! I-I mean Pikachu! No!" The copycat cried out.

The Pachirisu slowly got back up. "I-I've been through worse…"

His trainer looked angry. "Why you! Pikachu, use Discharge!"

The little creature quickly exploded with a large area of effect attack that struck Takezo and sent him flying.

"Takezo, are you alright?!" Anto cried out, worried for his friend.

Takezo slowly got back up as well, but electricity sparked all around him and greatly impaired his movements.

"HA! You're Pokémon is Paralyzed!" The trainer imposter cried. "Now, Pikachu, finish it with Thunderbolt!"

The poorly colored Pokémon gathered energy for its attack. "Not so tough now, are ya!?"

However, both imposters looked confused to see a calm smile on both of their opponents. Before Pachirisu could launch its finishing move, Anto pointed up to the sky while Takezo said to Pacirisu, "You did not pay attention: I would not stand there if I were you."

The two wondered what they meant, but a shadow caught their attention. When they both looked up, they immediately saw the sword quickly fall down and smack Pachirisu square in the head! The blow was the final hit needed to knock out the electric Pokémon.

"No! We lost! But how!? We beat all of those other trainers!" The guy cried out as he dropped to his knees.

The poser suddenly felt a light stinging pain at the back of his head and he looked back up to see Anto had just slapped his head with a note pad. Anto also showed something written on that notepad: "Quit trying to copy him, and tell me who you really are."

The guy looked over to his Pokémon, where he saw Takezo give him a sitrus berry, while he himself was holding a cherri berry.

"You fight well, why really on another's fame when you clearly can hold out on your own?" Takezo asked the Pachirisu.

The man sighed in defeat. It took him a minute but he finally told Anto who he was, "My... my real name is Harold. It's always my dream to be famous because… I-I want to be a guy who his own Pokémon can be proud of, like that Ash kid! … And not some fat, old loser like me…"

The Pachirisu answered Takezo, "Who the heck cares for a nobody like me? If I was that Pikachu guy, maybe people would laugh less at Harold for having such a 'girly' Pokémon…"

"And who told you that you were girly?" Takezo asked.

"Other trainer's Pokémon…"

Anto and Takezo looked at each other. "Takezo… did you understand this man?" Anto asked, being the only one to understand both conversations.

"No, as I said before, I don't understand any human language. I doubt this Pokémon does as well."

"Hunh…" Anto started scribbling something down on his note pad. It looked to be long since he was writing it for a while, but then he showed his message to Harold:

"Harold, don't let the insults of other people bring you down. I'm sure your real Pokémon, Pachi, is proud of you for who you are regardless of what other people say, but you need to trust in yourself first."

Then Anto turned to the Pachirisu.

"Hey." He directed his inner voice to him.

The Pachirisu jumped in surprise. "Whoa! Are you a psychic!?"

"It's complicated, but I'll say yes for now," Anto noted quickly that this odd communication worked when he 'directed' his voice to the Pokémon he wanted to talk to. "Listen, I heard about your problem, and I think you shouldn't care what other jerks think of you. Harold thinks of you as an amazing guy, but you both have the problem of not believing in yourselves. Just know that if you don't like yourself, your hurting other people too—" Anto was interrupted as he suddenly saw a flash of images in his mind, something about a girl, but it quickly vanished.

Noticing that odd moment, Takezo asked, "Are you alright, Anto?"


"OK…" Harold said as he finished reading the message. He stood up, walked up to his Pokémon, then kneeled back down. "Look, Pachi, I'm sorry you got partnered up with a lousy trainer, but if you give me another chance, I think we can be more famous than Ash Ketchum, or even Red, heck! We could be more famous and successful than all those Pokédex wielders combined! But… we need to be just plain old Harold and Pachi before we can get there… so how about it? Ready to try this again as ourselves?"

Pachi quickly wiped off the paint around his face and smiled before jumping into Harold's arms in a warm embrace.

"I did not understand a word he said," Takezo commented, which made Anto turn a slightly disappointed look towards his companion. "However, even I felt true sincerity and acceptance in his words and in his eyes. And I'm sure Pachi did as well."

The two then simply watched the other two rather confident living beings hug their problems out.

Anto and Takezo waved goodbye to Pachi and Harold. However, as a token of appreciation, Harold gave Anto a map of Unova, 2000 Pokédollars, two Pokéballs, one Great Ball, and directions to get to Striaton City soon before the day ended.

"He was way too generous with the gifts he gave me…" Anto commented to Takezo as he read the map on their way to Stiation City.

"Kindness is quite contagious," Takezo squeaked. "He showed you kindness because you showed him kindness."

Anto raised his brow, "What do you mean by that? I didn't do anything worthwhile."

"Modest and kind, either that, or your oblivious… Anto, you helped those two understand each other when they were too depressed or distracted to realize what the other was feeling."

"I think you're giving me too much credit, I think anyone could have done that…"

"Perhaps, yet you are still kind and that too is worth praise as well." Takezo finished.

Anto blushed, "Aww shucks, Takezo… but thank you… so now that this crazy morning is over with, how do we get back my memories?"

Takezo place a hand on his chin as he walked. He closed his eyes and began speculating, "What I would like to assume is that some humans know what happened to you. After all, you came from a human machine; therefore, humans know or knew what happened to you. But the questions are who did that to you? And why?"

Anto looked over to Takezo and asked, "How do we answer those questions?"

"Let us travel to all Human areas here and see if we can find a connection. Humans are mostly found in their own man made jungles, or what you call cities or towns, so there is a chance we may find what you are looking for there." Takezo assumed.

"You want me to ask everyone I can see within my gaze?" Anto raised his brow.

"No, not truly, because I have this odd sensation that the answers will find you, since so far, you seem to attract trouble like Klangs are attracted to larger gears. I am fairly certain your answers will come in a violent and absurd manner that shall only affect you." Takezo teased.


Takezo laughed, and soon, Anto laughed with him. For two people who had met only a day before, one could almost mistake them as life long friends.


Anto and Takezo looked over to see a slightly older kid. This young man was slightly older than Anto. He had dark green hair that was parted in the middle, he wore a red head band, he was wearing a new black shirt with a Pokéball symbol in the middle, his pants were red shorts, and he was wearing purple shoes. He was holding a larger notebook, or a sketch pad, with a pen in his hands.

The young man walked over to the two. Specifically, he walked over to Takezo and quickly seemed to scan the bamboozled little creature.

The stranger simply smiled as he nodded his head as if he was satisfying a private question or assumption. "The color of your eyes are so vivid! Those are sure fire signs to show that you are a very healthy Patrat! And is that a sword? That's so amazing, I never thought of a Patrat being able to wield human tools!"

Anto gave a strange, shocked look in his face while Takezo tilted his head at the stranger.

"I've haven't seen a Pokémon and his trainer get along so well since… hmm, a while! Hey, do you mind if I sketch your Pokémon?" He asked the still dazed and confused Anto.

"Uh, hello?" The older boy wondered why they were still staring at him weirdly. He suddenly realised his fault and laughed at himself nervously. "Oops, I did it again huh?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I got so excited," He apologized. "My name is Tracey Sketchit, I'm an assistant of Professor Oak, and I'm a Pokémon Watcher. I came to the Unova region because Professor Oak wanted to update his digital images with more organic drawings instead, so he asked me to help draw him some new images. Who might you two be?" He openly told them.

Anto scribbled on his note pad and answered: "Hello, Tracey, my name is Anto, and this little guy is Takezo. Sorry for talking like this, but I'm mute…"

Tracey seemed startled and he tried to correct himself, "I am so sorry to hear that—I mean read that—err… I am sorry about that." Tracey said as he bowed.

Anto quickly wrote again: "It's alright, so why do you want to draw Takezo and me specifically?"

Tracey nervously rubs his head and chuckles. "Well to be honest, you two remind me of my best friend: Ash and his Pikachu."

It was the second time the two had heard of that name. Was there some kind of connection?

"His name again?" Takezo squeaked.

"It might just be coincidence… but it feels unlikely…" Anto wrote again: "Tracey, we may not look it, but we've had a tiring morning. Could we go to Striation City's Pokémon Center first and talk more about this sketch later?"

"Oh sure, no problem!" Trace happily complied. "I just left there recently. I'll show you guys back there." Then he went ahead of them and started leading them to the city.

While they were walking behind Tracey, Takezo spoke in a low voice. "Anto?"

"Yeah, Takezo?"

"… You really do attract odd circumstances." He commented again, but this time, it seemed that it was mentioned as a more thoughtful note than a joke.

However, Anto didn't notice that. "Hey!" Anto shouted back in his head.

"Anto," Tracey called out and interrupted what might have been a 'fun' conversation. "That's a very artistic shirt you have there," He pointed to Anto's Union Jack Shirt as he walked, "I've never seen that type of brand and pattern before. Where did you get it?"

Anto scribbled on a piece of paper: "I don't know actually."

Tracey stopped and asked, "Huh? Why?"

Anto sighed. Anto explained that he had actually lost his memory, and that Takezo was helping him regain his memories. However, when Anto told the story, he told Tracey everything but the fact he could hear and talk to other Pokémon mentally,and the fact that he fell from the sky from a metal object.

"Anto, why are you not telling him about your ability? Or the machine?" Takezo wondered.

Anto rubbed the back of his head. "I… I have this weird feeling that no one would believe me if I told them, and… I just don't think it's a good idea to let other people know right now."

Takezo nodded and folded his arms. "You're choice then, just be sure to explain soon, or else this secret may cause trouble in the unknown future."

Tracey, on the other hand, was shocked at Anto's story. "You ran over a human being with a stolen motorcycle?!" After hearing his story, Tracey pitied Anto's situation. "Anto, don't lose hope, let me join you and help you find your memories!"

Anto was rather surprised at the reaction Tracey was giving, it was nice, almost 'kid cartoon nice'...

He didn't know why those words crossed his subconscious, but he quickly wrote down something,"Really? I don't want to trouble you or anything."

"Nonsense!" Tracey declared. "We'll travel around Unova, and see if there's anyone who knows about you! Besides, I'm supposed to draw Pokémon all over this region, so my task won't be affected at all! Lastly, I always find it way more fun to travel in groups!"

Anto thanked Tracey for his kindness, but they all agreed that they should head to town first and plan what to do next.

After a walking for a few minutes, the group had entered Striation City, and was now making their way to the Pokémon Center. Anto took in the sites of the place and was happy to see everyone with their Pokémon playing or walking around. However, something felt odd as Anto noticed several people staring back at him and whispering something between themselves.

In the distance, Anto saw an odd sight of several bald men wearing some black and red uniform suspiciously walking in a random direction. But he just dismissed them as a bunch of people who live in this town.

As they entered the Pokémon Center they spotted Nurse Joy with Officer Jenny at the counter.

"Hello, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny." Tracey called out.

The two turned and greeted Tracey back, "Hello son—huh?! You!?" But then Officer Jenny noticed Anto and pointed at him questioningly.

"Is there a problem Officer?" Tracey asked.

"Shut it!" She said as she took out handcuffs and placed them on Anto. "You, Biker thief! You're under arrest for assault, grand theft auto, and attempted manslaughter!"

"Huh, I was wondering why I felt like I forgot something…" Anto realized that he had forgotten that he had ran over some weirdo just yesterday.

Technically speaking, he was a wanted criminal after all.

The Officer pulled out Anto and started pushing him out of the center. "You have the right to remain silent—" Anto quickly rolled his eyes, "Anything that you say can be used against you in court." She recited.

"Wait, officer, this is a misunderstanding!" Tracey tried to defend him but then Officer Jenny cuffed him as well.

"You must be his accomplice!" She judged wrongly.

"What?! No, I'm with—!"

"I read the rights to him, so pretend I'm reading them again to you. Let's go you punks!" Officer Jenny quickly cuffed Trace and pushed him out as well. Anto sure was surprised at how buff Officer Jenny really was, or that he really needed to work out.

"Wow, I was merely joking about you attracting trouble, but this is surprisingly very amusing." Takezo chirped as he tagged behind Anto.

Anto looked pleadingly to his Pokémon. "Don't just walk there, help me!"

"I'll go with you, I do not disobey laws."

"You're the best Patrat in the world." Anto mentally stated.

"Ahh, it appears you are capable of sarcasm. See? These events are helping you return to who you once were."

"Stop being so witty and formal at the same time!"


Anto was just shoved into a cage and it quickly closed behind him. He was arrested, separated from Takezo again, and worse was he brought Tracey along with him to jail. Anto sure was feeling guilty, but at least things couldn't get worse.

"Oi, looky at what the police officer dragged in…"

Anto finally noticed that he wasn't alone in the cell. As some of the people came out of the shadows, Anto's eyes widened as wide as walnuts. It was the gang he stole the bike from…

"If it ain't mister poet, sooooo good to be seeing ya, bra. 'Fraid the feds got you and brought you somewhere else… but thank lord Arceus or Mew or whateves that you landed in our humble abode…" The Leader of the Biker Gang said as he made a welcoming gesture to Anto. "Oh? I be seeing ya don't have that Patrat with ya's…" He smiled.

Anto moaned—well he would have if a sound came out, but it just looked like he was having some odd crick in his jaw. But don't worry there will be an actual crick in that jaw soon.


Deep within a room filled with countless screens of countless areas and scenarios, the leader stands on the main balcony, grinding his teeth in frustration.

"Is what you're saying true? Has Zygrade truly left the Kalos region?"

One of the technicians answered in a thick, familiar accent, "Yea boss! Young Shelia's energy signal been detected down under Kalos for some time, but clever girl's gone down and made its way towards Unova!"

"… OK… why did you code name Zygrade, Young Shelia?"

"Well ya see, boss, it started with these here two roisterdoisters were getin them almond's and adam's on—"

"Forget I asked. Get back to work without talking for one hour, and you all get a 10% raise," The leader said as he exited behind the door. He took out a jug and drank from it for a while.

"Haa… great, now the legendaries are picking up the energy from the Seed. My commanders need to hurry up or else the host might… bah! I need more apple cider!"

"Oi, boss, ya better not be elephant's again. Don't wan' another round of you knows what." A guard called out.

"I told you people: I quit drinking!"

"Well, this place is definitely different from Orre. But yeesh, being out in the dessert so much, the normal temperature places start feeling so cold."


"Will it kill ya to show even some reaction? You, heck, almost everyone here have never been outside Orre! Look at them all... they couldn't stop looking out the windows like they were kids..."


"You really don't care as long as we get the mission done right?"


"Fine! This always happens when I try to talk to you anyway... I still wonder how you only seem to listen to Gonzap."

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