Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 3: Knotting Destinies

Pokémon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure. Course 3: Enter, Team Snagem's Ace!

I'm falling down eternity,

Catching anything and everything I can,

I grab on the stars, the planets, the galaxies, light, and darkness,

I even grab the fabrics of space and time,

But I still fall,

I fall into the forever,


"Please, Officer Jenny, you've got to let Anto out of there! All of those things he did were a complete accident!" Tracey explained to her as he was walking with Officer Jenny back into jail.

Officer Jenny sighed in defeat. Tracey had used his one phone call to ask for Professor Oak, easily the most famous Pokémon researcher in the world, and he explained to her that Tracey was his assistant. She apologized profusely for the misunderstanding and let the young boy go.

Now they were on their way to meet with the other boy. "Fine... If you, who has actual credentials from Professor Oak, say he's OK, then chances are you know what you're saying. Now I feel bad for locking him up with some of our tougher guests…"

As they entered the hallway where Anto was, they heard a harmonica playing a very catchy tune. Sounds of tapping and banging were in rhythm with the harmonica to make a surprisingly melodious tune. Lastly, there was a very deep voice singing and echoing throughout the walls.

~On the day I was born, The nurses all gathered 'round...~

Officer Jenny, and Tracey were shocked. Despite being confused at the sudden, yet surprisingly good music, they slowly made their way to Anto's cell.

~And they gazed in wide wonder, At the joy they had found...~

The other cages all showed the inmates deep in meditation to the song, tapping their feet or whatever to be in rhythm with the song.

~The head nurse spoke up, Said "leave this one alone" She could tell right away That I was bad to the bone~

At Anto's cell, the group found themselves surprised to see that the harmonica player was actually Anto himself. The biker leader was the one singing in an almost hypnotic voice as he weaved his deep voice amazingly to the song.

~Bad to the bone Bad to the boneB-B-B-B-Bad B-B-B-B-BadB-B-B-B-Bad Bad to the bone~

"Hey!" Officer Jenny yelled, making everyone in the room stop. Everyone turned angrily to the person who stopped their entertainment, but just as quickly groaned in defeat as they soon realized Officer Jenny returned.

The eye patched singer complained, "Oh come on, Jen, we was havin a ball."

"That's Officer Jenny to you, Dante. I'm cutting this jail house blues to a stop."

"OH!" The man named Dante pointed at her then slapped his knee. He showed wide eyes and an increasingly big smile. "That's the perfect name for our new band: Jail House Blues!"

Officer Jenny facepalmed and whispered something, "… Give me strength…" Then she opened up the cage. "We're here to take your harmonica boy, he's clear of charges."

At that mention, everyone, even in the nearby cages, expressed disappointment at the loss of their new hobby. "Aww…"

Anto tapped the one named Dante on his shoulder and gave him a nod telling him it will be alright before getting out of the cell.

Jenny and Tracey then turned around and made their way out of the cell area.

However, as Anto waved goodbye nervously at the former enemies trying to break his neck, a hand came out from one of the cells nearby and pulled Anto's sleeve. Anto was startled and saw an old man who had just grabbed him.

The old man's appearance went something like this: he was shaking uncontrollably, there were three scars over his left eye while one of his arms looked crippled and malnourished to the point it looked like a stick. Anto briefly wondered why such a man was actually in jail and not in a hospital, or even a mental institute. The man's right eye twitched uncontrollably while his own hand seemed to grip Anto's shirt shakily.

"Hey, let go of him old man Koe." Dante threatened lightly, referring to this crippled old man.

"Listen to me kid…" Koe whispered lightly in a raspy and dry voice. Anto couldn't help but notice a sense of fear in his eye as he stared into his own. "Be careful out there, something big is going to happen soon… beware the danger." The old man looked like he was about to say more, but he started coughing and let go of his sleeve. Then, after letting go, he huddled into a dark corner of his own cell and silenced himself.

Anto stared at him as Koe silently retreated to his cage. He wondered what that was all about. Danger? While Anto had found himself to be quite the magnet for trouble, he never really thought of his life being at risk. But that also brought up something odd, why was he so apathetic to that odd warning just now? Was Anto simply just ignoring the strange cries of a mad man? No, Anto had taken him seriously: the fear in his eyes seemed far too authentic to be the raging insanity of some strange man.

So if there was danger around the corner, then why did Anto have an odd feeling... a feeling to go rush toward it, to find it?

"Anto, something the matter?" Tracey's voice called out ahead of him.

Anto shook his head quickly, removing the odd thoughts flying within his mind. He simply glanced back ahead to Tracey, who was looking back worryingly back at him. Anto nodded his head and walked to catch up with him.

Tracey thanked Officer Jenny for letting them go when they arrived at the front desk. But she responded with, "Its fine, we already have enough problems to deal with as is…" She wiped her forehead. "Just be sure to behave yourselves, or else."

Anto could have sworn that he thought he saw something like a very serious look on her face for a moment. But he dismissed it as he heard Tracey talk again.

"Yes mam…" Tracey nervously replied. Both he and Anto bowed in respect before leaving.

A little later, Tracey asked Anto something that was bothering him earlier. "Anto, I didn't know you could play the harmonica. But where did you get it?"

Anto just held out the red and gold harmonica in his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

Tracey remembered about Anto's situation and gave him a blank note book. "Here Anto, write out what you want to say on this extra note pad."

Anto took the object then scribbled on the paper and showed it to him, "It's a weird story. It involves someone stripping... I am writing no more than that."

Tracey sweat dropped, but he decided to stop asking more questions. Something told him that he really shouldn't have asked.

Takezo appeared by stepping out behind Tracey with a smile, and simply stared at Anto.

"I don't like this process of regaining my memories back." Anto squinted his eyes at his friend.

"No comment."

As they made their way into the heart of the city, Anto looked around the area again. This time he saw a large group of people passing by in the streets. It was far livelier than the outskirts of town when he and Tracey first arrived. The more people Anto saw; however, the more he felt disheartened by a new, gnawing thought.

Tracey seemed to know something was bothering him. He stopped walking and turned to Anto, "Anto, is something wrong?" he asked with sympathy in his voice.

Anto, as usual, took out the note pad and pen and wrote, "Don't you think that asking random people around if they know me is a bit tedious?"

Tracey placed his hand on his chin, "Yeah, you don't really have any clues other than that necklace of yours and your name, if it really is your name," He realized. "I told Officer Jenny about your amnesia, and she said she would spread the word about an amnesiac named Anto… but it's too vague as is. You might even be from a completely different region…"

The more he thought about it, the harder this actually seemed. How exactly would one go about trying to restore someone's memory?

They could try some psychic therapy: maybe have a psychic and/or psychic Pokémon reach deep into the subconscious and bring those memories back to the surface.

But then again, the results always vary depending on the skill level of both species. Not to mention there have been some cases where such practices would work, but the mental stress of forcing those memories back had some damaging effects on the patient's personality.

What about a more mechanical approach? Where there any machines that could have help in restoring amnesia?

Sadly, no.

While the technology to physically capture species of completely varying bodies, sizes, and biology, and put them into a wondrous pocket sized white and red sphere was simply ingenious, for some reason the human mind has baffled scientist, neurologists, and psychologist for eons. Making studies on the brain mediocre when compared with the rest of humanity's achievements.

Tracey looked around and spotted a fancy building in the distance, and then he glanced over Anto who was looking at Takezo squeaking and repeating its name. Once more, Anto and Takezo reminded Tracey of both Ash and Pikachu.

At that remembrance, Tracey then had a surprising yet somewhat crazy idea that just might work.

"AH! I have a great idea! Anto, why don't you join Unova's Pokémon league!?"

Anto tilted his head in confusion. The suggestion came out as almost random to him. "What are you talking about?"

Tracey began telling him what his train of thought was. "All region's Pokémon Leagues are telecasted all over the world! If you could join the league, I'm sure someone watching you will recognize who you are and meet with you! So instead of you looking around for them, they will look for you!"

Anto did believe that the thought had its merits: so instead of Anto looking for these people, they would flock to him if they knew where he was.

"That makes sense…"

"Oh wait," Tracey said as he realized the great and plan-stopping flaw of such an idea. "You're mute. It's hard to give orders to Pokémon if you can't even speak."

Anto sweat dropped. He knew that he could just tell Pokémon what to do with his odd pseudo-psychic ability, but he already convinced himself not to tell Tracey. Now he was immediately regretting his decision, but then again, how could he explain he could mentally link with Pokémon? Would Tracey even believe it? Anto had unknowingly made things more complicated on himself.

"Oh!" Tracey said as he made a fist and hit his other palm. There was a new rekindled light in his eyes, "I think we can still make it work! But first we need to meet with one of my friends here! Let me make phone call to him then we can go." Tracey cried as he ran ahead and took out a cell phone. Anto and Takezo looked at each other confused, but then shrugged their shoulders and followed right after Tracey.

After a while, Tracey led them to an odd building that looked like a combination of a tea house with something like ancient stone architecture around it. One sign in front of the building said: Striaion Gym.

"A friend of my friend helps run this gym. I've only met him once, but he should be able to help us out." Tracey explained. "He said that he would be inside, and that we're welcome to just enter through the door. Come on, let's go in."

Anto and Takezo followed Tracey in and saw a grand area that looked to be used as a café, but deeper into the building lay a grand battle field. There, three similar looking waiters, probably triplets, were talking and discussing with each other. The triplets seemed easy enough to distinguish between them because of their different colors and hair styles: one was red, one was blue, and one was green.

The green one smiled and waved as he saw Tracey. "Ah! Tracey, it's good to see you again! I was wondering where that familiar scent was coming from! I should have recognized the air of someone from Pallet Town!"

Tracey went up to him and shook his hand. "It's great to meet you again too, Cilan. It's really too bad we only met each other briefly in our first meeting."

"It's fine!" Cilan smiled, but turned his attention to Anto and Takezo. "Oh, are you a challenger? Sorry, but we're closed for today."

Tracey quickly answered for him. "Ah! No, you see, Cilan, I need your help to help Anto here. He's got a very remarkable problem." Tracey then explained Anto's problem to them, excluding the fact he could 'talk' to other Pokémon and how he fell from the sky.

The triplets listened intently and were rather surprised: Anto was the one mentioned in the news as the one who ran over a team Plasma preacher. Honestly, the picture in the news line made him look almost deformed, but that might have had something to do with the force of wind flying into his face while he was still falling.

Anto noted to himself that he probably shouldn't rely on the newspapers in helping him with his problem, seeing as how they seem more preoccupied in sales and headlines than in helping him. But for now, he would still go along the plan Tracey thought about and had just finished explaining to the triplets.

"Such a bitter and sour flavor!" Cilan said, choosing odd words to describe Anto's situation. "My brothers and I would love to help with Anto getting past his battling mute problem, but…"

Cilan's brother, the red triplet named Chili, spoke out for them. "We have a problem of our own that's why we closed down the gym for today."

"What seems to be the problem?" Tracey asked.

The triplets all looked at each other solemnly before all nodding at the same exact time.

The blue triplet, Cress, stepped towards them and filled them in on the situation. "You see, we've just been asked by the police to help assist them with an attack on the Dreamyard, an area that used to be a laboratory, but now has been left as a ruin due to lack of funds by the city council."

"An attack!?" Tracey exclaimed as the new group were shocked at such a dramatic situation.

"The police asked us to keep this under wraps because they didn't want to alert the public, but they believe that an organized group of gang members have snuck in, and made a base of operations in the underground area of the Dreamyard. These guys call themselves Team Snagem, a rather powerful crime group that flourishes in the lesser known Orre region, but now it looks like they want to up their game by expanding to Unova." Chili passionately explained.

"That's terrible!" Tracey called out.

"We were planning how to lead the offense, but then you called. Which was magnificent timing in our part; I remembered Ash once telling me that you had a Venonat and a Marill that could help detect other Pokémon from a distance! With you helping us out, we can launch better engagements at Team Snagem and catch them by surprise!" Clian exclaimed as he snapped his fingers and pointed them at Tracey while winking. He did that because he was trying to emphasize the idea, but to Anto, he thought that seemed excessive.

"Alright, I'm in. There's no way we're letting another Team come here and harass the people of Unova!" Tracey cried out.

"Wonderful!" Cilan and his brothers cheered at gaining another helping hand for their upcoming raid.

Tracey's expression softened as he remembered something important. "But what about Anto here?" he motioned to Anto and Takezo.

The triplets realized Anto also had a problem. They couldn't bring someone along who couldn't defend himself, even if they knew his Pokémon was mysteriously skilled. However, Chili thought of an idea. "Anto, do you mind if you and Takezo watch the gym while we're all gone? We promise to help out after the crisis."

Anto nodded, but he continuously rubbed his head. Whenever he heard the word 'Team Snagem', his brain would flash several images of large machines, Pokéballs, bald people in red and black uniform, but he saw one clear vision of a teenager with silver hair, wearing a visor and a blue overall coat. Attached to his arm was an odd device.

Cilan sighed in relief. "Thank you, we will be back soon, but for now we have to head to Officer Jenny and tell her about our plan." They all nodded and made their way out of the gym.

But Chili noted something quickly to Anto before they left, "Anto, the gym has a new security system that will activate if the gym leader, or leaders in this case, leave the gym. You should be fine as long as you stay inside here, but if you leave without us coming back first, you will be locked out of the gym with no way back in. Understood?" Anto nodded at the explanation.

With that, the four left Anto and Takezo at the closed gym.

As soon as they left, Anto sat in one of the tables at the café part of their gym. Takezo asked what that was all about, but Anto merely repeated what they had told him. Takezo instantly wanted to go and follow after them. However, he noticed something that made Anto seem deep in thought,

"Anto, something else is bothering you…" Takezo stated. "You seem distracted despite your new friends going to battle soon. Why did you allow us to stay behind?

Anto looked at Takezo, unsure of how to react. He sighed silently and thought about his problem. "It-it's complicated… but I think Team Snagem is more than just some organized gang members, and I'm trying to remember why," Anto repositioned himself on the table to better face Takezo. "Look, whenever those guys said their names, I had visions. There were so many, but I think I got what my brain was trying to tell me. They have these… machines that do something to Pokéballs… and there is this teenager among them… he's really good according to them."

"Visions? Anto… are those your memories?"

The boy reflected a bit on that question: where those really his memories? If so, did that mean he was from Team Snagem?

But something was different, very different. Up until that moment, most his memories were all just voices. He swore he heard different people or probably himself state words that sounded organic. Yet thinking back, something did feel off when he thought he remembered how to drive a bike, it was like something was force feeding him information.

Through this, another odd question came to his head.

Is there something else in my head besides my memories?

Anto slumped into his seat and stared into the ceiling. "I honestly don't know. My mind seems to know things more than I expect. I swear that over half of the people I've met so far seem eerily familiar to me, and I can't explain why." He also noted out loud.

He didn't know why he did that, but he felt as if he should have said that.

"I see… but what if… they aren't your memories? What if they're something else? Let me go back to what you said about a teenager in blue. What did you mean by good?" Takezo asked as he leaned closer. He was more alert and focus for some reason. Maybe he was assuming they weren't his memories because he didn't want to believe that Anto was a part of such a violent group of humans.

Anto tried to look back at those images, and he was able to see them again, but less vividly for some odd reason. "I think... he and his Pokémon are stronger than a Gym leader…"

"Should we go to Tracey and tell him of this then?" Takezo stood up on the table, ready to bolt at any notice.

Anto gripped his head in pain, he wanted to focus on something he saw. "Wait… there's more… I keep being shown the images of their machines… I think… oh gosh…" Anto stood up from his seat with horror in his eyes. "They're snag machines!"

"What is a snag machine?"

"Snag Machines are special devices that hack a Pokéball's catching system! It turns normal Pokéballs into Snagballs which have the power to steal other trainer's Pokémon! If those guys and the police fight against team Snagem, they will lose their Pokémon!" Anto mentally screamed, but in the back of his mind, he wondered how he knew such a thing? Was he originally a part of that group after all if these were his actual memories? But none of those still explained that mysterious white… space ship… or whatever.

However, in the passion of the moment, Takezo screamed, "That sounds terrible! We must warn them now!" Takezo cried out valiantly, and drew his blade. Anto nodded and the two quickly dashed out of the gym.

"WAIT!" Anto screamed, stopping their run. "I completely forgot where the police station was!"

One could probably hear the mental facepalm from the stunned samurai.

"What do you mean you forgot!?' Takezo angrily waved his sword.

"I was following Tracey around and I spent too much time look at the people here! I don't remember where it is! What's your excuse!?"

"I'm a Pokémon! All your human structures look the same to me! Just as you humans believe all trees look alike! Not to mention, I have never been here before!" Takezo screamed back, losing his cool.

"Let's calm down…" Anto said, searching his hands. "OK, we could just ask around for directions—oh…" He then realized he wasn't carrying anything.

In his passionate dash to the battlefield, Anto had left behind his notebook, pen, and even the town map back at the table he was sitting on.

Anto quickly ran back to the gym doors, but they were locked. Anto remembered what Chili had told him just a little while ago…

"You should be fine as long as you stay inside here, but if you leave without us coming back first, you will be locked out of the gym with no way back in."

Takezo noticed Anto's 'I messed up horribly' look in his face. "Anto… why are you not going back in to the building to retrieve the items that can help us?"

Anto backed away from the door and let his arms drop. He wore a vacant expression before saying, "… I messed up horribly."

{One hour later…}

Anto and Takezo have been wandering around Striation City. They were trying to look for this Dreamyard area, but they ended up getting lost again, and lost their way back to the gym. It didn't help with the fact that when Anto tried asking for help, he had to use hand motions and actions to try and convey his questions. That led to a lot of mothers running away with their impressionable children.

The two of them were sitting down on a fountain wondering what to do next.

"This is distressing: the sun is starting to set already, and we have yet to warn our friends about what you know."

"I know…" Anto slumped in to the fountain and thought he felt an odd lump in his pocket.

He suddenly brightened up. Did he have something that could actually help them after all?

However, he found that the object in his pocket was the harmonica he got earlier today.

Disappointed at himself once more, Anto took it out and stared at his reflection on the shiny red and gold musical piece.

Then another spark of pain came to Anto's head as he heard a girl's voice.

"I'm sure girls find playing a harmonica very sexy-haha*snort*… Tell anyone about this and you die horribly after becoming a eunuch."

Anto, for some reason, chuckled and felt his heart ache at the same time. Who was this girl? Didn't he have a flash of blurry image of a girl before?

Anto's head pang with pain as another voice came from his mind.

"Alright then… oh! Can you play the song, Just The Way You Are? I love that song!"

Anto slowly wiped the harmonica after hearing the voice of the memory. He wondered about the song name the girl just said... what was it? Just The Way You Are?

Anto confusingly stared into his harmonica and saw his confused expression on it's shiny shell.

Come to think of it, when he played that tune earlier today, he played it on pure instinct the moment he put his mouth into it. Didn't some studies show that if your brain doesn't remember then your body would remember the actions somehow?

He didn't know the song notes, or even remember the proper way to play a harmonica, but Anto decided to try and play the song the girl requested to.

He felt his body moving on its own as he moved the musical piece closer to his mouth. He closed his eyes and let his subconscious mind control his actions. As he did, he started to play one of the most soothing music he heard since his amnesia.

{Author Note: If you would like to hear a harmonica version of the song, then you can type this on youtube: Aiden N Evelyn- Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are.}

The song he was playing felt so familiar, but it was so happy… and fun…

Anto finished and put it down. He suddenly heard clapping, and looked out to see everyone around the fountain was applauding his little street performance.

"Wow! That was soooooo pretty!" Anto turned to see a blond girl wearing some kind of green hat with a horizontal white line. She had some odd clothes on her because it looked like she had one full white dress on and she just wore an orange vest over it. "What was the name of that song?! I never heard of it before! Did you make it yourself?" She continued to ask as she zoomed in closer to Anto's personal space.

"Takezo, help me!" Anto screamed in his head as he was starting to blush.

Takezo seemed to notice that Anto seemed different. Perhaps the opposite gender made him nervous or uncomfortable? Takezo smiled slyly before chirping out his name, which translated as, "Just mate with her already and be done with it."

Anto, blushing furiously, glared at the Patrat beside him. "HUMANS DON'T WORK LIKE THAT YOU JERK!" But only saw his friend hold in a chuckle.

Takezo was enjoying this too much.

The blonde girl suddenly shifted her gaze to Anto's side. "Oh! Is this your Pokémon? A Patrat?! Aww, it has it's own little sword!" She said as she lifted him up. "That's so adorable!"

"Miss, unhand me this instant!" Takezo stated to which the girl simply giggled at his small voice.

Finally, with a petty victory at his side, Anto smiled, "And the tables have turned; thank you karma! Now, if you would please, help us get to Tracey." Anto sarcastically thought.

"Ah!" The girl said as she put Takezo down. She bowed in front of Anto before rapidly talking an entire conversation by herself. "I am so sorry! I got carried away. My name is Bianca, and I just started out on my Pokémon journey! On no!" She gasped as she put her hand near her mouth and realized something. "I was supposed to help Dr. Fennel, Black, and White get some dream mist from the Dreamyard! I gotta go, Bye!" She cried out quickly before running in the direction of where she was supposed to go.

Anto's eye widened as he looked at the girl run away, then he looked to Takezo, who seemed to be fixing his fur, then back to the girl. He quickly stood up and ran after the girl, but not before promptly grabbing Takezo's arm and pulling him as he ran after her.


Deep beneath the ruins of the lab, several dim lights lighted up the area. People in red and black clothing moved around large yellow machines with Pokéballs inside them.

In the center of the operation, one of these people wore glasses and had a Gloom standing beside him. What was different about this guy was that he seemed to be in charge of this group, but he seemed a little weird. Mostly because he wore sunglasses for some unknown reason while being underground such dim lighting.

"Sir Wakin!" A random grunt came up to him and saluted.

"Put your hand down kid, we ain't no government." Wakin dismissed as he turned around, leaning casually on the table as he folded his arms to meet with his underling. "What did ya want?"

"Sorry, si—err… Wakin. It's just… we can't find Snagger Wes anywhere!" The low level grunt called out.

"Are you new or something?" Wakin asked as he went up to the grunt. "Wes doesn't listen to anyone but Gonzap, besides, he told me he was scouting out the perimeter in case or info got leaked…"

[At the same time…]

The police force was slowly making their way to surround the Dreamyard. In one of the front lines, Officer Jenny, the Striation Gym Leaders, Tracey, and Tracey's Marill and Venonat were scanning the area.

"Alright…" Tracey said as he was waiting for his Venonat to scout the area. "It looks as though there are at least a hundred men, not including their Pokémon, underground setting up some kind of base."

"That sure is one helpful Pokémon. Thank you for coming Tracey, and sorry for today's earlier mishap. You're really helping us ever since we received word that the Pokémon Ranger we asked for back up was coming late," Officer Jenny said. She turned to her men. "Since they're underground, this works in our favor: bring out the tear gas and get ready to fill the cave with them! We'll force them out in the open!"

Tracey's Venonat suddenly started jumping. Tracey looked at what his Venonat was showing and his eyes widened. "Hey, guys! Venonat found something I think you should see!"

The view changed into the surface ruins where there was an odd event happening: two Team Plasma Grunts were knocked out unconscious in the floor. There was a Munna and Musharna being pinned down by an Espeon and an Umbreon. Despite knocking out the two Pokémon, the two Eveelutions were facing down a Snivy and a Tepig.

The two Unova starters were standing in front of two people: one was a boy with dark colored hair that had a hat, was wearing a giant blue coat, and had some kind of dark jeans on. The other was a girl that also had brown hair with a cap with a pink Pokéball symbol, wearing a white shirt with a black vest over, and also wearing a baggy jean shorts.

These two trainers were fiercely glaring at an older teenager with silver hair, face being covered by a visor, tanned skin as if he was under the sun a very long time, and he wore a blue overcoat that made him look very threatening.

"Who the heck are you!?" The boy cried angrily. "Why did you attack Munna and Musharna!?"

The taller teen simply ignored his question and continued to stare at them.

The girl tried to calm her friend down. "Black, calm down! His Pokémon are different… is he from another region?"

"White, I don't care where he's from! He even attacked those Plasma jerks, and they didn't deserve to be attacked from behind like that!" He screamed passionately before glaring at the visor wearing teen. "He's going down! Tep, Ember!" The boy named Black shouted as his little fire starter launched a flurry of Ember attacks aimed right for the Espeon. However, the black counterpart stood in front of its ally to intercept the attack.

"Umbreon, Secret Power." The silver haired teen pointed. His Umbreon's runes all glowed brightly, and the Pokémon launched several lights that smashed through the fire attacks.

Black gritted his teeth, but was surprised by his friend's next action. "Snivy, Leaf Tornado!" She cried out as her own grass snake suddenly spun fast and launched a powerful looking gale towards the two Pokémon.

"Espeon counter with Confusion." The blue clad boy called out. The pink cat like creature strode forward like a proud king. Its eyes and gem glowed bright and made the leaf storm freeze to a halt with a blue outline shining from the attack

The girl seemed annoyed, but not by the attack, rather her ally beside her. She turned around and gave said annoyed look to her friend. "There's just no arguing with you with you when you're like this..." She complained.

Black smiled brightly. "Right, thank you White! I owe you one!"

"You owe me more than that, but let's deal with this creep first." She sated as the two faced the stranger.

The blue clad boy simply pointed back and said, "Fire it back at them."

His Espeon's eyes glowed brighter and sent the attack back into the two Pokémon, smashing both of them and forcing them both to stagger back.

"Tep!/Snivy!" the two trainers cried out.

The Espeon suddenly looked at a random direction, staring intently as if there was something there. The teenage boy looked at his Espeon and seemed to understand what it was doing. He placed two fingers to a machine near his ear. "Wakin, this is Wes, we've been detected. Mobilize everyone, we're under attack." He calmly stated.

[Back with Tracey…]

The group of people knew something was bad when Venonat seemed to detect an Espeon, but they weren't expecting the Espeon figure to look back at them through Venonat's vision, and suddenly cut off the Venonat's power. The little fuzzy Pokémon fell down, only to be caught by his trainer quickly while he worryingly called out its name. It didn't help them to see Tracey's Marill jumping up and down very quickly; its ears were probably detecting a large amount of sounds making their move.

Officer Jenny gritted her teeth. "Everyone move! We just lost our surprise advantage!" With that everyone got their Pokémon ready for an all out battle.

[With White and Black.]

Returning to the event with the trainers known as White and Black, they seemed rather confused at what the boy just said.

The teenager suddenly took out a Pokéball and threw it at the Musharna. Both trainers gasped at the act, but Black acted quickly. "Oh no you don't, Tep get that Pokéball!" White instantly followed her friend's lead and sent Snivy as back up.

"I don't have time for you," Wes stated as he pointed towards them. "Espeon, Umbreon, stall them!"

The four Pokémon charged for each other. Snivy fought against the Espeon as grass and psychic blasts were sent flying towards each other. Tep sent Ember attacks at the Umbreon, but no matter how many attacks it did, it barely looked liked it damaged the dark type Pokémon.

A sudden ding was heard as it looked like Wes had successfully captured Musharna. He then took out another Pokéball and aimed it to Munna.


However, to Wes' surprise, another Pokéball had already caught Munna. Then he saw Black slide to the ground and quickly grab Munna's Pokéball. Black made a dash for Musharna's Pokéball, but was immediately stopped by a hard thrown Pokéball to his neck. Black staggered back and in his pain, but saw Wes ran up and picked up Musharna's Pokéball.

Wes glared at Black through his visor. "Give me the Psychic Pokémon, or else." Wes stated.

"Heck no! You give Musharna back, you creep!" Black yelled.

Wes would have simply ordered his partners to attack, but all of them heard someone's voice and several other loud sounds heading towards them.

"There he is! Back up Snagger Wes!" Several voices cried out.

Blacked and White's eyes widened in horror as they saw a large group of people wearing red, black, but for some reason bald, coming behind Wes with a large variety of Pokémon they've never seen before.

One of those people sent out an odd crab like Pokémon, "Corphish, Crabhammer on that Tepig!" He screamed as the little creature quickly made his way to attack the tired looking Tepig.

Black was about to cry out for his Pokémon, but a fast green blur distracted him just as fast, followed by a commanding voice, "Scyther, Slash!"

A large looking insect Pokémon -probably a mantis on steroids- slashed the crab Pokémon in one powerful swipe and launched the Pokémon back into his trainer knocking out both of them in on move.

"(Scyther…) Picking on the weak, how pitiful…"

Black and White looked behind them, and was surprised to see the entire police force along with the Striation City Gym Leaders coming to their aid.

Officer Jenny stepped forward and used a mega phone. "Team Snagem! Allow me to be the first one to welcome you to Unova, now get the heck out of our region!" At that, all police officers sent out their Pokémon which most, if not all, were all Unova native Pokémon.

The crowd of grunts parted to show a different grunt wearing sunglasses with a Gloom walking beside him, it was Wakin. One of the grunts also handed him a megaphone so Wakin could reply to their hosts, "Well then, Officer, we thank you for your hospitality. In return for your kindness, we would like you to go suck on a Muk's gunk." He calmly retorted.

At that, all other grunts except Wes, cheered and mocked at the police force. They did that before sending their own Pokémon that seemed to be loosely related to Pokémon from the Hoenn region.

Cilan looked over to the two trainers. "Oh! Black, White?! What are you two doing here?! You need to get out of here, it's going to get messy from here on out!"

Black and White came over to the Police side, but they didn't go any further than the front lines. "Sorry Cilan, I can't! That blue punk over there took Musharna! I'm getting her back!"

Wes remained stoic when their gazes turned to him. However, he took out the Pokéball of the Pokémon in question and tossed it to Wakin, who of which caught it without missing a beat. "Yeesh kid, we caught it fair and square, no need to get your panties in a twist." Wakin insulted.

Black glared at Wakin, and then the standoff became far tenser. Everyone on both sides seemed to be out for blood. Some Team Snagem Grunts were slowly pushing large yellow machines from the back line. While the police were getting the tear gas ready, riot shields, and other equipment ready.

However, just before any one or both sides could call the attack, a loud, mechanical roar was heard throughout the area, catching the attention of everyone that heard it's mighty sound.

"What the heck was that?" Chili asked as everyone turned to the upper ruins and heard it coming closer and closer.

Wes, on the other hand, actually recognized the sound. He actually broke his stoic brood and slowly made his way to the sound. "No… I hid that…"

Now a new sound was heard… or maybe two along with the growing mechanical sound. It sounded like a girl screaming along with a Pokémon.

"That voice… oh Arceus, is that who I think it is!?" White cried out, immediately moving her hands to her mouth before crying out, "Bianca!?"


A large hover motorcycle flew high into the sun-setting sky and landed right between the two opposing forces.

And by landing, it actually flipped over twice from upside down to right side up, then continued spinning around uncontrollably until the bike stopped smack dab in the middle between the two sides. Despite the odd sight, the people riding said bike seemed to be unharmed...

For now.

To bad the same couldn't be said for the bike itself.

Wes, filled with unknown rage, suddenly yelled so loud and angrily, even Wakin was taken back, "MY BIKE!?" He yelled like a mad banshee.

Then Wes locked his glare on the soon-to-be-dead man 'driving' his hover bike, a strange kid with a beautiful necklace.

"(Pat…rat…rat.) Anto… this… doesn't bode well…"

"Aw sugar honey ice tea."

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