Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 4: War on Ruins

Anto's Bizzare Adventure- Chapter 4: Friends and enemies.

Under the setting sun, a peaceful and serene view of Striation town can be seen. As the small city heads into the night, its people slowly end their work and prepare themselves for a peaceful sleep.


We zoom in to find Anto running at mad speeds while dragging a screaming Takezo through a silencing road.

Anto stopped running and quickly looked around the streets. "Darn it all! Where did she go!?"

Takezo slipped his hand out and then glared at his companion, "I would very much prefer a warning before you do something spontaneous!"

Anto looked back at him and pointed in a random direction. "The girl that picked you up, she was heading towards the Dreamyard in a hurry! But I lost sight of her!"

"Ahh, then it is quite convenient a picked up her scent."

Anto blinked. "Scent? Can't you like… see her brain wave patterns, or probably see her trails of leftover soul residue with those huge circular eyes of yours?"

Takezo stared apathetically at Anto.

"Soulresidue? ... Anto… I cannot even fathom why you asked that, but I am a Pokémon, not a freak of nature." Takezo replied with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Anto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Well… I just thought you would be able to detect someone with those creepy eyes of yours. Seriously, according to my head, your eyes start having powers after your kind evolves. Why does your species have such creepy eyes that don't do anything before hand?"

Anto could have sworn he saw a vein pop near Takezo's head as he folded his arms. "Are you simply going to insult my specific species, or do you want me to find the female?"

"Please do."

Takezo sighed and motioned Anto to follow him towards the outskirts of town.

As they reached a hill, they both saw a large ruined laboratory in the distance.

"That's gotta be it!"

"Wait," Takezo quickly said. "Her scent isn't heading towards those ruins," He sniffed the air several time before becoming tense. "I think she may have stopped moving!"

"Wait, why is that bad?" Anto confusingly asked.

"You told me she was in a hurry, so why would she stop?"

Anto thought about it a little. That Bianca girl he met seemed a little… air-headed; she probably got distracted or something. But if she wasn't, then the only other reason to stop going somewhere in a hurry was… "Oh…oh no."

Takezo ran off when he realized Anto understood as well. "She may be injured, we must make haste!"

Takezo ran through a thicker part off the road, and Anto followed through. He followed for a while but started to lose sight of his friend as he nimbly navigated through the thickening woods and bushes.

"Takezo, slow down dude, I'm not that fast!" Anto told him as he moved faster to keep up with his friend.

"Oh! Anto, Stop!"

"Huh? Why—" Anto asked just a moment before he ran out of some thick bushes, and found out he was running off another cliff. "What the heckKKKK!?"

With a mysterious case of déjà vu, Anto fell down a lesser cliff, or a rather a mildly steep slope, and proceeded to bounce up and down painfully before crashing face first into a tree with a loud slam.

Takezo, standing on top of the edge of the mild cliff jumped off and slide of the slope.

"Oh gosh, my nose! Why!?"

The chipmunk like Pokémon walked up to Anto. "Anto, how are you fairing?"

Anto slowly got up and rubbed his nose, thankfully, he found out it was neither broken or bleeding, but it still hurt like all heck.

"Well… all things considered, I think I got lucky… huh?"

Anto's attention was caught by something green on the floor. As he reached down for it and picked it up, his eyes widened as he realized that the hat belonged to Bianca.

"This is her hat…" Anto told Takezo as he quickly glanced around.

He moved through more bushes and heard some soft whimpers.

"Hey! Bianca, can you hear me!?" He screamed in his head before facepalming at his own mistake.

Jeez, being mute really was so inconvenient!

"Have you ever tried using that on a human?" Takezo chirped. He went ahead of Anto and sniffed the air. "… There! Make haste!"

The two quickly made their way to a clearing where they saw a dazed Bianca lying down on the floor.

"Hey, are you alright!?" Anto thought in his head, but it didn't seem to work. Not that it seemed like a good idea to scream something telepathically to an unconscious girl, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

Bianca moaned softly as Anto tried to see if she was alright. "Uhh… who's there?"

Takezo, deciding that this part was none of his concern, looked around the area. He still felt something off as he surveyed the area, but he couldn't explain why. He started moving around the clearing as Anto was trying to see if Bianca was alright.

Anto surveyed Bianca; he saw her roughed up, but it didn't look like she had any severe injuries. He didn't notice as he checked her, she was starting to waking up.

Bianca slowly opened her eyes. At first they were just opening and closing; she was still probably trying to re-orientate herself. But she started blathering to Anto, even though she didn't recognize him yet, about what happened to her, "Oww… what happened? The last thing I remembered was taking a short cut…" She finally re organized her thoughts and recognized Anto underneath the orange-red sky. "Hey! You're that guy I met a while ba—ACK! My foot!" She yelped quickly.

Anto looked over and touched the foot that seemed the most injured.

Bianca flinched at the grip. "OW! Hey!" She yelled.

Anto quickly shook his hands and motioned her to calm down. To him, her left foot didn't feel broken, but at least it must have been sprained.

First, Anto took out her hat from his pocket and gave it to her.

"Ahh! My hat!" She cried as she took it, but a surprised look formed on her face as she brought the hat closer to her face.

She suddenly sniffed her hat… a lot.

"Wow, it smells like—" She turned to Anto and pulled him close and started sniffing him, which caused him to blush for having a girl smell him. She then let go and smiled cheerfully at him, "Wow! You do smell like berries! Thank you for picking up my hat." She cluelessly smiled at him, unaware that she just made his heart miss a few beats.

Anto learned something new that moment: he was terrible with girls.

A fact that would haunt him for who knows how long.

"Anto," Takezo called out, much to the relief of Anto, and pointed over to a very large bush. "This bush over here smells like metal."

Anto stood up almost too quickly, and went toward his friend's object of attention. As he came closer to the bush, it really looked… unnatural. Anto touched the bush, and quickly his eyes widened.

"This isn't a bush, it's a camouflaged cloak!" Anto 'grabbed' the bush and removed the surprisingly large cloak.

Beneath the cloak was a large, powerful looking hover bike. Its engine was massive, and its design almost looked like it was somehow like a large monster truck engine strapped in front of a spiked wheel. It had a passenger seat, but it looked to be held up with hover technology.

"Wow, is that your bike?" Bianca asked as she started at the thing. Anto shook his head at her before turning back to the bike. It didn't look like there were keys left in the ignition this time, so riding it would be out of the question.

"Can you drive this one?" Takezo asked.

"No, there isn't a key."

Takezo shook his head. "Shame, it would be much easier to move Bianca back to the Pokémon Center or safer grounds with this. As well as getting to the others quickly."

Anto inspected the bike's body; he couldn't help but feel this also looking familiar. As he continued viewing the machine, he noticed something off with the seat of this bike.

Anto motioned Takezo over and pointed to the seat behind the driving handles. "Hey Takezo, I think the seat can be opened… think you can force it open?"

Takezo nodded and took out his left palm. He comprised it of dark energy, showing that he was using his Assurance attack. He placed his hand around the area where the lock was, and a snap sound was heard, indicating that Takezo simply destroyed the lock.

The two opened the seat and saw a lot of wires and other components beneath it.

"Hey wait, are you guys stealing someone else's bike?" Bianca cried out.

Takezo and Anto looked at each other as they realized what they were doing.

Anto responded to her by shrugging his shoulders, but he turned back to Takezo. "Wow, she's right, why are we trying to steal this bike again?"

"We will pay for the crimes later. Right now, we must forewarn the others of your information on the snag machines!"

"Oh right, but can I borrow your stick for a sec?"


"I'm going to draw on the dirt, so I can try to explain to that Bianca girl."

Takezo held his sword endearingly after hearing his friend asking him to use his weapon as a form of rudimentary conversation tool. "… Fine…" Takezo gave up and tossed the small mini sword to Anto. "Break it, and you will suffer for it."

"Like I'm going to risk your wrath over a stick." Anto told him before coming back to Bianca.

He drew on the ground and wrote in small letters: "Look, it is very hard to tell, but I need to help a friend, so I'm 'borrowing' this bike. (again)" He noted that last word to himself.

Bianca read what Anto wrote down before lifting her head at the boy. She seemed to start at him until it finally clicked with her.

"You… you can't talk?"

Anto nodded. He saw the look of confusion in her eye and was expecting another repeat of the same questions.

However, a loud mechanical sound came to life and interrupted a potential conversation. Bianca and Anto looked back to see the massive Bike started floating already. Anto glanced toward the seat and saw Takezo tangled with the wires beneath the opened seat latch.

"You can hot-wire a hover bike!?" Anto stared in disbelief.

"Excuse me?" Takezo asked as he moved wires around himself. "I simply misinterpreted my footing and slipped into the wires here. Please assist me out!"

Anto was about to go help, until Takezo jerked hard to the right, pulling wires that caused the hover bike to turn and roar to life as flames burst out of the pipes… it ended up stopping as it faced Anto and Bianca.

"Umm… I don't like how that machine is staring at us…" Bianca slowly mentioned.

Anto agreed, but he hated himself as he crept very slowly towards the bike. "Takezo… don't… move… I'll get there quickly, but don't make another sudden movement… OK?"

Takezo stopped squirming and closed his eyes. He was planning to try and meditate until Anto came to him. However, before he could reach a meditative state, the wind picked up and blew a leaf into his nose.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Takezo twitched, causing the machine to roar louder. His nose started to itch, and his eyes closed and became watery.

"Come on Takezo, don't give in!" Anto shouted words of encouragement mixed with traces of desperation.

Unfortunately, no matter how disciplined the little samurai was; he was no match for simple biology, "Paa… PAAA! …PAAA!?"

His gasps became louder as he tried to fight back the coming sneeze with all his might, each time the machine would grow louder and edged closer to the two children in front of it. "…Paa…"

Thankfully, Takezo relaxed and resisted the urge to sneeze. Both Bianca and Anto also sighed at the relief of the event.

"Well, that could have gone worse!" Bianca cheerily said. Anto turned to her with a shocked look in his face before hearing—


Takezo sneezed.

The sudden jerk of the Pokémon's whole body pulled the wires of the engine, allowing it to launch itself at the two children at charging speed. Anto, despite screaming cursing words he didn't even know he knew in his mind, quickly did what any logical person would do: he lifted up Bianca and tossed her into the passenger area of the hover cycle, shooting her in before getting slammed by the thing...

Wait... what?

He got caught between the area between the driver and passenger that rammed into him, and the mechanical powerhouse dragged all three of them down its speeding path.

"Aannttooo!" Takezo yelled. "Myyy blaaaddeee!"

"Oh sure! Why, I'm fine too-no broken bones or anything-just a sharp pain in my stomach, thank you VERY much for asking!" Anto mentally yelled back to him and dropped the blade into the wires with him. Afterward, he quickly tried to get up and handle the steering handles from where he was.

He swerved madly as he avoided trees, bushes, trees, bushes, rock, bushes, Pokémon, more trees, more bushes, and even more tress. Did we also mention Bianca was screaming that whole time as well?

"Why are her lungs so healthy!?" Anto complained as he finally positioned himself better to handle the bars while Takezo finally freed himself.

Takezo jumped to the passenger seat, but not before putting down the other driver's seat. "Anto, I fixed the seat. Drive this blasted machine!"

Anto did what he was told and jumped into the seat. Finally, things were looking up, and they haven't even crashed into anything yet—

"I think you're about to jump off a ramp!" Bianca yelled as she pointed to some oddly mossy stone ramp.

Apparently, if you flirt with gravity, gravity get's clingy.

"Instead of acknowledging this eerily familiar scenario, step on the brakes, Anto!" Takezo yelled.

Anto tried, but the machine didn't respond. Some of the wires that were pulled didn't give complete control to the driver as of now. But that didn't cross Anto's mind, no, what crossed his mind was along the lines of 'It's only been two freaking days since I last threw myself off a cliff with the last stolen speeding vehicle! How the freak does this happen twice!?'

Both Takezo and Bianca yelled madly as they were all thrown into the air. Bianca held/crushed Takezo as they fell due to the laws of physics.

They felt themselves go vertigo as they all flipped and twist several times before finally stopping… right between two large groups of armed Pokémon and Humans.

"MY BIKE!" An angry and feral like yell caught the attention of the trio as they turned to see an angry blue coated teenager with an Espeon and Umbreon.

Takezo once more surveyed the area before saying, "Anto… this… doesn't bode well."

"Aw sugar honey ice tea."

"A-Anto!? What are you doing here!?" Anto and Takezo recognized that voice and followed it to see Tracey along with his Scyther. Anto shrugged his shoulders simply because he had no way of physically communicating what had happened to him in recent events.

"Espeon, knock those idiots out of the Hover Cycle!" The blue teen cried out.

"With pleasure, Wes." The eon Pokémon nodded before making his eyes glow toward the passengers, specifically the driver. But his eyes widened in surprise, and he quickly jumped out of the way of being hit by a rock, stopping his attack before he started.

Wes, the presumed trainer of the Espeon to Anto, looked to see where the stone came from and saw Takezo holding his blade in one hand and tossing another stone in his right hand.

"I suggest not aiming for my friend, otherwise, I would have to be your opponent," Takezo chirped. "And considering I am in a rather annoyed mood that would be very unwise."

"Bianca!? What are you doing there!?" Two voices from the opposite side called over.

"Ah! White, Black! Did you find the Dream Dust yet?" Bainca asked.

"Bianca, get out of there! It's dangerous!" White cried out. "And who is that guy your with?!"

Wakin, leader of the frontier group of Team Snagem, shook his head disappointingly before opening his megaphone. "Alright you thieves, you've got the count of three to get off our property before we blast you to kingdom come."

Anto looked over to Wakin and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw the machines behind him in the distance. (Wakin: One!)

Anto gripped the handles tightly and noticed that the engine was still on. His mind raced; he quickly glanced at Bianca and bit his lip. He really didn't want to do this, but he was running out of time.


"Yes?" The Pokémon replied, unmoving his glare at the Espeon and now the Umbreon. (Wakin: Two!)

"Cover Bianca and I." At that, Anto hit on the gas and made the machine roar to life. He turned the bike to run straight towards Wakin.

"Thre—Jeez!" Wakin cried as he, his Gloom, and other members quickly got out of the way. However, several blurs quickly went after the speeding machine.

Officer Jenny was surprised at the whole event, but she finally saw a perfect opening. "This is our chance men, Attack!" She yelled and all officers quickly charged at Team Snagem and their grunts.

Chaos ensued.

"Go Aipom! Stop that crazed kid!" a grunt cried out to his Pokémon. The small purple monkey launched itself towards Anto's front, but was immediately knocked back out by a wooden stick.

"What are you doing!?" Bianca screamed as she avoided random fires of Pokémon attacks.

A group of grunts sent a collection of rock Pokémon to bar Anto's path.

Takezo swatted away a Tailow before looking towards the blockade ahead. "Anto!?"

Anto gripped the handles tighter. He could simply turn, but at the speed he was going, he might cause the whole ride to flip over again, and he was not going to risk that a second time considering he was lucky to land right side up the first time.

Breaking was completely out of the option, due to the fact it still blasted didn't work! This still applied to the first rule since he would need the break to slow down and turn.

Anto exhaled in defeat, there was only one option left if he couldn't stop or move.

"Sorry, Takezo, the brakes still don't work… but the acceleration does!"

Takezo's already huge eyes widened even further. "Wait, what do you meaAAAAA!?" He yelled again as Anto sped of in greater velocity than before by forcing the accelerator.

Everyone in the blockade eyes widened in horror, both Pokémon and human alike when they saw that the kid showed no signs of stopping, instead, it showed he was actually moving faster.

"What the!? That kid's insane!" A grunt cried out from the blockade.

Anto floored the gas and made it go even faster. At the fear of impact, all the rock Pokémon and their trainers, quickly moved out of the way by instinct and allowed the machine to speed past them.

With them gone, Anto and Takezo had a clear line to all the rows of large Snag machines in the distance. Some of them started to already start cranking up.

"Are those the snag machines?" Takezo asked.

Anto nodded, but then he loosened his grip on the handles. "Takezo, I'm going to ram this into the machines! Help me with Bianca—"

For some reason, the entire bike suddenly stopped and both Takezo and Anto were thrown out of the bike!

Bianca jerked back and forth in the passenger seat. "Ahh! Are you to all right!?" She cried out. However she noticed some kind of odd glow around the edge of the bike around her.

"Ugh… what hit us?" Anto grunted as he stood back up.

Takezo stood up as well and drew his blade. "It was them…" He spat before taking a fighting stance.

Behind them were Wes, Umbreon, and Espeon walking up to them. Espeon's eyes were glowing and keeping the bike from moving.

The blue clad Snagger looked over to the row snag machines, then to his bike which looked like it was going to be used as a ramming device. "… That's impossible…" He said. "There's no way you could have known about the Snag Machines…" He removed his visors and showed a very hardened glare to Anto. "Who are you?"

Anto couldn't help but smirk. He got back up and thought in his head, "Trust me, I wish I knew."

Wes glared at Anto. He raised his arm which signaled his Umbreon to charge right for him.

The black Pokémon jumped and was going to land a Bite attack right for Anto. However, a blur intercepted Umbreon and forced him back.

"Thanks, Takezo." Anto told his friend as Takezo prepared himself in front of both pair Pokémon.

"Do not be so quick to praise, it's a two on one in this situation…" Takezo chirped.

"Then let's not give them a chance to capitalize on their advantage, use Assurance on Espeon!" Anto pointed.

With fierce speed, Takezo launched himself with a dark palm towards the psychic Pokémon.

"Espeon, Reflect!" Wes cried out quickly, making the Pokémon form a kinetic wall to prevent the attack from landing. Takezo hit the wall, but then instantly back flipped several times and landed back in a safe distance.

Wes was not going to let that thing get another hit off. "Umbreon, Bite!"

As the other twin came charging at Takezo, Anto gave Takezo command to counter. "Use Cut in an upward motion!"

Takezo stood his ground and tightened his stance. He gripped his blade below his waist and waited for the attack.

Wes saw the odd stance immediately, "Umbreon, back off! Espeon, Confusion on Patrat!"

Anto heard that just as fast. His mind raced quickly, and then he noticed the particular typing of the two Pokémon. "Takezo, chase after Umbreon, hurry!" He linked almost instantly after Wes's command.

In that moment, Takezo and Umbreon quickly switched situations. The moment Umbreon stopped his attack and tried to move out of the way, Takezo charged right for him, making them both within arm's reach.

Espeon launched the attack, but it was quickly cancelled with Umbreon being in the way.

Wes was startled by that—no, with this battle in general. He was sure that his Pokémon were of a higher level, (Wes: Grr! Umbreon, Bite!) yet there was this really peculiar trainer and Pokémon standing toe to toe with them despite being in a huge disadvantage. (Takezo slid beside Umbreon and started riding him, punching him on the head as he did) There was also the fact that the 'trainer' in question had not even spoken a word or a gasp to his Pokémon, but there was no way a Pokémon could be so coordinated even in 2vs1.

There was also the fact Wes couldn't help but feel impressed at the display of moves that Patrat just performed. One of the most common Pokémon in the Unova region, and this one was able to perform a dark type move like Assurance and was very nimble. There was also the curious fact that it could wield a weapon of some sort. 'It must be a bred Pokémon. There's no other way to explain its surprising move set… in that case…'

Wes grabbed a Pokéball with his left arm and it started to glow under the wiring of his machine.

Anto recognized what that was. "He's charging a Snagball, you gotta avoid it!"

"Umbreon, tumble around and use Bite!" Wes pointed. Umbreon fell to the ground, but Takezo had to jump off the dark Pokémon to avoid getting chomped by his fangs.

Seeing the Patrat finally away from Umbreon, Psychic attacks could now connect. "Espeon, Confusion to snare the Patrat!" Wes cried. Suddenly, Espeon locked down Takezo and lifted him to the air.

"Takezo, no!" Anto cried as he saw Wes threw the ball to him.

"Oshawott, Water Gun!"

A burst of water slammed into Espeon and canceled the psychic lockdown, which allowed Takezo to spin his blade and slam the Pokéball into the ground.

Anto and Wes looked to where the water attack came from. Bianca was still on the seat, but it looked like she brought out her Pokémon. "I don't know what's going on, but that's not fair how you gang up on one Patrat!" she cried.

Wes glared at her, which caused both Bianca and her Oshawott to step back, but Takezo slid between them, blade ready, shortly followed by Anto. Anto gave a nod of approval to Bianca before turning to Wes.

"Activate the Snag Machines!" A grunt cried out. Anto looked over and saw the large machines launch a large amount of charged Snagballs onto the police force.

"Ah! Stoutland!/Liepard!?" He heard police officers scream in the distance as they cried out for their partner's mysterious disappearance.

"No way! Those machines can steal other trainer's Pokémon!?" Bianca cried out in horror.

"Yes… but the question was how that boy over there knew about them," Wes pointed over to Anto. "You were aiming for them from the start, how could you have possibly known…"

His voice trailed off as he saw the shine from Anto's pendant. His stoic and angry expression died out, replaced by a face of pure shock.

"… You're one of them?!"

Anto's eyes widened. "What did he mean by that!?"

"Anto, I don't know what he just said, but we have to stop the Snag Machines! Their turning the tide of battle to their favor!" Takezo yelled.

Anto clenched his teeth. They needed some way to get to those machines, but this Wes guy was getting in their way, charging another Snagball, and more grunts were finally backing out form the fighting and starting to head to Wes to back him up—wait… what was that about a Snagball?

"Takezo, he's charging another one!" Anto cried. Takezo tensed and prepared for any tactic to attempt him from being hit.

However, Wes had a different plan in mind, 'The way he and his Patrat stood in front of that girl…' he smirked at the Patrat before looking right for the… Oshawott. 'Let's test this out!' he threw the Snagball right for the water starter.

"Whaa!" The Oshawott cried.

"No!/No!/Oshawott!" They cried.

Takezo gritted his fangs and jumped in front of Oshawott before the ball could reach him. Then it made contact…




The Snagball… just bounced of Takezo.

"How did you do that!?" Wes cried in disbelief. "The Snag Machine allows any Pokémon of a trainer to be caught!"

Anto was surprised, until he remembered a rather crucial detail between Takezo and him. "Oh right… I never 'officially' caught you in a Pokéball."

Takezo turned to Anto. "Snagballs don't work on wild Pokémon?"

Anto shrugged his shoulders. It looked like the day was saved due to hindsight. Who would have thunk?

"Snagger Wes! We're here to assist you!" Several grunts with a handful of Pokémon came behind him.

But then again, saved only applies after said trouble is finished, and this was far from over.

Wes simply shook his head, "I don't know how you did that, but I don't care, sick them!" He commanded as he pointed to Bianca and Anto.

"Oh no you don't!" Out of the sky, Black dropped between the two.

"Black!" Bianca cried out.

The young trainer smiled back at her before turning to face Wes and the other grunts. Out of the sky as well, a Braviary landed next to Black. "Anto, right?" Black asked as he said in a soft tone only their side could hear.

Anto was surprised to hear him say his name, but he nodded to confirm his question.

"I was told by Tracey who you are. We were wondering what you were doing charging head first into the enemy until later a volley of Pokéball stole our own Pokémon. Then we realized that you were aiming for whatever machines could do that from the start. The others are being pushed back, but they were able to send me here to help you two… got any ideas how to stop those large yellow machines?" Black asked.

"What are you nimrods doing there!? Make your move! Or are you too scared?!" One of the grunts jeered.

Anto moved to Bianca and quickly lifted her out. "H-hey!" She yelled before being put back down. Anto then slammed his fist into the engine (it hurt him a lot more than he thought it would.) and the engine came back to life.

Anto, held out hand out in pain as he screamed in his head. "Oh jeez! That hurt!? Why the heck did I think that hitting the machine would work!? And why DID it work!?"

Little did he know back then, Anto found an odd answer to his rhetorical question later on.

"Oh no, not this again!" Wes cursed as the familiar scene was a bout to play once more.

Anto and Wes glared at each other. The two had an unspoken agreement as their glares met, but they had both the same four words screaming in their minds:

"I will stop you!"

"Takezo, we need to go on the offensive! Distract that Espeon for me at all costs!" Anto said as he floored the machine once more.

Wes grunted in frustration, he was not going to let that quiet guy stop their whole operation with his own hover bike. "Don't let him get anywhere near the Snag Machines!" Wes cried as he ran after Anto, he quickly looked to his psychic user and screamed, "Espeon!"

Espeon nodded, but the moment he tried to concentrate, a searing pain was felt all over his body. Namely, Takezo snuck in and launched an Assurance attack to the psychic.

Black understood what he was also trying to do. "Brav! Stop them from stopping Anto! Whirlwind!" He cried out to his Pokémon. The large bird sent a gust of wind that sent them all flying upward.

Over by the large Snag Machines, several grunts were preparing the next batch Snagballs.

"Why are the recharge times so slow on these things?" One of them complained.

"Don't you bozos remember? It takes time to upload the overlock program to these Pokéballs. Snagger Wes' snag machine is the newest model, but it can only charge one Pokémon at a time."

"Pff… at least we'll still beat these cops, I always wondered how we'd fair against an actual police force," He said as he noticed something in the distance. "I mean Orre's police force was just that Pokémon H…Q… Tom? What in blazes is that thing heading right for us?"

"I dunno know, Jacob, but it looks really fast… what do you reckon it is, Beethoven?"

"Stop calling me that! I hate that name! Seriously, why did my mother give me that name?!"

"Why did you use that name in your application form?"

"… Fair point…"

"Uh, guys? I hate to sound like a broken record, but that 'thing' just so happens to BE A CRAZED KID ABOUT TO RAM US! RUUUUUUNNNN!" He wailed as all grunts started running away from the Machines.

"He's going to make it!" Bianca cried as she saw Anto racing closer to the machines.

"Bianca!" Black cried out while he, Brav, Tep, Oshawott, and Takezo were fighting off reinforcements.


"Don't jinx him!"

"What!? (Caw!)" Brav screamed in surprise as he looked up.

"(Tep?) What's wrong?!" Tep asked.

Takezo followed Brave's gaze back to the original Whirlwind. His sharp eyes saw that there was a glowing blue color, much like when that Espeon was using… Confusion…

"(Rat!) Anto!"

Anto was heading closer and closer to the machines, he had just seen a majority of grunts run away from the machines as he came closer. "Almost there… I just gotta jump—what the heck is that shadow?" He turned his head back and saw Wes being catapulted right for him!

"HA!" Wes screamed as he tackled Anto from the sky with great force, and causing the two to get slammed into the passenger's seat. The bike spun out of control rapidly before stopping, and then speeding right back towards the battlefield and away from the Snag Machines.

Anto landed head first head first into the passenger's seat, knocking him out. Wes also hit his head as he landed, but it was lessened due to the fact Anto was first to be slammed in and he softened his landing. Wes slowly got up, his senses re-organizing as he found himself speeding randomly across the battlefield causing both enemy and ally alike to get out of the way of the runaway hover bike.

He quickly turned his head back and saw that the driver handles were unharmed. But a bright flash of purple quickly appeared behind him.

Wes looked back, thinking it was a stray Pokémon attack, but he didn't see anything. Not even that fist that hit the jaw of his chin.

"Gah!" Wes cried out as he stumbled back to the edge of the other passenger seat. The new movement had force the bike to turn to start turning left. Wes calmed himself down to see Anto slowly getting up while holding his the part of his head he landed on. "You're still conscious?!" Wes exclaimed.

"You jerk, did you just tackle me from the sky!? … The handles! I need to destroy those snag machines!" Anto thought to himself as he looked at the handles, still tilting slightly and now making the Bike start to turn in a circle.

However, Wes quickly swung at Anto's face, which hit and caused the boy to stagger back down and start to bleed from his mouth. Wes pinned Anto down, and once more saw the necklace he was wearing. His eyes glared with rage and some trace of confusion. "What the heck are you company idiots doing?!" He yelled out as he grabbed his collar.

"Company?" Anto thought. "This guy has a clue to who I am?"

Wes loosened his grip and seemed to calm down. "Oh right, I forgot that you people sell to both sides."

"What does he mean by that!? Why isn't he stating what I am!? Does he really know something about this necklace!?"

"Then don't take this personally…" Wes darkly spat as he raised his fist. "It's just business."

"(Cacnea!) Look out!"

The two looked over to the attention catching sound that was heading towards them. A Cacnea slammed into the handles again and straightened the bike, causing it to go straight into one direction. The small cactus Pokémon bounced off the handles and landed unconscious right in the free space of the passenger seat.

The change in the bike once more distracted Wes. Anto looked to the green Pokémon with them and mentally told himself this would sting.

Anto grabbed the unconscious Pokémon and slammed it into Wes' face.

He couldn't help but cringe as he saw heard the spluttering sound of something sharp jabbing into skin despite all the noise around them.

"AAAH!" The Snagger wailed in pain and let go off Anto. Anto accidentally let the cactus Pokémon fly back out into the fight, but saw Wes cringing in pain as the some of the smaller spikes were left in his face.

Anto looked back to the handles and quickly looked to see where he was. He found out that he didn't need to worry about driving the bike because they were heading right back for the Snag Machines at increasing acceleration.

Anto made his way and got ready to jump off, but he hesitated when he saw Wes still recovering.

"He knows who I am…"

He sighed thinking that this would bite him in the but one day.

Anto grabbed Wes' collar before bringing them both out of the speeding hover bike. They both rolled off the ground; Anto looked back up to see the Bike ramming into the first machine and exploding… then instantly making all the other machines explode simultaneously. The blast power sent both of them flying into the woods.

Anto saw his world spin and started losing consciousness again.

Before the darkness could completely block his sight, he could have sworn he saw something... strange.

"Well, well kid… that was… ENTERTAINING… I think I'm going to like you."


Anto slowly opened his eyes. Every part of his body ached as he felt his control over them returning. The last thing he remembered was… making the line of Snag Machines blow up…

Anto stood up, even if his brain pleaded for him not to. Anto then noticed that Wes was unconscious behind him, and they had fallen somewhere lower than the battle field, probably one of the old underground labs of the Dreamyard. Anto noticed that he was nearby some stairs that lead back to the surface.

Anto also noticed that it was surprisingly quiet. After all the clatter and noise from the battle, he was surprised he could easily hear his own thoughts.

Anto slowly limped his way up the stairs. When he came out, he saw that it was already late at night. Once more, the night sky shined beautifully; Anto stared into the skies and felt the pain subside and weaken.

"How long was I out?" He wondered.

"Anto! There you are!" A familiar and caring voice of a Patrat cried out loud.


"Anto! Guys, he's over here!" Anto looked over to see Tracey, Black, Bianca, some girl he didn't know, The Striation Gym Trio, Officer Jenny, and Takezo running towards him.

"Anto, you're all right!" Tracey exclaimed before sighing in relief. "Thank goodness."

"Erm…" Bianca with some kind of brace on her leg now which helped her to stand, bowed her head. "I am so sorry! I didn't know you were mute! I just assumed you were one of those people that had a really squeaky voice and were like totally ashamed of it! Like that one time when I was watching a sitcom with my parents—"

"Bianca, let's not get too ahead of ourselves," The other girl gently interrupted her. "My name is White, it's a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for trying to care for Bianca, she... means well…"

"That was some explosive and fierce flavors you showed there!" Cilian cried out with his brothers nodding in agreement. "If it wasn't for you Anto, we might have had our own Pokémon stolen! Such a dark thought to think."

"Yeah!" Black passionately agreed. "Team Plasma was one thing, convincing other people to release their Pokémon, but Team Snagem were just brutes!" Black screamed before smiling then punching Anto in the shoulder. (Which hurt a lot for the still aching boy.) "But I have to admit, you were way cooler than I thought! I always wanted to meet the guy that shut up that jerk Ghetsis." He chuckled lightly.

Anto raised his brow at that. What did he mean by shutting up a guy named Ghetsis? Wait... that sounded familiar... didn't one of those cultist scream that name when he ran over that weird robbed guy?



At that point, Officer Jenny had her say, "Well, I could arrest you again for stealing another motorized vehicle…" Anto tensed up and started to sweat. "But I'll look over it since it belonged to the bad guys. Consider us even for returning the stolen Pokémon back to my men. But, if I recall the story from Bianca and Black, you were blown away with a high level Team Snagem member…"

Anto tilted his head as she said this.

Officer Jenny blinked and rubbed the back of her head, "Right, perhaps I should explain what happened after you destroyed the Snag Machines: all of our Pokémon were returned to us after the Snagballs that contained them were destroyed. With their back up gone, their leader, Wakin ordered a mass retreat, before bringing out several dozen Voltorbs, and ordering them to self destruct. The extra large explosions allowed everyone of those idiots a quick getaway…" Officer Jenny disappointingly said. "Still… despite injuries, everyone was accounted for and we were able to drive team Snagem out of the Dreamyard. So, did you find this Snagger Wes when you woke up?"

Anto thought about it for a minute. On one hand, he could just say he was down below these stairs… but…

"Oh right, I forgot that you people sell to both sides."

That… Wes… knew something about his necklace... a Company? Anto considered trying to let them catch him and later interrogate who he was and what this 'Company' was… but his head ached. He could have sworn his head was screaming something else about Wes. Random words popped out in his head, all coming together to form a sentence that felt so foreign in his own mind:

The redeemed thief shall pierce the Shadows and return the light.

Where did that come from? Should Anto trust such vague words?

"…" Anto shook his head, indicating to the others he had no idea where Wes was.

"So you don't know where he is?" Officer Jenny asked, a little dejected.

Anto nodded.

However, a piece of his mind will have to reflect deeply on that... when he wasn't feeling so tired and weary. Still, he can't help but not think ill of the boy who slugged him in the face. His eyes didn't really seem evil at all, but they looked... hurt.

No, Anto was still a bit disoriented, he'd really have to think about this later.

"… It's alright, we still need to check you up. We'll bring you to the medical tent and patch you up. You've earned a good rest after this debacle." She stated as everyone crowded around Anto and talked more about their battles and what they did during Anto's fight.


Wes asked as he stood back up, hearing the entire conversation as it first started.

"He was mute? But that doesn't explain how his Pokémon… and even if he was mute, why did he not tell them where I was? He woke up earlier than me? … I just don't get it…" Wes wondered. He looked behind him and saw two pairs of glowing eyes coming out of the shadows: his Espeon and Umbreon, both of which seemed ecstatic to find their trainer and quickly pounced on him.

With his partners safe and sound in front of him, and being all alone with them, Wes smiled gently before looking up towards the night sky in contemplative thought. "… Anto, huh?"


Deep within the forest of route 3, among broken and trashed trees, the destroyed path was being walked upon by several courageous souls.

"I don't like this… the Capture Stylers aren't detecting any nearby Pokémon… which means they all ran away from whatever did this or…"

"Jack, Professor Hastings sent us and others all scattered across Unova. He said that he had a terrible feeling something big was going on here. Whatever did this… whether or not it's connected, we have to stop it in order to protect the Pokémon and people here."

"I know, I know, but we don't want to walk right headfirst into trouble, Summer. Isn't that right, Keith?"

"He has a point there Summers, being careless has cost me and my teammates a lot of grief…"


"… Wait… did you two hear that?"


"Get ready, you two…"


{Author Notes.}

Hey guys, this is going to be used for a quick explanation why Takezo was unaffected by a Snagball. If you ever played Pokémon XD (or watched it via playthrough) then it shows how Michael only throws normal Pokéballs at the wild Pokémon. Another note was when Wakin explained in the first Colosseum that the Snag machine overwrites the data and functions of a Pokéball to turn it into a Snagball. So it shouldn't have the same functions a normal Pokéball have, which was designed to be for wild Pokémon only.

I thank you for taking your time to read this story and I wish you a good day/night/apocalypse.

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