Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 5: Those Cheaters

Anto's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5: Getting it together.
(Anto P.O.V.)



No… not here either… let's try uhhh… "Companies… that have… two colors in their logos…"


No, that doesn't work either—stop giving me freaking ads about an Xtransciever! Freaking Poogle! Doesn't this thing have ad block?

"I thought you explained that it would be easy to find the symbol or artwork on the pendant of yours on this… internet… you speak off." Patrat asked me as he held the shiny pendant in front of him.

"It's a double edged blade. The information I'm looking for has to be specified, or else it will take any information that even relates to the subject. And right now," I told him as he handed back the necklace to me. "The only things I'm getting are information on either Devo Co. or Sliph Co. those two corporate titans pretty much run a large percent of the economy." I finished telling as him before looking over to Takezo who just tilted his head in confusion.

"… You do realize I have no idea, nor care about the social structure of human society, correct?" Translation: What the heck are you talking about?

I guess it make sense that Takezo doesn't understand how internet or business works even though he seemed smarter than your average Patrat.

I sighed before I answered him in far simpler terms. "I need more information."


OW! What the heck?! Oh yeah that was Black. He's doing what White and Bianca told me was his 'daily promise.' Yeesh, my head still is ringing; I can only imagine what that effect it would have on beings with sharper and honed senses… you know, like a certain pseudo-samurai next to me?

Ouch, poor little guy. He's clamping his head down really hard. Note to self: be wary of Screech attacks with Takezo, or other sound based attacks in general, they really might hurt him even if he somehow dodges them.

I heard a sound of a door opening and I saw Black enter back into the room with his Pokémon: Tep, the Tepig; Brav, the Braviary; and Musha, the Munna that he saved during the fight with Team Snagem.

He noticed me sitting near the computer as he entered back into our shared room. "Oh, hey Anto! Good Morning, you're up early!" He said cheerily.

I quickly took out another new large sketch pad with a pen and wrote down what I wanted to say to him. "Black, I am not one to judge people's habits, but could you not cause others suffering while your proclaiming madly to the heavens above!"

Black quickly read my words, but he laughed right after reading them. "Haha! Oh Anto, you sound like a poet, or a theater performer,"

Ow! … What the heck? Why was there a sudden pain in my head as soon as he said theater?

Black obviously saw me place my hand on my forehead and asked, "Huh? You alright, Anto?"

Huh, it's gone…

What exactly was that?

As for Black, I simply sighed and nodded to him to tell him I was fine.

But this Amnesia of mine doesn't feel normal… maybe I should wait in a hospital and let them figure out what's wrong with me. Actually, considering my own attempts at trying to regain my memories, that actually seems like a very good idea. Why don't I just do that?

"Well then, alright!" Black distracted my thoughts as he fist pumped to the sky. He quickly came up to me and grabbed my hand. "It's time for training! We gotta find some way to get you into the Pokémon League!"

What? Whoa-Jeez! He is strong!

He was starting to drag me out of the mansion of the Striation Gym Leaders. All of us stayed here for the night after the fight because the Pokémon Center was busy with all of the policemen's Pokémon. Cilan and his brothers wanted to lighten Nurse Joy's load by letting us stay with them.

… Now that I think about, I also remember Tracey explaining to everyone my story. But of course, he only told them pieces of the story; the parts I told him.

Bianca just gaped in shock at that reaction and almost started to cry hearing my story. She seemed to really pity my situation which was kind of nice having a girl care about me like-nostopdon'tentertainthatthought. Focus more on the fact she seemed to ignore all the potentially violent and troublesome things I did or was exposed to.

White wondered who I was to begin with. She said that if I was mortally injured when I was found, wouldn't that mean that someone might have been trying to get rid of me?

But I just shrugged my shoulders; I had no way either disproving or proving I was one or the other.

Black seemed uninterested until Tracey mentioned his idea about getting me into the world-wide telecast in the Pokémon League. Then he was totally engrossed with the idea, he promised to start helping me in order to get there.

This was what we're doing now.

We were allowed to use one of their practice Pokémon battle fields. I stood on the blue corner, while Black stood on the red corner. My only Pokémon was Takezo while Black sent Brav out to face us.

"Alright, Anto, I've been thinking about this all night! Usually, a mute would have almost no chance in even winning a Pokémon battle, but the way Bianca told me how you fought that Jerk got me wondering how you two seem to get along so well in a fight…"

I looked nervously at the back of Takezo's head while he folded his arms and continued to make eye contact with Brav.

Black continued to explain to me, "Takezo is obviously a very unique Patrat, being able to use a sword and being surprisingly strong for his species, but even if he is smart, I wondered how he was able to fight off against both and Espeon and an Umbreon: two powerful Pokémon that are fairly rare in other regions. It was confusing to say the least, my mind was too filled with the Pokémon League to even figure things out until Musha here," He pointed to his Munna floating beside him. "Ate my dreams!"

Ate… dreams? Oh right, Munna and Musharna are Pokémon tied to dreaming. White told me it's pretty much Black's only dream to win the Pokémon League and that he lives and breathes about it to an almost 'obsessive compulsive disorder' extent. (Her words not mine.) Musha must love eating those dreams then.

"From there, my mind blanked as he finally pieced together something," He pointed to me. "You actually can communicate with your Pokémon!"

Oh, so he did figure it out… how?

He obviously wasn't expecting me to just stare at him with an unchanged expression. "H-hey didn't you just hear what I said?" he asked a little disappointed in my reaction probably.

I nodded. Well, I didn't really mean to keep it a secret, but things just got complicated when I didn't, so I'm a bit more relived that someone figured it out.

"But it made sense! Bianca said that you and Takezo always seem to understand each other despite you not talking, and I remembered how all the way in a different region, I read an article about a Brain Frontier named Annabelle that had the ability to talk to other Pokémon without saying a word! So the only way you two would still act so close was if you had that ability! Aren't I right!?"

I just nodded again.

"... That's so cool!" He shouted then he started blathering at the speed of Bianca. "Think of all the tactical advantages you could have if you could talk empathetically to your Pokémon!" His Munna clamped on his head without him noticing. "You could have faster commands, trick your opponent, your mute disability is actual an advantage since people will wonder how you give out commands! But I thought you were trying to keep it a secret, but since you didn't act startled, doesn't that mean you didn't know what that was? Maybe—"

Wow, I expected him to be either angry or shocked about my ability, not be jealous of it. I guess we both had odd reactions to each other.

… Wow, he sure is talking really fast now.

And he isn't stopping...

... Umm...

Huh? What was that about a guy named Wilhelm Wundt?

OK, I think this is getting too far, "Musha, please grab his attention. I need to talk to him."

"But his dreams! He's like a magic buffet! … It's like a buffet… that's Magic!" The way the Pokémon whined was like that of a really small child begging for a shiny new toy.

Black was suddenly going on about tactics about mental warfare and history of something called the black box while I was trying to grab his attention. "Do it later."

"Aww… here goes…" The pink dream Pokémon sadly said before making his eyes glow.

"OW!" Black cried and Musha went off his head. "What was that for?" He looked to his Pokémon, to which the Pokémon pointed to me and my un-amused face. "Oh right, since you can actually talk to Pokémon and stuff, I figured we'd get to the actual battling! Go, Brav, start us off with Air Slash!"

Wait what?



It turned out that Black was trying to give me a crash course on how battling would work against Gym Leaders and other skilled trainers. (Though some heads up would have been nice!) Learning about other Pokémon, strategy, skill, and etcetera are mandatory if you want to win against a Gym Leader. He told me a lot of tricks and tips during a fight and before and after. He also gave me some information about the Striation Gym Leaders since he already won their challenge.

As for the battle between Brav and Takezo, it was very one sided in Brav's favor. Being a closed ranged fighter, all Brav had to do was keep high and spam Air Slash. Eventually, Takezo got tired and I had to surrender for him. However, let's just say that Takezo and I didn't come out without a constellation prize.

Black gave me a hint in saying that since Takezo was a normal type Pokémon he could potentially learn a good ranged attack if you taught him to from a TM or something else. He told me to keep an eye out for those.

After healing both of our Pokémon, Tracey called us in for breakfast. However, Black asked me a huge favor: not to tell anyone else about my empathetic ability.

I took out my note pad to try question his reasoning, "Why?"

Black looked around, checking to see if anyone was watching. "It will keep everyone guessing and… look, if you really can also talk with Pokémon its best if you keep quiet about it… I can't give you a specific reason, but I think you can help me out with a problem that's been bugging me for a while…"

I don't know what he's talking about, but it seems all kinds of shady. I felt myself rising with anger, anger that seemed more than necessary in this event. I scribbled madly on a note pad while hearing a vague, cruel laughter at the back of my head. I finish writing and show what I wrote down to him. "Black, I don't like being kept in the dark about this… but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt first. If you break it, I don't care how strong you think or want to be, I will find a way to make you pay for it."

Black read it before he chuckled nervously before rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah… sorry about that, but thanks, I appreciate it," He sighed in relief before walking ahead. "Come on then, let's go, Bianca probably eat our share by now."

Ugh, now I feel like a jerk for being so angry at him. Seriously, why did I do that?

I felt someone tugging at my pants and I looked down to see Takezo staring calmly at me. "Anto, are you alright?" Takezo asked me.

"No… I think I got angry at Black for almost no reason… I need to apologize for that; I don't know what came over me."

"What did you two talk about?"

I told him what happened, what Black figured out, what he asked me to do, even about the odd laughter in my head.

Takezo seemed to ponder more about what I said was the laughter in my head. He must have assumed it was a memory of mine because he later said, "… The more we try to find your memories, the more confusing this seems." He pondered with his eyes closed.

"Still…" He unfolded his arms. "From what you told me, I'm assuming your memory seems to react to certain stimulants. Whenever you are in a situation, be it small or large, one memory from your life seems to resurface. Yet, they are all randomized; so far, it seems as if your memories that come back are related to your life, but come from different points that are not in any chronological order."

"… That was kind of wordy, but I get what you're saying. That's actually a good observation. So basically, if I keep going on this adventure and face with different situations, then I will eventually remember all of my memories..." Hold up, does that mean I have to potentially risk my life over and over again?

No way, right? I mean, what are the chances of something like that actually happening? Hahahaha…

Pfft, I-I mean, it's not like these situations will always be either awkward or dangerous (sometimes both) in order to stimulate my memories… right?

Thankfully, Detective Takezo continues to analyze deeper into the subject. "However, I'm still confused as to how you lost those memories in the first place. This 'company' that the Snagger Wes mentioned maybe tied with that odd machine you fell out off. The most curious part of that actually… is the fact that the 'memories' you regained when remembering the Snag Machines only came back up when it was mentioned by the Gym Leaders. Those memories seem different to you because they were actually visions, where other times you would 'hear' your memories. It looks as if your visual and oral stimulants are separated."

He blathered a bit again, but he made me realize something; I seem to have two ways to remember something.

My Visual and Audio memories are not always the same.

My memories of a girl's voice are clear, but her image is blurry, and that was when I was looking at the harmonica.

But whenever the Gym Leaders said team Snagem, I received a flash of vivid memories, but no audio.

"Hey, Anto, what's taking you so long?!" Black cried out from ahead.

"Let's talk about this another time, I think we should go." Takezo ended the conversation and walked ahead with me following behind.

When I caught up to Black, I immediately apologized, but he was very easy going and said he didn't really mind before he dismissed it almost too quickly.

I really can't help but wonder what I got myself into...

We went into a large dining hall and saw Bianca, Tracey, and White eating. Bianca cried over and waved to us. "Hefy bwhys!" She said before actually swallowing her meal. "Sorry, hey guys! Come on, the food's amazing!"

"Black, was that you screaming this morning?" Tracey asked us.

"Yes, it was!" Black cheerily explained. He looked around the room but it looked like he was searching for something missing. "Hey where's Cilan, Chili, and Cress?"

"They already left at the crack of dawn to get back to the gym," White explained. "Oh right, Anto, You're going to be facing Cilan later this afternoon with a one on one. Good luck on that."

Huh? 'Good Luck'? The way she said that means…

Gimme a sec… "Aren't you guys going to watch?"

"Oh!" I looked toward Black as he realized something. "Sorry, Anto, but all of us here already got that badge. We were heading to the next city before we all got caught up with helping Fennel and the whole Team Snagem business. But if you keep practicing like I told you, I'm sure we'll meet again in the League."

I'm a little disappointed, but it can't really be helped.

"Don't worry, Anto," Tracey spoke out. "I'll be there cheering you on!"

I gave him a nod showing him my thanks before finally sitting down and enjoying lunch.


Tracey and I said our goodbyes to Bianca, Black, and White. They were heading back to Fennel's lab before splitting up as well.

As of now, I was standing and staring at the Striation Gym's entrance. I was starting to have second thoughts about this idea.

Tracey came from behind and patted me on the shoulder. "You'll do great, I know you will." And gave me a boost of confidence.

I looked to Takezo, who took out his wooden blade. I wasn't surprised he was already calm and ready for a fight. In fact, he gave me a reassuring smile.

I finally pushed open the doors and was greeted by Cress and Chili.

Both of them bowed politely. Cress opened up with, "Ah, our guest of honor has finally arrived."

"Allow us a special service as a token of appreciation for what you've done for us and our city." Chili added. The two of them motioned me in like their master, which felt really cool. The lead me to the battlefield where Cilan was standing in the opposite side, composed and showing a rather determined and fierce look.

I couldn't help but smile as his eyes met with mine. It was like he was excited for this fight and I felt myself pumped up for this action.

Takezo jumped into the battlefield, sword ready. If what Black told me was true, he'll use his Pansage in order to fight Takezo. He told me to watch out for his moves and pay close attention the movements and agility of the grass type. Black told me that Takezo should be able to keep up with him, and as long as I keep close range to prevent Cilan's Pansage from using any long range moves, I would win.

Cilan grabs his Pokéball. "Come on out, Crustle!"


Gym Leader say who now?

"(Cru! Crustle!) HA! Ready to Roll, Cilan!"

… That's not a Pansage.

"Are you ready, Anto? I know your mute, but I'm not going to hold back any punches! So give me one flavorful battle—huh? … Anto are you alright?"

That lying backstabber!

"Anto that is not the Pansage you told me we were to fight."

"Kind of in shock, gimme a sec."

"Oh! Were you expecting me to send out Pansage?" Cilan told me as he snapped his fingers. Before clicking his tongue and shaking his head. "I had a feeling Black might try and teach you some tricks when he and my brother, Cress, had their battle. But this gym focuses on the fundamental principle of overcoming basic obstacles. None of us have a direct type advantage against a normal type like Takezo, but I've paid attention to how he fights: purely a physical fighter. That's something that my Crustle completely shuts down. It may seem unfair, but gym battles are not to be taken lightly! Crustle, Rock Slide!"

Crap! "Takezo, avoid those things!"

"Were you simply expecting me to just stand and let those hit me?!" Takezo cried as he dodged several boulders summoned from the sky for the sole purpose of crushing him. "I have common sense to avoid danger, Anto. You are the one that is supposed to tell me when to strike!"

Err, right, I don't always have to yell dodge… why did I do that? I gotta focus: our first plan was thrown out the window because Cilan had a better strategy. (Cilan: Rock Wrecker!) Crustle was chosen in order to completely shut down Takezo's attack power, (Takezo dodged the larger boulder attack by sliding under several other fallen rocks from the initial attack.) But not his mobility!

"Takezo, circle around Crustle! Get close to him as possible, but don't attack him!"

Getting away from those long range attacks are a good start.

Takezo nodded and quickly used the recharge time of Rock Wrecker to close the gap between the two of them. But it looked like Crustle was well raised to quickly recover from the energy for that attack.

Wait, what's that smile on Cilan's face for? …!? "Takezo, something's coming!"

"Crustle, Shell Smash into X-scissor!"

Crustle came out of his shell like a bullet and quickly went straight for Takezo, but my warning was enough for my little friend to wield his blade and clash a Cut attack with the X-scissor.

Still, he parried the attack, not the force that came from the attack. The poor guy was pushed a large distance back from the power behind Crustle's launch. Takezo crashed into one of the fallen Rock Slide boulders, but he quickly got back—

Oh, snap his blade broke!

"… I should have prepared better. It has been a while since I last renewed my blade." Takezo calmly said as he threw away the two broken pieces of wood.

He may have been showing off, but that attack really looked like it hurt. Even though the attack was parried, the power wasn't.

"Come on, Anto, this is turning out to be too easy!" Cilan taunted from across the field.

But what can I do? (Cilan: Crustle, Rock Slide Again!) If Takezo tried to get close again, he would just use that stupid Shell Smash—X-scissor combo, but if he's kept too far, he starts launching Rock Slides and Rock Wreckers! Takezo doing fine now, but he's not going to do this forever!

OK, think strategy and adaption to my opponent is Key; Black said I seemed 'moderate' in that department.

"Anto, he's using the Rock Slides to restrict my movement! At this rate, he shall corner me within a few more usages!"

Oh that's just not fair! Black didn't tell me about this… and worse of all that 'constellation prize' was just a defensive technique…


Oh, I have got to find more creative ways to do this…

But as they say, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

"Takezo, there is one thing we can do, but it requires lighting fast reflexes… again."

"I'm sensing a repeating pattern of repeating patterns here…" Takezo dryly called out after sliding right between two boulders. "But do it anyway!"

"Charge right for Crustle!"

Takezo jumped off, racing towards the bug in the rock.

I quickly glanced over to Cilan, he seemed to notice something was off—shoot—but it looked like he had to take the bait. "Crustle, Shell Smash and X-scissor again!"

Yes! "Takezo, Detect!"

Takezo's eyes glowed blue and barely dodged the large swipe radius by the exposed Pokémon by ducking under the X formation.

"Now, head inside his shell!"

Crustle swept over Takezo, flying more than he should, and ended up a large distance from both him and Takezo, but that was what I was going for. Crustle was a lot faster without that massive shell of his, but Takezo was still able to slide inside Crustle's shell where he used to be.

"Alright Takezo, do what you need to do because now the fun part comes: Cilan's next move."

If I'm playing it right, which I pray to whatever being that I am, he's got one option to take.

"Stealing my shell? That's unique," Cilan complemented. "But now, you're a sitting duck, so we'll take that chance! Crustle, Rock Wrecker!"

Bingo, "Takezo, Detect!"

For a few milliseconds, it was really cool to see a pair of intimidating blue eyes glowing brightly inside the dark corners of Crustle's shell before Takezo was seen sliding out just fast enough to barely miss the Rock Wrecker slamming into the Shell.

The surprised look on Cilan's face was a sight for sore eyes. "Wha-what?! But you already used Detect, so the chances of it working again should have dramatically decreased!"

I give him a wide smile. Cilan's stance stiffens since I think he knows that I knew… right?

"Now what's that smile for? Takezo maybe fast, but Crustle is more than powered up enough to overpower him even without his defenses! Crustle, X-scissor!"

Once more, Crustle launched himself to Takezo, faster than before since it's his second time using that Shell Smash boost, but I'm not going to risk another Detect—heck no! I've been waiting for that.

"Takezo, Cut!"

Takezo raised his right arm and slashed vertically to clash with the X-scissor. The two attacks clashed again, but this time, we prepared for it!

"(RrrrrRAAATT!) HhhhyyyYYAAAH!" Takezo yelled, forcing more power into his footing in order to force Crustle away.

Once again, Cilan, and apparently the audience, were shocked to see Takezo evenly matched in power with Crustle when the first attempt showed that Crustle overpowered the little guy.

"H-how did?" Cilan asked dumfounded.

"Let's kick him while he's down, Takezo, Swords Dance!"

I just enjoyed the look on everyone's face when they saw Takezo moving his arms and a small light show of blades moved along with his arms. Everyone seemed to get it now.

"Swords Dance?! Takezo knew Swords Dance? But wait when did he use—oh you sneaky Garbodor!" Cilan cried out with a bewildered smile. "That's why you hid in the shell in the first place, in order to set up Swords Dance! Since Takezo is small, he must have space to perform that set up! But you had me blast away one of my only defenses to protect against it—wow, I'm not even mad that's genius!" He said as he thought of it all.

"It's only genius if it works! Takezo finish it, Cut!"

Cilan noticed Takezo charge right for Crustle. There was only one thing left to do, I knew it, and I forced him to do it.

"Crustle, X-scissor!"

Both Pokémon clashed again, but the difference between them was that at two stacks of Shell Smash, Crustle's attack power equaled to one stack of Swords Dance on Takezo, not to mention Takezo has had way more experience in close range combat that probably even a fighting Pokémon.

Lastly, despite seriously boosting both speed and power, Crustle's defenses have plummeted to very low levels despite the type resistance.

A loud thud silenced the battlefield. The fight was over.

Cress raised his hand. "And the winner is… Anto!"

What? Takezo did all the work, I just helped.

I looked over to the audience to see both Tracey and Chili clapping their hands.

I just smiled and walked over to Takezo, who was gasping for breath as he sat down collapsed on the ground. I kneeled over and gave him a smile. "Good hustle out there, little guy. Next time, let's try ending the fight in one shot-knock out, eh?"

"You… let us see you fight… against someone that can shoot… unlimited boulders at you." Good to see Takezo's still got his wits about him.


"In honor of you victory, I present to you the Trio Badge showing the proof of victory here in the Striation Gym."

Cool, it's shiny.

"And I also present to you, a Gym Badge Case to keep all of your badges in." Cilan finished.

I happily accept the items.

"Though I need to ask," Cilan looked at me with a confused expression. "How exactly were you able to command your Pokémon without saying a word? With all due respect to Takezo, it seemed rather hard for him to do all of that on his own. Not to mention the fact that I saw him look over to you several times during our fight, like he was also waiting for some kind of command… how did you and Black work around the mute problem?"

I couldn't help but put my index finger on my lips to show him a hush sign. I laughed afterward—well tried to. Still, sound was never the point in laughing… I think.

I said my goodbyes to the triplet Gym Leaders as Tracey and I started making our way to the next city, the next gym, Nacrene City.

I'll keep it a secret for now, of course a piece of me just knows that secrets lead to trouble.

But then again… Takezo did tell me that trouble has an odd way of stimulating my memory.

Huh, guess I'm starting to get addicted to the rush of adrenaline.

I wonder of that's a bad thing?

"I can't believe I have to fight seven more of those fights…" Takezo commented as he walked beside us, keeping a fast pace as usual to keep with our long strides with those tiny little legs of his.

"Ahh don't worry about it, I'm planning to go and catch some Pokémon this time, because apparently just having you for one just isn't challenging enough."

I smile back at him and he back at me.

It's really nice to have a friend like this, if only i could include Tracey in this conversation.

"So Anto," Speak of the evil, "Think you could tell me your secret in telling Takezo what to do?"

I took out a note pad and a pen. "Sorry, Tracey, but I promised Black not to tell anyone."

Tracey seemed a little disappointed, but he doesn't seem too bothered by it. He gave me a stern, almost detective like look. "… Alright, so let's go to Nacrene City. We should get there if we follow the path in Route 3. If I recall, Ash once told me that it was a Normal type gym…"

Hmm… again with this 'Ash'. I wonder, "Hey, Tracey, could you tell me more about this Ash Ketchum? In fact, why do you and Cilan seem to talk about him so much?"

Tracey smiled a huge, dorky smile before telling me one amazing and grand tale.

{Third Person P.O.V.}

Anto listened intently to the tale of how Tracey began his career as a Pokémon Watcher, how he met Ash Ketchum and his friends, and what happened when he met with Professor Oak.

But he didn't just stop there, Tracey told him the individuals who helped save the world with the help of Professor Oak's Pokédex. He told them about a boy named Red and how he became Champion of Kanto and the adventures he and his rivals and friends had.

Anto was able to translate and tell Takezo the same tales as he was being told them as well.

However, little did the group know that they were being followed.

A cautious young boy, wearing a blue overcoat, and followed by both an Espeon and Umbreon were not too far in following that small group walking ahead of them.

And little did they know that they too were being followed: they were being followed by someone(s?) who was following them because they were following the original group that the followers were following.

So the follower was following the first follower that was following after the first group because the follower was following the group first, but decided to follow the first follower because he was following them.



Because we're not done with the crazy yet.

Not by a long shot.

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