Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 6: How To Not Meet New People

Anto's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 6: Someone should really diagnose unluckiness as a sickness.

Anto was having trouble. He tried his best to scribble down what he was feeling, but it wasn't working.

Anto flipped over the note pad.

"Upupup!" Tracey told Anto as he grabbed the notepad.

Anto quickly tried to get the notepad back, but the older boy simply out maneuvered the struggling amnesiac.

Anto glared at Tracey, showing him a face that read all too well, 'Give it back!'

Tracey chuckled. "Come on Anto, I'm sure your sketch wasn't that bad," Tracey assured him. As he turned back the page. His brow rose up higher than it should have as he took a confused look at the attempt of drawing a nearby Pidove.

"Did… err…" Trace struggled to comment. "Did Pidoves always have five beaks? I mean, we at least know that you weren't an artist before you lost your memory! Haha…"

The older boy tried his very best not to hurt the younger boy's feelings. However, Tracey knew that he already had done a poor job of hiding the fact Anto sucked at drawing more than a baby Teddiursa would suck its paw.

The un-amused and embarrassed look in the amnesiac's face was barely seen as he hung his head down in shame.

The two of them were taking a break somewhere along Route 3. Takezo was off gathering berries of his own while Tracey's Pokémon, Marill, Venonuat, and Scyther, were eating a special ingredient of Pokémon food made from a friend in Pewter City.

The two humans were relaxing on a surprisingly cloudy day. It was dark enough to almost think it would be an early night, but Tracey's cellphone showed that it was a little over noon.

Tracey had the idea that he could help Anto regain some of his memories by trying to expose him to any stimulants. In other words, he sort of experimented with Anto.

For Anto; however, he thought Tracey was using that as an excuse to have all the chores pushed to him.

He set up the tent last night, had to go fetch firewood with Takezo, had to set up the table, had to start fire—which accidentally turned sour when Anto accidentally set himself on fire, had Tracey's Marill drench him with a Water Gun, had to stay inside the tent with nothing but a blanket while he waited for his clothes to dry and while everyone else was eating dinner without him, had his tent actually fall on top of him by accidentally moving around too much, had to re make the tent again(even with Tracey's help), all before finally falling asleep in a sleeping bag… without a pillow.

And what memories came back after all of that?

Nothing. Nada. Bumpkin. Zero.

Tracey patted Anto's back to show the younger boy that it was alright. Yet, he also noticed that Anto really did seem worried. Tracey had seen something like that before; he figured that Anto seemed to be hiding something from him.

He wanted him to tell him what the matter was—err write down what was wrong, but the boy seemed hesitant to say—he meant scribble something down. There were instances where Anto looked like he wanted to tell—dang it, write—him something, especially after regaling his tales with Ash and Misty, but the boy would seem to hold himself back.

'Anto must really be going through a lot though. I mean waking up after being attacked and ending up attracting all kinds of strange trouble? Now he's going on a journey all over the continent in order to help find his memories? … Now that I think about it this really seems like a bad idea to put some amnesiac through.'

Tracey thought, but then he remembered the Gym battle with Cilian and Anto. Tracey had actually encouraged the nervous boy that the idea would work.

And the more he thought about it, the more he actually felt bad as he realized a new flaw in his plan that he didn't account for earlier. Did he really take the ability to go into the Pokémon League that lightly? He had seen Ash Ketchum train almost as often as he breathed, probably even more, in order to even enter the league and he's never even won it.

True, their plan was simply to get in the league rather than win it, but the league only accepts the best of the best, which Anto, sadly, didn't seem to have the enthusiasm or even the drive to actually pull it off.

Tracey then recalled the actual fight between the gymleader and the boy. 'But… Anto looks like he really wants to try it… Is that why he's so hesitant to talk to me about something? Does he not want to hurt my feelings about the plan I made?'

A thought like that made Tracey pale. Despite the unusual knack to get into trouble that seemed to rival that of his former traveling partners, and his annoyed attitude when faced with problems, Anto really seemed to be a gentle soul. He showed remorse when he accidentally ran over some man named Ghetsis, actually decided to help some gangsters twice even though they almost were about to beat him the same two times, and seemed to protect Bianca and the others during the fight with Team Snagem.

If Anto really didn't want to say anything to hurt his own feelings, then that would mean Tracey was just pushing his idea to help without really considering the boy's feelings.

Tracey quickly thought back. It wasn't like Anto had said no to the idea or showed any signs of going against the plan…


He couldn't speak out.

And writing is technically different from speaking. Tracey did imagine that writing instead of talking would have some trouble really expressing feelings to other people.

Being mute would also cause Anto to retreat more on his own thoughts since he did express a few times that he felt like he could speak before his amnesia.

'Calm down Tracey, maybe you're over thinking this,' Tracey thought, but he did admit that Anto wasn't telling him everything.

Tracey then found out his right hand had been subconsciously rubbing his forehead. His mind suddenly clicked at the mundane action.

"I haven't done that since…"

Anto looked back at Tracey who seemed to be focused on rubbing his forehead.

Tracey saw this and immediately gave back Anto's notebook. "W-well! It's alright Anto, we were all beginners at one point!"

Anto raised his brow at the older boy. He wondered why he suddenly he seemed nervous for some reason.

"Marill? (Huh?)"

Anto and Tracey looked to Marill who was looking towards a nearby brush. There was a small rustling before Takezo came back with two new wooden blades and a batch of berries.

Anto smiled and waved at Takezo. "Yo! Takezo!"

The Patrat smiled before making his way to the boy.

However, Tracey also had some thoughts about the other new companion he traveled with.

Tracey noticed something odd about the Patrat: he seemed to avoid the company of other Pokémon.

Tracey has studied Pokémon for a long time, and he's known more about Pokémon straight from the mouth of the famous Professor Oak himself. He knows that smaller Pokémon, like Bidoof, Zigzagoon, Patrats, and other Pokémon much like them tend to stay in close packs to survive the wilderness.

Yet Takezo's character showed a form of independence, but he also showed a form of repulsion with other Pokémon. He didn't know if Anto saw this, but rather than hang around with the other Pokémon, Takezo would always make his way besides Anto or even himself when Anto was absent.

If a Pokémon like Takezo always seemed to prefer humans than Pokémon, not to mention his rather unique combat prowess, then wouldn't that mean… Takezo once belonged to another trainer?

Or maybe, Takezo truly was there before Anto lost his memory. That would explain why such a fierce little Pokémon would continue to stay with a random amnesiac.

Of course that was highly unlikely since Anto seemed very certain that Takezo wasn't his Pokémon beforehand.

But then how did they seem to bond so well?

Another loud sound interrupted Tracey's thoughts about his two companions.

However, the difference this time was both Scyther and Takezo jumping out blades ready while Venonat and Marill where jumping up and down frantically, pointing at another rustling bush, but this time it looked far more frantic.

"Takezo, what's going on!?"

"Something is in bound. I sense something wrong. I do not understand how it got here past Marill's and Venonat's radar abilities!" The Pokémon yelled in the front line.

"I didn't hear anything! Now that I think about it, it kinda feels like something is lowering our range!" Marill explained.

"I-I think I felt this feeling before!" Venonat cried.

The bush rustled once more, forcing Scyther and Takezo to stiffen their battle stances. Both Tracey and Anto raced to their Pokémon's ready to help out their respective partners.

The rustling stopped and something came out of the bushes.

The group couldn't help but feel shocked at what was in front of them.

It was a girl.

An injured girl.

She was wearing some odd red and blue get up while wearing goggles on the top of her head above her brown hair.

She looked horrible, not as horrible as Anto was when he was first found, but still…

Tracey snapped out of the shock first. "Anto, check to see if she's fine, but don't move her! I'll get the first aid kit!"

As Tracey, Anto, and their Pokémon started moving again, one onlooker a little farther from their campsite was paying a little more attention to the girl's odd device strapped on her arm.

"A Pokémon Ranger?"

It screamed, wailed, roared.

Streaks of white tore across the darkness, ripping apart the light.

Two of three powerful protectors fell.

The last one was told to flee.

The Protector refused, they would never give up.

But the monster was strange.

Or was it sadistic?

The first monster forced the last guardian away, honoring the wishes of the two it fell.

Pain coursed through the last hero's body, wounds aching like never before.

The last thing the protector heard were the voices of kind beings coming to its aid before falling into unconsciousness.


Anto couldn't help but think the girl looked familiar to him.

But then again, he couldn't help but feel everyone was familiar to him.

To be fair, almost every other person he met around his age seemed to trigger some kind of nostalgic feeling in the amnesiac's mind and it was really annoying!

Maybe there was some brain damage in his head or something that caused this feeling.

Anto sighed.

He sat in the tent watching the girl after they bandaged her up. Tracey went with Marill and Venonat to find some more water while Takezo and Scyther were waiting outside incase whatever attacked this girl showed up again.

There were claw marks and scratches around her arms, as if she was protecting herself from something.

Pokémon aren't known to be violent to humans. So what could have caused this?

The girl seemed to be having a nightmare as she moaned and moved in her sleep.

"I hope she's alright." Anto thought.

It was around that time, Anto heard a soft—almost computer like booting up noise somewhere nearby.

He looked to her scarf, goggles, and odd wrist device that they placed away in order to bandage her up. Said odd device was booting up and lighting up.

"A Patrat and Scyther detected," The machine said. "Alert: Please re attach Capture Styler!"

Capture Styler, a device used by Pokémon Rangers to allow their feelings to properly reach other wild Pokémon in order to befriend them and ask for their assistance.

How… how did Anto know about that?

He heard a sound—moaning. He looked backed to see the girl slowly waking up.

Anto leaned in closer to her, trying to see how she was doing.

The girl slowly opened her chocolate colored eyes. She blinked several times at Anto, her vision starting to work again.

"… Ben?"

Anto tilted his head. Who was this 'Ben' she just called him?

Anto quickly looked away and got some chocolate. Tracey told him that he should offer her some if she woke up with him alone just to ease things a little.

The girl seemed to finally have her senses and her comprehension straightened out as she stared at the back of Anto's head. She had no idea where she was, she didn't know who that boy was, and this all worried her.

"Wait, you're not him… who are you?" She asked as she got up. Then she was surprised to see a chocolate bar handed to her. "Huh?"

In his hand, Anto had a notepad written out, "Hello, my name is Anto. I am unfortunately mute, so I can't talk to you properly. My friend, Tracey, and I found you injured, so we took care of you. By the way, eat the chocolate. I heard it will make you feel better."

The girl cautiously read the post before mouthing an 'O' as she read the mute part. She giggled as she finished the last sentence and took the chocolate bar from Anto. "Thank you, Anto. My name is Summer, I am a Pokémon Ranger." The girl bowed lightly after introducing herself.

"Wow she has a nice smile—where did that come from?" Anto thought in his head. He handed her a bottle of water which she graciously accepted.

"Thank you, Anto." She smiled.

Anto was starting to blush. It looked like he was just bad with girls in general and now he was all alone in a cramped space with a defenseless girl!

"Takezo, I need you here now!" Anto yelled in his mind as he glared where his partner would be.

The little Pokémon poked his head in the entrance. "Are you done mating yet?"

Anto's eyes narrowed.

"I despise you."

"Oh, a Patrat…" Summer said as she and Takezo came closer to each other. "Wow, you're eyes are so big!" She raised her hand to pet the Patrat, but it was around this time she was fully aware of the bandages around her arm.

Her eyes widened; all the events of prior to her awakening and meeting Anto flooded her mind instantly. "Jack! Keith!" She snapped her head in the direction of where her goggles, scarf, and Capture Styler were before grabbing them and sprinting out of the tent.

"I'm sorry Anto, I need to go!" She yelled after startling the Scyther.

"What, hey!?" Anto yelled and went after her. "Takezo, come on!"

"Hold, what are you two doing?!" Tracey's Scyther asked.

Anto quickly looked back. "Scyther, stay here or go tell Tracey we left!"

Scyther's expression then showed surprise. "How did you speak to me? D-did you also understand me?!"

"I'll explain later; I need to follow Summer! She's still injured!" Anto thought as he ran after her.

Scyther shook his head then quickly sped in the direction Tracey left. Anto and Takezo then quickly dashed after the direction Summer went.

If any of them would have waited just a few more seconds, they would have seen several figures quickly following behind Anto and Takezo.

"Why is she running from us to begin with!?" Takezo cried as he followed Anto.

"She suddenly screamed two names: Jack and Keith! Those two must have been with her before she was injured, but somehow they separated! I think she's looking for them because they might be in a worse shape than she was!" Anto theorized as they continued running. Still, even with her injuries, Summer was still racing past the two of them. Anto secretly wondered what kind of training that Pokémon Rangers must go through.

"Dang, she is fast!"

"I concur. Quite the trained human; why is that so few of you humans train your bodies like we Pokémon? …!?"

"I wonder if she know where she's even going?"



A loud sound came from up ahead, as well as some voice that both Takezo and Anto did not hear before. They both looked at each other and nodded.

"You go ahead!"

"With all of my might," Takezo answered as he drew all his blades and raced ahead faster than Anto.

Takezo hopped of trees and ended up heading into a clearing, at the speed he was going, he recognized Summer sitting on the ground and a figure about to attack her. Mid air, Takezo gripped his blades and aimed right for her attacker.

"Cut!" Takezo yelled as he dual slashed the being above Summer, but Takezo was surprised to see both of his blades blocked with a hand—a blue hand!

"A Sawk?!" Takezo cried as he realized the Pokémon that he had just attacked.

"Oh, now that was tight! Alright then little man, prepare for a smack down!" The Sawk proclaimed before moving his hand and forcing Takezo back to the ground.

Takezo was surprised at the sheer force he was thrown off and ended up sliding on the ground a good distance away.

Takezo readied both of his blades if his opponent was powerful enough to block his strike just now. But Takezo's sharp, red eyes widened in sheer shock as he took a better look at the Sawk that was his opponent.

The Sawk had only one arm!

"W-what?" Takezo dropped his blades as he stared at the empty air where his left arm should have been. The left arm in question looked as if it didn't even exist, it lead the samurai to believe that this Sawk must have been born handicapped.

"Dude, hey—eyes up here, right to my fist."

The blue humanoid looking Pokémon called out as he launched his right fist like a bullet. Takezo barely dodged the fist, but felt the strong rush of wind beside his face. He didn't realize that it made him start to sweat; no, he was too busy quickly reacting with a counter attack a split second right after dodging said the fighting Pokémon's fist passed by.

Takezo swung his entire body and slammed the arm away with both of his blades then cart wheeled backwards several paces away. When he landed he spun both of his blades in an aesthetic fashion. The Sawk's eyes widened as he realized that the wooden blades he was moving around were hiding the subtle blades of light around him.

The Sawk smiled excitedly as he tightened his fist and posed his legs. Both Pokémon knew that Takezo was powering up and both of them new that the Sawk was letting him power up.

Suddenly, a small device quickly started spinning around the Sawk. The two Pokémon looked to see Summer with her stylus mid capturing sequence.

"Ya picked a wrong time to rustle with my tussle, Human." The Sawk glared as he suddenly moved his feet in a quick motion. He used his toes to scoop up a nearby stone and lifted/kicked it into the air. Then he spun and side kicked/slammed the rock at the capture disc which canceled the capture attempt.

Summer backed off for a sec and took a second to re calibrate the retuning capture disk. But as she re aimed it back at the one armed Sawk, Takezo jumped between the two.

Letting down her capture sytler, Summer stared in shock at the two in front of her. Takezo was making some kind of sign telling her to stop. Summer realized the two Pokémon were glaring down each other, but the Sawk had a much more elated grin as he stared down Takezo.

Those two… were about to fight.

Takezo moved first, spinning both wooden blades in the palm of his hands before charging at speeds that would put even the fastest electric Pokémon to shame right for the Sawk.


Takezo slammed both blades into the left neck side of the Sawk, a place not as heavily defended due to his opponent's handicap. However, Takezo's eyes widened in surprise again. He felt the entire body of the Sawk tense the second right after impact. The Sawk held his stance and allowed the blow of the fast strike. Holding strong, the Sawk valiantly held his ground from the blow of the attack and motioned his right arm back for a wind up.

"Ya gots to do better than that!" The Sawk half-mocked quickly before throwing one of the fastest punches Takezo had ever seen. If Takezo had not used Detect mid air to turn his entire body and motion the punch downward, then it would been him instead of the ground that cracked and shook from the heavy impact.

The Sawk's grin only grew at the last second dodge from the smaller Pokémon. With his one right fist on the ground, he opened it up and shifted his entire weight on his arm, forcing his entire body to be thrown down with the momentum of his punch. The reason why he did this was so he could position his legs to axe kick Takezo from a one handed flip.

Takezo couldn't dodge this attack, but he pushed his blades to counter the blow from the whipping foot. Allowing him to fly away and land another good distance away from him.

Takezo swung both his blades into a cross behind him before charging once more in a flurry of slashes this time aimed right for the feet and legs since the smaller Pokémon wouldn't try attacking foolish above the waist again or risk being isolated in the air.

Instead of fleeing, the Sawk jumped lightly in the air and proceeded to use his feet to side or round house kick the little creature in the ground.

Suddenly the fight became very aesthetically dangerous as both of them started kicking a large amount of dust around them, either by kicking at the ground or by rolling along said ground to avoid kick and slashes.

Summer stared in awe in those moves. None of that at all looked like an actual Pokémon battle, but something straight out of a kung fu movie! What was with these Pokémon?

She heard more rustle coming out of the bushes and saw Anto bursting out of one of the thick bushes.

And tripping on a rock.

And… tumbling fast and painfully right towards the two well martially versatile Pokémon…

Summer really should have done more than simply crying out his name in horror, "Anto!"

But that also caught the attention of said two Pokémon who both of which froze in a position where the Sawk had caught one of Takezo's blades mid air. This allowed the sprawling, flying Anto to slamming into both of them.

"Oh god, my head…" Anto managed to think as the world around him stopped spinning around him.

But then he noticed his view seemed to suddenly elevate a good four feet higher than he was originally. No wait, his brain was rebooting his common sense function again. He was apparently being raised off the ground.

Now his emotions just kicked back in. "Wait, what!?" Looking down, Anto saw a one armed Sawk lifting him off the ground.

"Ya got a lot of nerve charging right for us, I can respect that."

Anto moved his eyes down at the voice to see a one armed Sawk raising him with his one arm.

"But I accept your challenge to fight me, bro!"

"I'm sorry, what did you think I just did?"

"YAAAHHH!" the Sawk then proceeded to throw Anto face first into the ground.

Both Takezo, who was getting back up, and Summer cringed after they saw the slightly shorter Pokémon throw the boy into the ground.

"OOGAH!" Anto cried as he half bounced on the floor and rolled slightly away in pain.

"Anto, for the love of the Legendaries, how do you keep getting yourself in these situations?!" Takezo complained.

"I don't do it on purpose if that's what you're implying!" Anto managed to think back despite his face being in excessive pain. He flipped over to his front to see the Sawk about to punch him in the face.

Acting on instinct, Anto moved his head to avoid the blow, while motioning his hand to one of his pockets.

The Sawk once more retracted his hand, but then Anto threw something at the blue humanoid Pokémon.


One of Anto's newly given Great Ball.

The enhanced Pokéball fell to the ground and proceeded to flash red as it attempted capture.

However, Anto had the idea of quickly body slamming the thing mid capture and suddenly tying his jacket around it.

"Anto, what are you doing?" Summer asked in a dumbfounded manner.

Anto was not letting this Pokémon come out and attack him out of the blue again. He was going to make sure it wouldn't come out even if it meant forcing the ball down so he wouldn't come out. Of course Anto didn't know that it wouldn't work.

The ball stopped moving, but it didn't make the sound of the ding that signaled it's capture. Anto quickly forced down the Great Ball as something tried to open. The ball actually started trashing around, but Anto refused to let the blasted thing open.

The strange event just clicked in Summer's head as she saw Anto flailing around to keeo the sphere clamped. "Wait, you can actually force a Pokémon in a Pokeball like that?" She asked then realized no one has ever really done anything while the Pokéball was in the capturing process.

"Stay in you, one armed—wait, I can't make fun of someone handicapped—dang it!" Anto complained as the ball made him jerk hard to the right.

Meanwhile, a little away from the whole event, a person watched in silence with his two Pokémon over the strange event.

"… Why the heck am I stalking this guy again?"

His two Pokémon made an attempt to shrug before tensely taking a battle stance behind him.

"What?" He looked behind him. "What in Celebi's—"

After a good five minutes from no one helping Anto, the Great Ball finally dinged. At last that meant that Anto now owned a Pokémon out to kick his butt. Hooray!

"… Waaaaiiiiitttt…" Anto thought realizing that his quick thinking may have caused him long term problems.

"Despite him not seeming very wise, he is still an amazing battler. He'll be quite the interesting teammate…" Takezo mused with interest.

More rustling noises suddenly came out from one of the bushes. Anto cringed in fear while both Summer and Takezo prepared themselves for another violent Pokémon.

"There you are!"

Thankfully, it was Tracey along with his Pokémon had finally arrived when all the trouble was finally over.

Tracey turned to Anto, sighed at him then looked surprised at Summer.


Ignoring Anto's look of annoyance, Tracey started to talk to Summer. "You shouldn't be out here! You need to rest to heal those injuries!"

Summer's eyes widened as she remembered her real reason for running out in the first place. "You must be Tracey right? I'm sorry about running off, but my friends need my help!"

Tracey sighed. What was with people recently reminding him of his Journey with Ash and Misty? "Look, besides just running in a random direction to who knows where, do you even know how to find your friends?"

Summer's persona faltered a bit at that realization. She had technically caused more problems than she had meant to solve. Especially since both Anto and his Patrat had just helped her from being attacked by a random yet unique Sawk.

Tracey looked to his Venonat and Marill. "Could you guys sense the immediate area? Are there any other people nearby?"

Before his two Pokémon could comply, Takezo and Scyther tensed and took another fighting position towards another bush in a different direction.

"Did you sense that?" Takezo asked, gripping his wooden blades tighter than usual.

"This one…" Scyther agreed changing the stance of his arms. "Feels dangerous…"

Out of the bushes, came a familiar blue coated man with silver hair, sliding backwards with an Espeon and an Umbreon. They stared at the bush they came out as if something else was going to happen to it.

"Hey!" Tracey pointed to the boy. "You're Snagger Wes from Team Snaggem!"

"Team Snaggem?" Summer repeated automatically remembering that word being somewhat familiar.

But Anto seemed to pay more attention to the fact that it looked like he and his two Eons were fighting something, and the Fact that Scyther and Takezo still seemed to be focused at something beyond them.

Then he felt an aching pain in his head.

"Look," Wes started as he dusted himself off and stood back up properly. "As much as I would like to have this fascinating conversation, you might want to pay more attention to what gave that Pokémon ranger her injuries."

"What!?" Summer cried again?

"Upon my wicked gaze doth fall the visage of many more mortal toys…" The Pokémon that just spoke sounded like a female's voice, a demonic female's voice. For a minute, it sounded seductive… inviting… ripe…

Anto quickly shook his head—that was a freaking Pokémon for crying out loud! What the heck was that Pokémon?!

Everyone silently walked away as something revealed itself from the bush—o


The entire bush and some trees all fell down in a quick session of slashes that happened in a blink of an eye.

The entire forest around revealed a powerful, ominous, and dangerous Pokémon filled with bloodlust within its eyes.

A black colored Mega Absol.

Whose eyes locked on to Anto.

{Author notes.}

Hey guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

This chapter took a while to write because I was having some trouble thinking how to start it. As I re-read my old ideas, the story I originally planned didn't feel very... presentable. It does fit the story a bit, but I felt it took too weird a direction.

Unfortunately most of my writing has to be delayed. There are just too many things in my life and I can't do as much as I would like right now.

I'll try to squeeze whatever I can during vacation, but it might not be enough.

Anyway thank you for reading. This next tid bit is a deleted scene and what caused me to have problems with this chapter. It seemed like a waste to just delete it, so I kept it.

{Alternate begging scene}

"Do you ever get the feeling that you are being watched?"

"Err… I think my life's too boring for anyone to pay attention to."

"Since when is being a mute amnesiac with the power to empathetically communicate with a completely different species that also attracts potentially life threatening situations in order to restore lost memories considered 'Normal'?"

"Point taken. But tell me again how you and I got tied up to a tree in the middle of nowhere, at the dead of night, and about to be burned to the stake by a bunch of psychotic kindergartners?"

Anto seriously wondered what he had done in his previous or earlier life that caused such a true event to happen.

Yes, there were a bunch of crazed- half naked kindergartners attempting to do some poorly coordinated dancing ritual before attempting to burn Anto and Takezo who were tied up to a tree in the middle of nowhere.

No, this actually wasn't some kind of midnight summer's dream.

Much to the amnesiac's dismay; he actually wasn't remembering any form of his memory from this event.

"Do you not remember, or did you choose to forget? If the latter, your ability to forget traumatic and unwanted memories is something to be jealous of."

"Traumatic for you and Tracey, curse him by the way, but to me, this just feels like some kind of acid trip induced dream! I mean just earlier today the three of us were just waking up at the put skirts of Route 3…"

[Earlier that day…]

Anto, Tracey and Takezo were making their way through Route 3. Tracey had just finished the story about how Ash won the Mikan Gym. During the first part, Anto could help but laugh at the fact the gym leader's brother had put a trap and that Ash unknowingly took the bait.

Tracey continued telling more stories about Ash to Anto, but then they heard several loud screaming noises as they reached the end of the pavement road.

Anto, Tracey, and Takezo saw that the loud sounds were coming from a kindergarten, or specifically, the entrance of a kindergarten.

Sitting in front of the large stone gateways that covered the building was a disheveled lady with short brown hair tied in a bun, wearing a blue blouse with a white pencil skirt. Her face was buried in her hands as she sat down on the steps to the entrance.

"Miss, are you alright?" Tracey called out.

The woman looked up and stared at the two boys like they were alien invaders. The sheer intensity of the stare made even Takezo's eyes look boring in comparison.

The woman stood up so fast that it looked like she didn't even move. She just went from one sitting down to standing up in a millisecond.

"Please help me!" She half screamed as she grabbed Tracey's collar with her vice like death grip.

Now Tracey was a kind and caring soul, he learned from experiences prior that he helping people at your own expense was always rewarding, but right now his instincts were screaming at him to run away.

"Umm…" Tracey nervously stuttered out. He did want to help her, but the way she started to grind her own teeth made him very uncomfortable.

In need of assistance, he looked to Anto and Takezo for help, but he saw the said two slowly back tracking away from the older boy.

Tracey felt slightly betrayed by their actions. However, refusing to get trapped alone in this situation, Tracey formed a devious idea. While his inner kind nature was telling him not to do what he was planning, he was not about to suffer through this alone.

"Actually, I can't help you, but my dear friend Anto can." Tracey told the woman as he eased her hands to let go of him.

Now two things happened quickly as soon as Tracey had said this.

One was the woman suddenly locking eyes with Anto like a bloodhound.

The second thing was Anto realizing what Tracey had just said. "You jerk! I literally can't say no!"

Suddenly, the woman latched onto Anto's feet and started sobbing manically. "Please! You NEED to help me! I can't stand those children! I was just a substitute caretaker!" She wailed before burying her face into Anto's shoes and started blowing her nose into them.

"What?! Sunnuva—I'm not a human tissue, for crying out loud!"

Takezo sighed and slowly walked away. "I shall be searching for chesto berries."


Everyone was surprised to hear a sudden sound, and they turned to look over where it came from.

On the ground in front of them, there was a dented bucket that was spilling out sand on the road in front of them.

{End of begging scene.}

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