Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 7: You've Got A Frienemy In Me

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Episode 7: Reboots galore! (Not a Michael Bay one.)

Long ago under the unbearable heat of the rough sand dessert, a small kid was violently brought in front of a large, muscular man who was the leader of a growing and prosperous gang.

The towering man, even though he was sitting down, loomed over the kid in rags. Still he couldn't help but be impressed by the look in the kid's eyes as he stared him down. The kid was glaring daggers at him, he didn't seem afraid in the slightest despite literally being surrounded by thugs on all sides.

The leader was rather impressed at the daggers his amber eyes were showing him. "Hey, Kid, I like your eyes."

"Your mustache is stupid." Unfazed the kid retorted coldly.

"… HAHAHA! Oh I'm liking you more each second kid! One thing to try and steal from one of the toughest man in the city, now you're insulting my fashion sense? What's your name kid?"

"W—… Wes… just Wes."

"Well then Just Wes, my name is Gonzap,' The Young and bulky man leaned toward the boy making his face meet with the same fierce glare of the child. "How would you like to join my crew?"

[Back in the Present…]

Gonzap rubbed his chin.

Then he had to admit he was impressed. These seemed like nothing those people in Cipher could pull off, legally to boot!

A large Hyperion Class Stealth Carrier MK#3, a supposed prototype design that was bigger, faster, and twice as efficient as the rumored Hunter J's mobile aerial base.

There was literally no spending of Team Snaggem's resources for this beauty nor did they steal it.

It was given to them.

Yes, even Gonzap knew that was way too shady.

Especially the conditions behind the gift were as followed:

Was to lead a small but elite group of his best men in an expansion attempt in the Unova region

And the second one was all too suspicious.

Terminate their current partnership with Cipher.

Gonzap was a brave and proud man, and he would never back down from any form of intimidation. However, when he read this second condition for the first time, he was caught off guard. The people who had openly made this deal with Team Snagem shouldn't have had any clue they were in a secret partnership with Cipher.

He even remembered how they had come across this deal in the first place: one year back there was news of a CEO of a rising company traveling around their area of Orre. Some fancy man in a suit thought that Orre would be a great place for a vacation due to the lack of people and potential publicity.

That was true, but he also happened to be traveling via dune buggy near their turf during his supposed vacation in Orre.

Unfortunately for him, Gonzap was leading this specific raid and his team easily ambushed the frightened, pale, skinny, and forty year old with only his best, slightly plum friend as his only companion.

They laughed at him, jeered at the CEO even as he begged them all, on his knees with his face down on the hot scorching sand, to spare him in his friend in return for even giving them all 'free donations' to their organization. Even going as far to allowing him to 'give' them a down payment to prove he would keep his word.

Gonzap recalled his sarcastic and powerful answer to the man and thanked him for his kind 'donations' as he so eloquently put and let him, and his friend off back into whatever civilization he crawled out from.

He and his men laughed as the two men stumbled from the ground, onto their dune buggy, and sped off away like a scared off Ratata.

As Gonzap remembered this event, his memory seemed to point out something he dismissed back then.

As the two men were leaving his sight, he thought he saw the two men… smiling… as they left.

Something about those distant smiles seemed… inhuman…

That one image of both far off men smiling shattered the entire tone of the rest of his memory and the one important question came up.

Did those blasted men orchestrate that entire scenario just to get a deal with them?

"What the hell did I get myself into?" Gonazap muttered as he rubbed his temples.

He filled out the first condition since it was easy enough, albeit confusing.

But as for the second one… the suspiciousness of this deal only grew worse when the benefactor of this deal stated via letter of all things that they could take as much time with the second option as they want.

It was like these guys were giving them everything they ever wanted and more: that was something far too good to be true.

Gonzap had this incredible feeling like these company men were fattening them up like Mamoswines to be slaughtered in the meat house.

He looked over to the dessert in the distance, wondering how the group he sent was faring out in a new place.


If you would ever tell him that he would stalk a boy around his age that also punched him in the face and destroyed his favorite bike, Wes would just glare at you and silently push you towards meeting with a terrible fate for such a stupid joke.

Then he would actually remember you existed one point in time when he actually found himself doing that same, eerily accurate depiction you told him. If you were still alive at this point, then he'd probably just write it off as a very strange coincidence. If you were killed because you were too much of a wuss to handle Wes' payback then he'd probably just say 'you were right' then move on his life never recalling the fact again unless he needed to.

Wes was a very straight forward, no nonsense, and tough guy, but he had the tactical prowess and battle talent that could give the best trainers of the world a run for their money. Still, he was having a lot of trouble dealing with the situation right in front of him.

He had just revealed himself to a boy he was trying to hide from. A boy who had somehow gained his curiosity when said boy refused to hand him over to the police, traveled with a rather competent trainer with a Scyther, both of who have recently found and patched up an injured Pokémon Ranger, and was now the current target of a vicious Pokémon that vaguely resembled an Absol, but only stronger and twisted somehow.

Life was so much simpler for the thief back in Orre. The most trouble they ever had was when some idiot newbie destroyed their air conditioner since stealing other people's Pokémon was fairly easy back in Orre.

Wes decided to stop thinking about his life style and focus more on getting out of the way of a bullet-like Absol with wings. Absols were dark types unfortunately, so Espeon was near useless in this situation. Not to mention there was just something… different about this Absol.

The Absol was completely black where it should have been white and white where it should have been black. He thought it originally to be a shiny Pokémon, but Absol shiny Pokémon are nothing like that color scheme.

Wes tensed when he saw the creature smile. It was smiling wider than he thought its cheeks could even go. It suddenly jumped off and pounced right for the boy he knew as Anto.

It moved quickly, but so did Anto's Patrat. The little blademaster intercepted the pounce by attempting to slam one of his blades at the attacking Pokémon's face at the left side. The attack connected and Anto was able to swerve to his left and avoid the pouncing Absol's claw from stabbing his eyes out.

That scared everyone, this Absol seemed to be out for blood—their blood.

But while the attack connected, it only seemed to make the stronger Pokémon flinch, not purely injure it. The split second Anto got out of the way of the fatal attack; the Absol's gaze forced itself to glare right back at Takezo's defiant, unreadable battle façade.

Takezo moved quickly, kicking himself off the dark type after connecting the attack and allowing him to stand in between the Absol and his new partner.

"Whoa snap!" Anto thought out as he crawled slightly away from the attacking Pokémon. "What the heck was that about!?"

"How dare you attack my friend! What has prompted this assault!?" Takezo demanded with his blades pointed toward the odd winged Absol.

The Absol slowly showed an unreadable smirk before speaking in what Anto recognized to be a female's voice, "A simple test, blade acolyte… nothing more or less…"

The scary thing that the voice of the Absol sounded... seductive and ripe… which made Anto quickly shake his head in disbelief and forcefully recall that the thing in front of him was a Pokémon and that bestiality was thought as one of the worst taboos to cross one's mind or lips.

"Blade… acolyte… ?" Takezo was confused at the odd title he was given, but that small confusion allowed the Absol to pounce again at them with even greater speed, and catching the little Pokémon off guard.

In a flash of black and the force of nothing less than a locomotive, the Absol slammed into Takezo before he could even pull off a Detect, and slammed him through two trees before being halted by the next one. The loud slam that small Pokémon made on impact echoed through the area and shocked all the others at the display of power it just flaunted.

"Takezo!" Anto yelled in his head. Worried for his friend, he tried to get back up and run into the large dust cloud to find his friend.

Emphasis on tried.

Anto wailed in silent pain when he felt something heavy pin him to the ground. When he looked back up, the Absol was literally right on top of him.

"To think I would chance upon the Seed here of all places… and those humans guarded you so proudly. What little ploy is this?"

Anto wondered what she meant by that. One particular word stood out to him. "Se-seed?"

"Anto! Scyther, Marill get that Pokémon off him!" Tracey finally cried out after watching the events play out.

The Absol only scoffed as the water and bug type came its way. Anto saw one of its paws gathering a lot of dark energy.

Wes saw the gathering dark energy and recognized it as a specific priority attack. "Hey—!"

But Tracey already commanded his Pokémon to attack, Scyther with Slash, Marill tried to launched a Water Gun.

"Sucker Punch! Sucker Punch!" The Absol cried out in gleeful joy as she smacked Marill away in blinding speed as well as knocking away Scyther almost simultaneously.

"Scyther! Marill!" Tracey cried out while Venonat yelped in concern for her friends.

Marill was instantly knocked out from the powerful attack, but Scyther seemed to still stay conscious and slowly tried to get itself up.

"Oh? My respect to thee oh elder one. However, thy immortal warrior soul demands me to release thee from thy mortal shackles…" The Absol purred maliciously before jumping into the air and aiming right for the fallen Scyther.

"Scyther!" Tracey called out worryingly.

"Espeon, Reflect! Umbreon, Secret Power!"

Suddenly the Absol landed on a psychic shield several feet above the felled Scyther. Then it heard an odd sound coming it' way, and it quickly turned around to see something like a Vine Whip heading straight for it. The winged dark type jumped off the shield and landed a good distance away.

It stared at the two Eon twins now standing defiantly in front of the injured Scyther in an attempt to protect him.

Tracey was surprised and quickly turned to the one he had recently fought only several days ago. "W-why did you…?" He asked at a loss for words but grateful for the save of his partner.

"Look, I'm only helping you to owe the mute kid," Wes grunted as he pointed to Anto then quickly back to the Absol. "But if that Absol is actually going to kill us then I rather work with you guys than have it pick us all off one by one! First thing first though: headband kid, calm down the Ranger, I think she's having a panic attack!" Wes motioned his thumb to the girl behind him who seemed to be hyperventilating as she stared into the Absol's eyes.

The Absol seemed interested as she changed her view of the blue coated human towards the gasping girl behind the two boys. Another twisted smile curled up her face as she saw a familiar face. "I doth swore I sent her sailing across the skies. From such a blow, I expected her spine to shatter as she descended back onto the earth. Shame on me for holding back my balde…"

"N-no!" Summer fell to her knees as the Pokémon stared back at her. She clamped her hands over her head and fell into the ground.

"Summer!" Anto cried as he got back up. Tracey had already ran to Summer and tried to calm her down. Anto was going to do the same until Wes stood in front of him, barring his pat to help comfort the girl.

Wes saw the look of confusion in Anto's face but he raised his hand out and pointed back to the Absol. "Look, I don't know what exactly your game is. But that Absol still seems out for your blood. My Espeon and Umbreon are at a type disadvantage and you just so happen to have a fighting type."

Anto's eyes widened as he remembered said fighting type that he had recently caught or did his absolute best to make sure it wouldn't kick his butt.

Anto crossed his arms below his neck to make an x formation. "No! Not that guy!"

Wes grunted and pointed back to Espeon trying to force the Absol back with Reflect while Umbreon was swat away by what looked to be a different dark type attack. "OK, fine think of it this way. Send that thing that kicked your butt to fight that thing trying to kill you, and maybe if you're lucky, both of them will take each other out. And I suggest doing it now before the thing trying to kill you takes out the only two lines of defense we have left!"

"Hey that's not true!" Trace called out, which made both Anto and Wes raise a brow at him. The head band wearing boy looked at his Venonat and pointed to the Absol. "Venonat, use Sleeping Powder!"

The small creature chirped happily before racing past both Espeon then Umbreon. Then it launched a dust of green powder towards the Absol.

However, the Absol only smiled as the powder started to descend on her. Her white head blade started to glow and suddenly all of the Powder was bounced backed to Venonat, Umbreon, and Espeon! All three Pokémon's eyes got heavy and they all fell into unconsciousness.

"… Was that Magic Bounce?" Tracey commented out loud in disbelief. He remembered Professor Oak telling him that Pokémon with the Magic Bounce ability could repel any non-damaging attack back at its opponents.

"Oh hey, you're right: now we don't have anything stopping the Absol from mauling us. Way to go, Head Band." Wes remarked with apathetic sarcasm.

"Shouldn't your two Eons have activated their Synchronize by now?!" Tracey shouted back. He seemed a little peeved at how Wes was treating him rather than focusing on the Absol slowly heading their way with a sadistic smile on its face.

No sooner that he said this, Espeon's forehead gem started gleaming, while Umbreon's tattoos lit up in a bright glow. Obviously their Synchronize ability must have activated because the Absol suddenly dropped to the floor.

Wes capitalized on this moment and shouted back at everyone. "Quick! While it's down, get all of your Pokémon back and run away from that thing!" Then, both he and Tracey took out their Pokéballs and recalled all of their incapacitated Pokémon. However, Anto struggled with his Pokéball (even though he finally was able to capture Takezo) mostly because he still didn't see his friend. He had to pass over the sleeping Absol in order to go to the area where his partner was launched.

Anto gritted his teeth and ran as fast as he could. While he did his best to go around the sleeping dragon, his vibrations made the Absol's eyes snap back open and revive that twisted smile.

"Oh Crap!"

"Anto!" Tracey called out again as both he and Wes saw the Absol getting back up.

The Absol quickly got back up and focused its sights on Anto with feral lust. Anto had no choice but to continue running toward where Takezo was launched.

"The appointed time is nigh! The cosmos shall quake once more!" The Absol madly wailed before being stopped again—this time by a spinning top.

Both Wes and Tracey looked back to see Summer back up and pointing her Capture Styler towards the Pokémon.

"Y-you! What have you done to Jack and Keith!?" Summer demanded somewhat hesitantly. Wes noticed it right away he seemed to notice her hands were slightly trembling, not from her injuries but as if she was… afraid of the Pokémon in front of them.

To everyone's surprise, the Absol… laughed. It laughed cruelly at the skies.

"Mayhap I hit thou head, human?" Anto noticed that it seemed to have a mocking tone as it glanced toward Summer. "Even this mortal mind knowth of the function of these… Capture Stylers… that your knights do so proudly arm themselves with. It requires an empathetic heart, and connecting thou's emotions with mine. Thou art trembling with fear and I doth belive that thou does not want to… connect thou feelings with mine…"

Anto wondered what exactly was the point of all that since no one besides him could understand Pokémon, but he saw that Summer seemed very hesitant in actually trying the capture process. She just seemed so terrified with the Absol in front of her. Then Anto remembered something Wes had previously mentioned about this Absol being the thing that injured her. Was she afraid of this specific Pokémon?

"Hey that thing you do to calm down Pokémon, why aren't you doing it yet?!" Wes screamed, slightly startling Summer. "Don't tell me you're afraid!?"

Summer tried to respond, but her voice didn't come out quite as confident as everyone wanted to hear. "N-no! I'm not afraid! I-I been through worse than this!"

Tracey seemed rather angry at the way Wes seemed to be treating people. "Hey! Stop that! In fact, what's your stake in this? Did you and your Team Snagem thugs plan all of this!?"

"Sure, because the plan totally involves me risking my behind to help you people!" Wes screamed back sarcastically and with rising anger.

The three seemed to be focus on each other and momentarily forgot about Absol and Anto.

"Oh how quickly you humans turn on another," The Absol quietly chuckled. Anto quickly dug his hand back into his pockets before she turned back to him, slowly getting out of the way of the Capture Disc. "No matter, I shall take the Seed from thy mutilated remains of thy skull."

Anto focus his thoughts towards the Absol, "Stop! Why are you doing this!? What the heck do you keep mentioning this seed thing?!"

The Absol titled her head. "… I see… no, I shall not speak a word to its host."

"Host?" Anto repeated before noticing the Absol moving again towards him with everyone else seemingly too focused on each other. "Screw it! Go, Sawk!"

Anto threw the Great Ball and out came the one armed fighting Pokémon.

"So this is what it's like to be a trainer's Pokémon. I was 'xpecting… I dunno… it ain't as diff as I thought it'd be," The Sawk looked at Anto. "So, Boss, what yu want?"

"Help me fight her!" Anto pointed to the winged Absol.

Sawk, looked over to his opponent and smiled wide. Took a fighting stance with his right arm clenched tightly in to a fist. "Yo! This guy looks tough!"

"I just told you she's a girl!"

"Whatever, boy or girl, I beat them all up!" Sawk hyped himself up.

"Glad to see you're all about equal beatdowns for all genders at least…" He sarcastically remarked.

The black, white-accented Pokémon laughed mockingly as she faced her newest opponent, it was like they had become so desperate as to let a handicapped Pokémon face her.

"Look at you? A cripple? You jest! This will not even be a proper duel nor those sad attempt at fighting the other did…"She jeered cruelly.

"I didn't understand like half the words you be spittin'," Sawk's expression turned solemn and his body became way more tense. "But what I do knows is that ya insulted my arm didn't ya?"

"Thou has no limb you speakth of!"

"… I know I don't got an arm… but I ain't letting that define me! I'll show you all! I'll beat the strongest of ya all! … Then no one be spittin those insults no more…" Sawk spoke softly as he pointed at Absol… before taunting her to give her the first move.

Anto felt his head hurt as he heard those words come from Sawk. For some reason, he almost felt like crying as he saw another flash of images he couldn't make out. It was like he was empathizing with how the Sawk was ridiculed because he had one arm. This pain distracted him from giving him any time to command his new Sawk against the strange Dark Type.

"Such a gentleman, allowing me the first…" Absol started charging what now looked to be psychic energy around her head. "… and last hit! Zen Headbutt!"

A large burst of psychic energy dispersed around the area after making contact with the Fighting Pokémon, forcing every human to snap out of their stupor and look towards the impact and shield themselves from the large dust cloud heading their way.

"… That the best ya got?"

The winged Absol was surprised that her target didn't seem to budge from the attack she unleashed on him, she was sure she put all of her killing intent in that attack! She looked up to see the Sawk, though damaged, still standing.

The Sawk pulled his right hand back, glowing with blue energy. "You are just like the rest of em! All bark!" He threw his right arm directly into her face. "REVERSAL!"

The large impact of the blow blew away the cloud dust again and rocketed the Absol far away to smash into what looked to be a dozen trees before exploding on impact at the far edge of the clearing all the humans looked at shock as they Anto's Sawk still standing despite looking terrible from the attack.

"… And no bite…" Sawk finished before slumping to the gorund, only to be caught by Anto, smiling widely at him.

"You sure showed her… Ohko." Anto said proudly. Anto really felt a connection with this Pokémon, especially after hearing him admit that he was called names. He didn't know why, but he felt… he understood completely what it was like to be ridiculed because he was different, and he wanted to be sure that this Pokémon would never feel that way again, even if he didn't understand completely why he was doing this.

"Ohko?" Sawk, now Ohko repeated.

"Your new name, Ohko, short for One Hit Knock Out. You're going to be so strong, just one hit and all your opponents will fall. How does that sound?"

The one armed Sawk smiled as he said these next three words with amusement… and respect. "Not bad… Boss."

Then Ohko looked over to the damage his attack caused and sighed. "I still got ways to go… I get a cool name and I can't live up to it. Shoot."

Anto wondered what he meant by that before looking where the Absol was launched—only to see the strange Absol slowly get back up, heavily injured from the attack, but still moving and looking absolutely livid.

"HOW DAREST THEE!" It roared. "I SHALL TEAR OFF THY OTHER ARM FOR THIS HERESY!" It took a step forward—made everyone else flinch—then it dropped to the ground, muscles aching far too much.

"I… will not forget this… humiliation…" The Absol stood back up. She glared one of the scariest and maddening glares to Ohko. Ohko's response to it was to casually spit on the ground. "Thy skull wilt be mine to decapitate over thy mutilated corpse!" She cursed before jumping into the woods and disappearing.

Anto sighed in relief.

"Ow. Still in pain, don't yu's got them fancy healin stuff them other people like to spam on their crew?" Ohko asked as he looked to Anto.

Anto raised his brow. Was he talking about potions? … That was a very interesting description of them. "You mean potions? … You know it might be a good idea to stock up on those."

Before he could say anymore, he heard someone walking over to him.

"See? You should have let that guy out in the first place before that Absol beat up the rest of our Pokémon." Anto saw that it was Wes, arms folded and looking not amuse.

Anto briefly checked himself and found out that while bent, his note book was still in an OK state. He wanted to write something, but then Tracey's voice shot out.

"Hey! Stop antagonizing my friends!" He yelled angrily. Summer was right behind him, a little downcast for some reason.

Tracey went on in his angry rant pointed towards the blue clad boy. "What are you even doing here in the first place?! Are you out for revenge against Anto!?"

"Anto huh?" Wes, seeming to ignore Tracey's claims, repeated Anto's name with curiosity before turning to the mute. "Even for here sounds foreign, where are you from? Oh right mute. Never mind." He said realizing the fault of his words.

Frustrated, Tracey clenched his fists. "Are you even listening to me, Snagger!?" Tracey yelled angrily.

Wes entered a stare down with Tracey before speaking plainly. "Look, I only followed him because I was curious. Your friend here had the chance to turn me over to the police, but didn't when you first found him the night after the battle."

Tracey's eyes widened at that fact. He turned to Anto with a shocked expression. "Anto, you what!?"

Anto sighed before nodding his head then writing something down.

"W-why did you do that?!" Tracey was able to get out before Anto took out his necklace and placed it out in front of them.

"It's a bit selfish, I know. But I think he knows something about my past." Was written on the note pad.

Everyone seemed confused at what was written on the amnesiac's note pad. Wes, in particular, was surprised about the reason why he was spared in the first place.

"Your past?" Wes repeated out loud, genuinely confused.

Anto scribbled quickly. "You said you recognized this necklace." Motioning to the pendant now his open palm.

"Oh, I recognize that necklace!"

Everyone was rather surprised that it was Summer, not Wes who had just admitted that.

"Y-you do?" Tracey asked in mild shock.

"It's not the necklace, but rather the pattern, symbol, and color scheme of that pendant," Wes spoke out in an explanation.

Summer nodded her head in agreement and took off from where he ended. "Yeah, but that symbol belongs to a moderately high trade business called Dimension Enterprises, they're a company that helps in providing postal services airplanes, boats, and other vehicles. They also help out with the making of high level computer chips that are so high quality that you can find any of their software on 90 percent of the satellites currently in orbit. The Ranger Union has always received new shipment and funding in their software department from Dimension Enterprises."

"That's their public side. But it looks like they have hand in the black market as well," Wes added along casually, causing Summer to also show a surprised look in her face. "Team Snagem has been in a partnership with Dimension Enterprise for a good year now and we've been given a lot high quality gear and machinery to help or group. But despite what even seems to be them being even indirectly involved with other shady organizations. Most of their contracts seem to be oriented in just gaining money, so they're not evil, but they are pretty greedy."

Summer seemed a bit stunned at something Wes said and started processing something. "Wait! You really are part of Team Snagem!? They are the most wanted group of thugs in the Orre region! Heck, it's believed they have the highest crime rate besides Team Rocket!"

Trace seemed a little annoyed that Summer realized this a little late even though she seemed a little distracted before, but he was glad they were finally confronting this Pokémon thief!

Wes rolled his eyes. "Well to be fair, there barely is any government police force in Orre, so it's easy to get away with things." He nonchalantly said.

"You are under arrest!" Summer screamed as she pointed her Capture Styler towards Wes.

"Oh, Celebi, this is giving me such a head ache…" Wes complained as he motioned his hand to the bridge of his nose. "I guess this was a pretty stupid idea in the first place…"

However, before Tracey and Summer could make another move, everyone was surprised to see Anto's Sawk move in front Tracy and Summer while seemingly trying to defend Wes despite looking heavily injured.

"Huh?!" Both Tracey and Summer cried out before they, including Wes, looked over to Anto with a very intimidating glare, not a scary as the Absol that had attacked them, but something that was more like a disappointed father staring down his disobedient children.

They saw Anto had written something new and slightly long. "STOP. First of all, yes Wes is a criminal, but you forget that it's thanks to him, we're all alive right now. It was him who faced the Absol first from just pouncing at us in surprise, and it was him who reminded me that I had Ohko here to counter that Absol. Tracey, I'm sorry for letting him go the first time that was very selfish of me, but I truly don't believe him to be a bad person… even when he tackled me from the sky…"

"You smacked me in the face with a Cacnea, you mime!" Wes shouted back after reading that latest part, making Summer and Tracey raise brows at what happened between the two.

"Fine we're even. But don't you two find how weird it is for a supposed criminal willing going away from his team and helping us?"

Wes sighed in relief. "Finally, someone is talking some sense… oh wait, you're writing that… well this is weird."

Anto nodded at that. This happened why too much for his own good.

"What do you mean by that?" Summer asked as she turned to Wes.

The Snagger glanced away from them, a little hesitant to speak, but looked like he was about to explain what he meant. "I recently quit Team Snagem. Right now I'm just Wes, a normal trainer I guess." He shrugged off, trying his best to avoid this subject.

"You quit!?" Tracey cried out surprised again before anger reappeared in his face. "You didn't look like it when you attacked Black and White!"

Wes continued to talk. "I wasn't trying to hurt them. It's just that they were way too close to our current base of operations. I was actually trying to leave them then, but when I got crossed with those two and those odd robed people… well the rest is history…"

"If you were trying to leave them, then why did you alert them about the police!?" Tracey angrily pointed out.

"I said I wanted to leave. I didn't say that I hated them. I still had some people I could tolerate back there and I didn't want them to go to jail." Wes explained.

Tracey seemed a little baffled at that before a loud tapping sound caught everyone's attention again. Anto was holding out a new message.

"You didn't hate them, but you wanted to leave? Why?"

After that question, Wes' tension dropped. His voice, no longer showing strong or defiant confidence, held some kind of… shame, "It's complicated: let's just say things were different before than now."

After a small period of awkward silence, Tracey spoke out with some hesitation, "I still don't trust you… but you did help us… so… thanks…"

Wes could only nod at that, for him it was something at least, before turning to the Ranger. "What about you? Are you still going to try to arrest me?"

Summer pondered for another few moments. She stared determined at Wes before saying her answer.

"… Yes," Summer stated but placed her capture styler down. "But not now. You still helped us when this was all my fault—Keith, Jack! I forgot completely about them!" Summer screamed as she remembered the reason she ran off in the first place, but as soon as she jerked towards where the Absol left, she felt a large amount of pain.

"Whoa, Summer! The pain killers must have died by now, don't push yourself!" Tracey cried and caught her. Anto also came up to her.

"But my friends! They were left alone by that… thing!" She cried out, almost desperately.

Tracey was about to say something until Anto brought a note for him to read. Tracey quickly read it's contents and read aloud the note. "Anto says: Summer, don't do it. I think your friends are fine. The Absol only seemed interested in attacking me while it let you live. And the way were are right now, we have near no way of defending ourselves from that thing."

Summer tried to struggle, but Anto held her back while trying his best not to hurt her. "B-but how are we supposed to find it!?"

"There's actually more written here—what?! Anto!" Tracey cried to the boy but Anto motioned him to read. Tracey just stared at the solemn look on the boy's face before sighing. "Anto says… You don't need to go looking for it. It will come after me and Ohko after what we tried to do to it. If you stay with us, you'll get your chance to help them again… but right now we have to leave."

Tracey felt bitter in reading the part on how Anto was willingly offering himself as bait, but he had to admit the only conscious Pokémon they had left was Anto's baldy injured Sawk. If that thing came back, they would have no way of defending themselves.

Summer also refused to put someone else at risk for her mistake. "N-no! I'm not letting you do that!"

"Unfortunately with those injuries, you don't exactly have a choice. Some of your bandages are even bleeding; I think you reopened some of your wounds when you first ran away from the tent." Wes stated coldly but truly.

Summer slumped in defeat. She couldn't just accept this, but if she tried any more she would be in too much pain. She allowed Tracey to help her up and they all, even Wes, started to make their way back to the tent where Tracey had left their medical supplies.

"Dang, boss, I'm aching all over…" Ohko announced to his new master as he walked. Anto wanted to bringing him back in his Great Ball, but decided to let him finish talking. "But I can't wait to get better and have another go at that Patrat with a sword!"

Anto suddenly froze.

Everyone all seemed to look back at why Anto had suddenly seemed to freeze mid step and was now losing color in his face.

Anto moved again, clamping his hands on his head in maniacal panic. "I FORGOT ABOUT TAKEZO!"

Takezo later did not appreciate being left in pain after he woke up.

{Author's note}

Quite the odd group coming together huh? Well… somewhat together at least. They kind of have issues with each other.

I hope that the characters are still in character. With Tracey, he's just as passionate about good treatment towards Pokémon as Ash would be, so of course he would not get along with Wes who was a Pokémon Snagger, former or not.

Since Wes doesn't exactly have a character being the usual mute protagonist, I decided to reflect his character as one of those people who at first did what they thought was right, but slowly start to realize they were actually wrong. Actually, for this story, he doesn't regret stealing (yet) because Orre would be something like the Pokémon world equal to a third world country on Earth. My imagining of Orre would be way more brutal and slummy where the strongest survive except in Agate village, Phenac City, and Mt. Battle.

As for Summer, I based her loosely on her game counterpart as the NPC. While she has been captured before (in the game) and she has been in worse situations. This was one of the first times that she was physically injured by a Pokémon attacking her directly and not the capture disc. Not to mention the Mega Absol's weird character and sadistic nature would probably scare her since she never saw a Pokémon show such cruelty. Which was why instead of the up-beat and supportive person as her NPC would show, she's a little traumatized from being attacked by some strange new monster.

Speaking of the Mega Absol, which I hope you guys got, I never referred it as one because no one in that group knew what mega evolution was. (At least not yet.) And as one would know about mega evolution in the games or anime or manga…

"It requires a Key stone, Mega Stone, and a trainer it trusts." Or something along those lines anyway. Basically three things, but you didn't see any? (At least now.) If these three things were still needed, then who was her trainer? And what do they want with the Rangers?

Now for the new character Ohko, a handicapped Pokémon. I always thought that if there were Pokémon that could be traumatized via egg. (I'm referencing that Larvitar that traveled with Ash a while back.) then maybe it's possible for a defect to appear on Pokémon as well. Like how some unfortunate people are born with handicap. For Ohko, I plan something a little different with most Pokémon. (Along with all of Anto's future Pokémon since they'll all have some odd quirk.) but I'll get more into that later.

As of right now, the group is large, but they're all on edge at each other. Next chapter, see how Anto bonds with all three of his human companions and tries to bring them all closer together…

And maybe solve a case of a certain missing skeleton? (props if you get this reference.)

Thanks for reading.

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