Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 8: Do I Trust You?

Ep. 8: What Has Existed And What Is Born.

[Deep within the Johto Region…]

A powerful, brown haired man wearing some kind of green uniform folded his arms strictly as he stared down the newly discovered tabernacle.

The design was faded, but the structure was still good enough to preserve what looked to be ancient. Recent reports in Radiocarbon Dating, or a scientific method in measuring ages in rocks, showed that the rubble around the crude looking tabernacle to date back to the pre-historic area over one billion years ago!

However, the man who had discovered this priceless artifact was not happy nor did he show any form of emotion to reflect on his success. Rather, he seemed to be focused on the unrecognized, and terribly faded ancient writings in the front of the tabernacle from where he found it deep within these unknown and hidden ruins.

He had dabbled in studies of linguistics, archeology, and had recognized some of the faded symbols recorded and decoded by Johto historians before him. However, with what little he could piece together, there was some kind of poem written on the tabernacle, a poem that is now half complete.

It was the few words that he could loosely translate that caught his attention.


The dragons fight…




Ringed One…





He heard the sound of foot steps behind him and turned to see his assistant coming up to him.

"Brandon! Regirock has finished clearing the rubble and I think he's found a new hallway!"

The man named Brandon nodded. "Thank you Samuel, I will be there shortly…"

Samuel nodded and made his way out. Brandon then focused his sight on the odd drawing of three rings that were made to look like eyes around the word "Ringed One."


Summer sighed as she looked up to the stars. Right now she was currently wearing a cute Plusle and Minun Pajama that the Pokémon center was kind enough to let her borrow while she was on the roof top of said Pokémon Center. It wasn't really hard for her to do this since she had just climbed up from an open balcony in her room and up there. Her injuries became a lot better now that she received proper treatment from the Pokémon Center here in Nacerne City.

The entrance to this city was … really awkward since no one in the group spoke a single word after they had survived the encounter with the odd winged Absol. (No one expected Anto to speak of course—wow having a mute in this group really makes things awkward when something about talking is mentioned, and it happens way more often than one thinks!) It didn't help when the four of them walked into the city, they sort of stuck out in the crowd because of how roughed up they all were from the attack.

Tracey seemed especially distant with Anto for some reason, while the mute just looked so confused. For Wes, she didn't know why he bothered coming with them, but figured he probably had nothing better to do. Worst of all, Summer was really feeling bad about the whole ordeal both emotionally and physically.

Being too injured to go try and save the people who helped you…

Being forced to run away and abandon your friend…

It was so frustrating! But what exactly could she have done? She still was injured and had forced the people to take care of her in jeopardy. Anto and Tracey had both of their Pokémon exhausted while Wes' were incapacitated.


Summer couldn't help but scowl as she thought back to the self proclaimed, former member of Team Snaggem.

The Ranger Union had files on Team Snaggem for quite some time. However, as much as they wanted to send a team of Rangers over to the Orre Region, they had some legal issues in getting there. It turns out that The Union had asked the mayor of Phenac City, Evice if they could set up a post in his city, but Evice for some reason believed that it wasn't necessary and was adamant that the Ranger Union had no need to step up a post in their town. Relations with the plump mayor have always caused issues for The Union to make a move in helping people in that region.

But after finally meeting one of them, Summer couldn't help but despise him. He reeked of how the Pokémon Pinchers were back in the Oblivia region, a bunch of thugs that forced Pokémon to do their bidding and caused them nothing but grief and pain just for their own selfish desires. Sure later on she and Ben were able to see the good in some if not most of the commanders of the Pokémon Pinchers, but Wes seemed too distant, rude, and uncaring for his first impression.

He looked pretty stupid too! Who wears some kind of robotic brace over his left arm? Or who wears a long blue overcoat that flutters in the wind whenever he walks? And what was the deal with those silver shades he wore at the top of his head? Those look really stupid! And he has some stupid colored eyes as well!

What Summer didn't realize was that she was pouting as she thought about it.

She sighed as she looked back up to the vast beyond of the night sky. She loved how, even here, the stars shined brightly among the unending darkness of the opposite of day. She recalled briefly the nights she used to spend with Ben in the Oblivia Region. The stars shone even brighter in that remote corner of the world that just chose to live humble lives with Pokémon rather than construct metropolitan cities like the other major Regions in the world. She remembered how the two of them would joke as they connected the stars to match the Guardian Signs of the Oblivia region, pretending to summon the ancients of that region by tracing their fingers along the stars with no need to borrow their actual power to save the land… but rather… just enjoy their time in the romance of living out the legends and fantastic tales…

However, thinking of Ben made some old guilt and scars rise up again. When they first entered into the Obliva region, she was helpless as Ben had to sacrifice himself to shield an attack meant for her. Then she was captured for some time by the Pokémon Pinchers after being separated from Ben. Next, she recalled how helpless she felt as Ben and the others were forced to trade prisoners with her, essentially taking away the Ranger's only edge they potentially had.

Now she compared it to her most recent failure: her in ability to protect those helping her again! Now when she had the chance to help her new friends and stop the rampaging Absol a second time, she froze as the Pokémon in question showed a darkness she never saw before in such usually loveable creatures, which forced Anto's new Sawk a large amount of pain before he could finally repel the beast. Worst of all, she had gotten over her fear just to remember her current partners had been captured by that Pokémon who was already long gone, and she could do nothing but writhe in pain.

Wallowing in self pity, Summer began to tear up. "W-why? …Why can't I do anything right?" She curled up and buried her silent sobs into her arms and knees.


Summer was slightly startled as she took her head out. To her surprise she saw an Espeon nuzzling his soft fur into her legs at her right side. Then she felt a similar presence to her left, and just so, a familiar Umbreon was softly leaning to her left shoulder.

Both Pokémon seemed to sense her despair and looked to be there to comfort her. She couldn't help but dry her tears and pet both creatures. She loved how soft their furs were to her touch, it was a strong sign that these two were cared for with much love.

"Feeling better, Ranger?"

The voice was calm as possible, but Summer couldn't help but yelp in surprise at the voice as she whipped her head behind her. There she saw Wes watching her with what she now realized were his Espeon and Umbreon in long gray jogging pants and a white t-shirt, probably also trying to sleep.

"S-Snagger Wes?! What are you doing here!?"

The tanned boy sighed and walked a few feet towards her, but then he sat a respectable distance away from her to honor how she needed her space.

"Couldn't sleep, guess a comfy bed is going to take some adjusting to," He shrugged before motioning to his Pokémon.

"You should pet them you know. Those two like it when someone pets and rubs their fur." He said distantly as he looked into the stars, not directly looking at Summer.

Summer stared a bit at Wes, but her hands were subconsciously rubbing the two separate twins gently which made both of them purr softly in enjoyment. For a second, she let her guard down and enjoyed lightly playing with the psychic and dark type. She giggled as the Umbreon, enjoying his petting so much, rolled over to his back to allow her to rub his stomach.

After having her fun with the two Pokémon for a minute, Summer looked back at Wes, who seemed to be finding the roof between her and him very interesting with his intense stare.

Summer was just confused at the idea that out of everyone, it was the person she is still currently trying to arrest was comforting her. Since from her experience, it was her and Ben who did the helping out people in need, even if it was the enemy. But this time, the enemy was helping her?

She was so bewildered by this odd turn of events and still somewhat distracted by her thoughts that the only word that came out of her was, "Why?"

Wes rubbed his forehead and shook his head. "Honestly? I don't know myself…"

Wes shook his head disapprovingly.

"Well, no. … That's not the real reason." He said as he looked at Summer. He opened his mouth again only to close it just as fast. He moved his hands, just to place them back down. He was struggling to explain his reasoning, but it looked like the reason was a big secret. Summer could tell that much, he actually wanted to tell her, but didn't know how to open up to her or maybe to anyone in general. After all, his idea of repaying Anto was to stalk him…

Yeah, he might need some help with that.

"You don't need to tell me why then," She smiled coyly, causing the Snagger to feel slightly on edge. "Seeing this side of you is cute enough as is." Wait. Did she just—

"Did you just say cute?" Wes pointed out.

"… Yes." Summer admitted blushing. She didn't know what compelled her to say that, but she decided to be completely honest with him. "I-I think it's kind of cute. …Y-you act so tough sometimes, but you're actually a big softie. I mean look at the way these two Eveelutions are right now: they are just so well cared for because it really shows how gentle but powerful they are…" her blush died down a bit. She was a little relived that this feeling seemed to be respect and empathetic rather than anything remotely romantic. She continued on, trying to be completely honest from the heart. "You know I really thought you were a bad person when I first saw you. The way you snapped at me and ordered the others around made me think of the Pokémon Pinchers, a bunch of criminals that just misused Pokémon for their own greedy schemes. It was prejudice to do that now that I think about it. But you were just trying your way of helping us… although I think you might have a problem socializing with other people," She noticed Wes flinch slightly while his two Pokémon seemed to smile. Looks like she just found a weak spot to exploit later. "So I guess that I said it was cute… because you actually want to do good, but you don't exactly know how to do it…" Summer turned to Wes and gave him a genuine smile. "So… thank you, Wes."

Wes was dumbfounded at the absolute honesty from the Pokémon Ranger. It was his turn to have his mind throwing a million thoughts a second trying to figure Summer out for doing that.

He felt like he needed to say something, but the only thing that came out was, "Man… you're weird."

Summer chuckled gently, rubbing Umbreon's stomach playfully. "Like there's a real normal person in the world."

Wes smirked as he thought about it.

"Point there." He admitted truly.

There was this odd experience coming from deep within Wes. He didn't know exactly what it was, but he never really felt this… what's the word he's looking for? Comfort? Maybe? He never really felt so… comfortable just talking to a person before. Why was that? He only listened to Gonzap out of respect and with some sense of repayment since he was pretty much the guy who raised him and gave him a roof over his head, but he never really received a feeling like… this while talking to this woman who still might arrest him as soon as she gets better from her injuries.

It felt nice just talking, and not just listening and thinking of sarcastic remarks of other people while rolling his eyes at the background. Wes could barely remember how long ago he had a 'heart to heart' with another human being.

"I… I didn't want to be a Snagger." Wes finally admitted causing Summer to look back at Wes from her star gazing.

Summer thought carefully about her next words. "You didn't?"

"No…" Wes confessed regretfully. "But then again, you can't choose where you're born and what happens to you."

A small period of pregnant silence followed.

Summer waited a bit for Wes to explain more, but he didn't. It looked like he really was struggling to open up, but he was trying.

Before he could say anything more, Umbreon and Espeon got up and tensed towards a direction.

Summer looked in surprise at the two. "What's wrong?"

Wes got up, standing proactively before looking at the direction of where his two Pokémon were staring.

"If even Umbreon is tense, I'm pretty sure they sense a large amount of psychic energy somewhere," He looked over to the roof, looking exactly where his two Pokémon sensed the spike of energy. "The gym of this town doubles as a museum right?" Wes asked Summer.

"Y-yeah. Why?" Summer stood up and looked to where Wes and his Pokémon where staring at.

"Unless the Gymleader of this town suddenly decided to change from training normal types into psychic types in 1:24 A.M. at the dead of night, something is off." Wes explained as he pointed to the gym.

Summer's eyes narrowed as she stared towards the gym. There was more trouble here in Unova? It figures this is just like her adventure with Ben back in the Oblivia Region: one thing after another. But she wouldn't falter, she wasn't going to give up! As a Ranger's duty it was her job to protect the innocent and help lives, and she wasn't going to back down if this really was a suspicious activity. Maybe it might be a lead on how to find Keith and Jack even!

"We have to investigate!" She proclaimed before heading back into her room.

"W-what? H-hey!" Wes grumbled as he saw Summer already run back into her room. He wanted to follow her, but saw her motioning her hands towards removing her shirt. That meant she was going to change back into her ranger uniform even though it was newly re stitched. Wes sighed and decided to go back into his room.


Waking up Anto, or Headband was out of the question. With the former deep asleep, while the later didn't quite trust him, Wes thought maybe he shouldn't have told the Ranger about potential suspicious activity if he knew that she would go rushing towards it without pause. He should have realized that when Anto had chased her the first time she woke up.

'Dear, Celebi, she has a lot of energy!' Wes mentally thought as he tried to catch up to the Ranger in his Snagger Uniform. He had to send Espeon ahead with Summer since he didn't want her to get into more trouble. If something happened to her, then Headband would grill him to no end, not that he feared him—heck no, but it would still be such a drag.

He was running with Umbreon to what already looked like the City outskirts until he heard a familiar voice cry out, "Freeze!"

He and Umbreon turned a corner and were surprised to see what looked to be a giant skeleton dragon facing down both Summer and Espeon over two large bridges.

"The heck!?" Wes cried as he joined up with Espeon and Summer.

"More intruders? I did not expect this." A voice complained disdainfully.

Wes squinted as he looked ahead. Thankfully, he designed his shades to not only to dim the harsh light of the sun, but to also reduce darkness deep within the unlit areas of the team Snaggem hide out. They were made from bits of leftover dead nocturnal Pokémon eyes, but that didn't bother him much if it got his previous jobs done. It wasn't effective as actual night-vision goggles, but it did his sight better in the darkness. He pulled his shades down and saw three oddly dressed females wearing some odd shield emblem with a P in the middle and he saw some oddly robed man with huge ears in front of them. The one who just spoke out must have been him. He quickly glanced at Summer, and was surprised that she wasn't using any sort of gear over her eyes to see. Could she see in this darkness?

"Hold it thieves! Return all of those stolen goods back into the Museum and accept arrest!" Summer cried as she pointed her Capture Styler towards them.

"A Pokémon Ranger?' The old man mused as he saw the device the girl was wielding. "All the way out here? … This may prove to be a problem."

"Hey you!" Wes called out, turning all attention towards him. "Didn't you hear her, you cult freaks?! Return the stolen goods!"

The females behind the old man screamed in outrage at that comment. "Cult freaks?! How dare that boy! We are Team Plasma!"

"Nope! Still calling you cult freaks!" Wes retorted easily. However, no one but his Pokémon noticed him using hand signals behind his back…

"You impudent, little boy," The old man spat in contempt, "You dare insult our holy cause and simply demand that we give in to your demands because you insult us?"

"Under what religion is stealing museum artifacts considered holy? Under the Pslams of the Book of Stupidity?" Wes riposted.

"Uh, stop goading the enemy!" Summer scolded Wes briefly.

"Do you even see how their dressed? The only smart thing they did was do this at night so on one would stare at their stupid outfits!" Wes replied to her.

"Turn off the snarky comments, Wes!" Summer yelled out annoyed.

Wes looked at her. "Why are you defending them? You're about to arrest them!"

Summer faced him with an exasperated look. "I'm trying to concentrate! And insulting the criminals only makes them want to do crimes more! I learned that in basic ranger Criminology 101!"

Team Plasma stared a bit as the two stared bickering in front of them. "Are they… ignoring us?" One grunt asked.

(Wes: There is no way that's a real Criminology lesson!)

"How dare they show such disrespect… to their elders even! Kids these days…" Another female member added in.

(Summer: Ha! I should know; I was top in my class!)

(Wes: Congrats, you're a nerd!)

"Oh they remind me how my parents first met. Ahh to be Young!~" The eldest of the three females cooed, earning odd looks from her younger juniors and the old man. "Err…"

"Well," The old man started. "I believe that an opportunity to get rid of a potential problem has presented itself to us, and we must take it."

Suddenly the skeleton started moving, Wes and Summer stopped their bickering to see the large ex-dragon moving.

The skeleton lifted its claw and launched it towards Summer, but the claw stopped as it made impact with a kinetic shield.

"What the—it's moving?!" Summer cried out surprise as she looked at the skeleton.

"It's probably a psychic or ghost Pokémon doing this!" Wes explained while looking at Espeon. "Espeon, wrestle control over it!"

The lavender Pokémon nodded before concentrating on the skeleton. It suddenly stood straight back up, then it trashed around a bit, smashing the bridge walls with awkward movements.

"Wes! Stop! At this rate the bridge would break before Espeon wins control!"

Wes looked around Team Plasma. "I don't get it, they don't have a Pokémon nearby, so how are they controlling this thing!?"

Summer's eye lit up and quickly looked at her Capture Styler. She pointed it towards the push cart with the other stolen goods before launching her disc at high speeds. The disc quickly smacked the coffin among the goods and the Skeleton stopped trashing around.

"What?" Wes yelped out.

Summer pointed to the coffin. "That's no coffin! The Capture Styler detects it as a Pokémon: Cofagrigus! A native ghost Pokémon here in Unova!"

Said Pokémon opened itself up from its coffin form and floated beside the old man. "It appears as time passes on, you become more of a rising problem." The old man calculated. He pointed to the ground beneath the skeleton. "We no longer need the skeleton, for it is not the dragon fossil we seek, but let us not let these cretins win. Cofagrigus, destroy the skeleton!"

"Oh no you don't! Now, Umbreon, Bite!" Wes exclaimed.

Everyone surprised to see a glow of yellow runes appear right behind the Coffin Pokémon, especially more so when the eyes opened up and pounced on the ghost type.

Summer quickly looked at her scanner. "Oh! I didn't notice you moving Umbreon!"

"Yeah, I moved him in when I was shouting at them. It's a good thing you actually decided to bicker with me. It was a lot easier to sneak him in there in case they tried something." Wes explained.

"Wait, you were doing that on purpose!?" Summer cried out.

"No time! Espeon, Confusion! Take back the push cart and the other artifacts while Cofagrigus is distracted!" Wes cried out hurriedly.

Espeon complied and pulled all of the objects away from Team Plasma. He brought it over them, and placed it back on the ground before the bridge.

"Now bring the skeleton over!" Wes commanded as Espeon was freely able to move the skeleton back over the bridge towards Nacerne City.

"You are testing my patience boy…" The old man darkly started.

"L-lord Grom…" One of the Ladies frighteningly spoke out as they saw their lord's expression.

"Cofagrigus, throw that creature off you and destroy the bridge!" He yelled angrily. This time, Cofagrigus used all of his hands in order to finally fling the dark type off his back and towards the bridge.

"Umbreon!" Wes cried out as he ran to catch his friend with Espeon close at hand.

"Wait!" Summer cried as she also went after Wes.

However, as soon as Wes caught Umbreon, the ground beneath them started to collapse. In a shock of powerful ghost energy, the bridge collapsed, causing all four people to fall!

Wes acted quickly, huddling Umbreon close and snatching Summer and Espeon mid fall. "Espeon, I know Umbreon is nearby, but try to slow our descent!" He yelled over Summer screaming.

Espeon tried, but their fall was only slowed as they both all made a splash into the rivers below.

"Hmph," Grom scoffed. "We must make haste. Lord N and Lord Ghetsis must learn of the presence of Pokémon Rangers being here." He said as all of Team Plasma disappeared into the night.


Something felt warm again…

Anto slowly tried to regain consciousness. He slowly started to see himself looking towards the sea.

He was on the beach again. The second time he was in this weird dream.

Anto noticed something odd in the distance. It looked to be that same screen that he saw that had Takezo's odd stats.

Walking up to the object, Anto was surprised to see something new written on the flying screen:

Ohko/Sawk. Lv. 18+ (*Limit Surpassed*)

Ability: Sturdy. (At Full Health, prevents OHKO)

HP: 102 (+3—+4)

****Attack: 90 (+5)

*Defense: 57 (+3—+4)

-Special Attack: 5 (+0—+1)

Special Defense: 34 (+2—+4)

Speed: 42 (+2—+4)

Moves: Dual Chop, Double Kick, Reversal

Handicap: One armed.

Suggestion: Allow Ohko to wear a long robe or cloak to cover his body.

That was new. It's basically the same as Takezo only this time there are two extra notes on it.

Was it suggesting Ohko wear a long cloak? What for? … To hide from others he's only one armed when not fighting? … Hmm…

Too confusing to think about, Anto tried something else.

"Hello?" He called out in his own voice. It felt weird that as he dreamt he could imagine his own voice even when he technically never heard his own voice before he lost his memory.

Suddenly a large sound echoed through the small island. Anto looked back and was surprised to see a large gold ring opening up from somewhere he couldn't see beyond.

Out of the strange portal came a just as strange small creature. Anto wasn't entirely sure it was a Pokémon, but it felt like one.

The creature was like 1 foot tall, just like Takezo, but its colors were mixed with some whitish-gray along with pink. Specifically, rings seemed to be a theme with this Pokémon as its color shcme and patterns seemed to be rings all over the Pokémon. It had two horns with two gold rings dangling loosely but still tightly placed on the curved horns. It also wore a slightly larger gold ring on its lower torso. The odd thing about this little guy is that he seemed to be either psychic or ghost since he levitated without any legs, but it had small stubby arms that seemed to move in a mystic manner.

Said Pokémon, if it could be called that, turned its mischievous looking gold and yellow eyes towards Anto, a smile forming on its face.

Anto walked toward the small floating creature, its smile growing uncomfortably wider as he came closer to it. Stopping a few feet in front of it, he asked, "Who are you?"

"So this is the place huh?" The little Pokémon spoke out in what seemed to be a voice of a young arrogant boy. He ignored Anto completely and started surveying the area.

Anto sighed, it looked as if the creature didn't even seem to care about him. Anto studied the small creature again. He went over to how the creature reacted when he came into what felt like his dream. The small creature said, "So this is the place huh?" which meant that he was looking for this place, but it felt like he was more curious about this place. Anto thought this was him dreaming, but he was too conscious for this to be some very weird lucid dream. After all, his mind seemed to be working within itself, and he doubted he could actually try to make sense of things while he dreamt.

"Hey you."

Anto looked up to see the small Pokémon staring at him with his arms folded.

"Why'd you suddenly shut up? You ask me one thing and then never speak again! Most humans would have demanded to know what I am by now, or plain be rude and attack me."

Anto thought quickly for a few more seconds before answering, "You didn't seem interested in me when I called you out, so I didn't bother trying to press for something you wouldn't give me." Anto felt… familiar when he told out those words… did he say them to someone before?

The small creature placed one of his hands on his chin and made his face close in near to Anto's. Being startled, Anto took only two steps back from the uncomfortable position the small being was doing.

"Huh. That makes sense. You're already the smartest human I came across, and trust me, I've seen a lot of humans," The wicked smile of the small creature came back, but Anto seemed to get used to it quickly. "Oh you are an interesting human, and found in an interesting place too! This is going to be fun. Ah! I guess I could give you my name since you've already been in my awesome presence for more than a minute without me getting bored of you." The small being danced up slightly higher into the air and proudly puffed it's chest.

"You humans refer to me as… Hoopa."

Anto blinked and briefly scanned the rings on the small Pokémon. "You said 'refer', so I'm guessing either you don't want to tell me what you really are or you don't mind what you are called."

The small Pokémon's smile only seemed to grow wider, more malicious. "Ooh! Your way smarter than those stupid scientists that tried to get my powers. I'm just talking to you and you already seem to be guessing what I am? What did you humans call those types of humans that study actions? … Detectives? Profilers? In-laws?"

"So is it either?" Anto repeated his question for this topic.

"Meh, a bit of both really. It's personally a lot easier for mortals like you to pronounce."

Anto, seeing his chance, decided to ask Hoopa something, "Hoopa, unlike you, I don't know where or what this place is. In fact, between the two of us, you actually seem like you know something about this place since you freely entered here."

Hoopa raised his brow, but then something seemed to have caught his attention since he seemed to focus on something behind Anto.

Anto hesitantly turned around and saw a large shadowy blob that looked vaguely like an Ursaring. It raised its giant palm into the air. Anto felt his sight failing.

"Whoo boy!" Anto vaguely heard Hoppa cry before hearing some strange sound and feeling a small light coming from the floating Pokémon behind him. "Guards always hide something juicy!"

That was the last thing Anto heard before he blacked out again in his dream.

When he woke up, he became even more confused. His dreams were just so… un explainable, yet he was lucid in all of them so far whenever he would have them.

Anto sat up from the bed he was borrowing in one the vacant rooms of the Pokémon Center. Anto glanced over to the window and saw it was still night. He glanced over to his clock, and rolled his eyes in exasperation; it was freaking 3 A.M. in the morning .They had finally reached Narcerne City, and he was not entirely glad at how on edge his new group was towards each other.

Tracey seemed a little disappointed and betrayed by Anto that he let Wes go the first time, even if it was for his memory, the fact he kept it a secret and didn't tell him made the older boy a little colder to him. He would have to somehow talk—or communicate with Tracey about this later.

They all had silently headed straight for the Pokémon Center to heal up and rest up for the day. Kindly, there were many spare rooms that day, so all four people had their own separate rooms. Anto felt bad about going to sleep, but that entire event gave him a migraine trying to plan how to converse with other people. He looked over to the window balcony to see both Takezo and Ohko sleeping out of their Pokéballs since he figured he could let them out to relax.

"Great, I'm wide awake now, and I have to face Tracey and somehow talk to him… even though I'm mute. I have got to find a better way to express words…" Cue imaginary light bulb. "Oh well, I've got a good four hours to get the basics down. To the internet!"

Anto slowly got out of his bed, as to not disturb his two Pokémon. By the time he opened up the door, he noticed both battle oriented Pokémon still out of it, probably deep into their third sleep cycle stage or something. He smiled softly before quietly closing the door behind him.

Anto looked at the hallway and made his way towards the public computers. On his way however, he failed to notice that the guest rooms for both Summer and Wes were occupying were left open, but were barely closed.

However, it would only be until much later when Anto learned of this fact.

[Somewhat Later In A Different Area…]

The first thing Summer thought waking up to see what looked to be a cave was about a cucumber flavored muffin.

After her mind did a basics comprehension check, she realized that she was in a cave; thus she attempted to recall why or how she came into this cave.

Then she remembered how she had followed after Wes when his Umbreon was hurled to the bridge. Thinking back at that, Summer was genuinely impressed that some Pokémon thief cared deeply for his own Pokémon, but would go so far for it. Then again, it was impossible for him to use Espeon to catch Umbreon because of their typing, but it didn't seem very smart of him to just run after Umbreon even after they heard how the Pokémon would destroy the bridge they currently were on. But had it been her Staraptor in a similar situation then she would have done the same exact thing, but…

"Wes!?" Summer screamed as she got up from whatever soft thing she was lying on. She was surprised to see a long, blue familiar coat on her that was covering her body to keep her warm. However, she noticed that her Capture Styler was once more off her. This gave an eerie sense of déjà vu.

"N-not again… I did it again…" Summer paled as she realized that in her enthusiasm to stop the bad guys, and probably to an unconscious extent to redeem herself, she had only caused more trouble for others.

She felt herself slump and grip her hind tightly. She just couldn't believe it, had she messed up again? So soon?

However, before she could further go down that road of self loathing, she was distracted by a familiar voice.

"Looks like your awake."

Summer turned to see Wes in a silver T-shirt and still wearing his dark jeans. There was also some kind of vine slung over his back. Espeon and Umbreon were out, but what caught Summer's attention was the fact Wes was currently holding her cracked capture Styler.

"Aah!" She yelled as she pointed to it.

"Calm down," Wes said as he slung the vine out of his shoulder, revealing some kind of bag pack made of leaves. "First eat up, I found some berries you could chew on before we could get back to Narcerne City."

"B-but my styler!" Summer whined as she tried to get up. Wes stopped her by motioning his hand in front of her.

"Don't worry about it too much," Wes explained casually while looking to Espeon. "Espeon, Confusion please."

The lavender Pokémon nodded before concentrating on the broken device. It floated into the air between them…

Before separating in a small burst.

Summer watched in wonder with all the small and large pieces floating around her that made up her Capture Styler. She saw Wes stare at all of the now levitating components of her broken Capture Styler mid air thanks to Espeon. She had to admit it was pretty clever of him to ask his psychic Pokémon to carefully unmake the complicated device without any form of damage.

She saw Wes reach for a green circuit board floating around the center.

Wes clicked his tongue in disappointment as he saw a large crack right in the middle of it. "Well this is a problem: your display adaptor is cracked, probably from the impact of the fall. Not to mention this is custom made for your specific mark of Capture Styler… is this a flexible, Sliph Co brand GPU Heat Sink? Wow, so this is what high quality looks like," Wes whistled since he was impressed at the craftsmanship of something that was supposed to be factory manufactured. He held the small object away from the cracked Dis—um… thing he got and placed it back into the air for His Espeon to levitate. "Wish I had one of those when I was back in Orre. The warranty for these things could have lasted a good twenty years compared to the broken ones I had to scavenge for in the junkyards. Anyway, the only way to fix this would be to replace it… Summer? What's with that look?" Wes finished rambling as he took a look at a growing, sly grin on Summer's face.

Summer was rather intrigued, confused, and pleasantly pleased hearing Wes briefly mention technical stuff she didn't understand. It made her think back to a certain point of their conversation last night. "Oh nothing, it's just that to know all of that kinda makes you a nerd!" She mocked triumphantly.

"Huh? What are you—" Wes instantly recalled himself calling Summer a nerd as an insult earlier that day. "Oh. I was just kidding when I said that. You know, to distract them? Look, these things have been made to take punishment from the heaviest Pokémon attacks, but I was wondering how a simple fall was able to crack it. That's when I remembered something: did you actually bother trying to fix this thing or check for damages after your encounter with the Absol?"

The wide eyed and unmoving look in Summer's face was more than enough of an answer to Wes.

"Well, on the bright side, I think I can fix this so that its main function of capturing other wild Pokémon is still intact, but as for all the other features… they were custom made, so unless you order a new batch or a new Capture Styler all together then that's all I can do."

Summer stared ponderously as Wes collected several other damaged gear as well, but this time keeping it in his arms. She was rather surprised at how good he was at this, since he looked nothing that could signify him being a mechanic of sorts. "Wow… you're really good at tech stuff. You remind me of a technician named Nema, she is a great friend of mine and I think you'll get along fine with her!"

Wes rubbed the back of his head. "Last time I checked, socializing wasn't my forte…"

"Oh then I can help you with that!" Summer proudly declared. "I was also one of the most likable people in my classes!"

Wes smirked. "Wow, you must have had some boring classmates." He deadpanned as he told her.

"W-what!? Ben was anything but boring!" Summer cried out. She pouted before rolling up Wes' coat and tossing at the tanned boy.

Wes caught his coat and started to put it back on. "Man, still a little damp at the bottom. I was so surprised how quickly your clothes dried themselves. It took me hours to dry my clothes back,"

Summer's ego was stroked while hearing the compliments Wes was giving about the Ranger Union gear. "Ha! Ranger uniforms are made to withstand the elements! These marked uniforms can even survive underwater scuba diving, and will dry off instantly because they based technology of the skin of Pokémon with the Dry Skin abi—" Summer stopped mid sentence as she realized a certain word replaying in her head with a similar memory of a recent event.

Espeon seemed to cringe slightly while Umbreon took a step back. Espeon then slowly moved all the floating pieces away from Wes and Summer.

"What?" Wes asked in confusion at the odd reaction everyone was making but him. What was going on? Did he miss something?


Wes looked back to Summer. She wasn't the cheery, energetic girl she was a second ago. Now she was slightly flushed at the face and oozing with something akin to bloodlust.

Summer tried to keep a straight face as she stared at Wes, but she seemed to be struggling to either glare or cry. "… When you thought I was soaked, and after you found shelter… did you try to strip me?"

The silence afterward was deafening.




"WES!?" Summer yelled, her blush reaching the ends of both her ears.

"Yes but I didn't!" Wes quickly yelled, showing panic for the first time in who knows how long. "I was just going to have Espeon privately remove your clothes and give you some—"

Summer hugged her arms around her body. "You were going to have my clothes torn off by your Pokémon!? You vile beast!"

"N-no! I swear I wasn't going to be there! But I didn't want you to get sick from wet clothes! But then I found out that your clothes were dry—"

"HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS DRY!?" Tears starting to appear in Summer's face.

"I had to check if you were still conscious!" Wes wailed, taking a step back.

"You coped a feel for me!? You pervert! I'm arresting you for sexual harassment!" Summer's face was filled with blood while her eyes were starting to tear up.

"I didn't do that, I swear!" Wes yelled back, shaking his hand in front of him. "Look calm down, you might be disturbing other Pokémon!"

But as one might have guessed, Summer wasn't listening (She pretty much was refusing to listen and filtering out anything sensible) she ended up using both her hands to pick up what she thought was a moderately large stone. "You perverted sicko!" She yelled as she held the potential blunt weapon over her head, but she didn't notice the look on both of the Eeveelution Pokémon when they saw her weapon of choice, nor did she notice in her adrenaline induced rage that said item was not just being moved by her surprising strength.

"Summer, calm down!" Wes cried panicking, but then he noticed something about the supposed rock Summer was carrying. "Sum—"



"Huh?" Summer snapped out of her rage to realize her projectile had just yelped. There was a moderately sized half dark blue, half black furry object on Wes' face.

Wes grabbed the small creature, causing it flail around mid air again while constantly repeating small squeals over and over again. Disgruntled, Wes got up, still with the creature in hand. "Wow, attacking an innocent bystander with a wild Pokémon. What kind of Pokémon Ranger are you?"

Summer rebutted masterfully. "I thought it was a rock!"

"That makes me feel better!" Wes yelled back before looking at the little guy struggling in his arms. "Calm down, we're not going to hurt you." He said before putting him down.

The small little Pokémon, calmed down as he was put down, but then he seemed to turn his head towards Summer then instantly hid behind Wes' leg.

"I'm not a native to Unova, so what is this Pokémon?" Wes asked as he turned to Summer.

Summer sighed dejectedly as she saw the horrified look on the Pokémon's face. "I think he's a Deino, a dual type of both dragon and dark here in the Unova Region, but I remember reports saying they're usually found north up in Unova and not around this vicinity…" Summer thought as she looked around. Then she noticed something odd to where she was originally sleeping. "Hey Wes, did you make a straw pillow for me to lie on?"

"What? No, I—crap. Last night was really dark and I couldn't see well even with Umbreon's help. When we found this cave, I asked Umbreon to scout out a good spot to place you. I sort of wanted to dump you since I was still soaking wet and I didn't want a cold, so I neglected to properly check where I placed you." Wes explained. With the sun now up, he now saw what looked to be a nest around the area he let Summer sleep on. "Summer, you told me this little guy is a dragon type. Almost all dragons are pseudo legendaries, please tell me this is one of those rare dragon types that don't evolve…"

"Umm, the fully evolved version of these Pokémon are Hydreigon, and they're known to be particularly nasty among the dragon types." Summer explained meekly.

Wes sighed. "Espeon, place the Capture Styler back together, except for the stuff I'm carrying, and give it back to Summer. We're heading back to town now that she's awake."

"W-wait!" Summer tried to cry out, while Espeon did what he was told, making the floating machinery back into one-semi-cracked piece before making float back to Summer who took it easily. "What about the Deino?" She pointed to the little creature that was still hiding behind Wes' leg.

"You want his mother—"

"Technically, Hydreigon have three heads, so it's also OK to call her 'Mothers'." Summer corrected quickly.

Wes seemed annoyed by that. "Point is, we don't want to be here anymore when they or she come back and assume the worst!" He said as he started moving. "Come on, while you were a sleep I was able to find a path way that leads us back to the main road."

Summer noticed that as soon as he started moving, so did the Deino.

After everyone walking a few steps out of the cave, Wes turned around and faced the Pokémon. "Look, Deino, wait for your mom in your cave and don't follow us. STAY." Wes finished, carefully enunciating that last word.

The slight drool accumulating on the Pokémon's mouth as well as the unmoving, blank stare was not very assuring to the Snagger and Ranger.

Summer was the first to take a step back.

Deino didn't move.

Espeon and Umbreon followed Summer.

Deino didn't move.

Wes made a step back.

Deino, surprisingly, didn't move.

Summer stepped back again, a little unsure; Espeon and Umbreon the same; Wes took a step back with them.

Deino was still drooling.

The group then decided that the little dragon did understand them despite his expression, so they turned around and went their way.

Deino followed them.

The group stopped as soon as they heard the extra pair of legs following them.

Wes felt the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose but resisted. "OK, new plan: we make a break for it and lose the new born," Wes ruthlessly analyzed. "It might not be coordinated enough to keep up with us in a mad sprint, so it'll be easy to lose him." He reasoned.

Horrified at such a cruel idea, Summer voiced her dissent. "What no! What if it gets lost trying to follow us!?"

Wes fought the urge to frown at Summer. She was right, but he didn't really want to care. "Ugh, I can't believe I miss being with Team Snagem…" Wes muttered to himself at the annoyingly caring girl in front of him. He then looked over to the cave they left. "Do we just take him with us?"

That idea was also shot down. "You can't do that either! The mother would be so heartbroken!"

Wes was starting to question why he left the thieving business if was going to be exposed to all this… caring about others? Just trying to open up to one of them was hard enough—look at where it got him!

'Mental note: next time, try to bond with the mute.' Wes thought to himself. At least if anything, he couldn't tell anyone his problems even if he wanted to.

"Well I'd like to hear your take on this please." He asked her with traces of sarcasm in his voice.

"…" Summer looked at the Deino then back to Wes. "By any chance do you still have some left over berries?"

Wes didn't know where this was going, but if there was any constellation about all of this, he was glad he was no longer in Orre.

[Meanwhile, in a place far away…]

Back within the Orre Region, two lowly looking people were having trouble carrying a sack down a large, highly scientific hallway.

"Dang it, Folly, are you sure we're heading the right way?" a black haired man with blond hair wearing a hat that looked eerily similar to a certain copyrighted mouse of a famous channel asked his partner.

"Don't ask me, Trudly, I was following you!" Folly, a blond man with red accents at the tip of his somewhat Mohawk complained back as he struggled to carry said sack.

"… Blergh! Help! Robbers!" The sack cried out in a girly voice.

"What!? Robbers!? We're kidnappers, kidnappers!" Folly corrected.

"Idiot!" Trudly scolded. "Don't shout that out! … But you're too late girly. We're already in big ol' house."

Their bag suddenly stopped squirm so much. "W-what?"

"Trudly, Folly," A powerful, calm voice echoed in the high tech hallways. "I received a message from Mirror B that you two were bringing something to my lab."

"Boss Ein!" Both grunts stopped what they were doing and saluted to the owner of the voice, a rather handsome looking scientist with an air of calculating cruelty with black hair. However, in their salute, they dropped the sack which opened up during the fall.

"Oops!" Folly cried out.

A girl with bright orange-red hair popped out the bag with a thud. "Ow!"

The scientist walked towards the fallen girl, followed by a male and an odd silver uniform with a helm that appeared from the shadows, his personal bodyguards.

Trudly and Folly stepped hurriedly out of the way of the intimidating man.

"Is this the girl who you said could see Shadow Pokémon?" The scientist asked Trudly and Follow while not taking his eyes of the girl.

"My name is Rui!" The girl cried as she stood up and stared down the scientist. "And what did you do to that poor Pokémon!?" She pointed at him.

Ein pushed up his glasses. "I see…" He mumbled to himself as he completely ignored the girl's rants. Rui's expression changed from anger to fear as she saw the vicious smile appear on the scientist's face.

"It appears I have more research to do…"

{Author's notes}

What? Did you think with Wes in Unova, the events of Colosseum wouldn't happen?


I actually wanted to include more in this chapter, but after seeing the staggering word count closely reaching that 'Over 9000' meme, I decided to end it here.

A lot of things happened in this chapter! Anto briefly meets with Hoopa! Wes and Summer's have character development this entire chapter! (They also fight against team Plasma!) Rui looks doomed at the hands of Ein!

This adventure looks crazier and crazier!

And it's only going to get even crazier from here!

Now let me take a minute to talk about what I did with Wes for this story.

I thought I would play with his character a bit and give him a background in hardware. I borrowed a bit from Cyrus' (From team Galactic) background in that he spent more time with machines than people. Wes, growing up in Team Snaggem didn't have many human friends, nor was there a possibly good choice in a potential friendship due to the fact other than he and Wakin were the only competent commanders among non-competent people.

If he reacts a bit of a snob with all those sarcastic remarks then that's a bit on purpose. Since he spends his time around simple thugs and always doesn't want to socialize with them, effectively worsening his ability to properly socialize with normal people which is why he comes off as a little awkward even though he tries to open up.

For Summer, I thought I'd try something a bit. That idea of failing over and over again. It's a terrible feeling of course. (And something I have experience with.) It's hard to not want to quit when you make mistakes that other people seem to suffer for, even more so when you keep doing it. It hasn't been completely solved here. But later on with the story as her friendship with Wes and the others grow it should be solved. (here's too hoping I can pull something like that off.)

Now, here comes a question I want to ask you all:

Should I pair up Summer with Wes?


Maybe I should create a new shipping?

Oh gods. W-what do I call it?

One is an Ex-team snaggem member and one of the best. And the other is a Pokémon Ranger, also one of the best.

If I'm going to create a shipping, the name has to be catchy, sticks, and relates somewhat to the people who are in a pair!

How about…


Fund it.

In all seriousness, I found writing Summer and Wes' interactions insanely fun. And if I do decide on making them a couple then I will at least give it time and let it nurture, I absolutely loathe it when characters are forced together.

One of the main reasons why I think this would work is because I took an odd look at Rui in Colosseum, and Summer in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

This red headed girl… *points to Rui* is a girl that follows around Wes in her game to offer dialogue and exposition after she is rescued by Wes from kidnappers. *Points to Summer* Summer is a Pokémon Ranger that the male protagonist has to save from being kidnapped and afterward follows the male protagonist almost everywhere offering exposition and dialogue.

Mother of G—

Yes, I know that they aren't completely the same, but seeing the major similarities makes me want to do it, unless you guys say otherwise.

Also, while on that topic, why don't you guys review?! I appreciate the follows and likes, I really do, but you guys are saying nothing about this story! I don't know if you like certain things, or want some stuff changed! I'm so desperate for reviews that I'm almost thinking of pulling off the ultimate review ensuring maneuver…

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