Pokemon: Anto's Bizarre Adventure

Ep 9: Baby Steps

Episode 9: You can fall, but keep a safety net ready. I suggest the best kind of net, 'A true friend', those are the best.

"OK… Lesson learned… never underestimate lesson or overestimate cramming ability. It doesn't work." Anto thought to himself as he wiped his dry eyes from staring too long at the screen.


"Boss, we gots a problem!"

Anto turned around to see Ohko and Takezo running towards him.

"Good morning guys. Wait, what do you mean we have a problem? We just dealt with one yesterday!" Anto thought aghast.

"Well as the human saying goes, 'little rest for the weary'," Takezo voiced out. Before Anto could comment on the typo in his excerpt, Takezo went on. "Our two new human allies have disappeared."

"Wes and Summer are gone? When!? The main lobby is right out there from the computer lounge. I would have seen those two leave from here!" Anto thought since from his seat he could easily spot the main entrance and exit of the Pokémon Center.

"Then they musta left earlier or something," Ohko offered his opinion. "Point is they're gone, and I don't think they would go and abandon us for no reasons. They ain't look like the types to flee."

Anto nodded at that. It's true, both Wes and Summer don't seem like the type to ditch them. Wes was the most likely to ditch them, but Anto figured he would do it at better terms and not at such an odd and weird timing such as this one. There was also the possibility that Summer somehow knew Wes was leaving and followed him, but she couldn't be that reckless. When she first ran off, it was because she was worried about her friends, Anto could understand that, but then again he barely knew what character Summer actually had, so what had happened?

"This doesn't make any sense, why would they leave?"

Takezo gave an answer, but it was announced more like a question than a proper theory, "Perhaps they eloped?"

"What is it with you and humans mating? Are you some kind of pervert?" Anto questioned.

"What's elope?" Ohko curiously asked.

"Apologizes, most of my assumptions with Human interactions with each other come from a rather dubious source." Takezo announced passively.

Raising a brow, Anto saw something odd about his small friend's sentence, "How dubious are we talking?"

"Let me simply reveal that I have been with other humans before you, Anto. But I promise to tell you more about the topic later. The matter at hand must be dealt with first." Takezo dismissed.

"Fine, let me get Tracey. I'll be out in a bit cause I got to get something for you Ohko." Anto explained quickly before standing up.

"You gots something for me?"

Anto shrugged his shoulders. "I kind of had a dream about it."


Tracey, Anto, Takezo, and Ohko were running down the street. Takezo was at point being the one who had remembered Summer's and Wes' scent and were in pursuit.

"I can't believe they both left! I at least expected Summer to tell us before running after Wes." Tracey complained.

Anto glanced somberly at Tracey.

Figures he was still cautious around Wes and it's no surprise that the older boy felt some animosity towards him. The two had technically fought against each other and Wes had stolen a Musharna earlier back. Their first impression of each other had been… sour and it was only because of Anto's request that they had let him off.

Then Anto also had to worry about how Tracey felt toward him. He probably feels betrayed that Anto didn't mention anything about Wes having a clue about his memory—which reminded him, he didn't have a chance to search up Dimension Enterprise yet. Still, that was a rather stupid thing Anto did back then, but he was glad he did it. If he didn't Wes wouldn't have been there to help them against that Absol. Yet if that didn't happen, Anto would have just let a potential criminal loose to the public.

… Thinking briefly about it: Anto wondered what exactly were those words he heard when he actually debated in turning Wes over? What were those words again?

It would have to wait as a familiar voice up ahead shouted, "Stop!"

Anto looked over to Takezo.

"Anto, I thought you said Takezo had their scent, is something wrong?" Tracey asked the boy who could only shrug his shoulders at why he suddenly asked them all to stop.

"Ya need to sneeze or something?" Ohko asked casually as he fixed his new cloak. It was technically a slightly run down, white blanket sheet that was fashioned by Nurse Joy to cover a majority of Ohko's body up to the area between his knees and feet. She went the extra mile by sewing a hood from the leftover cuts… though Ohko didn't need a hood.

Takezo looked over to Ohko. "It's not that. It's that I sense several other familiar scents." He finished before pointing ahead.

Tracey looked over to see two people walking ahead of them, and several Pokémon surrounding the two people. However, the one person ahead of the other person looked very familiar.

"Hey? Is that?" He questioned before cupping his mouth to direct his voice. "Hey Black!"

The ambitious young trainer turned around at the call of his name. The other person, a tall but rather stylish man wearing green with a Venipede on his shoulder and a Whirlipede by his side also looked toward Tracey's call.

"Oh!? Tracey, Anto! What brings you two over here?" Black asked.

The Watcher and Amnesiac tensed at such a simple question. Mostly because of the huge fact that they had made a temporary truce with Wes, and Black didn't have the best first meetings with him. "Err… it's a long story…" Tracey started.

However, Black immediately turned away. "Then in that case, tell me later I'm in the middle of something important."

"Are you also so rude to your friends?" The man asked Black teasingly. He turned over to greet Anto and Tracey with a pose. "If you are his friends I do pity you, but my name is Burgh, an artist if you will." He bowed lightly.

As he did, Black was already some distance away from them.

"Huh? Black? U-oh, sorry Burgh, I'm Tracey and this is Anto." Tracey, briefly motioned to the waving boy beside him.

Burgh nodded and proceeded to follow Black. "Good to know he has friends like you. You people must be really nice to stick with him."

Tracey didn't know what to say about that, until he suddenly saw Black stop all of them and hide behind a corner.

"Get back!" Black harshly whispered to the three of them.

"What? What is it?" Burgh asked, slowly peeking over Black to what he was looking at.

Burgh's eyes widened. "The bridge is destroyed!"

"It is?!" Tracey yelled as he and Anto jumped out of the corner. Black and Burgh followed them and they all saw that one of the two bridges exiting the city had been destroyed and all of the museum artifacts right in front of it.

"What are museum artifacts doing out here!?" Tracey yelled out before trying to walk to them. However, Black stopped him.

"Wait, I was called today by Lenora of the Nacrene City Gym, and her assistant told us that those artifacts were stolen. If they left it out in the open like this, they may be trying to bait us."

Anto surprised everyone by pointing ahead of them, and showing them that his Patrat was already nearby the museum artifacts and sniffing them.

"Is that your Patrat, boy?" Burgh asked Anto with curiosity in his voice. "The way he moves, the way he wields that wooden blade… I feel inspired just looking at such a unique Pokémon! And your Sawk as well! What a stylish choice in giving him a cloak, it makes him look even more intimidating! I feel inspired!" He stated as he made his fingers make a pretend frame around him and Ohko.

Anto blushed at the compliment and just scratched the back of his head.

"Huh? Odd… I thought it was a trap." Black walked up to the artifacts, looking around seeing almost no sign of danger since Takezo was already there. He took some steps forward and studied the area where the bridge was destroyed.

"Wait, why would the thieves leave the artifacts they stole, and not set up a trap?" Tracey asked out loud.

Black and Brav walked behind Takezo who was surveying the edge of the broken bridge.

It was then he took out another Pokémon, Musha or Munna as he called him.

Curious to see what Black was trying to do, Burgh and Tracey their curiosity turned to panic when Munna chomped on Black's head.

Anto stopped both of them and gave them a calming look that told them things were alright despite what was in front of them.

Black removed Munna of his head and turned back to them passionately. "The thieves ran away!"

"Huh?" Burgh and Tracey repeated.

"Someone else confronted the thieves and was able to get back the artifacts, and they had a battle for it. But the thieves were sore losers and broke the bridge they were on."

"How'd you know that?" They asked.

"The way the bridge was destroyed; the rubble left over in the river looks scattered, if the bridge just gave away, the rubble wouldn't be scattered all over down below," Black briefly explained and pointed to the debris blocking some of the water flow. Then he checked the concrete beneath him and saw how dusty the whole place was. "Also, on the other side of the bridge, you can see some cracks around the outer fences, which could signify how the fight happened in the middle of the broken bridge…"

"Interesting deduction…" Burgh admitted. "But if what you say is true, then those poor people must have fallen into the river after recovering the items. Whoever stopped the thieves must have been a courageous and noble soul."

At the sound of those words, Anto's brain started cranking.

Summer and Wes disappeared last night. Summer is a Pokémon Ranger, which is technically a police, which means she would try to stop a burglary if it was happening nearby her. Wes was a thief, but he had the Pokémon power to help or chase after Summer if he needed to be. Now Black was saying that there was some kind of battle on the bridge, a battle that Wes could have been partaking. And Burgh just said a noble and courageous soul, which kind of relates to Summer.

Summer and Wes were gone, and Takezo was looking over the bridg—

"Crap." Anto looked over to Black. Just like Tracey, Black didn't have the best first impressions of Wes when they first met. He really hoped that Wes and Summer were alright, but wondered how he could get Black away from here.

He did have an idea.

… But it meant nothing if he couldn't speak out and get their attention—dang it, being mute sucked!

"I wonder if it was Summer." Tracey spoke out his thoughts.

"Oh come on!"

"Summer?" Burgh questioned. "Who is she?"

"Oh we met her recently, she's a Pokémon Ranger. She was staying with us to heal up her wounds."

"Dang it, Tracey! Stop talking! Switch being mute with me!"

"Wounds?" Black repeated.

"Uh… Oh! Right… a lot of things happened since we last met…" Tracey looked sheepishly to Anto.

"… What? … Dude, I'm mute, don't make me answer something you caused!"

Anto gave a disappointed glare at Tracey before righting something down. "I'm running out of paper."

Burgh seemed surprised at that. "Oh? You can't speak?"

Anto noticed Black averting his gaze elsewhere, being the only guy to realize Anto's special ability.

"Y-yeah, Anto here is mute!" Tracey quickly jumped in, changing the subject.

"He is?"

Black interrupted them. "Uh guys? That thing about this Summer girl being injured seems important. Can we stick to that please?"

Leave it to Black to stay in topic.

Anto really wished something else was happening right now.


… So apparently the universe didn't hate him…

As for the other group, they were making their way back up toward the road Wes found.

They had to deal with the problem of a baby Deino following them around and potentially attracting it's hypothetical and dangerous mother after them. To stop the little one from following them too closely, Summer suggested that they gather berries once more and give it to the dark-dragon type to eat. While the little one devoured his meal of the day, they would bolt for it.

It went off without a hitch, or at least it looked to be at first glance.

Wes couldn't help but notice the limp whenever Summer stepped with her right leg. He had to admit though, if he wasn't as perceptive, Summer could have hidden her sore leg well from him. The slight twitches she would make whenever she would step were very subtle and well restrained. Wes wondered why she even pushed herself so hard if she hadn't properly healed from her injuries. At this rate, she might not be so lucky next time.

Still he had this nagging feeling that if he told her outright, she would completely deny such a thing and might push herself even more to convince him she was fine. The girl was unbelievably stubborn, but she was no use to anyone if she kept pushing herself like this.

So then how would he go about doing this?

Wes groaned. "Can we take a break, I think I pulled a ham string or something after our sprint," Both Summer and he stopped climbing up a slope mountain path for a second. "I thought it would get better but it still annoys me. Mind if I sit down for a bit?" He stated nonchalantly before sitting on a nearby rock.

Summer looked surprised at the boy. "W-what!? We wasted enough time as is! Anto and Tracey must be worried about us!" Summer reasoned to Wes.

"Can't say the same for Anto, but last time I checked Headband and I don't see eye to eye."

Summer sighed before seeing another flat rock beside Wes and taking it. "Well from what I briefly caught, you had a fight with him?"

Wes scoffed. "Funny thing about that: I actually fought Anto. We even got into a nasty fist fight, but he's the one who trusts me between the two. If anything he should hate me more, but he was the one who vouched for me? Guess you were right, there aren't much normal people here."

Summer looked at Wes ponderously. "By the way… I didn't ask so much, but… Anto is mute… and has Amnesia?"

"Well, yeah… it's kind of weird if you think about it. But what I found that was even weirder was how he seemed to 'command' his Pokémon even though says nothing."

Summer seemed to have trouble tying those words together. "Wait, he what?"

"It was back when we first met. His Patrat was able to coordinate so well in a two versus one against my Pokémon, and he didn't say a single word. Next was the fact that I overheard his friends calling him mute. There was just something off about him even when I thought I knocked him out cold by tackling him from the sky. Then again, he was able to hot wire my Zoomer and slam a Cacnea into my face…"

The look on Summer's face showed that she had become even more confused at the sheer strangeness of how they met. "I'm sorry, you lost me at, 'tackling him from the sky'. How exactly did you meet with Anto?"

"… Well that story is a bit long, but I guess I can spare some time. It all goes back to a recent donation Team Snagem received from the black market associates of Dimension Enterprises. Gonzap, our leader, was told to come to one of the southern most points in Orre's continent, known as Sharpedo's Bluff. Believe it or not, it's an actual rock formation that looks like a Sharpedo. Anyway, when he brought a group there to find out what was going on, there was a large empty mobile ferry, a military class, corvette supplied with anti-infared and anti-radar stealth jammers that *Cough* sorry, getting off topic," Wes stopped himself from droning on about the features of the high tech boat. "Basically, it was a high tech and large boat. With it we finally had the means to travel into a new region, and some of the navigation systems were suspiciously set to Unova's region by default… not that anyone cared at the time, even me."

Wes went on about how he was chosen as part of the team in leading the expansion group mostly because he was the only one in the team who could even figure out how to work the Jamming and Stealth equipment. (All they needed to do was read the manual. Lazy bald men...) Then he had to admit he was kind of curious of the world outside Orre. He didn't know what it was like, but he also so it as his 'opportunity.'

Wes then explained what happened in Unova and finding a potential new base in area called the Dreamyard before regaling Summer the tale of how he originally met Anto and Tracey.

Summer listened with some animosity, especially after hearing how they brought horrible machines called Snag Machines with them. She was quite glad to hear that Anto destroyed 'all of them' from Wes… even though Wes was quite irked at the memory.

"… And you know the rest." Wes unceremoniously finished.

Summer stared at him for a bit. "How could you just steal Pokémon like that? Those Snag Machines are terrible!"

"So you tell me, but most of them are destroyed now and I know now one is smart enough in Team Snagem to ever recreate those things." Wes dismissed.

"Wait… 'most'?"

Wes tensed at his slip of the tongue. There was a reason why he specifically kept the newest model of the Snag Machine with him; it was to serve as bargaining chip if anyone back at Team Snagem came looking for him, or ultimately used to scare them away if only he had the ability to steal a trainer's Pokémon. To be honest, only Anto seemed to notice that, but there was no real reason to hide it from her so he told her about it.

He regretted it instantly.

Wes forgot how passionate Summer could be since she literally tried to pry the machine off his left arm, not knowing that it was braced on tightly around said limb.

"Summer, let go!" Wes cried out annoyed that the girl was trying to destroy something he clearly said he needed, both the machine and his arm still fashioned tightly to the machine.

"This machine is horrible! I can't believe you would carry something around like this!" Summer cried in between pulls.

"I told you my reason for keeping it!"

"But what's stopping you from using it!?"

Wes stopped a moment and gave a blank expression. "… Well there haven't been any Pokémon worth stealing lately aside from Anto's Patrat…" He started thoughtfully.

Summer pulled harder.

"That was a joke! I won't use it!" Wes complained.

"How can I believe you!? Seriously, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't do that!" Summer yelled adamantly.

"How about 'I really am starting a new life'!?"

"You can do that without this!"

"While I can, I don't want to!" Wes shouted back. "Look can we stop doing this; you're tearing off my arm!"

"Fine!" Summer yelled out, throwing her hands out in exasperation. Before sitting back down and sighing dejectedly. She glared at Wes. "If you so much as think about using it…"

"Duly noted." Wes shot back.

A small time of silence passed between the two. In that small period, Summer stared unblinkingly at Wes, while Wes tried his best to ignore that. It was like she was trying to figure him out or something.

Or maybe she had already realized the truth behind this little conversation…

"All right, that's enough we can go now." Summer stood up.

Wordlessly, Wes also stood up in agreement.

It's too bad a large explosion had to catch their attention.

"What was that?" Wes asked.

Pokémon were seen running away from the explosion.

Then a loud roar—several roars—filled the air.

"… Hey, isn't that the direction where we found that Deino?" Summer asked out loud.

Wes nodded.

"You don't think…" Summer turned to Wes.

"We snuck out before the Pokémon could finish his first berry. There's no way he could have found us." Wes reasoned.

The next explosion and ear-piercing screeches in the distance were not making them feel comfortable.

Now there were random beams of darkness and other energy being shot randomly in the air.

"S-still," Summer started. "We have to stop whatever Pokémon is causing this destruction."


Both humans slowly turned their heads to Wes' side, where they saw a playfully panting Deino with his tongue sticking out and wagging his small tail energetically.


The two humans stared as another blast and shrill cry came out—then another explosion.

"Ee!" Dieno sneezed.

The two human looked back at the undisturbed baby Pokémon.

How did it even follow them without being noticed?

Wes sighed.

"We have to go back!" Summer yelled passionately.

"Wait!" Wes called out, grabbing her arm which caused her to wince. Wes' eyes widened at her reaction, it was more expressive than he thought it would be. "You were that injured?!" He wasn't a doctor, but he could tell that her muscles were not supposed to be this hot or tense.

"I-I'm fine! Let go!" Summer tried to dismiss.

"Are you kidding me?! You keep forcing yourself! Do you want to die or something?!" Wes didn't understand why she was pushing herself so hard. What the heck was she thinking pushing herself so hard almost as if she was suicidal?!

"Of course not!" Summer pulled away her hand forcefully and activated her Capture Styler. "But I won't just stand here and let others suffer for my mistake!" She ran off the ledge and jumped, much to the shock of Wes.

Summer launched her disc downward to a running Pokémon, a Scolipede.

Despite her injuries, she still was able to quickly capture the large bug and poison Pokémon mid air before landing on it, softening her fall.

"Scolipede, I need your help!" She yelled and pointed the Pokémon back towards the firing beams and roars in the distance.

Wes clicked his tongue when he saw Summer leave so quickly, slightly impressed by her skill despite her aching muscles.

He looked back to the actual cause of this, the Deino.

"Come on, you little runt, we have to return you to your mother." Wes ran off keeping the containers of Espeon and Umbreon ready.

Summer knew that a Hydreigon would be troublesome to calm down. Thankfully, it was a dark and dragon type, so if she could just find a fairy Pokémon, she'd be able to calm the dragon down.

Just like that Whimsicott she was passing by…

"Capture on!" She cried as she launched the disc. She expertly completed the capture and asked Whimsicott to help her. However, as soon as she finished the capture, her wrist was feeling sore.

She pushed on though. She and her befriended Pokémon were able to rush past some of the fires and see a raging Hydreigon blasting anything it could while looking as if it was searching for something.

Summer jumped off of Scolipede and pointed to Hydreigon to launch her disc.

The Dark Dragon glared and roared at the sight of the disc and turned angrily to Summer and her befriended Pokémon.

"Hydreigon! Please listen! Your child is safe, so please don't—!?"

All three heads gathered blue energy around their mouths.

Summer recognized it as a powerful Dragon Pulse attack. "Whimsicott!" She shouted as the fairy type jumped in front of her and the Scolipede.

The hydra released the epic energy, but it dissipated as it came closer to the small Pokémon.

Hydreigon snarled, before moving out of range of the Capture Disc.

Summer and her befriended Pokémon chased after the raging mother.

Hydregion launched a Dark Pulse… but not towards Summer. She seemed to change the frequency of her attack because when it blasted a nearby tree, it burst into flames.

Summer and her two Pokémon stopped at the odd sight, but then their eyes widened when they saw Hydreigon pick up the flaming tree, only wincing slightly, and throwing it towards them!

"Aah!" Summer yelped as she and the other two split.

The Tree crashed, causing the flames to spread around the forest. Summer covered her mouth and tried to look over the flames. She looked to her Capture Styler, but to her dismay, it showed that the two Pokémon had fled as the flames started reaching them.


Out of the flames, Hydreigon powered through, fire didn't hurt it as much as it did the other two Pokémon. She snarled at Summer, as if ready to bite her head off.

Summer realized things weren't looking good, but she noticed that Hydreigon was focused on her, which she could use to her advantage…

She had one shot at this.

The Hydreigon moved closer to her, Summer quickly threw her arm out—but winced as she pulled muscle.

Hydreigon took that chance and launched right after her.

Then they saw her smile. "Got you!" Summer called as out of the flames, the still functioning Capture Disc sped off and smacked the main head's eye.

Summer acted quickly and completed the capturing process the moment it flinched.

The light enveloped the mother, finally revealing to the mother her child was safe.

Summer sighed in relief briefly. "… I did it!" She relaxed for a moment, finally glad she did something right.

That was until she saw the fire suddenly sparking and heading quickly towards her.

"Get out of the way, nerd!"

Wes came out of nowhere and tackled Summer out of the flame's direction of where she would have been.

"Espeon, Umbreon now! Launch dirt into the fires!" Wes commanded.

Elsewhere, the two eons launched their most powerful attack into the ground in front of them. The Deino also launched its own Dark Pulse in tandem with their attacks. This caused a large explosion of dust and dirt to cover up the flames and suffocate them from their oxygen supply.

Wes covered Summer as the dust came their way, but Espeon simply managed a psychic barrier around the two from the dirt cloud.

After the dust settled, Wes turned to Summer. "Geez, I thought you law enforcers were supposed to be chasing after thieves like me, not the other way around."

"Well some thief you are," Summer automatically retorted before opening her eyes. "You couldn't even steal a common Patrat from a mute kid that stole and destroyed your bike." She turned up to face him.

"Touché." Wes admitted with a smile. "I'm my defense; the mute has a mean left hook."

It was then they both realized that they were surprisingly close to each other's face.

"GET OFF ME!" Summer blushed before she pushed Wes off her.

"The second time I saved your butt, and no thank you? Seriously, are you really supposed to be the good guys?" Wes muttered as he dusted himself off.



The two looked over to see Hydreigon hugging her child in relief.

"If only Pokémon could ground their children. It's technically his fault this all happened." Wes complained.

"And who was it that invaded his home in the first place?"

"Woman, stop ruining my blaming party."

The two smiled.

Then they heard several pairs of feet running towards their direction.

"Whoa! A Hydreigon! They don't usually come around this area…"

Wes sighed as he saw the owner of the new voice and looked at him with a drained expression, especially when said person's eyes locked with his. "You have got to be kidding me."

"YOU!?" Black cried out before sending all three of his Pokémon out. His Munna looked especially ticked off at the Snagger. "What are you doing here!? You caused the Hydreigon to attack the forest didn't you!?"

"Sure, blame the Snagger why don't you? How judgemental…"

"Is sarcasm all you can respond with when you're talking to other people?" Summer leered.

"You try handling all this crap thrown at you."

Speaking of crap being thrown unfairly at one person…

Anto with Takezo and Ohko then followed after Black, slightly gasping for air. When he saw Black ready to attack Wes, he started to sweat.

"Anto!" Black called out. "It's the Team Snagem member! Help me stop him!"

Though Black was surprised that the only reaction he got out of the mute was a sheepish rub at the back of his head and a very nervous smile. Anto quickly wrote something down and showed it to Black.

"Umm, Black? A lot happened in the past few days."


Black, just like Tracey, was surprised at the retelling of everything that happened after Anto won his first Badge. He was more surprised to hear about an Absol being spotted here as well because just like the Hydreigon and Deino, they were very far from where one would usually spot their kind.

Yes, he was skeptical of Wes, but Summer vouched for him and showed him that she was a Pokémon Ranger.

She even claimed that Wes was under her supervision and will be taken to custody as soon as he helped her with her case.

Wes and Anto raised a brow at that since this was the first time she's ever mentioned that. But with a declaration like that, they both figured that it might help take some political or rule stuff out of the way for Wes momentarily.

Summer then asked Anto what happened to Tracey. To which he, technically Black, explained that Tracey was helping douse the other fires started by Hydreigon while another person, Burgh the Gymleader of Castella City, (Anto was surpised to hear he was his future opponent.) was bringing the artifacts back to the museum. (Also this allowed Summer, Wes, and Black to compare notes about the thieves who called themselves Team Plasma.)

With everything settled down and with Tracey coming back and being told an even condensed version of all of the above, they all finally made their way out the forest.


Then they all stopped and looked at the drooling Deino following them.

"NO!" Wes yelled. "This was somewhat your fault to begin with! Go back to your mothers!"

The Deino panted lightly.

Anto looked over to the Dark Dragons and was surprised to hear them say.

"Mommy loves you!/Good Bye sweetie!/ They grow up so fast… especially in three days…"

Anto wrote down something and caught Wes' attention. "Hey Wes, I think he wants to be your Pokémon."

"What makes you say that?" Wes looked at Anto doubtfully.

All Anto needed to do was point to the sky where Hydreigon was now flying away, happily waving goodbye.

"… Another Dark type huh? Oh well, at least your also a dragon type. Welcome aboard, Deino." Wes accepted the small Pokémon by petting him on the head.

He had some dobuts, but he wasn't going to really refuse a free dragon Pokémon. Maybe that nerd will finally stop pestering him so much.

"See? He's on the road to once more becoming a well civilized part of society! All part of my plan!" Summer exclaimed.

'She's making this stuff as we go along…" All the guys thought in their heads.

Anto sighed.

There was something he needed to do back home.

However, while everyone else were finally making their way back, Takezo and Ohko trailed behind a little slower than usual.

"Yo, sword guy…"

Takezo nodded. "So you did sense it as well. We were being watched."

"Should we tell boss?"

"He seems… to be preparing for something. And the presence didn't feel malicious… we will tell him later."

[Back at Nacrene City…]

The first thing they did when they came back to the Pokémon Center was force Summer to bed. She had pushed herself once again and it was now going to take longer for her to heal her wounds.

A week at most even with medical treatment.

Anto didn't mind really. He thought maybe he could take the time to start training a bit with Ohko and Takezo. He asked for some battle tips from Wes surprisingly. To that, the Snagger agreed to help him for his upcoming gym battle, claiming just waiting around a bedridden Ranger was boring, especially when said Ranger claimed that he was under her supervision.

Also, Wes admitted he wanted to see his new Deino in battle. He didn't want anything slowing him down.

However, before Wes and Anto could begin their training, Anto walked up to Tracey.

"Tracey, can we talk?"

"Oh, sure Anto."


Tracey took a minute to gather his thoughts before agreeing. They both went over to the cafeteria where there currently weren't that many people. They took a table at the far conversation before starting their little talk.

Anto sighed before writing something.

"Tracey, I'm sorry again for not telling any of you about Wes. But when he said something about a clue to my past, I didn't want to potentially lose my chance at that. I'm sorry for not considering you or the others when I made that decision; I was only thinking of myself." Anto finished sadly.

Tracey surprised Anto by shaking his head, causing confusion in the mute.

Tracey looked to Anto honestly. "Anto, look... I admit I was shocked that you did that… but then I thought about it in your shoes: if I had even a hint about my lost past, I probably would have taken it too. Sure it was potentially selfish and dangerous if Wes turned out to be a violent Criminal you just let loose… but he wasn't… he's actually surprisingly caring… especially since Summer told us about how he helped in returning the artifacts and saving her life…" Tracey admitted. "Also, if you never did that, who knows what would have happened to the three of us with that odd Absol? I didn't even know you caught a fighting Pokémon before you summoned him."

Anto smiled a little.

Tracey patted his shoulder and smiled. "I should also be apologizing, Anto. When I first met you, I thought you would be just like Ash and Pikachu since you and Takezo get along so much. But then I realized something: there's only one Ash and Pikachu. And there's only one of you and Takezo. I easily got frustrated when I felt you were hiding something from me, because I guess I subconsciously compared you to Ash, who was always so blunt and honest. I kept expecting traveling with you would be as fun as that time, and that was really selfish of me. So let's try this again. I'm going to help you with your memories, and if there's something bothering you, I'll wait patiently this time in case you decide to trust me."

Anto smiled and wrote down something. "Thank you Tracey. And yes, I would like trying this all over again with no more secrets."

"Good," He said as he stood up. "Now let's get some breakfast, I had to skip out on it when we found out Summer left, and it's already three in the afternoon." Tracey was about to go to the buffet, until Anto pulled his sleeve.

"Tracey, there's one more thing I need to tell you: I kept one more secret from you."

Anto sighed deeply before writing his next line.

"I actually have the ability to talk to Pokémon."

[Orre Region.]

Rui paled as she saw Ein's twisted smile. She wanted anyone to help her. Weakly, she hoped that her knight in shining armor would come…

A small beeping came from one of Ein's pockets. The scientist stopped briefly to take out a small device that glowed dimly around a circular screen. The scientist's brow raised and then he sighed. He turned to the two silver uniformed people beside him.

"Skrub, Kolda, take our guest into her new room."

Wordlessly, the two quickly made their way and scoped the girl off her feet despite the brightly red head's resistance.

"Err, Other Boss?" Folly started hesitantly. "What do we do now?"

"Go back to Mirror B," Ein shouted airily as he made his way back into his office.

There was barely any light in his main office, not that he essentially needed light due to some of his experiments pertaining to the darker elements. There was countless machines that surrounded his office, but looked nothing remotely resembling a computer nor any viable machine. Oddly, they looked more like giant mechanical coffins, and Ein would never disclose what the purpose of those machines to anyone, even his boss.

The head scientist of Cipher headed to his main computer. A blinking button was seen before he pressed it. "Lorvina? What is it? I was in the middle of something."

"Let me go you helmet freaks!" Rui cried out as she struggled against the two silver armored guardsmen. As much as she struggled, both of them barely seemed bothered by her attempts to escape. They were deceivingly strong.

They then came to an empty hallway that had a multitude of high tech laser cells. Rui glanced inside them, but saw most of them were empty save for some scratch marks and odd liquids that dried up on the floors.

She gritted her teeth, there had to be something she could do, but what? Kicking one of them in the shin?




Well that didn't work.

"… Uh… heheh?" Rui chuckled nervously.

She still felt the male glaring at through his weird helmet.

"Skrub, it would be wise to keep her at one piece. You know Boss Ein prefers his specimen 'fresh'." The female sighed unenthusiastically. "Besides, I know it didn't hurt."

"…" Wordlessly, the male—Skrub—as she called him, let go of one of the arms of Rui and started typing a number into an empty cell.

Rui contemplated trying to escape again, but before she could, she felt the taller woman lean in to her ear.

"Get ready."

Rui didn't get a chance to properly react. A ding noise was heard that signified the cell was open.

However, a flash of silver appeared before everything went to chaos.

The female, Kolda, just kicked Skrub into the cell meant for Rui.

"Gaf!" Skrub grunted as he slammed into the wall. Kolda acted quickly and pressed something odd on the pad next to the cell. A beeping sequence started.

"Kolda, what the—"


Vents opened up within the cell and quickly filled the chamber with some kind of gas. Skrub slammed against the cell door, but it was completely futile as his pounding slowly stopped and he dropped to the floor after inhaling the knockout gas.

Kolda, seeing him out cold, grabbed Rui's arm. "We need to go now." She said hurriedly before dragging her down the hallway.

"W-what!? What's going on!?" Rui finally managed to ask.

A loud blare echoed throughout the entire lab. The lights all turned from clear white to dark red.

"Already?!" Kolda cursed under her breath. "Please hurry, the emergency elevator is around here!"

She ran up to an elevator and quickly pressed an up arrow, the elevator opened up with Kolda stepping in and offering her open palm to Rui.

"Don't worry, I'm here to help you, but we have to hurry!"

Rui hesitated, should she really trust her? But what other choice did she have? At least she must be somewhat true since she kicked her supposed partner into the cell meant for her.

Rui took her hand and went into the elevator.

"W-who are you?" She asked as the elevator swiftly made its way upward.

Kolda removed her helmet, revealing a beautiful woman with long, silky dark brown hair with chocolate colored eyes. She tossed her helmet into the floor and took out two spiked bracelets and placed it on both of her wrists.

"Sorry, I need a minute." She said as she started tying up her hair in a short pony tail. "This isn't my usual style, but it'll have to do for now…" She whispered softly to herself.

"W-why are you changing?" Rui asked another question, her head starting to ache at the odd amount of events happening to her.

"Just to be more comfortable," She answered as the elevator stopped and opened up. "We have to keep going—"

"H-hey! Trudly! The girl we kidnapped escaped!" A familiar blond haired grunt cried out.

"The heck!? That was the reason for this blasted alarm?!" Trudly screamed as he saw the two girls. "Folly, send out your Pokémon and capture her again!" He cried as He sent a Duskull and Spinarak while Folly sent a Whismur and a Lotad.

Rui yelped, but the older woman sent out two of her own Pokémon, a Combusken and Hitmonlee.

The two fighting types launched themselves at the four lesser Pokémon with speeds reaching closely to Mach 1. Trudly and Folly could not, nor were they competent enough to stop their opponent. The Combusken's fire attacks decimated the Duskull and Spinarak, while all the Hitmonlee needed to do was split kick mid-air to slam the Lotad and Whismur into separate walls in the hallway.

"No, my Pokémon!" Trudly yelled before angrily taking out another Poké Ball. "That's it! Go, Mak—"

Neither he, Folly, or Rui expected the older woman to kick Trudly hard into the stomach, before following up with a flurry of lightning fast kicks that rivaled her two fighting Pokémon's prowess. In an extravagant and flashy display of power she finished her combo with a spin and knocking Trudly into the ceiling.

"Trudly! You got your but handed to you by a girl!" Folly cried out to his unconscious friend before running up to him, and opening the pathway for Rui and her rescuer.

"Come on!" The fighter cried loudly, snapping Rui out of her stupor and running after the woman and her two fighting type Pokémon.

"We brought her here, so it's not our fault she got away!" Folly complained weakly.

The Combusken and Hitmonlee gathered energy before running ahead and attacking the wall in front of them.

In a burst of power, the wall shattered, letting out the dusty winds and showing that they were in some lab in the middle of a dessert.

The older woman took out some odd remote and pointed it out in strange direction before hitting a button.

*Beep, Beep!*


Out of the sand, a motor bike burst out the ground. The lady recalled her two Pokémon and looked to Rui.

"Come on! If Ein comes, things will get much worse!" She yelled at Rui and grabbed her hand.

The sleek looking motor bike seemed to transform as the lady and Rui came closer to it. It extended longer, its two wheels flipped to their side, and their now bottom parts opened up to reveal some kind of anti gravity plates. The windshield tinted itself black and it seemed to show a see through GPS and navigation systems like a computer.


"Tch! So he sent that after us." The older woman bit her tongue.

Rui looked back to see what had just made that powerful scream.

It was a Raikou, glaring fierce daggers at the two of them despite being a good distance away from them.

This Raikou, to her eyes, had a dark shadowy Arua around itself, just like that weirdo's Makuhita!

The woman got on the bike and helped Rui on. "Hurry!"

Raikou looked to be charging energy. Suddenly dark, ominous clouds appeared above the two females in the dessert skies. Electricity cackled in the skies, and only grew faster each passing second.

It was about to unleash a devastating Thunder attack.

"Oh no you don't!" The woman cried as she took out what looked to be another switch and pressed another button.


A piece of the lab started exploding then more explosions came after it.

The Raikou stopped charging and looked towards the lab—that was the woman needed to start up her bike and race off in incredible speeds.

"I admit, Raikou is every bit of legendary as the tales say. It's quite the shame Cipher has corrupted that noble Pokémon so…" The Lady said as she seemed to activate some new computer function on her bike. "How are you doing back there?"

"Seriously, what the heck happened!?" Rui cried as she held on to the woman. "And who are you!?"

The woman smiled and turned to her momentarily. "Call me Chun'li, an Agent from Interpol."

-] Omake = Watcher, Painter, and Amnesiac.

Burgh: *Looking over Tracey's art book* This is absolutely magnificent! The pencil work, the shadings, the way you capture the movements… absolutely beautiful! You have talent Mr. Sketchit!

Tracey: Aww shucks, thank you Burgh. But it's nothing really, all I do is draw Pokémon in the wild.

Burgh: Augh! How envious! All you need to do is walk and you can find such beautiful pieces of works in front of you! Alas, I get grief stricken with artist's block more often than I'd like! *Notices another note book.* Oh, what amazing artwork do you keep in this note book?

Tracey: *Eyes widen.* W-wait, Burgh!

Burgh: Wha—!? This is… horrible! What is this? It's like you gave a Roggnerola a pencil and had the poor creature bang its face on it several times! Is this a Pidove… with eight beaks?!

Tracey: I thought it was five—wait, Burgh that's not mine!

Burgh: Of course it's not, only an uneducated simpleton would dare write such atrocity and call it art!

Tracey: *Looks at something else beyond Burgh.* … What about an Amnesiac?

Burgh: … *Looks behind him to see a very unamused Anto.* Err… I'm sure they tried?

*Anto grabs the note pad back and walks out. The instant he does, loud sounds of battling are heard throughout.*


*The ground shakes*

Tracey: … You… really fired up his training…

Burgh: … I-I think it's time I get back to my gym…

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