Spirit of Fall

Chapter 8 Eve Before Christmas

The roofs were covered in small red, green, and blue lights. The doors had beautiful holiday wreaths hanging in the front. Snowmen were standing in front yards in almost every house. People sung carols from house to house. Men dressed in a Santa Claus costume while ringing bells for charity.

Do you know what that means? It’s almost Christmas!

Today was Christmas Eve, so that meant Christmas was tomorrow! Everyone was excited for this wonderful holiday. Especially me!

I went over to my old house to play with Abby. Frost also came over to hang out with us as well.

“Snowball!” I shouted and threw a snowball at Frost, who just arrived here.


Right in the face!

Frost fell flat onto the snow without realizing it. While I was laughing at my success of hitting the lord of the snow with a snowball, Frost got up with very annoyed look on his face. Then seconds later, his frown slowly turned upside down into a sneer. Uh oh...

Splat! Splat!

Before I got my guard up, I was hit in the face and chest by his snowballs and fell into the pile of snow with a poof! First rule to remember about a snowball fight, never underestimate your opponent. Especially, if the guy can make snow with his staff.

As you can already see, Frost and I have been doing great together. Since the time he helped me with my problem with Irwin, my suspicion of him was completely gone. The guy was awesome and fun to hang out with. Even my wisps didn’t feel wary of him anymore. They would even play around with him... Unless, you can consider ‘trying to burn his sweater to see whether it was fire proof or not’ playing.

Talking about the wisps, they were laughing hysterically as they watched Frost and I mashed each other with snowballs. We were almost completely covered from head to toe with snow.

“Go Pumpkin! Go Snowfwake!” My sister, Abby, cheered from the side.

“Snowflake?” Frost stared at her, confused.

Splat! Splat!

“Ha! Two hits!” I cried victoriously. “I know your JackFrost and everything, but don’t freeze up during a battle!” I teased.

“Ha ha very funny,” Frost said sarcastically, wiping the snow from his shoulder. “What did your sister just call me?”

“Snowflake,” I answered.

“Snowflake?” He looked at me, incredibly.

“Yeah, Snowflake. What? You have a problem with my sister nicknaming you?” I sneered.

He stared at me and returned a playful sneer as well. “Oh no, I’m quite honored to receive such a maaaaarvelous name. But it can’t be as faaaaabulous as ‘Pumpkin,’ am I correct?” He said in some weird british accent while making hand gestures to go with it.

I laughed at his accent so hard I had to hold my stomach in pain. If anyone can die from laughter, I was getting there.

My sister, on the other hand, was getting cold when a gust of wind blew passed her.

“Brrrrrr! Cowd!” she shivered. Immediately, the wisps swarmed around her closely, giving warmth to her like a heater. “Ooooooo! Waaaaaarrrrmmm...”

“Nice quick thinking, guys!” I complimented them.

The wisps babbled happily.


Right on the side of the face!

“Don’t get distracted!” Told Frost. “Or are you burned out already.”

“Second round is SO on!” I shouted back at him.

And a second battle of snowball fighting commenced.

For the rest of the day, we all played around in the yard like who can make the biggest and baddest snowman contest. Then we had a ride through Frost’s personally made ice roller coaster around the house. I also made my own personal show called Beasts on Fire Show, which I named it on the spot. I basically made several kinds of animal with my fire and let them run or fly around. I’ve been practicing a lot, so now I can even make more variety of animals. Abby loved the fire rabbits and fire squirrels. Of course, I couldn’t resist making a fire lion and made it chased Frost around the yard.

“What the snowballs?!! Lantern!” He yelled angrily while flying away from my fire lion.

Everybody, besides Frost, laughed like crazy.

That’s when I heard a voice coming from the kitchen door.

“Abby? Who’re you playing with?” I heard my mom asking from behind the door.

I could sense that she would opening the door soon and I panicked.

“Guys! Hide!” I quickly shouted at the wisps.

The wisps quickly dispersed and hid in who knows where. Then my mom opened the door and peaked her head outside.

“Sweat heart? I thought you were playing with someone,” wondered my mom, looking around, confused.

“I’m playing with Pumpkin and Snowfwake,” told Abby.

Suddenly, Frost asked me, “Why do you need to hide your wisps? It’s not like she can see them, right?”

“Of course, she can. There are some people who can see my wisps, including my dad. It depends on how much people believe in the... unexplainable,” I explained. “That’s why I have to be careful sometimes.”

“Oh, gotcha,” Frost nodded in understanding.

On my mom’s side, she looked confused at Abby’s reply. “Pumpkin and Snowflake?... Alright, sweaty,” my mom said in an amused tone. She must’ve thought that Abby made up a new game or something. “Don’t forget that daddy will be picking us up soon. We’ll be going to the mall to see Santa Claus, so come inside and get ready.”

“Yay! Santy Cwaus!” Cheered Abby, excitedly. Then she darted into the door.

So now only Frost and I were left. Oh and the wisps, too. Almost forgot them since they were hiding. Once my mom was gone, they started to come out of their hiding places and flew towards me.

“Does your mom mean those people who dress up as North and pretend to listen to the kids’ wishes? I still wonder how North puts up with fakers like them every year,” wondered Frost.

“North? You mean Santa Claus?” I asked, confused. “The real deal?”

“Yep. North goes by a lot of names, but he prefers to be called North,” Frost explained. “North’s really awesome, but he sometimes become a little kiddish and competitive sometimes. You should’ve seen how me and the other guardians went on teeth gathering for Tooth. It was crazy!”

“So you know the other Guardians? I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. Also, why were you guys gathering teeth for? Isn’t that the tooth fairy’s job?” I wondered.

“Well... there were some complications,” he began to explain. “And that complication was Pitch Black.”

Again, Pitch Black. Why did his name seemed to pop up a lot? Why did I feel like I heard the name before?

Frost began to tell me how Pitch Black tried to control all the kids’ dreams and hope with nightmare and fear. He invaded the Tooth Palace, where the Tooth Fairy lived, and took all the Mini Fairies, the Tooth Fairy’s helpers, and teeth. This caused the kids to lose their belief in the Tooth Fairy when their teeth weren’t taken and replaced with gifts. That’s when North came up with the idea to gather the teeth themselves, which caused a messy competitive race among the guardians.

I laughed like crazy when he told me how each of them tried to mess with each other during the race like when Frost fell into a hole that the easter bunny made and how the very same bunny lit a fireplace and blew up North when he came down the chimney. Then when the tooth fairy reminded them about leaving gifts, they had to go to a laundromat to get coins and go back to the houses to place the gifts under the pillow. That’s when another competition rose. They started to leave their own gifts to see who can leave better gifts. I thought the idea that North left a whole christmas tree with gifts to go with it when it wasn’t even close to Christmas was freaking hilarious!

Oh the pain from laughing too much... I need to breathe!

“So what happened to Pitch?” I asked once I could breathe through my laughter.

“We defeated him... with some help from a group of kids. We couldn’t have defeated him if those kids didn’t stand up to him. I also became an official Guardian afterwards,” he said proudly.

“Wow, that sounds awesome. I wish I could meet the other guardians,” I thought.

“You can!” Frost cried out. “Did you forget what tomorrow is?”

“Of course! Christmas! Santa will be delivering the gifts tonight!” I realized.

“And that’s when you have a better chance of meeting him,” Frost added.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait for tonight!” Now I’m all hyped up to meet Santa. The real deal this time! Why couldn’t night come fast enough?

It was now night fall. Abby was already asleep from all her excitement at the mall and exhausted herself. That little girl went crazy after a scoop of mint ice cream. She ran around the toy store yelling “TOYS!” and chattered like crazy with the pretend Santa Claus. It took my parents twenty minutes to pull her away so the other kids could have a go with the guy in the red suit.

Frost and I also had our own version of having fun at the mall. Frost froze some drinks at this cafe and some unlucky customers had their lips stuck to the glass for several minutes. He even froze the indoor fountain and nobody felt suspicious at all. They thought it was part of the mall’s attraction for the holidays and praised it as a work of art. Then he froze a small area on the floor and caused people to slip and trip like crazy. Even a guy lost his wig when he fell backwards. Huh... why did that guy look familiar?

For me, I found a candle store and lit up all the candles, causing the store workers into confusion while trying to put out the flames. At the toy store, I grabbed some freaky monster figurines and chased some kids around the store. Since I was invisible, all the kids saw were floating monster figurines so they ran screaming in fear as if their life was at stake. When some adults came to check on them, I immediately drop the figurines and left no trace of floating monsters. I also snuck a whole bag of popcorn kernels into the popcorn machine when the worker wasn’t looking. Within five minutes, the popcorn machine went nuts and a pile of popcorn came flooding out. Free popcorn!

My wisps also had their fun, but then got chased around by a savage chihuahua that was in this old ladies purse. I had to be careful with them since who knows who can see them. Kids, I didn’t mind them seeing the wisps, but there were a few adults who can see them too. Luckily, they thought it was their own imagination or part of the mall’s decoration.

After spending a few hours at the mall, my family finally went home. Abby was completely exhausted after all that fun and immediately fell asleep in the car. My dad had to carry her to her room and put her to bed.

I was on the roof of my old house with Frost and my wisps. I was still full of energy and excitement while staring at the sky, hoping to see a sleigh of reindeers flying around.

“You’re just like a kid getting all excited to meet Santa Claus,” joked Frost while petting a wisp that was on his shoulder. The wisp purred happily.

“How can I not be?! I used to think Santa wasn’t real when I was alive. I stopped believing when I got into middle school. Now to find out that he really does exist makes it so awesome!” I cried out excitedly. “I can’t wait to meet him!”

The wisps also looked excited as they bounced around in the air happily.

“Well, you won’t have to be waiting for long,” he said. “He should be arriving any minute now.”

Then right on cue, I heard a loud ‘Boom!’ in the distance and I quickly turned around, staring in the direction where the loud explosion came from.

“And there he is. The Guardian of Wonders has arrived,” Frost announced.

A large sleigh, pulled by several tough looking reindeers, came flying out of the sky and headed towards my neighborhood.

“He’s here!” I shouted excitedly and quickly jetted towards him. Frost and the wisps followed close behind. I spotted the sleigh landing on a roof of a house and I quickly flew faster to not miss the man of Christmas himself. I could make out a large man in red and black getting off the sleigh and jumping into the chimney.

“Lantern, let’s give him a little surprise,” suggested Frost when he caught up to me.

“Sounds like a great plan,” I agreed.

Frost told me his plan while we flew. When we reached the sleigh, we hid on the side while waiting for the large man in red. The sleigh was so big and looked so cool! It looked like it was combined with a jet. There was a globe at the front and large sack of presents in the back. After waiting for short while...


The old man came popping out of the chimney while humming Santa Claus Is Coming to Town as he walked up to his sleigh.

When he was getting on the vehicle, I quietly conjured up some fire to form several mice and sent them scurrying onto the sleigh. The old man didn’t notice anything when he got on and continued to hum his song. When he sat down, that’s when one of my fire mouse appeared on the globe in front of him.

“Hmm? Vat do ve have here?” He said in a Russian accent.

Santa was Russian?

While the old man looked closer at the fire mouse curiously, two more popped up beside it.

“Vhat in zhe vorld!” He exclaimed in surprised. Then he looked around and there was even more fire mice around him, squeaking loudly. “Ratz! Ratz everyvhere!” He shouted. He tried to chased them away but it didn’t work very well. “Scram! You little vermin!”

Frost, the wisps, and I were trying to hold our laughter as much as possible, but even our voices still leaked out.

“Who’s zhere?” We heard the old man shouting. Then I heard some kind of weird sound like a sword being unsheathed.

“North! It’s me, Jack Frost.” Frost got up with his hands in the air and a staff in one of his hand.

My wisps and I also got up with him while I was still clutching my mouth to prevent from exploding from laughter. I think I still need another minute to calm down.

“Jack? Vhat you doing here?” North asked in surprised. In both of his hands were two swords.

Santa can use swords? In which legend?

North put down his swords and that’s when he noticed me. “And who’s your friend?” He asked Frost.

“I’m Jack O. Lanternson,” I introduced myself. “And these guys here are my wisps,” pointing to the wisps. They babbled in greeting.

“He’s also a newborn spirit,” Frost added.

“I’m not that new. I’m already more than half a years old in spirit age,” I argued.

“New born spirit, aye?” North bent down and stared at me while touching his beard. He stared at me for awhile before he jumped up with his hands in the air, excitedly. “Zhis calls for celebration!”



My wisps and I looked at the old man, puzzled.

“I’m North. Guardian of Vonders,” North introduced himself, holding out a hand for a shake.

“Yeah, I know. Frost told me about you.” I took it and the old man shook my hand very roughly. Wow, for an old man, he sure has a lot of strength.

“Ve must invite every guardian! Ve shall party at me vorkshop tomorrow!” He announced, happily. “I still have vork to do, so I’ll have me yetis pick you up tomorrow afternoon. So be ready.”

He sat down on his sleigh and grabbed the reins. “Heeya!” He whipped the reins and the deers stomped heavy on the roof before they ran into the air. “See ya later, me friends!”

And the sleigh flew into the sky towards their next destination.

“Wow, that old man has more energy than I thought,” I commented.

“You should see him when he fights,” Frost said with his arms crossed. “By the way, why did you give him a handshake, but not me?”

“Different circumstances,” I answered.

“Different circumstances? How was it different?” He demanded.

“I was still mad at you back then.”

“Not my fault.”

“You shot me and attacked me and my wisps.”


Now that our argument was over, I remembered about the sudden party tomorrow.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I’m going to North’s workshop!” I cried out excitedly. “By the way, did he say yetis?”

“Yep! For your information, they’re the real toy makers, not the elves,” he stated.

“What?” I stared at him in disbelief.

First, I found out Santa was Russian. Second, the old man can wield swords. Now, the yetis make the toys? My life was a lie!

“Uh... he did mention about inviting the other guardians, right? So does that mean I’ll get to meet the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? ” I asked Frost. I bet my eyes were twinkling like crazy.

“I guess, but they’re usually busy most of the time. You know, egg painting and teeth gathering kinda stuff. But they might have time to come to celebrate your... rebirth as a spirit. Like I said before, it’s not every century that a spirit is born,” he told me.

“Great! Now I can’t wait for tomorrow!” I cried.

Yay! Yipee! Yahoo!

The wisps bounced around in the air like crazy as well. They were as excited as me for the party tomorrow.

Why couldn’t tomorrow come sooner?

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