Spirit of Fall

Chapter 9 Sacked by the Guardian of Wonders

Christmas morning was here! Today’s the party, but North said he’ll pick Frost and I up in the afternoon, so I spent the morning watching people celebrate Christmas with their families. Frost also joined me around noon. We goofed around for awhile, waiting for the time the yetis were supposed to come pick us up. We were waiting in the forest in front of my place under the oak tree.

“So this is where you live?” Frost stared at the tree.

“Yeah, but it’s inside that hole, not in the tree,” I pointed out.

Frost stared at the opening in the small cliff and then looked inside. “Kinda dark.”

“Here, I show you inside,” I bent over and went into the tunnel. I pushed the curtain to the side and entered the room. Frost followed behind me and when he came in, he looked around.

“Nice place,” he complimented.

“Yep, I was lucky to find it,” I agreed. “Took me and the wisps awhile to put this place together. That’s the bed over there. I used pine leaves to make it and covered it with blankets and sheet that I found for the bedding. I also found some pillows that were thrown away, but still usable. The table and seats are made from the rocks that were already here. I even carved into the earth between the tree roots to make some shelves,” I explained about how I made the place.

Like what I said, I dug some space in the earth between the roots on the wall to make shelves to put stuff on. I don’t have that much stuff, but I sometimes pick up things I like. For example, a jar of marbles, a small wooden box with pretty designs carved on the outside, some bags of candy, and my pumpkin mask.

“By the way, I don’t see your wisps around. Where are they?” Frost asked, wondering what happened to my little fireballs.

“They’re inside the lantern,” I pointed to the lantern that was hanging from my pole that I was holding. “They’re resting after this morning’s prank on a couple of dogs. They’ll probably come out once we’re at North’s workshop. They’ve been excited all morning.”

Then I realized something.

“Wait, so how are we supposed to get to the North Pole?” I wondered. Can Yetis drive a sleigh? Since they can make toys, maybe they can drive as well.

Suddenly, we heard something coming from outside.

“It’s probably the yetis,” Frost thought, so we went back outside.

When we came out of the hole, I saw two large hairy creatures standing before us.

“You guys must be the yetis,” I thought, looking at them up and down. They were very hairy creatures with a ponytail and long mustaches and eyebrows.

The two yetis nodded with grunts in confirmation.

“Hey guys!” Frost greeted them with a wave.

That’s when I noticed a large sack in one of their hands.

“What’s the sack for?” I asked curiously.

“Oh no...” Frost groaned in dismay for some reason.

“What?” I looked at Frost, confused.

And that’s when I found out what the sack was for.

The yetis grabbed both of us by our hoods and threw us into the sack.

“Whoa! Hey!” I cried in shock. It was dark and cramped in there, especially when putting two teenagers inside one small sack.

“I told North I hate this!” I heard Frost shouting.

“Ow! Stop kicking me!”

“Stop shoving me then!”

“It’s kinda hard not to.”

“Hey! Where do you think you’re touching?!”

“It’s not like I want to!”

“God! Get off me!”

“OW! Did you just elbowed me?!”


Then I heard a loud Boom! and I felt like I was hurled into the air.



We both cried out in shock at this. Then suddenly, we hit the hard ground painfully. “OW!”

My whole body was aching from that crash. When I felt the sack loosening, Frost and I both couldn’t crawl out fast enough. Oh the fresh air! When I finally got out of the sack, I looked around and found myself speechless.

The whole place was HUGE! This place wasn’t a workshop. It’s a factory! The building was large dome shape room with many floors and a gigantic globe in the center. It’s the biggest globe I’ve ever seen! The globe had million of these bright yellow dots on the part that represent the continents. There were hundreds of yetis walking around on all the floors. Since today was Christmas, the yetis didn’t have work to do. It’s a holiday after all.

In the air, there were several colorful flying objects flying around. Some looked like jellyfish, blimps, UFOs, and planes. They were amazing!

Then I heard shuffling on the ground and when I looked down, I found several tiny elves walking all around me. They wore what looked like red pointy hats with a bell dangling at the tip. They were all over the place! Some of them were either carrying toys or screwing around with them. I found one driving a tiny car, that looked like one of those remote control ones, around me before zooming away. I had to be careful not to step on them by accident.

“I thought the yetis make the toys, not the elves,” I cried out, very confused at my knowledge right now.

“They don’t, but North lets them believe they do,” explained Frost.

“Velcome boys!” I heard a Russian accent voice from behind, so we turned around and there was North standing in front of a large fireplace with three other figures. It seemed like where we were standing on was a large hall that opened up to the globe room and the guardians were standing on the opposite side of the hall from Frost and I. “Especially, you, Mr. Lanternson. I hope you enjoyed zhe trip.”

“Oh, it was great. It was a lot of fun being shoved in a sack with no air supply and almost crushed in the process,” I said sarcastically.

“Good! Jack Frost here also enjoyed it on his first time as vell,” North smiled happily.

I stared at Frost in disbelief.

Frost quickly shook his head to show that it wasn’t true at all.

Then I looked at the other figures standing beside North and I recognized one of the figures right away. It was Sandy. Apparently, he was asleep while floating in the air again.

“So this here kid is the new spirit, aye?” Said a very large rabbit in an Australian accent. Never had I seen such a large rabbit! In fact, I didn’t think rabbits were supposed to come in that size! I could also tell by his voice that it was a male. The large rabbit was standing on its hind legs and in his hands... or paws was an egg and paintbrush. He was painting an egg apparently. On his arms were some kind of wooden wrist armor. His fur had these tribal markings and patterns on his fur. Interesting... There was also a strap across his chest and behind him were two large boomerangs. I can pretty much guess he’s the Easter Bunny. Who would’ve thought the Easter Bunny was Australian and was as tall as a grown man. I’m learning new things everyday.

“Hi there! I’m so excited to meet you. When North told us that a new spirit was born, I just had to see you,” said a very colorful and feathery lady, very enthusiastically. This was going to be kinda hard to describe. Her whole body was covered in colorful feathers that reminded me of peacocks and hummingbirds mixed together and I didn’t mean like she’s wearing feathered clothing. It’s like the feathers were part of her body. Unlike Frost and I that can fly without any use of anything, the feathered woman was flying in the air with the use of her wings, which were transparent and it was fluttering so fast that they were all blurred out like dragonfly wings.

And flying around her, were several mini-me version of her, except... they were extra tiny. They looked like humming birds, but also humanlike. They were squeaking to each other excitedly, which from my experience with my wisps, they might be talking about me.

If the feathery woman was the Tooth Fairy, which I had no doubt she was, then these little hummingbirds must be her helpers that Frost told me about. Suddenly, one of the fairies separated from the group and came flying towards Frost, squeaking cheerfully.

“Hey, Baby Tooth. Miss me?” Frost greeted it and let it sit on his shoulder. From the look of how close they were, this mini fairy must be the one that was with Frost during the fight with Pitch. There was something about her that seemed different from the others as well. It probably took me a few seconds to notice that Baby Tooth had a yellow feather sticking out from her forehead like Tooth Fairy while the other mini fairies had blue feathers.

“Is it alright if I see your teeth?” She asked. Before I could say anything, she already had her hands in my mouth. “Oh! They’re clean and white! You must’ve brushed them often.”

“Aa a oo ooin? Ay!” Translation: What are you doing? Hey!

“Tooth... hands out of mouth,” ordered North, sternly. “Ve don’t want to scare him.”

“Sorry,” she apologized and finally took her hands out of my poor mouth.

What the pumpkins was that?! My jaw was aching from that weird experience, so I had to massage it a bit.

“Happened to me, too,” whispered Frost. “She’s obsessed with teeth. Especially, white and clean ones.”

“I think I already found out first hand,” I whispered back.

“Now for introduction! Everyone, zhis here Jack O. Lanternson. The newvest spirit to be born after zhree centuries,” North announced loudly.

“And Jack, I like you to meet the Guardians,” North started to introduce the other guardians. “Zhis here Bunny, Guardian of Hope,” North waved to the large rabbit.

“So now we have two Jacks? That doesn’t sound good,” commented Bunny while painting his egg.

“Zhis Tooth, Guardian of Memories, and her Mini Fairies,” he waved to the feather woman and her hummingbird fairies.

The colorful fairy smiled eagerly while tilting her head slightly and waved at me.

“And lastly, zhis here Sandy, Guardian of Dreams...Sandy? Sandy? Wake up!” North tried to nudge the sleeping little man to wake up.

“No worries, North. I already know Sandy for a quite some time now,” I told the old man so he wouldn’t wake up Sandy, but too late, Sandy already woke up.

Sandy looked up sleepily. When he saw me, he smiled and waved at me.

“Oh! You two already met?” Exclaimed North, surprised. “Why didn’t you tell me of zhis?” He turned to Sandy and questioned him.

Sandy shrugged as his reply.

“Wait! I still need to introduce my friends,” I told them. “I like you guys to meet my little helpers, the Will-o-Wisps,” I tapped my lantern pole on the floor gently and right on cue, several fire orbs came shooting out of the lantern. The wisps flew around us in exciting giggles before going off on their own in curiosity. “I call them Wisps for short.” I added.

“Oh yes, I almost forgot ‘bout zhem visps,” thought North.

The wisps were amazed at their surroundings in the workshop. They were so many toys and colorful objects flying about. How can my wisps resist such temptation? Immediately, the wisps darted everywhere, exploring the place. Some of them were even checking out the guardians.

“Crikey!” Bunny cried when a few wisps were floating very closely to him. “Get away from me, ya floating torches!”

“Don’t worry. They don’t bite,” I assured him.

“Do they burn?” He demanded, trying to move away from the wisps.

“Not if they want to,” I answered.

“Oh that’s just bloody reassuring!” The easter bunny snapped.

“Aw! They’re kinda cute though,” Tooth complimented when a wisp flew into her hand and she tried to pet it. But since wisps weren’t solid creatures, her fingers just went through it. The flames danced around her finger, but not harming her whatsoever.

For Sandy, he was making sand figures for the wisps to play around with. Several little goldfish were swimming around him and the wisps chased them in delight.

Even the tiny fairies seemed to be getting along with the wisps. They were even talking to each other in blabbers and squeaks. Since when did my wisps know fairy language and fairies know wisp talk. This world was getting weirder and weirder.

But unlike how the wisps were doing so well with the fairies, I can’t say the same with the elves. I just spotted an elf giving a wisp a mean look. There were elves and wisps roaming the long food table and it seemed that an elf was licking out of a punch bowl. The wisps just stared at the mean looking elf for awhile before setting a speck of flame on his hat...clothes thingy. The elf ran around screaming like crazy and tried to put out the flame by slapping on it, but since the fire was burning at the tip where the bell was, it was too tall and far away for him to reach it. Suddenly, the elf dived into the punch bowl with a splash, spilling punch all over the table.

Though I wanted to scold the wisps about burning things, I couldn’t help but chuckle at this.

And the rest of the wisps were either watching the yetis make toys or messing with them. Uh oh... looks like some of the wisps just possessed some toys and the yetis didn’t look happy. I really gotta discipline those guys.

Then Bunny suddenly walked up to me and asked, “So it’s Jack O. Lanternson, am I right? Like in Jack O’Lantern?”

“Yep,” I replied.

“I see ya’ve been hanging out with that clown. Hope he hasn’t turned ya into one, mate,” Bunny looked at Frost when he said that.

“Sorry to shatter your hopes, but Lantern here has been a prankster before I even met him,” Frost clarified.

“Guilty as charged,” I plead guilty.

“Oh crikey!” Exclaimed Bunny, looking a little annoyed. “Like one Jack wasn’t enough. Now we have two clowns.”

“Come on, Bunny. Jack isn’t that bad,” Tooth appeared and joined in our conversation. “Besides, he’s now a guardian and protects children like us. And his teeth are beautiful,” she said dreamingly.

“He may be a guardian, but that doesn’t mean he stopped messing with my egg hunts,” Bunny argued.

“Ha! Ha! Not forget he’s still top of me naughty list,” laughed North, walking up towards us with a cookie in his hand. “You like some cookie?” He asked, pointing down at two elves carrying a cookie tray.

“Sure! No mind if I do,” I accepted his offer, but when I was about to take a cookie from the tray, one of the elf suddenly spitted out a cookie from its mouth while still holding the tray. “Uh... never mind. I’m not hungry.”

“Zhis alright,” assured North, not noticing that scene just now and threw the cookie into his mouth. “Mmm...”


“So how long have you been around, Jack?” Asked Tooth.

“Which Jack?” Both Frost and I asked.

“Crikey! This is going to be problem,” said Bunny.

“I meant Jack O’Lantern. Sorry,” apologized Tooth.

“No worries,” I replied. “Just do what me and Frost did and call us by our last name. And about that question of yours, more than half a year I believe. Let’s see, around seven months, I think. I also met Sandy a couple weeks after I was reborn.”

“Vat? So Sandy already knew you for zhat long?” North looked surprised. “Sandy! How come you never say anyzhing about him?!”

Sandy was getting an eggnog from a yeti when North called to him. He made several figures over his head that I didn’t have time to make out what they were, so I didn’t know what he was saying. Then I saw another elf licking Sandy’s eggnog while stretching out from the tray that the yeti was holding. It took Sandy awhile to notice it and had to pull his cup away.

Gross... what’s up with these elves!

“So what kind of spirit are you?” Tooth asked curiously.

“What kind of spirit am I? Uh... I guess I’m the Spirit of Fall. I can make the leaves change color from summer green to red and orange autumn. I can also control fire so I guess I’m a Fire Spirit as well,” I answered.

“Spirit of Fall?” Tooth said with this strange look on her face.

“Yeah. Why?” I wondered, confused at the look on her face. Did I say something wrong?

“It’s just that we haven’t had a Fall Spirit for so long,” explained Tooth.

“Really? There was Fall Spirit before me?” I asked, curiously.

“Yeah, but one day all of a sudden, he just vanished,” said Bunny. “Don’t know what happen to the guy.”

“No one does,” said North.

“Was he a Guardian?” I asked.

“No, just spirit zhat go ‘round creating fall and scaring people,” explained North, stroking his beard. “Just like you.”

Another Fall Spirit that likes to go around pranking people like me? Neato! I wanna meet him!

“So what was the guy like? Was he funny? Nice? Pranky?” I kept asking excitedly. Was ‘pranky’ even a word?... Who cares.

“We didn’t really associate with him since we were all too busy working,” replied Bunny.

“Never met him either, but I heard a few things about the guy,” said Frost.

“My fairies met him a few times before, but they don’t really like him. They said that he was creepy,” told Tooth.

“I never met him since I vork in office all year long and go out only on Christmas eve,” said North. “Vhat ‘bout you, Sandy? Sandy? Sandy, wake up!”

Looked like Sandy just dozed off again.

So for the rest of the party, I had a great time hanging out with the guardians. They were all great! Bunny was pretty cool, but he seemed to have this rivalry with Frost. I even heard Frost calling Bunny, the Easter Kangaroo. I also discovered that Bunny was a master of Tai Chi. How? Well, let’s just say that never attempt to steal an egg from a bunny who knew martial arts or you would find a panda going Kung Fu around your head.

Tooth was also very nice and chatty, but I wished she stopped trying to put her hands in my mouth. I also found her doing that to Frost as well. The poor winter spirit had to shoved something inside his mouth to have an excuse to keep Tooth’s eager hands from touching him.

Sandy and North was having a chat among themselves. Something about work and having time to talk with friends. Also, the whole time I didn’t dare touch anything from the table or trays due to my earlier experience.

I also pulled some pranks on the elves by lighting their hat clothes on fire. Just a small speck though. Now I understood why the wisps lit that elf’s clothes on fire. It was funny watching the elves running around with a silent scream while trying to put out the fire. This was seriously fun.

Frost even joined me and froze the floor, causing the elves to slip and slide all over the place. Some were even sliding smack into each other.

“Nice!” I gave Frost a high five.

“All in a days work,” grinned Frost, evilly.

The wisps were also having a blast around the workshop and playing around with the yetis, elves, and the tiny fairies. Though, I hope the wisps weren’t making too much trouble for the yetis and the elves. The little flame balls were messing around with the tools and stuff. Oh! And it looked like they just took over an airship with some help from the mini fairies and they were now having an air battle with the elves and their flying saucers.

When I heard giggles coming from nearby, I turned around and spotted five wisps throwing some shiny glass ball to each other at a floor above me. Wait... glass ball?

“Oh fudge no!” I gasped and quickly flew towards them, hoping they don’t break that glass ball before I got there. “You five there! Put down that glass ball right now!”

Oops! Wrong order!

The wisps froze in shock and dropped the glass ball. Oh coconut stuffed truffles! I jetted towards the glass ball with my hands stretched out and Bam! Caught it! Just in time.

“You guys shouldn’t be playing with something like this! What if you break it?!” I scolded the wisps angrily while holding onto the glass orb carefully.

The wisps looked down in shame. The look on their faces was so pitiful that I couldn’t stay mad at them for long.

“Fine, I’ll let you guys go and play, but no more playing with breakable or dangerous stuff, understood?” I told them sternly.

The wisps nodded and replied Uh huh.

“Alright, you guys can go,” I told them.

So the wisps shot into the air where the other wisps and fairies were to join in the air battle.

“Jeez! Now I know what a mom feels like,” I thought to myself. Then I looked at the glass ball that the wisps were playing with earlier and I noticed small pieces of white particles were floating inside like falling snow. “A snow globe?”

“Yo Lantern! Where’d you went off to?” Called Frost from somewhere.

“Sorry. My wisps were messing around with something so I just told them off,” I replied back.

“Wanna hear about what happened to Bunny when he lost his powers?” Asked Frost.

“Don’t you bloody dare tell him!” I heard Bunny threatened him.

“Bunny? Now this I gotta hear!” I thought, so I put down the snow globe on a table. I was about to fly back to the hall room when heard a noise that sounded like something rolling on a wooden surface, so I turned around and saw the glass orb was rolling off the edge of the table. “You gotta be kidding me!”

I quickly dived for the glass ball again, but this time I was not fast enough. The snow globe fell onto the floor and bounced into the air. Suddenly, the glass ball exploded and there was this bright light. Due to the shock of the unexpected light, I didn’t put the brakes on myself in time and fell right into it.

~???’s POV~

This wasn’t good. Not good at all. According to what my Nightmares reported, that boy had become friends with those blasted Guardians! Especially, that damn Jack Frost!

I have to hurry. I need to hasten my plans or I’ll lose the boy to those losers! I must come up with something quick. I need the boy. I must get him to come to my side soon.

And I’ll do any means necessary to get what I want!

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