Spirit of Fall

Chapter 10 Chased by Giant Eggs with Legs

~Frost’s POV~

“Hey, guys. Where’d Lantern go?” I asked the other guardians while looking for the glowing red head spirit. I knew for sure he was over on the floor above us dealing with his mischievous wisps since I was just talking to him a few seconds ago. But when I called him again, he wasn’t there anymore.

“Frost! Something happened to the wisps. They’re going nuts!” Bunny called, sounding alarmed.

I looked around and saw that the wisps were darting around like crazy. They were all over the place and crying out in panic for some reason. They looked confused and scared. Did this have anything to do with Lantern’s disappearance?

“North! I can’t find Lantern,” I shouted to North.

“Vat? Vhere’d he go?” North wondered, confused.

“We need to calm down the wisps first! They’re getting out of hand,” told Bunny.

Bunny was right. The wisps were starting to knock down the toys and other objects around the room. The yetis were having trouble trying to catch them all while the elves were just running around in panic. The wisps were also freaking out so much that they were even hitting each other. They kept babbling and crying like scared little children that got separated from their parents.

“Sandy! Gazher visps in one place,” ordered North.

Sandy quickly sent out streams of golden sand to round up the wisps. The sand flowed into the air and slowly gathered the terrified wisps together. It was like watching a sheep dog rounding up a herd of sheep. The wisps began to gather around in a large group in the hall room while the sand flowed around them in a sphere.

“Good vork, Sandy!” Complimented North. “Tooth, your fairies can talk viz visps, so ask zem vat’s matter and vhere Lantern.”

Tooth nodded and told her mini fairies to talk with the wisps as ordered. The little fairies quickly flew into the sandy sphere and began to talk with the wisps.

“Where do you think Lantern could’ve disappeared to?” I wondered. “I was just talking to him a few minutes ago.”

“Wasn’t he like over there, on the floor above us?” Thought Bunny, pointing to where Lantern was before he disappeared.

“That’s what I thought, but I already check and he wasn’t there,” I told him.

“Vell, vhat ever happened, ve’ll know shortly,” said North as he noticed the mini fairies coming back to Tooth.

“So what did you guys find out?” Asked Tooth, worriedly.

The little fairies squeaked and chattered something distressfully to her that the other guardians couldn’t understand.

“Oh no! This isn’t good. Jack O’Lantern is missing!” Announced Tooth, looking troubled. “The wisps don’t know where he went. When they felt his presence disappeared, they began to panic. They’re really upset.”

“This isn’t good,” muttered North, touching his beard nervously.

~Lantern’s POV~

One moment, I was at North’s factory. Next moment, I find myself transported through a magical portal and landed myself in some kind of underground oasis. When I first arrived here, I pretty much dived onto the ground, flipped over a few times before falling off a six feet tall cliff, and crashed onto the ground. I can promise you that it was a painful experience, even for a spirit like me.

“Ow...” I moaned in pain. My whole body was aching from that fall, but I don’t think I broke anything. “What the hell happened?” I muttered to myself, confused and not sure what situation I was in. When I looked up to see where I was, I found myself gapping from shock. That’s when I started to notice my surroundings. This place looked like it might be underground somewhere, but there were sunlight coming from above and there were many pretty flowers, moss, ferns, grass, and trees. There were also many remnants of some ancient ruins and tunnels.

If the ruins were made of gold, then I probably would believe that I just landed myself in El Dorado. And that would’ve been awesome.

I got up and went to pick up my lantern pole that was lying close by before looking around and exploring the place. The whole place was covered in green moss and grass. There were many tunnels, ancient buildings, and stone figures that looked like giant eggs. It was so pretty and peaceful that it felt like I just walked into a secret garden.

Suddenly, I noticed something moving at the corner of my eyes. I turned around on instinct, but I nothing was there. Were there animals here? I wouldn’t be surprise if there were. There were plants down here after all. Then I heard rustling of the grass as something brushed through it. I turned again. Nothing.

Wow, whatever animal that lived down here, they were really fast on their feet.

I continued to walk deeper into the ruins and noticed that there were a lot of spiral like vines hanging down from long stretched out branches. Interesting...

When I walked a little more, I found what was probably the only colorful river I’ve ever seen. It was like the river was filled with several colors of paint that didn’t mixed together for some reason. It was pretty to look at, but was it... safe?

“Is it polluted or something?” I wondered. This was definitely a very unnatural color for a river. I hope nothing gets mutated from this abnormal and colorful water.

Also, for a while, I felt like I was being watched for some reason, but when I turned around to where I thought the feeling was coming from, I only saw large egg shaped stone statues that had this really intimidating face carved on it.

I guess it was just my imagination.

I continued to wander around and I eventually walked into an area full of small trenches and flowers that had their buds down like bells. The tiny trenches were leading almost everywhere like a maze. Not wanting to step on them, I flew over the flowers.

That’s when I came upon another area full of tulip flowers. Variety of colored tulip like flowers grew here and they were really pretty. Then I noticed movements all around the garden. There were some kind of small creatures running all over the place, but I couldn’t make out what they were, so I landed in an open spot within the garden. I tried to catch a glimpse of what was moving around, but they were really fast and there were too many flowers hiding them.

“Come here, you little critters!” I muttered while pouncing on any spot that was moving, but I had no luck in catching whatever these things were. I was really curious to see what they were, so I spent ten minutes trying to catch those things, but they all slipped through me. They were seriously quick.


“What the popsicles!” I exclaimed in surprise from the sudden sound. I turned around to where the noise came from. I spot a tulip with its petals opened up and spread. Wait a minute... do tulips do that?

Then I noticed another tulip shaking on its own. Oh my god! What’s happening!?!


“...An egg?

Yes, people, an egg. An egg appeared when the not-really-a-tulip flower opened up. Then the most freakiest thing happened.


When the egg stood up, it jumped right off the flower.

“....” My mind was taking its time to accept that an egg with legs just came out of a flower.

Next thing I knew, the other flowers began to shake. Oh no!

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

“Aaahh!!!” I screamed as more eggs popped out of the flowers.

EGGS with LEGS! MORE EGGS with LEGS! It’s a whole ARMY of EGGS with LEGS! What screwed up planet did I transported to!?!

I immediately jumped into the air and flew to who knew which direction. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was heading and ended up crashing into something hard, face first. Then I fell onto the ground with a loud Thud! “Oooww...”

That bloody hurt...

Suddenly, I felt a presence looming over me. Probably, the very thing I crashed into. I looked up and saw three stone egg statues looking down at me. When I say looking, I meant they bent over and were literally looking at me. The statues were alive!

“Oh fudge!”

What in the world did I got myself into?

I jetted out right away and flew in a different direction. When I looked back, I saw the giant egg statues following me. Each of their stomping made a loud pounding noise that must’ve shook the ground.

When I turned back to the front, another giant egg golem jumped down with a loud ‘Crash!’ before me, blocking my path. I quickly turned in another direction and found myself in the trench area where the bell like flowers were. I decided to fly through the small trenches without really thinking since I was terrified for my life.

Out of nowhere, the bell like flowers started to spray something at me when I flew by.

Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

“Argh!” Mist of several colors were sprayed all over me. It was like being sprayed with spray paint! The sprayed liquid kept getting in my face and preventing me from seeing where I was flying.

Once I was out of the trenches, I tried to rub the paint off my eyes. Because I wasn’t looking where I was going, I flew into a tunnel and hit the walls. Out of surprise, I changed my direction, but I hit the other side of the wall instead. It was like I was in a game of pinball and I was the ball!

Then I came shooting out of the tunnel and fell right into the river. The unnatural colorful river.


I quickly surfaced and spitted out the bitter and awful tasting liquid. “Ugh... so that’s what paint taste like,” I complained. It was gross!

Right behind me, I could hear loud pounding of the earth. I turned around and saw the stone egg golems were still after me.

“Oh sugarplums!” I quickly got out of the water and flew in the opposite direction, hoping to get as far away as possible.

Unfortunately, I got myself tangled in the vines that were hanging down. “Oh come on!” I tried to free myself from these weird shaped swirly vines, but the more I tried, the worse it got. Out of pure desperation, I burned the vines with my fire.

It worked and I was free at last.

But I didn’t get to celebrate my freedom for long, because I could hear the loud pounding of the earth getting louder and louder. I knew I had to get out of here as fast as possible or who knew what those golems would do to me.

~Frost’s POV~

“Isn’t there any way we can find him?” I asked North, worriedly. Who knew where Lantern was now. He could be lost somewhere and didn’t know how to get home or maybe he could be in some kind of trouble. Not knowing where that glowing red head went was making me anxious. Even the wisps were getting hard to control. We have to thank Sandy and his magical dream sand for keeping them from going nuts again.

“I can only find children vith globe, not spirits,” North replied back. “If only ve have any idea vhere he vent, zen ve can use snow globe.”

“Wait a minute, snow globe?” Something inside my head seemed to realized something. “North, where are the snow globes right now?”

“Zhere over zere,” North pointed to the platform above. The same place where Lantern was last heard from.

“Oh no,” I muttered. I quickly flew to where North supposedly left his snow globes and searched the tables and floors for any clues. Finally, I found a box with ‘Do not open’ written on the top. I opened it and found a box full of North’s magical snow globes and I noticed an empty space. A snow globe was missing.

“North, I think I know how Lantern disappeared from the workshop!” I called out loudly so the other guardians could hear. I grabbed a snow globe and quickly flew towards them. “Lantern said that his wisps were playing with something up there and I think it might be a snow globe. One is missing from the box.” I showed them the snow globe in my hand.

“Crikey! That boy could be anywhere!” Exclaimed Bunny.

“Does anyone have idea of vhere he might be? Vhat vas last zing he vas talking about?” Asked North.

For a snow globe to work, the holder must say a keyword of the location and throw it into the air. Then the snow globe would explode into a portal that would bring you to that location you want.

“I remember the last thing I told him was that I wanted to tell him about what Bunny looked like when his powers were gone,” I told them.

That’s when everyone looked at Bunny, realizing the same thing. Even if the holder said something that wasn’t actually a place, but something related to the place, it can still send the person to a location that’s related to it somehow.

“Oh cripes,” Bunny moaned, his ears drooping from dread. He quickly tapped the floor, creating a magical hole in the ground, and jumped into it. Bunny was already on his way to his home.

“To the Warren,” I said to the snow globe, which a image of an easter egg appeared inside the glass ball, and threw it into the air.

The snow globe exploded into a burst of light before forming a portal. I immediately flew into it with the rest of guardians with the wisps following behind.

When I came out of the portal, I arrived at the Warren. The other guardians came after me and then came the wisps. The place was full of plants and moss just like the last time I came. I looked around, hoping to find any glowing red head somewhere.

“Lantern!” I called out, but there was no reply.

Instead, I heard Bunny’s cry not too far off.

“What the bloody hell happened here!?!”

We quickly went to where Bunny was to see what was going on and what made Bunny sound so shocked.

“What happened?” Asked Tooth.

“The vines! They are all burnt!” Cried Bunny looking at the burned vines in horror.

Like what Bunny said, the vines that help make the pretty swirl designs on the eggs were almost all burnt away.

“Lantern must be here! Only he can control fire,” I thought. That meant my hutch was right. He did came here.

“That bloody blow torch! Wait ‘til I get my hands on him,” growled Bunny, angrily.

“Hold onto your boomerang, easter kangaroo. Lantern might have a good reason for doing this,” I tried to calm the bunny down.

“Oh he better have one,” Bunny punched his hand. “Or I’ll make sure he never steps into my Warren again.”

“Guys! Look!” Called Tooth.

We all turned to her and saw that she was pointing at something. What she was pointing at was the wisps. They were acting weird again. They were looking around and alert as if they sensed something. Then they all turned in one direction and zoomed off in the same direction.

“They must know where Lantern is,” I realized. The wisps seemed to have this ability to sense Lantern when he’s close by. They were like a bunch of Lantern Radars. “Follow them!”

“About time they found him!” I heard Bunny snapped angrily.

We all followed the wisps as they lead us to some part of the Warren, where there were a lot of holes and caves in the wall of the earth. There was also this one spot where a group of Sentinels, large stone egg statues that can walk, were gathered in front of a hole that was too small for them to get in, but small enough for someone to hide.

Lantern must be in that hole since the wisps wanted to go there, but they were too afraid of the Sentinels to go near it.

“Yo, Sentinels. Move,” Bunny ordered the stone egg statues.

The Sentinels immediately moved to the side to open a path for them and what we saw inside the hole made us gap in amazement.

It was Lantern alright, but he was in a horrible mess! His clothes were torn and dirty. His hair was messed up with leaves and twigs sticking out everywhere. His whole body was covered in colorful paint, which I had no doubt came from the colorful river. The guy himself looked terrified and exhausted. He was all curled up deep inside the hole, holding onto his lantern pole for protection.

He looked terrible.

“Lantern?” I called, still amazed.

“Frost?” Lantern replied in surprise. “Frost!” He quickly flew out of the hole, passed the Sentinels, and hid behind me in a flash. “Get me outta here! Those egg golems are going to kill me!”

I had to admit, I was speechless. The other guardians were silent from his pitiful state as well. Even Bunny didn’t look like he wanted to yell at him now.

And then...

“Bwa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

We all burst out laughing, except for Lantern who looked confused.

“What’s so funny?” He complained.

“Oh me stomach! Did you see look on his face? Ha! Ha! Ha!” North laughed while clutching his belly.

I had to try to force myself to calm down to be able to speak properly. “You look awful! What happened to you?”

“What happened to me? I was chased by a bunch of gigantic stone egg golems all over the place! I got sprayed, dunk, and tangled in vines! Of course, I look terrible! Stop laughing!” He shouted furiously.

Instead of us stopping, we laughed even harder.

The Sentinels looked a little confused, so Bunny had to go tell them that Lantern was with them.

The wisps were ecstatic and relief to find Lantern again. They were all huddling up to the glowing red head like a group hug. Then they were babbling like crazy since they were overjoyed to see him again.

“It’s alright now, Lantern. Nobody’s going to hurt you,” I assured him, patting him on the back.

“What? Wait, what’s going on here?” Demanded Lantern, looking more confused.

“Well, mate, ya’re currently at my place, the Warren,” explained Bunnymund, his arms crossed. “The stone golems are the protectors of this place. ‘Called Sentinels.”

“So I’m at Bunny’s home... That would explain the eggs and paints,” said Lantern, in an irritated tone.

“Let’s get you clean up,” I suggested while pulling Lantern from the group. “You look like you had a swim in Bunny’s river.”

“Ha ha, very funny, Frost,” Lantern laughed sarcastically, glaring at me.

Even though we were pretty far away from the group, I could still hear a soft conversation from the other guardians.

“So how’s vine?” North asked Bunny worriedly, “Vill they recover?”

“They’ll regrow themselves within a month,” replied Bunny, trying to sound calm but I can see he was a little worried as well.

“Will you be finish with your work before Easter?” Wondered Tooth.

“Don’t worry your pants off! I’ll just have to work more hours and hasten myself,” assured Bunny.

It didn’t seem Lantern heard them, since he seemed to be muttering about walking eggs and paint spraying flowers. I didn’t want Lantern to find out that he just burned one of Bunny’s important plants or Lantern would feel really guilty. The guy looked like he had a tough day already. I didn’t want to add more to his shoulders.

~Lantern’s POV~

Never would I imagine the Easter Bunny’s home to be so... not what I imagined. After what happened today, I didn’t think I want to visit the place again any time soon.

Finally, we all returned to North’s workshop after I was rescued from those giant egg golems called Sentinels. I got to take a nice warm bath and have my clothes washed. A very heavy washed at that. Since it would take some time for the yetis to wash off all that paint off, North lent me some of his clothes and bedroom for me to stay for tonight. Now that I think about it, out of all the guardians, the only person with a closet full of clothes was North.

“I look ridiculous,” I said when I looked at myself in the mirror. I was in a small bedroom with the wisps and Frost. Since the clothes were North’s, they were too many size bigger than me. It made me look like I’m wearing an oversize dress! I can’t even see my feet!

What I was wearing was a very large white nightshirt that was so long that it covered my feet completely and the sleeves were too long for my arms that half of the sleeve was dangling from my hands.

Frost was snickering next to me from looking at how I was dressed.

“Shut it, Frost!” I snapped.

“I can’t help it,” Frost laughed. “You look like a candle stick!”

“What? Candle?” I looked in the mirror again and started to see that due to the long white nightshirt and my glowing red hair, I look similar to a white candle stick that was lit. Yet, I didn’t see how this was funny.

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

“Not you guys, too!” Even the wisps were laughing at me!

“Since your clothes are still being taken care of, I guess you’ll be staying here in North’s place for tonight,” said Frost.

“Pretty much,” I replied.

North had let me stay in one of his spare rooms to sleep tonight so my clothes can be properly washed and stitched. I didn’t have any other clothes, so I can only wait here until they’re done.

Or I can wear one of North’s large hand-knitted sweaters and oversized pants. Not happening.

The room was pretty nice. It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small. There were two twin size beds with red and white bed covers with small gold strips crossing each other to make a diamond pattern and two red and white pillows for each bed. There was a small lamp table between them. A wardrobe, lamp stand, and mirrors were on the side next to them. Then we have a small table with a green and red Christmas themed cloth covering it and two wooden chairs with red cushions on the seat. The walls and ceiling were made of normal wood with no paint or wallpapers. It really gives a nice cozy cottage feeling.

“Then I’m staying here for tonight too,” stated Frost. “I don’t have any plans tomorrow morning and it’ll be more fun that way.”

“Like a sleepover? That sounds awesome!” I thought. We’re in factory full of toys! There’re so many things we can play around with!

Knock! Knock!

There were knockings from the door and North walked into the room.

“Anyone vants cookies?” He asked, showing a tray of cookies.

I would’ve taken some if there wasn’t an elf on the tray as well. The little guy was stuffing his cheeks real good with the treats.

Frost and I looked at each other and then back at North.

“No thanks, I’m good,” I declined.

“Oh, I’m still full from the party,” Frost said while rubbing his stomach.

“Too bad. Zey vere freshly baked. Just came out of oven,” he said cheerfully. Then he noticed the elf on the tray. “Vat you doing, Dingle? Cookies vere for boys.”

The elf jolted in realization and started to spit out all the cookies back onto the tray. Then it climbed down North and ran off. The sound of the small bell ringing slowly disappeared into the hall.

Both Frost and I made the same grossed out face.


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