Spirit of Fall

Chapter 16 Black Silent Guider

~Abby’s Side~

Abby stared in awe at the warm light in her hands. The light was glowing softly in her palms like a small candle light. Its glow pulsing like a heart beating with life.

“Pwetty wight!” She cried out happily, her eyes shining from the reflection of the light in her hands.

Inside her palms was a tiny speck of fire. But what was strange about this little flame was that it was floating in her tiny hands, not burning nor harming her whatsoever. Not to mention, it was smiling at her.

Bi! Bi! Bi!

The small flame cried out happily upon recognizing the little girl. The flame was actually a wisp, but for some reason, it was smaller than the ones Abby usually saw with her brother. Suddenly, the flame started to grow slowly to a normal size wisp.

“Ooooooo!” Abby was awed as the wisps grew before her eyes.

Then the wisp flew around her and chattered in delight. Abby giggled as she spun around with the wisp in amusement. While they were laughing, there were sounds echoing around them.


“Horsey?” Abby thought. She could hear the sound of horses crying echoing from a distance and right away, she recognized the sound that belong to those flying black scary horses.

Upon hearing the Nightmares’ cry, the wisp immediately hid behind Abby, shaking nervously. It blabbered in gibberish nonsense that Abby couldn’t understand, but she could hear the fear in its tone.

Klopp! Klopp! Klopp! Klopp!

Then the sound of the Nightmares galloping bounced off the stone walls. Even though the whole place was almost dark from the small amount of light, she could still spot black figures flashing in the shadows. The Nightmares were all heading in the same direction somewhere...

But where?

Abby looked around her cage to find a way to get out. There was the cage’s door, but it was lock. Even if it wasn’t locked, they were still several feet in the air. So the problems that she had were how to unlock the door and how to get down.

She was barely three years old, so solving this kind of problem was still beyond her. Since her little brain was still not mature enough to do the thinking, she looked at her wisp for help.

“Do you know how two gwet out?” She asked the wisp.

The wisp looked at her and then at the cage. Then it looked at the girl again and then at the cage again. The wisp did that a few more times when it finally answered.

Uuuuuuuh... Nuh uh

It shook its head since it too didn’t know either. Wisps were good with coming up with ways to mess with people, but figuring out an escape plan was not part of their topic of critical thinking list. Their list only consists of how to scare people, how to prank people, how to mess with people, and how to have fun while doing all the above. Very simple, really.

“Can’t you open door?” Abby pointed at the cage’s door.

The wisp flew through the bars and looked at the lock. It was an old fashion kind of cage lock. It needed a key, but where was it anyways?

Then it remembered how their master, Lantern, used to pick locks at the happy fat man’s place. Their master would pick locks of chests and drawers in the work shop a lot and surprised the yetis with firecrackers that he discovered from the “Danger! Room full of explosive stuff. Enter with caution or you will find yourself blown to smithereens” room. Of course, their master couldn’t resist so he broke into the room and took some of the firecrackers. He had a blast from watching the yetis’ freaked out reaction. The yetis on the other hand, were also having a blast, but not the I-am-enjoying-this kind of blast. It was the blowing-in-the-face-and-burning-my-fur blast.

Anyways, back to their situation, the wisp tried to look around to find something it can use to pick this lock like how its master did it. Then the wisp spotted some hair clips in Abby’s hair. They were in luck.

Bi! Bi! Bi!

The wisps flew to Abby, trying to ask for the hair clips.

“What?” Abby looked confused. She didn’t understand what it wanted.

The wisps cried out again while bouncing in the air.

“You wanna pway hop-scwotch?” Thought Abby.

Nuh uh!

The wisps shook its head (or was it body?). That wasn’t what it meant.

“You hungwy?” Abby guessed again.

Nuh uh!


Nuh uh! Nuh uh!

The wisps became frustrated and flew close to her hair where the hair clips were and nodded towards it.

Abby touched her hair and felt the hair clips that her mommy put on for her many days ago. “Cwippy?”

Uh huh!

So Abby took out a hair clip and gave it to the wisp, who took it with its mouth. Then it flew to the keyhole and began picking. Pick pick pick it went.

Five minutes later... Still picking.

Ten minutes... Um...Still picking...

Fifteen minutes... No progress whatsoever.

Twenty minutes...

Abby had already fallen asleep and the wisp looked dead tired from trying to pick that god damn luck. It was almost in tears from picking for so long. They haven’t gone far with that piece of metal... No, let’s rephrase... They haven’t gone anywhere with that thing! Who knows how much longer it will...!


Oh... uh... nevermind.

Abby woke up immediately upon hearing that sudden click sound. She was still half awake and half asleep when she sat up.

“Mommy... Daddy take cookwie... fwom jaw agwain,” murmured Abby, rubbing her eyes with her arm. Now we discovered that her dad was a cookie thief.

The wisp was on the verge of collapsing when it jolted in surprise. Even though the door was now slightly open, it still couldn’t believe that it finally broke the lock. When it finally sank in that it finally broke that accursed lock after more than twenty minutes, it bounced in the air excitedly and cheered victoriously like a football fan whose team won at a super bowl.

Then Abby started to recall the situation she was in and stared at the ecstatic wisp. “Yay! Door open!” She cheered as well.

Now that the door was unlocked and opened, they will now face another problem.

How to get down.

Abby and the wisp looked down and saw the ground was far too deep. If Abby were to fall, it would definitely be fatal.

“Gwound so faw away,” thought Abby, looking down nervously. “How do I gwet down?”

The wisp looked around again, hoping to find something to help them out. That’s when it noticed a chain dangling from the ceiling close by. Then the wisp started to get an idea. The nearest solid ground was the brick bridge-stair thingy. There was no way Abby can jump that far, but with the help of the dangling chains, she can use it to swing across. So the wisp flew to the chain and began pushing it towards Abby.

Abby watched as the wisp slowly brought the chain towards her. She didn’t really understand what the wisp was planning, but at least she grabbed the chain when it was in reach.

“Wha’ dis for?” asked Abby, confused.

The wisp blabbered while trying to explain what it wanted her to do. It would point to the chain, then Abby, and then at the bridge-stair thingy.

Abby stared at the wisp, then at chain in her hand, and then at the bridge-stair thingy.

“You want me to thwow? Okay!” Then Abby threw the chain.


The wisp wasn’t expecting this, so when Abby threw the chain, the wisp wasn’t able to dodge in time and the chain smacked it head on.



“Oopsie. Sawy,” apologized Abby.

The poor wisp was now in a daze and seeing sparks around its head and floating awkwardly. It took five seconds for the wisp to shake its dizziness away and recollect what it was doing originally.

Then the wisp was blabbering like crazy in anger like it was scolding Abby. Actually, it was scolding her. Apparently, it didn’t appreciate being smacked in the face with the chain. Finally, after burning some steam, the wisp went to get the chain again. This time, the wisp made sure to demonstrate what it wanted to say to get its point across.

It made a pose that look like it was hanging onto something. Then it made a jumping action and flew across as if it was swinging from an invisible vine while crying out like a jungle man.

“Oooooh!” Abby cried out in realization. “You wanna pway pwetend!”

The wisp suddenly fell from the air in bewilderment before it slowly floated back up with an irritated look across its face.

“No?” Abby looked confused.

The wisp shook its head like crazy and tried to demonstrate again.

Chi! It pointed at the chain in her hand.

Gu! Makes a grabbing gesture.

Weeeeee! Then it flew to the bridge as if it swung over.

“You wanna swing acwoss?” Asked Abby, trying to make sense of this.

The wisp shook its head and pointed at her while crying Bi! Bi!

“Me?” She pointed at herself.

Uh huh! Nodded the wisp.

Abby looked at the chain, at the bridge, and at the ground below her.

“Uh... I don’ know... it look scwawry,” said Abby, nervously. Seeing how far up she was, she began to feel doubtful of this idea.

The wisp tried to urge her on, but the girl still looked scared. The distance between the cage and the bridge was kind of far to jump, but swinging across would definitely make it. Not to mention, Abby was small so her weight won’t be an issue and she played with ropes at the playground all the time, so her grip was pretty good. The problem was that Abby needed the courage to swing across.

She was too high up. What if she fell? The idea scared poor Abby.

“I wish big bwother was here,” though Abby, missing her brother. Then she remembered what her brother told her.

Abby, remember what I told you. Don’t be scared. Be a brave girl. For me, okay?

“Abby muss be bwave fow bwother!” Abby told herself. Then her fear started to fade away and she was becoming a little braver. She gripped the chain tightly and got into a running position. Then she began to count.

“1... 2...”

The wisp cheered for her.

“3... 4...” She continued counting. Guess it wasn’t on the count of three.

The wisp still tried to cheer on, but a little less enthusiastic than the first few counts.

“5... 6...” Still counting.

The wisp stopped cheering and started to look annoyed.

“7... 8...” Yep, still counting.

The wisp went and hovered behind Abby without her noticing.

“9... 10...”

Then the wisp rammed into Abby’s back, pushing her right out of the cage.

“Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!” Abby screamed loudly in shock while gripping onto the rope tightly for dear life. She flew across the distance of the cage from the bridge before and managed to let go at the right moment when she was closest to the bridge.


She landed on her tiny bottom and even skipped a few times before making a complete stop.

“Owie!” Cried Abby, rubbing her sore bottom. “Dat wasn’t nice!” She protested at the wisp, but the wisp ignored her and whistled to itself as if it didn’t do anything wrong.

Now that she was free from the cage, she wanted to find her brother. The problem now? She didn’t know where to go. She looked back and forth at the bridge, wondering which way to go. Left? Right? Or maybe left? No, maybe right... Or was it the left? Her thoughts kept going into a cycle. She was in quite a dilemma.

The wisp also looked left and right.

“That way?” Abby thought, pointing left.

Ri? The wisp pointed right.

Both Abby and the wisp stared at each other.

“Then that way?” Abby now pointed right.

Le? The wisp pointed left.

And then there was silence. Looks like they won’t be getting out anytime soon...

~Lantern’s POV~

I fell smack onto the hard cold stone floor when the Nightmares released me from their black sandy grasp. Seriously! They could’ve at least let me out properly! I think I got another bruise to my unwanted collection.

Just when I was massaging my chin, I noticed someone standing before me. I didn’t need to look up to know who it was. Who else wears an emo black dress?.

“Looks like I got you out of there just in time,” said Pitch.

“I didn’t need your help or your ponies. I was handling the situation just fine!” I retorted as I got up from the ground.

The Nightmares snorted and stomped heavily on the ground while glaring at me angrily. I guess they didn’t like being called ponies, but who cares.

“Oh? Were you?” Pitch asked sarcastically. “According to my Nightmares, you were quite outnumbered. The guardians had you surrounded and even caught you. If my Nightmares hadn’t rescued you in time, who knows what they would’ve done to you.”

“What are you talking about? Frost and the others wouldn’t do anything to me,” I argued, annoyed.

“Oh, but didn’t they attack you and put you in a cage?” Reminded Pitch as he turned his back towards me and walked away.

Suddenly, I felt my chest squeezing painfully. I knew that what the guardians did was understandable. I attacked a town. Burned it. I even attacked them first. Of course they would fight back, but that didn’t make me feel any less depressed. Fighting with friends really felt horrible.

“Come here, Jack,” called Pitch, turning around slightly to look at me as if saying to follow him.

I still didn’t trust this guy, but for now, I had to do what he wanted, so I walked up and followed behind him.

Pitch didn’t look please for some reason. His face looked unsatisfied. Did I do something wrong? I started to feel nervous. Did he found out about the wisp I gave Abby to help her escape already?!

“When I said ‘come here,’ I meant for you to stand beside me,” he explained while pushing me forward to stand beside him like he wanted.

What the fudge? That came out of nowhere.

“You may be my apprentice now, but don’t forget that one day, you’ll be my right hand man. I need you standing by my side when we destroy those guardians,” Pitch said with gleams in his eyes.

We walked down the stone pathways until we came upon the giant globe. There were still some lights shining on the globe, but I could tell that there were less lights since the last time I laid my eyes on it. Especially the area that supposed to be Mexico and Africa. Seeing how the lights were less than before because of me, I felt dread and guilt swelling inside of my chest.

“I have to say you did a great job for the last few errands I sent you,” complimented Pitch. “My powers are almost strong enough for me to break from this underground prison. Just a little more and my powers will be back to its right state.”

As if to make Pitch’s mood seem more dark and evil, a vast amount of black sand swirled around him like a small tornado, creating a wind in the process. His mood must be linked to his powers or maybe the other way around. But whatever it was, it’s getting worse and worse as Pitch got more and more excited with his powers returning to him.

I could feel the strength of the wind getting stronger and stronger that I had to step away from the evil man. I felt Pitch’s power rising and the wind becoming more chilling. This wasn’t even his full power, but I can already feel his power overwhelm me. It was like I was washed with cold dread and fear.

Pitch didn’t seem to notice my distress since he was so consumed with awe with his increasing powers.

“Soon, I’ll have my revenge,” Pitch sneered evilly. “This time I’ll crushed those guardians completely. Even the Moon won’t be able to do anything but watch as I bring back the Dark ages.” Then he laughed out hysterically. His laughter echoed everywhere as if he turned on the speakers or something. For some odd reason, it felt like this wasn’t the first time I experienced this.

Suddenly, something seemed to flash in my mind. At the same time, my head began to hurt like crazy. It was like something was pounding in my head to get out. Then these images started to flicker through my head like a crappy video.

It was mine where my friends and I went to play a ouija board. We were standing right in front of the entrance.

“Ugh!” I cried and grabbed my head in pain as my memory changed.


Then we were inside the mine, but staring at the ouija board as the indicator moved around the surface on its own.

My headache was getting worse that I didn’t even notice my knees giving away before the flashes of memory continued.


There was a strong gust of wind and a bone chilling laughter echoing everywhere around us.


The dynamites exploded, causing the mine to collapse. Before the darkness engulfed me, a name appeared in my mind. It was a name that didn’t belong to any of my friends, but of someone who was also there with us. It was a name that appeared on the ouji board when no one was touching it. It was a name that my mind tried to forget due to the shock of my death. The name of a man that caused my death.

Pitch Black...

“Jack?” I could hear Pitch calling me. “Is something the matter?”

By this time, my head stopped having these flash backs and the ache was lighting up. I remembered now. I remembered what happened that night. The night when I died.

“You...” The word left my mouth like a forced whisper.

“What?” Pitch stared at me, confused.

“You were there... you were... at the mine...” I said as something inside of me began to burn up. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have died. If he didn’t scare Mikey, then Mikey wouldn’t have accidentally cause the dynamites to blow up and the mine wouldn’t have collapse.

“What are you talking about?” Demanded Pitch, confused.

“You were there at the mine where I died!” I screamed and pointed at him accusingly.


~Abby’s Side~

Several minutes had already passed. Abby and the wisp were now wandering the underground lair, not really knowing where they were going. One can say that they were completely lost.

They were walking through what looked like a tall hallway with these columns standing on the sides in neat rows. One side of the hall had these arches that were used like a window, opening to the rest of the lair.

“I’m gettin’ tiyard,” whined Abby, getting exhausted from all that walking. “Can we west?” She asked.

The wisp looked at her and can tell that she was really tired. She was still a kid after all and a really young one at that, so the wisp nodded and blabbered in agreement.

Then Abby sat down beside one of the columns to lean on. She stretched out her legs to let her poor aching feet rest from all that walking.

“So... tiyared,” complained Abby.

The wisp just stared at the drained little girl, wondering how long they should rest until they have to continue moving.

Suddenly, they could hear the sound of hooves hitting the stone floor, echoing through out the hall way. The wisp froze in shock for a few seconds before hiding behind Abby’s back.

Abby was also surprised since she didn’t expect the black horses to appear already. She didn’t want to get caught after escaping from the cage, so she quickly got up and hid behind one of the columns.

Klipp Klopp Klipp Klopp

It was definitely the sound of hooves like that of a horse. Was it a Nightmare? Since it sounded like hooves, then maybe?

Klipp Klopp Klipp Klopp

The sound got louder and louder as it got closer and closer to where Abby and the wisp were hiding.

Klipp Klopp Klipp Klopp

All of the sudden, the sound stopped. Was it gone?

Not knowing if the creature left yet or not, she peaked out from behind the columns with the wisp at her shoulder. What they saw on the other side made them stare in shock.

Right in front of her was a large and powerful looking black stallion. But unlike the Nightmares with their skeleton like appearance and streams of black sand flowing out of their bodies, this horse looked... normal. It had a strong and muscular appearance. Its eyes were abnormally pure white and had no iris at all. Its body fur coat was black and shiny like an onyx. There was also a saddle strapped on its back and the reins around its face.

Did that mean this horse had an owner? And what was a horse doing here in the first place? These questions should be something Abby should be thinking, but instead, they slipped through her mind like how any two or three year olds would do when they were too busy being amazed by the creature’s powerful beauty.

The black stallion stood before her, staring at her with its blank white eyes silently. Abby was mesmerized by its majestic appearance and silent air around it.

“Oooooo, pwetty horsy,” Abby said in awe.

Even the wisp was amazed as well. It can only stare at the large black beast in awed silence.

For the black stallion, it just stared at her silently before it began to walk away in the direction it came from.

Both Abby and the wisp stared at it as it walked away.

Then the stallion stopped and looked at them as if it was trying to tell them to follow it. Abby didn’t know why, but that was what she was feeling, so she walked out from behind the column and walked up to it.

The wisp, of course, was surprised by this. It followed right behind Abby, chattering for her to stop.

Abby didn’t seem to listen to the wisp since she just walked up to the horse without thinking.

The stallion didn’t make any noise when Abby reached it. Then it soon continued to walk silently with Abby and the wisp following behind.

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