Spirit of Fall


It was another cold night somewhere in fall. The moon hovered silently in the sky. But unlike other nights, the moon was especially larger and brighter as if something special was going to happen.

And a special night it was. It was a night when a new spirit will be reborn into the world.

The moon hovered over a spot in the forest that was once a mine before it completely collapse many nights ago. The entrance of the mine was blocked by dirt and rocks, making it almost impossible to dig out. But what was important was not the mine, but what was placed in front of it. Lying on the ground in front of the entrance was a small gravestone with flowers and tiny lit candles placed around it. The carvings on the stone was the name of a boy that lost his life on the same night the mine collapsed.

After the death of the boy, his family and friends made this small grave as a memory to him. They all grieved and mourned for him dearly. To have a boy so young lose his life so soon was almost unfair for the boy and his family, but the Man in the Moon saw it otherwise. He shined his light brightly at the small grave, welcoming the new arrival.

At first, nothing was happening. It was quiet except for the small critters roaming the night. Suddenly, there was small gentle breeze and the small flames of the candles began to dance as if it was alive. Instead of flickering out, the flames rose into the air, forming an orb. The orb of flames started to grow larger and larger until it was the size of a car. Then the flames began to shift. The top of the flaming ball began to disappear and slowly spread to the bottom. As the fire started to vanish, a figure emerged from within the flames.

It was a boy. A teenage boy with red flaming hair like the fire around him. It was glowing and flowing as if it was fire itself. He was in the air and his body huddled in ball, which his knee was up to his chest with his arms wrapped around his stomach. His head was resting on his knee and his eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. As the flames almost disappeared, the boy began to stir. His eyes slowly opened, revealing bright amber eyes that glowed gently.

As the boy slowly woke up from his long slumber, his arms and legs gently stretched out. At the same time, he also began to float down onto the ground. The boy landed on his feet, but still a little dizzy from being woken up from a long sleep. He lost his sense of balance for a while before he straightened himself up in time.

The boy looked around, confused. He wasn’t sure how he got there and why was he here in the first place. He tried to remember what was the last thing that happened before he woke up in this dark forest. Then memories began to flash back before his eyes.

Yes, he was here with his friends to explore a mine, but where were his friends? And the mine? He turned around and saw the pile of rocks on what was once the entrance of the abandoned mine. He then spotted the small gravestone, flowers, and candles in front of it. Curious, he walked up to the gravestone and read the carvings on it.

Jack Oliver Lanternson

The boy’s eyes grew wide as he realize that it was his name. The boy jumped backwards in confusion and shock, trying to comprehend what this meant. He was dead? He was really dead?

Then more flashes of memories came back into his mind. They weren’t exactly making sense since his memory seemed to be jumbled up due to shock. It was as if someone turned on a TV in his head and kept changing the channel every second. He remembered explosions, rocks falling around him, running through cold dark tunnels, and then...

A bone chilling laughter.

“Ugh!” The boy cried in pain as he clutched his head. He felt his heart pounding in his chest and his body shaking. The flash of memory of the cold evil laugh was sending chills down his spine. He was afraid. He couldn’t remember who it was that was making that laugh...

Or more like he didn’t want to.

Then he felt a presence behind him. There was soft gentle light shinning upon him as if comforting his fear and confusion. The boy turned around and saw the moon before him. The moon was large and shinning brightly in the sky. The boy didn’t know why, but he felt safe and his fear vanished from his heart.

He felt as if the moon was assuring him that there was nothing to fear. He also felt that the moon was trying to tell him something as well, so he listened. That was when the moon gave him his name.

Jack O’Lantern

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