Spirit of Fall

Chapter 25 Breaking Point

~North’s POV~

Dark clouds covered the town of Burgess like a black veil. I had no doubt that this was done by the hands of Pitch Black. When I flew the sleigh over the town, I spotted many Nightmares and Smogs scattered throughout the place.

I already threw over the snow globes onto the ground below to open up many portals for the Yetis and Elves to charge out. They’ve been resting and waiting at the North Pole for a while after their last fight. I can see them running into Pitch’s army and taking out as many dark creatures as they can. The yetis were swinging their clubs and bashing their hammers while crying out their war cry like angry gorillas. The elves were also doing a great job with their tiny quick bodies. Since the elves also seem to hold a good amount of knowledge of how to use the toys from the workshop, they fought fiercely with what they’ve got like flying through the skies with the toy aircrafts, zooming through the road with toy race cars, and firing with toy cannons that used marbles as ammunition.

Bunny’s Sentinels also joined in and crushed many of the creatures. Their large stone bodies made them slow, but their strong bodies were not easy to take down. Many of the Nightmares and Smogs were having a hard time dealing with just one of the stone eggs. Getting hit by just one of them would be like getting hit by a truck.

Sandy was flying on the other side of the town with his own golden sand army. The large golden creatures swam through the sky as if they were underwater. Nightmares and Smogs also flew into the air towards them and soon it became an air battle.

It was like watching a war between light and darkness. Which was not far off from it. To end this war once and for all, we have to find Pitch and defeat him. I searched the grounds and buildings from the sleigh, looking for any sign of the boogeyman.

“Looking for someone?” I heard a cold and amused voice from behind. I immediately recognized that voice and turned around to face the man I was looking for.

Hovering in the air while riding on his Nightmare, was none other than Pitch Black. His mischievous eyes glared at me with a devilish smirk on his face. I hated that vile look on his face. It was like that arrogant fool was underestimating us.

“Pitch Black!” I shouted angrily at him. I unsheathed one of my swords while my other hand held onto the reins and pointed the blade towards the boogeyman. “Ve have let you go many time and yet you never learn from your mistakes! No matter how many chances ve gave you, you alvays come back and try to put zhis vorld into darkness. Zhis time, Pitch, I vill end you and your evil schemes!”

“Oh, I would love to see you try, North,” mocked Pitch. “You have no idea what it’s like to be powerless and not believed in. You have no idea how much I suffered those years in the darkness and alone.”

“Zhen give up on spreading fear and darkness!” I argued back. “Zhen ve don’t have to fight anymore! You von’t have to be alone as vell.”

“That’s where your wrong, North,” he glared at me with annoyance in his eyes. “I am fear and darkness. I can only exist when there’s fear. Without fear, I am powerless and weak. I would be nothing! And destroying you and your guardian friends will satisfy me greatly.”

“Zhen I have no choice but to destroy you,” I shot him a glare of my own. I steered the reindeers towards Pitch with my sword raised in the air. I cried out as I swung my sword at him, but it was then countered by his large black scythe made from his sand.

A loud ‘Clank!’ sounded as our weapon collided with each other. I wasn’t able to land a blow with my first attack, so I steered the sleigh around again to get another swing at him.

Pitch also came at me with his scythe raised and ready to attack as well. But when we swung our weapons, it only countered each other again. Then the Nightmare jumped back in the air and Pitch sent a massive wave of black sand at me, knocking the sleigh right out of the sky.

I was also knocked out of the sleigh from that attack and I fell hard onto the hard cement floor of a rooftop. My whole body ached from the fall, but I still pushed myself up, though it wasn’t easy. I used my sword to push me back up like a support.

“You think you can destroy me with your pathetic attacks,” mocked Pitch, slowly descended down and landed on the rooftop gently. “I am far more powerful now than I was before. There’s no way you can defeat me.”

“Maybe alone, I can’t,” I glared at the black man. “But vith my companions and friends, you can count on it!”

While Pitch glared at me, something came shooting towards the black man from behind. Hearing the sound of fluttering wings, Pitch turned around in time to quickly raise his scythe in front of him before something clashed.


Two blades were pressed onto the scythe. Of course, it wasn’t me, so the other person who wields two swords here was her.

“Pitch!” Cried Tooth, flying back right before Pitch tried to swing the scythe down at her. “Return Lantern’s teeth right now!” She demanded angrily.

“Or what?” Sneered Pitch.

“Or we’ll kick your sorry butt, mate!” Then Bunny came jumping onto the roof and threw his boomerang at him.


Pitch quickly ducked when the flying object came at him and then dodged it when the thing came flying back again.


Bunny caught the boomerang when it came back to him and he quickly got into a fighting position.

Pitch started to look aggravated with his eyebrows pinched together and baring his teeth angrily.

Then there came another sound from above. It was like a mixture between bells ringing and sand flowing.

When Pitch looked up, a bright yellow light shined upon him and he barely created a shield with his black sand in time when something hit it.

Bam! Ssssssss

A large amount of gold sand crashed onto the shield and flowing down onto the side. Then the sand that flowed out turned into several streams and flew towards Pitch like a snake. The stream of gold sand immediately flew around the Nightmare King and wrapped around him like a rope.

Pitch cursed loudly when the sand wrapped around his wrists and tying themselves together, causing him to drop his scythe onto the floor. Then his arms and legs got tied up, making him immobile.

Sandy came hovering down on his tiny island made of his golden sand. He had his arms crossed and looked very displeased as he glared at Pitch coldly.

“You damn guardians! You think you can capture me with this kind of magic trick?” Demanded Pitch, glaring at all of us angrily. “Don’t underestimate me!” He growled.

Suddenly, appearing from all around us, were Nightmares and Smogs of many kind. They were in the air and on top of buildings. They blocked all sides and had us surrounded.

“GET THEM!” Pitch shouted to his dark minions.

So the guardians and I got attack from every direction. Tooth was swinging her blade and dodging their attacks. Bunny was jumping, kicking, and slashing them with his boomerang. Sandy had his whips whipping everywhere. For me, I was also swinging and slashing down my swords in every direction that the creatures were coming from.

While we were busy trying to defend ourselves, a large smog cat slipped passed us and darted towards Pitch. It unsheathed it’s claws and tore through Sandy’s sand that was wrapped around Pitch. Once the sand rope was torn, Pitch was free once again.

Now that nothing was keeping him tied up, he called to one of his Nightmares, which quickly came running to his side, and jumped onto its back. Then he rode back into the sky away from us.

“Tooth! Sandy! Go after him!” I yelled to them so they can hear over all this fighting.

“What about you and Bunny?” Asked Tooth, worried for us.

“We’ll be fine, mate,” assured Bunny, jumping and kicking a Nightmare.

“Ve’ll catch up later,” I told them.

Tooth and Sandy nodded that they understood and quickly flew after Pitch while Bunny and I tried to take care of the creatures here.

~Cinder’s POV~

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of several loud explosion echoed through the sky like fireworks. A large mass of smoke scattered everywhere from that attack. There was no way that icicle bastard can dodge that attack. That technique was made to trap and attack any pitiful soul that gets caught in it.

Then I spotted something falling from all that smoke and headed towards the forest down below. Looked like Jack was knocked out cold by that attack since he wasn’t moving anymore, besides hurling towards the ground. Falling from this height would probably hurt... real bad.

I definitely got to see this! So I flew after him as the winter spirit was getting closer to the ground.

He fell and crashed through the branches of the trees, one after the other. One would think a spirit would fall with more dignity, right? Um, wrong. Unless one defined dignity as hitting every branch on the way down and making a bird’s nest in his hair. It was like watching a fallen angel fall from the heavens from flying too close to the sun. I could even hear all that racket from half a mile away! I can totally imagine him hitting and breaking all those branches before he finally hit the ground with a loud thud!

Ooooooo, that’s gotta hurt! No pity there.

I landed on the ground softly while keeping my eyes on the beaten up figure lying on the ground face down. His staff was lying more than ten feet away from him. Too far for him to reach. I would be lying if I was to say that I pitied the old fool for leaving his weapon beyond his reach. Tch! Didn’t the guardians tell you to always keep your extra hand by your side, Frosty old pal? Some guardian you turned out to be. I was actually disappointed our fight didn’t last longer. It would have been more fun of a match if you weren’t so weak.

“Argh...” grunted the guardian, slowly starting to move.

Damn! I was hoping that the fall would kill him. Oh well. It’s not like he was a mortal anyways. I guess I have more time to beat the crap out of him then.

Jack slowly pushed himself up onto all four. He still seemed to be dazed and confused as he rubbed his head. Then I noticed the look of realization on his face and started to look around. When he spotted me, he immediately got up onto his feet and glared at me warily. From the way he was barely standing on his feet, he was definitely reaching his limit.

I can also feel myself getting exhausted from that last attack I pulled and I can also tell that I was breathing a little harder. Spirits still need to breath you know. Even when we’re supposedly dead. Don’t even ask about the logic in that! Despite that, there was no way I was going to show any weakness in front of this guy.

“Still want to fight, Frostbite?” I sneered at him. “Don’t think you have enough energy though.”

Then Jack seemed to have realized something because he stared at his hand like something was missing. He turned around and spotted his staff lying quite a distance away. He quickly made a dash towards it, but before he could grab his staff, I sent a fire blast to knock it further way, out of his reach. I also shot towards him in a flash and slammed my lantern pole right into his stomach, sending him flying to the side.

He rolled a few times on the ground before he skidded to a halt. I can hear him grunting in pain on the ground. He was probably horribly injured right now, but he still pushed himself up and stare at me with those determined eyes.

Those eyes were starting to irritate me.

“You seriously don’t know when to give up do you?” I glared at him irritatedly.

“Lantern, please! Enough with this stupid fight already!” He pleaded, grasping his arm. “Why can’t you understand that what you’re doing is going to put all the kids on earth in danger?! Including your sister!”

“I already told you that I don’t have any sister!” I snapped. Is he seriously going to continue with this crap? I didn’t ever remember having any sister in my life. The only person that even come close to a family was Pitch and only Pitch. Sure he gets moody and snaps at times, but he’s still awesome! Hell! He was the one who raised me and trained me to be what I am today. He used to be so strong and powerful, but those damn guardians had to strip his powers away and treated him like trash! I’ll never forgive them. Never! I’ll make them regret for ever messing with us and make sure Pitch gets back what was rightfully his.

“Yes, you DO! Why can’t you remember her? You cared for her so much,” he continued to look at me with those pleading eyes. “And me? Did you completely forget everything that we did together? We always messed around together and pulled pranks on North and the others a lot. We used to have so much fun together. How could you forget all of that?!”

I glared at him coldly. Still going on with this crap, I see. “If you don’t stop yapping about this bull crap, then I’ll make you shut up by force!”

I poured my energy into my hand, creating a large fireball. It danced brilliantly in my palms. Just when I was about to flung that thing into Jack’s weakened body, I caught the sound of rustling bushes. That immediately caught my attention. Who or what could it be to be out in this kind of weather?

Then something small and bright came shooting out of the bushes towards me. What the hell!?! I almost fell backwards when that thing came flying into my face.

Bi! Bi! Ba! Di!

It was some kind of fireball that was blabbering nonsense like crazy! What the...!?! Oh my god! Now it’s cuddling me!!!

“Ugh! Get away from me, you little...fire thingy!” I shouted at it while trying to brush it away from me.

All of a sudden, it started to stare at me with this confused look. Then... Oh shit! Is it crying? It’s actually crying out fire!?! How do I make this thing shut up?!


“For crying out loud! SHUT UP!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs out of frustration. After that scream, I panted like crazy, feeling exhausted for some reason.

It worked! The stupid flame ball finally shut up! Now it was just staring at me with those tiny little eyes of it.

Suddenly, I heard more rustling of bushes coming towards us, but this time it was a lot louder.

Oh come on! Don’t tell me there’re more of them!?!... Wait a minute, do I hear hooves?

“Ow! I think I got hit by a branch!”

“Here comes another one! DUCK!”

“Big rock! Big ROCK!”

“Get out of the way! Gold unicorn coming through!”

“What the...!?!” I gasped as something big and gold came bursting out of the bushes and was about to crash into me. Just when I thought I was going to get trampled, the big gold thing skidded to a halt just a few inches away from crashing into me. I was so shocked from almost getting crushed that my knees buckled and I fell onto my ground. I couldn’t say a word because my brain was too busy trying to make sense with what just happened.

“What are you doing standing in the middle of the road?!” I heard a girl’s voice. “I could’ve crashed into you!”

It took me awhile to get my mind straight before I actually started to notice the thing that almost crashed into me. The big gold thingy was a unicorn. All glittery and glowing like a star. On its back were five kids. How was that thing able to carry all of them?!

The one that talked to me was a large and mean looking girl. Even with that pink tutu of hers, she still look like she can punch someone’s eye out. There were also three other boys as well. In front of the mean looking girl, was another girl, but younger. Didn’t notice her at first since she was so small.

“What are you kids doing here!?!” I heard Jack cried out in surprise. “It’s too dangerous out here! Go home!”

“I’m sorry, Jack,” apologized the boy with brown hair. “It’s just that the wisp been acting weird...”

“Pumpkin!” The little girl stared with these big round and ecstatic eyes...at me?

Why is she staring at me like that? And did she just say ‘Pumpkin’? There’s no pumpkin on me nor anywhere here at all.

Yet, there was some familiarity about that word...

Suddenly, the little girl jumped down the unicorn and ran towards me with her arms spread out. “Pumpkin!”

What the hell?!

I quickly jumped off the ground and backed away from her. I stared at her warily.

“I’m not a pumpkin! Who are you and what do you damn kids want?” I demanded.

“Dude! Watch your language! She’s only like... what? Three?!” Yelled one of the black kids with the weird hairdo, getting off the unicorn with some difficultly. The other kids were also getting off the golden horse while trying not to trip or fall.

Who cares about language?! What’s the point of censorship when saying the damn word means what it meant? I say damn because damn. Tch! I can never understand the point of people fussing over one word.

I ignored him while glaring at the little girl. For some reason, there was something familiar about her. It’s like I’ve seen her before.

“Who... are you?” I demanded again.

Then I heard Jack answering me with a firm tone. “She’s your sister.”

I shot him a furious glare. “I TOLD YOU I DON’T HAVE A SISTER!” I screamed, angrily. I definitely don’t remember having any sister, but the look in Jack’s eyes were so serious. Why was he so held on trying to convince me I have a sister?

“Pumpkin?” The little girl looked at me with heartbroken eyes.

“I’m NOT a pumpkin!” I tried to correct her, angrily. “The name’s Cinder! Cinder!

Suddenly, like a blast of electricity, the most painful headache I ever experience blew up in my head like a bomb, frying my brain. I clawed my head in pain, trying to make it stop. Flashes of images and voices getting cut off mid sentence like some screwed up video recorder blasted through my brain.

“Ooooooo! Pwetty wi...,” an image of the little girl flashed by in a second.

“Your name is Cinder,” an image of Pitch looking down at me.

“I found big bwo...,” an image of the little girl cheered happily.

“I’m Pitch Black,” Pitch introduced himself. “Join me.”

“Don’t get distra...” Jack Frost threw snow ball towards me with this big grin on his face.

“The Guardia are our enemies,” It was Pitch again.

“Guardian... our duty... protect zhe childr...” The big man called North appeared and smiled warmly at me.

“Easter... hope... new begin...,” The large rabbit grinned as he painted his eggs.

“Hi!... excited to mee...,” The bird lady smiled brightly at me.

“Only listen to me,” Pitch stared at me coldly.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. The pain in my head was unbearable. It was like something inside my head was about to break. I didn’t know what they were or if they were real, but I definitely know that the pain in my head was very very real. “Shut up! SHUT UP!”

“Lantern!” Jack cried in shock from my agonizing scream.

“Jack, what’s going? What’s happening to him?” The boy with the brown hair cried out worriedly.

“Guy’s gone nuts!” One of the black kids with the beanie shouted.

“Abby! Get back here!” Ordered the tutu girl.

“Pumpkin?” Abby looked at me worriedly.

Then... I finally... snapped.

“I SAID SHUT UP!!!” I shouted furiously as I conjured up a fireball in my palm and was about to flung it at the little girl before me.

I didn’t care what I was doing. The pain was driving me insane! I wanted to make it stop. They’re cries were loud and noisy! It was adding to my headache. Make it stop! Make it STOP!

“Lantern! Stop!” I heard Jack yelled in horror.

I completely ignored the snow spirit and was eyeing the girl in front of me with the intent to destroy anything and everything to relieve this pain.

Somehow, it felt like time slowed down around me. Jack came running towards us desperately. The little girl stared wide eye at the fire in my hand. I was bringing my hand down to throw the fire. Jack tried to grab the little girl, but it didn’t look like he’ll reach her in time.

Then within seconds, two things happened in that small tiny amount of time. Something inside my head seemed to scream out something that made me froze. It was like my head was telling me to stop when I stared into those eyes. Those shocked and frightened eyes. Then there was this flash of bright light and something came flying into my face. Some small and very bright.


I heard a high pitch cry and something blasting into my face. It was that god damn noisy fireball!

“Argh!” I cried in shock. The bright light was blazing before my eyes and it felt like my face was on fire! How can fire burn me?! I’m immune to fire! Fire can’t harm me!

Then it was like I was surrounded by hot burning flames. The heat was intense and blazing wildly like a crazy monster. Suddenly, I saw something dashing towards me. I could hear the sound of hooves galloping loudly and the figure getting closer at high speed. It only took me a second to make out what it was. It was a large black stallion with fire blazing from its mane and tail. Its eye were also burning with fire. The flames around it didn’t seem to harm it as it came charging towards me.

As I watch frozen on the spot as the creature was about to run me over, everything went black.

~Frost’s POV~

“Lantern! Stop!” I watched in horror as Cinder was about to throw a fireball at Abby. I ran like I never ran before. I was powerless and I didn’t have time to get my staff. Abby was in danger and I can only make a split second decision.

I lunged forward, trying to grab Abby. Praying that I would get there in time.


That’s when I heard a sharp cry. I didn’t have time to figure out what it was, but whatever that thing was, it was able to distract Cinder for a second.

I pulled Abby into my arms in protection while covering her from the oncoming fire.

“Argh!” Then I heard a cry from Cinder, so I turned around and saw Cinder on the ground. He was flaring on the ground wildly while grasping his face. His lantern pole fallen onto the ground beside him.

“What happened?” I gasped in shock at the sight of Cinder screaming in pain.

“The...the wisp! It just flew at Cinder!” Reported Jamie. “And it just blew up right in his face!”

The wisp? Did the wisp attack Cinder to protect Abby? Attacking their own creator? This was something I would never expect.

That’s when I made out some fire flickering under Cinder’s hands. Cinder was also still flaring around like crazy on the ground and crying in pain. For some reason, I didn’t know what to do in that situation. It was like my mind went blank as I watched Cinder thrashing about. Then as the fire on his face started to disappear, Cinder also started to calm down. Then his hands fell to the side and he went silent. He wasn’t moving anymore.

The kids and I didn’t dare to move. It was eerily silent.

“La...Lantern?” I called out.

No response.

His eyes were covered by the messed up raven hair, so I couldn’t tell if his eyes were open or not. I slowly got up and was about to check up on the fire spirit, when I felt something tugging my hand. I turned around and saw Jamie holding onto my wrist. In his other hand that wasn’t holding mine, was my staff. He must’ve ran and got it for me during the weird fiasco. So I nodded in thanks and took the staff. Then I slowly walked up towards him, warily and worriedly for the guy. As I got closer, I was able to see that his eyes were closed.

Was he dead? That thought pierced my chest like a knife. I prayed to the moon that he wasn’t dead and he was just unconscious. Then I spotted his hand twitching and his chest rising up and down.

Thank the moon! He wasn’t dead! I sighed in relief. Well, we were both spirits, so can we die? That was a question that will have to be answered later.

Then when I was about to get closer to Lantern, his eyes flew open with no warning.

I jumped in shock at this and quickly got into a defensive position. “Lantern?” I called to him again.

No reply.

He was silent even though his eyes were open. Somehow, they looked cold and emotionless. Something was off with him. I was about to get closer to him when a wall of fire burst from the ground around fire spirit like a protective wall. Out of reflex, I blocked my face and eyes from the burning hot flames. While trying not to get my eyes blinded by the fire, I spotted Cinder getting up and stared blankly at me.

I stared back, not sure if I should attack him or defend myself incase he attacks me.

Ich muss Pitchiner finden...

What did he just say?

Then the fire around him burst wildly and wrapped the fire spirit like a blanket. The fire spun around and covered him completely. When the fire disperse...

Cinder was gone.

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