Spirit of Fall

Chapter 1 Spirit of Flame

You’ve already read how I died that Halloween night and how I was reborn again with a new name given by the moon. Now it’s time to tell what happened afterwards. You know. After I was reborn and stuff. I can assure you that I wasn’t taking it all in that easily. Well, I did die and all. Turning into a spirit and roaming my afterlife was not that easy to accept. Besides, I didn’t believe in ghost before, but I’m now pretty much one myself. Talk about being ironic.

The first thing I thought once I accepted I was dead, was my family. I quickly ran through the forest on the path my friends and I took when we came here. Luckily, I still remembered and it wasn’t long before I saw lights through the trees. I came dashing out of the forest and onto a street. I was running through the neighborhood, jumping into people’s yard, and climbing over fences. But when I was running pass a car that was parked beside the sidewalk, I noticed something weird at the corner of my eyes. So I jogged backwards to the car and looked at the glass window again. What I saw made my jaw drop.

“Holy horses! My HAIR is on FIRE!” I screamed in horror. Actually, it wasn’t really on fire. My hair was just glowing like neon lights and unnaturally flowing in the air as if it was in water. With my natural red-orange hair color, it looked like my head was on fire.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I ran around screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to put out the lights out of my hair. I tried everything I could think of to put it out. I smacked my hair around hoping it would go away. Didn’t work. Stop, drop, and roll. Nope. Dived into a pool in someone’s backyard. Nada. Jumped into a pile of mud. Ugh!

Nothing I did made my hair stop glowing. After half an hour of failed attempts, I finally gave up and accepted the fact that my hair was now a glowing night light. At least it wasn’t actual fire and burning my head. That would’ve been horrible.

I went to look at myself again at another car’s window. That’s when I noticed that it was not just my hair that’s glowing. Even my eyes were glowing yellow! First, I turned into a spirit! Second, my hair turned into sad copy of fire! Now, my eyes were glowing like headlights! My reaction for this?

“This is... so COOL!” I cried out in excitement. I guess turning into a spirit wasn’t all that bad. Then I wondered what else I get for being a spirit. An idea came to mind. Since I always wanted to do this, I just had to try it out. I bended my knees and concentrated on what I wanted to do. Then I jumped with all my might.

Just as I thought! I flew several feet into the air! It was exhilarating!

“Woah!” I exclaimed in amazement. Of course, being my first time doing this, I didn’t have a good grasp of it yet. I made unintentional somersaults in the air and lost my sense of control over the direction.

“Oh sh...!” Before I could finish my sentence, I came crashing into a pile of trashcans in someone’s yard. Freshly thrown trash and metal trash lids flew everywhere, causing a huge raucous. I even thought I heard a cat screeching when I crashed as well. “Ow...” I moaned in pain. “Gotta work on my jump.” The stench of the left over food was not pleasant. And that other horrible smell... Are those diapers!?!

With the loud crash I made, I woken up the people in the house. I could see lights being turned on through the windows.

“What was that?” Someone yelled from within the house. That one sounded like a man.

“It must be those damn raccoons again!” Yelled another voice. This time, it was a female’s voice.

“Those god damn vermins! Where’s my shotgun?!” The man demanded.

That’s my cue! I quickly got up and ran like hell. I didn’t want to stay around to see a man running down the house with a shotgun. I jumped over fences again to get onto the streets. I was getting the hang of jumping around, so I tried jumping higher and higher. Now I was jumping from roofs to roofs. The feeling of the cold wind in my face was great and feeling as light as a bird was even more amazing. It was almost like a dream.

I kept jumping from one roof to the other, heading straight home.

Since it was in the middle of the night, there were barely any people out on the streets. But I was a spirit, right? Nobody should be able to see me then.

It wasn’t long before I recognized the roof of my house. I landed next to the window to my room. It was dark inside, so I couldn’t see very much. Then I decided to check out the first floor, where there were lights shinning from the windows.

I jumped down from the roof and landed gently on the ground. I looked through one of the windows that showed the living room. I was in luck! My parents were there right now, sitting in front of the TV.

But something was odd. The living room looked different from the last time I remembered. The furniture was rearranged and the walls were repainted. My parents looked much older as well. They had a lot of wrinkles on their faces and small several streaks of white hair that can be seen clearly. And that TV...since when were TVs that BIG?!

While I was in shock from the look of the living room that has changed since I was gone, I heard some kind of wailing and crying from nearby.

A baby?

Then my mother quickly got up from the sofa, whispered something to my father, and walked towards the hallway to the stairs. I flew back onto the second floor to see where the crying was coming from. Suddenly, lights streamed out through one of the windows.

It was the window from my room.

I was definitely surprised at this. Why was there a baby crying from my room? I looked through the window to check it out, but what I saw made my heart drop. I stared in dismay at my room... Or what used to be my room.

Everything that I had was gone! My bed, my drawers, my desk, and my things! All gone! Replaced by a crib and few new furnitures that I never seen before. Even the room had new wallpaper! It used to be my favorite space wallpaper with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling, but now it’s a plain pink background covered in white flowers and purple butterflies! There were toys and stuffed animals scattered all over the floor.

While I was observing what was once my room in shock, my mom was at the crib and lifted up a crying toddler into her arms. The toddler was wearing a pink one piece pajama with red ladybugs patterns on it. From the look of the room and the clothes the toddler was wearing, I can safely say that the baby must be a girl. She looked like she might be two or three years old, but I’m not very sure. Her hair was slightly long and light brown like my father. I had my wavy red hair from my mom.

“Shhhh, don’t cry sweetie,” my mom hush the baby softly. “Did you have a bad dream? Don’t worry. Mommy’s here.”

The baby slowly stopped crying, but she still had tears in her eyes and made small sounds as if she wasn’t appease yet. Then my mom started to sing a lullaby that she used to sing to me when I had bad dreams when I was a kid.

Sleep my sweet little child

For the day has gone

The sun has set

And the moon has rise

The stars are shinning

Blessing you with a good night’s dream

So sleep my dear child

For you’ll be safe

I’ll always be here

To sing you this lullaby

She sang in her gentle warming voice that I haven’t heard in so long. I felt sadness and longing hitting me in the chest like a bullet. I wanted to go back. I wanted to go back to my family. I wanted to go back to what it once was.

I felt something warm running down my cheeks and when I touched it, it was wet. I realized I was crying. I couldn’t stay a moment longer, so I left. If I stayed, it would’ve been more painful. I was no longer there. I don’t exist in that house anymore. My parents had a new child to replace me, so I was already forgotten. The thought made my heart ached even more and tears continued to stream down my face as I flew away.

I didn’t know where to go, so I let the wind carry me to wherever it would lead me. I eventually found myself in a church courtyard. I remember this church well. I would come here often with my parents every Sunday morning to listen to the priest preach stuff out of the bible. It was dreadful. Can’t last more than five minutes with that voice he had that kept putting people to sleep.

Since it was at night, the church was probably locked, so no use trying to get in there. Instead, I walked towards the graveyard next door. I am a ghost, so it shouldn’t be strange to go to a graveyard, right? I jumped over the metal bar fences, since the gate was locked, and just strolled around. Strangely, I felt more at peace here than afraid. Kinda weird. Right? But since this place was where dead people would come and rest, I guess it would make sense. I looked around the graves and spotted a statue of an angel in the center of the graveyard. Without really thinking, I walked towards the statue and sat on the platform to take a rest. I really needed a place to rest my mind after this long night.

After what I had to go through, I started to seriously think about my situation. It was fun and all at first, but why am I here? I don’t remember much when I was still dead and asleep in that mine. I only remember being woken up by something. It felt like someone was calling for me. When I saw the moon, I knew it was him that called me from the dead. What was his purpose for bringing me back? Why did he have to do that? Since I was dead, why not just let me sleep in peace so I wouldn’t see that horrible scene back home? What used to be my home...

Then I felt my anger boiling up. Why did the moon have to bring me back?! Why not leave me alone?! I jumped down from the platform and glared at the moon above.

“Why did you bring me here?! What am I supposed to do?! God damn it!” I screamed at the moon.

The moon said nothing.

I kicked rock out of anger and glared at the moon again. I could feel my fists shaking and my emotion going out of control. “WHY THE HELL AM I HERE?!!! TALK! DAMN IT!” I screamed again. At the same time, I could feel my eyes burning and something warm streaming down my cheeks again.

The moon remained silent.

“ARGH!!!” My emotion exploded. I felt like ripping my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs. Then I kicked the platform of the angel statue out of anger, which was a bad idea, and ended up hurting myself. “OW! SHIT!”

Then I forcefully sat down, wrapped my arms around my knee, buried my head into it, and cried. I just sat there and sobbed for who knows how long, in which I didn’t care.

The air around was getting cold and I shivered. I guess even spirits can feel cold. At a time like this, I wished my hair was really on fire. That way it would keep me warm on a night like this. I rubbed my hands together to create enough friction to warm my hands and then blow warm air at it again.

I continued to rub and blow my hands to keep warm until...


Oh, I just made fire with my bare hands...

“Aaaaahhhhh!” I screamed in shock. I quickly slapped my hands together out of reflex and it immediately put out the flames. I stared at my hands, still clapped together, and huffed several times, trying to catch my breath after the shock from the fire trick I did. There was a small stream of smoke coming out of my hand that was caused from putting out the flames, but I felt no pain. I slowly opened my hands and discovered that the fire was gone. Was it my imagination? The small amount of smoke still lingering on my hand said otherwise.

I tried rubbing my hands again and blew on it. The first few times didn’t work, but finally on my sixth...


Behold! Fire!

This time I didn’t scream or put out the flames. I just let it dance in my hand. There was warmth coming from the flames, but it wasn’t burning my hand at all. I didn’t even feel pain at all like when you usually put your hands really close to a fire. The warmth of the flames was just right. It was enough to keep me warm for the night, but having to hold out my hand like this the whole time didn’t sound convenient.

I looked around to see if I can find something to lit up or put the fire in like a candle or lantern. That’s when I spotted something close by. I stood up and went to take a look at it. It was a very worn out looking black pole with a very bent looking lantern. The lantern was made up of thin metal bars that made it looked more like a round bird cage than a lantern if not for the spot to put a candle in. It also looked like it used to be rounder, but somehow it got so bent out of shape that it became slightly compressed like an oval. The pole itself wasn’t too tall and a little bent to the side. It was also about my height. The top of the pole had a cat figure with its tail holding the lantern. This looked doable, so I grasped the pole and tried wiggling it to see if it was stuck to the ground. To my luck, it came out of the ground easily.

Suddenly, I felt something warm going down my arms. I stared down and noticed some kind of bright orange cracks on the pole where my hands were. It was slowly spreading through the pole and all the way up to the lantern. The glow of the orange cracks was pulsing almost as if it was alive. When the cracks reached the figure of the cat, its eyes glowed bright orange. Once the cracks reached the lantern, the whole thing burst into flames. It was so bright that I had to close my eyes and turn away. I could feel the warm air from the roaring flames blowing around and I swear I could hear laughing coming from it, too. When it felt like the air has calmed down and everything went silent, I opened my eyes and looked at the lantern again.

The look of the lantern changed. Now it looked like the lantern has a face. A mischievous look at that! It almost seem like it was laughing at me for some reason. There was also a bright orange fire inside the lantern as well. The flames were bright and warm. It danced beautifully inside the cage-like container. The orange cracks from before disappeared completely, leaving no traces of the pole being harmed. Only the creepy laughing lantern and the orange glowing eyes cat remain.

“Okaaaaayyyyy, that wasn’t creepy at all.”

I stared at the now changed lantern. Not really sure what to do with this.

“I guess I can use it for light and warmth,” I thought as I wave the thing around. I kept discovering new tricks with my new found powers today, but I still don’t really understand them at all. So far, I self-taught myself to jump and fly. It also seemed that I might have control over fire, one way or another. I wonder what else I can do?

So for the rest of the night, I played around with my powers. It kinda helps keep my mind off of more depressing things. I tried practicing how to conjure fire and it was actually pretty easy. All I had to do was think about fire and concentrate it into my hand and POOF! It’s there. After a few hours of trials and errors, I was finally able to create small fire balls the size of a baseballs and make them move around according to my will. I even made them dance around. It was a pretty fun trick.

I could also make the fire vanish when I wanted to at will. It took me awhile to perfected since I kept burning stuff around me and had to try and put them out with my jacket or stomp on it with my feet. If I’m going to create fire, at least I should know how to put them out without so much work out. That way, I don’t have to ruin my poor jacket and shoes.

There’s also another trick I managed to learn. I could make ribbons of fire in the air. It’s kinda like making fire stretch out into lines or streams. I even mastered up to where I could make letters and images with it. Who needs paper when I could just use fire!

There’re also some other tricks I learned, but I’ll talk about them some other time. Don’t want to brag about my abilities too much.

So basically, I practiced throughout the night until dawn. Strangely, I wasn’t sleepy at all. Must be because I took such a long nap before that my body just stored up a lot of energy from it. Since it was morning, I thought about exploring the neighborhood. Who knows how long I have been gone, so I wanted to know what changed around here.

I flew towards downtown, with my lantern and all, and landed on a lamp post on the side of the street. I watched as car drove by, people walking down the sidewalks, and stores starting to open up. I definitely have to say that a lot of stuff changed over the course of time that I was gone.

Then I jumped onto the sidewalk and walked around. As I explored the new downtown, I suddenly heard some kind of weird music coming from a man in a suit. Then I saw the guy pull out a small flat looking black box that could fit in his hand nicely. What amazed me the most from this was that he only slid his finger on the surface before he placed it to his ear and said, “What’s up, honey?”

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?! What is that flat box!?! A mobile phone? The last time I remember phones were much bigger than that and had BUTTONS!

I just stared in amazement at this new invention. I watched as the guy talked into the flat box for awhile until he removed the thing from his ear, touched the surface again, and then put it back into his coat pocket.

Next, I noticed a group of kids nearby, sitting on the stairway to a building, and playing something. I was curious and had to take a look. And there I find myself blowing my mind. I swear I heard the angels singing with their holy lights shinning down upon me.

They were playing a game with TWO screens! With COLORS! Such SHARPNESS! Oh the beauty of the pictures! OH MY GOD! Are they using a pen to play on the screen?!!

“Hey! Someone give me some ammo! I’m out!”

“Here! I have a bunch of it.”


“There’s enemy coming from the South! Someone cover me.”

The kids were talking among each other as if they were playing in the same game and same battle... Wait a minute... ARE THEY CONNECTED!?! Since when were games connectable?! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC!?!

Compared to my gameboy I had, these were god-blessed gifts from heaven! As I continued to watch the kids play their mind blowing games, I realize that I must’ve been gone for a very long time. Phones with no buttons and games with two screens? Did I just stepped into a scifi movie? Where’s the flying cars they promised!?!

I quickly went to find out what year I was in now and thank god, they still have newspaper! I almost thought they were going to become extinct and use something else that’s more scifi-ish like those strange phone and game earlier. I found a pile of newspaper being sold outside a store and I quickly took a look at the date. I discovered that I was gone for more than a decade!

I so have a lot of catching up to do.

After a whole day of exploring the new world after a decade of my absence, I discovered many new extraordinary things that has been going on. I couldn’t believe how much changed in just a decade! Don’t even get me started about the movies! I sat through three movies straight!

I also discovered what it feels like to have someone walked through you. Not pleasant at all! I didn’t see this woman since it was at a corner of a building and she was coming from a street perpendicular to mine. When I reached the corner... Woosh! She went right through me! It felt weird! It’s kinda hard to describe how it felt. It’s like my atoms were scattered and put together again. Ugh! I can say that I ain’t gonna do that again.

Once it was getting dark, I rode the wind back to my neighborhood. I was enjoying the flight when I heard laughter from down below. I looked down and saw kids playing in the park. I quickly dived down and gently landed on the back of a black horse statue.

I watched the kids run around kicking a red ball, laughing and shouting at the same time. From what I can tell, they must be playing soccer, so I sat down and watched as the kids played their game.

One of the kids, a black hair boy, had the ball and was kicking it as he ran. Then another kid, which was a girl with dark skin and long braided black hair, shouted to him that she was open, so the ball was sent towards her. She caught the ball with her feet and continued to run and kick the ball in the same direction as the black hair boy. In the direction they were running towards was another boy, but with brown hair. The brown hair boy was standing there with his hands stretched out. He must be the goal keeper. On both side of him were two empty cans, which must be the goal. Then the dark skin girl kicked the ball with a lot of force that sent it flying through the goal. Then some of the kids cheered while the rest made disappointed faces.

While the kids were either too busy with cheering or watching the cheering kids, the ball bounced towards the horse statue that I was sitting on. Out of reflex, I jumped down and grabbed the ball. While I held the ball in my hand, my prankster instinct kicked in. If anybody could see me now, they would probably see the evil grin on my face.

I drew something on the ball with my flames and threw it back to the boy who was the goal keeper. When the ball hit his leg, the boy looked down and made a confused look, but it was only for a second before he picked up the ball. That’s when he looked horrified and screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” He threw the ball into the air immediately. What he saw on the ball was an evil face made of fire. Basically, I drew two evil eyes and a creepy grin with fire. I made it so that when the boy lift up the ball, he’ll see the fiery face. And that’s not all folks! The face can move and make an evil laugh, so now we have a laughing evil ball with flaming eyes and mouth. Cool, right?

The look of horror on his face was hilarious! I laughed so hard that I bent over, clutching my stomach in pain. Everybody else turned towards the boy in confusion.

“What happened, Kirt?” Asked one of the kids.

“The ball! It was laughing!” Gasped the frightened boy as he pointed at where the ball was.

All heads turned to where Kirt was pointing and stared at the ball.

“What are you talking about? Balls don’t laugh,” stated the dark skin girl. “It was probably your imagination,” she said as she went to pick up the ball. “See! No face. No laughing. Just a normal red ball.” Then she threw it towards a blond hair boy.

The kids started to laugh except for Kirt, who looked like he was starting to question what he saw. “But I really did see it! And heard it, too!”

Then the blond hair boy started to make a weird voice while moving the ball around the group of kids. “Hey kids! I’m the talking ball. Want to be friends?” The other kids laughed even more.

“Shut up, Christ!” Yelled Kirt, turning a little red.

“Come on, you probably just thought you saw something,” suggested the blond kid called Christ. “Maybe it was your imagination.”

“I’m serious!” Kirt retorted back, angrily.

“Stop it, Christ,” ordered the dark skin girl with her fists on her hips. “What about you? Remember last Easter when you said you saw the Easter Bunny, but it turned out to be our teacher’s runaway rabbit? You made us chase it for an hour!”

Then all the kids laughed again at this information. Even Kirt began to smile.

Christ started to blush. “Fine!”

“Well, whatever it was, it’s fine now so let’s get back to the game,” proposed a short dark brown hair girl.

While the kids were going back to their places, Kirt went up to the dark skin girl.

“Thanks, Sam,” Kirt said.

“No prob,” replied Sam, with a bright smile.

Then the kids went back to their game. So for awhile as the kids were running around with the ball, I played a few more tricks on them like tapping on a girl’s shoulder to make her stop and look around in confusion; Blowing into another boy’s ear that got him to squeak and close his ears in surprise; Untying a girl’s shoe, which made her trip; And tripping Christ with my lantern pole in which he rolled twice before landing on his back. He must’ve been running pretty fast to make two flips! All in all, no one was harm and the kids just laughed it off as their imagination or clumsiness.

Then, once the sky was getting dark, the kids began to go home. I headed back to the graveyard as well. Right now, it would be my temporary home until I can find a better place. Weird? Once you get used to the tiny sounds and spooky atmosphere, it’s really not a bad place, but that’s just me, being a spirit, talking.

And that’s my first day after becoming a spirit.

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