Spirit of Fall

Chapter 4 Making Fall and Halloween Scare

The air was getting colder and colder by the day and night was getting longer. I guess it was that time of season when the leaves should be falling before winter, Fall. But strangely, I didn’t see any red or orange leaves. All the trees were still green even though they should be changing colors by now. Fall should have red and orange leaves that look like the trees were on fire. That’s what make Fall so beautiful. I remembered my friend Philip told me that in Japanese, Fall was written with the letter ‘fire’ and ‘tree’ in it. Interesting, right?

Also, I could feel my powers getting stronger and stronger by the day. It was like I had this large amount of energy burning inside of me and it wanted to get out. It was increasing by the day and I’ve been having a hard time controlling it at times. I even had this one time where I accidentally blew up a car’s engine when I only wanted to mess around with it. The hood was blown right off and a whole lot of smoke was coming out of the engine! Luckily, the driver wasn’t injured, but he looked really freaked out. I hope he had insurance for that car.

Then there was another time when I only sneezed and caused a whole tree to catch on fire! It was only a light sneeze too! I seriously need to get my powers under control before I burn a house without realizing it!

There was also another problem besides my powers going crazy as well. I didn’t know why, but I had this very annoying feeling inside my head. It was like I had these buzzing noise and the urge to do something, but I didn’t know what it meant and it was driving me insane!

I was strolling in the forest to relax my mind and not accidentally blow something up. I watched some of the trees that hadn’t change color according to the season yet. While I observed the leaves that should have changed colors by now, I kept feeling that something wasn’t right. I also kept hearing these buzzing inside my head. Something was nagging at the back of my mind.

“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh! It’s driving me nuts! What do you want me to do?” I cried out in frustration. My powers blew up around me, but fortunately, it wasn’t enough to cause any forest fire. I almost pulled some hair out in the process too. I’ve been carefully releasing my powers, but the nagging feeling wouldn’t go away.

My wisps must’ve heard my cry, because they flew out of their lantern and made worried noises that sounded like they were asking if I was alright or if something was wrong.

“Ugh! It’s this feeling in my head that won’t go away. It’s freakin’ annoying!” I continued to complain. Eventually, out of exhaustion from enduring the annoying feeling for so long, I sat down to the closest tree to rest. I just wanted to take a nap and get this annoying nagging out of my head, so I leaned back on the tree and closed my eyes.

Then my wisps started to make loud chatters. What in the world got into them?

“Would you guys please be quiet? I’m trying to... Ow!” I was trying to get my wisps to be quiet when one of them pulled my hair. Already being in the bad mood as I was, pulling my hair just made it worse. “What the HECK is wrong with you... guys...?” Though, I burst out at first, I trailed off at the end when I looked upward. What I was staring at was the leaves. They were red and orange!

I didn’t remember seeing that color before. Now what just happened? One minute they were green, now they were red and orange. Did someone sprayed the leaves while I wasn’t looking?

My wisps began to babble excitedly. They pushed and pulled me to another tree.

“Wait! What are you guys doing?” I asked in confusion. I really had no idea what they were thinking.

They just flew towards a tree and urged me to come closer.

“Are you guys telling me to touch it?” I asked. Well, that’s what I’m getting from their behavior.

Uh huh! They all nodded.

So I placed my hands on the tree lightly, not sure what to expect. Then I saw the spot on the tree where I touched began to glow orange and then disappeared into the tree trunk as if it was being absorbed. I walked back a few steps and looked up at the tree.

Before my eyes, the leaves began to change color. It was as if the red and orange was burning into the green of the leaves. It wasn’t on fire or anything, but that was what it looked like to me.

“Oh my god!” I whispered to myself. Then I ran to another tree to try it again. The same thing happened! I tried again on a couple more trees and the same thing happened also! I got really excited with my new discovered ability and changed all the trees in the forest red and orange. It looked almost like the whole forest was on fire. I even flew to the top of the trees to take a closer look and watch them change. I saw small specks of flames flying off from the leaves that were going through the process of changing, which I didn’t notice from the ground. It really did look like the leaves were on fire.

I watched from the sky as the whole forest changed color and small specks of light floated into the air. I seriously got to try doing this at night! It would be stunning to watch all this light in the night sky.

The nagging feeling in my head was also slowly disappearing and I think I know why. I was supposed to change the season. Well, more like change the trees to fit Fall. I guess it was almost like some natural instinct that I had to do. Was this part of me becoming a spirit? Have I become the Spirit of Fall or something? I control fire and I can change one fourth of the seasons. This was going to get pretty awesome!

One night, I flew around town, changing the colors of the leaves of every tree. I didn’t want people to notice the sudden change of the leaves or people would be calling the paranormal department, so I chose a time when people were asleep. The astonishing scenery of the changing color burned into the leaves was amazing. It was also a lot of fun.

After many experiments and attempts, I can now change the leaves’ color without having to touch them. All I had to do was concentrate on my powers to spread around me as much as possible while flying, so when I flew pass the trees within half a mile radius, their leaves would change color immediately.

So in just one night, I was able to change the colors of all the trees in Blacksburg and a few other cities nearby according how Fall should look like. People even noticed the beautiful scenery in the morning since they haven’t seen such a beautiful fiery scenery like this in a long time. They even thought it was magical. They were pretty much right about that!

Kids would be running around chasing the leaves or jumping into the pile of leaves, laughing excitedly. Even though I loved to jump in a pile of leaves when I was a kid, I was still surprise at how they were all having this much fun with only the leaves changing colors.

Now with the trees in its right color for the season, I can say without a doubt that Fall was officially here!

And when I think of Fall, I think of my favorite day of the year, Halloween!

It’s the day where kids would dress up in whatever they imagine themselves to be and get free candies from houses. Not to mention, it’s the best time of year to play tricks and almost not get in trouble for it. Almost...

Halloween was getting closer and closer with each passing day. I could already make out houses decorating for the season. Fake webs were hanged on doors and front porches. White cloths were cut to look like ghosts. Pumpkins were carved to make Jack O’Lanterns.

Hmm... I always wondered why my name sounded so similar to these pumpkins. My friends used to make fun of me for that. I wondered if the moon chose me because of my name. That can’t be right either. It would be pretty stupid to pick people based off their names, so why did the moon choose me? I never figured out why.

So my days went by with my wisps and I pulling some new pranks. My wisps possessed some of the pumpkins on a brick garden wall and waited for someone to appear. When someone walked by, the possessed pumpkins would roll off as if they were knocked over. Out of habit, the people would have to pick them up, but the problem was trying to catch the run away pumpkins first. My wisps made sure it wasn’t easy. They were rolling all over the place, making it hard to gather them. Some of the people were a little surprise, but they still managed to gather the pumpkins again after half an hour. A few had to even pounce on them. There were also quite a lot of bystanders who would just stand there watching and laughing at the failed attempts to catch the runaway pumpkins. A few passersby did try to help out and had to go through the crazy chases as well. But none seemed to realize at all that the pumpkins were rolling way too much that it should be considered unnatural.

Another prank was putting out the fire from the Jack O’Lanterns. A mother and a daughter were lighting the candles in the pumpkins and I would make the lights go out with a flick of my fingers. So while they were relighting one of the pumpkins, I would put out another. I kept at it for a while and the mother and daughter were starting to wonder what was up with the candles. The daughter was laughing after watching her mother’s flustered face at trying to relit every pumpkin over and over. After ten minutes, she gave up and told her daughter that she’ll be buying new candles to replace these stubborn ones tomorrow.

Then there was also the time when this man was raking his yard. He would make a huge pile of leaves and when he’s done, I would fly by and cause the leaves to scatter everywhere again. This made the man really frustrated and he would cursed the wind like crazy since it took him almost an hour to rake every single leaf. When he raked them all back in a pile, I would make them scatter again. I kept doing this a few time and finally, the man threw the rake onto the ground and jumped up and down in rage before he stomped back into his house. Even though I felt a little bad for him, I just couldn’t stop laughing at his rage dance. The guy looked like he was spewing smoke out of his ear.

And those were some of the pranks I did before Halloween arrived.

On the night before Halloween, Sandy was in town, so I visited him. I told him everything that happened while he was gone. Naturally, when I told him about the pranks I pulled with the people, Sandy just gave me this ‘of course you would do that’ look.

When I told him about how I saved my sister, Sandy gave me a warm grin and patted me on the back as if saying I did a great job. He must’ve been proud of me for finally getting over my jealousy. I also asked him why can my sister and my parents see the wisps, but not me. With his sand figures, he explained that my powers were probably getting stronger. Since my wisps were made from my powers, people can see them sometimes, but not always. It depended on how open minded each person was and how much magic I put into the wisps. He also explained to me that my wisps were born from my magic and rely on my magic to exist, so if something were to happened to me or my powers, it will effect my wisps.

That explanation got me worried. I really didn’t want anything to happened to my wisps since they’ve become so important to me.

After that topic, I told him about how I’ve been having this weird feeling as if I have this burning energy accumulating inside of me, ready to burst out. So when I discovered I was able to change the colors of the leaves from green to red and orange, creating Fall, I felt some of the energy was released in the process. This got Sandy thinking hard. He had to think for awhile before he could come up with the best explanation possible for me. He said that he knew this person who can control snow and ice, creating snow days and blizzards. He was also known to be bringer of Winter, so it was possible I have the power to bring Fall. So during this season, my powers would increase and be at its most powerful, but once Fall was over, my power should go back to its normal state.

I can’t remember if I ever said this, but for a guy who can’t talk, he sure has a lot of stuff to talk about. Now I have a little more understanding of my powers. I guess Sandy was the best person I can rely on when I needed someone to talk to. I’m glad I met him when I was reborn into this world. He was like an uncle I can depend on and feel at ease with.

So after our conversation that felt like a lecture on my powers, I spent the rest of the time watching Sandy create streams of golden dream sand and play around with my wisps.

This time, the wisps actually got themselves a whale! A hunchback whale! The wisps were having the time of their lives. As I watched them play around with the giant sea mammal, I felt happy and worried at the same time. Something inside of me had come to care for the wisps dearly. If something happened that cause my wisps to disappear, I would probably go crazy from despair. They were like family to me now.

After awhile, it was time to leave. I called my wisps to go back into their lanterns and bid the Sandman farewell. The moon was full and bright tonight, but still it remain silent. Yet strangely, I felt as if the moon was smiling at me as it floated in the night sky.

It was morning and you know what that means? It’s Halloween! I’m so excited for today! The kids will be dressing up in their costumes and stores were having special Halloween sales.

I took one of the fake ghost hanging from a tree and went flying around scaring people. While the kids ran away screaming in fear, the older kids and adults only jumped or cried in shock. Most just laughed their heads off at their adrenaline rushing and took it as a really good prank while some people cursed in anger from it. But no one attempted to check what was underneath the white cloth except one man. He was pretty angry when I scared him and he just pulled the cloth right off of me. But since I was invisible, the man saw nothing and went extremely pale. Next thing I knew, he ran like crazy, screaming “GHOST!”

I also found the park was busy with the Halloween Festival. The whole place was full of tents, booths, games, and rides. It was really crowded with so many people from all over the neighborhood. There were grownups and children running around all over the place. Even the wisps looked excited. It was their very first festival, so of course they were dying to explore everything there.

We flew around the whole place. We checked out the cotton candy machine and watched as the sugar turned into cotton. The wisps were going Oooooo! as they watch the seller spin a paper cone around to make a cotton ball.

There was also this mouth-watering smell from the barbecue tent. The meat cooking aroma was so alluring. The ribs, turkey legs, sausages, burgers, and chicken smelled so good!

The wisps also had a lot of fun at the souvenir shop. They were trying out all kinds of weird sunglasses and hats while laughing at their silly appearance. I also wore a pumpkin mask and jumped at them with a loud BOO! They all screamed and dropped their items in shock before running off, leaving a trail of smoke behind them. Not dust. Smoke.

Also, none of the adults noticed my wisps. Some of the kids seemed to see them and thought they were part of the festival attraction. I guess what Sandy said about how it depended on the person if they can see them or not was right, but that didn’t mean I didn’t try to be careful so I don’t attract too much attention.

In the game section, it was bursting with activity. Shooting games, ball throwing, ring tossing, and so much more. There were also a petting zoo, pony ride, and a haunted house nearby.

We watched some kids play the Duck Season shooting game and my wisps thought it would be fun to ride on the ducks. The ducks were on a four level shelf, moving from left to right on a rail. The wisps were riding on the ducks while the kids tried to shoot the fake birds. When one of the ducks that had a wisp riding on it gets hit, the duck would fall to the side with the wisp falling off of it as well. So every time a wisp falls off, the rest of the wisps would laugh like crazy.

I would also mess around with the aim, so every time someone tries to shoot, I would change the direction at the last second and hit the booth manager. The booth manager would jump in shock and pain from the rubber bullets hitting.

In the ring tossing game, the wisps made a game of their own of flying through a ring when its tossed into the air. They kinda reminded me of dolphins jumping through large hoops. They kept going Wheeeee! or Hulaaaaa! when they jumped through a ring successfully. It was really funny to watch.

I, on the other hand, would either grab a ring that was thrown and placed it at the First Prize bottle or just knocked at any ring that was close to getting in. Seeing those people going crazy from winning first prize to frustrated ones when they were so close to winning was hilarious.

At the petting zoo, there were tons of cute animals like lambs, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, chicks, calves and deers. Interestingly, the animals can see me, because some of the animals actually came up to me and let me pet them! I can actually touch them! This was an awesome discovering!

Also, the stuff that happened here nearly made me die of laughter. The wisps had a staring contest with a drooling calf. Lasted for awhile until the calf turned around to munch on some alfalfa and the wisps cheered in victory.

Then they chased some frightened chicks for fun until an angry mother hen appeared. She chased the screaming wisps back to defend her little chicks. Never mess with a mother defending her kids!

And another incident was a couple of kids, I mean by baby goats, chased the wisps, trying to ram them with their new grown horns. The wisps screamed in terror as they flew around the pen. I laughed so hard I fell off the fence I was sitting on. I was alright, but my wisps weren’t going to be if they get rammed by those kids.

Then we visited the haunted house. Oh man! This was my favorite attraction of all! I could already hear the screams of terror from the victims that were already inside. We entered the building through the entrance with two couples and found ourselves in a dark spooky hall full of stuffed monster figures and realistic skeleton heads hanging above us. Webs and dust were everywhere, making it appear to look really old. There were also glow-in-the-dark foot prints on the ground to help lead the victims... I mean, guests on the right path.

The wisps were shaking in fear and huddled close to me for safety while I laughed at their reaction to the place. Sure, the place was made to look scary, but since the time when I was alive, stuff like these didn’t really scare me. The couple that came in with us also looked a little nervous. The girl was holding onto her boyfriend in fear while the guy tried to look tough in front of her. But if he looked at himself in a mirror, he would’ve notice his face was pale as a ghost. Wanting to tease this couple, I told some of the wisps to possess some of the monster mannequins and scare the nervous couple a bit.

They agreed with a large smile and fits of giggles before they each chose which monster to possess. Once they entered their desired monster, they moved around and made sounds that fit the monster.

The couple got freaked out when a werewolf moved and howled loudly. Then a mummy sat up in its sarcophagus and made a bone-chilling wail. A zombie started to drag its body across the floor towards them. Dracula woke up from his coffin and laughed sinisterly. The bats flew everywhere and screeched loudly while the skeleton heads hanging from above started to laughed hysterically.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” The girl screamed.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” The guy screamed.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The guy won! Here’s the award for the highest pitch scream. Now... MORE SCARES!

They ran through the hallway as the monsters chased them. The machinery in the building got activated in the process and hidden monsters would jump out at them with loud special effects like thunder and lighting.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” This made the couple scream even louder and ran as if their life depended on it.

Some of my wisps also got frightened from the monster animatronics and jumped right out of their figures they were possessing.


Both the couple and my wisps came bursting out of the haunted house like freaked out chickens while I followed behind, clutching my stomach from laughing so hard that it hurt. I swear I’m going to die from laughter one day! Wait a minute, I’m already dead!

The couple finally stopped and tried to catch their breath once they were outside. Their face looked pale from all that screaming and running, but then the color started to return to their faces and they laughed like crazy.

“Oh my god! I thought I pissed my pants!” Said the guy, clutching his head from the small headache from all that screaming.

“Seriously! They really made it scarier this year,” complimented the girl, holding onto her boyfriend’s shoulder.

“They really are putting a lot into it this year. They even hired people to dress up as the monsters!” Added the guy, not realizing that the monsters were actually real stuffed figures.

They laughed until they finally calmed down and continued to enjoy the rest of the festival.

I smiled as I watched them walk away. I was glad those two enjoyed the scare I planned. I have to say, it was probably my best work yet. My wisps, on the other hand, were still shaken up and were hiding in a hole of a tree, bunched together like frightened squirrels. The sky was getting dark, so it was easy to find them with their bright flaming bodies. I flew up to them to calm them down.

“Come on, guys. It wasn’t that scary,” I assured them. “Those things were only made up of machines.”

The wisps blabbered something I didn’t really understand, but they looked scared so I had to do something to make them feel better.

“Here, I’ll show you,” I urged them to follow me.

They were unsure at first, but they began to come out of the hole and follow me slowly one by one. We went back into the haunted house and I made my lantern lit up more to brighten up the place, showing them the machinery around the room. Metal bars, strings, wires, and machines were everywhere. Some of those machines were connected to a monster, lights, and large speaker box. Seeing it like this wasn’t as scary.

“See, nothing to be afraid about. It’s all fake. The darkness, sound, and light effects just made it scary, that’s all. Nothing to worry,” I assured them.


The wisps exclaimed, no longer afraid. Now that the things they were afraid of before wasn’t scary anymore, they darted all over the place excitedly, exploring their new discovery. We ended up playing the same tricks again with other brave victims... I mean, guests until we were satisfied. Seemed like the people actually liked how it was more frightening this year than last year. I wonder what it was like last year. Probably, not as scary as this one since I helped a little bit.

Once we had our fill of fun at the haunted house, we strolled around the rest of the festival. While sitting on a roof of a tent, enjoying a turkey leg that I secretly snatched from the barbecue grill and a bag of my favorite candy corn, my wisps and I spotted a group of teenagers around my age intimidating a group of kids. Even though the kids were all in costumes, something about them felt familiar.

“Kids shouldn’t be out so late at night, so why don’t you just give us your money and run back home to bed,” said one of the teenagers. A mean looking guy with an unnatural bleached spiky hair.

“No way! It’s only 6 o’clock!” Argued a little dark skin girl with long braided black hair in a purple witch costume with a pointy purple hat and a kid size broom in hand.

Something clicked in my mind immediately. Those kids were from the park several weeks ago. They were the ones that played soccer. That girl was Sam, if I remembered correctly.

“Just give us the money and scram!” Said another teenage boy, who looked like he could be related to a hippo with his size.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves! Taking money from kids!” Cried the blond hair boy in a knight costume. That must be Christ.

“If you kids don’t want to get hurt, just do what we say,” ordered the last teenager. This guy had a pointy face and a sly look that reminded me of a fox.

I noticed another kid with brown hair, who looked afraid of those horrible teenage boys, and I recognized him as Kirt. He was in a scarecrow outfit with fake hay poking out of his clothes. The poor frightened boy was hiding behind his friends, shaking.

There were a couple of other kids I recognized, like the short dark brown hair girl in a pink fairy princess costume and black hair boy in a red ninja costume, but I never got their names. Both of them also looked nervous. The only kids standing up to the intimidating teenagers were Sam and Christ.

I felt anger rising inside of me. What those bullies were doing was shameful and despicable! Demanding money from kids, who the hell does that?!! I immediately took action. I told my wisps what do and they immediately set off to initiate my plan. They too weren’t happy with the teenagers.

And it didn’t take them long to do what I told them.

“We already warned you damn brats! So give us your money or else!” Threatened the bleached hair guy.

“Ooooo! He said a bad word!” Exclaimed the black hair girl in the pink fairy princess dress with a surprise expression.

“Or else what?” Demanded Sam, glaring at the guy twice her size with her hands on her waists.

The teenagers cracked their knuckles and said maliciously, “Or else I’ll...” but the bleach hair guy didn’t get to finish his threat when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and his face immediately looked horrified. The other guys turned around as well, wondering what was wrong. But when they saw why, their face also had a horrified look.

A group of large terrifying monsters were towering over them. These monsters were the mannequins from the haunted house earlier. Each of the monsters made a threatening growl, intimidating the bullies.


The teenagers screamed at the top of their lungs like little girls and tried to run off, but their clothes were caught by the monsters, preventing them from escaping. The monsters picked up the screaming teenagers and threw them into a portable kiddie pool of floating squeaky toy ducks.

Throwing three teenagers into a pool that size caused a huge splash, especially that hippo guy. This caused some screams from surprised bystanders.

The monsters brushed their hands together and sneered at the drenched teenagers, proudly. It was a job well done.

Still terrified, the drenched teenage boys quickly got out of the pool and ran off as fast as possible, away from the monsters.

Once the teenagers were gone, the kids went up to the monster, a little nervous but unafraid.

“Thanks for helping us,” Sam said sincerely.

“Yeah, those bullies were getting annoying. Can’t believe they tried to get our money!” Complained Christ, angrily.

“They even said a bad word! Mom always said never say bad words,” added the fairy princess girl. “Right, Brian?” She turned towards the ninja boy.

“That’s right, Jenny! They should have their mouth washed with soap!” Agreed the ninja boy.

So those two are Jenny and Brian... Noted.

The monsters waved their hands as if saying ‘It’s alright.’

“We have to go now,” Kirt whispered to Sam, tugging on her dress.

“Alright,” Sam replied. Then she turned towards the monsters. “Thanks again.”

“Yeah, thanks!” Christ thanked them as well.

“Bye!” They all said before running off to enjoy the rest of festival.

The monster waved good bye to the children happily. Not so terrifying anymore.

“You guys did great!” I complimented them. “That’ll show those bullies not to act like a bunch of idiots.”

Uh huh The wisps agreed wholeheartedly.

“Let’s go have some fun for the rest of the night, ‘kay guys?” I suggested, but I have no doubt that they’ll agree.


“But first we need to return those things,” I pointed to their monster suit. “I think the owner is freaking out right now, wondering where his monsters are.”

The monsters quickly nodded and dashed off towards the haunted house while people watched them go by curiously.

~Hidden in the Shadows of the Trees: ???’s POV~

For hours, I watched through the eyes of my dark minion of the strange boy with glowing flame red hair and a lantern in his hand play around with his little fire underlings in the mortal’s so-called festival. I’ve never seen this boy before nor have I ever heard of a boy who control fire. He must be a new born spirit.

I have sensed his powers for awhile, but I didn’t have enough power to free myself from this underground prison to see who it was. But my powers have been slowly returning, so I have enough power to control my dark minions again.

From what I can observe, the boy did enjoy scaring people. Putting fear into their hearts. Just like me. The boy showed promise, but he was still too much of a child. Too innocent.

My powers haven’t return completely since that humiliating battle, but soon I’ll be powerful once again with a little help from this boy. As long as he kept bringing fear, then soon my powers shall return and I will get revenge on those wretched guardians!

He’ll make a good ally. I’ll make sure he sees it my way and joins me when the time comes. One way or another...

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