No Hope


There is no hope for any of them. No hope for Sonic, no hope for Tails, no hope for GUN, no hope for the resistance, and most of all, no hope for Amy. There is no hope he will ever love her, and no ho

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"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."

-Psalm 105:4

Another crushing defeat. Another humiliating, horrible, unbelievable, and terrible defeat at the hands of the blue hedgehog. To Dr. Eggman, it was the worst experience in his life to be defeated by Sonic. That pesky rodent had ruined every evil plan he had ever devised. Not only did he defeat Eggman multiple times, but also he did it with style. He acted like it was an everyday thing to destroy a robot. Nothing made Eggman more frustrated than seeing his precious creations blown apart by a 16-year-old blue hedgehog. If there ever were an opportunity to kill Sonic, he would take it. Sonic had delayed the creation of the Eggman Empire for far too long, and this latest defeat meant another setback. Setbacks, he always said that, but deep down, Eggman knew that these setbacks were actually him failing, and losing hope of ever completing his dream of a perfect empire. He needed to act fast. He was an aging man, if he ever wanted to see his dream come true, he had to do it fast. And after this latest defeat, that was less and less a possibility. He needed to come up with a new idea to destroy Sonic and his friends. Little did he know, a new idea was just around the corner.

Dr. Eggman walked down the metal corridor of his robot testing grounds. The massive underground building had hundreds of huge testing rooms where he made sure his badniks were ready to fight. The large fat old man walked down the hallway. He walked with a confident and cocky swagger. His blue glasses, although they were cracked, were paced snugly on his long red nose. His large red mustache was a mess and all twisted up. He rubbed his bruised head. His body ached all over from the explosion that had launched him hundreds of meters out of his robot. Burn marks and cuts dotted his once clean red coat. The cuts and bruises made walking almost unbearable, but he needed to get to his destination. He didn't show it, but he was furious inside. The lasted defeat had cost him hundreds of swat-bots. It would take weeks to get that many replaced.

"Blasted Sonic, next time, you won't be so lucky." He grumbled to himself

Eggman approached a steel door. The door slid open with a hiss, and he walked in. The room was the observation deck to his latest robot. He slowly walked up to the huge glass windows, staring at the black void in front of him. He reached the windows, and looked down. He pressed a button on one of the many computers in the room. He then looked back up with joy. When he pressed the button, hundreds of floodlights switched on, illuminating the several story high creation inside. The lights lit up, showing off the entire robot's white painted pieces, from its huge feet, to its massive shield on one arm, to the huge, experimental weapon in its other arm, to its massive shoulder-mounted cannon, to its ghostlike, emotionless head. It was a masterpiece of engineering. Never before had he created a robot of this scale. It was the most powerful robot ever constructed by man, and it was going to be used against Sonic. A single tear fell from his eye. This creation was his pride and joy. No robot in history was ever this huge, or deadly. It made Eggman feel like a little kid inside, having all this power at his command. Eggman placed his palm on the glass window.

"Soon my creation, soon we will single-handedly destroy Sonic and all his friends." He said to himself in a vengeful tone

Suddenly, a beeping sound came from one of the computers next to him. Eggman spun around and walked over to it. He pressed the button and the monitor turned on. The screen continued to be blank, except for a single red dot in the middle of it. An evil grin spread across his face.

"Ah, Consilium, how nice of you to join me." Eggman greeted happily

"Greetings Doctor, it is nice to see you back after your latest defeat." Consilium said in a calm, monotone voice

Consilium was Eggman's newest AI addition. He was a super computer, which was even smarter than Eggman himself. The computer was named Consilium after the Latin word meaning "plan". After one battle, Eggman found it necessary to have a computer help him with his decisions. After all, computers were even smarter than the evil genius that created them. So far, Consilium had had a very good record. With the advice he had given, Eggman was able to capture one of the Chaos Emeralds. Consilium had pinpointed the location of it even before Tails could. It was an amazing experience for Eggman to win for once. And those fools in Station Square were still looking for it. He was already proving to be more competent than Cubot and Orbot.

"Don't speak like that!" Eggman exclaimed in an annoyed tone, "It was just a setback." He corrected, calmly

"Yes Doctor, I have good news for you about the Specter" Consilium announced in his robotic, emotionless voice

Eggman raised an eyebrow and turned around, looking at his massive robot, the Specter.

"What do you have to report?" he asked curiously

"My data had reported that the Specter had performed at a 120.5 percent efficient combat rate. It has been able to destroy all targets in record time and accuracy, even for me."

Eggman's smirk grew wider from the report. He slowly walked up to glass and stared at the Specter.

"But…" Consilium said

Eggman turned his head around and stared at the computer.

"But what?" he asked in a harsh tone

"I have calculated that adding a human driver will slow down the Specter's performance and all around killing ability. I recommend you not to take control of this robot."

Eggman was thoroughly surprised by what Consilium was saying. It was not something he had ever been told before, and certainly not something he had thought of. It frustrated him that the computer was telling him not to be involved in the fight, but it made sense. However, Eggman still wanted to be the one to destroy Sonic, not a machine.

"Sorry Consilium, but I will be the one to pilot this machine, and I will be the one to destroy Sonic with it. That is how my plans work." Eggman commented

A brief silence filled the room. Then, Consilium spoke up again, this time, in a more condescending fashion.

"Just like your plan for E-123 to capture the frog, but have him turn to the side of Sonic after talking to a girl?"

Eggman spun around, enraged by the computer's words.

"WHAT?!" he bellowed

Consilium continued with his talk.

"Or just like your plan for Rouge, your top agent, to turn and give her allegiance to GUN? And what about your greatest plan. Reawakening the Ultimate Life form, just to have him turn to Sonic's side? Yes, you have made quite a few genius plans in your lifetime."

Eggman was lost for words. The computer was retelling every major defeat he had ever had. He described how every ally he ever acquired had turned on him. There must have been a point to these insults; everything Consilium said had a point. Eggman slowly walked up to the monitor.

"What are you getting at here?" he asked with a suspicious voice

"From my data collection, it appears that all your major defeats that have almost cost you your life, have been from you allies turning against you. Why do you think that is?"

Eggman was skeptical of where the computer was going with this. But it seemed that it might be a good idea to go along with it.

"No, why?" he replied

"The hedgehog and friends turned their enemies into allies, catching you off-guard. The simple human mind cannot understand that an ally has turned against them in an efficient time. You must think Doctor, how would the hedgehog react if one of his friends were to turn against him?"

Eggman thought for a long time what the computer was saying. It was an interesting concept, one he hadn't though of. Turning one of their own against them. That could wreck havoc on Sonic's team, and all his friends. But what if it did succeed, and he acquired a new ally? What would he do? How would they help him? All these questions flooded through Eggman's mind. But still, the idea was something he liked. It was diabolical. He slowly stroked his long red mustache while thinking.

"So what do you want me to do with your idea?" he asked slowly

"It only seems logical to follow my idea. And I have worked out who among the hedgehog's friends is most likely to betray him."

Eggman's interest in the idea shot up when Consilium said this.

"Who, Shadow?" he asked

"From my records, Knuckles is the most likely to turn. His loyalty to Sonic is considerably low. He hates the hedgehog with a passion, and would be most likely to turn, even for the smallest of reasons."

Eggman shook his head slowly.

"No. For once, you're wrong. He doesn't have loyalty to Sonic. He has loyalty to the Master Emerald. He knows that I want to Master Emerald, and would never go to my side. He hates me more than he hates Sonic. And besides, I've already tried with Knuckles. I tried to turn him once, but it didn't work. I didn't think the plan through. That is why I haven't come up with this idea again." Eggman explained

A couple seconds went by. He had clearly confused Consilium. That was one thing about computers. They didn't have loyalty, and therefore, had no concept of it.

"The next choice would be Silver. He blames Sonic for the destruction of his world, and therefore, would do anything to prevent that."

"Again, you're wrong." Eggman corrected, "Silver and that little girlfriend of his are in a different dimension right now. And I do not have the energy to go get him, and fight them both."

"Another choice would be the fox."

"Tails? Sonic's best friend?" Eggman asked in disbelief

"Yes. Records show that while they are best friends, they have had many fights throughout the years. Old grudges could reawaken his hatred for Sonic."

"Again, Consilium. Something you don't understand about friendship. It can overcome a lot of things. The reason for them staying friends is because they are like brothers. They love each other way t-" Eggman stopped himself mid-sentence

A new thought came to his head, one that tickled his inner evil. The idea that could possibly turn everything in his favor. Eggman held his mouth open, thinking. He closed it and stroked his mustache. He stared over at Consilium with a mysterious grin.

"What is it Doctor?" Consilium asked

"What data have you collected on the pink one?" Eggman asked

"The pink one… do you mean Amy Rose? The mentally unstable girl who loves Sonic?" Consilium asked in a truly surprised tone

"OF COARSE!" Eggman screamed

"Sorry Doctor, I regret to inform you that the idea of turning Amy against Sonic is highly improbable."

"And why is that?"

"Because," Consilium explained, "she is the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic. Her undying loyalty to him is unmatched by any recorded person. She has been recorded as doing anything and everything to be with Sonic, and to gain his affection. It would be near impossible to even make her consider the idea of turning. She would refuse because she would have no chance with Sonic loving her afterwards."

Eggman's smile grew even larger. He was outsmarting a computer. His genius knew no bounds. He gently pat the computer monitor and chuckled.

"Ahh… I still have to work on your memory hard-drive. You are correct however. She would never turn against Sonic, but, she is more than willing to go against her friends." He said in a smug tone

A brief moment of silence followed. He waited to see what the computer would reply with.

"I do not follow. Logic is not being used in this situation." Consilium said

"I have seen many times Amy turning against her friends, smashing them, and crushing them because they made her angry. She will even get mad at Sonic, but will eventually warm up to him. What I am proposing is something completely different from turning Amy against Sonic."

"And that being?"

"Mislead her." He said, putting his fingers against each other

"Continue, Doctor."

"I would think that if this girl's idol was gone, she would become a new person. Her personality would drastically change. She may go from happy and bubbly, to dark and angry. I have seen this firsthand. Years ago, when Sonic's friends and I returned from Earth to Mobius, Sonic was left behind. What happened to Amy was something I had never seen before. She turned into a raging monster of emotion. Confusion, sadness, hate, anger, loss, and loneliness could be seen in her behavior. Never had I ever witnessed such ferocity and anger come from such a normal and happy girl. And the reason for this… Sonic was not there. He was thought to be left behind on Earth. People believed they would never see their blue hero again. And that is what caused Amy to go animalistic. Now imagine if we were to replicate those same conditions. What if we, got rid of Sonic temporarily? We would have an opportunity to turn her against her friends, permanently. Mold her into my new agent, and make her completely obedient to me, and not to her friends. It would be truly magical to see her attacking her friends, possibly even killing them, all because Sonic was dead."

Eggman stopped to let the idea sink into his computer companion. After a couple seconds, he continued with his idea.

"So what do you think?" he asked with eagerness

"I have gone over the probability according to the new data, and you have a 50.4 percent chance of turning her to your side. I see the potential, but what about when Sonic returns? How would you compensate for that?"

Eggman chuckled smugly.

"By the time that rodent is back, she will be completely obedient to me, and will want nothing more than to kill him. I've taken classes in psychology you know." He said

"Your plan does not have the best percentage of success, but it is possible." Consilium said

Eggman looked over at the Specter and adjusted his glasses.

"Well I am going to go with it anyway. I am ready for my revenge."

If he was going to go through with this plan of his, he would need to get ready, and go as soon as possible. Time was of the essence; he had an empire to create.

"Consilium, prepare the Specter and three squads of swat-bots for launch. Once you are finished with that, inform me. I will need to do some freshening up before we meet our pink friend of ours." Eggman ordered, walking out of the room

As Eggman walked towards his private room, he began to think. Three years ago, he captured a small pink hedgehog girl chasing after his arch nemesis. Never did he expect that frightened girl to become one of his most dangerous enemies. Never did he think that this girl would become his new agent of evil. That 15-year-old girl would become his greatest ally. He formulated a plot in his mind to keep her to his will. He would turn that girl into a killer. He was going to bring out the inner hatred that burned inside that bubbly and go lucky persona of hers. It would take manipulating lies and precise setups to turn her, but when he did, she would be his agent forever. No emotion except hatred would fill her heart and mind. It was truly his most diabolical plan he had ever devised.

Eggman went into his private quarters to change into some fresh clothes and look like the evil genius he was born to be. Once he was done, his glasses were clean and fresh. His coat was perfect and new. His mustache was finely combed and ready. He left the room, walking with so much confidence, that one could say his confidence alone would win him the day. He returned back to the viewing room of the Specter. He walked up to one of the monitors.

"Consilium, is everything ready?" he asked

A single beep came from the console, and the red eye of Consilium appeared.

"All preparations are in place. Awaiting your command to insert the Chaos Emerald." Consilium reported

Eggman grinned and looked over at a glass case. Inside hovered the red Chaos Emerald. Its light shined brightly and beautifully. If only he had six others, it would look spectacular. He looked back at the console.

"Good. Authorization code, 65 67 67 6d 61 6e. Insert the emerald." Eggman ordered

A couple muffled beeps came from the monitor. Seconds later, the Chaos Emerald inside the glass case shot downward, disappearing. It was being placed inside the reactor core of the Specter. Eggman smirked and looked back at the Specter.

"Give controls over to the Specter. I'll just be there for my great speech." He requested

"Understood, Doctor. The swat-bots are loaded into the drop ships, the Specter is fully operational, and the emerald is in place. But sir, may I ask a question?" Consilium asked

"What?" he replied

"What do you plan on doing to get rid of Sonic?" Consilium asked in a genuinely oblivious tone

"It is all part of my master plan. Don't doubt me my computerized conscious." Eggman laughed

"As you wish, Doctor."

Eggman nodded in approval and marched up to the elevator. He traveled up the hundreds of feet to the head of the Specter. A bridge connected the base to the head of massive robot. The Samurai helmet looking head had a concealed door that led to the cockpit. Eggman walked through the bridge towards the head. The sounds of huge motors, gears, cannons, and hydraulics getting ready filled the air. The smell of oil and gunpowder was the only scent in the whole base. It was alarming, but reassuring.

"This is it." He said to himself, squeezing through the door to the cockpit

Eggman entered the cockpit. He sat down in the pilot's chair and looked around. It was a surprisingly small room for such a huge robot. The dim red light of the cockpit was pierced by the colors on the buttons and monitors of the controls. Quiet pings and beeps from the controls were the only noises in the cockpit. Eggman looked out the viewport of the cockpit. The viewport was one of the eyes of the giant mech. It was a grand view from the extreme height. The maintenance robots on the ground were just small specs to him. Nothing was more exhilarating to him than sitting in that pilot's chair. The power of the Specter could be felt throughout the cockpit. In front of the pilot's chair was the yoke. The controls for the big-ass robot were right in front of him, but he couldn't touch them. He was putting complete faith in the AI of this robot. This was nerve-racking for Eggman. He didn't often trust machines this big to be commanded by themselves.

"Uhh… Consilium, I'm not too sure about this." Eggman said uneasily

The ominous red dot of Consilium appeared on one of the monitors.

"Do not worry, Doctor." Consilium reassured in his synthesized male voice, "The AI in this robot has been finely tuned by me to have it excel in high-stress environments."

Eggman nodded quickly and nervously. This battle might be more dangerous than he thought. But he quickly regained his composure and knew what had to be done. He needed to get Amy. A determined look appeared on his face. He looked over the controls and monitors.

"Open launch doors. Prepare swat-bot drop ships for immediate take off."

Eggman ordered Consilium, and the computer followed the orders as soon as they were given.

"Do final systems check. Ignite thrusters in 3… 2… 1… launch!" he bellowed

As soon as he said this, the space shuttle-sized rocket boosters under the Specter's feet ignited. Massive fireballs consumed anything on the ground. After a few moments of rumbling and shaking, the Specters finally began to lift off the ground. Slowly, the massive robot gained altitude. The cockpit shook violently and with a deafening roar. After a minute of what seemed like hell to the human senses, the Specter was soaring up into the sky. Following close behind it were two swat-bot drop ships, full of the robots.

"To Station Square!" Eggman screamed

It was happening. The fight that would set in motion some of Mobius' darkest days. This fight would not only prove fatal for many, but also mark the end of peace and prosperity for hundreds. The Doctor had a plan, and he was determined to carry it out. Nothing could stop a 500-foot tall robot with the most advanced weaponry ever conceived, along with three squads of heavily armed swat-bots. Sonic and his friends, especially Amy, were about to be in a world of hurt, discomfort, and emotional instability. For the first time in history, Sonic may have met his match, and might not only lose a fight, but lose a friend. The future was uncertain, but one thing was for sure. Somebody was going to feel a lot of pain very soon.

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