No Hope

Meeting Agent R

"Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked."

-Psalm 82:3-4

The world held its breath, waiting to see what would happen. Seeing each other for the first time in months was not what Sonic and Amy expected. One was helping Dr. Eggman, the other was helping GUN. They had never expected this to occur. Their reactions to this were justified though. They just stood there, looking at each other in complete shock. The sight was something they hadn't planned on. For what seemed like hours, they just stood there, looking at each other. After all this time, all the changes, this was how they met? On the battlefield? Love works in strange ways. But is this love, or hate?

"A-Amy… is that y-you?" Sonic asked in amazement

Sonic couldn't believe it. Amy was standing right in front of him. She was alive. Sonic felt a rush of relief come over him. Knowing Amy was okay made him feel amazing. He had been worried about her. But here she was, standing in front of him. Sonic blushed furiously. But he still stood there motionlessly. He was sure his heart was skipping beats. All he wanted to do was run up and hug that girl he missed. But something was stopping him. As he looked at her, he noticed something. She was different. She looked completely different from the last time he saw her. Her new outfit was sexy, but terrifying. And her posture was confident, but threatening. Something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out what it was. She confused him. All he knew was that Amy was here, changed or not. That was all that mattered.

"S-S-Sonic?" Amy mumbled with innocence

Amy stood there with her mouth open. She could feel her cheeks warming up as she blushed. Her eyes began to well up with tears. Sonic was back. He wasn't dead after all. He was alive and looked like he was doing well. How could this have happened? She saw him die in the cave. She was confused. And she didn't like things that confused her. All she felt was the overwhelming joy of having Sonic right in front of her. But then just as soon as she felt the joy of his presence, another emotion took its spot.


Nothing made sense. She had seen him die, but now he was fine and fighting. There was no way he could have gotten out of that cave if he was injured, which left only one possible conclusion in her mind. He had left her. Amy couldn't think of another reason why Sonic would have taken all this time to come back to her. If he was okay, he should have returned sooner. But no, he had waited. Why? In the swirl of emotions she was feeling right now, the one to become clear was hatred. How could he have just left her for so long? Where had he been in this time? Did he even care at all about her? Amy then thought of something that made her almost snarl.

Sonic had wanted to get away from her. That must have been the reason why he left, to get away from her. It was all starting to make sense in Amy's mind. While he was fighting Eggman, Sonic saw his opportunity to leave her. So he faked his own death to go and flirt with other girls and leave her to feel the pain of loss. It all made perfect sense. Although she loved that hedgehog with all her heart, she couldn't forgive him for something that cruel or selfish. And so her mind was made up. In the midst of uncontrollable emotions, Amy felt only hatred and anger towards the one she had loved most, because nothing else made sense to her right now. Acting on instinct was what she was doing.

Sonic cocked his head a little, staring at Amy. He looked her over. He was disturbed by all the blood on her sexy outfit. But that wasn't the only thing. She was staring at him with a blank and shocked expression. Something was wrong. He took a step forward.

"A-Amy? Is tha-t you?" he asked in a low tone

The sound of his voice made Amy both melt, and boil with anger. She finally slowly looked into his eyes. Her face cringed and turned into a scowling look. She began to growl, showing her canines. Sonic noticed the fire in her eyes and her angered face. He chuckled nervously and took another slow step towards her.

"Amy… it's me, Sonic. Remember?" he said cautiously

"Oh… I remember you." Amy growled

"A-Amy? Are you alright?" Sonic asked, a little more nervous

Amy just stared at him, drilling holes in his head with her evil stare. Sonic looked around, seeing nobody around them. Something was not right. He looked back at her. She was breathing heavily through her nose. She looked mad.

"I'm fine… Sonic. What about you?" she snarled

"Amy? What's wrong with you? Don't you remember me?" Sonic asked

"What's wrong with me?" she asked in a surprised tone, "You mean what's wrong with you!" she screamed, pointing at him

Sonic was not liking this new Amy. She was not acting like her old self, and that bothered him. She was acting hostile to him, which was something he wasn't used to. Sonic wasn't sure what was going on with her. He wanted the old Amy back, the one that chased him around and screamed his name. He took a step back in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" he asked

Amy laughed. Sonic felt his quills stick slightly when she laughed. It wasn't her normal beautiful cheerful voice he had come to love. It was more like scoffing and throaty. It sounded insane and angered. It frightened him. She looked up at the sky as she laughed and then looked back at him with a straight face and an unamused stare.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about you CHEATER! DECEIVER! LIER! LAZY ASS PIECE OF SHIT!" She screamed

Sonic took another step back in surprise. He had no idea what she was going on about. It sounded like complete nonsense.

"What?!" Sonic cried

"Oh, don't act like you don't know. It would be just like you to do that too." She scoffed, looking away

"Amy! I don't know what you're talking about!" Sonic yelled

Sonic really didn't know what she was talking about. He hated her new attitude, and was afraid of what she was capable of with it. Amy looked back at him with an annoyed face.

"Come on… You don't think I would have figured it out? I'm not dumb you know! I'm not the same girl that was chasing you two months ago!" Amy cried

Sonic was unsure of what to do. He caught himself getting angry at Amy. Why was she acting like this? He needed to know. What could have made her act like an angry wife? It was like she assumed he had been cheating on her. This didn't add up to him.

"Amy! What on Mobius are you talking about?! I don't understand at all what you are saying!" Sonic yelled, "Tell me why you're angry! I don't want to fight you!"

Amy pulled out her new piko piko hammer. Sonic's eyes widened in horror at the terrifying black and red spiked hammer. Its elegance, but dreadfulness was amazing. It was a weapon that made chills go down Sonic's spine. It was not like her to carry such a terrible weapon.

"Shut up! You left me, you cheated on me, and you lied to me!" Amy screamed, letting her eyes fill with tears

Sonic was shocked by those words. They were all completely false. Whatever she thought, it was wrong.

"What?! That's a lie! No I didn't!" Sonic cried back

Amy held her hammer in both hands, staring at him. Her eyes were cold, but frightened. She was about to burst into tears and attack him. She was sure her story was true, no matter what he said. She couldn't trust someone who faked their own death to get away from her.

"Yes you did! You left to try and get away from me! Then you cheated on me with that Sally chick, and then you come back thinking I'll love you again! Do you know how much pain I went through because of you?! Do you know the hurt and discomfort I felt because I thought you, Sonic the Hedgehog, my one true love, had left?! I tore myself apart!"

Sonic spread out his arms.

"Amy, I'm back! And who told you those lies? I was in the hospital! But I'm here again!"

Amy screamed, letting the tears fall down her cheeks. It was one thing to deceive here, but to lie in front of her face was another. It was clear to her that she wasn't the only one who changed. To her, Sonic was the real traitor. He betrayed her.


Amy tightened her grip on her hammer and charged for Sonic. Sonic jumped back and gasped. He barely dodged the swing of the hammer. He jumped back again as Amy swung away. She was swinging wildly with anger and hatred in her eyes. Sonic was terrified by her.

"AMY?!" Sonic screamed back


Sonic jumped from side to side while Amy attacked him. She tried to swing, but his legs were too fast. Sonic dropped to the ground, dodging another blow. The hammer past just over his nose. He got up and took another step back. But he noticed that Amy's skill with her hammer was improving. She was using it like a weapon, not an awkwardly sized sledgehammer. She was graceful, but deadly. Amy swung at him, but he jumped onto the hammer and jumped off. He landed a couple meters away.

"Why would I ever want to cheat on you?!" he asked

Sonic could see her black mascara starting to drip down from her tears. He could tell her emotions were go crazy.

"Because that is what you do! You act like a dick, expecting me to still love you!" she screamed

Sonic dodged another attack.

"And I am fed up with it! I'm going to kill you for it!" she added

Sonic couldn't believe this was happening. Amy was attacking him. She was blaming him for something he didn't do. Nothing added up here. Sonic knew Amy would never attack him with this ferocity. She had always tried to hit him before when he forgot a date, but never in pure anger. His heart was breaking every time she tried to swing at him. He didn't want to fight her, and he was sure she didn't either. He refused to lay a hand on that girl hedgehog.

"Amy! Don't do this!" Sonic yelled, jumping over a swing of her hammer

"Then you shouldn't have fucked with me!" She screamed back

Sonic landed behind her. But before he could make his move to immobilize her, she swung around. She growled at him and brought her hammer around. Sonic tried to turn and run. While he was just beginning to run from the swing, one of the blades from the hammer cut through his arm. The sharp spike tore through his flesh, spraying blood out. Sonic yelped in pain and stumbled. He grabbed onto his bleeding arm, wheezing. He looked over at Amy, who had a crazed and brutal expression.

"Oh… did that hurt my love?" she asked in a kind voice

Amy smiled evilly. She was going to kill him for what he had done. She raised her hammer up and swung down, slamming the hammer against the ground. A shockwave rippled through the earth. The shockwave sent Sonic flying through the air. As he flew, Sonic made eye contact with Amy. When he did, the world slowed down around him.

"Amy…" he whispered

But Sonic didn't see Amy anymore. He didn't see the precious and pretty girl he once knew. He saw a monster, a killer, a terrifying evil force. Sonic's heart shattered with the thought of Amy turning into a new person. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than for her to stop this and be the girl that had been. But that girl was gone. Sonic slowly closed his eyes, letting a tear fly away. Sonic then crashed against a broken wall. He fell to the ground with a thud.

"A-Amy…" he whispered

With a shaking hand, he slowly reached out for her. He saw her slowly approaching him with her hammer, which still had his blood on it, walking up to him. Once she was close, she rested the hammer on her shoulder. Sonic tried to get up, but Amy kicked him in his side. He rolled over, grunting from all the pain. He laid on his back, looking up at Amy. She stood over him with her hammer ready.

"Amy… why are you doing this?" Sonic asked

Amy chuckled and looked around. Her face was cheerful and amused.

"Hahaha! That's rich." She said, suddenly, she turned serious, "I'm not Amy Rose anymore." She grunted

Sonic's eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly.

"What?" he asked

Amy put her hammer in both her hands and placed her foot on his chest. Sonic grunted in pain and put his hands on her boot, trying to move it. It wouldn't budge. He looked up at her with pleading eyes. She stared at him with cold and emotionless eyes.

"I'm Agent R. Remember that." She said in a chilling voice

Amy raised her hammer up, ready to strike.

"And I plan on making everybody who made my life hell pay… even you." She hissed

Amy prepared to swing. Sonic closed his eyes and laid his head back. He was ready to embrace his fate.


"Oh shit."

That was all Tails could say as he watched Amy and Sonic finally meet. He watched from behind a rock while the two exchanged their first few words. He couldn't believe it, this was really happening. Sonic and Amy were about to meet each other. Millions of thoughts rushed through his head. He thought about how they would react. Would they embrace each other, or start fighting? Tails couldn't wait, but was also dreading the outcome of this scenario. All his problems could be solved in this moment, or he could have new ones. Either way, something was about to change. Tails watched Sonic and Amy's first encounter, barely even breathing. He couldn't stand waiting to see the results. His heart was pounding with nervousness. He felt the sweat drip down his face, wetting his fur. He watched as the two hedgehogs met for the first time in ages.

"Come on… make up and kiss." He grunted in frustration, putting his hands on his head

But as he watched, things didn't seem to be going well. He started hearing Amy scream and Sonic yell. From his position, he couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but from their tones, they sounded like they were arguing.

"Shit." He said to himself

Just then, Bragg snuck up and crouched beside Tails, watching the show. They stared at the two as they argued. Bragg stared at the scene below.

"They're not going to make up. We need to pull out." Bragg said slowly

Tails looked down and saw them fighting. He sighed and laid his forehead on the rubble.

"I know. But we're taking Sonic with us." Tails said

Bragg rested his assault rifle on the rubble, aiming at Amy. He focused in on her and started breathing slowly.

"I could pop a cap in her right here." He said quietly

Tails' head shot up and he stared at Bragg with a shocked face. He couldn't believe Bragg had just said that.

"No you're not!" Tails ordered

Bragg looked over at Tails with a confused expression.

"We could end this right here. Why wouldn't we?" he asked

"Because she is my friend! And Sonic has the ability bring her back!" Tails cried

Bragg shook his head and slung his assault rifle. He gave Tails a doubtful glance and sighed. He wasn't liking all the confidence this fox had in that hedgehog.

"Sonic better be everything you make him out to be." Bragg grumbled

"He is." Tails said again

Bragg stood up and turned to walk away. He looked back at Tails and put his hand on Tails' shoulder.

"We're going to rally point x-ray. We'll be waiting down by the road. Get over there when you two are done."

Tails nodded and gave a thumbs up. Bragg descended down the hill. Tails didn't pay attention, he just watched as Sonic and Amy fought each other. But it wasn't really a fight, more like Amy swinging at Sonic. It appeared he didn't want to fight her. Understandable, but reckless. Tails hated seeing his two best friends fight. He knew there was nothing he could do to make them stop. He would only make things worse. Seeing a friendship that had lasted for years get torn apart right in front of your eyes was something that Tails' couldn't bear. Tears started welling up in his eyes. How could they fight after all they'd been through? Suddenly, Tails was thrown out of his thoughts when he heard Sonic howl in pain.

"What the hell?!" he cried

He jumped up and narrowed his eyes, straining to see what had happened. What he saw horrified him. He saw Amy standing over Sonic with her boot on his chest. He could see Sonic's arm covered in blood, and Amy with her hammer ready. Tails then heard maniacal laughing coming from Amy. Tails thought up the worst and decided to take action.

"DON'T WORRY SONIC!" Tails screamed

Tails jumped up and started spinning his two tails around as fast as he could. He felt himself hovering in the air. But he had no time to smile in his achievement, he flew down towards them as fast as he could. Tails rushed with his fist out. He was going to save his buddy, and deliver a blow that was way past overdue. As he got close, Amy and Sonic both noticed him. Sonic's face was filled with rejoice and relief, while Amy's was filled with confusion and anger. Amy was not prepared for this sudden attack. Tails howled as his fist made contact with Amy's face. She flew back from the force of the punch. She crashed into a wall far off at the other side of the courtyard. Tails hovered there in shock, but then his shock faced slowly turned to happiness and pride.

"I did it!" he cheered, raising his fists into the air

"Nice job, Tails. Now how about getting us out of here." Sonic coughed

Tails looked down and blushed in embarrassment. He dropped down and helped Sonic up. Sonic grunted when he stood up because of his wound. He immediately pressed his hand against it, trying to stop the bleeding. He looked at Tails and nodded, smiling.

"Thanks buddy." He said

But their moment was interrupted by Amy. They looked over and saw her moving the rubble off of her and standing up. Her face was insane and vicious. She screamed in rage and summoned her hammer. For a brief moment, Sonic didn't see Amy standing over there. He saw a killer, a terrible evil that had consumed a pretty and young girl. But he put those thoughts aside for a moment. Sonic then looked back at Tails.

"But I think we should juice." He said, pointing his thumb at the ridge

Tails nodded quickly and jumped up and started flying. He flew up towards the ridge. Sonic sprinted up there and they met at the top. Sonic looked down into the courtyard, Amy was sitting on her knees, staring at them with a hateful face and breathing heavily. She just sat there, staring at them. Her outfit was dirtied, torn, and covered in blood. Her makeup was smeared and her quills were messed up. She had an expression to match it too. Sonic suddenly felt incredibly sorry for her. He looked at her and saw only a shell of what she had once been. She wasn't Amy, she was Agent R.

"Come on, Sonic!" Tails called out

Sonic looked over at Tails, who was already flying down the hill towards the remaining GUN troopers. Sonic nodded and ran down there. He skidded to a halt in front of Bolton and looked up at the trooper. Bolton gave a tired smirk and unslung his assault rifle.

"Alright men, we're moving to rally point x-ray. We're Oscar mike!" he yelled

Tails landed next to Sonic and exhaled loudly. He pulled out his pistol and clicked off the safety.

"Let's get out of here." He said

The group started on their trek to find rally point x-ray. It was a long and unnerving hike to the safe area. Some troopers were constantly checking behind them to see if Amy was following. But she wasn't. The city was completely silent. Not even the distant roar of fighters could be heard. Something was not right, but nobody knew what. They walked along, not knowing if they were going to be ambushed at any moment by the killer hedgehog and her robots. Nervous whispers and chatter spread through the group.

But it wasn't all bad. Sonic had had his arm bandaged by the medics as they walked along. It stopped the bleeding, but without any pain medications for them, it hurt like hell. However, this time walking did give Sonic a chance to think things over. Like what the chaos was going on. Nothing made sense to him. His entire world was upside down and messed up. All he could think about was what had happened to Amy, and why she was working with Eggman. Her cryptic messages hadn't told him why. It just made him feel bad for her. It pained his heart to think that she was now evil, and killing people. Amy would never do such a thing, and now, it was her identity. Sonic wondered who else had changed while he had been gone. Nobody had mentioned his other friends at all. He wasn't being told the full story. Sonic decided to take action. He walked up next to Tails and looked at his friend, who was scanning the area.

"Tails…" Sonic said quietly

Tails looked over at Sonic with a weary smile and cocked his head.

"What?" he asked

"What in the name of Mobius was all that back there?" Sonic asked, "Amy has turned into a completely different girl, and nearly killed me. Explain."

Tails sighed and looked down. He holstered his pistol and put his hands in the pockets of his trench coat.

"A lot has changed, and not for the better." Tails said, looking up at Sonic, "Amy is what initiated that change."

"What do you mean?" Sonic asked

Tails looked around. A frown grew on his face.

"After you had been supposedly killed, everything went to shit. We had no idea what to do, GUN was being pushed back, and the emotional trauma was far too much for us to handle. When we got back to my workshop, we all got into fights. But Amy was the only one who took action. She went to search for you, at least that's what I thought she was doing. But hours later, she came back. But not as Amy, but as Agent R."

Tails could barely look at Sonic's shocked eyes. It was almost too much for him to recollect what had happened.

"She drove us out of my workshop, destroying it soon after. Bolton and Bragg took me and Knuckles in. But that soon proved to be a mistake. Amy hunted us down for days. Those days turned into weeks, and those weeks turned into two long months. But during those months, a lot more changed than just Amy. One day, Amy attacked us. And Knuckles was taken away. I don't know if he's still alive or not. I don't know what happened to Rouge and Shadow. I assume they left the city a long time ago."

Tails looked away, hiding the tears that were returning again. It pained him to even think about it. Sonic looked down, taking in everything.

"Where is Cream, Vanilla, and team Chaotix?" Sonic asked slowly

Tails looked down as they walked along.

"Team Chaotix was sent to protect Cream and Vanilla. They escaped just days before the walls went up. Cream and Vanilla are living with Sparky and Makayla over in Rockwall village. They should be safe there. But everyone else is either dead or captured."

"So we're all that's left?" Sonic asked in a dismal tone

Tails nodded and sighed. The two friends went quiet from then on. What could they discuss? Everything was gone. Knuckles had been captured, Rouge had left, Shadow was missing, and team Chaotix was out of reach. There was nothing left. It was only Sonic, Tails, and Amy. They were the only ones left in the city. That thought made Sonic feel hopeless.

After a long, tiring, and frightening hike, Bolton spotted something. He spotted a tiny hole in the rubble a couple meters away. The hole was hidden under a broken sign. He smiled and held out his fist. The entire group stopped and waited silently. Sonic, Tails, and Bragg all walked up to Bolton and looked at him.

"You see it?" Bragg asked

"Right over by the BurgerKing sign." He said, pointing in its direction

Bragg looked back and pointed at two other troopers. He then pointed at the hole. The two troopers looked at him, then the hole, then at each other. They sighed in annoyance and walked over to the hole, grumbling. Everyone in the group waited as the two troopers checked the hole. After a minute, they looked back and gave a thumbs up. They had made it. They had made it to rally point x-ray. One of the last safe places left in the city was theirs. For now, they could rest. They could unpack and plan their next move. But they shouldn't have gotten their hopes up.

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