No Hope

No hope

"The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace; the sinful mind is hostile to God. It does not submit to God's law, nor can it do so. Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God."

-Romans 8:6-8

Seeing her new enemy run away, and having no power to follow him was a terrible sight for Amy. All she could do was watch as he ran. Running, Sonic was always running from her. He never stopped and took the time to like her at all. That thought made the fire burning in Amy rage even more. She was starting to wonder why she ever even thought about loving that blue hedgehog. But still, Amy couldn't help but love him a little. Sonic's cockiness, arrogance, and free spirit was what she fell in love with. Even though she hated him, a very small part of her still wanted him back. Amy was furious with everything. She couldn't stand seeing Sonic alive, and she couldn't stand fighting him. But he had betrayed her and fooled her for the last time. It was already done. She couldn't stop it now. The monster she called emotions inside of her was ready to be unleashed.

"S-S-Sonic…" she whispered, watching him run away

Amy sat there for a while, just staring at the ridge where he had disappeared off of. The world was silent, letting her think about everything. A distorted snarl and hate filled expression appeared on her. She breathed loudly through her nose, thinking about what she had done. Amy looked down and slowly ran one of her fingers through the dirt and dust on the ground. She giggled a little when she found herself drawing a rose in the ground. She started putting more detail into the little picture. But then, she thought of Sonic, and her face turned sinister again.

"Damn you." She said quietly

Just then, her earpiece went off. She clicked in and waited to hear her message.

"Nice work Agent R with getting those GUN troops out. Report back to base, I have to talk to you about some things." Eggman ordered in a calm and flat tone

"Copy." She replied coldly

Amy slowly stood up. Her back ached from the impact from the wall. She stretched and looked herself over. She looked terrible. Her outfit was completely ruined. It was all torn, stained, and dirtied. Amy didn't have a mirror, but she was sure her makeup was ruined as well. She grumbled as she turned to walk away.

"It takes a long time to look this sexy, and now I look terrible." She said

As she was walking away, Amy turned her head back and looked at the little picture of a rose in the ground. She sighed and walked back over to it. She looked down at it and narrowed her eyes. She frowned and wiped it away with her boot.

"I'm not a rose anymore." She said to herself

Amy then began her journey back to Eggman's HQ in the senate building. She made her way through the destroyed city, walking with fake confidence. Inside, she felt like crap. Her world was spinning around, out of control due to that guy she once loved. Thankfully, no GUN troops were in the area near the HQ. It was too heavily patrolled by swat-bots and fighters. Amy could tell when she was close to the HQ. The scenery had begun changing a couple days ago. There was no rubble, just plates of maroon colored metal. Massive metal structures had started rising up into the sky. Lights and elevators were everywhere. Robots that weren't meant for combat scurried around. Amy knew what this all was. This was the beginning of Eggmanland. And to her, it still looked terrible, but it was a marvelous piece of engineering. Amy grinned at the thought of one day taking out Eggman and becoming ruler of all of this.

Everything went smoothly checking in. She showed her I.D to the sentry robot and walked in. While she was walking, Amy noticed a large number of tanks and other military vehicles being assembled inside the grounds of this base. She saw garrisons of swat-bots all lined up, waiting for activation. It seemed that he was preparing for something big, and it involved a lot of robots. Amy chuckled and shook her head.

"Got enough toys, Egghead?" she asked in a joking tone

Amy walked inside the senate building and walked through the halls. She passed through hallway after hallway, finally making her way towards Dr. Eggman's private office. She opened the door and entered the office. Eggman was sitting at his desk with his hands behind his head, reclined back, and had his feet on the desk. The man looked completely content with his current position. Amy stepped inside and stood there. She put a hand on her hip and stared at him with an unamused face. It took a while for him to notice her, but when he did, he frowned and took his legs off the desk. He sat up and put his hands on the desk and propped his head on them. A small grin appeared under his huge mustache.

"Nice work Agent R. You were able to drive the GUN forces out of the area." He said

Amy sighed and looked to her right. She looked down and frowned.

"You son of a bitch." She said

Eggman tilted his head a little and raised an eyebrow.

"What did you just say?" he asked in a surprised tone

Amy looked up at him with a skeptical look.

"You knew all along that he was there, didn't you?" she asked

Eggman knew exactly what she was talking about. He realized now was the time to tell her everything. He knew this time would come at some point, and hopefully, he'd deal with it correctly so she didn't turn on him. But to do that, he needed help. Eggman pressed on a button near his computer.

"Consilium, get in here." He ordered

Consilium's red eye appeared on a computer monitor on the wall. Eggman then turned his attention to Amy.

"Yes, I did know he was there, but for certain reasons, I decided not to tell you." Eggman explained

Amy couldn't believe he had just said that. She stormed forward and stood in front of his desk.

"You let me see him for the first time in two months, and expect me to fight him?!" she yelled

"Well yes." Eggman said in a calm tone

Amy slammed her fist on the desk and stared at Eggman coldly.

"Do you know the emotional pain I felt seeing him?! Do you know what it is like to see a person you thought was your friend fighting against you?!" Amy screamed

Eggman kept his calm state and looked into Amy's eyes. He could tell she had been crying. Her mascara was smeared. He knew the emotional pain he had caused her. He wanted to keep her angry. But he had to control her.

"I realize that my friend. But you need to realize, you caused him much emotional pain as well. How do you think he will feel, seeing his long lost friend fighting for his enemy? I am sure he is breaking down right now because of it." Eggman said, looking over at his computer monitor

Amy was beginning to shake with rage. The same fire that had been in her eyes when she saw Sonic was now back. To her, Eggman was out of control. He knew that Sonic was there, and didn't tell her. How could he deceive her like that? It angered Amy far too much to let it go. Amy grunted and smacked the computer monitor off of Eggman's desk. It crashed against the wall, shattering. Amy leaned forward and brought her fist up to his face.

"Listen here you fat slob! I've been fucked around with too many times! Do that again, and you'll end up like the crushed guts under my boots!" Amy roared

Eggman sighed and stood up. His towering figure put a shadow over her. Amy looked up at the massive human. Eggman put his hands behind his back and leaned forward.

"I did what I did to keep your mind focused on the mission. And besides, Consilium is the one who advised me to take this action. So if you have a problem with that, go to him." Eggman hissed

Amy put a hand on her hip and scoffed.

"So you're Consilium's little human puppet now, aren't you?" Amy laughed, "Hilarious!"

Eggman grinded his teeth with anger. She was getting far too unruly. And she was wrong. He was not Consilium's puppet. He created that computer and was its master. Eggman slammed his fist on the desk, making a loud booming noise.

"I AM NOT A PUPPET!" He roared, "I am the most diabolical scientist to ever live! I'm the reason you are where you are today! Do not question my authority, EVER! Agent R, if you do not settle down right now, I will be forced to put you in lockdown!" Eggman howled with his booming voice

That had definably brought Amy down to size. The sheer size and scale of Eggman's figure and his yelling could settle any argument. Amy stepped back a little. She knew she was losing this argument. It was at this point that she realized she wasn't the only one who had changed. It seemed her entire world was new, nothing was like before.

"Fine. Have it your way." Amy said quietly

Amy turned around and walked towards the door. She stopped at the door and put her hand on the frame. She turned her head around and stared at Eggman with hard eyes. He was sitting back down in his chair. Amy grinned evilly at him without him noticing.

"But your way is going to get you killed." She hissed quietly

Amy then left the office and headed towards her room. She made it to her room and opened the door. She entered and the door slid down behind her. Amy took a look at her living area. Sheets of paper with writing and pictures of Sonic were everywhere. Amy looked around. For all those weeks, she had been thinking Sonic still loved her. For all those weeks, she thought if he came back, he would love and kiss her. But no. All that hope she had was gone. She had no hope. No hope of that ever happening. He hated her now, and she hated him. The thought of this made Amy's eyes well up with tears. She looked around, seeing all the pictures of Sonic she had drawn. Her breathing became louder and faster. She began to feel her legs getting weak. Eventually, they gave way.

"SONIC!" she screamed, falling to the flood

Amy sat on the ground against the door with her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She rested her head on her knees and cried. She cried and cried and cried. Nothing could stop the tears. Her lover hated her, her only 'friend' was deceiving her, she was all alone, and she knew she was only a shell of her former self. Amy felt all alone, with nobody to cry with. She had no idea what to do, or where to go. Eventually, after a few minutes of crying, Amy looked up at the room.

"Enough crying, Amy. You're stronger than that." She said to herself

"No you're not! You're just a weak, pathetic little girl. No wonder Sonic hates you." She said to herself again

Amy didn't realize it, but she was talking to herself. One of her voices sounded like her old self, cheerful and happy. The other sounded like a demon, angry and frustrated.

"But he may still like you. Maybe something happened to him." Said her good side

Amy stood up and walked into the middle of the room. She was surrounded by her drawings of Sonic and letters to him.

"Or maybe, HE WANTS YOU TO SUFFER!" her bad side screamed

Amy knelt down and picked up a pile of drawings.

"No! Sonic would never do that!" objected her good side

Amy looked at the drawings with loving eyes.

"Are you kidding?! He left you!" her bad side yelled

Amy snarled and ripped up the drawings. She threw the scraps around and went crazy.

"Good… good… let out your anger, it is all you have left." Her bad side hissed

Amy no longer spoke with her good side. Her evil had taken over. Amy thrashed through the room, tearing up papers and throwing the contents of her dresser out and around. She stumbled around like a drunk, knocking over everything and ripping apart stuff. She was out of control, yelling a little sometimes. She was going completely crazy.

"Why does he hate me?!" she yelled, stumbling into the bathroom

Amy stumbled over and leaned against the counter. She stared at herself in the mirror. She looked into her own eyes with fear, depression, and sadness. She looked terrible. Her makeup was ruined, she had a bruise on her cheek, and dust mixed with blood smothered her face. Wet marks covered her face because of her tears. To Amy, everything was going wrong.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked herself

Amy slowly turned her head over and saw the shower. The pristine white appliance was calling her. She turned and made her way towards the shower. Amy pulled off her destroyed outfit. She took off her boots and let her pink quills down. She practically ripped off her top and skirt. Amy stepped inside the shower and turned the water on. The steaming hot water smothered her, cleaning off everything. Amy closed her eyes and let out a sigh and leaned against the shower wall.

"Be strong, Amy." She said to herself

Amy slowly knelt down and rested on the floor of the shower. The water was maroon with dirt and blood. She laid there silently, letting the shower wash away the marks of her sins. The young naked pink hedgehog laid there, letting it all go. The shower felt refreshing and needed. It made her feel good and comfortable, something she hadn't felt all day, or in a while. Amy let a weak smile appear.

"No more tears." She whispered, "I'm strong, stronger than him, stronger than them all. No more tears."

Amy then opened her eyes and her weak smile grew into a seductive smirk.

"Agent R is back."

The next day, Amy got ready for another attack, and left. She didn't tell Eggman or Consilium. She was on the hunt for Sonic. She would bring him back to Eggman, dead, or alive.


It had been a quite a sight for Sonic, seeing all the remaining GUN troopers set up a fully operational bunker in less than a few hours. They had worked like a well-oiled machine, making sure everything was set up properly and securely. Nobody sat down or rested, they just worked to turn the abandoned bunker into what they were calling, "Firebase phoenix". This cave had gone from corridors of cobwebs and dust, to hallways filled with rucksacks, sleeping cots, radios, and small chemical lights that gave the bunker a neon green glow. Sonic wished he could be part of this whole operation, but he had been told multiple times not to interfere with their system. So, he had gone and found some privacy. He had found a nice room that Tails said could be his own, and relaxed.

Sonic laid there on one of the spare cots the GUN troopers had. He twirled a chemical light around in his fingers. The neon green glow lit up only a small portion of him. He stared at the light with a frown. Sonic was trying to make sense of everything that was going on. So far, he had learned that everything had changed, and not for the better. He learned about what was happening with GUN, and how they were all spread out. He had learned about what had happened to his friends, and where they were, or where they thought they were. He had learned about how powerful Eggman was becoming. And finally, he learned everything about Amy. Sonic sighed at the thought of her. He still couldn't figure out why she would do such a thing as to turn to Eggman's side. She was just another thing on his, 'to fix' list.

"Where do I even begin?" he asked himself

Sonic stared up at the dirt ceiling and watched as drops of water fell from it. They hit the floor, making dripping sounds as they hit the puddles. Sonic put down the light and rolled over. It was time to get some sleep. Sonic fell asleep almost instantly. It had been a big day for him. This day had taken a lot out of that hedgehog, he needed his rest. Sonic closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep. Surprisingly, Sonic fell asleep rather quickly. But as he slept, sonic had the strangest dream. It wasn't really a dream, but more like an image. In the dark void of his mind, Sonic saw something. This something was alone, and didn't seem to be doing anything. That something, was Amy. There she stood in her little red dress. Her hands were behind her and she was giving a huge energetic smile. Her eyes gleamed with happiness and peace. She appeared to be humming a little song to herself. Sonic saw her standing there, acting like the girl he knew her as. But when he tried to walk up to her, he didn't move. He wasn't able to. For the entire time in his dream, he only saw Amy, standing there, looking as beautiful as a rose. It made him realize what she was like before. But just as quickly as he had fallen asleep, he woke up. Never knowing what that dream meant.

It was hard for him to tell what time it was when he began to open his eyes the next day. There were no windows to let in the sun, or birds to chirp their morning melodies. There was no alarm clock to beep what it was eight o' clock. There was nothing except the sounds of combat boots trotting through the bunker, and talking coming from the corridor and other rooms. Sonic rolled over and groaned.

"It's too early for this." He mumbled, still half asleep

But then Sonic heard something that made his eyes shoot open and caused him to wake up instantly. Down the corridor, Sonic heard laughing and cheerful talking. However, that wasn't what woke him up. What woke him up was something one of the voices said. Sonic heard one of them say "Agent R". Sonic jumped out of his cot and started walking down the corridor as fast as he could. He paid no attention to the fully functioning bunker around him. As he went through the corridor, he past Tails, who was scrounging through a box of supplies. When Tails saw who it was, he smiled and stood up straight. He greeted Sonic with his normal delighted expression.

"Hey Sonic, what's up?" he asked

Sonic ignored Tails completely, as if he hadn't even heard him. Sonic just walked through the hallway with a determined face and his fist clenched. He was going to find the trooper who was talking about Amy. Tails watched as his friend walked past him without even noticing. He cocked his head and let a confused face appear. He stared at Sonic while he walked away from him.

"Sonic?" he asked

Again, Sonic didn't respond. Tails hesitated for a while, and then followed his friend from a safe distance. Who knew what was going on? Sonic finally reached the recreation center where he had heard the trooper. He stepped inside and looked around. There was almost nothing in the room except an old TV, and a couple other small things. As he scanned the room, Sonic saw a few troopers standing facing a dartboard with a couple other troopers sitting on a couch near them. All the troopers were laughing, throwing darts and having a good time. They were laughing and chatting away. But then Sonic noticed something that enraged him. The dartboard had something on it. A picture of Agent R was taped to the dart board with a few darts stuck around her. Sonic growled and looked at the troopers. One of the troopers held on to two more darts and was speaking over the others.

"Alright guys. I have a new game." He announced

All the troopers stopped talking and looked at him. He swung around as if he was drunk. A smug grin was on his face.

"If you can hit that bitch in her butt, that's two drinks. If you get her tits, that's three drinks. If you get her head, that's four drinks. Sound good?"

All the troopers around him cheered and let out a roar of agreement. Sonic was disgusted by them. How could they not remember the wonderful girl Amy used to be? He felt furious by all of this. He breathed out his nose loudly in fury. In Sonic's mind, something had to be done. That man needed to know what Amy was really like.

"Here I go." Said the trooper

The trooper moved his arm in a slow throwing motion, getting ready to throw the dart. Sonic took his chance. Just as the trooper was about to throw, Sonic sprinted for him and grabbed his throwing arm. The trooper turned to Sonic with a confused and frightened face. Sonic stared at him with cold eyes.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" Sonic growled

Whispers and quiet chatter could be heard throughout the room.

"What does it look like? I'm playing darts." Responded the trooper with a rude tone

Sonic looked over at the dartboard and then back at the trooper. The trooper's blue eyes were stricken with fear that was disguised as annoyance.

"Then why do you have a picture of her on the board?" he asked

The trooper looked over at the dartboard and smirked. He looked back at Sonic and raised an eyebrow.

"Because that bitch is the enemy, and we don't have any mercy for the enemy." Answered the trooper

Sonic snarled and gripped his arm tighter. The trooper wheezed in pain and dropped the dart. Sonic's grip was starting to hurt him. The trooper looked at his arm and then at Sonic with a worried expression. Sonic continued to stare at him with unsympathetic eyes.

"I don't care what you think she is. She is not a bitch. She is a kind hearted young girl who is scared and needs help." Sonic said

Every trooper in the room began to laugh at Sonic's words. Some rolled on the couch from their laughter. Even the trooper whom he was talking to was chuckling in amusement. The roar of laughter made Sonic feel like he was being stabbed. How could they be so coldhearted? Sonic began to growl, but nobody noticed. When his growling couldn't be heard, he decided to take action. Sonic looked at the trooper and smirked.

"You know, you're right." Sonic said in a happy tone, "We don't show mercy on the enemy."

Then, without warning, Sonic punched the trooper in his jaw as hard as he could. He let go, letting the trooper stumble back and smash against the wall. All the laughing in the room ceased immediately. Sonic started walking over to the trooper, who was trying to get up. He cracked his knuckles and reached for the trooper's BDUs.

"Anybody who hates Amy is my enemy, and like you said… no mercy." Sonic hissed

He pulled the trooper up and punched him in the face again. The trooper fell back down on the ground, groaning. The trooper recovered himself and got up quickly. He wiped the blood from his mouth and got into a fighting stance.

"You're gonna wish you hadn't done that." The trooper growled

The trooper leapt for Sonic, yelling. Sonic quickstepped to the side and let the trooper fall on the ground. Sonic walked over and knelt down next to him. He put his hand on the trooper's neck and kept him down. Sonic clenched his fist and pulled back.

"Don't you ever talk about Amy like that." He said darkly

Sonic proceeded to punch the trooper mercilessly. He swung at the trooper's face, beating it more and more. All the other troopers stood there in shock when they watched this. They dared not interfere with Sonic's rage. They knew they wouldn't stand a chance. This was so strange and unlike him. Sonic was beating someone up? What had happened to him? Every time Sonic punched that trooper, he felt a little anger leave his body. But that anger was replaced by regret. But he ignored it. He continued to punch the trooper to the point at which the trooper's face was completely deformed.

While this was happening, Tails walked in. A look of horror grew on his face when he saw what Sonic was doing. Tails ran for the group of troopers surrounding Sonic and his victim.

"Get out of the way!" Tails yelled

The troopers saw the little fox running at them and stood back. Sonic didn't pay attention to Tails. Tails ran over and grabbed onto Sonic's arm right before it made contact again. Blood dripped from his glove. The trooper's face looked like a destroyed mess with cuts, bruises, and blood everywhere. Tails stared at Sonic with serious eyes.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Tails exclaimed

Sonic turned and looked at Tails. His canines were showing and hatred was in his eyes.

"I'm showing this guy what happens when you mess with me." He hissed

Tails had no idea what he meant by this, but he knew it was wrong.

"Look, Sonic. We know what you're going through, but don't take it out on the troopers. We need them in fighting shape." He said

Sonic looked down at the trooper. He realized he still had his hand on the trooper's neck. Sonic let go and jerked his arm out of Tails' grip. He stood up and looked down at Tails. A frown of disapproval was on his face.

"I thought you would back me up, old buddy." Sonic said quietly

Sonic looked around at the troopers and snarled.

"What are you guys looking at?!" he roared

Sonic turned and stormed out of the room. Tails stood up and looked back at Sonic.

"Sonic, wait!" he cried, running for his friend

Before Tails could reach him, Sonic sprinted out of the bunker. Tails stopped at the doorway to the room and looked down the corridor where Sonic had been. A blue streak was left behind by the hedgehog. Tails just stared at the corridor, and the confused troopers who had felt Sonic's wind pass by them. Just then, Bolton came out of one of the rooms. He was in full combat gear, preparing for a recon mission. He looked bewildered, like something strange had happened to him. He looked over at Tails and cocked his head.

"What was that rush of air?" he asked

Tails walked over to Bolton and stood there, looking up at his friend.

"It was Sonic. He just sprinted out of the bunker." Tails said

A look of confusion mixed with anxiety came over Bolton.



Bolton sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"Should I go look for him?" Bolton asked

Tails sighed and nodded. It was too dangerous to be out there alone. There were still too many swat-bots roaming around. Sonic wouldn't last long out there if he was by himself. It didn't matter what his motive was, whatever it was, he needed to be safe. Sonic was their only hope, and if he was gone, they would soon be too.

"Yeah, go. We need him back here." Tails said

Bolton nodded and put on his headset. He walked over to the steel bunker door and grabbed an assault rifle. He loaded it and opened the door. The light from midafternoon blinded them. Before he left, Bolton turned around and looked at Tails.

"This is twice I've had to bring him back here. A third and you'll have to start paying me." He joked

Tails chuckled and Bolton left. The hunt was on for Sonic, but what they would find was a lot more valuable than that blue hedgehog.

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