No Hope

The apartment

"He who conceals his hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool."

-Proverbs 10:18

One thing Amy felt when she woke up was the pain. Her entire body felt like it was going to shatter if she moved. So she just laid there, suffering through the pain. Skidding across asphalt for a couple dozen meters left its mark on a girl. Amy felt a liquid against part of her thigh. She knew she was bleeding, but didn't have the energy to check it. But while she was immobilized, she had time to think. Sonic had just kicked her. He had finally struck back at her, and had won. He was fighting her, and was ready to hurt her. It made Amy feel another swarm of emotions. Anger was her first emotion. Anger towards Sonic for hitting her, and winning their little fight. Sadness was another. She couldn't believe that he had struck her. Didn't he still care? She always asked that question, but she knew the answer now. He didn't. And this led to her third emotion, hatred. She hated him now, and was willing to see that he was killed on the spot for what he had done to her. She was ready to kill him.

Amy slowly opened her eyes. They felt heavy and it almost hurt to open them. When she did, her vision was blurry. She blinked a few times to get her eyes adjusted. When her eyes focused, she saw Sonic and the two GUN troopers walking away. They were heading south. Amy grinned evilly, showing her canines.

"You won this time, Sonikku, but next time… you won't be so lucky." She growled

Amy watched them with eyes like a hawk. She let them disappear into the light fog. Slowly, she tried to get up. Her bones felt like glass. Her skin was burned and scraped. Amy wheezed in pain when she stood up. Finally, she got to her feet and checked herself. She had a few cuts on her thighs and stomach, but nothing serious. Scrapes littered her arms. But she had energy, and could fight.

"Not too bad." She said to herself

Amy checked her skimpy outfit. It was still intact. She smirked and started walking in the direction that Sonic and the troopers went. She was going to find their bunker, and do what she did best, kill. Amy walked along for only a few hundred feet before her ear piece went off. She groaned in annoyance and answered it.

"What?" she asked in an impatient tone

Eggman's voice crackled through the radio.

"Agent R! What are you doing?!" he roared

Amy scoffed and stopped walking. She stood near a burger stand, and leaned against one of the tables.

"I was hunting Sonic." She answered

"No! You broke protocol is what you did! You left without checking out and not telling me! You know better!"

She could tell Eggman was furious. She grinned, thinking of how annoyed that man must be. She played with her nails, and talked in a calm voice.

"I thought I would have a better chance finding him if I didn't have an army of swat-bots on my tail. But then again, you don't know anything about subtlety, do you?"

Amy knew what she was doing. She was playing with him. It was hilarious to hear his reactions.

"WHAT?! How dare you insult me like that! You are done, Agent R! Report back to base immediately!" he barked

Amy stood up and grew a bit more serious.

"Or what? Have your incompetent swat-bots try and take me down? That's funny."

A brief silence fell over the radio, but it didn't last long.


Amy pulled the ear piece off her ear so the volume wouldn't hurt her.

"You sorry excuse for a hedgehog! You are just an angry teenager! Report back to base, or you will suffer the consequences!"

Amy laughed out loud and put the ear piece back in.

"But dad…" she said in a girly voice, "I am following Sonic and a GUN messenger. If I capture them, this could lead us to victory." She said

Amy knew she had him here. There was no way Eggman could resist such an opportunity. She knew how much he craved victory, and knew he would do anything to get it. She had him right where she wanted him. She walked over to a nearby rock and looked down at it. The entire time, Eggman was screaming at her.

"And another thing! Don't you ever talk back to me you little bitch!" Eggman screamed

Amy smirked.

"Huh? Uh sorry, I, I can't here you, connections breaking up. See you later, you fat piece of shit." She said

Amy pulled off her ear piece and threw it on the ground. The sounds of Eggman's screaming could still be heard. Amy picked up the rock and held it high. She laughed and threw down the large rock. The rubble smashed the ear piece into thousands of pieces. Amy continued to laugh at what she had just done. She wiped her hands and sighed.

"Time to go find that fucker." She said, looking around

Amy looked around in the desolate wasteland that had once been Station Square. A slight breeze blew her quills to the side. She decided to go south and look for them. Amy sighed and began walking down one of the many streets. She went along, looking around, searching for Sonic. But she didn't see a living thing. However, she was noticing something different. There were no swat-bots patrolling the streets, no fighters dominating the skies, no dropships going around, not even the chatter of distant gunfire. There was nothing except the echoes of the wind through the city. Something was wrong with this picture. Usually, there was always a badnik a couple meters away. But now, there was nothing except an empty city. Amy was nervous, she had grown used to seeing swat-bots, but now there weren't any. She didn't like it.

But nevertheless, she continued on, walking, searching. She began to whistle to herself. But as she was walking, she started to get a weird feeling in her gut. She felt like someone was watching her. Amy stopped walking and stood completely still. She didn't even breathe. She slowly turned her head around, darting her eyes around to see what was bothering her. She scanned the area, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. But then, something caught her eye. A glint of light appeared briefly in a dark apartment window. It was at the top floor of the apartment complex.

"How dare you." She said quietly

Amy just stood there and stared at the window. She knew what she was going up against. A GUN sniper was in that window. He had a sniper rifle aimed on her head. She stood and waited to see what the sniper would do. For what seemed like ages, she watched the window with narrowed eyes. She felt like she could sense what he was doing. Amy didn't let any fear show. Then, a voice in the back of her head.

"Go." It commanded

Amy jumped to the side just as a sniper round it the ground where she had been. The echo of the shot rang out throughout the city. Amy pulled out her hammer and ran for the apartment building. The sniper saw this and grunted.

"Damn it." She said

The sniper dropped her rifle and turned around. She needed to get out of that place, and fast. Amy was coming for her. The sniper ran for the door. She stopped and pulled out her pistol right before leaving the room. The sniper checked both corners and then ran for the staircase. As she was running, she pressed on the transmitter for her radio. She held the radio to her mouth.

"Tornado, Tornado, this is Bravo six. I have engaged Agent R, and am redeploying. Need immediate assistance at grid 275941. How copy over?" she said

The radio crackled with static for a second before Tails' voice came through.

"Copy that Bravo six, fire team majestic is on route." He reported

The sniper, also known as Kicks, ran down the hallway. She passed through countless rooms. But while she was running, the sinking feeling of this being her last mission came into her head. The thoughts of Agent R catching up to her frightened her more than any other thought she had ever had before. But she kept on doing one thing. Running. Kicks' hat flew off while she was running. Her black hair flew behind her. Eventually, she made it to the staircase. She stopped by the rail, panting. Kicks stood there, trying to catch her breath.

"Where to now?" she asked herself

Kicks looked down the staircase, what she saw nearly made her scream. Agent R was walking up the staircase, staring directly at Kicks. A manacle grin was on her face. Kicks gasped and took a step back.

"No!" she screamed

Kicks turned and ran down the hallway again. Amy saw this and chuckled. She picked up the pace and ran up the remaining stairs. She made it to the hallway where Kicks was and ran after her. Amy ran as fast as she could after the GUN sniper. Kicks ran and turned her head around to see if Amy was following her, she was. Kicks stopped and turned to face Amy. She aimed her pistol at her and steadied herself.

"Die, bitch." She said

Kicks fired a shot at Amy. Amy used her acrobatic skills and jumped onto the side of the wall. She ran and jumped off when Kicks fired another shot. Kicks took a step back. Amy was getting closer. Amy jumped up onto another wall when Kicks fired. They continued this for a while. When they were only a few meters apart, Kicks fired off as many shots as she could. She emptied the magazine into Amy, screaming. Amy dodged every shot with her masterful acrobatics, and tackled Kicks.

"GGAAHH!" Kicks screamed

Amy made contact with her and made Kicks fall to the floor with a loud thud. She was on top of the sniper, punching her in the face. The speed of the attack was too much for Kicks to stop. Amy threw punches at her faster than she could dodge. Kicks took them all, getting overwhelmed by all of the attacks. Kicks couldn't find time to retaliate, or defend. Amy continued to beat Kicks up relentlessly. Eventually, Kicks began coughing up blood. Her face was distorted, cut, and broken. Amy knelt on top of her, panting. She raised her blood-soaked hands in front of her. She stared at them, panting. They dripped with the red liquid. She looked back down at Kicks and growled.

"Don't ever fire at me again." She snarled

Kicks smirked, revealing her broken teeth. Her blackened eyes stared at Amy with confidence.

"You won't last long. You'll never have a happy ending." Kicks said, gargling her own blood

Amy snarled and slapped Kicks. She pulled the pistol out of Kicks' hand and inspected it. A brand new M1911. She liked it. Amy pressed the release to see an empty magazine. She searched Kicks' body for spare magazines, which she found. Once she was done scrounging through the gear, Amy stood up. She loaded a new magazine into the pistol and stared down at the destroyed soldier. Kicks looked up at her with weak, but hateful eyes. For a brief moment, Amy realized what she had just done. She had nearly killed this soldier with her bare hands. She was the one in power now. Amy was the better killer. And this woman was her victim. She spit on Kicks and smirked.

"I like this pistol, I'm gonna keep it. It's not like you need it." She said, placing the pistol between her waist and her skirt.

Kicks just stared at her, slowly creeping her hand into a pouch on her belt. Kicks knew what she had to do. She didn't like it, but it might work. With the little strength she had left, Kicks pulled out a hand grenade from her belt. She held it high in her shaking hands and pulled off the pin. She let the safety go and held it in the air, in front of Amy. Amy saw the grenade and for a brief moment, was frozen in shock. This trooper was going to sacrifice herself, just to kill her? Pity for the young woman overcame Amy. But then, she was taken out of her trance when Kicks spoke.

"Now you'll learn." Kicks croaked

Amy realized what was happening. Her eyes grew huge. She spun around and ran down the hallway as fast as she could.

"You stupid bitch!" Amy screamed, running away

All her years of running after Sonic came into play here. Amy ran down the corridor. After five seconds of sprinting, a massive explosion, followed by a magnificent fireball consumed the hallway. The fire from the explosion raced down the corridor after Amy. She ran, barely escaping the fire. She could feel the fire licking at her back. It was hot, too hot. But it didn't burn her. However, the shockwave was what really got her. The shockwave from the grenade swept her off her feet. She flew through the air, smashing against a wall. Amy laid on the ground, keeping perfectly still. Amy slowly raised her head up to see what had become of the sniper and the apartment. What she saw was a massive crater in the top of the building. Rubble, steel, and furniture made a lake of debris. The light from the sun shown in, lighting up the area where Kicks had once been. Dust particles could be seen floating in the sun. It was a heartbreaking moment for anyone… except Amy.

"Wow." Amy said, whistling a little

She slowly stood up and walked carefully over to the blast area. She stood right at the edge of the crater, looking around with her jaw open. It was a wonderful testament to the power of that grenade. Amy kicked a rock and let it fall down the crater. She nodded her head in approval. Suddenly, shadows appeared circling the crater. They appeared all at once. Amy counted them all. Almost twenty of them. She looked up to see what was casting the shadows.

She made her hand into a visor to see past the sun's glare. However, it was not what she wanted to see. Almost twenty GUN were standing around the crater, aiming at her. Amy spun around and saw a squad of GUN troopers blocking the exit to the hallway. They too were aiming at her. She spun around again and saw GUN soldiers on the other end of the hallway. They had completely surrounded her. Amy smirked and chuckled.

"Looks like they finally have me." She said in a delighted tone

One GUN trooper walked up and stood at the edge of the crater. She spotted him. It looked like Bolton. Something was in his hands. He raised that something to his mouth.

"Agent R! As acting commander of all GUN forces, and representative of Station Square, I order you to surrender! Resistance to do so will be met with execution!" Bolton said through the megaphone

Amy put her hand on her hip and stared at him with an impatient face.

"Never mind that, shit sack, let's get this over with. I have a pedicure at three, so let's go."

Bolton was not in the mood to deal with her attitude.

"Will you surrender, or fight?" Bolton asked

Amy laughed.

"Fighting is so much more exciting!" she yelled back

Amy then saw another figure appear. It was a blue hedgehog. Sonic was there too. Amy's heart skipped a beat when she saw him. But then she reminded herself of what he had done, and recovered her emotions. Nevertheless, she couldn't stop looking at him. His green eyes were so beautiful to her. She could get lost in them. Her thoughts were shaken away when he started to speak.

"Amy, please, stand down. I don't want to fight you, and I don't want to see you get hurt. That is why I am saying, give up. You can help us end this. Just drop your weapons." He said, almost begging

Amy snarled and pulled out her hammer.

"After what you did, I'll never stop fighting!" she screamed back

Sonic lowered his head and closed his eyes. He dropped the megaphone and let a tear fall.

"Fine." He whispered

Sonic looked up at Bolton and nodded slowly, almost crying.

"Attack." He ordered

Bolton nodded and pressed his radio.

"All units, this is a snatch and grab. Capture her, but don't hesitate to drop her. Mission is a go." Bolton said

Amy heard talking behind her. She spun around just in time to see a group of troopers running at her. But she had a trick up her sleeve. She took a few steps closer, getting out of sight of the crater. She patiently stood there, grinning, waiting for her time to strike. And when she did, she was deadly.

"Come no boys." She taunted

When the troopers were close, Amy quickly pulled out her pistol. Within seconds, she fired and killed a couple GUN troopers running at her. One got close enough. She pulled out her hammer and swung. Her hammer smashed against his head, making it explode. Amy then grabbed his dead carcass and ran at the other troopers on the hallway. They fired at her, but she was protected by the body. Once she was close, she threw the body at them. The body hit a couple troopers and she shot the others. The troopers under the body threw it away from them just in time to get smashed by her hammer.

"Nice." She said, wiping the blood off her face

She ran for the staircase. She looked up it to see GUN troopers running down it. One spotted her and pointed.

"There!" he screamed

A few troopers looked down and aimed at her. They fired. Sparks from nearby bullets lit up the world around Amy. She jumped over the rails and fell down a couple flights of stairs. She grabbed onto one rail and swung herself onto another staircase. She continued sprinting, and finally, made it to the ground floor. She made it down and sprinted for the main lobby. Amy pulled out her hammer and smashed through a door to the lobby. But when she was in the lobby, she did not like what was there. A squad of GUN troopers was there, all aiming at her. She stopped where she was and dropped her hammer. She raised her hands in the air to surrender. The troopers all stared at her with determined and angry faces. One trooper, who appeared to be the commander, looked over at one trooper.

"Jenkins, cuff her." He ordered

Jenkins nodded and slowly stepped forward, still aiming at Amy. She just smirked and looked at him with seductive eyes. The troopers didn't know that she was planning an escape at this moment. Jenkins slowly lowered his assault rifle and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. But just as he was about to cuff her, Amy spun her plan.

"Hey, you're pretty good looking." She said in a seductive tone

Right then, Amy grabbed his head and spun it around. A loud crack came from inside his neck. She grabbed onto the lifeless body and used it as a shield. All the other troopers opened fire of her. She felt Jenkins' body shake from all the shots. Amy grabbed a grenade out of his gear and armed it. She threw it at one group of troopers. Amy jumped behind a desk.

"Grenade!" one trooper yelled

A massive explosion followed, then screaming. Amy pulled out her pistol and jumped up. She fired off at a few troopers, killing them. When her pistol magazine was empty, she crouched down again. She reloaded and was about to jump up again, when suddenly, another explosion rocked the building. This time however, it was much larger. The entire ground shook. All the troopers were yelling in confusion.

"What was that?!" one trooper yelled

"Swat-bots! We got swat-bots at our six!" another cried

Amy slowly peered over the desk to see the GUN troopers now in a firefight with a couple squads of swat-bots out in the street. They had completely taken their attention away from Amy. She watched, panting furiously, as the two sides slaughtered each other.

"Finally." She panted

Amy slowly crept back towards the door. She kept her eyes on the firefight, making sure not to get caught. She made her way into the hallway and turned to run out another door. But when she turned to run, someone was expecting her. Sonic was standing at the other end of the hallway. Amy stood up and stared back at him. For a long time, the world shut down, letting them gaze at each other. She still loved that hedgehog, but couldn't forgive him. Amy took a step forward.

"Out of my way!" she demanded

Sonic took a few steps forward. His face was solemn, but determined.

"You know I can't do that." He replied

Amy started walking towards him. She pulled out her hammer and dragged it behind her. She snarled at him.

"Don't have some other girl to chase around?" she asked in annoyance

Sonic didn't move.

"You're the only girl I will ever chase." He said flatly

Amy's eyes widened when he said this. She felt her cheeks burn as they blushed. Her mouth opened a bit. But then she caught herself. She shook her head and got rid of the thoughts she had about him.

"Liar." she hissed

Amy picked up her hammer and ran for him, screaming. Sonic stood there silently, waiting to strike. When Amy was a couple meters away, he sprinted at her. Before a second had passed, he ran up and jumped over her. He grabbed her hammer and threw it out of her hands. It flew away and smashed against a wall. Sonic landed right behind her. Amy spun around and tried to kick him. Sonic jumped away and then ran up. They were going to fight hand to hand. Amy threw a punch, Sonic dodged and slide-kicked her. She fumbled over and got back up.

"Why're you doing this? Why are you slaughtering innocent people?" Sonic asked

Amy threw a punch, Sonic dodged. He then punched her in the gut. Amy stumbled backwards and got ready to fight again.

"Because I am fed up with all the shit in my life. And it's time for others to pay." she said

Amy ran and kicked Sonic. He was thrown back and skidded on the ground. He jumped up just in time to dodge a punch. When she punched, Sonic side stepped her. She went right past him. As soon as her back was to him, Sonic kicked her back. She fell forward onto the ground.

"You know it isn't right to take your anger out on them, don't you?" Sonic asked

Before he could pin her, Amy grabbed Sonic's foot and pulled it. He fell over and landed on the ground. Amy rolled over and got on top of him. She knelt over him, trying to punch. Sonic blocked the punches, and then, punched her. She squealed and fell backwards. Sonic jumped on top of her and punched her side.

"I don't like hurting you, Amy." Sonic cried

Amy blocked a punch.

"Stop calling me that! I am Agent R! Not Amy Rose!" she screamed

Amy grabbed onto Sonic's chest fur, and shoved him back. He stood up and got into a fighting stance. Amy jumped up and pulled out her hammer. They stood there, panting, hurting on the inside and out. The muffled sounds of gunfire and screaming surrounded them.

"I know you, Amy. Deep down, you're not like this." Sonic said slowly

That comment hit home for Amy. He was right, she wasn't a killer. But once again, she pushed those thoughts aside. They would only get in the way. Amy gripped her hammer harder and growled.

"I'm this way because of you." She snarled

Sonic huffed and ran for her. He didn't want to admit it, but that was true. This all was because of him. He hadn't tried to call her or Tails, and he had paid dearly for it. Now, thousands of people had been killed because of his mistake. But Sonic knew such thoughts were bad, and stowed them away for later. They could be dealt with later. He needed to focus on Amy. He ran at her, ready to fight. Once again, they traded blow. Sonic jumped over one of Amy's swings, and kicked her right in the face. Amy flew back and skidded on the carpet. She jumped up and as Sonic got closer, punched him in the gut. He was halted right there, vomiting. She saw her chance. She took her elbow, and slammed it against the back of his neck. Sonic fell to the ground, groaning. Amy smirked and knelt down. She grabbed one of his quills and lifted him into the air. His toes barely touched the ground. He looked up at Amy with weak eyes. Her attack had caused him quite a bit of pain. Amy stared back at him with an evil and seductive smile. She brought him closer and put her lips up to his ear.

"Would Amy Rose ever kill the man she loved?" she asked quietly

She pulled him back to see his face. Sonic's reaction was one of shock and horror. His jaw hung from his head. He was sure of what was about to happen. She was going to end it right there.

"Don't do it." Sonic croaked

Amy laughed and dropped Sonic on the ground. He wheezed and grabbed his abdomen in pain. Amy pulled out her hammer and held it up high, ready to strike. But before she swung, she had one final remark.

"I'm doing this because I love you."

Sonic looked up and saw the bladed hammer ready to fall. Then suddenly, a couple shots rang out through the hallway. Sparks from bullets hitting the walls flew everywhere. Amy looked up and saw a squad of GUN troopers making their way towards her. And in front of them, was Tails, Bolton, and Bragg. Amy snarled and hid behind a maintenance cart. She and Sonic looked at each other for a brief second. Amy smiled and laughed.

"Next time." She said

Sonic watched as Amy jumped up and ran for the door at the end of the hallway. Within a second, she was gone. Sonic stared at the door to the staircase with wondering eyes. She must have gone up to the roof. He then slowly looked back behind him and saw all the GUN troopers making their way towards him. Two GUN troopers pursued Amy up the staircase. Once they were gone, Bolton made it over and skidded next to him, along with Tails. They looked over Sonic's condition and then Bolton turned his head back down the corridor.

"Get a medic!" he barked

He then turned his attention back to Sonic. He pulled down his brown scarf, revealing his rugged face. Sonic still couldn't believe that Bolton was the husband of Francesca. He would need to find time to tell him that she was okay. Tails was there with an assault rifle in his hands. Sonic still couldn't believe Tails was using a weapon like that. It was so unlike him. Sonic hated seeing Tails with it.

Tails turned Sonic over onto his back and raised his head up a bit.

"It's okay Sonic, we've got a medic on the way." Tails comforted

Sonic turned to look at the door.

"Find her." He wheezed

"We've got teams searching for her now. Don't worry." Bolton remarked

Then, another trooper walked into the hallway. He took off his helmet and ran his gloved hand through his hair. Bolton stood up to meet the trooper. They both saluted and the trooper put his helmet back on.

"All units report all clear sir. We've taken it." The trooper reported

Bolton looked back down at Sonic, and then back at the trooper.

"Where is Agent R?" he asked

"The troopers reported her leaving on a dropship."

Bolton scratched his neck and looked back down at Sonic.

"Let's get this hedgehog back to base. Do a radio check, I need casualty numbers, ammunition counts. The whole lot." Bolton ordered, "MOVE IT!"

All the troopers around them sprang into action, buzzing around. Tails and Sonic just looked around, watching it all. Sonic then directed his attention back to his friend. Tails looked down and smiled.

"Nice work, Tails." Sonic said, raising a thumbs up and winking

Tails laughed and tried to help Sonic up.

"No problem, buddy. It's what friends are for. Besides, we're going to need you if we're going to take the HQ down."

Sonic stared hard at Tails. Those few sentence stuck with him. Tails was right, friends did stick together. In a world where so many things had gone wrong, friendship was something they all needed. They were friends, brothers, teammates. They stuck together, no matter what, and would do anything for each other.

And the HQ. The center for all of this destruction was within the very city it was trying to destroy. What did Tails mean by it? Were they going after it? Did Burns' message get across? Sonic was dying to know. He would have no end of question when they made it back to the bunker.

Sonic was ready. He was ready for this all to end. These few Gun troopers were done with all this, and needed to meet their families. Station Square needed to be rebuilt, and become the city it had once been. And Sonic's team of friends, needed to rejoin, and rekindle the friendship they had lost.

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