No Hope

The girl meets 9025

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!"

-Psalm 133:1

It wasn't only a pleasant experience for Tails to get some sleep. But it had been needed. The teenager had been on the move nonstop for forty-eight hours. He had been busy setting up the new bunker, contacting other GUN units, fighting swat-bots, leading troops, and doing just about everything in between. For a kid, he had done quite a bit. It still made him depressed inside that he couldn't access his workshop, and use the technologically brilliant mind he possessed. He could build and program anything, but was stuck with using simple military radios and conventional weapons. He didn't have the resources to unlock his full potential. If only he could get to the remains of his workshop, he might be able to turn this conflict around. The weapons and tech he still had in the basement of that building could have won them the fight long ago. He had begun to have dreams about working with his old tools, inventing things that Thomas Edison could only dream of. But like he said to Sonic, he couldn't look back.

Tails slowly opened his eyes. They fluttered a bit as he got used to the light inside the bunker. The eerie green glow of chemical lights around him was still enough for his eyes to need to adjust. Once his eyes were open, he looked around. He began to remember where he was. The room he was in was Sonic's. Boxes of supplies, gear, and other things were strewn about. It looked quite messy. Then, he felt something on him. He looked down at his body. A blanket was over him.

"What the hell?" he asked himself

He didn't remember going to sleep. He did remember one thing though. He remembered crying on Sonic's shoulder after their talk. Then, his memory went blank. That must have been when he fell asleep. Tails looked over at a crate that was next to the cot. He noticed his pistol laying on it. But something was peculiar about it. He frowned and sat up. He reached over and picked up the sidearm. Attached to the slide was a sticky note. He pulled it off and read it.

"I hope you enjoyed your nap buddy. You deserved it. Get some breakfast. Bolton and I are in the command room. Meet us when you can."


Tails smirked and took the pistol and holstered it. He jumped out of bed and decided to go see what Sonic was up to. Tails opened the door and looked around. The first thing he immediately noticed was that there were far more GUN troopers in the bunker than there was yesterday. New faces were everywhere, and they all looked like seasoned veterans. Tails walked down the corridor, looking up at all the troopers. They greeted him kindly as he passed by. Most were dressed in full combat gear, and had their rifles with them. They clearly weren't Bolton's men. Each one of them had a certain aura of experience. They all walked with their eyes darting around, examining their surroundings. Their footsteps were controlled and quiet. But most of all, one hand was always close to their sidearm. That was the mark of a real veteran in this conflict. The habit of always being ready to fight, because you never knew when Agent R would burst through a wall, killing everyone inside.

As he walked along, Tails spotted Bragg standing by the wall, talking with a couple troopers. A cloud of smoke surrounded them from their cigarettes. Tails walked up just as Bragg inhaled a bit of his cigarette.

"What's up, Bragg?" Tails asked in a kind tone

Bragg turned around and looked down at the small fox. He smirked and blew out the smoke into the air. He patted Tails' head lightly.

"Nothing much, big man. Just been getting a few more patrols coming our way." He replied happily

Tails nodded and looked around.

"Looks like it." He said

Bragg's face suddenly turned serious and he looked around skeptically.

"Can you tell me what's going on up in the brass? All of us are clueless." Bragg asked

Tails did know, but one thing he didn't was how they were going to pull it off. The objective and mission was set, but not the means to do it. Right now, he was just praying Agent R didn't find them. Tails shook his head and gripped the collar of his trench coat.

"Beats me. All I know is that something big is going to happen really soon, so stay frosty." Tails ordered

Bragg chuckled and put the cigarette up to his mouth.

"Yes sir." He chuckled, inhaling

Tails smiled and left. It was amazing to think that any of them had survived this long during the fight. Most troopers didn't live to see a long campaign, but the few that did, had a character all themselves. Tails walked along with his hands in his pockets. He was ignoring what Sonic had said to do. He made his way up the bunker, into the farthest parts from the entrance. It was darkest in this area, but the most secure. He passed by a couple sentries, and made his way to the end. At the end of the corridor was the command room. Tails stopped in front of the door. He could hear talking, planning, and some arguing going on inside. All the officers had their own ideas on what to do, and how to carry it out. It had been exhausting trying to reason with them. Some wanted to go on a full assault of the base. Others wanted to send Special Forces in. Others wanted to surrender. Others wanted to wait for backup. Others wanted to get out of the city. But the thought they did all share was the idea that they were the overall commander of everything. Even if they weren't the higher rank, they thought they should be in charge. It was a tiring job to get them to all agree that nobody was in charge. And now, Tails would see if that idea was still in effect. He sighed and closed his eyes.

"Here goes nothing." He whispered

Tails opened his eyes and opened the door. All the chatter immediately stopped, and all the officers stood at attention. They all faced him and saluted briskly. The room fell completely silent. Even Sonic, who was standing next to Bolton, had turned quiet. Tails suddenly felt incredibly nervous. Did they think that he was the commander? No, that would be impossible. Tails just stood there and stared at the officers.

"What's going on?" Tails asked nervously

Sonic smirked and walked up to him. He put his hand on his shoulder and shook him a bit.

"They just do that whenever someone walks in. These guys are pretty strict. Come on, let's show you the plan." Sonic said, leading tails to the center table

They made it over and Tails looked at the map. Only one small arrow was on the map. It weaved around the perimeter of the base, in positions that couldn't be detected. It confused Tails. He immediately thought of what this meant.

"Don't tell me we're going to be sending in a spec ops team, are we?" Tails sighed

One of the officers smirked.

"Far from it. Right now, we don't know anything about Dr. Eggman's HQ. All we know is that it is in the old senate building. And even that isn't reliable intel. He loves to upgrade. If we sent in troops with our current intel, they'd be slaughtered. What we need to do, is get firm intel on the area. So, we have decided to send in a small recon team to scout out the area around the HQ. They're going to gather knowledge on the terrain, and report back to us. That is when we will decide what to do."

Tails put his hand on his chin and thought over the plan. It made a lot of sense. They didn't know anything about what it was like over by the HQ. Eggman is very unpredictable. Sending a recon team was the best plan to him. It could save hundreds of lives, and cause them to strike a critical blow to his operation. Tails nodded and looked around.

"Sounds like a plan. What team will we be sending?" he asked

Bolton handed him a data pad. Tails looked it over. It had the entire team roster. It wasn't a big team, but it was a good one. He looked up and gave a thumbs up.

"Nice pick. When will they be sent out?" he asked

"In an hour." Sonic answered

Tails looked over and nodded.

"Alight then." He said, looking around, "Let's get rolling, gentleman."

Tails put down the data pad and turned to leave. Sonic stood there still. He looked over the map. It was a good idea, and they had thought over the plan nicely. It looked like it just might work.

"Want to get some breakfast, Sonic?" Tails called out by the door

Sonic turned and smirked.

"Sure." He replied

Just as he was about to leave, Sonic noticed something. Bolton was still standing there. His eyes were shut, his head lowered, and his lips silently forming words. Sonic cocked his head in wonder and curiosity. He then looked back at Tails.

"I'll catch up." He said

Tails frowned at him and nodded.

"Got it."

Tails closed the door behind him, leaving Sonic and Bolton behind. Sonic turned back around and looked up at Bolton. The man was in some sort of trance. All he was doing was repeating the same word. But Sonic couldn't make out what it was. He looked over Bolton to see if anything was different. Nothing was different. He looked normal. But still, something was bothering him. Sonic took a step closer.

"Hey, Bolton. Are you good?" Sonic asked slowly

Bolton's eyes shot open. He looked down at Sonic and smiled weakly. But his eyes were what gave it away. They were filling with tears.

"Yeah." He croaked, "I'm green."

Sonic didn't believe him at all. He folded his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't try and lie. I've got a good sense at knowing when people are lying." Sonic said

Bolton frowned at him.

"What do you mean lying? Don't act like you know me you rodent." Bolton said, turning to leave

But before he could even take a step, Sonic jumped in front of him. He smirked as he looked up at the now infuriated trooper.

"Don't think you can get away that easy. I'm the world's fastest hedgehog." Sonic said in his normal cocky tone

Bolton grunted and clenched his fists.

"It's none of your fucking business to know what I'm going through!" Bolton yelled

Sonic didn't move. His cocky smile disappeared. He was getting a pretty good idea of what was going on. And he was not going to move, or let Bolton leave, until he knew for sure. Sonic just stood still, trying to be the bigger man here.

"I think it is." Sonic said

"Shut up you stupid rodent! I just want to be left alone right now!" Bolton roared

"Why?" Sonic asked

That was the last straw for Bolton. He took a step back and pulled out his pistol. He aimed it at Sonic's forehead. Tears were streaming from his eyes. Sonic didn't move a muscle. He stared at the Glock 17 in Bolton's hand. Sonic knew how he was going to do it. He had already planned it out.

"I swear to god if you don't move out of the way I will blow your fucking head off." Bolton growled

Sonic sighed and looked around. He was ready to drop the bomb.

"I don't think Francesca would like that." Sonic said in a bored tone

The next sound he heard was the sound of Bolton's pistol hitting the ground. Sonic looked back up at the trooper to see him in complete shock. His jaw was hanging open in surprise. Even more tears were slipping their way through. Bolton was shaking. He couldn't comprehend what that hedgehog had just said. Only one thing could be said.

"What?" Bolton asked, shaking

Sonic gazed up at him.

"I said, I don't think Francesca would like that." Sonic said, a bit clearer

Bolton put his hand up to his face and covered his mouth. Muffled whimpering could be heard coming from him. It was amazing to Sonic to see a tough GUN trooper whimper. It was unheard of. Sonic knelt down and picked up the pistol. He clicked on the safety and placed it on the table. He then sighed and walked over. He jumped up and sat on the edge of the table. He played with his thumbs, letting the effect of what he said soak into Bolton. After a minute, Bolton turned and stared at Sonic.

"H-how… How do you know Francesca?" Bolton stuttered

Sonic smirked and slowly pulled off his glove. In the palm of his hand was the picture Francesca gave him. Bolton's eyes widened when he saw it. He shot a glance at Sonic and laughed while crying.

"But how?" he asked, slowly reaching for the photo

"She was a nurse in the hospital I stayed at. She took care of me, believed that I would help save Station Square. She told me that she had a husband in GUN, and he was deployed in Station Square. She asked me to keep this picture, so I could find him. And when I found him, she told me to keep him safe." Sonic explained

He looked up at Bolton to see him wiping away tears with his scarf. He sat against the table next to Sonic and looked down at the hedgehog.

"So she's the reason you're alive?" Bolton asked

Sonic nodded slowly, still playing with his thumbs. Bolton stared at the picture. He chuckled slightly.

"I remember that day. Back when I had just graduated. And she surprised me by showing up." Bolton chuckled a bit more, wiping away a tear, "That was five years ago."

Sonic hummed in acknowledgement. He looked up at Bolton.

"She misses you, ya know?"

Bolton looked down at him and raised an eyebrow. Sonic looked back down.

"Yeah… she was always sad, even when she tried to act happy. She misses you. She is dying to know if you're alive or not." Sonic said slowly

"She always did get worried easily." Bolton added

"Ha… that's what they do. They worry." Sonic chuckled

They both laughed a bit. But it quickly ended. The silence that followed was excruciating. Sonic just played with his thumbs, thinking about Amy. And Bolton just thought about Francesca, looking at the photo. Eventually, one of them spoke.

"She really does love you. You know that right?" Bolton said

Sonic quickly looked at him with a frown.

"What?" he asked

Bolton let a small smile appear. He tucked the photo in a pouch and looked down at Sonic.

"She loves you. Deep down, you're her everything." He added

Sonic laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah right. She doesn't love me, she hates me. I'm the devil to her, the reason for all of this. It's all because of me." Sonic mumbled

Bolton laughed and looked up.

"One thing you need to learn about women is that they are tough to understand."

Sonic looked up in confusion.

"What do you mean?" he asked

Bolton looked down at his combat gear.

"Girls, at least from what I know, are violent, but beautiful things. They can be the most loving, caring, enjoyable, and happiest people to be around with. On the other hand, they can be cold, brutal, hateful, and cruel. Some are a perfect mix between the two, some are just one of those. They can b2reak our hearts, and build them up. A girl can give you the will to live, and a girl and make you wish you were dead. And most of the time, it is us who determine how she acts. If she loves you, she loves you. She may deny it, but if she loves you, it'll show one way or another. A girl will do crazy things for love, and those decisions aren't always the best. But no matter what she does, she will still love you. Like you and Amy. If she didn't love you, she wouldn't have done what she has. She wouldn't be killing, or attacking. She loves you, and I've seen how you look at her. And you love her too."

Sonic looked down slowly, thinking about what he said. A new tear appeared in his eye. He wiped it away and wiggled his toes a bit.

"But I feel like I don't even know here anymore. It's almost like we've never even met. Doesn't she remember?" Sonic asked, his voice cracking from the tears that were ready to burst

"Sometimes, we don't need to meet a girl to fall in love. Sometimes, you just… know. You know?" Bolton answered

Sonic shot a confused look at Bolton.

"What?" he asked

Bolton smirked a bit and pulled out another picture of Francesca. He gazed at it with loving eyes.

"The first time I met her, it wasn't like a normal approach. I saw her studying on a bench back in college. I looked at her for a while. But then, she looked up at me. We made eye contact for a long time. We smiled at each other. And during that time, that small amount of time, I knew, she was the one for me. And she made the approach actually. She may have not been the prettiest girl, or the smartest, but she was the girl. You know that feeling, don't you? The girl? The one you just know is the one you're gonna spend the rest of your life with?"

Sonic just sat there, staring at Bolton in awe. Who knew a GUN troopers would be so knowledgeable about things like love. But Bolton's words did echo in Sonic's mind. "The girl" Sonic immediately thought of Amy when he thought of, "The girl". He thought of her flowing pink quills, her deep emerald eyes, her beautiful body, and her amazing laugh. Sonic smirked a bit and wiped away another tear.

"You're right. I do know, the girl." Sonic's smirk disappeared quickly, "But that girl is now my enemy."

Bolton sighed. He couldn't imagine what if felt like to have your one love turn against you. Then again, he did think of what Amy was going thought. She was probably going through the same thing as Sonic. And that is what hurt Bolton. They were both suffering, but one had chosen the right way, not the way of sin. Bolton smirked and pulled Sonic close.

"It's okay man. Someday, she will be with you again."

Sonic was shocked by how compassionate Bolton was turning out to be. It was a surprise he had certainly not seen coming. But no matter how strange it was, it was needed. Sonic didn't pull away, he just let this moment strengthen their friendship. And for the longest time, the two warriors sat together, talking about their girls.


Amy slowly opened her eyes. She blinked lightly to focus her eyes before opening them completely. She moaned a little. She did not want to get up.

"Same shit, different day." She cursed quietly

But before Amy could release her full anger at the morning, she noticed something. Her pillow had wets marks all over it around where her eyes were. She sat up and felt the areas with her fingers. They were damp. When she felt the wet marks, the horrors of what had gone on last night came flooding back to her. Being struck by Dr. Eggman was the thing she remembered the most. But another thought came to mind. The secret feelings she was beginning to have about Sonic. The thoughts of what she had said to herself last night came back to haunt her mind. The idea that he still cared for her was slowly seeping its way back into her mind. The emotions she had let control her for so long were beginning to tell her something.

"No…" she said to herself, getting out of bed, "I'm not stupid anymore. I can see when a guy doesn't care."

And that was what she would tell herself the rest of the day. She was smart enough, and wouldn't fall for love again. Amy stood up and looked herself over. She was still in her torn and dirty clothes. She was bloodied and bruised, and her makeup was smeared everywhere.

"Maybe I should take a shower." She said, walking over to the bathroom

Amy stripped down and got in the shower. Again, the water turned to a darkish red color when it hit her body. The blood of men, mixed with her own, washed off her. Once she was finished, she stepped out and got ready for the day. She put on her slutty outfit, did her quills, and applied her makeup. When she was finished, she looked herself over in the mirror. Looking at herself always did raise her self-esteem quite a bit. It made her feel confident, like she knew what she was doing. She smirked when she saw herself.

"Too bad there are no guys to impress." She said, leaving the bathroom

Amy left her room and walked down one of the many hallways in the senate building. She passed by many different robots, most of which weren't swat-bots. It still made her feel uncomfortable to be around so many robots. She didn't have a good history with them. It was robots that killed her family. It was robots that kidnapped her on Little Planet, and it was robots that gave Dr. Eggman his power. She still had the instinct to kill every single one of them. But she ignored it. Amy walked through the corridor, making her way to Eggman's personal office. As she got closer to the room, the amount of robots bustling around lessened and lessened. The sounds of hydraulics, beeping, and motors was now a faint buzz. Pictures of Eggman and his prized robots lined the walls. Amy scoffed and smirked.

"Prideful son of a bitch." She chuckled

Amy reached the door to his office. She stopped and composed herself. She checked herself over. If she wanted to catch his good mood today, she would need to look presentable. It was a fact. No matter how much she hated him, or despised him, he was still the one in power. And deep down, she knew she had to follow his rules. And one of those rules meant dressing nicely, and not looking like a slob. Once she was done checking herself over, Amy huffed.

"Alright." She said to herself

Amy knocked on the wooden door.

"What?" called a voice from inside

"It's Agent R." she replied

A couple seconds later, she heard footsteps approaching the door. Eggman opened it. His towering figure covered her in shadows. He stared down at her coldly. She looked back up at him with confidence. She was going to stand her ground. Eggman just stared at her for a while. Eventually, Amy put her hand on her hip and huffed.

"Well, are you gonna give me a job today or not?" she asked

Eggman grunted and turned around. He stormed over to the desk in the middle of the office.

"As a matter of fact, I have a job just right for you." He grumbled

Amy raised an eyebrow and smirked. She walked in and stood in front of the desk. Eggman turned and sat down in his chair. He fell on the chair with a thud, letting the air from his lungs escape with a sigh. He twirled slowly, staring at her. He continued to put on a face of disapproval and hatred. Amy just stood still, looking at him with her cold, but seductive eyes.

"Well, what is it?" she asked again

Eggman smiled at her. But he was far from pleased. It was a crafty smirk that made a tingle go down Amy's spine. He reached forward and picked up one of the data pads on the desk. He swiped through it, searching for something. When he found what he was looking for, he chuckled.

"Agent R, after a lot of thought yesterday, I plan on putting you on guard detail down in lockup."

Amy's expression changed from content to shock almost instantly. She took a step forward and raised her first.

"What?!" she cried

Amy had been through a lot of crappy missions since she joined Eggman. But she had never been assigned to guard duty in lockup. That job was for swat-bots who didn't need charging, or food, or sunlight. How could he do this to her? Being on guard duty was almost as bad as being a prisoner in there. She would not have any of that. She belonged out in the city, searching for the very few GUN squads left, and her remaining old friends.

"You're being put on guard duty down in lockup. You're in charge of watching prisoner 9025. If you disagree with that order, go ahead and get ready to share a cell with a random GUN trooper. Again, I'm sure he would love your company." Eggman hissed

A confident and evil smirk was the only expression Eggman had right now. He had her right where he wanted her, helpless. There was nothing she could do to stop him. She was now his puppet, and he was the master. But the look he got from Amy after he made his short speech made him wonder if she was a puppet, or a blind follower. She had turned her face to awe.

"Y-you really want to put me in charge of…" she swallowed hard, "In charge of… him?" she stuttered

Eggman nodded slowly and put the data pad down.

"Better get moving, shouldn't you? You have a long day of nothing to do." Eggman laughed

Amy grunted and turned to leave. She left and slammed the door behind her. Amy stormed through the hallways, making her way over to the elevator to lockup. She passed by the kitchen and picked up an apple. She bit into it, thinking about what was going to happen down there. She had heard the rumors GUN troopers had started about lockup. It was a place slightly better than hell. She had never been down there, Eggman had only told her that the worst stayed down there. The rest were kept in the regular prison. But lockup, that place was designed to keep even Sonic from breaking out. It would be a new experience for her. Amy walked down the stairs to where the elevator was. When she was in the room with the elevator, two swat-bot sentries stood by the elevator doors. When they saw her, the one with the white stripes of the commander rank stepped forward. It blocked her path. She stopped and stared at the killing machine.

"Password, please." It said in its deep robotic voice

"Eggs." She sighed

The swat-bot stood back in its place. Amy stepped forward and pressed the button near the door. The thick steel doors slowly slid open with a high pitched squeak. Amy cringed from the sounds of metal sliding against metal. She stepped through the two-foot steel doors and stood inside the small room. She pressed for the one and only button in the elevator. The doors once again slid shut, killing her ears. When the doors were shut, all noise from the outside was gone. And then, it went dark.

"What the hell?" she asked

Then, the lights came back on, in an eerie red color. She could barely make out anything. But then, before her eyes could adjust to the weird color, she felt the elevator drop. For what seemed like an eternity, she descended down towards lockup. The elevator kept going for a long time. Amy started to wonder if it would ever stop. But when the elevator did stop, and the doors began to open, she was not happy with what she saw and felt. When the doors opened, a blast of extremely hot air hit her. She squeaked a little in surprise. But when she adjusted to the heat, she took her first step out of the elevator. And boy, was that a mistake.

"What… the… fuck?" she whispered to herself

Around her was what appeared to be all of hell put into one room. The only light was a few hanging light bulbs in the center corridor. Other than that, there was no light, not even in the cells. The smell of decaying flesh, oil, and sulfur was almost unbreathable. Amy instantly put her hand over her nose to block out the stench. The floor was steel. But Amy couldn't tell. Streaks of dried blood, small empty plates, even a few human bones, scraped clean of all muscle and skin scattered the floor. And the sounds. The sounds are what truly terrified her. It seemed like every prisoner in there was screaming, moaning, calling out for help, or crying.

"Oh my chaos." She said, walking forward

Amy knew where prisoner 9025 was. He was at the very end of the corridor. The only prisoner not to have a cellmate, because he had eviscerated his first one. Amy walked forward, trying not to peek inside the cells. Rows of pitch black cells lined the walls. They seemed to be empty, despite the horrifying sounds coming from them. But as she walked along, stiff as a stick, the prisoners began to notice. They crept out of the shadows in their cells, and peered right at her. Looks of awe, hate, fear, and ferocity were on their faces. She walked by one cell. The troopers ran out and pressed themselves against the bars. They reached out and tried to grab at her. Their eyes were crazed and insane. They licked their lips like they were thirsty. Their clothes were torn and stained. Dirty and blood covered their skin.

"Come here you little bitch! I bet you'd love to get raped right about now!" yelled one cellmate

Amy didn't pay attention to them. She passed by another. When she did, the troopers jumped out and grabbed the bars. They screamed and tried to bite at her. They chomped away like rabbit beasts. Saliva spit out at her. They didn't have shirts on. They were practically skeletons. No muscle, fat, or anything was on their bones. They were starved.

"Come here! Give us a taste of that flesh!" they howled

Amy noticed them a little and grew a fearful looked. She walked a little faster and got away from them. The next cell she passed was just as disturbing. It was a single GUN trooper. He was rolled up into a ball and was rocking back and forth. His arms were wrapped around his legs, which were pulled up to his chest. He was crying furiously.

"Mama! I want my mama! Take me home, mama! Take me home! I don't wanna be here! MAMA!" he screamed out, still crying

Amy was now jogging her way from the cells. She was surrounded by death, insanity, and all sin in the world. The moans, screams, and crying was all she could take. She didn't want to be here. Amy did the best she could to keep as far away from every cell. But this didn't help. Some of the troopers looked so thin, that they could slip through the bars of their cells. Amy decided now was a good time to reach the end of the corridor. She ran there, trying not to glance at the horror of each cell. She sprinted through the hell-hole. Eventually, she could see the end of the corridor, and the cell that marked it. Amy skidded to a halt in front of the cell. What she saw was a cell unlike all the others. It was a solid steel wall with only a small sliding window in it. Amy stared at it. Marked on the side was an identification number.

"9025 containment cell? This must be the place." She said to herself

Amy took a step forward. The markings on it said four-foot thick steel. It must be secure. And she knew why. The prisoner inside was not somebody they would relax security on. Amy stood right in front of the small window. The window was at eye-level with her. She slid the steel panel open, revealing a dim room. A couple glow sticks were scattered across the floor. Nothing else was in the cell. It was completely barren. But in one corner was only darkness that she couldn't see into. Amy narrowed her eyes, trying to look inside.

"Prisoner 9025? It's Agent R. I'm here to keep you company for a few ours," she said, but then, she turned hateful and cruel, "you lover killing son of bitch." She hissed at the end

A second later, she heard movement from inside. The sounds of footsteps echoed inside the cell. And out from the shadows, came a red echidna. His gloves were taken away, revealing his red hands. Fire burned in his purple eyes. Hate was permanently put on his face. She walked forward towards the cell window. When he stood in front of the window, he and Amy exchanged hateful stares.

"Hey there… Amy." He snarled

Amy growled at him.

"What's up… Knuckles."

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