No Hope

Amy lied

"If the LORD had not been on our side when men attacked us, when their anger flared against us, they would have swallowed us alive; the flood would have engulfed us, the torrent would have swept over us, the raging waters would have swept us away."

-Psalm 124:2-5

Seeing that red echidna standing in front of her made Amy's heart race… with hatred. Her fingers twitched, trying to summon her hammer. She wanted more than anything to destroy that echidna. She wanted to make him pay for what he did. He was one of the reasons she was like this, and she wanted to kill him for it. Knuckles was lucky Eggman wanted him alive, or otherwise, he would just be a stain on Amy's boot. She didn't care anymore about the memories they shared, or the friendship they once had. All she wanted to do was break through the walls, and kill. She didn't care if they had been friends for as long as they could remember. She didn't care if he had saved her multiple times. Amy was willing to put all that aside, just to see his blood flow from his neck. But she wasn't the only one feeling hostile.

Knuckles felt just as much hatred, and vengefulness as Amy did. It pained him to see her turn herself over to evil. He knew she wasn't truly like this. She was a kind girl, and was not a killer. But as much as he felt sorry for her, he also felt extreme anger. That girl had killed so many people, destroyed everything he knew, and betrayed them all. How could he feel any sympathy when he was going to break her bones? Knuckles was ready to do whatever it took to kill that girl. He would put aside his pity for her. He would put aside the memories they shared, and the friendship they had, just to see her suffer. In his eyes, Amy had sealed her own fate. She was unforgivable. He would never forgive her for what she had done. He would kill her on the spot. It might make him no better than her, but it had to be done. No matter what, he was going to kill her.

Knuckles and Amy stood there, separated by four feet of steel. They glared at each other with so many emotions swirling around. Hatred and anger were the most prominent. Fire burned in their eyes as they stared. Amy could hear the sound of growling coming from Knuckles. His eyes twitched a bit from stress. Amy scoffed and looked over the red echidna. The first thing she noticed was how thin he was. His normal form was now only bones. He looked starved. But that didn't stop his anger from showing. Amy saw that he had scars and bruises all over his body. Dirt was smeared all over him. He looked awful. Amy smirked and rested her arm on the steel, leaning closer to him.

"So…" she said in a cheery voice, "How're you doing, bastard?" she asked

Knuckles snarled and folded his arms.

"Better than you, slut." He hissed

Amy chuckled and looked around.

"I doubt that. You look like hammered shit." She said

Knuckles let his arms down and turned around. He walked over to one wall and knelt down. He picked up a small bowl with a loaf of bread in it. He walked back and took a bite of it.

"So, any news from the front?" he asked

Amy smirked. She could tell him anything she wanted. She could lie, and make him absolutely miserable. She looked at her nails and picked at them.

"The remaining GUN forces surrendered yesterday. They said they would hand in Tails when they gathered up all their forces. Eggman gave me permission to take him down here personally." Amy lied in a smug and confident tone

She looked over at him with a smirk. But she noticed a skeptical gaze on his face. He swallowed his bread and chuckled.

"Sure. And those fresh bruises and scars on your body are from GUN troopers, who you never had a problem with?" he said, smirking

Amy was shocked. Were they really that noticeable? She shook it off and composed herself.

"Well yes. I had a little trouble with a special forces group who wanted to be heroes." She lied

Knuckles chuckled. But then, his expression changed to serious and quiet.

"He's back, isn't he? You got those marks from him?" Knuckles said quietly

Amy's eyes widened and she took a step back. How could he have known? She struggled to compose herself with him grinning the entire time. Once she regained her image of confidence, she took a step forward. She grew an angered face and snarled.

"He might have come back, but we won't stop what's happening." She growled

Knuckles sighed. And lowed his head.

"You used to love him, and now, you're fighting him? What happened?" he asked

Knuckles was genuinely sad for her now. How could she just forget about Sonic? Didn't she still love him? Wasn't she doing all of this for him?

"I may have loved him at one point, but he did the unforgivable." Amy said, angry. "And now, he has to pay." She growled

"Amy, I know you still love him. How could ever not? Why are you fighting him?"

Amy screamed and slammed the steel with her fist. Even with four-foot steel, it was still able to shake from her anger-infused force.

"BECAUSE HE LEFT ME!" she screamed, "He left me and acted like he was dead so he could get away from me! And now, he's back! Talking like he loves me! How am I supposed to forgive him for what he's done?! I can't! I won't! He broke my heart for the last time, and now, he's gonna pay for it!"

Amy then burst into tears. She rested her back against the steel and fell to the ground, crying. Knuckles heard the sobbing. He heard her crying Sonic's name, moaning. She was miserable. The sounds of her cries resonated through his cell. It was then, at that point, that Knuckles realized, Amy was just scared young girl. She was not a killer, not an agent of Eggman, not a psychopath, and defiantly not evil. She was a scared, young, frightened, lonely, and sad little teenage girl. She didn't want any of this, she just wanted to be with Sonic. But now, she couldn't have it, and she didn't know what to do. At one point, he wanted nothing more than to kill her. But now, he knew, she was already dying inside. Knuckles sighed.

"It's okay, Am-"

"THE NAME IS AGENT R!" Amy screamed

"No it's not. It's Amy Rose." Knuckles replied calmly

"W-why do y-you care?" Amy sobbed

"Because in the end, we're all still friends."

Amy didn't say another word. She just cried. Knuckles rested his arm on the steel and sighed. The crying seemed to continue for a long time. Almost an eternity for Knuckles. He was never good at dealing with emotions, and this was certainly something he wasn't liking. Eventually, Amy spoke again.

"Yeah r-right. Yo-you're the one th-that fought him." She stuttered

"I know… and I hate myself for it. I regret every moment. If I could take it all back, I would." Knuckles said quietly

Amy wiped away the tears from her eyes and slowly stood up. She tried to compose herself and faced Knuckles. She stared at him with teary eyes, and an innocent face. Her mascara was just beginning to smear.

"I bet you're only saying that to get me to help you." She mumbled

Knuckles jerked his head back in surprise. He frowned and shook his head.

"Nope. I meant every part of it." He reassured

The emotions flowing through Amy's head were maddening. She couldn't think straight. Knuckles was saying everything she was thinking, and it was making her go crazy. She couldn't decide what to do. Should she stay aligned to Eggman, and kill them all for what they did? Or should she trust her heart and go back with Sonic, even though she could be killed by GUN? The thoughts were insane. She couldn't figure anything out. And this only made the situation in the real world worse. Her anger, love, and sadness were all mixed together. It made her unstable and unpredictable. And to Amy, right now, after what Knuckles said, she was angry at him for poking at her emotions. He was probably lying anyway, and Amy hated lies.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" she screamed, bashing her fist against the steel, "You're just trying to get in my head!"

Knuckles was stunned by her almost bipolar change in attitude. He stepped back a bit in shock. A puzzled and confused expression came over him.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, completely confused

Amy growled and banged her fist again on the steel. A crazed and insane look was on her face.

"YOU HELPED HIM!" she howled

"WHAT?!" Knuckles yelled in outrage, "I did no such thing! I would never help him with something like that!" Knuckles exclaimed

Amy pretended to chuckle and looked stared at him with a joking face.

"Oh sure! That's definitely true. No you shit! You helped him get away from me, didn't you?"

Knuckles was starting to get angry at Amy's uncontrollable emotions. He did not like the way she was talking to him and her hurtful words. The ideas that she was still a scared little girl was leaving him. It was becoming more and more obvious, that Amy was a master at trickery. And that was what was making Knuckles furious, her ability to manipulate.

"Why the hell would I do that?" he asked, starting to growl

Amy narrowed her eyes and leaned forward.

"Because you're a heartless bastard who deserves to die." She hissed

That was the last straw for Knuckles. He roared and reached out to grab Amy. Amy squealed in fright and dodged his deadly grip. He pressed his head against the small hole and barked.

"You worthless slut! I'll kill you!"

Amy stood a clear distance away and composed herself. She checked her skirt and top. She played with her quills and smiled.

"Not if Eggman doesn't kill you first." She said, giggling, "Once Station Square is completely destroyed, he's going to kill the prisoners."

Amy leaned a little closer. An image of pure evil mixed with seduction was on her face.

"Starting with you." She whispered

Knuckles growled and continued to try and grab her so he could rip out her throat. But it was no use. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get through to her. The sounds of her laughing tortured him. Eventually, he gave up. Knuckles sighed and stepped back, breathing heavily. His eyes stared directly at hers. Both of their eyes were cold and hate filled. They were no different from each other. Both wanted the other killed. And one of them, in the end, will get their way. After a long stare, Knuckles huffed.

"You're a monster." He said quietly

Amy giggled and flipped her quills.

"I know. But everything I do, I do for justice. For what is right." She explained

Knuckles couldn't believe what he was hearing. What on Mobius was her thought process? Did she even hear herself? Amy would never say something in such a twisted way. But then again, she wasn't Amy anymore. She was Agent R. Knuckles stood there, thinking of something that would change her mind. Then, something he'd heard in a movie once came to his mind.

"You know, killing him won't help. It will only make the pain worse." Knuckles said

"No, but it's a damn good place to start. He deserves to die as well. Everyone who helped him does." She said, frowning

Knuckles was tired. He slowly sat back down on the cold steel floor. The small beam of light from the window shown into his cell, lighting up a bit of his dirty face. He looked up at Amy with pitiful eyes.

"If only you knew how much wrong you have committed."

Before Amy could respond, her ear-piece went off. She grunted and clicked it.

"Agent R here. What?" she asked with annoyance

"Agent R, report to the flight deck. We have some urgent business you need to take care of." Eggman said, his voice crackling because of interference

"Got it." She said, taking her hand away from her ear

Amy stared coldly at Knuckles for one last time.

"I know what I'm doing, Knuckles. And I'm proud of it." Amy lied

Amy turned around and walked back up the cellblock to the elevator. Knuckles could hear the sounds of prisoners howling at her. Their voices echoes in his cell. He thought about what she had said. It was then, that Knuckles thought something that wasn't provoked by anger, or vengeance, or any hateful thought.

"She needs to die." He whispered to himself


Amy entered the flight deck. The sights, smells, and sounds of the flight deck were always amazing. The sights of hundreds of fighters, drones, dropships, and other maintenance vehicles was overwhelming. The smells of ozone, jet fuel, oil, and exhaust could choke someone. And the sounds of hundreds of hydraulics, jet engines roaring to life, fly-bys and beeping were deafening. It was not a very good place for a briefing. Amy would come down here to mess around, but never to have a meeting. If she wanted one of those, she would go somewhere else. But still, Eggman wanted to meet here, so it must be a special thing. And it probably wasn't good.

Amy weaved her way through the crowd of robots and machinery, dodging and sidestepping countless robots. She searched for Eggman. The fat slob wasn't hard to spot in a sea of robots. But nevertheless, she had a tough time finding him. Eventually, she spotted his red suit and made her way over to him. When she reached the clearing where he was, she was caught by surprise. Eggman was not alone. He had around him, a couple squads of black robots that looked like humans with rectangular heads. They wore tactical gear and carried assault rifles. A single red light was on their rectangular heads. They looked quite menacing. Amy shuffled through them and stood in front of Eggman.

"Eggman, what the hell is going on here?" she asked, completely unaware of what was happening

Eggman patted her shoulder. But he turned serious and stared at her with a harsh face.

"We've picked up motion in the south perimeter of the base. It was small, but not ours. Consilium and I agreed to go check it out. We fear it is a GUN Special Forces unit. As you know, swat-bots aren't good at taking out spec ops. So, we thought this a perfect time to try out my new commando-bots. They report directly to Consilium, but these have been programmed to follow you and I's orders. What I want you to do, is go out, check out the scene, take out any GUN troopers you see, and report back here. Understood?"

Amy nodded and pulled out her hammer. She leaned against it and sighed.

"Always sending me to do the dirty work."

"This is very important, Agent R. We do not know their intentions. This could be the tip of a much larger invasion force." Eggman explained

Amy tilted her head and frowned.

"But I thought you said they were almost wiped out, that's why you lessened patrols and air-coverage." She said in a confused tone

Eggman huffed in stress.

"I know what I said! Now go. Check it out. I did not come all this way to be stopped now."

Amy chuckled and swung her hammer onto her shoulder.

"Alright, boss. Lead me to my ship."


Tails and Sonic had always been the best of friends. They were always there for each other. No matter what, they could depend on one another. And now was no exception. Even though they were in a war that seemed to never end, even though they were being hunted, even though they could be killed at any moment, Sonic and Tails still had time to talk and hang out. It was a nice reminder of the old days, when life was free. Just sitting on a crate and talking was the best thing for them to do. Although they would both rather be pranking, or running, or going on little misadventures, it was great to just sit, relax, and talk. It helped them forget about the dire situation they were in.

Sonic and Tails were sitting on a large crate in the main corridor of the bunker. They had just burst out into laughter after Sonic told a hilarious joke. Tails rested his forehead on Sonic's shoulder, almost crying from laughter.

"Oh my chaos man, that's hilarious!" Tails exclaimed

"I know! And just imagine what food they eat!"

Tails burst out laughing again. Howling at how funny the joke was. It was a good thing for them to be laughing together. Sonic wiped away a tear and sighed. They laughed a little more and then continued talking.

"So," Tails said, looking up at him, "You think we'll be able to win this thing?"

Sonic looked over at Tails and smirked. He ruffled up Tails' head fur and chuckled.

"Yeah, I do. Then everything can go back to normal."

They both went quiet and looked down at the ground. A harsh silence came over them as they thought about the world after all of this was over. Even if they did achieve victory, nothing would ever be the same again. Life would change forever. And that was something none of them wanted, but had to face. Sonic sighed and stared at the wall in front of him. Just then, a GUN trooper came running down the hallway. He looked panicked and stressed. He was holding a piece of paper in his hands. Sonic and Tails saw him running down the corridor towards them.

"What's his problem?" Tails asked

"I don't know." Sonic said, jumping off the crate

The trooper stopped in front of Sonic, panting.

"Hey, trooper. What's up?" Sonic asked

The trooper just stood there, panting. He handed Sonic the paper and exhaled.

"You may need to read that." He panted

Sonic looked over the paper, his expression getting more worried as he read. Tails noticed and jumped off the crate. He walked up to Sonic and looked down at it.

"What's it say, Sonic?" he asked, fright creeping its way into his tone

Sonic dropped the paper and slowly looked over at Tails. A look of seriousness was over his once relaxed face.

"The recon team was ambushed. They need me to go save them." He said

Tails jumped back in shock.

"WHAT?!" he cried, "How the hell?!"

Sonic turned and faced Tails. He grabbed Tails' shoulders and stared at him with hard eyes.

"I gotta go save them. They have the info we need." Sonic said

Tails knew how important this mission was. He knew that their lives depended on that mission. He was willing to do anything to make sure it was a success. And now, that mission as in jeopardy, and if Sonic didn't go out to save those troopers, they would all die soon. Although it killed him inside to let Sonic go out alone, he needed to let him go. Tails would be brave. He put aside the fears and acted like a man. Tails looked back up at Sonic and nodded.

"Go. Save those troopers. We need their intel back as soon as possible." Tails ordered

Sonic nodded and smirked.

"I'll be back before you know it." He said

Sonic let go of Tails and turned around. And then, he sprinted off, the rush of air from him blew Tails' coat. Tails watched as the blue hedgehog sped through the corridor, and out into the dangerous city.

Sonic sprinted through the ruined city, passing piles of rubble and destroyed buildings. He jumped over and dodged blown up cars and trucks. Never in his life did he imagine doing any of this, fighting this type of war, and this type of enemy. It had never even crossed his mind that this could occur. But now, it was right in front of him. The evidence was shown through all the destruction. Sonic sprinted towards the intersection that would lead him to the senate building. It the intersection was a streetlight. Sonic smirked and ran faster. He ran up a car and jumped into the air. He reached out and grabbed hold of the beam holding the streetlight. He swung up and perched himself on top of the pole. He made a visor with his hand and looked down one of the streets. In the distance, in what looked like a robotic city, was the white dome of the senate building.

"It might be over there." He said sarcastically to himself

Sonic jumped down and sprinted towards the robotic city. As he ran, he noticed how the city went from a bombed out wasteland, to robot metropolis of metal and electronics. It was like a virus, slowly creeping its way into the rest of the city. While running, Sonic decided to take in the whole place. Massive metal skyscrapers lined the streets. Dozens of fighters, drones, dropships, and helicopters patrolled the skies. Squads of swat-bots stood along the street, keeping watch. Millions of smaller robots scurried about, doing whatever their jobs were. It was actually quite impressive. Sonic ran up near the walls around the senate building and decided now would be a good place to stop. He jumped to the side and rolled into an alleyway. He skidded into the shadows and stopped. Sonic stood up and dusted off his shoulders.

"Didn't get detected. Nice." He said quietly

Sonic pulled out his communicator and called Tails. A couple seconds later, Tails responded.

"What is it Sonic?" he asked

"Tails, I need to know where the spec ops team went missing." Sonic asked

"They went missing near the south side. Right around where you should be, so keep an eye out." Tails responded

"Alright, thanks." Sonic said, turning off the communicator

Sonic sighed and looked around. There was nothing around him except one open staircase that seemed to go up the hill leading to the senate building. Sonic shrugged and looked up the dark passageway. Suddenly, a man's scream came from the staircase. It sounded like sheer terror mixed with pain. It made the quills on Sonic's back poke up. It echoed through the steel like a ghost.

"Oh no." he whispered

Sonic ran up the staircase. Once he was at the top, one side of the passageway was a thick concrete wall with barbed wire lining the top. The beams of light from the dulled sun shown down and gave off the only bit of light in the narrow corridor. On the other side were the huge metal buildings. Sonic looked up at the wall.

"That must be the edge of the senate building." He said to himself

Sonic then continued walking forward. He was starting to get uneasy. There were no more screams, or any sounds of any sort. It was completely silent and still. And this didn't make him feel secure. If a Special Forces team couldn't stay hidden, then he certainly couldn't. Sonic slowly crept along, looking around to make sure whatever had killed the troopers, didn't attack him too. His light footsteps still were able to make a slight pang sound every time. He stayed low, ready to jump and run. But as he crept along, he heard something. Moaning. It was coming from further down the passageway. Sonic swallowed hard and walked forward. But once he passed under an archway, hell showed up in front of him. At his feet, were two GUN troopers, one was moaning in pain. He was covered in blood. Both his arms were missing, seeping blood onto the steel. Next to him was what looked like the remains of a human male. But Sonic's couldn't be sure. The face and chest had been smashed in, and the bottom half of the body was missing. Sonic couldn't believe it. He gagged when he saw it. He covered his mouth to prevent throwing up.

"D-don't spe-ak. Sh-she'll hear yo-u." groaned the trooper that was still alive

Sonic looked forward into the darkness. He then knelt down and leaned closer to the trooper. The stench was unbearable, but he powered through it.

"Where's the intel?" Sonic whispered

The trooper looked over at the darkness ahead.

"O-on our re-relay man. He ne-needs t-t-to se-end-send it." The trooper stuttered

Sonic nodded and stood up. He walked forward, into the shadows in front of him. He stepped through the shadows. But while he walked, he heard something besides his feet. It sounded like robot joint motors. They were quiet, but menacing. Sonic continued walking. He made it past the shadows into another patch of light. But he couldn't shake the feeling that someone, or something was following him. He turned his head around and saw nothing. His eyes narrowed and he looked back. Just in time to hear something coming down the hallway. They sounded like footsteps, multiple, and running. He heard yelling, and then, a scream of pain. Sonic growled and stepped forward. He readied himself for a fight. Then, out of the shadows, came three GUN troopers, all dressed in black, and had on better gear than the rest. One of them had a sizable backpack that had an antenna on it. He must have been the relay man. The lead trooper spotted Sonic.

"Look! There he is! We're in the clear boys!"

Just then, a hammer covered in spikes and blades flew out and struck the last trooper. His back exploded with blood and gore flying everywhere. He fell over, lifeless. A scream of terror came from the relay man.

"We gotta get out of here!" he yelled

They stopped right in front of Sonic and immediately turned around, kneeling next to the walls for cover. Sonic stood there, waiting to see her come out of the shadows. The echoes of footsteps ringed through the hallway, along with the sounds of robotic joints.

"You here to save our skins?" one of the two troopers asked

"You bet. You got the intel?" sonic asked

"Copy. I just need to relay it back to command, and the invasion can start. Too bad we can't get to a rooftop to send it." The relay man answered

Sonic looked over at the relay man.

"Why a rooftop?" he asked

"We need a clear signal. Plus, it helps wit- CONTACT!" he screamed

Both the troopers opened fire on a commando-bot as it came out of the shadows. Sonic watched in horror as the robot took round after round from the troopers. Sparks from bullets lit up the robot. After a couple seconds of non-stop firing, one round it the robot in the red eye. The rectangular head blew up and the body fell over. Then, before they even had a chance to reload, more of the deadly bots came out and started firing at Sonic and the troopers. Sonic ran forward and lunged forward, barely dodging the robot's fire. He grabbed the head and, with all his might, tore it off. He grabbed the body and swung it at another robot that was close by. They smashed together, breaking apart. But then, one robot jumped for Sonic. It tackled him and they were on the ground, desperately wrestling. The robot was a truly terrifying thing, with no emotions, just actions. It tried to punch him, but Sonic jerks his head to the side, barely missing it. The metal fist dented the steel floor. Sonic then grabbed the arm and tossed the robot onto its back. He rolled on top of it and grabbed one of the grenades on its gear. Sonic pulled the pin and jumped off. He ran back over to the two troopers, who were busy firing away. But one of the troopers saw what he did.

"GRENADE!" he screamed

Moments later, a small explosion rocked the area in front of them. A few robots crashed against the walls, dead. Their red lights flickered off to show they were gone. The relay trooper fired away. But then, the loud ping of a shot hitting close to his head made him spin around. Three commando-bots were slowly advancing on them, firing away.

"THEY'RE TO OUR SIX!" he screamed

The other trooper looked over and, although his face was covered by a scarf, grew a look of sheer terror on his face. Although, luck did shine on them. Next to one of the commando-bots was a door to a skyscraper. They might make it out after all.


Sonic turned around and ran for one of the robots. He growled and jumped up. He kicked it in its head. The rectangular head flew off, breaking apart as it hit a wall in the distance. He stood there, ready to fight. He turned his head back.

"GET OUT OF HERE, I'LL COVER YOU!" Sonic ordered

The troopers nodded and ran for the door. The relay trooper fired at the robots coming from one direction, Sonic fought the ones coming from the other. It didn't take long for the troopers to break down the door and move inside. Sonic broke down the last commando-bot on his side and was about to run in, when he saw something new. A pink hedgehog in a sexy outfit come walking up to him. Sonic froze when he saw here, followed by two commando-bots. She dragged her hammer across the ground, creating sparks. She looked like an angel of fire and evil. Sonic still melted inside when he saw her. She stared at him with seductive, but evil eyes. A sexy grin was on her face. Sonic just stood there, ready to run inside. As she got closer, she readied her hammer.

"You better run… Sonic." She said in her new seductive voice

Sonic swallowed hard, trying to speak. But his words got caught in his throat. His eyes saw the commando-bot slowly raising their rifles at him. Sonic finally got his dry mouth to speak.

"Amy…" he said slowly

"Run if you wanna live big boy." She said, grinning

Sonic closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"I'm sorry." He sighed

Sonic then ran for the door, gunfire following him. He shut the door behind him and locked it. He then ran through the building to catch up to the troopers.

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