No Hope


"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

-Romans 15:13

They were in a tight spot. Sonic and the remaining troopers were trapped inside a building in the middle of Dr. Eggman's territory. They had the intelligence that would lead to the downfall of this metal empire, and maybe, if they were extremely lucky, the end of Amy's insanity. But that would have to wait, because death was almost literally staring at them in the eyes. Not only were they trapped, but there was an unknown amount of deadly robots both inside, and surrounding the building. And then, there was the real threat. The one they knew they couldn't handle. The troopers were trained to take down robots with ease, but this threat, this was unlike anything they could ever have been prepared for. It was her, Amy. She was outside, making her way into the building from some other means. She would hunt them down, killing them off with her stunning features, and her psychopathic ways of torture. If anything would destroy all hope of them getting home, it was her. And all of them knew, Sonic was the least willing to fight her. But nevertheless, they had to fight to survive.

As he ran up the staircase to the next level in the huge building, Sonic could hear the sounds of banging and yelling from outside the door he had just closed. He could hear Amy's roars of anger, and the deep tones of the commando-bots. The sounds sent chills down Sonic's spine as he ran. It was really hard to see inside the building. Only the eerie red lights that sporadically lined the walls gave light. Sonic could barely see the steps in front of him. He made it to the next level and stopped to take a break. One thing he noticed inside was how hot it was. It felt like an oven inside this building. Sonic reached out and put his hand against the steel wall to take a break. But he suddenly felt a terrible burning sensation on his hand. He immediately pulled it away with a hiss.

"The walls are burning." He said to himself in disbelief

"Yeah. It's hot as hell in here." Said one of the troopers

Sonic looked over into the shadows and saw the glint of light from the trooper's sunglasses. He chuckled and walked forward.

"What's up" Sonic greeted

One of the troopers stood up and walked forward. His name tape on his vest read Rodriguez. Rodriguez pulled down his scarf and let out an exhale. He turned his head around and looked into the shadows.

"Get out here Miller. Our hedgehog friend is back." He ordered

Miller, the relay man, stood up and walked out of the shadows. He tore off his scarf and threw it on the floor. He wiped his forehead off and sighed.

"Nice to see you again." Miller said, chuckling, "Any plans for getting out of here?" he asked

Sonic looked down and started rubbing his stinging hand. A frown came over his face while he thought. They needed to get moving quickly, or Amy would surely find them. And he was pretty sure they would die from the heat if they didn't get to the roof soon. Sonic looked back up at the trooper with a tired face.

"Well," he said, wiping his forehead, "we get to the roof and send back the info. We can come up with a plan later."

Both the troopers nodded. Rodriguez turned to Miller and lightly tapped him on the helmet. Miller turned and looked at him.

"What?" he asked

"You have the intel, where do we go?" Rodriguez asked

Miller pulled out his tablet from a pouch and looked it over. He swiped through, eventually, he found it. He pointed down the dark and pipelined hallway.

"This way. Follow me." He said

Miller began walking forward through the corridor. Sonic and Rodriguez looked at each other and shrugged. Rodriguez raised his rifle and walked up next to Miller. Sonic followed close behind, making sure nobody was following. As they went along, Sonic was able to take the time to examine the building he was in. Piles and valves lined the walls and ceiling. The hissing of steam could be heard everywhere. A light layer of fog covered the floor. And the heat. The heat was killer. It appeared they were in some sort of water treatment plant or something. Sonic looked over at Miller.

"Where are we exactly?" he asked

"We're in the cooling plant for Eggman's massive nuclear reactor. This is where everything is cooled down so nothing overheats and kills us all." He answered casually, without even looking up from his map.

Sonic swallowed hard and examined the entire place again with a nervous stare. The thought of them all dying right here almost instantly and painfully didn't add to the situation. What made him most uncomfortable was the fact that GUN troopers were always know to be a little trigger happy. And being in here, having two GUN troopers as well as a dozen killer robots after him and a mentally insane girl out for revenge, did not make Sonic feel safe.

"Great." He mumbled

"Yeah, so don't touch anything." Miller added

Sonic chuckled.

"Trust me, I know." He said, looking down at his glove that now had burnt black marks on its palms and fingers


Amy loved a chase. She loved every bit of it. She loved seeing the fear in her prey's eyes, and their desperate attempts to survive. She loved letting them think they had a chance to live. It made their deaths even more rewarding. She especially loved the screams they let out when they were finally captured. The screams of men, knowing they were about to die in the worst possible way. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like she was making those who had tricked her pay. She loved thinking of how this would help her achieve her ultimate goal. To kill Sonic, and everyone related to his trickery. And this time, not only did she have two GUN troopers who had wandered off way too far, but the hedgehog responsible for all of this. She would kill them all. Even Sonic.

When the door was finally broken down by the commando-bots, they rushed in. Amy watched them as they worked with supreme precision, never missing a step. Once they were all in, and making their way through the building, Amy decided to enter. She stepped in, and was immediately hit with the heat. But she took it like a lady, and tried to act not bothered by it. She just walked in and looked around at the dismal building.

"Nice place." She chuckled, walking up the staircase Sonic had only minutes ago.

She chose to enjoy this chase, and didn't run at all. She just causally walked up the stairs. Once she was up to the top, she startled strolling down the hallway. She grinned and narrowed her eyes, searching for their movements. She was walking forward, when one commando-bot, who was ordered to be behind her, beeped. They only beeped when something important was found. She raised an eyebrow and turned her head around.

"What did you find?" she asked

The commando-bot was squatting down, examining something laying on the floor. Amy walked over and knelt closer to the object. It was a brown scarf. Standard issue for GUN troopers. Amy picked it up and smirked.

"Now this is a hunt." She said to herself

Amy turned around to continue on. But then, another thing caught her eye. A marking on the wall next to her. She craned her neck and got closer to the wall to inspect it. The marking was a hand print. Sonic's hand print. Amy chuckled and looked over at the commando-bot, who was looking at her.

"Looks like this will be a fun day." She said, walking down the hallway


Miller looked up from his tablet to see the hallway ahead.

"Make a right at the next crossing." He said

"Copy." Rodriguez said

They walked up a couple more meters, but then, they heard something. The sounds of metal hitting metal, and fast. Sonic got into a fighting position and readied for a battle. He narrowed his eyes to see farther, but it was no use. There were too many shadows. But he could sense the movement just beyond his sight. He could see the red dots of the commando-bots' heads. He growled at them and felt his feet, twitching to run at them.

"There's robots behind us." Sonic reported

Rodriguez turned around and took off his sunglasses. He aimed his rifle in the direction Sonic was looking. He lowered it and grunted.

"We gotta get to that rooftop. Come on." He said, turning back to Miller

The two troopers pressed on. Sonic followed, constantly looking back at the red dots that seemed to follow them, just out of sight. It was an uneasy feeling. The sounds of their metal feet and joints echoed through the hallway. The multiple red dots could be seen, but not killed. And Amy was everywhere and nowhere. They all knew she was there, stalking them, but they couldn't find her. She was in her element, her territory. But they had to go. If they made it to the roof, they would be safe, for now. But then, a voice called out that made them all freeze with shock, fear, and nervousness.

"Hello boys." The female voice called out, her words reverberating through the corridor, "I've been watching you, waiting to strike. And now, I'm ready. There's no way you'll ever get out alive. Especially you… Sonikku." She hissed

Miller and Rodriguez raised their rifles and aimed in opposite directions. Sonic stood between them, eyeing the place, looking for an exit. They needed to do something, but what? They were trapped, ready to be slaughtered.

"Sonic, talk to that bitch." Miller whispered

Sonic spun his head around and stared at him.

"Why?" he asked

"She was your girlfriend. Talk some sense into her. Buy us some time to plan our escape." He commented

Sonic thought about it. It was their only option. He had no idea what to talk about, or how he should word what he would say. But he had to say something. He looked up into the shadows and swallowed hard.

"A-Amy… It's Sonic. Listen, I-I just want to talk."

"There's nothing left to talk about. You and I both know what you did, and you're all going to die for it." Amy hissed

Sonic was fed up with her speeches. He wanted nothing more than for her to see her wrongs. And this, is what led to the final blow. Sonic huffed and pumped up his chest.

"WAKE UP AMY! Enough with this shit! I love you! And I know you love me! Snap out of it for fuck's sake!" Sonic screamed

For a very long time, silence that seemed to last an eternity came over the area. The quiet tension in the hallways was agonizing. They could all hear the sounds of the robots moving into position, but they couldn't hear Amy. She had fallen silent after Sonic's rant. But then, just when they thought she had left, her voice came through again.

"J-Ju-Jus-Just leave." She said, her voice cracking from what sounded like crying, "I ne-never-never want to s-se-se-see your face-ag-again."

Sonic heard her cries. His heart shattered when she wept. She was miserable, and he knew, it was all his fault. It pained him to hear her cries, and not be able to do anything about it. He lowered his head and sighed.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled

Both the troopers looked at him with shocked faces. They couldn't believe what they had just heard. They shot nervous glances at each other.

"Miller, got our LZ?" Rodriguez whispered

Miller nodded and gestured with his fingers to move forward. The two troopers moved forward, slowly and steadily. Rodriguez patted Sonic's shoulder as he past him.

"Time to go." He whispered

Sonic grunted and slowly began to walk with the troopers. They made slow but steady progress, not taking any risks. They weaved their way through the maze of hallways and pipes, never coming into direct contact with any commando-bots. That is what made them most nervous. The threats were out there, getting ready to pounce. And there was nothing any of them could do. Eventually, they made it to the top floor. But by then, Amy was ready to strike back. As they were walking down one of the last hallway, they heard a voice behind them.

"No… You're… NOT!" Amy screamed at the top of her lungs

Sonic spun around just in time to see Amy running at him. Her eyes were filled with rage and fire. Her canines were fully out, showing off her bright white fangs. She had her hammer out, ready to impale. Sonic yelped in fear and got ready to fight.

"She's behind us!" Sonic yelled

The two troopers turned around to fire, but it was too late. She was already on them. Amy jumped over Sonic and landed right in the middle of all of them. In the cramped hallways, this was a death trap.

"Hello boys." She said

The next thing she did, even while dodging the troopers' attacks, was astonishing to Sonic. Amy gripped one of the blades of her hammer, and ripped it off. The blades on her hammer were not blades at all, but knives. She pulled one off and dropped the hammer. She got low and swiped at Miller. He dodged it and dropped his rifle. He pulled out his own knife and began attacking her as well. All the while, Sonic tried to attack her as well. But just as he tried to kick, she dropped down and slid her foot across the ground, tripping him. Sonic fell to the ground and Amy jumped on top of him. He then grabbed her foot and pulled her down. She squealed as she fell. Sonic rolled over onto her and grabbed her wrists. He pinned her down. They stared into each other's eyes, panting. Sonic loved her emerald colored eyes. They were so elegant, just like the rest of her body and personality. Amy loved his dark green eyes. They were almost magical how they sparkled, even when fighting. She could get lost in them if she wasn't careful. But before they could enjoy any more of this time, Rodriguez yelled out.


Then, bright flashes of light along with the deafening pang of gunfire lit up the hallway. The commando-bots had engaged, and were advancing. Sonic heard a round wiz by his ear. It was too close. Amy smirked and took the opportunity. She head butted him as hard as she could. He fell backwards in pain. She jumped up and kicked Sonic in the face. He toppled backwards and hit his head hard against a pipe. His entire world went completely black. All sounds and feeling left his mind. It was then, that Sonic was knocked out completely. He was unconscious.


While Sonic was knocked out, he only heard one word in his dream. One word that would stick with him for the rest of the assault.


He knew not what it meant, or what it was referring to. But it stuck. And it meant something.


Never before had Sonic felt so much pain in his head. The throbbing, the stinging, and the numbness all mixed into one unpleasant feeling. Not only that, but his senses felt dulled. He could barely hear the world that was coming back to him. He couldn't even quite make out what he was laying on. The idea of not knowing was frightening. And so, with great fear, Sonic slowly opened his eyes. He never had like the green glow of chemical lights, but right now, seeing them was the best thing in the world. Seeing their dull green glow meant one thing. He was back home. He groaned as he opened his eyes more, seeing the world. His vision was blurry, but it adjusted. All he saw was another dark room of the GUN HQ bunker. He let out a sigh of relief. But just as he was about to get up, pain from all over his body shot through him.

"What the?" he mumbled

Sonic rolled his head over and looked down his body to see if there were any injuries. He was dreading the worst. Who knew what happened while he was blacked out. But luckily, it was not too bad. He appeared to be relatively fine. No major wounds, just a few bruises. But before a smile could appear, he suddenly felt something on his head. He reached up and gently moved his hand across his forehead. He did not feel his sharp blue quills. He felt soft bandage. It seemed that he had a wrap on his head. It must have been from that terrible head wound he had sustained.

Just as he remembered what had happened, questions came up. How did he get back here? Wasn't he in the middle of Eggman controlled territory with Amy attacking him? It didn't make any sense. He grunted and tried to get up again. But like last time, the pain was too much. So he rolled his head over to the door.

"Tails!" he called

Within seconds, Tails rushed in. A stressed and worried look was on his face. He ran over to Sonic's side and knelt down. He looked at Sonic with thankful eyes.

"Hey man, long time on see." Sonic greeted happily

Tails chuckled and smiled.

"You are one crazy son of a gun." Tails chuckled

Sonic smirked and shrugged. He instantly regretted that, and wheezed, hissing from the pain.

"You're lucky to be alive." Tails said

Sonic looked at him with confused eyes.

"Speaking of which. How the heck did I get back here?" Sonic asked

Tails laughed some more and looked up. He then looked back at Sonic, a huge grin on his face.

"A special forces team in the area heard the gunfire and your distress call. They helped get you and your team out. If it wasn't for them, you'd probably be a stain under Amy's boot."

Sonic frowned when Tails mentioned her. He slowly propped himself up, wheezing as he did. He stared at Tails with hard eyes.

"What happened to her?" he asked, fear creeping its way into his tone

"She retreated along with the remaining robots. Don't worry. She's safe." Tails reassured

Sonic smiled and laid his head down. He let out a huge sigh and closed his eyes.

"When are we taking the fight to Eggman?" he asked in a rather calm voice

"We'll be moving in tomorrow at first light. It will be one hell of an offensive." Tails chuckled

Sonic opened his eyes and looked over at his fox friend. A look of confusion was on his face.

"Why? We don't have that many men, and besides, Eggman's ships patrol the skies. How will we even be able to get close?" Sonic asked, skeptical of Tails' confidence

"I can answer that."

Tails and Sonic both looked over at the door to see Bolton standing there. His helmet was under his arm. He was in full combat gear, ready to fight. Despite this picture of a warrior, a happy smile was on him. Tails and Sonic both smiled. Bolton chuckled under his breath and walked up closer to Sonic's cot. He looked down at the two Mobians.

"Dr. Eggman has lightened up on his air coverage and patrols. We think it's because he believes we are all almost dead. But we aren't."

Bolton knelt down and rested his helmet on his knee.

"Since then, we've been regrouping. We made contact with quite a few units, scraping up a few vehicles, including the Claw. So, we finally have the numbers and gear to take on Dr. Eggman. Now, all we have to do is finally take him on."

Just then, the laughter of troopers passing by the room could be heard. That was enough of a sign for Sonic. He smiled and closed his eyes again.

"It's almost over." He sighed

Bolton smiled and nodded.


He patted Sonic's arm, making the hedgehog open his eyes.

"But we're going to need you in fighting shape tomorrow if all this is going to work. We only have one shot at it."

Sonic looked at Tails and Bolton for a second. He was right. They did only have one shot at taking down Eggman. But Sonic knew, there was one other thing that would determine if this would be a victory, or a defeat. Amy was the key. If they didn't capture, or turn her to good while they fought this out, they would all be destroyed. She alone could take on all the GUN troopers they amassed. It was a sad thought of her being such a good killer. Sonic had never wanted her to fight. She was too delicate of a flower to him. She deserved better than this. Sonic frowned and looked down.

"I guess. But I stil- I still don't want her to get hurt." He mumbled

Tails took Sonic's hand and squeezed it a bit. Sonic looked up at his friend. Tails' eyes were serious and reverent.

"Don't worry, Sonic." He said with sincerity, "I'll make sure they don't lay a hand on her. You'll get her back. I promise."

Sonic sniffled and smiled weakly at his friend. Bolton sighed and stood up. He turned to leave when Sonic looked up at him.

"And I'll make sure Francesca sees you again, Bolton." Sonic said loudly

Bolton stopped at the door and turned his head around. He stared at Sonic with thankful eyes. He smirked a little.

"Thanks, Sonic." He said quietly, leaving

Tails stood up and fixed his scarf. He smiled and put his hands on his hips.

"Looks like we got a few guys who have girls to save." He joked

Sonic laughed and smirked.

"Get out of here you chump! I need sleep!" Sonic yelled, making a swiping motion with his arm

Tails laughed and left the room, closing the wooden palate that served as a door. Sonic laid his head down on the pillow and sighed. But his happiness didn't last long. Thoughts and visions of Amy kept haunting his mind. Her sweet face and lovely laugh would not leave him alone. Whenever it was quiet, he would hear her laughter. When he closed his eyes to sleep, he saw her face. And the little voice in the back of his head had turned into her voice. It was driving Sonic insane. He couldn't stop thinking about her. The only thing he thought would fix this, was to make her his. It was at that night, while he drifted off to sleep, that Sonic made another promise.

"She will be mine." He whispered

And that night, while he slept, preparing for the next day, he would dream of her. Only her, and everything good still left in her.


It was humiliating. How could she have let this happen? She was the best assassin in the world, and now, she had been stopped by only seven of them? Normally, she could have killed them all in seconds. But this time, it was different. They were better, not normal troops. She had not anticipated their skill in combat. She would not underestimate GUN again. But still, that did not give her an excuse for her actions. She had proven that she was not reliable enough to send on special missions. She had failed yet again, and all because of her desperation to kill Sonic. Amy knew, right then and there, that she would be sent to guard duty for the rest of her life. The commando-bots could take her place. There was nothing more saddening than failing a mission you desperately needed to get right. She could already hear the lecture she was going to get, and the yelling. So much yelling. This was not going to be fun.

Amy walked down the hallways of the senate building. She did not slow down, or speed up. She was trying to keep herself calm and controlled. Eggman was a little stressed right now, and even the slightest mess-up could lead to disaster. She made her way towards the command room. She stopped just outside the room. She lowered her head and exhaled. She looked back up and put a brave face on.

"Here goes everything." She said, walking forward

The door slid open. Eggman was standing in the middle of the room, staring at the countless monitors on the screen. One monitor had Consilium's eye on it. They appeared to be talking about technical things. Amy took a few more steps forward and stopped behind the massive fat human. She let out a fake cough to get his attention. Eggman jumped a little and turned around. He looked down at Amy and smiled happily.

"Ah! Agent R! So good to see you. How is my favorite assassin doing?" he asked in a delighted tone

Amy didn't know what to say. She tried to say something, but came up short. What could be said? Nothing would soften the blow. So, she just decided to come out with it. Amy sighed and prayed to every god she knew of for strength.

"Eggman… They…" she paused, nervous

Eggman raised an eyebrow in suspicion. Amy knew there was no going back.

"They got away with the intel. The recon information of your facilities and our HQ is in their possession. I'm sorry." She said, looking down

Amy had expected a roaring outrage from Eggman. She had expected another slap in the face, another lecture, and another assignment down in lockup. But none of this was true. What happened was quite the opposite. He responded to the information with what sounded and appeared as panic. It was like he forgot she was even there. Eggman spun around to Consilium and raced for a tablet. He picked one up and started swiping frantically.

"Consilium, go to DEFCON 2. Activate units five through thirty five. Unlock hanger bay doors and activate fighter wing bravo. Plan W is in effect." He said, racing from monitor to monitor

"Yes, doctor." Consilium said, "Do you want me to activate the long range mortars and scanners?"

"OF COURSE!" he bellowed

"I shall activate my three commando-bot units at once. All units will be outfitted for anti-personnel shortly."

"DO IT NOW, CONSILIUM!" Eggman roared

Amy was completely confused by what was happening. Eggman was acting completely different. She didn't like the fear and nervousness in his tone. She needed to know what was going on. Amy stepped in front of Eggman's way and put her arms out. The evil scientist stopped in front of her and looked down.

"WHAT?!" he asked

"Tell me what's going on." Amy demanded

Eggman grunted and walked around her, pressing on control panels and monitors.

"That information those troops collected was not only a layout of my HQ, but also a complete schematic of all my facilities. They know everything. Every gun emplacement, trap, barracks, and weak spot. With that information, they can destroy us." He said, still running to defend the base

Amy could not believe what she was hearing. He had tried to cover it up, but Amy knew, they were finished.

"We're done, aren't we?" she asked in a low tone

Eggman stopped and stared at her, panting. Sweat was dripping down his head. But, out of this look of failure, an evil smile grew on his face.

"Not if we employ the little something I've been working on." He said manically

Amy cocked her head in confusion.

"What little something?" she asked

"Enough questions! Go get some sleep and food. You'll need the energy for when they attack. I expect you to be leading out there."

Amy turned around and left the room. She walked along back to her room. She was amazed by what he had just said. Didn't he know that she failed him? Amy guessed that at times of crisis, it was useless to get angry and waste time. So, Amy went back to her private quarters. The scenarios the thought up in her head of what the attack would be like swarmed around her. Like where would they come from? How many were there? And… would he be there? The last question made Amy think the hardest.

"Would he even show forgiveness?" she asked herself, opening the door to her room

Amy walked in and laid down on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling and wondered to herself. Would he forgive her? What would he do when he was the victor? Would he kill her? Would he let her live? Nothing made her more stressed. Amy sighed and rolled over. She looked at the red bandana on her bedside table. The one she had given him when they were just children. Those were the best days of her life. But those were all in the past. Now, things had changed. But one question still remained inside her heart. One that had never gone away.

"Does he love me?" she whispered

The images of him came through to her vision. She saw his beautiful eyes, his long blue quills, and his fantastic voice. She loved every part of him. But still, he was the enemy. He had betrayed her. Nevertheless, he had shown love to her. He had talked kindly to her. The thoughts of whether or not he loved her made he feel insignificant. It made her feel like a stupid girl, wondering if the boy in class liked her. Amy closed her eyes and thought. But then, one thought came to mind that would stop her thinking for that night, and would put her at rest. It was so simple, but would tell so much.

"I'll ask him then." She said with confidence

This one question would end all her doubts. It would finally tell if he even cared the slightest bit about her. It would make her either fall in love with, or murder him. And she would ask the question when she came in contact with him again, whenever the attack occurred.

It was time to end her stress and insanity. And it would be ended, with one… fatal… question.

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