No Hope

Operation Kingpin

"You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe… and shudder!"

-James 2:19

When she dreamed that night, she dreamed of many things. She dreamed of life after the impending battle. She dreamed of who would be left, who would survive. She dreamed of victory, killing Sonic, and ruling the world with Dr. Eggman. She dreamed of losing, and being killed by GUN for her crimes. But most of all, out of all the dreams she had, one stood out the most. She dreamed of Sonic forgiving her, of them ending this fight and bringing peace. She did not care if the entire world was destroyed. If Sonic would admit his true feelings, and he proved he loved her, then her world would be made right. The dreams of her and Sonic, walking hand in hand, made her long for his presence. It made her long for his deep green eyes, his sparkling white teeth, his beautiful laugh, and his cocky attitude. She would give up everything for the one day, to get him back. It was what she wanted… no. It was what she needed. But now, there was no time for dreams. It was time for action.

Amy walked alongside Dr. Eggman as they toured the HQ. The massive human was showing her around the new defenses. The amount of traps, turrets, mortars, tanks, swat-bots, and defensive barriers was almost biblical. Everything was being employed to defend the HQ. Amy couldn't believe it. She had seen him create monumental armies in the past, but this was unlike anything she could have imagined. No expense was spared. It was also clear that Consilium had helped out with the preparations. The evil genius could never have come up with all of this on his own. As he showed her everything, the idea of this being less of a battle, and more of a bloodbath crept into her thoughts.

"And here," Dr. Eggman proclaimed, "is the first line of defense."

Amy and Eggman stood in front of the center gate to the HQ. It was one of three identical gates around the base. Just outside the walls were three tanks blocking the road. Their main cannons aimed directly down the street. In between the massive war-machines were dozens of sandbags and rolls of barbed wire. Machine guns were placed behind the sandbags with commando-bots operating them. To Amy, the first line of defense would already prove to be difficult for Sonic and GUN. Eggman laughed and puffed out his chest a little more.

"I've also placed landmines all over the road, and have commando-bot snipers on the rooftops of the buildings." He boasted with confidence

Amy's eyebrows raised a bit in acknowledgment. It was already impressive.

"Well, I bet they'll have a tough time even getting close to you." She said

Eggman laughed and put his hands behind his back. He began to walk away from the emplacements outside. Amy still stood, looking at the first line. Eggman turned his head back at her.

"Come on, I have more to show you." He ordered

Amy swallowed and walked with him. Their pace was slow. Amy had noticed Eggman was not acting like he was yesterday. He wasn't running about everywhere, roaring orders. He was relaxed, calm, and thoughtful. She didn't like it. It wasn't him. He had an aura of trickery floating with him. Amy just played along, and walked with him. After a short walk, Eggman looked down at her.

"I know what you're thinking, Agent R." he said

Those words stung her. Amy shot a look of fear at him. Did he know of her thoughts about Sonic? If not, what was he talking about? Amy hid her fear from her voice as she tried to speak.

"What do you mean?" she asked

Eggman put his hand on her shoulder and stopped. She faced him and looked up at his imposing figure. He frowned and sighed. His face showed pity and understanding. It must have been a trick.

"I know that you think we're not going to win. I can see it in your eyes. You don't want to fight."

Amy couldn't have been more thankful at this time. He had misunderstood her emotions. He took it completely different. Inside, Amy was screaming with joy that he hadn't found out. With this new reassurance, Amy composed an answer.

"You're right, but it doesn't matter. I'll be making short work of those GUN troopers." she said

The thought of fighting brought in more emotions inside of her. Thoughts of Sonic made their way in, and hatred followed. But at the same time, love. It was so confusing to her. She couldn't make out what it meant. However, Eggman was unaware of all of this. He continued on with his point.

"Well good. As long as you're in fighting shape, we'll win." He said, a smirk growing on his face

Amy grunted and pushed his hand off her shoulder. They turned and kept walking. What Amy saw next was a surprise. It seemed like walls were set up. They were tall, interlocked, steel walls. Gun ports were located in the middle of each section. She could see the machine guns positioned inside. Sandbags lined any small gap that showed. Barbed wire was laid out just in front of, and on top of the walls. Amy exhaled in amazement. She followed the blockade all along its perimeter.

"Outstanding, isn't it?" Eggman asked

Amy continued to assess the walls.

"Yeah." She confessed under her breath

"It runs all the way from the east wall to the west with only one small door for access. It blocks off the HQ from the rest of the courtyard. Nothing is getting through here. And even if they do, there is no cover for them. The machine guns will wreck those GUN troopers to pieces." Eggman explained

Amy nodded and whistled. She could already see it now. The few GUN troopers, after behind slaughtered in the road, would run in, thankful they survived, and be gunned down as soon as they were in sight. It would be a truly ugly sight. But then again, Amy was thirsty for the blood of GUN. Even if Sonic did still love her, GUN had brought so many hardships to her. She would make them pay, regardless.

"You're just not gonna show mercy are you?" she asked in an evil tone

Eggman chuckled and played with his mustache.

"Nope. None." He laughed

Amy chuckled as well.

"Come on. It's time to see what will really be the death of all the GUN in the area."

Eggman, followed by Amy, walked up to the wall and entered it. They walked by it. Amy soon realized they were going somewhere she had never been. They were walking to a dark and isolated part of the courtyard. Eggman stopped at the entrance of a dark tunnel. Amy peered inside. It was complete darkness. It looked like nothing more than a maintenance walkway that had been forgotten long ago. What Amy didn't know, was what was actually held inside. She frowned and looked up at him.

"What is it?" she asked

"Follow me." she hissed, entering the passageway

Eggman's massive figure soon dissolved into the darkness. Amy shrugged and went in. The hallway was long. In the pitch black, Amy had to run her hand along the cold concrete wall to know where she was. After a little bit, the idea of how far they'd gone had abandoned her. She just followed the footsteps of the human, trusting the evil genius.

"Where are we goning?" she asked

"You'll see." He replied

Amy couldn't figure out what was so important that it had to be hid like this. This didn't add up to her. What was he hiding? Eventually, Amy saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The light grew brighter, and finally, after what seemed like ages, they made it to their destination. When Amy stepped out of the tunnel and took it all in, she nearly jumped in surprise.

"What… the… hell..?"

Eggman laughed and looked over at her.

"Impressive, isn't it?"

It was. In front of them, was an array of what looked to be massive artillery guns. The length of the barrels was far longer than any gun she'd seen before. They looked like the huge guns she had seen on pictures of battleships, only bigger. They surpassed anything she'd ever seen. But their position was weird. They were aimed almost directly up. However, Amy had other things to see, like the huge crates of artillery shells lined that lined the walls of the open courtyard. The shells were as tall as Amy, with shark teeth painted on them. Working robots loaded shells into the monumental cannons. She had seen nothing like it before. The size of the artillery guns, the size of the shells, the amount of secrecy Eggman had kept over these, everything. It was incredible.

"W-what are these?" Amy asked in wonderment

Eggman smiled with absolute pride.

"These, my pink accomplice, are the devastators. The biggest mortar guns ever conceived. They fire a 2,800 pound high velocity, incendiary shell. They will create a fireball bigger than a regular house. With napalm infused casings, the fire will spread far beyond the range of the fireball. When that thing explodes nothing within a hundred yards will be safe." Eggman chuckled

They were impressive. But then Amy began to think. She frowned and looked up at Eggman.

"Why would you use them? Won't our HQ be destroyed in the process?" she asked

Eggman laughed and patted her on the head.

"You see, I will be in my bunker, four hundred feet below the ground. I won't be affected. I only plan on using these bad boys when the GUN troops have made it into the building."

Amy nodded. Although he was trying to hide it, she could clearly see what he was doing. Eggman was nervous. He knew what was about to happen. He knew who he was going up against, and knew that he wouldn't last. She could see it now. These were a last ditch effort. When everything failed, he would order these to be fired. It was not a very reassuring thought, Eggman being so nervous, even though he had the most powerful force in Station Square.

"Well that's reassuring." She said sarcastically

Eggman frowned and scowled.

"Let's get back to the HQ, we need to prepare for the battle."

Amy rolled her eyes. Always so serious. So they walked back in silence. They walked back through the pitch black tunnel, and made it back outside. Just as they were walking towards the HQ, Eggman's earpiece went off. He stopped, as well as Amy. He clicked the earpiece.

"Eggman here, what is it?" he asked

"Excuse me doctor, but I have detected considerable motion in sector five point three. It appears GUN is getting ready for an attack." Consilium reported in his robotic voice

Amy couldn't hear what Consilium had said, but she knew what was going on by the look of sheer terror and panic that came over Eggman's face. The face of a distressed man meant GUN was coming. He stuttered a bit before he spoke.

"O-O-Okay, thank you, Consilium. Sound the alarms, get ready for the attack." He stuttered

Suddenly, loud alarms began blaring through the speakers. Robots of all sorts began running about, going to their designated positions. Commando-bots and swat-bots came out of the storage and made their way to the frontline. Amy watched them with amazement at their precision. Eggman clicked his earpiece and looked down at Amy with a thoughtful expression. Amy noticed and stared at him, waiting to see what he would do.

"They're coming, aren't they?" she asked quietly

Eggman nodded slowly and sighed. He ran his hand over his bald head and frowned.

"Go up to your room and get ready. Report to me when you're done." He ordered

Amy nodded and walked away. She walked all the way back to her room. She closed the door behind her and sighed. It was about to happen. The final fight. Amy closed her eyes and leaned against the door. When her eyes were closed, all she saw was Sonic. She saw his blue quills and his green eyes. The hedgehog she loved.

"Sonic." She whispered

Amy opened her eyes and looked around. A thought popped into her mind. She swallowed and approached the bedside table. She knelt down and pulled out a drawer. She rummaged through it, looking for something.

"Where is it?" she asked herself

Eventually, she felt something soft and familiar.

"Ah ha!" she exclaimed, pulling out the item

It was it. The red bandana she wore when she was young. The one she had tied around Nicky's leg. Amy stared at it with reverence. It was the only thing that reminded her of the time before fighting. The time she had with Sonic. When they were best friends. She wished those times could come back. She would do anything to live with that hedgehog again. But she knew that would never happen. She hugged the cloth and whimpered.

"I'm sorry." She whispered

Amy sniffled hard and tied the cloth around her right bicep. She patted it softly, letting a weak smile appear. It soon disappeared when she realized what she was about to do. She stood up slowly and opened her eyes. She slowly turned around and stood in the middle of her room, alone.

"I'll make this right." She whispered

One way or another, Amy was going to make things right. Whether it be killing Sonic, or Eggman. She was going to bring justice to the world. She was going to bring happiness upon herself. The past few months had done nothing but torment, haunt, hurt, and weaken her. She was done with it all. She was going to kill someone by the end of the day. She was going to finish it all. Either for Sonic, or for Eggman. The time was now for her to fight, and win. Sonic was her love. The one she dreamt of, the one she fantasized of, the one she wanted to be with, the one she would die for. However, the hedgehog had left her, beaten her, cheated on her, ignored her, and most of all, broke her heart. He was going to pay, but she couldn't make herself do it. She loved him, and didn't want to fight him, but he had done so much wrong that she couldn't forgive. Maybe it was time to end it all, and make things right.

Amy left her room, ready to kill.


The idea of finally ending this horrible fight sent chills down Sonic's spine. He could sense the weight of what he was about to do, what they all were about to do. The thought of killing Eggman, and bringing peace back to Station Square was a heavy thing to ponder. Sonic knew that today, something was going to change. Even though it appeared GUN was massing up for the attack with quite a sizeable force, Sonic couldn't shake the feeling that they were all going to die. He knew what they were going up against, and he didn't like the odds. He had never been one to be cautious. He was a free spirit. However, these few days had shown him what the real world was like, and he had changed. He began to worry about things, and wonder if they would be okay. Nothing could stop him from thinking about the death of every single GUN trooper here. But most of all, he couldn't stop thinking about Amy.

Sonic sat at the edge of his cot in the empty room he called his own. He was hunched over with his arms on his knees, his head lowered, and his eyes shut. He knew what was about to happen. He, Tails, Bolton, Bragg, and the rest of the GUN troops were going to storm the HQ, and take out Eggman once and for all. One thing he didn't know however, was what was going to happen to Amy. He could still see her beautiful pink quills, her soft emerald eyes. He had daydreams of her still wearing that little red dress of hers. Her laugh still echoed through his mind every once in a while. His dreams of her being the girl he once knew were just dreams though. He realized what she was, what she had become. She was a killer, a cold blooded agent of evil. No matter how much he said she still had good in her, he still saw pure evil in her. All he wanted to do was to bring her back to the light. But he knew, this would probably never happen.

"Amy…" he whispered

A knock on the door startled Sonic and he jumped a bit. He looked over at the door and wondered who it was.

"What?" Sonic asked

"Sonic? It's Tails. Can I come in?" asked the muffled voice of a teenager behind the door

Sonic smiled and swallowed.

"Sure." He replied

The door slowly opened and Tails walked in. He quietly shut the door behind him and stood by the doorframe. He was wearing his long, dirty, and stained brown trench coat. A black scarf was wrapped around his neck. He had on a ragged brown baseball cap with goggles attached. A drop-leg holster was clipped to his thigh, holding his pistol. The teenager looked ready to fight. Sonic gazed at his friend with soft eyes. After all of this havoc, they were still friends. Tails knew this as well.

"You ready? Wheels up in thirty."

But before he could continue talking, Tails noticed Sonic's depressed expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a concerned tone

Sonic sighed and looked up.

"I don't know, Tails. It's just all of this." He said, gesturing around him

Tails exhaled and slowly walked over to Sonic. He sat down next to him in silence. The two friends just sat there, not talking. Tails was busy thinking of what to say. Sonic was still trying to make sense of everything. Eventually, Tails spoke up. He looked over at Sonic with understanding eyes.

"I know what you're going through. She's gonna be okay. I promise. You'll get her back." Tails said

Sonic turned his head over to Tails and nodded slowly.

"Tell that to the GUN troopers outside. Tell that to their dead friends." Sonic sighed and lowered his head. "She's doomed either way."

Tails knew what he meant, and it wasn't good. It was true, there was no future for her anymore. He grunted in agreement.

"Listen man, I know you're thinking about her. But just put those thoughts aside for a while. You need to focus." Tails encouraged

Sonic nodded and swallowed hard. He looked over at Tails and smiled weakly.

"You're right." He said quietly

Tails nodded and patted Sonic's back. Sonic looked at him with hard eyes and tight lips.

"Are you okay man? You don't seem too good." Sonic asked

Tails chuckled and looked down.

"I'm a fourteen year old fighting against my friend just to survive in a war-torn wasteland. Why wouldn't I be okay?" Tails said sarcastically

Sonic didn't find the joke funny. Something was wrong with Tails, he could sense it. He knew Tails, they were best friends. He could tell when something was wrong. And right now, he could tell. Sonic frowned at him.

"Really." Sonic continued

Tails sighed and closed his eyes. He was not going to let it all out, not before a fight this big. He needed to stay strong. He would not be weak, not anymore. Tails opened his eyes and looked up at Sonic.

"I am just tired of it all." Tails confessed, "I am sick of fighting, I'm sick of war, I'm sick of these terrible meals, I'm sick of living in the mud, I'm sick of worrying about dying, and I'm sick of Station square."

Sonic raised an eyebrow in curiosity as Tails continued to go on.

"I've been here for two months now, and haven't been able to get a full hour of sleep. I've seen so many people die right in front of me, and so many horrific injuries, that I can't take it anymore. I want to go home. But every time I think of home, I remember that it was blown up! I don't want to do this anymore!"

Tails was beginning to sound angry. Sonic was starting to see what was wrong. Tails needed a break, and badly. He needed comfort. Sonic decided to go into big brother mode, and pulled Tails closer to him. The fox was surprised at first, but quickly warmed up to it and sighed.

"I want it all to end." Tails whispered

Sonic frowned and nodded slowly.

"We all do." He replied

They pulled away and both sat there in silence for a while, letting the silence wash their emotions away. The two friends just sat, thinking, enjoying the warming company of each other. They had nothing to talk about. What could the say? What could you say right before a battle? So the silence dragged on, until, they heard a knock come from the door. They both stared at the door.

"What?" asked Sonic

"Sonic, Tails, it's Bragg. Come on, it's time for the briefing."

"Got it." He replied

Sonic and Tails both looked at each other.

"You good?" Sonic asked him

Tails nodded and stood up. Sonic followed as they exited the room. Bragg was outside, waiting for them. Once they were out, Bragg looked down at the two Mobians. A solemn expression as on his face.

"You guys ready? It looks like the entire base is moving out." Bragg asked

Sonic and Tails nodded.

"Yeah, let's go." Tails said

So the group, along with a couple squads of GUN troopers in full combat gear, made their way to the staging area. Sonic looked around him as he walked. All the GUN troopers were silent. No talking or nervous chatter could be heard. It was deathly silent. They all had scarves over their faces, hiding their identities. They were fully loaded up on gear and ammunition. Each trooper barely resembled a human. They looked like ghosts in their black uniforms. Sonic was a little frightened by the intimidating look of faceless dealers of death. He nudged Tails in the side, getting his attention. Tails leaned closer to hear.

"Why are they all so quiet?" he whispered

"Because they know what they're about to do." He replied

Eventually, they all made it to the staging area. When they had made it to the massive open courtyard, Sonic stopped to take it all in. It was incredible. It looked like hundreds of troopers buzzing about, doing their duties. Squad leaders yelled out to rally their men. Long rows of tables with all the ammunition in the base ran along the edges. Rifle racks filled with assault rifles were there as well. The noise of it all was deafening. But that wasn't the only thing. Dozens of armored cars with machine gun turrets on top were all lined up in three column. One lightly armored vehicle that looked more like a tank with six wheels was in the middle column. One thing Sonic immediately spotted was that there were strange markings on the armored cars. The markings were red upside down broken hearts. And the paint was fresh. Sonic gave Tails a confused look as they walked with Bragg. Tails saw his face and immediately knew what he was thinking.

"It's in honor of those they lost, and their hatred towards Amy." He said slowly

Sonic stared at the markings with narrow eyes. He grunted and walked on. After a little while, Tails saw a huge crowd of GUN troopers. They were all amassing in front of a platform. On the platform was Bolton, a couple officers, and a huge map of the HQ. The map was quite massive, and very well detailed. The HQ seemed to be in walled off in the shape of a circle, with the senate building in the middle. Three main roads came up to the walls from the south west, south, and south east. Huge buildings separated the three roads. Tails was impressed with how big and detailed the map was. Sonic needed to see this. He tapped him on the shoulder.

"Look." He said, pointing at the crowd

"Alright." Sonic acknowledged

They reached the edge of the crowd and looked up at Bolton. He was in his full combat gear, helmet under his arm and assault rifle slung. He scanned the crowd. He saw Sonic and Tails and smiled. But his smile went away when one of the officers came up to him and whispered something in his ear. Bolton nodded and looked back over the crowd of hundreds of troopers. By this time, even more troopers were joining. Sonic and Tails were now in the middle of the massive horde of troopers. Bolton put his hands behind his back and took in a deep breath.


All talking, all movement, all signs of life instantly disappeared. Every single pair of eyes immediately focused on the trooper on the platform. Bolton swallowed and looked at the troopers.

"Listen up! We have four main units, making a six-pronged attack all at once. Alpha company, Base company, Delta company, and Easy company."

Bolton pointed at one of the roads on the map.

"Sonic and Alpha company will ride in convoy one. They will head up the south eastern road, directly to the base. They will break through he defenses on that side, and make their way into the base, securing the courtyard."

He then walked over and pointed at another point.

"At the same time, Base company in convoy two, led by me, will be attacking the HQ from the south. They will break through, and make their way into the HQ, securing whatever intel we can."

Bolton walked over and pointed at the last road on the map.

"While this is happening, Delta company in convoy three, led by Tails, will roll in from the south western road. They will break through the defenses and move in. They will take out the signal generator connecting the swat-bots to their commanders. Rendering the swat-bots useless."

He then pointed at two much smaller areas in the map, outlined with red.

"While all this shit is happening, Easy company will be broken up into two smaller units. They will move in through the maintenance passageways, shutting off the power in the senate building. After all our objectives are completed, we'll regroup outside the senate building to make our assault on Eggman's bunker. Your squad leaders have the details, they'll brief you on the way. This all relies on us moving at the same time. We will overwhelm him. If one unit is late, the entire mission is jeopardized. Am I understood?"

Nobody spoke a word. But then, one hand went up. Bolton saw it and pointed the trooper.

"Yes?" he asked

"Sir, tell us now. Is this a suicide mission? Are you just sending us in so we can die honorably" the trooper asked

A few nervous whispers began to spread through the crowd. The troopers did not like what he had said. Bolton swallowed hard and looked around at the troopers.

"Listen here troopers." Bolton said, pointing at the GUN patch on his chest. "You are the finest men and women in the world. Each and every one of you has done more for GUN than anybody has ever asked of you. We have all been here since the beginning. Ever since the first swat-bot landed here. We have all suffered, all lost friends, close friends. Many, many brave troopers have given their lives, defending this city. Now I know all of you are afraid, I am, but we need to look past that. Today, we're going to take back this city. Today, we're going to kick Eggman off his throne. Many of you will die, I can't ignore that. But die knowing this. You died fighting for what was right, what was good. Know that. We've suffered enough. We've lost enough. It's time to kick that fat sack of shit, off his chair, and let him know what the bottom of a GUN boot looks like. Let every single one of those swat-bots know the rage of a GUN trooper. LET AGENT R SHIVER WHEN SHE HEARS OUR ROAR! Let this be the day your kids will only hear stories about! We will fight till we die! Because we're not gonna take any more shit from them! WE WILL FIGHT! AND WE WILL WIN! WHAT DO YOU SAY YOU WORTHLESS SACKS OF USED CONDOMS!? ARE WE GOING TO WIN!?" Bolton roared

Then, all together, in unison, as one voice, the troopers roared as loud as they could. They raised their assault rifles in the air and continued to scream

"HOORAH! HOORAH! HOORAH!" they screamed

The roar was deafening.


Another cheer went up as the GUN troopers all dispersed. They ran for their designated armored cars and hopped in. The troopers ran about, getting the last things done. They all loaded up into the cars, preparing for the fight. Sonic and Tails stood still. They saw Bolton hop down from the platform and make his way over to them. He reached them and stared with a serious face.

"You ready?" he asked

"You bet." Tails answered

"Yeah, let's go." Sonic replied

Bolton smiled and put on his helmet. He patted Sonic's shoulder and stared at him.

"Don't worry man. She'll be okay." He said

Without another word, Bolton left for his vehicle. Sonic and Tails both looked over at each other. Sonic just stared at his friend for a while. Tails did the same. They stood still while the world around them ran about. For some reason, they were afraid this was the last time they were going to see each other. Sonic outstretched a hand for a handshake.

"See you on the other side, buddy." He said

Tails smiled and shook Sonic's hand.

"I expect to see Amy with you when we meet again."

Sonic chuckled and nodded. Tails chuckled and turned to go to his armored car. Sonic sighed as he watched his best friend walk away to battle. With a sigh, he turned and went to his armored car. Sonic walked up to the first car in the column and got into the passenger seat. He looked back at the crew inside. A squad of GUN troopers were sitting in the back, and one was standing up, manning the machine gun. One of the troopers stared at Sonic and smiled.

"We're okay boys, Sonic's here. Time to kick some ass." The trooper chuckled

"Hoorah to that." The driver laughed

Sonic laughed and closed the door next to him.

"Alright, let's go." Sonic said

The driver pulled out the radio and clicked it.

"Command, this is jump scare 1. The package is in, are we clear to roll out?" the driver asked

"Copy that jump scare 1. All units are clear to roll out. I repeat, all units are clear to roll out. Operation kingpin has begun. I repeat, operation kingpin has begun. All units roll out to your designated targets."

The driver started the engine and pressed on the gas. The armored car began to drive forward, along with every other vehicle they had. Operation kingpin had begun. There was no turning back now. Sonic and GUN were about to go up against all of Agent R and Eggman's might. This would be a fight to go down in history as one of the bloodiest in history. And in the middle of it, Sonic needed to make things right with Amy. What a task.

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