No Hope

Where is Sonic?

"Blesses are they who keep his statues and seek him with all their heart."

-Psalm 119:2

The sun shined down brightly over the Green Hill Zone. It's rays of heat warming up the world. Only a few puffy clouds dotted the clear blue sky. A breeze slightly rustled the vibrant green grass. Short woodland creatures scurried about everywhere. Huge flowers stuck up from the ground, soaking in the sun and twirling their pedals. Tall palm trees lined the beautiful coastline. A white sandy beach sat between the green grass and the crystal clear blue water of the sea. The waves of the sea lapped over each other, making roaring noises every few seconds. In the middle of this amazing scene was a blue hedgehog. This blue hedgehog was just relaxing against a palm tree, staring out at the sea. His red shoes with white bands and gold buckles shined in the sun. His sparkling green eyes were relaxed and calm. It was Sonic the Hedgehog.

"What a beautiful day to do nothing." He said to himself

He picked up his drink, which was half a cocoanut, and sipped up the white liquid inside. He shivered with enjoyment at the taste of the milky substance. It was true what they said about the Green Hill Zone. It tingled every sense in the body. The calm breeze and warm sun made Sonic's skin and fur feel warm and comfortable. The sight in front of him was truly one of the most amazing pictures he had ever seen. The smells of the wild flowers, and the salty sea were intoxicating. It was perfect. Everything was just a picture perfect scene.

"If only Egghead didn't have to ruin it all the time, I would probably set up a home here." Sonic said quietly

Nothing could ruin this perfect day for Sonic. He had defeated Dr. Eggman a few hours ago. It was the easiest victory for him in a long time. The evil scientist only brought swat-bots to deal with him. That was a terrible mistake on Eggman's part. But nevertheless, Sonic was able to destroy them all without even breaking a sweat. That Eggman, always up to something. Sonic secretly wished he didn't have to fight Eggman all the time. He just wanted to run around and be free, not be hung up with saving the world all the time. It would be a great day for everybody when he finally stopped trying to take over the world. But until then, Sonic had to worry about where that man was, or what he was doing. But right now, after that crushing victory, Sonic could just relax and watch the world go by for a while. He didn't get many chances like this actually. Most of his day was taken over by saving animals, hanging out with Tails, fighting Eggman or Shadow, visiting his family, doing advertisements for sports drinks, taking care of Cheese for Cream, or running away from Amy.

Suddenly, Sonic heard a rustling sound coming from one of the bushes near him. He looked over at the bush with a curious face. But soon he spotted what had made the noise. Two white rabbit ears stuck up from the bush. His expression softened and he smirked.

"Come here little guy. It's okay." He whispered

Slowly and quietly, a small white rabbit came out of the bush. It stared at Sonic with huge black eyes. The little rabbit was adorable. It held a small carrot in its mouth. Sonic chuckled.

"Come on, don't be shy. I won't hurt ya." He said to the rabbit

The little rabbit hopped towards him a couple times. Sonic chuckled at how cute the little white puff of fur was. Eventually, the rabbit reached him and sat down next to Sonic. Sonic patted the rabbit on the head.

"Now what are you doing way out here buddy? Shouldn't you be in your little rabbit-hole?" he asked in a joking tone

The rabbit didn't respond. It just nibbled on its carrot and stared out at the sea. Sonic sighed and looked out to see as well. There they sat, the blue hedgehog and the little white rabbit. For a while, they just sat quietly. Once the little rabbit was finished with his carrot, he looked up at Sonic with his massive cute eyes. Sonic looked down and smirked. He grabbed his cocoanut drink and tipped it slightly for the rabbit.

"Here ya go."

The rabbit sipped the drink and immediately spit it out. Sonic laughed at the rabbit's reaction to the drink.

"Fine! More for me!" he laughed

Sonic pulled the drink away and took another sip himself. He enjoyed the drink quite a lot. If he had a chilidog with him, this day would be even better. Just as Sonic was about to put down the drink, two other rabbits hopped out of the bush. Sonic and the little white rabbit spun around to see what was the commotion. One of the rabbits was larger than the other, but was running away from the smaller one. The other smaller rabbit was chasing after the big one. It was a comedic scene. The big strong rabbit running away from the smaller, weaker one. The two rabbits scurried about on the sand of the beach. They threw up sand everywhere when they hopped about. It was clear that the smaller rabbit was going to catch the big one at some point. Sonic and the little rabbit stared at the two creatures chasing each other.

"What do you think they're doing? It looks like one wants to do something with the other." Sonic chuckled

But then a thought hit Sonic very hard. It made his happy and entertained expression change to serious and thoughtful. It was a thought that had been reoccurring for a few months now. It didn't make any sense to him, but he continued thinking about it. It was a thought that he never imagined he would consider, but he was. He stared at the rabbits with a hard stare. The thought that he had might be the strangest thing he ever thought about. Sonic looked down at the rabbit next to him and patted it slowly.

"You ever been in love little buddy? I certainly haven't." he said quietly

The little rabbit looked up at him. Sonic sighed and lowered his head. He was thinking about Amy. Ever since she had turned sixteen, something had changed in her. Her pink fur seemed a bit softer. Her quills seem to have curved a bit more. Her chest had pronounced a bit more. Her entire body had grown into itself. It seemed like she had matured a lot. She was, in Sonic's opinion, one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. He had realized it when they had all gone to the beach to relax one day. When Amy came out of the dressing room with Cream, Sonic nearly jumped in shock at the girl he had previously thought was very weird. Her body had become amazing, the pinnacle of female beauty. The entire time they were at the beach, Sonic couldn't take his eyes off her. He never imagined Amy ever looking like she had. With such beauty and grace, nobody could resist her. But there was still one problem that kept Sonic from walking up and asking her out.

"Do you ever get annoyed buddy?" Sonic asked the rabbit

It was true. Despite Amy's fantastic body and stunning features, she was still a couple years younger mentally. She still chased after him and screamed his name like a fangirl. She continually tackled him and tried to kiss him. She flirted in almost every conversation with him. She was as crazy about him as ever. Under normal circumstances, he would return the flirting with her. But she was just not mature enough mentally. She still didn't know when to be quiet, or when to not flirt with him. It was annoying for him to deal with that, but still want to date her.

"I don't know little guy." Sonic said, lowering his shoulders and sighing, "I mean, she is the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She has the most beautiful eyes, and the way she bats her eyes at me makes me melt inside. But… she just isn't mature. If I ever returned her feelings, she would go crazy. She would embarrass me. She would scream to the world that I loved her, and then go to tell everyone. I just can't handle that. I wish we could just date, and not be so dramatic about it. But she can't control herself. I guess that's why I don't say it back to her."

Sonic looked down at the rabbit, which was staring back up at him. The rabbit's beady black eyes stared at him intensely. Then, without a sound, turned and hopped away.

"Great. I'm officially crazy. I'm talking to animals."

Sonic laid his head back and thought about it all. He closed his eyes and hummed a song. A little love song his mother taught him when he was younger. After a couple seconds of humming, he whispered a bit of the lyrics.

"…That's why I love you…

…Created you for me to love…

…That I'd love you best…"

He hummed the little nursery song for a while. But his humming was cut short when more rustling came from the bush. He looked over and saw the same two long white ears hopping towards him. He grinned and waited for his little companion to come back. When the rabbit finally made its way out of the bush, Sonic's jaw dropped slightly. In its mouth were two flowers. One was pink and the other was blue. It hopped its way over to him and jumped onto his lap. Sonic was taken completely by surprise.

"What is all this little buddy?" Sonic asked in shock

The rabbit just stared at him with the flowers in its mouth. It stared back at him for a couple seconds, and then dropped the flowers. Sonic slowly and gently picked up both the flowers. He stared at them with amazement. They were incredible flowers. Their pedals were clean and bright. Sonic had no idea what the rabbit meant for him to do with these two plants. But he knew it was trying to say something. And that something, from Sonic's perspective, meant that him and Amy should be together. But that would require him to do something he never thought he would. His expression instantly turned determined. He gripped the flowers tightly and closed his eyes. He let out a loud exhale and opened his eyes again.

"You're right little buddy I shoul-"

Sonic stopped halfway through his sentence. Something mysterious had happened. The rabbit was gone. Not a trace of the small animal was left. It was as if the rabbit had never even been there. Sonic was thoroughly scared from this. But the flowers were still in his hand. Sonic had no idea if he should be afraid, or happy. What did that little rabbit represent?

"Alright, that was strange." Sonic said to himself

Sonic decided now was a good time to leave. Who knew what else was going to pop up here. He bent forward to make sure his shoes were tight. He dropped the flowers and stood up. He positioned himself to get ready to sprint off for another session of breaking the sound barrier. However, just as he was about to sprint off, his wrist communicator went off. The quick beeping sounds of the watch meant something was wrong. Sonic got out of his pose and pressed the answer button on the communicator. He held his wrist up to his mouth to speak.

"Sonic here, what is it Tails?" he asked in a serious tone

"Sonic, you better get here quick! Eggman is at it again!" Tails yelled through the radio

He chuckled at his friend.

"Don't worry Tails, Eggman isn't that big a threat, no need to scream." He said, chuckling

"Yes there is! Now get back here as soon as you can! We need you over here now!" Tails screamed

Sonic was shocked by the desperateness in his friend's voice. Tails didn't often lose his cool. Something was seriously wrong.

"Got it, I'll be right there." Sonic said, turning off the radio

Sonic turned around, got into his sprinting position, and sprinted towards Tails' workshop. As he ran, the world around him blurred. The wind hit his face and flowed through his fur and quills. As he ran, Sonic felt the air around him getting thinner and thinner. Pretty soon, he noticed a cone of water vapor following him. He knew what he was doing. He was breaking the sound barrier. He sped up, smirking. He then felt a weird jolt. Seconds later, a loud boom was heard behind him. He had just created a sonic boom.

But this was not at all what he was focusing on. He was thinking about his friends, and whatever Eggman was plotting this time. From the way Tails spoke, it seemed as if something terrible was happening over near Station Square. But Sonic just shrugged the idea off. Nothing Eggman could do would stop them. They had defeated him hundreds of times. This would be no different.

Sonic sped through and passed by Station Square. He ran past the massive city. But something wasn't right. One of the skyscrapers was moving. But it wasn't a skyscraper. It looked more like a massive robot. Sonic saw it and continued running.

"So Egghead has a giant robot taller than any other skyscraper? Great." Sonic groaned

But Sonic had no time to turn and go fight the robot blindly. He needed to get to his team. So he sped up. After a few minutes of running, he made it to Tails' workshop. He skidded to a halt in front of the property. He walked up to the building. It was just as perfect by Station Square then it was in the Green Hill Zone. The Tornado was parked outside on the small airstrip. The red painted biplane sparkled in the sun. Sonic turned his attention to the workshop. The small building was the only place he had called home in a very long time. But something was different. The tiny workshop seemed to be resonating some sort of noise. As Sonic approached, the noises became clearer. It sounded like muffled arguing. Sonic sighed in annoyance. He reached the door and opened it. Normally, everyone would hear the door opening, but the arguing was so loud, that nobody heard him enter.

"No! We need to go fight it now!" Knuckled yelled

Amy walked up to him with a furious expression.

"What are you talking about?! We need to wait for Sonic to get here!" Screamed Amy

Rouge and Shadow were standing aside, watching the fight.

"I say we just get out of here and leave the city to deal with it by itself." Rouge commented

"I agree." Shadow said

Tails turned around from the massive monitor in the room and faced Knuckles and Amy. He was annoyed and looked mad.

"Will you two be quite! When Sonic gets here, we can deal with this thing! Okay?!" Tails barked

Knuckled spun around and held a fist up to the little fox.

"I'm leaving no matter what! I'm gonna deal with this thing with or without Sonic!" he growled

Sonic knew this was a good time to enter and stop this argument before Knuckles decided to go violent. Sonic walked into the room with a relaxed expression and cool posture. When everyone heard his footsteps, they all turned to face him. Everyone looked angry, confused, and tired. Sonic just let a small smirk appear as he walked through the room.

"What's up Tails? I'm here. Let's see what the problem is." Sonic said

Amy spotted him and ran up and hugged him. Sonic was taken completely be surprise. Her hug was as tight as ever. He couldn't breath at all. He hated it when she did this.

"Oh Sonic! It's so good to know you're here to save me!" Amy cried

Despite the fact that she was squeezing the life out of him, Sonic loved feeling her soft fur. It was just another plus to her now amazing figure. He stared at her tear filled emerald green eyes, which were looking up at him. He got lost in those eyes for a couple seconds. They were so beautiful to him. But then he remembered he was losing oxygen.

"Uh… Amy… Air!" Sonic gasped

Amy realized her mistake and a look of horror came onto her face. She instantly let go and her face turned as red as Knuckles. She stepped back and hung her head in shame.

"Sorry Sonic. I was just happy to see you."

Sonic was just about to reply to her apology when Knuckles interrupted him.

"Where have you been you lazy hog?!" Knuckles demanded

Sonic stopped and turned around. He stared at Knuckles with a smug face.

"I was out defeating Eggman and protecting the Green Hill Zone. Anything else you want to ask?" Sonic said quietly

Knuckles growled at him and folded his arms. Sonic smirked and turned around. He looked back at Tails, who was already pressing buttons on the computer. Sonic walked up next to Tails, staring at the monitor.

"So what's destroying the city?" Sonic asked in a somewhat casual tone

Tails continued to press buttons frantically. He paid no attention to Sonic as he turned the monitor on. Everyone turned his or her attention to the computer screen. The screen was the point of view of a news station helicopter. It was focusing on what looked like a massive robot, bigger than anything anybody had ever seen before. The robot had a shield in one hand, and a massive sword that glowed red in the other. The robot just crashed through he city, not even noticing the buildings it was destroying, or the people it was smashing. GUN helicopters and fighters could be seen in the sky. But they were being instantly shot down but the robot's shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft guns. It was a depressing scene. Then a female fox reporter could be seen next to the camera.

"This is Jacky Howard for Mobius news. Just a couple minutes ago, a massive robot descended on Station Square. It has been destroying the city and killing hundreds of people. This is no doubt the work of Dr. Eggman."

Everyone just continued to watch the computer screen in horror, shock, and anger. Sonic felt a hand slowly try to grab his. He looked over and saw Amy trying to hold his hand. She was afraid. He didn't often see Amy afraid of anything, but this robot was doing something to her. Sonic tried to reassure her it would be alright by smiling and grabbed her hand. He then looked back up at the monitor. The reporter continued her message.

"The robot seems to be making its way towards the Station Square construction park. I have no idea why it would go there. There is nothing in that site except tunnels and dirt. But that is not of concern. We are now getting reports that swat-bots have descended and are now wreaking havoc in the city. GUN forces may not be enough for this fight. But one question is on everyone's minds. Where is Sonic?!"

Tails turned off the monitor and looked over at Sonic. Sonic instantly let go of Amy's hand and looked back at everybody. They all were looking at hm. They were all looking to see what he was going to do in this situation. Sonic felt an enormous amount of pressure come on him. The tension in the room was incredible. He was their leader, and he needed to act like one.

"So Sonic, what do we do? That robot is the biggest thing we've ever seen." Tails asked

Sonic looked over at his friend. A question popped into his mind as soon as he saw Tails.

"That was a pretty big robot. What would it take to power something like that?" Sonic asked

"Only a Chaos Emerald could power such a huge thing." Shadow commented

Sonic looked over at his double and frowned. But then a confused and concerned face took over. He looked back at Tails, who was just as confused as he was.

"But nobody knows where the Chaos Emeralds are, right?" Sonic asked

Tails put his fist up to his mouth, thinking. It was true. The fox turned around and picked up his tablet. He swiped a few times and read the tablet thoroughly. After a couple silent seconds of waiting, he looked up at Sonic.

"Last time we scattered the emeralds, even we didn't know where we put them. Now look at this. Eggman is most likely using a Chaos Emerald. This is terrible for us! He has one and we don't." Tails explained

"But Eggman could never find an emerald by himself." Knuckles commented

Tails put the tablet down and folded his arms.

"Well he has. But that is not the concern right now. We need to make a plan to take down that giant thing that's wrecking the city."

Everybody went quiet. They all thought of different plans to take down the robot. But after a couple minutes, it was clear nobody had any idea. A Chaos Emerald powered giant robot was destroying the city, and they couldn't think of any plans. Finally, Sonic knew that they had to take action, with or without a plan. But Knuckles was the one who was most impatient. He snarled and stamped his foot.

"Alright everybody." Knuckles said, "Even if we don't have a plan, we need to go take that thing down! So lets get out there and destroy that robot!"

Everyone cheered, except Amy. She stared at him with a skeptical look. Knuckles noticed this and turned his attention to Amy. His expression turned to one of impatience and intolerance.

"What?" he asked in a harsh tone

Amy put her hands on her hips and stared at him.

"We are just going to rush in there without a plan?" she asked in a mocking tone

Tails walked up to her, holding his pilot's helmet.

"Sorry Amy, but we don't have a better plan than this. We'll just have to make due." He said

Amy clearly didn't like the idea of running in there without a plan. It was dangerous, and nobody knew how capable this robot was. It could be their most dangerous foe yet for all they knew. But she didn't like it, and she hoped someone else would agree with her.

"Fine." She said in a defeated voice

Everybody, Tails, Rouge, Shadow, Knuckles, and Sonic all ran out of the workshop, leaving Amy behind. But just as Sonic was about to leave, he stopped at the door. He remembered that Amy was still standing inside. He looked back and turned around. Amy was slowly walking out to get in the Tornado. He stared at her with thoughtful eyes. She looked very depressed. He frowned and stopped her in front of the door. Amy just looked down and didn't try to acknowledge Sonic.

"What are you waiting for? Lets go." Amy said to Sonic quietly

Sonic hated to see Amy when she was sad. She was normally so happy and joyful, but when she was sad, it made him sad as well.

"I'm sorry about this." Sonic said, "But we have to act fast, or there will be nothing left to save. So cheer up, and let's go."

Amy looked up at him and let a weak smile appear. He smiled and turned around. He then sprinted off, heading for the city. Amy giggled at his speed and ran for the Tornado. She loved that hedgehog. But it was time for them to take action. It was time for them to face their greatest threat ever. They were taking on Eggman, and he had the advantage. He had a Chaos Emerald, they didn't. This was going to be a hard fight, especially if one of them didn't come back.

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