No Hope

You give love, a bad name

"He said: "Listen, King Jehoshaphat and all who live in Judah and Jerusalem! This is what the LORD says to you: 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's. ... You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.'"

-2 Chronicles 20:15, 17

Sonic had never wanted to fight her. He had never wanted to be doing anything like this, especially against Amy. She was one of his closest friends, and now, it was time to end it all. He had never wanted to see a world like this. He had never wanted anything like this to ever happen to anybody in his life. He only wanted peace, freedom, and for the world to leave him by himself to run. But all of this had happened, and now, it was time for it all to stop. Sonic knew what was about to happen, what he was about to do. Did doubts run through his head on if he would come out alive? Sure. He didn't want to do this. But he had to, he needed to. If he, Tails, Bolton, and the rest of GUN didn't take down the monster Eggman had become, the world would soon follow Station Square's fate. And so, here they were, ready to fight, ready to win, ready to die, ready… to win her back. It was here, on this day, that either they would be victorious, kill Eggman, get Amy back, or be destroyed, and have the world soon follow to be enslaved by the evil genius and his hedgehog agent. It was time. It was time for war.

Sonic liked running, he loved it. But under these circumstances, it would be suicidal to run outside alongside this armored convoy. He would get picked off easily. So he rode in the passenger seat of the armored car. Beside him was a driver. Behind them a single trooper manned the machine gun turret on the roof of the armored car. And lining the back of the huge car, was a dozen troopers, sitting in benches facing each other. Although Sonic was looking outside at the destroyed city around him, he could hear the nervous whispers and chatter coming from the troopers. The sense of power Bolton had instilled into them from his speech was completely gone. All that was left was their readiness for battle. The tension in the air was maddening. They were all afraid. Sonic looked over at the driver and smirked, trying to look like his old confident self.

"You ready?" he asked

The driver quickly shot a look of nervousness to Sonic and then back at the road. Sonic swallowed and looked the other way. He huffed and stared outside. All this destruction. This was not what he expected when he thought of a battle. The movies were so different. The troops were supposed to be gearing up, acting smug and ready. It was just silence here. So silent, you couldn't even tell if they were breathing. Sonic decided to get some shut eye before the battle. But just as he closed his eyes, the driver spoke up.

"I don't know sir. Personally, I just want to leave."

Sonic turned his head back and stared at him. Then, another trooper from the back spoke up.

"Shut the hell up, Chen! We all do!" the trooper yelled

Sonic looked back at the dozen scarf covered, soulless forms in full battle gear behind him. They all had assault rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles armed and ready. But all of those forms were staring at the front where Sonic and Chen were. It wasn't too long before Chen spoke back up.

"Stuff it, Gibson. Just focus on shooting."

"I'll shoot you if you don't put your mixed tape on right now." Gibson replied, laughing

A chuckle came from Chen. Sonic looked at him with curious eyes. A mixed tape? This guy had music with him?! Sonic grinned. He couldn't remember the last time he listened to music, and he was sure these troopers couldn't either. Chen spotted Sonic grinning at him and shook his head.

"No way man. No way." Chen argued

A loud roar of disapproval came from the back of the car. Disappointed shouts of annoyance came from them. All the troopers scowled at him and jeered.

"Come on you pussy! Put on some music! If we're gonna die, might as well be happy while doing it." Gibson urged

That thought struck home for Sonic. That comment really made him think. Sonic stared at the group of troopers with new eyes. The thought had been stowed away, but now, it was all he could think of. Not all of these troopers would make it. Most would die, he knew it. And the worst part was that Sonic knew Amy was the one who would bring these troopers death. She was what was going to kill them, and that was what stung. His love, killing his friends. Sonic frowned and sat back, looking at Chen.

"Put it on, man. They need the support." Sonic coaxed

Chen sighed and shook his head. He opened one of the pouches on his gear and pulled out a ragged and scratched CD. A cheer came from the troopers sitting in the back. Sonic let a small smile appear. They were all good men. He knew this. They needed something to cheer them up.

"There ya go." Sonic chuckled

Chen smiled and put in the CD into the player. The first song came up and he turned up the volume.

The music began to play. Sonic instantly recognized the song. "You give love, a bad name". He loved this song too. The troopers behind him were singing, rocking out to the song, singing, patting their kneepads like drums. The troopers sang along in perfect sync with the song, knowing when to sing and when to stop. He couldn't see their faces, but Sonic knew they were all smiling. The entire car was shaking from the energy the troopers had in them. It appeared the troopers knew this song well. Even Chen was patting the steering wheel, singing along as well. Sonic smiled and closed his eyes, letting the lyrics sink in.

"You give love, a bad name!" the troopers sang

Sonic thought about the words of the song. And then, about Amy.

"Don't do this." Sonic whispered, hoping she could hear him

He would do anything to make sure she didn't get hurt. The last thing he wanted was for her to die evil. He wanted her back. She needed to come home. It was time for her to stop all of this. But she hadn't, and Sonic had a terrible thought that she wouldn't. In his eyes, she was too beautiful to be evil. She was too perfect. Everything about her was fantastic, and he had to fight that? If it came down to it, and he had to kill her, he couldn't. He couldn't kill those soft emerald eyes, those luscious pink quills, that sweet smell of strawberries, her perfect female form, those wonderful eyelashes, and finally, those memories. How on earth could he do it? Could he kill her, or hurt her? No. he couldn't, and he wouldn't. Sonic just wanted to take Amy's hand, and run off with her. Life would be so simple then. Even now, as they were driving towards death itself, Sonic still dreamt of her smile.


It was a huge operation going on inside Dr. Eggman's emergency bunker. The dark red lights cast a blood red tone on everything from the hundreds of monitors, to the commando-bots guarding the door, to the furniture in the center of the room, to the massive fat human standing beside her. The buzz of radios, beeping of monitors, and Eggman talking to Consilium. Amy couldn't help but feel incredibly small compared to the huge beast that was this operation. So all she could do was stand with her hands behind her waist, patiently waiting for her orders. But her thoughts were far different from her calm and ready outward appearance. All of this was not new to her. All these military operations and related things. But one thing was bothering her, more like destroying her.

"Sonic…" she lipped

She couldn't stand it. She wanted him back. She wanted him to be her lover again, to be at least a friend. But it was not so. He was with the enemy, with that bastard, Tails. Nothing could make her forgive that fox. But Sonic, she wanted more than anything. She needed him. Every seconds she dreamed of him, her heart fluttered and skipped a beat. When she closed her eyes, she say him. She saw those wonderful green eyes, those sharp blue quills, those shining red shoes, that perfect smile, his care free attitude, his cocky domineer, his speed, and most of all, his friendship. They had been such good friends. They had done so much together over the years that it was hard to think of killing him. She couldn't do that, could she? She had dreamt of him every day when she was younger, and still dreamt of him today. She couldn't kill him. Even if he had done those things to her. The best she could do was lock him up, and let him think about what he had done to her.

"Agent R?" Eggman asked, bringing Amy back to reality

Amy shook her head a little and looked up at Eggman. The red glow of the lights turned his pale skin to a bright red hue. A serious and thoughtful look was on his face. She swallowed a little in nervousness, but then regained her bitchy persona.

"What?" she asked in an annoyed voice

"Look at the monitors." He ordered

Amy turned her head and focused on the tree main monitors in front of her. All three were watching the three main roads leading to the HQ. All three roads had small convoys of armored cars driving towards them. Amy immediately knew what they were. A snarl slowly made its way up her throat. No matter what happened today, GUN would always be her enemy. They had failed too many times in the past, and had been a thorn in her side for far too long.

"It's the GUN convoys." She growled

"That's right." He said, "And they're about to get one hell of a welcome party."

Just then, Consilium's eye materialized on one of the monitors.

"Doctor, I suggest postponing the tank bombardment until the first landmine has been detonated. It will be a…"

Amy and Eggman both directed their gazes at Consilium's monitor. A look of surprise was on Amy's face, while Eggman had unprecedented fear.

"What is it?" Eggman asked, fear gripping his tone

"Doctor, it appears I have two groups of life forms infiltrating the base from sectors 2.3 and 5.3. They are small groups of about six heat signatures per unit. My guess is that GUN has deployed special operations forces to enter the HQ. Shall I send units to dispose of them?"

Eggman stroked his mustache and hummed to himself. Amy folded her arms and stared at him with disapproving eyes. Finally, he noticed Amy and smiled. He put a hand on her shoulder and patted it.

"No, let Agent R take care of the intruders." He said with a grin

"As you wish, doctor." Consilium said, disappearing again

Amy looked up at him with determined eyes.

"I'll get it done." She growled

Eggman's evil smile grew larger.

"Good. Go." He ordered, letting go of her

Amy nodded and turned to leave. She left the bunker and proceeded to the maintenance tunnels. While she headed towards her target, she found herself with even more time to think. It was then, that the thought struck her. The fight had begun. It was time for the battle to begin, and the winner to come out on top. And she… she would be the one to see the victor, and either kill, or join them. She would be the winning factor in this battle, and she knew it. It was time to fight, to slaughter, to kill, and to win.

Amy smiled when she say the sign for sector 5.3 on the wall. She proceeded down the dark and narrow maintenance passageway. Her hammer materialized into her hand. Its spikes scraped across the metal ground, creating sparks. And when she heard the faint voices of GUN troopers in the distance, she smirked, showing off her canines.

"Hello, boys." She hissed

All the faint talking suddenly silenced. Amy stopped walking and waited there, standing in the position a hooker would. Just then, a single flashlight turned on from the darkness in front of her. It shown on her face, revealing her seductive and evil expression. Although she couldn't see them, Amy imagined the horror that had struck the troopers. It made her feel a great sense of pride to thinks he could instill that much fear into someone. And it showed in these troopers.

"IT'S AGENT R!" a trooper yelled

Amy chuckled and sprinted at them, hammer ready. The battle, had begun.


The song, "This is war" had just ended and the troopers were finally calming down after their party in the back of the car. Sonic had been laughing and singing along with them the whole time. It was fantastic to have a little fun once in a while. All of it showed how much hope the troopers still had, even when there was no real hope. Sonic laughed along with the troopers once the song ended. He looked over at Chen, who was red from laughing.

"That was great, huh?" Sonic chuckled

Chen looked over quickly and smiled. He looked back at the road and chuckled a little.

"You be-"


A few seconds ago, Sonic had been talking to a human being. But now, after a high caliber sniper round had flown through the windshield and tore through Chen's head, Sonic was talking a decimated and obliterated mass that had once been a head. Blood was splattered all over the windshield and Sonic.

"WHOA!" Sonic cried

All the troopers quickly looked over at the mess in the driver's seat. Before Sonic even had time to react, the troopers were in action.

"Sniper!" One screamed

Sonic ducked down into the foot well. He looked back and saw the troopers had already opened the door, and had jumped out of the uncontrolled car. Sonic looked back over at what had been Chen, laying against the wheel, speeding the car up even more. It was a split second decision. Sonic turned around, opened the door, and jumped out. The world went into slow motion for him. He landed on his hands and feet and skidded with exact precision on the street. He watched the car speed up and ram into the armored vehicle leading the convoy. The car smashed into the vehicle and stop.

"Get out of the cars and get to cover!" a trooper barked

Sonic spotted the nearest stopped car and sprinted for it. Just as he moved, a sniper round hit the ground only centimeters away from his feet. He ran for the car and hit behind it, just like the other troopers. The other cars drove up and made a defensive barrier across the road. The troopers worked like clockwork. They had all set up positions behind the cars, aiming up at where the sniper fire was coming from. Sonic looked around in confusion. He had no clue what was going on. There was no more sniper fire.

"What the Chaos?" he grunted to himself

Then, without warning or any signs, a huge explosion erupted just in front of them. Sonic had seen the armored vehicle blow up and blossom into a flower of fire. The shockwave from the explosion knocked him back and he, along with a few troopers, fell to the ground. But that wasn't it, a barrage of gunfire opened up on them, the likes of which Sonic had never seen. A dozen troopers were instantly gunned down without a thought. Sonic looked around in utter confusion, stumbling to get up. He heard ringing, gunfire, explosions, and screaming. He stumbled up and looked around. Troopers were falling left and right, machine gun fire had opened up on them from the roadblock ahead. If it hadn't been for the barrier of cars they had made, they would have all been dead. Sonic hid behind one of the cars, along with the other troopers, wondering what in the heck was going on.

"We need to get out of here!" one trooper screamed

"The tank is aiming!" another yelled

Sonic peered over the car to see a tank in front of them. It's turret slowly moving around to aim at them. Sonic shrugged and ran to his right, all the way towards the sidewalk of the street. Just seconds after this, another explosion shook the earth. Another fireball consumed the car he had been standing behind a second ago. Sonic, now safe from the incoming fire, looked around and took it all in. all the troopers were behind the cars, firing away at the roadblock ahead. They were so close, yet so far. And every time a trooper was killed, they got farther away. Sonic watched as trooper after trooper was shot and killed. He heard the word medic screamed more times in those few seconds than any other time in his life. It was a grim situation. One that, if he didn't stop, would kill his whole convoy.

"We gotta start moving." He said to himself

Sonic was just about to run out and start fighting, when his communicator went off. He raised his wrist and clicked the radio.

"Sonic here, what's going on?" Sonic answered

"Sonic? It's Tails!" Tails' voice crackled over the communicator, gunfire and explosions could be heard in the background, "They surprised us! We're pinned down right in front of the roadblock! So is Bolton!"

"I got that, Tails. What you want me to do about it?" Sonic asked

A brief moment of silence came from Tails. But he soon replied with the best answer Sonic could ever dream of.

"Run." Tails ordered

Sonic smiled and chuckled.

"You got it, buddy."

With that, Sonic clicked off the communicator, and crept looked back out over the scene in front of him. Then one scream caught his attention.

"Incoming foot mobiles!" a trooper screamed

Sonic peered around a car saw dozens of squads of swat-bots rushing out of the main gate of the roadblock. They were all there, ready for the killing. Sonic smirked and turned to one of the troopers. He tapped the trooper on the shoulder, getting her attention. The trooper turned and stared at him.

"What?" she asked

Sonic pointed at the swat-bots with his thumb.

"Throw your smoke grenade things." Sonic ordered

The trooper looked over at the swat-bots, and then back at Sonic. She nodded and pulled out a tube shaped grenade. She pulled the pin and threw it.

"Smoke out!" she cried

As soon as the smoke hit, it spewed out a thick red smoke that smelled like sulfur. Once there was enough in the air, Sonic smiled and stood up.

"Time to fight." He said to the trooper

Sonic leapt high into the air. He landed on the car and sprinted at the swat-bots. Sonic sprinted at them and chose his first target. He jumped into the air, curling into a spiky ball. He home in on the swat-bot and shot at it. His spikes tore through the metal. His momentum didn't stop. He continued flying and ripped through another. He skidded on the ground and kicked a close robot with all his might. The swat-bot flew back and crashed into a squad of them. Sonic then turned around and sidestepped a swat-bot that was about to shoot him. She jumped onto its head and smashed his fist against the weak spot in its armor. He tore out a few wires and jumped off the robot. He sprinted at another, skidding and slide tackling it. It fell over and Sonic ducked behind it, letting the swat-bot near him target him. The swat-bot opened fire. Sonic jumped away, letting the rounds tear apart the downed robot. Sonic ran for the swat-bot that had been shooting and jumped into the air, curling into a ball and shooting at it. He ripped through it, bounced off the group and hit another swat-bot.

"Too easy." Sonic thought to himself

This pattern of destruction and death continued for a substantial amount of time. But after half an hour of non-stop fighting, Sonic had destroyed the last swat-bot of the final wave. And it was, at this point, that the smoke began to clear. The troopers all looked in awe as a hedgehog stood atop a pile of dead robots. Not a scratch was on him. Sonic jumped off the pile of robots and ran back to the barricade of cars. He hid behind one and wiped off his forehead. One trooper ran up and handed him a canteen. Sonic took it gladly and chugged down the water. He wiped his mouth and stood back up.

"Time for that tank." Sonic sighed, checking his shoes

The tank then fired off another shot. The far side of the barricade was obliterated. Screams of wounded troopers filled the air. Sonic growled and stood up.

"That's it." He grunted

Sonic sprinted for the tank. The machine gun on the tank opened fire on Sonic as he ran. He dodged the fire, jumping into the air, sliding on the ground, quickstepping the fire. Within a second, he had made it to the tank. Sonic leapt forward, running up the tank. He reached the top hatch on the turret and jumped directly up into the air. He curled into a ball and started spinning. He then shot back down at the tank. His spikes tore right through the armor of the tank. When he was inside, Sonic wreaked havoc. He bounced around, destroying everything inside. A couple seconds later, he ripped right out of the tank's front armor, still spinning. He skidded to a halt a couple meters away from the tank. He ran back to the troopers and hid again.

"Easy." Sonic laughed, wiping off oil from his face

A few seconds later, the tank exploded. And when the tank exploded, so did the rest of the roadblock. The huge explosion of fire engulfed the roadblock next to the tank. Sonic had to shield his eyes with his arm to keep from going blind. The explosion rocked the earth under his feet. It was incredible. The entire roadblock separating them from the HQ was gone. There was nothing left but a clean shot to the HQ.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Sonic yelled

A deafening cheer erupted from the troopers when they saw what had happened. They raised their rifles in the air and cheered.

"HOORAH!" They screamed

Sonic laughed and looked around at the remaining troopers. He could tell they were smiling. They were the happiest dealers of death in the world. Sonic laughed and jumped onto one of the cars. All the troopers directed their attention up to him.

"Let's go guys!" Sonic cheered

"HOORAH!" The troopers yelled again

Sonic jumped down and hid behind a car while the troopers grabbed their other combat gear out of the remaining cars. He clicked it and called Tails. A few seconds later, Tails answered.

"Tails here, what's up?" Tails' voice fizzed through the radio

"Tails? It's Sonic. We've destroyed the roadblock. What now?"

A very long silence proceeded after that statement. It seemed like Tails was in awe at what had just been told to him. Sonic began to worry about his two tailed friend.

"You there, man?" Sonic asked

"Y-Y-yeah… Okay. Uuuhhh… Move on and secure the courtyard. We'll mop up here." Tails ordered

"Got it." Sonic said

"Meet you on the other side." Tails replied, turning off his communicator

Tails put away his communicator and looked back up to assess the situation. GUN troopers lay scattered on the ground. Blast marks where rockets had hit the troops were everywhere. Yelling and cries of pain mixed with gunfire was all he could hear.

"That is if we make it." Tails said under his breath

Tails' convoy had not been so lucky. They were hit hard. They did not have Sonic's speed or power to save them. All they had were their rifles, and Tails' brains. They had not been able to set up a defensive barrier with their cars. Landmines had made sure of that. Rockets and snipers, not to mention the ungodly machine guns, were ripping apart his troops. Tails was not sure what to do. But he knew he needed to do something. He huffed and swallowed his fear. Tails stood up and ran for the nearest squad of troopers. They all knelt in a circle near a destroyed car. They aimed their rifles at the rooftops, where the snipers and rockets were coming from. Tails ran over to them and skidded to a halt next to them.

"What squad is this?" he asked

Not one trooper looked at him.

"Diamond, sir." A trooper replied

Tails nodded and looked around at the rooftops. He saw the shadowy figures of the commando-bots lining the roofs, aiming their deadly snipers and rockets directly at Tails and his men.

"There has to be a better way of taking them out." Tails said

"I would move building to building and take them out, but I don't think I'd be good to leave the convoy." One trooper said

Tails shot a look of enlightenment at the trooper. It was the perfect plan. Why not take the fight to them? They'd have a chance that way. It was the perfect idea. Why hadn't he come up with it? Tails was disappointed in himself. But no matter. They had a plan, and right now, anything sounded great.

"Alright then." Tails said in a pleased tone, "Let's go."

One of the troopers looked over at him.

"Where to?" he asked

Tails pointed to the doors on one of the many buildings surrounding them.

"We work our way up, take out one building, and get rid of the rest with those sniper rifles." Tails suggested

One trooper shrugged.

"Better plan than any I gu-"

The trooper was suddenly shot in the head by a sniper. The trooper's head was practically gone. Just another stain on Tails' already completely blood soaked trench coat.

"Jameson!" one trooper cried

"We gotta get off the street now!" Tails yelled

"Moving!" another trooper announced, running for the nearest building

The plan was in effect. Tails and the rest of the troopers ran for the building as fast as they could. Within seconds, the troopers broke down the door and moved inside. Tails followed up in the middle of the column of eight troopers. They moved through the dark corridors of the buildings, checking every corner, not letting any room go unchecked. Tails had never felt so alive. Actually fighting, not running. But it was strange. As they moved through, not a single commando-bot or swat-bot could be found. It was somewhat unnerving.

"Where are all of them?" one trooper asked

"They're all up on the roof I guess." another answered

"Stow it." Tails barked

After a few minutes of searching through floor after floor. Tails and his squad finally made it to the exit to the roof. They stacked, one behind the other on the door. All the troopers had their rifles aimed at the door. Tails decided to go first. He slowly and quietly crept up to the door and checked the doorknob. It was unlocked. He ever so carefully and cautiously twisted it, opening the door. He cracked the door open a little. A crack of light shown through. He opened it more. When the door was open all the way, Tails peeked his head around the door to see what was outside. He counted them and leaned back inside.

"Four commando-bots. Two rockets, two snipers." Tails reported in a low whisper

Two troopers slowly detached from the group and crept up to the door. They slowly and quietly made their way onto the roof, aiming at the robots. Once they were aiming and clear to fire, one of the troopers spoke up.

"Hey, fuckfaces." She said

The two commando-bots turned around just in time to be shot in their rectangular heads by the GUN troopers. The lifeless robots fell to the ground, sparks flying from their smashed heads. Tails and the rest of the troopers came out onto the roof and looked over the scenery.

"Woah…" a trooper gasped

It was a truly amazing sight. All around them was an industrial super center. Buildings of all shapes and colors rose into the air, each with a purpose. Beyond them were the ruins of a once great city. On the other end, was the now fully upgraded and spectacular senate building. Columns of smoke and gunfire surrounded the huge fortress, showing how grand their attack really was. It was such a contrast from pure power, to total devastation. In the far distance, they could see the massive walls that kept them from leaving. It was a truly glorious scene.

"Amazing view." Tails admired

One trooper walked past him, towards the commando-bots.

"Yeah, real great view. Now let's get back to killing Agent R." the trooper puffed

Tails nodded hesitantly and approached the dead snipers. He picked up sniper rifles and pulled back the bold. He checked the chamber. There was a round in it. He let the bolt fly back and laid down on the ground. Tails rested the bipod of the sniper on the edge of the roof and looked around at the other rooftops.

"Spot for me." Tails ordered

One trooper laid down beside him and pulled out some binoculars. The trooper looked through them.

"Target far right." The trooper reported

Tails turned the sniper over to the right and looked through the scope. He zeroed in on the commando-bot on the other end of the street. It was sniping down at his men. Tails licked his lips and swallowed hard.

"For Knuckles." He whispered

Tails squeezed the trigger, remembering his captured friend. The sniper rifles jolted back with a loud crack. Disturbing the dust around him. A second later, the commando-bot exploded into bits of metal and wiring.

"Target K.I.A." the trooper reported

Tails moved the sniper to the right and aimed at another target.

"For Rouge." He whispered

Tails pulled the trigger, remembering how she went missing that fateful day. Again, the same result. He aimed at another commando-bot.

"For Shadow." He hissed

He fired, remembering how Shadow disappeared. And again, another dead robot. He aimed at another.

"For all the GUN troopers." he growled

He fired the sniper, thinking of all the men that died. The robot, just like the others, blew up. He turned the sniper and aimed again.

"For Station Square." He mumbled

Tails pressed the trigger, thinking of the great city this place once was. The robot blew apart. He aimed at another commando-bot.

"For my old friends… a-and our friendship." He whimpered

Tails fired off another shot. The same result again. This cycle of firing at the commando-bots and getting progressively more vengeful. After ten minutes of this, all the commando-bots on the rooftops were destroyed, and Tails was close to tears. The thoughts of all the people he lost, all the people he had seen killed, and the friends he had seen leave, were killing him. It made him realize just how much he was not going to get his old life back. Eventually, Tails put down the sniper and covered his face, fighting back the tears. He would have burst into tears had his communicator not gone off. Tails sucked up his feelings and clicked to answer.

"T-T-Tails here." He whimpered

"Tails? It's Bolton. How's your end coming along?" Bolton asked

Tails looked over the scene with his bloodshot eyes. Dozens of dead commando-bots lay on the buildings. The machine guns and defenses on the roadblock were destroyed as well. It looked like he and his men had made it.

"R-Roa-Roadblock clear. Pro-proceeding to next objective." Tails reported

"Copy that. We're just about done here. We've almost made it." Bolton said

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