No Hope


"But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul."

-Deuteronomy 4:29

Amy grunted as she ripped her hammer out of the chest of the least GUN Special Forces trooper. His blood sprayed up out of the wound and onto her body. The red liquid was almost completely covering her face. The blood of twenty GUN troopers was all over her. Their blood dripped from the edges of her mini skirt. It ran down her cheeks and dripped from her nose. Her body was almost covered in blood. She smelled like bodily fluids and gore. And smiles and put away her hammer. She ran her hand down her face, wiping off the blood that covered it. She looked down at her hand. Her hand was completely crimson from the blood.

"Wow…" she whispered to herself

It was then that the thought of how many people she killed caught up to her. All the faces of terrified men and women came back to her. A shiver worked its way up her spine. She shook a little and shrugged. She wiped her hand on her skirt, trying to get rid of the blood. And fixed her quills and sighed.

"I'm not that." She said quietly

Just then, her earpiece went off. The sudden beeping startled her. She jumped and squealed a bit. But then she regained her composure and pressed the button.

"What?" she asked, annoyed

"Agent R, it seems you've killed everything in your sector. Move onto sector 2.3. Get rid of that group. They're getting a little too far inward." Eggman ordered

"Got it." She replied, clicking off the earpiece

Amy turned around and looked down one corridor. The dim and flickering lighting of the hallway gave off a feeling of solitude. Like she was the only one in there. But she knew she wasn't. Somewhere in there were GUN troopers who needed to be killed. Amy stepped over the bodies of the men she had killed. She weaved through the mangled mess of blood, guts, and tissue. Pools of blood dotted the ground. Amy left that section of the corridor with troopers strung out by their entrails. Not a single one had stood a chance. Amy left with the blood of those troopers dripping from her fingers.

Amy jogged down the dimly lit hallways. The hissing of pipes and other valves could be heard echoing down the corridor. Why Eggman put in these hallways, nobody knows. But they were helpful for moving along. Amy jogged through, but then, something happened. Just as Amy was rounding a corner, and explosion went off above ground. It shook the world around her like nothing she had felt before. She stumbled violently and fell to the ground. The lights flickered off and on. Chunks and dust from the ceiling broke off the ceiling. The sound of rumbling and the breaking off pipes could be heard everywhere.

"What the hell?" she exclaimed

Amy got up and kept on running. It must have been the invasion. The GUN troopers were probably engaging the first lines of defense, or had just struck and land mine. Either way, a battle was raging up there, and she wasn't part of it. And in the middle of all of that, was Sonic. Amy growled to get rid of the thoughts of his luscious blue quills, his majestic green eyes, or his shining smile. But she couldn't. Once he had intruded into her mind, there was nothing to stop her.

"Stop it…" she hissed

Above her, Amy could hear the gunfire and explosions coming from the surface. It sounded incredible. It sounded so chaotic and frantic. She had not asked for this. She snarled and ran faster. Amy skidded to a halt once she saw the first sign for sector 2.3. A grin slowly crept up her face. In the distance, she heard the static of radio chatter. They were already that close? Amy slowly and quietly stepped forward. She peered around the corner and stared at the troopers in the distance. They were in standard formation, checking every direction except behind them. An opportunity to kill them all quickly was right in front of her. Amy was now smiling.

"Too bad." She whispered to herself, "They think they're going to make it."

Amy checked herself to see if she was presentable. Although blood was smeared all over her, her outfit was still looking good. Amy tugged on her mini skirt to adjust it. She smiled and walked around the corner. Normally, the troopers would have heard her coming. But the battle raging above them was the only thing that could be heard. This meant Amy was able to walk right up to them almost directly behind the trailing trooper. She just followed them, walking in her seductive style, swaying her hips. She looked at all the troopers as she walked behind them. She could tell they were on some sort of demolition run. Each of them had assault packs with EOD taped to them. They were going to blow something up. But what? She wondered. She couldn't let them go along with their mission. Eventually, one of the troopers spoke up.

"Jackal, how much farther to the artillery guns?" asked the leading trooper

The trooper to the right looked down at the map that was taped to his forearm.

"About one kilometer." The trooper reported

"Copy." Replied the leader

So they were going after the artillery guns Eggman had built. It impressed Amy. She hadn't expected them to know that information, even with the blueprints. This attack must be pretty serious for them to send two squads to accomplish this mission. Amy knew right here, that she needed to stop those troopers. She summoned her hammer and held it behind her. The huge hammer materialized in her hand. She gripped the leather handle and smirked. It was time. She walked up a bit and tapped the trailing trooper on the shoulder. The trooper turned his head around, just to have it smashed apart by Amy. The bang of the impact echoed through the hallway. Blood and parts of brain and skill splattered over Amy, the troopers, and the walls.

"AHH! I love it!" Amy squealed

The other troopers spun around and raised their rifles.

"AGENT R!" screamed one trooper

"KILL HER!" another barked

Amy jumped to the side and jumped off the wall. She flew forward and smashed the trooper's chest in with her hammer. She run forward, ripping the hammer out of the corpse. The troopers shot at her. The flashes of light lit up the hallway. But their aim was not on point. She evaded their shots and tackled one trooper. Before he could pull out his knife, Amy grabbed it and sliced his throat. Blood squirted up onto her chest and face. She jumped forward and ran for the last trooper. The trooper was running away as fast as he could. She saw him reach for his shoulder, where his radio was located.

"This is Viking 4! Agent R has killed my squad! Requesting back up at grid two, five, thr-"

The trooper never got to finish giving the coordinates. Amy's hammer had shattered his spine and impaled him in the back. The trooper fell to the ground, gargling on his own blood. Amy grabbed his head by the helmet and turned it so he could stare at her. She stared at the trooper right in the eyes. Blood dripped from her muzzle. She was panting. A look of primal hatred and ferocity were in her eyes. The trooper stared at her with fearful and awestruck eyes. Amy smiled at him.

"You'll never win." She hissed

By the time she was done speaking, the trooper was already dead. Amy noticed this and growled. She pushed the body over and looked around at her handiwork. Just like with the other squad, she had eradicated them, and stood, alone, surrounded by corpses. Blood dripped from her hammer, her fingers, and her face. Amy smiled and nodded.

"Job well done."

But before she could contact Eggman, one of the radios on the troopers went off.

"Viking 4? Viking 4?" asked the concerned voice

Amy knew that voice anywhere. It was a voice she wish she would never need to hear again. It was Tails. The teenager's voice was still young and high pitched. It was easy to tell it apart from the other voices. Amy looked over at the radio and slowly walked up to it. She knelt down and stared at it.

"Viking 4? Well, if you can hear this, we're moving onto the RV point and meeting up with Sonic and Bolton's teams. I'll be heading to the signal generators. Meet you there."

Amy stood up and wiped the blood away from her face. She swallowed hard when she thought of that blue hedgehog. She couldn't shake him from her mind. Amy slowly clicked on her ear-piece and radioed Eggman.

"Eggman here." Eggman's voice crackled through the radio

"Agent R here. I've taken out the two intruders." Amy reported, her voice shaking with the thoughts of Sonic

"Good work. Time for you to go up and support our right flank." Eggman ordered

Amy looked around at the troopers on the ground. She then remembered their EOD packs. A terrifying thought came into her mind.

"No. I have to go protect the devastators. GUN is planning to blow them up." She said

A long and rather disturbing silence came from Eggman's end of the radio. Like the news was a revelation to him. Amy knew this whole battle relied on them using those guns. He must have been putting some serious thought into what to do, because a full minute later, he finally replied.

"Alright. Go. Get to those guns. But stop by our center flank for a visit. They need a bit more support over there."

"Got it." Amy said, clicking off her ear-piece

Amy then rushed for the nearest exit. She was going to the surface, where the battle was raging.


It had been a long and hard fight for them to get to this point. But it was done. Sonic, Tails, and Bolton had all met up with the remains of their companies in the gigantic courtyard of Eggman's HQ. The troopers had been able to push through, and get a foothold in the massive expanse of land. It had not been an easy fight. They had easily lost most of their men in the initial assault. But now they were in, and it was only a matter of time. It was only a matter of time before they blew up the signal generators activating the swat-bots, and the victory was near. Right now however, they had to punch through to the signal generators. But that was proving a problem. Between them and the generators was not only a small army of robots, but also a massive steel wall with machine gun turrets everywhere, and no access inside. The wall was not being cooperative. It was by far one of the best defenses Tails had ever seen. Nothing seemed to be able to penetrate it. The snipers did nothing, grenades did nothing, and even rockets did nothing. Nothing could break through this wall. It was a bad situation. Luckily, Sonic was able to grab a couple pounds of explosives.

"And… that's it." Sonic said to himself

Sonic positioned the last few explosive charges on the fortified wall. He had placed a couple dozen pounds of plastic explosives in a small grouping. He hoped it would do something. He pressed the arming button for remote detonation. Sonic picked up the detonator from his bag and double checked the charges. Everything was set. He looked around him and took one last look at the wall before he ran back. This amazing feet of defense was about to be history. Sonic waited for a break in the machine gun fire, and sprinted. As he ran, he dodged rounds coming at him. Clouds of concrete puffed up all around him from the rounds hitting the ground near him. He dodged the rounds all the way back to the safe area. Sonic jumped over a barricade and hid behind the wall. Just as he landed, a sniper round hit the barricade right where he had been just moments ago.

"Wow… that was close." He said to himself

Sonic tried to stand up, but the empty shell casings coving the ground were too slippery for him to stand up. GUN troopers were firing away at the defenses, trying to break it. But they couldn't. They were just wasting ammo. Sonic finally regained his balance and stood up. He needed to find Tails. He ran along the line of barricades. It was a mess. GUN trooper lay dead, or being cared for by medics. The few troopers that were still left were busy firing away at the wall, or running around, trying to scrape up more ammunition.

"I need thirty rounds up here!" yelled one trooper

"Grenade out!" another screamed

"Too much fire, throw a smoke!" barked an officer

Sonic just ran, trying to ignore the hell around him. Eventually, he found a small Mobian fox alongside Bolton. They were kneeling on the ground, looking and pointing at spots on a map. Sonic halted and knelt down next to Tails. Tails looked over at him.

"It all set?" he asked

Sonic held up the detonator in his hand and nodded with a smile. Tails smiled and laughed.

"Great! Let's go." Tails said, grabbing the detonator

Tails stood up and ran along the firing line, Bolton and Sonic were right behind him. They stopped directly in front of the area where Sonic had placed the explosives. Sonic and Bolton ducked down behind cover.

Bolton chuckled.

"Blow it."

Tails smiled and looked down at Bolton. He then flipped open the cover, revealing the small red button attached to the small box.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" Tails screamed over the firefight

He then smashed the red button down with his thumb. He ducked down and covered his ears along with the rest of the troopers. A second later, a massive explosion rocked the earth. A blast of heat came over them all, along with the dust and debris from the remains of the wall. A force of wind pushed Sonic and the others over. Shards of steel were plastered everywhere. Even with their ears covered, everyone still could only hear ringing. Sonic carefully stood up.

"WOAH!" Sonic exclaimed, "That was awesome!"

Tails, Bolton, and the other GUN troopers slowly rose up as well. They all turned and stared at the mark the explosion had left. It not only left a mark, but a massive crater. The explosives were more powerful than Sonic thought. A five meter wide gap now separated the two walls. And a mini crater was now engraved into the ground. The remains of the wall in this area were almost non-existent. Sonic was rather proud of himself. He looked over at Tails, who was wide eyed. They were both smiling.

"Incredible, huh?" Sonic chuckled

"You bet." Tails said, placing his goggles on over his eyes

Sonic looked over at Bolton, who wasn't as joyful. The human seemed to be leaning forward, staring hard at the blast area. He was silent, a look of concentration was on his face. Sonic didn't like it.

"What's wrong, Bolton?" Sonic asked, concerned

"She's here." Bolton replied quietly

As soon as he said this, Sonic and Tails both turned and stared at the blast area at lightning speed. Sonic hopped over the barricade and took a step forward, trying to get closer. He didn't see much through the smoke and dust. But he could see something. Something was glowing. It was a very faint red glow, in the shape of a heart. It was then, that Sonic realized that Bolton was right. It was her.

"Amy…" he whispered, almost happy she was okay

In the complete silence that surrounded him, Sonic suddenly heard slow footsteps in front of him, getting closer. He stood his ground, waiting to see what she would do. As she got closer to him, her shadowy form slowly became clearer. He first saw her eyes, almost glowing in the dark grey of the smoke and debris. They were almost hypnotic, or intoxicating. They were too beautiful for him to comprehend.

"Sonic!" screamed Tails from behind, "Get away!"

Sonic looked back to see Tails aiming a pistol in his direction. His eyes were planted on Amy, Sonic could tell.

"Tails, it's fine." Sonic reassured

But then, Sonic heard something behind him. He looked back at Amy, just to see a spiked piko-piko hammer flying at him. If it wasn't for his lightning fast reflexes, Sonic would have been killed. He ducked just in time. The rush of wind from the hammer rustled his quills as it barely missed him. Sonic stood back up and saw Amy running at him. Her hammer ready, and a primal look on her face.

"No!" Tails yelled, firing his pistol

Tails had always been a great shot with a pistol. But in this situation, something had made him slip. Maybe it was the tears from the debris and dust, or maybe the near-sightedness that had been slowly creeping its way in, or maybe he was just too reckless. Because his shot was off by only millimeters. He fired, and the round, that would have passed by Sonic and landed right in Amy's shoulder, missed, and hit Sonic right in the arm.

"GGAAHH!" Sonic screamed

He clenched his arm and fell to the ground, wheezing from the searing pain in his left arm. Amy saw this, and instantly stopped where she was. She stared at the sight in horror. Sonic lay there, groaning and holding his arm. She was frozen, not a single muscle would respond. She wanted more than anything to run up and help him, but her body wouldn't let her. But she was able to look in the direction of where the shot had come from. And when she found the shooter, she was mortified.

"T-Tails?" she whispered

The barrel of Tails' pistol was still smoking from the round he had fired. He stared at where he shot with a frightful, and terrified face. His jaw hung open in shock and horror. His eyes were wide open, as if he couldn't believe what he had just done. But none of his features convinced Amy that Tails didn't mean to. If anything, it made her hatred towards him burn brighter.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" she screamed at the top of her lungs

Tails looked over at Amy.

"I… I… I-I-I I…" he stuttered

Amy screamed and ran at him as fast as she could, hammer ready. She would avenge this.

"YOU'LL DIE FOR THIS!" she screamed

Tails fell to his knees and began crying. He looked at Amy, ready to except his fate.

"No!" screamed a voice behind him

Tails looked back and saw Bolton, along with three other GUN troopers and a medic aiming at Agent R. Without a second spared, they opened fire on her. Amy jumped to the sides and avoided their gunfire. She tried to get closer, using her acrobatic skills to avoid being shot. But the hail of gunfire was too much. Even the troopers behind the barricade opened fire on her. The storm of lead flying at her was too much. Amy jumped around, off boxes, behind bodies, but nothing could keep her safe. And the troopers were advancing. Amy couldn't keep up. She just couldn't even get close to a single trooper. The hail of bullets was too great. Amy began to worry if she would be shot as well. Within only a minute, Amy realized she needed to retreat. And there was only one safe place. The artillery guns. They were far away and secluded. They would work well. Amy took one last look at Sonic. He was being cared for by a medic, who was wrapping his arm in bandages, stopping the bleeding. He was okay. Amy smiled and began her withdrawal back.

"Good bye, Sonic." She whispered, running away

Amy ran back, jumping off, sliding over, hopping over, hiding behind, and using anything she could. It was a miracle that she was never shot. After a long and hectic retreat, Amy made it to the hatch that led to the artillery guns. She ran as fast as she could down that narrow and dark passageway. Stumbling a bit, but never slowing down. She would rather die than slow down. Amy kept running, never stopping, never looking back, and never thinking. All she did was do. Nothing else. It took some time for her to finally reach the artillery guns. But when she did, she was glad. She stopped and slammed the steel door behind her.

"Finally." She panted, slowly falling to the ground

Now that she had time to rest, Amy could catch her breath. It was then that she realized how far she had ran, and how fast she had as well. Now, she panted furiously, trying to catch her breath and fill her dying lungs. She welcomed the ozone filled air that surrounded her. She closed her eyes, trying to take in what had just happened. But when she did, all she saw was the horror a couple minutes ago. Sonic, laying on the ground, a pool of his own blood around him.

"No…" Amy whimpered, covering her face with her hands


The pain was unlike anything he had felt before. The only thing that rivaled being shot was when he was crushed by those boulders in the cave. Sonic had never thought something could hurt so badly. The gunshot wound to the arm was something he would never forget.

"Oww…" Sonic winced as the medic tightened the bandage

"Sonic… I'm so sorry." Tails wept

Sonic smiled and patted the fox on the shoulder. He stared into Tails' bloodshot eyes. Sonic had always been one for understanding. He couldn't stay mad at a friend forever, even Knuckles.

"It's okay buddy. I know you didn't mean it."

Tails, Bolton, and the medic were all huddled around Sonic. Tails and Bolton watched as the medic carefully worked on Sonic's arm. She tightened the gauze and had made sure the wrap was not coming undone. She looked over his arm, and nodded in approval of her work.

"He's lucky it was just a flesh wound. Nothing too important was hit." She commented

Bolton and Tails both nodded.

"Thank you Sargent. Go tend to the others." Bolton ordered

"Copy." She said, getting up and leaving

Sonic slowly stood up and looked over his bandage. That would certainly leave a mark.

"Wow… look at that." Sonic said slowly

Bolton and Tails stood up as well. Sonic turned to them with a serious face. He clearly had something on his mind.

"Where'd Amy go?" he asked them

"She ran down that passageway." Bolton answered, pointing to the small hatch that was surrounded by GUN troopers

Sonic turned and grunted. He began walking forward, fists clenched, and a stoic expression. But then he felt a glove on his shoulder. Sonic looked back to see Tails, his eyes still red from crying.

"What?" Sonic growled

"Yo-You're in no condition to fight." Tails said sheepishly

Sonic stared at his fox friend long and hard, drilling holes into the teenager's head.

"Yes I am. And now's the time. I'm going after her. She's my girlfriend." Sonic hissed

Tails couldn't believe what he had just heard. It was a shock to say the least. He gently let go of Sonic's shoulder and swallowed hard. A fire was burning in Sonic's eyes that Tails had never seen before. What was driving him like this? Whatever the reasons, Tails knew it was a bad idea to try and stop him. He took a step back and nodded slowly.

"Get her back." Tails said quietly

Sonic nodded and turned to run. He sprinted for the passageway. He felt the air rush through his padded wound. His arm still stung from the disinfectant. Sonic jumped into the dark passageway and sprinted through it. The darkness did nothing to stop him. Amy was out there, and he needed her. Getting shot was the last straw. He was done with it all. He was done with fighting her, he was done with combat, he was done with everything. He just wanted to relax with his friends. He just wanted to lay on the beach, with Amy in his arms, Tails and Cream playing in the water, and Knuckles doing whatever he did. He didn't want anything else. He wanted to go home. He wanted his normal life back. And the first step to getting it back was getting her back. It was time to win Amy back, or have her die.

"Come on, Amy. Come back." He said quietly as he ran

Finally, Sonic made it to what seemed like a door. he noticed the sheet of metal in front of him. Sonic didn't smirk this time. This was not a time to be smart and cocky. This was a time to be serious. Sonic jumped up and curled into a ball. He began to spin as he rushed through the air. Eventually, he was a blur. Sonic shot at the door. When he made contact with the door, his blue quills immediately began ripping through the steel, creating a hole the size of Sonic in the door. He was going to break through in less than a few seconds.

"What the hell?" Amy asked herself

She noticed the door she had just locked was now shaking uncontrollably, and a grinding noise was coming from the other side. She readied her hammer and took a step back. She growled. Whoever was on the other side of that door had picked the wrong time to mess with her. Eventually, Sonic broke through the door. He landed on his feet and stood up. The first thing Sonic saw were the massive artillery guns placed all around the courtyard. They were massive. He had never seen a gun that big. It scared him. But what scared him most, was what was their purpose. He took int he rest of the area. Same dull grey painted metal alla round him. But in the middle of this grey, there was pink. Sonic diverted his attention to Amy.

There they were, standing face to face. One was covered in the blood of others. The other was covered in the mess that the other had left behind. They stood there, not even knowing what to do. Amy, with her hammer drawn, ready to strike, and Sonic standing, his fists clenched, ready to strike. But no such strike came. They just stood there, staring. They both loved each other, but they didn't know that. Sonic's mind was blank, as was Amy's. What could they say? Sonic sighed and softened his expression.

"Amy, I don't want to fight." Sonic began, "Please stop all of this." He begged

Amy growled at him.

"Don't you realize I never will?" she asked, angry

Sonic took a step forward, Amy took a step back.

"I just want all of this to stop." Sonic said

"Then why didn't you just leave us to it? GUN would be long gone by now if it wasn't for you." Amy hissed

Sonic had no idea what to do. He began walking forward. Amy stayed put.

"Sonic, if you come any closer, I'll kill you right here." she scowled

Sonic stopped walking and stared at her.

"Amy, I-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Amy cried, "Before any more shit come out of your mouth. "

Sonic was taken aback by this. Amy continued.

"Instead of you going on about how what I did is wrong, and how you love me, answer me this. Just answer me this one question."

Sonic was now interested and scared to hear what her question was. Amy stared at him with cold eyes and a stern look.

"Did you miss me when you were gone?" she asked, her voice full of doubt

Sonic swallowed and stared right back at her. The response he was going to give could kill him. But he had a plan. He took a step forward and puffed out his chest. A stoic look was on his face. And his answer was confident and absolute.

"No." he said flatly

What he said did not just hurt Amy inside, it destroyed her. What did this mean? He didn't miss her? How could he? How could he be so heartless? He was supposed to be the hero, not the cold hearted villain. All of this cause the fire in Amy's eyes to burn even brighter. A deep, fiery hatred welled up inside of her. Never before had she ever been this angry. None of it made sense, and that was one reason she was pissed. The hatred she was feeling was pure, untainted, and deep. She had never felt this way before, especially towards Sonic. He was supposed to be her lover. But no, he was another cold hearted low life. Just like the rest of them.

"WWHHAATT?!" she screamed at the top of her lungs

Amy held up her hammer and screamed as she ran towards him.

"YOU MONSTER!" she cried, running at him

Sonic stood still, his posture unchanged from talking. He held his head high, waiting for her to get closer. Once Amy was close enough, she swung. Sonic jumped into the air, dodging the blow. He landed behind Amy and shoved her to the ground. She rolled over and saw him standing over her. Sonic was about to kneel down to keep her in place, but then she swung again. Sonic was caught off guard and jumped back in surprise. Amy got up and ran at him again. When she swung, he ducked. He slid his foot across the ground, trying to trip her. Amy was ready though, and jumped over his foot. Sonic quickstepped to the right to avoid another blow.

"Amy… I" Sonic tried to reason

"NO!" she screamed, swinging

Sonic ducked and then stood back up. He kicked her with his foot. Amy flew back and smashed against a wall. She shook it off and ran at him. Sonic ran at her as well. Amy swung. Sonic jumped up, grabbed the hammer in the air, and ripped it out of her hands. He threw the hammer away and landed right next to her. Then, she punched him in the stomach. The air left his lungs as he stumbled back. Amy ran up and kicked him. Sonic flew back and skidded on the ground. He got back up and growled. Sonic then ran at her again, this time, she had her hammer. Sonic slid under the hammer and knocked her over. He rolled on top of her and pinned her arms to the ground.

"Just listen." Sonic begged

Amy struggled to break free.

"Never." She hissed

Amy then brought her knee up, and kneed Sonic in the crotch. Sonic cried and rolled off her. Amy stood up and walked over to him. She put her boot on his chest and pressed down. Sonic grabbed her foot and tried to shove it off, but he couldn't. He stared up at Amy, who was holding her hammer, ready to strike. She was snarling. Sonic smirked and put his hands against the ground, and pushed back. He caught Amy off guard, and she fell over. But soon, she was back up, and so was Sonic. She pulled out her hammer and swung away. Now she was swinging with such ferocity, that Sonic never had a chance to counter. All he could do was jumped back and dodge. She started trying to get closer as she swung. Sonic jumped back even more.

"Amy, please." He cried

"SHUT UP!" she screamed

Eventually, Sonic felt a cold metal wall to his back. He had reached the edge of the courtyard. He ducked just in time to miss a blow. He jumped up to miss another. Then, Sonic jumped to the side. Now he was free. Sonic sprinted away to the other side of the yard. Amy spun around and growled.

"GET BACK HERE!" she called out

"Not until you listen to me!" Sonic replied

Amy walked into the middle of the courtyard and stood there. Her face was red with anger. The fire in her eyes still blazed with a hint of insanity. Sonic stood a couple meters away, still trying to act calm.

"Alright fine, fucker." Amy snarled, "What do you have to say?"

Sonic sighed. This is it.

"I didn't miss you when you were gone. I died without you."

This statement caught Amy completely by surprise. She nearly stumbled from the shock. But she didn't show it.

"What?" she asked

"Every second I was gone, I thought of you. I was worried. I was worried something would happen to you. You were the only one I thought of."

Amy's expression grew bitter.

"Then why didn't you come back?" she asked, thinking she had him

"I was in the hospital with a broken leg. There was no way I could get to you." Sonic explained

"YOU LIAR!" she screamed

"BE QUIET, AMY! I'M TELLING THE TRUTH!" Sonic screamed in anger

Both Amy and Sonic were quiet. Both of them were shocked by the sudden outburst of anger. Sonic felt ashamed of himself. Amy was in awe of what just happened. Sonic composed himself and tired again. This time, it was sincere.

"Amy, you're one of my best friends. You've been with me since I was only fourteen. We've been on countless adventures, been hundreds of different places, defeat Eggman chaos knows how many times."

Amy giggled a bit, but then caught herself. Sonic took a step forward. He saw that giggle. He was getting through to her.

"You always believed in me. You always supported and trusted in me. Even when Silver told you that I destroyed his world, you still stuck with me. You've shown me how to be gentle, how to care dearly, how to be nice, and how to be more accepting. Without you, Tails may not even be my friend. You know this."

Amy couldn't believe what she was hearing. What was all of this? She was shocked by his words, like he meant them. She tried to get angry, but she just ended up opening her mind up again. Sonic knew it was working. He took a few more steps forward.

"I've always been cruel to you. I've always run away, fight off, and avoid you. I've groaned when you were near, and gotten angry at you. But I always liked you. I am a terrible friend, especially to you. I've hurt your feelings, and mad you depressed. But deep down, you're special to me. You mean a lot to me. I've always enjoyed having you part of the team. I want you to know that."

Amy was close to tears now. What was he going to say next? Sonic took a few more steps forward. This time, he was right in front of her. For the first time, she had her hammer lowered. She stared up at him, and he gazed down at her. Sonic slowly and gently took her free hand. he held it ever so tightly, you softly. The action of touching sent a rush of loving emotions through both of them. Sonic smirked a little.

"Amy Rose. I love you." He said slowly

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