No Hope

It was over

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."

-Romans 8:1-2

She heard the words slowly and nervously exit his mouth.

"Amy Rose. I love you."

Amy couldn't believe what was happening. This moment was unlike anything she'd ever experienced. Nothing could compare. Sonic, the one she loved with all her heart, the one who had made her do the craziest things, the one who had made her cry, the one who had broken her heart, and the one who ran away, the one who made her heart skip a beat, was admitting his love to her. There were no words to describe how she felt. The overwhelming happiness and joy could not be described. For the first time, joyful emotions swirled around through her head. Not only that, but the way he held her hand, so soft, yet so firm. Amy was ecstatic. It was happening. The dream she had been dreaming for her whole life, was now coming true.

Amy's eyes were as wide as possible. Her head began to feel light and uncontrollable. Her stomach had butterflies. She gazed back up at Sonic with an astonished face. He was resting his eyes on her with his normal calm and smug look. The face she had grown to love. He knew what her answer was. So did she. She had never changed it. Her lips felt dry as she tried to utter the words she had long since stopped using. She swallowed and built up the courage to say those words. Amy felt the tears well up in her eyes as she said it.

"Sonic the Hedgehog. I love you too."

Her words were little more than whispers. But they were loud and clear to Sonic. It had happened. She had admitted her love. It was over. Their fighting was over. All Sonic needed to do now was seal the deal. Without a moment's hesitation, Sonic brought Amy in, and hugged her as tightly as he could. Amy squealed in terror at the sudden show of affection. Sonic held her tightly, his arms wrapping around her.

"Sonic… what are you-" She tried to ask

"You're back, Amy. That's all that matters." Sonic said quietly, joy flowing out of his voice

Amy realized it all, and embraced the hug. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. A smile crept its way up her face. Sonic felt so soft. She had forgotten what he felt like. It had been so long since she hugged him. His embrace was gentle, but protective.

"I… I…" Amy stuttered, not knowing what to say

"Shhh…." Sonic whispered, "It's okay. You don't need to say anything."

That was it. Amy let the tears go. She cried. She cried and cried and cried. The tears flooded out of her. They were tears of joy mixed with tears of regret and sorrow. What could she do? The fighting was over. They really did love each other. The joy that was filling her was unlike anything she had felt before. All she could do to show this was cry. And Sonic noticed. He put his hand on the back of her head and slowly ran his fingers through her quills. He held her there.

"You're okay, Amy. Cry. Let it all out. I'm here for you." Sonic said in his soothing voice

Amy opened her eyes and looked over at him. A smile was not on her face. He noticed and frowned. Sonic pulled back and stared at her with hard eyes.

"What is it?" he asked in a serious tone

Amy didn't even have time to think before the words came out.

"I love you so much." She blurted out

Both Sonic and Amy were surprised by this. But Sonic took the surprise with grace, and chuckled. He gazed at her with loving eyes.

"I always did love how random you are."

Sonic brought her in for another hug. The feeling of being pressed up against one another was exhilarating for both of them. Amy put her arms around him again, feeling his body move slowly as it breathed. He was so steady and strong. She loved that. His presence gave her comfort. She felt plain happiness around him. Just pure joy.

Sonic loved having her in his arms. Her slender and curved body felt so delicate and fragile. He was almost afraid he might break her. He could feel her heart pounding against his chest. He knew she was still crazy about him. It was hard to believe such a beautiful and perfect thing could be a ruthless killer. But she wasn't that anymore. She was Amy Rose, a little flower in the midst of destruction.

Sonic pulled back and put his hands on her waist. Now was the time. Once she was away, and looking up at him with her big beautiful eyes, Sonic knew what to do. He slowly but carefully ran his right hand up her arm, onto her shoulder. Amy shivered as he did this. She knew what he was doing as well. She gazed up at him with an innocent look that said, "Do what you want to me." Amy, her hand shaking, placed it on his chest. Not to push away, but to feel his heart beat. Her voice was getting shallow. His heart was racing.

"Sonic…" she said, her voice in a low whisper

Sonic ran his hand up her neck, and finally stopped at her cheek. They both stared intensely at each other.

"Yes, Amy?" he asked, her voice almost a whisper

"I always did love everything about you." She confessed

Sonic knew it was now or never. He slowly moved his body forward, leaning closer to her. His eyes slowly shut when he was close. Amy did the same. Now, they were only centimeters apart. So close. They were ready. They could feel each other's breath as they drew closer. But then, Sonic's communicator went off.

"SONIC! It's Tails! I don't know what the hell you're doing over there! But you need to get back here now! A new wave of commando-bots has moved in, and we don't have the numbers!"

This interruption nearly made Sonic roar in anger. He growled as he raised his communicator to speak.

"Got it Tails." He snarled "I'll be right there."

Sonic huffed and let go of Amy. A disappointed and sad look was on her face. Sonic noticed. He felt terrible. Their moment was ruined. He scratched his quills and looked down.

"I'm sorry, Ames. But we got a war to win."

Amy sighed and nodded slowly.

"I guess. But I really wan-"

Amy stopped mid-sentence and nearly gasped. She covered her mouth to keep from squealing. Sonic saw this and instantly grew concerned.

"What?" he demanded

Amy slowly pointed at him.

"Look at your chest." She told him

Sonic looked down to see that his blue and tan colored chest, was now blood red. It was stained with blood. He felt the acidic taste of vomit in his mouth. He nearly vomited from the sight. He gasped and looked back up at Amy, who was also blood red. They stared at each other. Trying to make sense of it.

"What the hell?" Sonic asked

"I, I-It's the bl- blood of the troopers I've k-ki-killed." Amy stuttered

That again made Sonic almost vomit. But he kept it in. He swallowed his breakfast again and walked back up to Amy. He took her hand and smiled.

"We'll get cleaned up later. Right now, it's time to fight again." He said

Amy nodded and smiled back.

"But this time, not against each other." She added

Sonic chuckled.

"Just like old times."

The both laughed weakly. But then, Amy's ear-piece went off. She growled and clicked it.

"Agent R here. What is it?" she asked in her old annoyed voice

From the noises coming from the other end of the radio, things did not sound good for Eggman. The different sounds of alarms, robots giving reports, and Consilium reading out stats were filling the radio. And Eggman's voice was so different. Either it was because she was now listening to him with a different mind, or something was seriously wrong. Nevertheless, his voice was shaky and uncertain.

"Agent R. I am having a bit of trouble getting a connection to the Devastators. I think my radio tower has been hit. I need you to activate the cannons. The GUN troops are in position. I-I need you to fire them now. If you do, we'll win this fight right here, right now. Understood?"

Amy held her breath for a moment. It all relied on her, didn't it? With the simple press of a button, she could kill them all. She saw the control panel only a couple meters away. So close. She could have her revenge on those she fought. But then, she saw Sonic standing in front of her. His green eyes looking at her with concern and love. They were trusting, pure, and good. How could she betray something that caring?

Amy frowned and sucked in a breath of air. She was ready to tell him. With all the might she could use, Amy spoke the words with confidence.

"Sorry, Egghead. But you can go screw yourself. I'm done taking orders from you. My Sonikku is here, and that's all that matters."

Amy clicked off her earpiece and pulled it out of her ear. She smirked and threw the earpiece on the ground. As soon it hit the ground, Amy smashed it with her boot. Her foot instantly shattered the small piece of plastic into bits. Its parts lay everywhere around them. Amy huffed and looked back up at Sonic. They both smiled at each other and laughed.

"Looks like Eggman just lost his accomplice, didn't he?" Amy asked in a cheerful tone

Sonic's smile spread across his face. He loved that girl.

"Yes he did. Now come on, Tails and the others are waiting."

Sonic took Amy's hand and began running down the corridor. They ran together, Sonic kept his speed down so she could keep up. They ran together, trying to get to the fighting as fast as possible. As they ran, the sounds of fighting were getting louder, and more violent. The all too familiar sounds of gunfire, explosions, screaming, and cries of pain filled the metal tunnel. Amy looked over at the black form that was Sonic.

"What do you think the rest of them will do when they see me?" she asked, her voice trembling with nervousness

"I won't let them do anything to you if they decided to do anything funny." Sonic promised

Sonic hadn't given it much thought. But now he had. He would protect her. It didn't matter who was trying to hurt her.

As they reached the end of the tunnel. The bright light of day could be seen shining on them. Sonic and Amy braced themselves and jumped out of the tunnel. They stopped and watched the scene around them. It was incredible, and not in a good way. A number of GUN troopers, too many to count, were strewn across the courtyard. Millions of dead swat-bots lay on the ground. Their wires and computer parts strung out like the organs of the GUN troopers. It was a horrific scene. Explosions from hand grenades, rocket launchers, and fuel canisters lit up the world around them. A firing line had been set up by GUN to help push forward. The last couple dozen commando-bots were holding out just outside the Senate building. And these few remaining robots were putting up quite the fight. Their aim was impeccable. Any GUN trooper spotted in the open was instantly torn apart by the machine gun fire.

"Oh my Chaos…" Sonic uttered under his breath

A gasp came from Amy.

"I couldn't even cause that much death."

Sonic didn't laugh at that sick joke. It was true. Then, without warning,

"Sonic, machine gun to our right!" Amy cried out

Within a second, Sonic felt himself being pushed behind a wall as Amy tackled him. They both hid behind a steel barrier just as machine gun fire lit up the area they had previously been standing in. Amy lay on top of him. They both stared at each other. Their faces were only millimeters apart. They both blushed intensely as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Let's go." Amy said under her breath

"Right here? Right now?" Sonic asked

"Yeah. Let's play." Amy answered in a seductive tone

Amy rolled off and they got up. They hid behind the wall and Sonic poked his head out a little to spot the machine gun position. He assessed the situation. Once he was done scanning the area, he hid again and looked over at Amy.

"Fifteen machine guns. One's looking at us, the rest at GUN. I counted about fifty commando-bots lining the defenses. Should be fun."

Sonic smirked smugly at Amy, who had her seductive smile and eyes aimed at him. She pulled out her hammer and held it by her side.

"You bet. Wait for them to get distracted, then we'll go." Amy explained

Sonic nodded and looked back over at the machine guns. He waited for the one aimed at them to look away. But it didn't. Sonic began to get impatient.

"Come on, look away already." He growled

Apparently, Amy had become impatient as well, and had been more proactive. Sonic turned back and saw her holding a rock in her hand. She threw it up and down in her hand.

"I bet this will get their attention." She said

Sonic watched as Amy stood up and hurled the rock in the direction of the GUN troopers. Sonic poked his head around and saw the commando-bots turning the machine gun away from them, and pointing at the GUN troopers. Now was their chance. Sonic looked back at Amy.

"Let's go." He said

Amy smirked evilly and stood up. At the same time, Sonic and Amy hopped over the barrier. They ran as fast as they could towards the machine gun posts. Sonic reached them far before Amy did, and jumped forward. He smashed against the robot manning the gun, and ripped off its head. He then kicked a robot next to him and sent it flying, just to crash into a wall. Sonic jumped up and dodged a knife attack by another commando-bot. He then punched the robot. His fist went straight through the thin waist metal, and he ripped out its circuits. It fell over. Sonic look forward just to see a commando-bot aiming at him with a pistol. He was dead. The robot had him. But then, all of a sudden, the robot was completely obliterated by a massive spiked hammer. Not a single piece of it remained. Sonic looked over and saw Amy standing there, gripping her menacing hammer. She smirked seductively and ran past him.

"Time to fight." She said, smashing a robot into the wall

Amy ran past him and smashed another robot with her hammer. Sonic chuckled. He loved that girl. He ran out and jumped into the air. He curled into a ball and spun as fast as he could. He located a target, and then, shot at it. He cut the commando-bot right in half. He landed on his feet and kicked a robot in front of him. It flew back and crashed into two other robots. Then, he reached out and grabbed the neck of one of the commando-bots. His tightened his grip, crushing the wires inside the neck. It crumpled to the ground. Amy put her hand on his shoulder and used him as momentum as she jumped through the air, crushing another robot. She leapt forward, and threw her hammer. As it flew through the air, it ripped apart several robots, causing mini explosions when it hit them.

"Wow…" Sonic uttered as the robots blew apart

Amy turned her head around and looked at him. Her seductive eyes and smile nearly made him run up and hug her. Now that she wasn't trying to kill him, she was probably the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

"Come on." She said, turning and running at the rest of the robots

Sonic nodded and sprinted forward to wreak more havoc on the commando-bots.


Tails heard a round wiz by his head. The round was close. He ducked behind cover just as more rounds hit the area he had previously been standing in. As he dropped behind the rubble, Tails was able to look around.

"Oh my Emerald." He whispered in disbelief

GUN troopers were lying dead, all over the place. It was sickening. Their bodies strung out everywhere. They had managed to gather the wounded and bring them back to the convoys, but there was little more they could do. The medics did not have the supplies to deal with all the hits. It pained all of them to see a medic rush over to someone who did not have a fatal wound, and shake his head slowly because he didn't have the supplies to treat it. It was heartbreaking. Tails vowed that the person responsible for this would meet a fate far worse than death.

"Tails!" cried out a voice over the chaos

Tails looked over to his right and saw a GUN trooper running towards him. It was Bolton. Bolton got near and slid over to Tails' position. They both crouched behind cover. Bolton looked around, panting. Then, he looked back over at Tails.

"We're running low on ammo and men. At this rate, we'll be out of ammo and people in less than an hour. We have to do something." Reported the trooper

Tails was shocked by the news. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was this true? Would they have to call off their assault because of supplies? This couldn't be happening. They were so close. They had turned off the signal generators for the regular swat-bots and fighters. But those commando-bots were proving to be a difficult task. If they could only make it into the HQ, they would be fine. But no. They would fail because they didn't have enough ammunition.

Tails groaned and put down his rifle. He rested his back against the rubble and covered his face with his hands. A loud groan came from him. He slowly pulled his hands down and sighed. He looked up at Bolton with tired eyes. A smile slowly cracked on his face.

"It's okay. I just called Sonic. He'll get back here just in time." Tails said with faith

Bolton frowned and leaned forward. He stared hard at Tails with a displeased look.

"That hedgehog has been gone for too long now. Face it, he's never comi-"

Bolton peered over the rubble and stared at the commando-bot positions. He stared at the positions with a look of shock and disbelief. Tails cocked his head to the side.

"What is it?" Tails asked

Bolton looked back down at Tails. An almost insanely happy smile was on his face. It was a smile Tails had never seen before. He didn't think Bolton's face could move like that. He was giddy with excitement.

"Tails, ha ha! Look!" Bolton cried

Tails grumbled and poked his head over the rubble to see what was causing his friend to go insane. What he saw next was the last thing he expected.

"Oh… My… Emerald." Tails slowly said in awe of what was happening in front of him

There they were, Sonic and Agent R, fighting… Together!

It was something Tails had not seen in a very long time. It was something he had only dreamt of for the past months. It was such a beautiful sight. Sonic and Agent R, otherwise known as Amy Rose, were just throwing themselves at the commando-bots. He couldn't believe it. Sonic and Amy fighting robots. Tails' only remaining friends, were back together again. And it was just like old times. Amy swinging her hammer, Sonic using his speed. It was magical. At this point in time, Tails could have sworn he let a tear of pure happiness stream down his cheek. It was over. Their fighting was over. The bond had been put back together, and the two friends were one again.

"I-I-I-I can't believe it." Tails said, his voice shaking

Bolton laughed and looked down at his Mobian friend. He saw the tears welling up in Tails' eyes. He smiled and put his arm around the teenager.

"Yeah, I want to cry too." Bolton chuckled, watching the scene in front of them

As the two hedgehogs fought, a rumble of chatter went along the lines of troopers. Then, the firing stopped on GUN's end. All the troopers watched. More talking and chatter went through them. But then, one trooper stood up and cupped her mouth with her hands.

"AMY ROSE IS BACK!" She screamed

A deafening roar of cheering and cries went up. Since the machine guns were being destroyed, the troopers stood up and put their rifles in the air. The roar of cheering and clapping was unlike anything Tails had heard in a long time. It was amazing. The troopers were like children, cheering and crying out in victory. As far as they were concerned, they had won, and Tails was sure Sonic felt that way too.

"It's over. The fighting, the arguments, everything. It's over." Tails said to himself

Tails then caught himself doing something he hadn't done in a long time. He cheered. He raised his arm in the air and cheered along with the troops. Why not show his happiness? He had his friends back, why not celebrate? So there they were, the GUN troopers and Tails, cheering away at Sonic and Amy as they obliterated the finally robot defenses. It was a glorious moment.

"I can't believe this is happening." Bolton said, standing up

He took off his helmet and ran his hand through his hair. He looked down at his friend and smiled. He offered his hand to the fox. Tails smiled and took it and stood up. They watched as Sonic and Amy destroyed the last robots.


Eggman couldn't comprehend what he was looking at. His jaw hung down in shock. He barely breathed, he was so dumbstruck. He wasn't even mad, or angry, or confused, or worried. No emotions went through his head. He just stared at the computer monitors in total amazement. The monitors were showing Sonic and Amy fighting the commando-bots guarding the Senate building. He couldn't believe it. It couldn't be happening, not now, not after all he had done to get to this point. It couldn't happen. But it was, and that was why he stared at the monitors in complete silence. Only one thought came into his mind.


Consilium appeared on a monitor. The red eye staring blankly at him.

"Doctor, I ran my analysis like you asked, and again, it came up with the same result. Miss. Rose was able to turn against you. I'm sorry, doctor, but I fear it may be over for you."

Eggman stood up from his chair and put his hands behind his back. He looked down at his feet and frowned. It was over. He had nothing left. The swat-bots were disabled, the commando-bots were eliminated, the Devastators had not been fired, Sonic and GUN were on his doorstep, and Amy was back on Sonic's side. There was not a single thing he could do. All his assets were gone, and all his options for fighting were gone. It was all over. Eggman looked up at Consilium and sighed. Then, the thought of Amy came into his mind. He snarled and stormed over to the table.


"I am not sure, doctor. Perhaps it was Sonic. Maybe he got through to her."

Eggman turned and stared at Consilium's monitor.


"My calculations were precise, doctor. You are not the only one who is… confused."

Eggman fell down into his chair and covered his face with his hands. He groaned and ran his hands slowly off his face. This wasn't good. She was on GUN's side. It was over. Everything was lost. Eggman looked around at the monitors. No swat-bots were left, no commando-bots were left, no fighters were left, and no hope was left. Eggman sighed and looked over at Consilium.

"What should we do now?" he asked, his voice tired and depressed

There was a long pause after he said this. Consilium just stared at him with the blank red eye on the screen. It was like the computer was seriously thinking of what to do, running through all the options it had. Eventually, the computer spoke up.

"There is the Last Resort. I have been waiting to use it ever since I proposed the idea." Consilium suggested

When Eggman heard the words, "Last Resort", his aging heart nearly skipped a beat. He shot Consilium an alarmed stare. He couldn't believe the computer had come up with that idea. It was a last resort, a final solution, a plan Z, a plan that meant all hope was lost, and it was time to go out with a bang. It was not a plan Eggman had ever wanted to execute. But right now, it looked like that was the only option. Eggman stood up slowly and looked around at his command room. He nodded slowly and sighed.

"You're right. Let's go."


Amy crushed one of the last two remaining commando-bots. It blew apart into pieces as her hammer tore through its metal. She ripped the hammer out just as Sonic spin-dashed into the final commando-bot. His spikes shattered the robot, sending shrapnel everywhere. He stood up over the carcass of the commando-bot and looked over at Amy. They both gazed at each other long and hard. A huge smile was on both their faces. Amy's was a little more seductive, but a smile nonetheless. Sonic felt his cheeks turn red when they gazed at each other. He couldn't help but feel happy around Amy, even in this situation. So they just stood there, looking at each other. Eventually, Amy shook herself out of the trance and giggled.

"You look redder than Knuckles right now." She giggled

Sonic fell out of the trance and was suddenly aware of what she said.

"What? No I'm not." He protested, turning even redder

Amy covered her mouth as she giggled more. Sonic walked up and was about to hug her, when suddenly, a voice called out to them.

"Sonic?!" cried the teenager's voice

Sonic and Amy both turned to see who had called them. Sonic took her hand as the small form made its way through the cloud of smoke. He tightened his grip and she squeezed back. Then, the form was clear. It was Tails. The small fox was running towards them as fast as he could. Amy and Sonic watched as he got closer. He skidded to a halt right in front of them. Tails stood there, looking at the two hedgehogs. His face was covered in dirt, blood, and sweat. Burn marks of where debris had hit him were scattered on his muzzle. He looked terrible. But despite this, his eyes were wide open.

"I can't believe it." He whispered

Sonic and Amy both stared at him. And he stared at them. It was a long silence. The emotions flying around were too great. Tails couldn't fathom being in front of Amy, and them not trying to kill each other. It had been so long since they hadn't fought as enemies that they didn't know what to do. Sonic was just as scared. How were they going to react to this? Would they start fighting again? He had no idea. But what happened next, surprised all of them.

Amy let go of Sonic's hand and knelt down in front of Tails. She looked into Tails' eyes. Tails looked at Amy with a suspicious expression. Amy grinned a little. But Tails just continued to be skeptical. Amy sighed and looked down.

"Tails, there's no words to tell you how I feel. I know what I've done. The stuff that was wrong, but I-"

"Shut up." Tails growled

Amy looked up at Tails was a shocked expression.

"What?" she asked, a nervous smile growing on her face

Tails snarled and jerked Amy's arm away. He stared at her with cold eyes.

"Shut the fuck up you whore." He snarled

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