No Hope

I remember

"I am coming to you now, but I say these things while I am still in the world, so that they may have the full measure of my joy within them."

-John 17:13

"Shut the fuck up you whore." Tails snarled

Amy and Sonic were both shocked by what he had said. They stared at Tails with wide eyes and open mouths. Amy couldn't believe he had just said that. Sonic couldn't either. Those were not the words they had been expecting him to say. Amy had no idea what to do. Tails was rejecting her apology. Sonic was nervous. What could this lead to?

Amy stood up and stepped back.

"What?" she mumbled

Tails stared hard at her with angry eyes.

"I said shut up, you whore!" he yelled

Sonic took a step in front of Amy and looked down at his friend. Tails was staring at him with anger. He needed to reason with the fox. This wasn't what was supposed to happen.

"Tails, why are you saying that stuff?" Sonic asked

Tails growled and took a step forward. Hatred was in his expression.

"Because she doesn't deserve my forgiveness." He said

Sonic couldn't understand any of this. Didn't Tails want his friend back? Didn't he want to have their old life again? Why was he showing hostility? Sonic knelt down in front of Tails and put a hand on his knee.

"Tails, buddy, isn't this what you wanted? Didn't you want Amy to realize her mistakes?" Sonic asked

Tails looked at Sonic, then at Amy.

"I did, I wanted you," he said, pointing at Sonic, "to make up with her. I wanted her back as well."

Sonic was even more confused.

"Then why aren't you joyful?"

Tails couldn't take it any longer, all his anger was about to be let out.

"BECAUSE LOOK AT WHAT SHE'S DONE!" he screamed at the top of his lungs

Sonic stood up and stepped back. He looked behind Tails and saw the forms of GUN troopers approaching from behind him. Great, GUN was about to get involved. Sonic turned his attention back to Tails, who was ready to continue.

"I thought I wanted her back. I thought I would forgive her once she realized what she'd done. But now I realize, that was just blind hope. Wishful thinking! I know that someone can't come back from the acts she's done. She is truly evil! This," Tails said, gesturing to the world around them, "this is reality! Reality is a place where Amy is an enemy, and has caused the death of thousands! Why the fuck should I forgive that?! She deserves to die, even if she is good again!"

Sonic and Amy were speechless. Sonic heard a slight sniffle from behind him. He turned his head around and saw Amy holding back tears. She was about ready to cry. The pain of her best friend doing this was hitting her hard. Sonic huffed and smiled weakly.

"It's okay, Amy." Sonic said quietly, looking back at Tails

Tails stepped forward so he was right up in front of Sonic and Amy. He was growling, showing his canines. Sonic then noticed something strange about his friend. There were tears in his eyes. Tails was crying? Sonic took note of this. Tails sniffled and barked away.

"She deserves nothing but death! After what she's done, if I do forgive her, she still deserves death!"

Sonic was stuck. He had no idea what to do. This was not going how he thought it would. He thought they'd say sorry and hug like he envisioned it. This was not supposed to happen. But his confusion turned to fear when he felt Amy push him aside and walk up in front of Tails. She looked down at him with an angered, but sad expression.

"YOU THINK I WANTED ALL OF THIS?!" she cried, "I never wanted anybody to die!"

"That's a lie and you know it, you scumbag!" Tails interrupted

"Tails, I didn't know what I was doing! I was scared!"

"We all were! But Knuckles and I didn't go about killing off thousands! Don't try and make yourself look innocent!"

"I'm not saying I am! I'm saying I'm SORRY!"

Tails laughed and slapped Amy. Amy squeaked and put her hand over her cheek. Tears were flowing down both their cheeks now. Tails' glove had the blood from Amy's cheek on it. It was the blood of GUN troopers. Amy just stared at him with fear, but also anger. Tails looked at his blood stained glove and then growled.

"This is their blood!" he screamed, showing her his hand, "This is the blood of the dead! You killed these men and women! You killed all of them!"

Amy was scared, so was Sonic. He looked around and saw all the remaining GUN troopers chatting and whispering to each other from a distance. Some of them had their rifles ready. Something wasn't right. He spotted Bolton giving orders through his headset. This wasn't good. Then he heard Amy scream.


Tails shook his head and scoffed.

"Tell that to the wives, mothers, and families of the troopers you killed! You helped Eggman kill thousands! You lied, cheated, stole, killed, and tortured too many people! I want to forgive you, Amy! But, I can't!"

Amy screamed and let all the tears go. Her tears mixed with the blood on her cheeks. She screamed and looked up into the sky.


Amy fell to her knees and looked down, crying.

"Amy!" Sonic cried, kneeling down next to her

He held her in his arms and tried to comfort her, but she kept crying. He stroked her quills, trying to calm her down, but it didn't work. She just cried, soaking his chest in her tears and blood. Sonic rested his head on hers and closed his eyes.

"It's okay, Amy. I promise." Sonic whispered

Then, Sonic heard a sound he was dreading. The sound of a pistol coming out of its holster. Sonic opened his eyes and looked up at Tails. It was a scene Sonic had never wanted to see. It was frightening and insane. Tails was aiming his pistol right at Amy's head. There were tears in his eyes. His hands were shaking, but still aiming at Amy. Sonic shook his head slowly.

"No, Tails. Please… No." Sonic begged

"It's too late, Sonic. I-I-I have to." Tails stuttered

Sonic sighed. But then, Amy opened her eyes and looked up at Tails. Her eyes shrunk once she saw the muzzle of the pistol aimed at her face. She began whimpering even more.

"No. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No!" she cried

Tails let the tears run down his cheeks.

"I have to, you need to die." Tails mumbled

Sonic was fed up with this.

"Tails, if you'll have to kill me too." Sonic said confidently

Tails stared at Sonic with fear and sadness. But soon, that same face was filled with hatred.

"You're with her too?!" Tails cried

Sonic noticed Amy direct her gaze to him. She was shocked. Sonic saw her and then looked back at Tails. He then saw Bolton and a couple GUN troopers approach from behind Tails. Although they had scarves and sunglasses on, Sonic knew what their faces looked like. Skeptical, determined, vengeful. All eyes were on him. He looked around him, then he looked down at Amy. She was scared, afraid, sorrowful, guilty, and tired. She looked so innocent. Sonic knew she wasn't a killer. He had won her over to the side of good. None of them needed to fight anymore. Why couldn't they see that? Sonic looked back up at Tails. His expression was stoic and calm.

"She has changed. She's Amy Rose again. OUR friend. I forgive her. You should too."

Those words did not do what Sonic hoped they would. Instead of waking up Tails, Bolton, and the rest of the GUN troops, it only seemed to do the opposite. Bolton and Tails stared at Sonic and Amy with eyes that would haunt Sonic to this day. Their expressions were of anger, hatred, betrayal, and sorrow. Bolton put a hand on Tails' shoulder. Bolton stared at Sonic with cold eyes.

"Is that what you think? After all we've been through?" Bolton asked

Sonic looked down at Amy, and then up at Bolton.

"Yes. It is." Sonic replied

Bolton sighed and looked down. He shook his head slowly and looked back up at Sonic. He raised his head high and looked down at the blue hedgehog.

"Alright then." He said

Bolton pulled out his pistol and pulled the slide back. He let go and the slide shot forward, loading a round.

"Amy Rose. You are under arrest for high treason against the United Federation, Mobius, the Guardian Units of the Nations, and people of Station Square."

At that moment, Sonic looked to his left and saw a couple GUN troopers approach him. They grabbed his arms and forced him off of Amy. Sonic growled and tried to escape, but their grip was too tight.

"Hey, get off me!" Sonic yelled

"SONIC!" Amy cried, trying to get up and run after him

But then, Amy was grabbed by two other GUN troopers. She was forced onto her feet and man-handled. She struggled to get rid of the troopers, but she couldn't. She was dragged a couple feet back. Tails holstered his pistol and looked up at Bolton. Sonic and Amy were both led next to each other and forced to stand there. The grip of the GUN troopers immobilized them. Sonic and Amy looked at Bolton, who still had his pistol out. He stared at them with sorrowful eyes. But then he looked over at Sonic. He sighed and walked up to the hedgehog. He knelt down in front of Sonic. Sonic growled at him.

"I just want what's right." Sonic snarled

Bolton swallowed hard and nodded slowly.

"I know you do. But what you think is right, is actually wrong. I would think you of all people would know what it means to do what you need to do for the people." Bolton said

"I DO! What happened to you, Bolton? All of you said you just wanted Amy to turn back to normal. And now it's happened. What more do you want?"

Tails walked over to Sonic and looked at his friend. He snarled at the fox. Sonic remembered what Tails and Bolton had said to him, how they acted.


Bolton nodded and sighed.

"We needed your help fighting her. If we had told you what was waiting for her, you would never have helped us. And regardless of what we say, GUN still has laws we must obey. I can't disobey orders."

"YOU BASTARDS!" Sonic screamed

"Sacrifice one to save many." Bragg said, putting a cigar in his mouth

Sonic looked down at his feet. He couldn't believe it. This couldn't be happening. His friends, his trusted companions, had betrayed him. Even his best friend, Tails had betrayed him. Sonic's world was crashing down around him. It was too much to take. How could this all happen? Who was good? Who was bad? Nothing seemed true anymore. Sonic looked up at Bolton and Tails.

"Why?" he asked

They all shook their heads and turned their attention to Amy. Tails walked up to Amy and stared at her in the eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot and scared. She was whimpering and sniffling. She was a mess, and Tails just stared at her.

"You were my friend at one point, Amy. My best friend." Tails whispered

"THEN HELP ME!" she screamed

Bolton marched over to her and slapped her. She screamed and stared up at him. Her fear and pity turned to anger as she growled at him.

"I don't deserve this." She snarled

"Yes you do. Whether I like it or not, you're dying."

Amy spat at Bolton. Her saliva was mixed with blood. It covered Bolton's face. He wiped it all away and looked down at the hedgehog.

"I have a wife back home as well. She is a nurse, taking care of people. She's a lot different from you, killing hundreds."

"Then you would know to show mercy." Amy replied

"I don't show mercy on serial killers!" Bolton yelled

Sonic couldn't take it.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" he screamed

But his words meant nothing to them. They just ignored Sonic. Bolton looked over the sight around them. GUN troopers were securing the HQ with no resistance, Eggman was nowhere to be seen, and Agent R had been captured. It was all over. He sighed and looked over at Sonic, who was raging with anger. He walked over to the blue hedgehog and knelt down to his level. He stared at Sonic with regretful eyes. Sonic growled when he looked at the GUN trooper.

"I'll never forgive myself for lying to you." Bolton said slowly

Sonic snarled. He didn't believe those words for a minute. Words were cheap. That man, all of GUN, even his best friend had lied to him. Who could he trust? Nobody. Sonic just replied with one word.

"Liar." He whispered

Bolton lowered his head and sighed.

"You're right." He said, standing back up

Sonic watched as Bolton stood up. Sonic watched as he walked over to Amy and stood in front of her. Sonic watched as Bolton and Amy stared at each other. Sonic watched as Bolton pulled out his pistol and held it tightly. Sonic watched as Bolton raised the pistol and aimed it at Amy's forehead. Sonic watched as Amy closed her eyes and lowered her head, accepting her fate. Sonic watched at one last sigh of regret left Tails and Bolton. Sonic waited for the end of the love of his life to come.

"Any last words?" Bolton asked, aiming the pistol at Amy's head

Amy looked up at him with a terrified face. She opened her mouth to speak. But then, a monumental rumbling shook the earth. The rumbling and shaking caused everybody to go off balance. Some troopers fell over, others grabbed a nearby object to hold on to. Sonic looked around frantically, searching for the source of the rumbling. Eventually, the rumbling stopped. Everybody searched the area in terror. Nervous chatter between the troopers could be heard. Sonic noticed the two troopers holding him down were just as nervous. One of them was shaking. None of them had any idea what was going on. Sonic had no idea either. He was just as scared as the rest of them. He looked over at Amy, who was still alive. Bolton had other things to deal with than her. He was just as nervous as the rest of them. Tails walked up to Bolton.

"W-What do you think t-that was?" Tails asked nervously

Bolton didn't looked down at his friend.

"I don't know."

Then, the next frightening sound could be heard. It sounded like the roar of jet engines. The sound was loud, and getting closer to them all. All the GUN troopers directed their gaze to the sky, to see what was making the noises.

"We haven't called in the MEDEVAC yet, have we?" Bragg asked

"Negative," Bolton answered, "We haven't used Eggman's radios yet."

Sonic then saw something. Something that looked far too familiar to him. It was the one thing he often couldn't beat. His ears drooped down in fear when he saw the shape take form.

"No…" he whispered

The shape Sonic had seen was now closer, and landing. The troopers all saw it and some screamed.

"CONTACT!" Bolton yelled

The shape landed a couple hundred feet away from them. The wind from the thrusters on the shape blew hard at the troopers and Sonic. They covered themselves as dust and debris flew at them. Once the thrusters were off, everyone could get a good look at the shape.

It was a monstrous creation. It looked like a massive robotic Eggman. It stood two stories tall. It was red, black, and orange. It even came with a huge mustache just under the view port on the head of the suit. The feet, shoulders, and head of the creation all had massive spikes on it. On its back were missile launchers. In one hand was a missive round shield. In the other hand was a chain, connecting the hand to a huge checkered wrecking ball. On the knuckles of the robot, were machine guns. It was a menacing and terrifying creation. Its capabilities, as Sonic knew, were almost unlimited. It stood there, not moving, just staring at the GUN troopers, Sonic, Tails, and Amy. The GUN troopers had no idea what to do. They just aimed at the robot, shaking, not knowing what to do. Bolton stood there with wide eyes. He dropped his pistol and just stared at the massive thing in front of him. For a good long minute, nobody moved, spoke a word, or even breathed. The tension was too high to do anything. The massive creation staring at them. The insignificant few squads of Gun troopers and Sonic staring back at it. The scene was a terrifying situation. Eventually, the ring of a loudspeaker came on.


Everybody was shaking in fear. The massive thing was a mech suit, controlled by Eggman.

"EGGMAN!" Sonic screamed

"Oh Sonic! Seems like things aren't going very good for you, my friend. It's a pity your allies were just using you." Eggman taunted

Sonic felt the grip of the troopers tighten on his arms. They were scared.

"Just kill us now, Eggshit!" Amy screamed

A roar of laughter came from Eggman inside the mech suit. He raised up a fist and aimed the machine guns at the group.

"Gladly." He hissed

Just then, the machine guns opened fire. A dozen GUN troopers were instantly ripped to shreds. They were cut down rapidly. It was an immediate slaughter. A few of the troopers that were killed included Sonic's guards. As soon as they fell over, Sonic jumped up and ran for Amy, Bolton, and Tails. He grabbed them and brought them behind the remains of the huge wall. Only a few Gun troopers made their way over to the group. Sonic and the group hid behind the small remains of cover and tried to figure something out. But what really happened, was not what Sonic needed.

"YOU BASTARD!" Amy screamed attacking Tails

Tails was not prepared and was instantly pinned. Amy put her hands around his throat and started squeezing.

"Gaahk! Amy! Gruaah!" Tails wheezed

Bolton aimed his assault rifle at Amy and poked her head with it. Amy instantly stopped chocking Tails and let go. She raised up and put her hands up.

"Don't even think about it." Bolton growled

Sonic had had enough of this. He stood up and barked.


Everyone stopped fighting and looked over at him.

"We need to deal with the problem of getting rid of Egghead, not killing off each other!" Sonic yelled

The whole group paused and stared at him with blank eyes. Bolton stood up and walked over to the hedgehog. He stared down at him with an unamused face.

"Do you have any ideas?" he questioned in a condescending tone

The truth was, Sonic didn't have a plan. But they didn't need to know that. He looked back up at Bolton.

"Yes." He answered confidently

"Well, what's the plan?" Bolton asked

Sonic looked around at the situation. Only a couple squads of GUN troopers were left,\ and his group. The massive mech suit was hulking around, dealing with the few remaining troopers. Those troopers were firing away at the huge metal beast, their weapons doing nothing. But they were trying. And this was good. Sonic hid behind the wall again and looked at his group.

"We need to find that thing's weak spot. Amy," Sonic said, pointing to her, "You and I will distract that thing. Tails, you fly over and try to mess with its circuits and crap. And Bolton, you get your men to safety." Sonic ordered

Sonic prayed that the group would cooperate. After what had happened this day, he had no idea how they would react. Surprisingly, everyone didn't argue, or fight, they nodded their heads. Bolton was the first to react. He looked over at a trooper.

"Get first and second squads regrouped. We're falling back. We can't take that thing on." Bolton ordered.

"Copy that." The trooper responded

Bolton and the troopers left to go regroup the rest of the men. Now, all that was left was Sonic, Tails, and Amy. Sonic turned around and saw Amy and Tails standing next to one another. Tails was rubbing his throat and coughing a bit. The three Mobians stood around, awkward tension had already built up. It was not a good scene. Sonic scratched his head and looked at his old friends.

"Hey, before we go out there, there is something I want you guys to know." Sonic said slowly

Tails and Amy both raised their eyebrows.

"What?" Tails asked

"What'd you have to say?" Amy added

Sonic rubbed his neck and looked down. He built up the strength and looked back up at them with a smile.

"I just want you to know, you guys are the best friends I've ever had." He said in a sincere tone

Those words did more than Sonic could ever have hoped for. Even in this moment of machine gun fire spraying at them, GUN soldiers crying, and a huge mech suit just meters away, the best few seconds of their lives were happening. Tails and Amy both grew huge smiles. Amy looked over at Tails and smiled even wider. The blood dripped from her muzzle as she did. Tails smiled back at her. His tired and red eyes grew friendly. The hate was leaving them. Those few words did so much for them all. It brought them all back. He then looked back at Sonic.

"You're my friends too." Tails said

Amy nodded to them both.

"Then let's go break that egg." She said

Amy put her hand out in the middle of the three friends. She held it with her palm down. Sonic and Tails both looked at the hand, and then stared at Amy with questioning looks. She noticed them and smiled a little.

"Remember when we used to do this?" she asked

Sonic smiled and put his hand on top of hers. The touch was electrifying. The simple act of touching made both Sonic and Amy feel wonderful. He gazed at her with loving eyes. She was so perfect to him.

"How could I forget?" He asked

Amy giggled a little, her cheeks turning bright red. Then, Sonic and Amy both turned their attention to Tails, who was staring at them suspiciously. He stared at their hands and then at their faces. They were friends again. That was all he wanted back. He never wanted to hurt Amy, he never wanted to kill her. He just wanted his old life back, and now, it was here. He smiled and placed his hand on top of Sonic's.

"I remember." Tails added

They all shared glances at each other, smiles spread across them. Sonic knew what to do.

"One. Two. Three… GO TEAM!" They cheered, throwing their hands into the air

It was at that moment, that they truly became friends again. Sonic turned and sprinted out of cover. Amy pulled out her hammer and ran out behind him. Tails spun up his tails and lifted off into the air. They were ready to put Sonic's plan into action.

Sonic sprinted out and stopped right in front of the giant mech. The mech was just about to crush a GUN trooper.

"Hey, ugly!" Sonic yelled

The mech stopped and turned to face Sonic. They stood still, staring at one another.

"Oh, Sonic! Like what I built?" Eggman asked through the speaker

Sonic played with his nails and looked at the mech with an unamused stare.

"I've seen better." He said flatly

"WHAT?!" Eggman roared

Amy then ran up and stopped behind Sonic. She rested the head of her hammer down on the ground and leaned against it. She stared at the mech with a seductive grin.

"I thought you'd make something better than that bucket of bolts." She taunted

"THAT'S IT!" Eggman screamed

The mech suddenly sprang into action. It hurled its huge wrecking ball on a chain at them. Sonic and Amy both ran out of the way. Amy ran around one side, Sonic ran around the other. Sonic jumped into the air and curled into a ball. He spun and shot at the mech. But the mech was fast. It put its shield up right in front of Sonic. Sonic hit the shield hard, but didn't break through, or even leave a scratch. He bounced off and skidded on his feet on the ground.

Amy attacked next. She ran for its feet, hoping to smash it to the ground. But when she got close, the mech swung its wrecking ball. Amy saw it coming and jumped out of the way. The huge ball smashed into the ground, sending a shockwave through the earth. Amy was propelled into the air. She screamed as she flew.

"SONIC!" she shrieked

Sonic saw her flying. His heart skipped a beat right before he started sprinting for her. He ran to the other side of the mech, dodging machine gun fire as he went.

"AMY!" he yelled

Sonic ran right into the spot where Amy would hit. He caught her in his arms just as she was about to land. He ran with her grabbing onto him tightly. She was shaking uncontrollably. Sonic ran behind cover and placed her down gently. He knelt down in front of her and placed his hand on her cheek. She stared at him with frightened eyes. Through all her panting, one sentence came out.

"We won't touch him." She uttered

Sonic frowned and stared at her.

"We have to." He replied

Amy chuckled and looked down.

"In our condition? We aren't gonna win."

Sonic tried his best to block out her depressed words. He then peered over the wall and stared at the mech suit. Now Tails was attacking.

Tails flew up behind the mech suit. He tried the best he could not to be detected. He was ready to disable that mech. He had a wrench in his hand, and a screwdriver in the other. He tried to get close, but as soon as he was within a meter of the beast, it spun around. Tails was not prepared for what came next. The massive round shield swung at him. He didn't have time to react. The massive shield hit him on the left side of his body. When the shield made contact, there was a loud,


It could be heard. Both Sonic and Amy heard the sound. Their ears dropped when they heard the dreadful noise. They both turned their heads and saw Tails' lifeless body fly across the sky. They were speechless as his body skidded across the ground, finally coming to a halt.

"Tails!" they screamed

Sonic and Amy both got up and sprinted towards their motionless friend. As they ran, Eggman opened up with more machine gun fire. He sprayed the earth with bullets. Sonic outran them, but Amy had to weave and jump, and dodge the rounds as they flew towards her. Soon, she was having trouble. Sonic turned his head back and saw Amy, struggling to keep out of harm's way.

"Amy!" he yelled

Without even knowing it, Sonic sprinted back, picked her up in his arms, and ran for Tails. Within a second, they had reached the body. Sonic but Amy down and looked at her.

"Take care of him, I'll distract Eggman." He said

Amy nodded and knelt down. Sonic turned around and ran up in front of the mech. He stood in front of it and stared up. He folded his arms and shook his head.

"Eggman, our lives used to be amazing. What happened?" Sonic asked

"I decided to finally take things seriously, and created my ultimate plan!"

Sonic picked at his fingers and looked up at the mech with a smug smile.

"Well it looks like you've lost, actually. Amy is back on my side, all your robots are gone, and GUN is calling in reinforcements as we speak. I think you've lost."

Sonic turned his eyes back to Tails and Amy. Amy was checking over Tails, desperately trying to get him to wake up. He was breathing, that was all she knew. She checked his left arm. The coat covering it was completely smothered in blood. She could see cut marks in it. But they were not old tear marks, shards of bone were poking out of the cuts. She saw the blood running out of his sleeve.

"Oh my Chaos." She whispered, coving her mouth with one hand, "MEDIC!" she screamed

Tails had shattered his arm, and was rapidly losing blood. She slowly and gently reached for Tails' head. She was too afraid to touch him, she may break something. Eventually, she carefully placed her hand on his forehead and stroked his bangs away from his eyes. It was then that Amy saw Tails' eyes flutter. Her groaned as he opened them more. But as soon as they were open, he focused them on Amy.

"A-Amy?" he croaked

Amy giggled in happiness that he was alive. She stroked his head ever so gently. Tears began running down her face.

"Tails… You're okay." She whimpered

Tails chuckled, but soon, that chuckle stopped. He frowned and worried eyes took over. He tried to move his head, but he couldn't. The pain was too much.

"I-I-I… I can't feel my arm." he said in a worried voice

"SHUT UP!" screamed a voice

Amy spun around and nearly screamed in horror. Sonic was running around, desperately trying to dodge a huge wrecking ball, and machine gun fire. He jumped all over the place, dodging all the attacks. But the attacks were relentless. Whenever he wasn't being attacked by a huge wrecking ball, machine gun fire kept him running. Sonic didn't even have time for a witty comment, or anything. It was just, run. Run for your life. Soon, it was present to everyone that Sonic was losing. He couldn't attack, he could only run.

"Damn it." Sonic uttered, dodging more machine gun fire

It was then, that Sonic heard a scream. It was Amy's. He spun around and saw Amy screaming as she ran towards the mech. But Sonic also saw something else. Unknown to Amy, the massive wrecking ball was getting ready to crush her. She was so focused on her attack, she didn't even notice. Sonic's heart stopped beating for a moment, he was so terrified.

"AMY!" He screamed, sprinting for her

Sonic picked Amy up just as she was about to be crushed. The wrecking ball hit just as they got out of the way. Sonic took her over to where Tails was lying. He put her down and they both directed their attention at the mech. Tails had also woken up, and was staring at everything is disbelief. Tears of pain were in his eyes, because he had seen what was left of his arm. So there they stood, Sonic and Amy, defending a vulnerable Tails. The Mobians stood ready to defend their friend. They stood their ground as the shadow of the huge mech covered them. The ground shook as the mech stomped towards them. It stopped right in front of them, and stood still.

"This is it. Isn't it?" Tails groaned, taking in the situation

"Possibly." Sonic replied

Sonic then felt the soft touch of Amy's hand creep its way onto his hand. He looked down and saw her holding his hand. He gazed at her and smiled weakly. They didn't have any options left. They all just stared up at the mech and awaited their doom. The mech stood in front of them and stared down at them, aiming its machine guns at them. Sonic, Amy, and Tails were there, not moving.

"I'm ready. Aren't you?" Tails asked

Sonic nodded slowly.

"I'm ready to die with my friends."

Then, out of nowhere, a flash, the likes of which none of them had ever seen, stuck by the whole group. The intense brightness was blinding. But it was gone just as fast as it had appeared. Sonic, Tails, Amy, the GUN troops, and Eggman all stood in completely still. They were stunned by the shock. But somehow, to Sonic, the shock felt somewhat… familiar, like he had felt it before, but he couldn't figure out where.

"What was that?" Amy asked, her voice shaking

Sonic and everyone else looked around, searching the skies for the source of the light, but they couldn't find anything.

"I don't know." Sonic said under his breath

Then, the light passed by again, this time, there was a noise. As soon as the mysterious flash was gone, a huge crash shook the earth, the sound of metal breaking and grinding was deafening. Sonic and his friends looked over at Eggman's mech. Its arms were on the ground, completely cut off of its body. Sparks from wires lit up the exposed circuitry. It was a comical scene, seeing the huge threatening mech, without arms. Sonic laughed and raised an eyebrow. His smug smile appeared.

"I gotta HAND it to you, Egghead, your battle suit designs are strange."

Amy burst into laughter, and even a slight chuckle came from Tails. But their laughter was short-lived. The flash of light came back, but this time, it didn't pass by them. When the flash was gone, something hovered in the air. It glowed bright red and yellow. It was so bright, everyone had to cover their eyes. Sonic squinted and tried to make out the bright light hovering a couple meters in the air.

"What is that thing?" Amy asked

"It looks like…"

"Long time no see, doctor." A grim and dark voice exclaimed

Sonic's eyes shot open in disbelief.

"Shadow?!" Sonic cried

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