No Hope

No forgiveness

"Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."

-Ephesians 5:2

"Shadow?!" Sonic cried out

Sonic couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was something he though would never see again. It was something that brought tears to his eyes. It was Shadow the Hedgehog, a friend he thought he had lost long ago. But no, Shadow was right here in front of him. Another thing he was witnessing was Shadow in his super form. The normally black and red hedgehog was now glowing in a brilliant shade of yellow as bright as the sun itself. Sonic could feel the raw power from the chaos emeralds resonating off of Shadow. It was a beautiful sight, one Sonic really needed at this point. Shadow had come just in time to save the day.

Everyone in the area had their eyes on Shadow, even Tails who was wheezing from the pain. Amy squeezed Sonic's hand tighter as she took a step forward. Her eyes were massive, stunned with awe. Her mouth hung open a bit in shock. Sonic watched her carefully as she took her step forward.

"S-S-Shadow? Is that y-y-you?" she asked in a low tone

Shadow lowered the brightness of his glowing and turned to see where the innocent and scared squeak came from. Once his sharp and cold eyes rested on Amy, a solemn expression took over.

"Yes, Rose. It is I, Shadow."

"Wow…" Tails gasped

Before Shadow could address the bleeding fox, the sounds and screeching of metal and motors filled the air. Everyone swung their heads over to Eggman's mech, which was recovering from Shadow's attack. It glitched and jerked around as it tried to step forward.

"I can't believe it. Shadow. You're back!" Eggman exclaimed from his mech

Shadow chuckled his evil chuckle.

"I sure am, doctor." He hissed

Shadow then threw a chaos spear at one of the mech's legs. The bolt of purple and black energy flew towards the mech. The right leg of the mech was instantly destroyed. Not even a shard of metal was left from the explosion of pure energy. Eggman's mech instantly fell to the ground, shaking the earth. Everyone, even Sonic, was in shock as to how quickly Shadow dealt with the mech, and defeated it. Now the huge metal suit was just sprawling around on the ground, unable to do any more damage. Eggman cursed and swore as he tried to get the mech moving in a productive manner. But it was no use. Two GUN troopers rushed over and aimed their rifles at the hatch to the mech. Shadow chuckled and looked back over at the group of friends.

"That was easy." Shadow said with a smile

Sonic, Tails, and Amy were all staring at him in disbelief. Their mouths hung open in awe of his awesomeness. Shadow slowly descended and landed softly on the ground with his feet. His bright heavenly glow dissipated and he reverted back to the regular black and red hedgehog he was. Sonic didn't even know where to begin with the questions, accusations, and how to thank him. Shadow held out his hand and summoned the seven chaos emeralds. The multicolored stones swirled around his hand. He looked at his friends with his normal angry eyes.

"So…" he said

Suddenly, the sounds of running boots came up from behind Sonic and the group. They turned and saw Bolton and another GUN trooper with a Red Cross patch on his arm run up. They picked up Tails and started retreating back a ways. Sonic's eyes met Bolton's for a brief second. He gave the human a thankful nod and turned back to Shadow. Now the only people there were Sonic, Amy, and Shadow. Sonic was the first to speak. And he was going to speak on one of the scariest facts he saw.

"Shadow, how did you get all seven chaos emeralds?" Sonic asked with a hostile tone

Shadow chuckled and admired his collection of rocks. He snickered and looked back over at Sonic, who was getting ready to snarl.

"Oh… these? Well it wasn't easy, I'll tell you that." Shadow laughed quietly

Sonic was not having any of Shadow's jokes. He didn't like seeing that rogue with all the chaos emeralds. He was too dangerous with them.

"Answer me, Shadow." Sonic snarled

Shadow's expression turned hostile and he frowned at the blue counterpart.

"I'll have you know, I left all of you during the attack, and went to find the other chaos emeralds. It would be easier to defeat Eggman. So I left. I went on a search for all seven emeralds."

Shadow played with the hovering emeralds a little more.

"I spent months searching for them, painstakingly hunting down every clue to their location. It was tough without any of the fox's inventions to help me. But with determination, I discovered all of them."

Shadow made the emeralds vanish and looked around at the destroyed city.

"Once I saw what was happening here though, I called a few friends in GUN. They said they'd be here in a couple minutes. Then, I came back here and took care of the doctor."

Shadow turned and looked over at the mech. The two GUN troopers were aiming at the hatch, which was just beginning to creek open. Sonic and Amy directed their attention there as well. They all watched, patiently waiting for the doctor to come out and accept his defeat.

"Here it comes." Sonic whispered

He felt Amy's hand slowly and gently glide off his. He looked over at her with interest. Amy's expression was one of anger and deep hatred. Her mouth was slowly opening to growl. A low throaty rumble was building up in her chest. Sonic noticed her fists were clenched tight, the blood dripping from the compression. Sonic put his hand on her shoulder. He felt the blood seep into his glove.

"Amy, are you okay?" he asked with concern

"Fine." She hissed

It was then that the hatch was swung open by a GUN trooper. Sonic witnessed the other trooper reach into the hatch, and pull out the massive overweight scientist. The trooper threw the man out onto the ground. Dr. Eggman, the best scientific mind in the world, was laying on the ground with a GUN rifle pointed at him.

"Let go of me you brute!" Eggman yelled as the trooper handcuffed him

Eggman took in the world around him. So much destruction. He caused it all. He amazed himself sometimes. But then, Eggman saw Sonic, Amy, and Shadow. His expression went from anger, to fear. His face flushed of all color when he saw the three hedgehogs. But he was mostly afraid of just one of them. And she looked angry. Eggman grew a nervous smile and let out a fearful laugh.

"H-h-hi, Agent R-R-R-R." he chuckled

Amy never even said a word. She just growled and started walking towards him. She never took her hateful gaze off of him. As she approached him with alarming speed, she pulled out her hammer. The hammer he had given her. The deadly piko piko hammer she had used to kill hundreds. The GUN troopers saw her and aimed their rifles at her.

"Stop right there!" they demanded

The troopers never even stood a chance. Once she was close, she jumped into the air. She swung her hammer and chopped their head clean off. Their heads were rolling on the ground before she even landed. Their blood sprayed out of their necks, onto her. She continued walking towards Eggman as if nothing had happened. Eggman was on his back, facing her. A terrified expression was on his face. He shook and trembled with fear.

"Now it's your turn." She snarled

Sonic was about to run up to stop her, but Shadow extended his arm and blocked Sonic's advance. Sonic stopped and looked over at Shadow, who was staring at him.

"He deserves his fate. Let her do it." Shadow said quietly

"She'll kill him." Sonic replied

"Anything else would be going too soft on him for what he has done."

Sonic sighed and turned back to Amy and Eggman.

"I guess you're right." Sonic admitted

Amy reached Eggman and stood over him. Her shadow cast over him, but it didn't hide his fear. He looked up at her with a submissive look. He was almost whimpering. Amy stood there, her hammer had fresh blood dripping from it. Her eyes were cold. Her lips tight, as if hiding the words she would say.

"Doctor." Amy said calmly

Eggman couldn't bear to look at her. He knew what she was. She was his death. He looked away and began to cry.


Eggman couldn't do it. Amy growled and picked him up by his mustache hair. Eggman cried in pain as he was lifted up off the ground. Amy forced him to turn and look at her. He was only inches away from her blood-soaked face. He whimpered and cried in fear.

"See this?" Amy said, pointing to her face, her blood-soaked face, "You did this to me. You made me a killer, a murderer, and a criminal. YOU RUINED ME!"

Eggman was able to utter only a few words.

"Please, Agent R, I-"

Amy interrupted him by throwing him down on the ground. Eggman wheezed in pain and looked up at her. A look of pure fear was on him. He trembled in her presence. He tried to back away, but as soon as he started crawling, Amy took a step forward and was even closer to him. She placed her boot on his foot, halting him. He looked back up at her and cried.

"Please don't kill me!" Eggman begged

The fear and remorse was in his voice. But Amy was not about to show any mercy on him. None at all. She raised her hammer and rested it on her shoulder. She looked down at him with such a vengeful stare. She bent forward so she was at eye level with the overweight human. Her words were cold and crisp.

"You deserve to be killed slowly, having your body slowly ripped apart and dragged through the streets, then, have your corpse defiled and put on public display."

Eggman was getting ready to pass out from fear. His breathing increased.

"Huh?" he mumbled

Amy stood back up and held her hammer in both hands. She admired the piece as if it were art.

"But I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna show mercy. Unlike you."

Eggman cocked his head and looked at her with a confused stare.

"What are you going to do?" he asked

Amy stopped admiring the hammer and stared at him with a deathly look. She smiled with the same crazed and insane face she had while killing GUN. Her bloody canines showed off as she growled at him. It was at that moment, Eggman knew she was about to kill him.

"I'm gonna kill you quickly." She said in a disturbingly sweet tone

Amy held the hammer high in the air. Her growl became a deafening scream.


It was then, that Amy swung her hammer. The huge hammer made contact with his head. Amy felt only slight resistance as the blades pierced skin. Then the momentum of the hammer made contact, and caved in the entire head. At one point, there was enough pressure inside the head that Eggman's head exploded. It was a loud burst that sent bone, tissue, and brain everywhere. The blood splattered everywhere, especially on Amy. She was drenched in his blood. A piece of his skull stuck to her skirt. Amy stood there, motionless. She just stared at nothing, breathing deeply and loudly. A crazed look was in her eyes.

"It is done. Dr. Eggman is dead." Shadow hissed, folding his arms and closing his eyes

Sonic couldn't believe what he just saw. Amy was standing over the remains of Eggman. Sonic felt a few spots of blood on his fur. There was only a red splatter mark where Eggman's head had once been. Sonic had his mouth hanging open is shock. It was over. Eggman was dead. It was an unimaginable feeling of remorse and sadness. There was no happiness or joy in the final victory, only regret. Sonic now felt empty. What was going on?

Sonic slowly started walking towards Amy. He tried not to make a sound. He did not want to anger her right now. He was feeling something new. Pure fear of Amy. The other times he ran from her, it was nervousness, now, it was pure fear. He had no idea how to handle this situation. Sonic swallowed his fear and made it over to Amy. He stopped just a foot away from her. She was still staring at nothing, panting.

"A-Amy?" Sonic asked in a scared tone

Amy didn't turn to acknowledge him.

"No forgiveness for sins." Amy said in a low tone

Sonic cocked his head in confusion.

"Huh?" he asked

Amy turned and stared at him. Fear was in her eyes. When Sonic looking at her, he didn't see a girl he loved, he saw something else, a new person. Her expression was almost completely blank. She was not moving anymore, just staring at him with an unusual face. Sonic was rather frightened by this.

"Amy? He asked her

"No forgiveness…" she mumbled

Sonic saw tears flowing from her eyes. They were rapid and many. Her eyes turned red from the tears. Something didn't seem right. Amy looked insane. Her mind didn't appear to be working right. Sonic watched as Amy got off of Eggman. He took a step back to give her some space. She looked over at Sonic. A frown came over her. She started wept and whimpered.

"No forgiveness…" she whispered

"What?" Sonic asked

Amy smiled weakly at him.

"No forgiveness for me." She chuckled slightly

Before Sonic could ask more questions, Amy dropped her hammer and sprinted off. Sonic was shocked by her actions.

"Amy, wait!" Sonic screamed

He was about to run after her, but then, a hand grabbed his arm. He looked back at who had the tight grip on him.

"WHAT?!" he snarled

When Sonic saw that it was Shadow holding him, he got even angrier.

"Let go of me, you bastard!"

Shadow didn't let go, or change his displeased expression.

"No, you're not chasing her." he growled

"Why not?" Sonic asked

"First of all, whatever she's going to do, she probably deserves, secondly, you need to help with the wounded. The GUN helicopters will be here soon, we need to take care of the people who are hit. Like Tails. You don't want to be considered a criminal for not helping these men."

Sonic turned his head around and saw all the wounded sprawling on the ground, moaning and crying for help. They really did need medical attention. He didn't want any more blood on his hands than he did already. Sonic sighed and looked down.

"Fine." Sonic said quietly in defeat

Shadow let go and turned around. They both walked back over to the GUN troopers and started working on them. The entire time, Sonic was thinking of Amy.


If there was one thing Amy had learned over the years, it was running. Running was something Sonic had taught her all about, and she had paid attention. She mostly paid attention because Sonic was teaching her. Those were good days. Care-free, never worrying about anything, stopping Eggman every week, flirting with Sonic, playing with Cream, and having friends around her. Those were the best days of her life. But now, all of that was gone. Amy was no longer running after Sonic, or with Sonic, or for Sonic, she was running away from Sonic.

"Why me?" she whimpered as she ran

As soon as Amy had seen her hammer destroy Eggman's head, something snapped in her. She realized, that she would never lose the title of Agent R. She was now a killer, a murderer, a taker of lives. It was in her blood now. Killing was the only thing she was good at now, not baking, or smashing, or acrobatics, or even being nice. She was a killer.

Amy looked around at the world as she ran away from. It was a miserable world. Destroyed buildings, wrecked cars, dead people, fires, and blast marks were everywhere. And Amy knew, she had caused it all. Amy ran down the middle of the street, dodging cars and jumping over piles of rubble. She had no clue where she was headed. Suddenly, something caught her eye. A blinking yellow light. Amy looked up and saw the source of the light. It was a traffic signal. It was blinking weakly, possibly the only thing that still had power in the city. But then, Amy smashed into something.

"OUCH!" She cried

Amy fell to the ground. She sat up and rubbed her head. She stared at what had hit her. She had hit the side of a car. For some odd reason, Amy was interested by it. Amy stood up and looked at it with a cautious face. The blue car was not completely destroyed. But its tires were blown out, and bullet holes peppered the side of the car. Amy then noticed the windows were gone. A foul odor came from inside the car. She swallowed hard and took a closer look inside. What she saw nearly made her throw up.

"Oh my god… they… they're… all of them… even the kids!" she exclaimed, stepping back

Inside the car, only the charred remains of what had once been a family were there. All the skin was burnt and black, even peeling, their eyes gone, just leaving empty black holes, bullets wounds littered their bodies, and some bone was showing. The family seemed to be huddled together in the car, as if they were panicking. It was a terrible thing to see.

"No…" she said to herself

Amy was then hit with something. She could almost hear the faint screams and cries as the family died. They were haunting sounds. Amy took a few steps back. She needed to get away from it all. But then, something else happened. Amy realized what she needed to do.

"No forgiveness for sins, only death." She said in a low tone

Amy knew now what was necessary, what had to be done. It was the only punishment she deserved. A GUN prison would not be enough, and she did not want the humiliation of dying by GUN's hand. Suicide was the only option. Amy thought of how she should go.

"A bullet? A blade? A bomb?"

Amy looked around her, she then looked up. There was a skyscraper that was only partially destroyed. The upper half of the skyscraper was destroyed, but the structure was still able to easily reach a couple thousand feet. It was one of the few skyscrapers left, and something else about it caught her eye. It looked like it could be climbed. It looked like it could easily be climbed from the inside. It was inviting her.

"A fall…" she whispered, staring at the building

Without even a second thought, Amy approached the building. Like a moth to a flame, she went towards it. No thinking or reasoning came from her mind. All she thought about was doing what had to be done.

"All it will take is one move." She said to herself

Amy walked down the street that led to the giant skyscraper. She never took her eyes off of it, even while she cried. Amy stopped at the revolving doors, which were shattered. She peered into the dark lobby of the building. Amy swallowed hard and stepped inside. She slowly and carefully made her way through the dark room, towards the stairway. She was able to see every time the lights flickered off and on. Amy opened the door to the stairwell and looked up. The stairs seemed to go on for miles.

"Up I go." She sighed

Amy gripped the rails and started her ascent. She walked up the stairs without stopping. She just walked, and walked, and walked, and walked and walked. She never paused to look back. There was no looking back. She couldn't look back. She needed to keep going. She looked to the side and saw the floor she was on.

"Floor 17, almost there." She huffed

Amy continued on, not ever stopping. She just continued to walk, and walk, and walk. Eventually, Amy was able to see something. Light was shining out of the crack under the door on level 25. She looked farther up, and there was nothing but a caved in roof. Rubble was everywhere. Amy reached the floor and stopped at the door. She looked down at the handle. It had dust on it. She lowered her head and closed her eyes. She let another tear fall. She opened her eyes and looked back up. She stood tall and regained her posture. Amy then put her hand on the door handle. She felt the blood on her hands stain the metal. She slowly opened the door. The light from outside engulfed her. She put her hand in front of her eyes to shield them. Once they adjusted, she lowered her hand. There was only a couple meters of floor left. Rubble and debris were lining the walls of the half destroyed room she was in.

"Wow…" she gasped

The other half of the room was missing, letting the breathtaking view of the city take over. Amy slowly and carefully walked up to the edge of the floor. She stopped at the edge and looked down. Below her, was a couple thousand feet of air, and then, debris and rubble. Steel reinforcing rods shot up, inviting a body to be impaled through them. Amy breathed deeply and looked back up. She could see everything from this place. She scanned the destroyed city. In the distance, she could see the senate building. GUN helicopters surrounded it, and more were coming in. She noticed a few helicopters going out, retaking the city.

"They won't have me." She whispered

Amy knew that if she was captured, she would be killed by them, or put in a cell. She didn't want that humiliation, or for GUN to have their victory. She stood tall and inhaled. She looked down at the view below her, her death. As she got ready for the final decision, she thought of someone. Someone she could never have. Someone she could never say sorry to enough. Someone who deserved someone better than her. Someone whom she had been chasing almost her whole life. Someone who had motivated her to do everything she had done. Someone who would never miss her.

"Sonic…" she whispered

Amy felt more tears fall. She whimpered and cried. She looked over at the senate building and knew he was over there. She cried even harder, knowing that she would never be with him.

"SONIC!" she screamed

Amy cried even harder. She had no idea why she was crying, there was nobody that would miss her, not even Sonic. Maybe that's why she cried, because she was leaving the one she loved. But it had to be done. No forgiveness for sins.

Amy stood and sniffled, trying to contain the tears. After a few minutes of crying, she was able to hold them back. She wiped away the final tear and looked over at the senate building.

"Good bye, Sonic the hedgehog, my love."

Amy looked forward and sighed one last time. She closed her eyes and got ready for the fall. She was just about to lean forward, when suddenly, a voice called out to her.

"AMY!" screamed a voice she could easily recognize

Amy stopped leaning and turned her head around to see who it was. And there he was, the blue hedgehog she had fallen in love with. He stood there, blood smeared across his chest, his gloves dripping with blood, weak eyes, a scared face, and panting hard. But to Amy, he still looking like the prettiest hedgehog in the world. Normally, she would be overjoyed and smiling, but this just made the pain worse.

"Don't come any closer." She whimpered

Sonic looked at her with terrified eyes. Those eyes were killing her. She wanted to cry again, but no tears came.

"Amy, please." Sonic said, putting his hands in front of him, taking a cautious stance

Amy sniffled and frowned.

"Leave me alone. I deserve this!" she demanded

Sonic's heart broke when he heard those words. He knew what to do. She was out of her mind, and she needed to be brought back. Sonic sprinted for Amy. She never had time to even think before he had scooped her up in his arms and brought her over to the door. He gripped her arms and planted her down in front of him. She made her face him and kept her from moving. Amy struggled and tried to get away, but Sonic's strength wouldn't let her.

"Let go! I need to do this!" she cried

Sonic shook her, disorienting her. She looked up at him with scared and frightened eyes. Sonic stared back at her with serious, but compassionate eyes.

"No you don't. You don't have to do it." Sonic said

Amy whimpered.

"Yes I do. There is nothing else I can do." She replied

"Why do you have to do this?" Sonic asked

Amy cried and looked down at her feet. She saw the blood dripping from both of them.

"Because I've done things that make me the worst living thing on the planet. I deserve death. You deserve someone better than me."

She looked back up at Sonic, who was listening with a compassionate expression. He seemed to be listening so intently, as if he wanted to hear what she was saying.

"I've killed so many people. I've done so many terrible things. I've maimed, mutilated, and even scalped people. I have the blood of hundreds on me. I've even hurt our own friends, making their lives a living hell. I've done do much. I've even hurt you. I've… I've…"

Amy broke down in tears and looked away. She cried and cried, still being held in place by Sonic's hands. Sonic looked at her with pity, fear, and love. Amy was back, but she was misguided. There were no words that could help her now. Words did nothing. Sonic let one hand go and placed it gently on her chin. He turned her face and made her look at her. She stared at him with huge, scared eyes. He smiled a little, but not much.

"Amy…" he whispered

"I love you. There is nothing you could do to change that. I know what you've done. But you've changed. I can see it. You can still be the girl you once were. You just need to let it all go."

Sonic loosened his grip on her arm and ran it down her forearm. His hand slowly and gently rested on her hip. He moved the hand along her and made it to the back of her waist. He used his grip and pulled her close. Sonic held her close, very close. His hand that was on her chin slowly moved up and rested on her cheek. Amy's breathing became sporadic. She trembled and shook as he stared at her. She tried to look away, but she couldn't. His green eyes were so hypnotic. She got lost in the moment. Amy had no knowledge of it, but she slowly and gently placed her hand on his chest. She felt his heart racing. She then took her other hand and ran it up his arm, and then, ever so slowly, moved her hand onto his shoulder. She placed her hand on the top of his back. They both knew what was about to happen.

"Sonic…" Amy whispered so quietly

Sonic moved his head closer to hers, lowering it to reach her. Amy raised her head up, reaching his. Their foreheads lightly touched and rested against one another. Sonic and Amy both stared deep into each other's eyes.

Sonic stared at her, the girl he loved with all his heart. She was so delicate, and needed him. But he needed her even more. It pained him so much to see her in pain. His heart ached for her. He needed to do this. It was time. It might even solve every problem they had.

Amy looked deep into Sonic's eyes. They were so full of fear, but also love. She knew what was about to happen, what they were about to do. Deep in her heart, she knew this kiss wouldn't fix anything. It would just make things right with both of them. She knew this kiss would not solve any problems. It would just be the thing they needed to do before she died. But right now, she needed to say something.

"I love you…" she whispered, moving her lips closer

"I love you too…" Sonic whispered, embracing her lips

And then, their lips met. They kissed. It was a shocking feeling. It was electrifying. So many emotions flew inside their minds. Amy had never felt this type of kiss before. It was amazing to her. Sonic felt the same. He pulled her closer, tightening his grip around her. Amy just fell into him, pressing against his body. She put her hands around him and pulled even closer, making the kiss even more passionate. Amy slowly let her tongue wander. She met Sonic's and then… they danced. Eventually, Sonic pulled away for air. He rested his forehead on hers as they panted for air. They both stared deeply into each other's eyes.

"Sonic the Hedgehog. I love you with all my heart." Amy said quietly

"And I love you, Amy Rose. You're my world." Sonic whispered

Amy made a fake smile. She knew what was going to happen in only a few moments. But she wanted Sonic to be happy one last time. She then pressed her lips against his for another kiss. This time, even more passionate. Amy felt Sonic run his hands up and down her back. She purred with joy. Amy began playing with Sonic's quills. He wagged his tail with happiness. To Sonic, this was the best moment of his life. To Amy, it was the saddest. Amy slowly pulled away. She looked up at Sonic with deep and innocent eyes. Sonic stared back at her with love and caring. He smiled a little, thinking he had won her over. But Amy didn't smile.

"Amy?" Sonic asked, his voice concerned

He titled his head to the side as Amy closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry… For everything." She whispered

Amy looked back at him and sighed one last time. She let go of him and took a step back, out of his arms. Sonic was lost in confusion and fear. Amy slowly raised her hand and placed it on his chest. She closed her eyes and exhaled loudly.

"Good bye." She said quietly

Amy let her arm down and jumped into the air. She kicked him right in the chest. Sonic flew back and bashed against the railing of the stairway. He hit his back and fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Amy took her chance. She landed and turned around. She sprinted for the edge of the floor. Once she was at the edge, she looked down. It was a long fall.

"Gah… Amy!" Sonic cried

Amy turned around and saw Sonic, struggling to get to his feet. He looked up at her with terrified eyes. His mouth hung open. For those last few seconds, their gaze seemed to last for hours. Hers was full of regret. His was full of fear. Amy took her last look at the hedgehog she loved. She finally let one more tear fall.

"I wish it could be different." She mumbled

"It can be. We can run away." Sonic groaned, trying to get back up

"I won't live in fear, and neither will you. No, it can't different. Good bye, Sonic the Hedgehog, my one true love."

Sonic watched as Amy turned back around. Then, with one movement, she fell off the edge. And so she fell. Sonic knelt there, he had just been ready to sprint for her when she jumped. He just was there, staring at the spot she had once been standing. Sonic's breathing became sporadic. His pupils went small. His mouth hung open, letting out little sounds of insanity and fear. He began shaking uncontrollably. And then, the worst part of it all. Sonic heard a loud CRACK in the distance. Sonic fell back to his knees and placed his hands on the ground. He looked down and closed his eyes, trying to hold back the tears that were now streaming down his face. He grinded his teeth, trying not to let out the scream. But it came anyway. Sonic sat up on his knees and raised his head to the sky. His arms dangled like a doll.


He screamed with all his might.

It was done. It was all over. Nothing was left. Amy Rose, Agent R, the killer of GUN, the ruler of Station Square, was dead.

Sonic couldn't believe it. He stared at the space she had once been. Thoughts of Amy rushed through him. Suddenly, every memory he had of her flashed before his eyes. All Sonic could think about was her, and everything about her. All Sonic could see was Amy. The thoughts of her flooded his vision. The feeling of her smooth quills, the perfume she wore, the glow of her emerald eyes, her cute little dress, the way she walked, the way she fought, and the way she talked to him. Everything about her was all he could think about.

"A-Amy…" Sonic whispered

Sonic fell back and sat there, resting his back against the railing. His mouth was closed tight, trying to stop him from crying out even more. The tears rushed down his face. His eyes were pink and he sniffled constantly.

Then the most painful memories came. The memories of them spending time together, him running away from her, and him fighting her as Agent R. The more Sonic thought of their time together, the more he realized how terrible he treated her, how little respect he gave her, how much he put her down, how he hurt her, both emotionally, and physically, and how he had not given her any chances. He had been such a terrible friend, and every time, she had forgiven him, except for when he had loved her back. Those were very painful thoughts.

"This can't be happening." Sonic said slowly

Sonic wiped away the tears with his arm. But he just ended up smearing his face with blood that had been on Amy. Sonic tried his best to stand up. He gripped the railing and forced himself up. He panted as he stood up. His legs shook as he let go of the railing. Sonic slowly and carefully walked forward. He made it over to the edge of the floor. He tried to look down, to see the remains of Amy, but couldn't bring himself to do it. He closed his eyes, and let more tears fall. He hung his head in solemn remorse. His tears fell, falling all the way and hitting Amy's corpse.

"Good bye, Amy… My lost love."

Sonic was now alone. His love, Amy Rose, was dead.

Sonic raised his head and opened his eyes. He inhaled deeply through his nose, and looked out over the destroyed city. Dark clouds were beginning to come over. The distant rumbles of thunder could be heard. It was a depressing scene, seeing a destroyed city, and dark storm clouds. There was only one thing Sonic said.

"There's no hope."

There was no hope left for the world. No hope it would ever be the same again. No hope that Sonic would be the same. No hope that Tails would be the same. No hope that anybody would be the same. No hope that the world would go back to what it once was. No hope that people would remember Amy. There was no hope Sonic the hedgehog, would ever find joy in anything again.

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