No Hope

Half the team

"Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart."

-Psalm 119:111

Sonic, Amy, and Tails had engaged the massive robot and the thousands of swat-bots in a quarry just outside Station Square. They were down in the massive crater of an excavation site. Tunnels and caves for mining honeycombed the walls of the crater. Normally, it would be blisteringly hot in the crater, with no shade. But today, a huge shadow cooled down the rocky and dirt filled crater. Dr. Eggman's giant robot stood at the cliff side of this crater, looking down on the battle that was taking place in the crater below. Its menacing green glowing eyes stared at our heroes as if they were bugs. Which, in reality, they were. This would be an easy battle to win if Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge were with them. However, they a nowhere to be seen, so Sonic, Amy, and Tails had to fight the swat-bots themselves.

Sonic spin dashed through a couple swat-bots. He jumped onto the head of another and sat there. The other swat-bots around him opened fire on him. He jumped off the swat-bot just as the hail of gunfire lit up the robot. A small explosion followed, propelling Sonic farther into the air. He fell to the ground. He landed on his feet and sprinted forward. He increased his speed and broke down hundreds of swat-bots as he ran. After a couple seconds, he skidded under the feet of another robot. Gunfire followed him like his own shadow. The robot he had slid under became riddled with holes. Sonic jumped up and kicked a swat-bot in front of him. The robot flew through the air, and made contact with a squad of swat-bots. It crashed into them, disabling the robots from fighting.

"Easy pickings." Sonic said to himself, standing up

Suddenly, he heard the sound of hydraulics behind him. He spun around just in time to see a swat-bot aiming its machine gun at him. The barrel was aimed directly at his head. Sonic's smug look disappeared and his ears drooped down in sadness. But then, the robot was suddenly shot into the air at insane velocity. Dust and dirt choked the air, making a smoke screen around them. Sonic coughed a bit. But he noticed the shadow of the swat-bot had been replaced by a much smaller shadow. One that was his size, and held a massive hammer. As the smoke cleared, Sonic saw who his savior was. It was Amy. She held her piko piko hammer in her hands. Sweat wetted her quills and fur. Dirt, burn marks, and cuts dotted her body. Her red hair band was loosely attached to her head. It was ready to fall off. Her little red dress was in the same condition as the rest of her body. Not in good shape. But to Sonic, she still was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen. Her eyes were what he loved the most, besides her amazing body.

"Thanks Amy." He said

Amy smiled and giggled.

"No problem, my love." She said happily

Sonic's cheeks turned red with embarrassment. He smiled nervously and scratched the back of his head. He looked away and chuckled nervously. Although he loved her, he still hated it when she used such romantic language. It made him feel like less of a man and more like those guys in romance novels. He hated that.

"Let's just stick to Sonic for now, okay?" he suggested

Amy's face turned disappointed for a seconds, but then lit up with happiness.

"Anything to make you happy." She giggled

Amy, always making light of a terrible situation. But then the roar of a dropship filled the air. Sonic and Amy looked up. It was another swat-bot dropship. It was landing, ready to drop off another squad of the terrible robots. Amy readied her hammer, Sonic got into a fighting position. They ran for the new target, screaming. Although they were exhausted, they still had a battle to win. As they were running, ready to destroy the swat-bots landing on the ground, the Tornado flew overhead. It opened fire with its two machine guns. Moments later, the dropship blew up in a bright yellow fireball. Shards of metal from the destroyed ship peppered the surrounding swat-bots, ripping through their metal panels and destroying them. The Tornado flew by. Tails was in the Tornado, providing close-air-support to Sonic and Amy. Sonic jumped and howled with joy at the work of Tails and his expert flying.

"NICE WORK TAILS!" Sonic screamed over his communicator

"Thanks buddy!" Tails replied

Sonic watched in amazement as Tails piloted the plane around. Tails banked left, making a circle around the battleground. He looked down and evaluated the battle. Sonic and Amy were dead center in the middle of the crater. Hundreds of swat-bots was surrounding them, and Eggman's massive robot stood over it all. Tails had not seen the robot in action, but he knew that if it was powered by a chaos emerald, it would be nearly impossible to even try and stop the huge goliath. But for right now, the giant hunk of metal wasn't moving, so it wasn't a threat. They needed to deal with the swat-bots that had been terrorizing the city. Suddenly, gunfire lit up the sky around Tails. He spun his head around to see two swat-bot dropships pursuing him. Tails quickly banked right. The G-forces of the turn made his body feel ten-times heavier. He struggled to keep awake from the pressure. Eventually, he made the turn, and was right behind the dropships. Eggman's dropships were never very maneuverable.

"Time to go home Eggman!" Tails yelled

He placed his thumbs on the triggers and held down his thumbs. The machine guns on the nose of his plane made a roaring sound as they sprayed the dropships with lead. Moments later, the dropships blossomed into huge fireballs. Tails let out a scream of victory as he flew through the explosions. Just as he flew by, his communicator went off. He pressed a button on his pilot's helmet to answer it.

"Tails here, what is it?" he asked

Sounds of gunfire and rockets could be heard through the radio. It didn't sound good.

"It's Sonic! The swat-bots are starting to get a bit tougher. GGAAHH! They're dropping off more of them! We need some air support down here!" Sonic screamed through the radio

"Got it!" Tails replied

Tails looked down at where Sonic and Amy were. It was true. Just a few hundred feet away from the two hedgehogs were dozens of dropships coming down and dropping off fresh swat-bots. It wasn't good. Tails had just looked away for a second while flying and he had let his friends get into a lot of trouble. He began to panic, but then his skills as a pilot kicked in. He made a nose dive with his plane towards the swat-bots. He growled as he opened fire on the swat-bots. A hail of gunfire lit up the ground below. He strafed them with gunfire. The bright flashes from the machine guns was blinding. But Tails continued on. By the time he was close to the ground, a gap in the sea of robots could clearly be seen. He pulled up from his dive, just scraping the heads of the swat-bots with the landing gear of the Tornado. Tails passed by Sonic and Amy. For a brief moment, they made eye contact. Sonic gave a thumbs up and winked. Tails smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"NICE WORK, TAILS!" Sonic screamed as he jumped for joy

"Uh... Sonic… no time for celebration!" Amy screamed

Sonic looked back at Amy. A dozen swat-bots were surrounding her. She was knocking them back as fast as she could, but there were too many of them. She screamed and knocked another back. But they were getting closer.

"AMY!" Sonic yelled

He sprinted off towards her. He jumped into the air and curled up into a spiky ball. He grinned as he spin dashed through the dozens of robots around his pink friend. After he was done ripping through each robot, a giant hole was in their chests. They all fell over, lifeless. Sonic stood in the middle of the destroyed robots. He looked around and put his hands on his hips. Sonic exhaled in satisfaction of his work. Suddenly, he heard whimpering next to him. He looked over and saw Amy curled up into a little ball on the ground with her hands over her head.

"Amy?" Sonic asked

He knelt down next to her and put a hand on her back. She was shaking with fear. She continued to whimper.

"Amy, what's wrong?" he said, concerned

Amy slowly looked up at Sonic. She was on the verge of crying. Her makeup was somewhat smeared. Her eyes were massive and pleading. She looked like she had just seen a ghost.

"T-t-they nearly got me. I tried to fight them off, b-but they were too strong. They s-seemed like they wanted to capture me!" she exclaimed

Sonic just stared at her with pity in his expression. He rubbed her back, trying to calm her down. Something about what had just happened really had scared her. He would need to find out later why that was. Sonic patted her gently.

"Come on, Amy. We can deal with that later, right now, we need to fight." He said softly

Amy slowly nodded and sniffled a bit.

"Okay." She replied

Sonic helped her up and she weakly smiled to him. Sonic smirked and got into a fighting stance. Amy exhaled and pulled out her hammer. Now she was mad. The swat-bots had made her cry in front of Sonic. She was going to make them pay for that. She was ready to bring the pain at supersonic speed.

"Time to fight." She growled

Sonic looked over at her. She was still somewhat crying, but she was mad. He was utterly confused, and also scared by her anger.

"It's just that time of the month." He whispered to himself

Amy screamed and ran at a group of swat-bots. Sonic smirked and nodded his head in approval. With her attitude, they would win quickly. He sprinted after her, ready to spin dash through the robots. Together, Sonic and Amy knocked down robot after robot. Amy threw her massive hammer at them sometimes, breaking down hundreds of swat-bots, then summoning it back again. Sonic continued to spin dash, kick, punch, and run over tons of swat-bots. Tails provided air-support from above. He blew up hundreds of robots with every bit of ordinance on his plane. It was a grueling battle, and it didn't seem to be ending any time soon. After what seemed like days of fighting, Sonic and Amy's backs were against each other. They punched and knocked back any swat-bot that came close. Both Sonic and Amy were tired and confused. They both were panting hard and looked terrible. They were getting tired, they had been fighting for two hours now.

"Didn't you… call Knuckles to help?" Amy said, panting

Sonic knocked down another swat-bot and turned his head to her.

"Yeah… he said… he was on his way." Sonic replied

"Well he better… get here soon." She said

"Yeah, I don't know where Shadow and Rouge are. They should be here too." Sonic said, kicking back a swat-bot

"Wasn't Shadow with you?" she asked

"Yeah, but then he said he had to do something, and left."

"That's weird."

Amy threw her hammer, breaking apart a squad of swat-bots.

Sonic nodded in agreement. Amy had had enough. Everyone had been gone far too long. They needed their help. Something was wrong. Half their team was missing, and the half that was there was getting overrun.

Amy smashed another swat-bot and looked over at Sonic.

"Sonic, call Knuckles! We need to know where he is!" she yelled

Sonic spin dashed through a swat-bot and landed on his feet. He turned on his communicator and called Knuckles.

"Knuckles! Where are you?!" Sonic screamed, running for another group of robots

A brief second passed before he replied.

"Right here." Knuckles said in a dark tone

Suddenly, the ground under Sonic's began to rumble. The stones around him jumped around. Sonic wobbled, trying to stay standing. Then, without warning, Knuckles burst through the rocky ground. He bashed violently through the rocks and into the air. Dust and dirt clouded the air around them. Knuckles landed on the ground and went ballistic. He punched and smashed every swat-bot he could see. He grunted as his powerful fists broke through the metal of the robots. It was terrifying to see him battle the robots. The robots could never have prepared for Knuckles. Once the dust had begun to clear, Sonic and Amy could finally see their savior. Knuckles was standing on top of a pile of dead swat-bots. He looked down at his battered friends, grinning. Sonic and Amy both stared at him with furious faces. They stood there, staring at him as if he had just killed a dog. Knuckles' smug face quickly disappeared and was replaced by confusion.

"What?" he asked in a genuinely confused voice

Sonic tapped his foot on the ground fast.

"Where were you?!" Amy screamed

Before Knuckles could respond, a swarm of swat-bots surrounded them. Sonic and his friends were completely taken by surprise. The swat-bots opened fire on them.

"Get to cover!" Sonic yelled

They all ran for a cave near the pile of destroyed swat-bots. The cave was extremely long and seemed to go on for miles. It had a couple large rocks on the ground to provide cover. It was a perfect place for Sonic and friends to hide and figure out what was going on. Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy all ran for the cave. Sonic jumped in first. Knuckles and Amy ran next to each other. An explosion blew up the ground next to Amy. She screamed as she flew forward and hit the ground hard. Knuckles didn't see her and continued running. Amy saw Knuckles run into the cave, and then she passed out. Sonic saw her laying there, not moving.

"AMY!" he screamed

Sonic began to panic. Amy wasn't moving. Something was wrong with her. He jumped up out of the tunnel and sprinted for her. He bashed swart-bots aside as he ran for her. But something was different. While he was running, Sonic noticed that one swat-bot was trying to pick Amy up. It was trying to capture her! Sonic growled. He would not let that happen. He sprinted even faster for her. He reached the swat-bot, grabbed Amy, and kicked the swat-bot into the sky. He carried her in his arms back to the tunnel. While he was running, Sonic looked down at Amy. Her unconscious body was weak and fragile. She looked so innocent. She didn't look like a fighter, she looked like a princess to him. And he needed to take care of her. After all this, he would need to have a word with Knuckles. Sonic sprinted and jumped back into the tunnel.

"Bring her back here." Knuckles ordered

Sonic walked passed Knuckles and gave him an evil stare.

"Don't tell me what to do." Sonic growled

Sonic waited until he put Amy down to burst. Once Sonic gently placed Amy against a wall, he turned his attention to Knuckles.

How could you have left her there?!" Sonic yelled

"I didn't see her!" Knuckles replied

Sonic walked up close to him.

"She was right next to you!"

"Again, sorry!" Knuckles said, getting angrier

"Oh, just like how you're sorry you were late? That reminds me. Where the chaos were you?!" Sonic screamed

"Me? I was on my way here! You started without me!" Knuckles yelled

Sonic huffed in anger.

"You took fucking forever! And now look what's happened! Our team is cut in half, Amy is unconscious, and there are swat-bots trying to get inside!" Sonic argued

"Well sorry. But Rouge proved to be a problem, and it took a while to get rid of her!" Knuckles defended

"Listen you idiot!" Sonic growled, pointing at him, "Shadow went missing, Tails is busy trying to keep the skies clear, and Amy is unconscious. But not just that, you knocked out Rouge as well?! What the hell are you doing?! You stupid rodent! We need to work as a team, not just you bashing everything!" Sonic ranted

Knuckles violently pushed Sonic back. Sonic fell to the ground, Knuckles walked up and stood over him. He picked him up by his chest fur and Sonic dangled in the air. Sonic struggled to break free, but his grip was too tight. Knuckles pulled his fist back, ready to punch.

"I could say the same about you. Always thinking about your own glory, not taking time to realize the team you have with you. So shut up you hypocrite! The day you finally stop being a dick is the day when we have world peace. I have the nerve to kill you right now. I could handle these swat-bots without you!" Knuckles growled

Sonic was really mad now. No more playing, Knuckles was proving to be a real threat to the team. He needed to be stopped.

"Fine, but listen up, dickhead." Sonic said, smirking,

"What?" Knuckles asked

"Go die in hole." Sonic said slowly

Suddenly, Sonic placed his feet on the wall and jumped forward. He and Knuckles were both propelled forward at intense speed. Knuckles hit the wall hard. Suddenly, the entire tunnel shake. But they didn't pay attention to it. They were busy fighting. The impact of the hit took all the breath out of him. Knuckles fell to the ground, Sonic got out of his grip and picked him up by his quills. Sonic threw him across to the other wall, making him slam against it. Knuckles fell to the ground, groaning. He coughed up a little blood. He wiped it away and looked up at Sonic, growling.


Knuckles jumped up and punched Sonic as he ran for him. Sonic fell backwards from the hit, rolling around, clenching his stomach. The pain was unlike anything he'd felt. The sharp spikes on his knuckles were truly deadly. Knuckles walked up to Sonic and got ready to deal another blow. But then, Sonic looked up at him and smiled evilly. He then kicked Knuckles right in the crotch. Knuckles screamed in pain and held his crotch. Sonic jumped up and punched him back. Knuckles hit the wall. The tunnel began to rumble even more. Knuckles and Sonic didn't notice it. They continued to fight. As they fought, Knuckles started to gain the upper hand. Sonic fell to the ground. Knuckles picked him up and continually punched him. Punch after punch. Soon, Sonic was looking very beat up and bloody. He needed to go get rest from this.

"Ready to give up?" Knuckles asked

Sonic's bloody and deformed face grew a weak smile.

"Go to hell." Sonic whispered

He then spit a bit of blood at Knuckles. He screamed in rage and continued to punch Sonic.

While all of this was going on, Amy was slowly starting to regain consciousness. Her vision was blurry, and sounds were muffled. But they were starting to come back. She slowly opened her eyes, shaking her head. It throbbed in pain. She felt like her whole body was a mess. But all of that didn't matter when she saw a cloudy image in front of her. It was of a red form beating up something blue. As she regained her vision, the horrifying picture became clear. Knuckles was beating up Sonic. The rage and anger in Amy's mind could not be explained by words. Fire burned in her eyes. She started out quietly growling, but that quiet growl grew louder and louder. Eventually, she was able to make a couple words out.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SONIC!?" she screamed in a scream so loud, it made Knuckles drop Sonic and cover his ears

Knuckles turned around just in time to see a furious monster run at him with a giant piko piko hammer in her hands. Amy screamed as she swung her massive hammer. When the hammer made contact with Knuckles' chest, it sent him flying faster than an SR-71 Blackbird. He flew out of the cave at nearly supersonic speed. He never stood a chance of dodging her attack. Knuckles flew through the air, but was quickly stopped by the swat-bots outside. They stopped his flight with their bodies. Knuckles crashed into them with such force, that the one he made contact with shattered. He crashed through swat-bot after swat-bot, eventually coming to a halt. He lay there over a pile of disabled swat-bots. A clear patch could be seen from the cave to his location. Destruction was everywhere from his piko piko hammer powered flight.


That was all Knuckles could croak out as he lay there on the ground, on the edge of consciousness. His vision was becoming darker. He tried to move, but he couldn't. His body felt like it was shattered inside. His chest felt as if it was caving in on him. Amy's hammer sure was something to be reckoned with. However, his thoughts about what had just happened were interrupted by his wrist communicator. Its beeping woke him out of his weak state. He slowly and weakly pressed the answer button.

"K-knuckles here. What is it?" he grumbled

"Knuckles? It's Tails. What just happened?! I lost contact when you guys went into the cave!" screamed Tails through the communicator

"I got into a fight with Sonic in the… in the tunnel. But Amy wanted to h-help him." Knuckles said quietly

"Well get off your butt! Eggman's robot has been firing shells at the cave you were in! The cave won't survive another salvo! You need to get out of there, and fast!" Tails screamed

When he heard this, Knuckles instantly became alert. The thought that Tails had just put into his head filled his body with adrenalin. His eyes shot open. Despite his clear injuries, he jumped up, full of life. He jumped up and punched a swat-bot that was coming to inspect him. He looked over at the cave he had been in. Tails was right. Two massive blast marks were placed over the cave. He then looked in the opposite direction. The giant robot was aiming its massive shoulder-mounted cannon at the cave. Eggman was trying to destroy the cave! He needed to get his friends out of there, and fast.

"AMY, SONIC!" he screamed as he sprinted for the cave

When Knuckles reached the cave, he ran down the entrance. He spotted Amy and Sonic in the cave. It was quite a sad scene, one that filled his heart with remorse. Sonic lay there unconsciously. Amy was kneeling by his side, crying. She was resting her head on his chest, sobbing away. She stroked one of his hands gently. As Knuckles slowly approached, he heard Amy saying something.

"Please wake up, please wake up, please wake up." She said repeatedly

Once Amy heard his footsteps, she quickly looked up at him. She snarled and screamed.

"You nearly killed him!" she screamed

Suddenly, another explosion shook the cave. Rocks began to fall from the ceiling. The walls started crumbling. Knuckles saw what was happening. The cave was collapsing. He gasped and ran for Amy.

"We need to get out now! The cave is collapsing!" he yelled

Amy's expression didn't change. She just stared at him with hatred in her eyes.

"I'm not leaving him!" she said flatly

Knuckles grunted in annoyance.

"Yes you are." He said

Knuckles ran up and picked Amy up. He flung her onto his shoulder and turned around. He sprinted for the cave exit. Rocks and boulders fell and crumbled around him. It was not a pretty sight. Amy screamed and struggled to get out of his grip as he ran.

"Let me go! You left Sonic!" she screamed

"I'm gonna come back for him!" Knuckles yelled

They reached the cave exit just in time. Knuckles threw Amy off his shoulders and turned around.

"Stay here!" he ordered

Amy snarled and pulled out her hammer to smash away a swat-bot.

"Fine, just get my Sonic back, or you'll be in a world of hurt." She grumbled

Knuckles nodded and ran back for Sonic. If he was lucky, he could grab him before the cave collapsed. He sprinted as fast as he could for Sonic's immobile body. The cave was destroying itself around him. Smoke, dirt, and dust were beginning to clog the air. But despite this, he spotted Sonic, who was just starting to regain consciousness. Knuckles screamed as he ran even faster for his blue friend. Suddenly, another explosion rocked the cave. But this last explosion was the one that did it for our hero. The explosion broke loose dozens of huge rocks. They fell from the ceiling and caved in the area of the cave where Sonic was. They smashed against the ground, blocking Knuckles' path. Dust and dirt flew up everywhere. But that didn't matter, the half of the cave where Sonic was had caved in. There was no way to reach him now. Knuckles stopped right in his tracks. He could not believe what had just happened right in front of him. Knuckles couldn't believe what he had just seen. His mouth hung open, and a look of shock and horror covered his face. He fell to his knees and stared at the wall of boulders. He had no words for what just happened. But slowly and surely, a rumbling came up from his chest. He let out a scream of such violence and regret.


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