No Hope

You did this

"Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

-Isaiah 41:10

Dr. Eggman watched everything take place from the cockpit of the Specter. He dared not make a sound, or barely even breathe. He was in shock at what he saw. He watched as the Specter fired the final salvo that collapsed the cave. He watched as a cloud of dust and dirt escaped the cave. He watched as only two forms came out of the cave, not three. He watched as the red and pink dots ran for their lives. He watched as they were picked up by the Tornado, and flew away from the battlefield. He watched the cave with a mixture of emotions. He'd done it.

Eggman sat there in the Specter. The cockpit was completely silent, not even Cubot or Orbot had anything to say. Consilium was completely silent as well. The only noise that could be heard were the occasional beeping from the controls. But that did nothing to lighten the tension and emotions in the cockpit. Nothing could do that. Eggman just sat there, staring down at the excavation crater with his jaw hanging open. Behind his blue glasses, his eyes were open hide, in shock at what he'd just seen. He witnessed something he'd never think would happen. For a very long and heart-breaking time, the cockpit was utterly silent.


Consilium's red eye appeared on one of the monitors.

"Yes doctor?"

"Get a… get a heart-beat scan on that cave." Eggman said hesitantly

"As you wish." He said in his flat and calm voice

The screen in front of Eggman turned to x-ray and scanned the cave. After one sweep, a pinging sound went off once.

"Doctor, it appears that one heartbeat was detected. However, it is slowing down rapidly. I estimate total shut down of the heart in less than ten minutes."

Eggman pressed a button, turning off the screen. He couldn't bear to see the tiny dot that was Sonic's heart inside the destroyed cave. Eggman put his hands on his face and breathed slowly. A rush of emotions flooded his head. Regret, horror, sadness, pity, pride, and just plain contemplation filled his mind. Never in his life had Eggman planned for such a day. He never thought that one day, he would kill Sonic the Hedgehog. He had always been defeated, but he never won. This was a new experience for him. The idea that he had nobody left to stop him was amazing. The only people that could stop him now were Sonic's friends. But without the leadership that Sonic provided, how would they be able to fight him?

All these thoughts were stopped when Consilium appeared again.

"Doctor, the hostile aircraft is retreating, along with all remaining GUN forces. Shall we pursue?"

"No." Eggman ordered

"I'm sorry, I do not follow. What do you mean, doctor?" Consilium asked, his voice sounding a little surprised

"I mean, I want to go home. I can't… I can't focus right now. I want to go and figure out what to do next." Eggman explained

"Of course, doctor. But allow me to interrupt. All stages of the plan to turn the pink one against her friends have been planned out by myself. I have made the most logical analysis of the situation and determined the next steps. If we move swiftly, we may be able to catch her."

Eggman raised an eyebrow when Consilium said this.

"You have?" he asked

"I predict a 97 percent probability that she will return to the quarry to find the remains of Sonic. I suggest waiting for her return, and then begin the next phase of the plan."

Eggman was in no mental state to plan anything out. He couldn't take his mind off what had just happened. Right now, any plan seemed like a good one. It was a hard thing for him to wrap his head around, Sonic dying. But Consilium was right, he needed to move fast while Amy was still emotionally insecure, like the rest of her friends. It was time to strike, and he was at the advantage.

"Alright Consilium, let's go home, re… rearm, and get back out here and wait for… wait for her arrival." He said, his voice sounding distracted

Consilium's eye disappeared off the screen and the cockpit began to light up. The Specter was getting ready for take-off. It was going back to Eggman's base. The whole robot began to shake and rumble as the massive thrusters under the feet of the robot sparked to life. Within a minute, the roaring, rumbling, and shaking of the robot was at its full strength. The robot slowly started to lift off the ground while its huge thrusters scorched the earth below it. As the Specter took off, it began to gain more and more speed, eventually reaching its max speed. The Specter flew into the air like a missile, disappearing in the clouds. It was headed home. The massive robot had done its duty. It had been created to defeat Sonic, and it had accomplished its mission. No other robot had ever done its mission like this one. It had killed Sonic.

Since the Specter was being controlled by Consilium and itself, it gave Eggman even more time to focus on what he had just done. The thing he had accomplished. The thing that he had vowed to do ever since he was first stopped by that hedgehog all those years ago in the Green Hill Zone. He couldn't believe it, nobody could possibly believe it. Some had said that hedgehog was immortal, unable to die. But Eggman had just proved the opposite. He was, in fact, mortal, and had been killed proving it. What he had just done should have made Eggman proud, make him scream in victory. But it had done quite the opposite. It had made Eggman melancholy and remorseful. Nothing like what he expected to feel. Eventually, he couldn't hold in his feelings any longer. He needed to talk to somebody, even if they were a cold heartless robot like Consilium.

"I… I did it." Eggman said slowly

Consilium's eye appeared on the screen.

"Did what, doctor?" Consilium asked

"I killed S-Sonic." Eggman said, realizing what he'd done

"Yes you did, you achieved your life long goal, did you not?"

"I did, but I feel something different. I don't feel like I should." Eggman confessed

There was a brief and uneasy pause in the cockpit, like Consilium was taking his time to answer.

"A normal human emotion. Humans are weak minded. While trying to achieve a goal which is hard to accomplish, they have a tendency to get into a state of mind in which they do not understand life without that goal. Humans need a task, much like a robot. But when they complete their task, they become useless."

Eggman became enraged by his computer's words. It offended him to be compared to a normal human.

"What do mean by that, you stupid calculator?" Eggman growled, "I am the smartest human to ever live! I am better than all my other human counterparts. How dare you compare me to them. I will show you. I'm better than a regular human, I still have a job to do. BUILD EGGMANLAND! HAHAHAHAHA!"

All the thoughts about Sonic's death disappeared from Eggman's head. All he could think of right now was proving Consilium wrong, and building Eggmanland. Sonic's death was one of his goals, but not his ultimate. There was no need for him to feel remorseful, he should be rejoicing. And that's what he would do.

"Very well, doctor." Consilium said

"When we get back to the base, prep my shuttle, a couple squads of swat-bots, and footage tape 3.01. Understood?" Eggman ordered

"As you wish."

Consilium's eye disappeared off the monitor. Eggman was back to his normal self. Killing one's true enemy did mean a lot to him, but he could be remorseful later. He had an empire to build, and a pink hedgehog to turn evil.


It was a very quiet flight back to Tails' workshop. Nobody said a word. The only sounds were that of the Tornado's prop-engine, the sound of gunfire in the distance, explosions, and whimpering. The tension around the three heroes was extremely tense. Nobody talked. There was nothing to talk about after what had just happened. No words in the world could be uttered to make the situation any better. It was a solemn, and depressing flight. They were missing too many friends, and a leader. Sonic was gone, and it was weighing heavily on his friends. So there they were, three of the four, riding home from their most crushing defeat ever.

Knuckles was standing on the top wing of the Tornado. His arms were folded, and his eyes were shut. He had a grim look on his face. It was one of anger, and regret. He breathed slowly, but uneasily. He knew what had happened, and he knew it was his fault. It was his fault that Sonic was too injured to run. It was his fault they had stayed in the cave as long as they had. It was his fault he carried Amy out instead of Sonic. It was his fault they didn't have Rouge on their team. All of this meant it was his fault Sonic was dead. He had watched as his friend was crushed by boulders inside a cave. He knew it was his fault, and that didn't make Sonic's death any easier on him. As he thought about all of this, a single tear fell down his cheek.

"Tails, you okay?" Knuckles asked slowly, but got no reply

Tails was piloting the Tornado. He flew the plane as fast as he could. He would do anything to get away from where Sonic, his best friend, had just died. Tails was not as good at hiding emotions as Knuckles was. Tails had to keep his pilot goggles off his head so that the tears wouldn't fill up the goggles. He was crying and whimpering uncontrollably. He sniffled, cried, whimpered, and screamed in despair. His best friend had died, and he had not been able to stop it. That was the worst part. He never had a chance to help his brother. He had been in the sky the entire time, and couldn't have gone to pick him up. Tails couldn't fathom the idea of his best friend in the entire world dying in such a horrible way. His head felt like it was about to explode. His heart was racing, and his breathing was sporadic. Nothing could calm him down, he just cried. Wouldn't you if your friend you had known for so long died alone? Tails just cried, letting the tears get swept away by the wind as he flew him and his remaining friends back to his workshop.

Out of the three, Amy's reaction was the most interesting. Something was different about her reaction to Sonic's death. She was completely silent. She didn't move, and it looked like she wasn't even breathing. She didn't turn her head, only slightly moving her eyes. She just stared out into nothing with a calm, emotionless face. Not a tear or sniffle came from her. She just stared silently, not moving a muscle. Occasionally, she would dart her eyes to look at something, but she still remained completely silent and still. It was somewhat creepy. Tails and Knuckles had expected her to be screaming, kicking and crying. But this reaction was far from that. She had just tensed up essentially. She had frozen up when Knuckles came out of the cave with no Sonic. When Knuckles told her to get in the plane, she just turned around and jumped in without a sound or emotion. It was a scary reaction to someone who was known for overreacting.

Eventually, Knuckles couldn't handle the silence, he spoke up.

"I can't believe it." He said slowly

"SHUT UP!" Tails screamed

Knuckles opened his eyes and looked back at his friend. He frowned in confusion.

"What?" he asked

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Tails screamed again in a much harsher tone

Knuckles knew now was not the time to argue, not with Amy there. And certainly not while they still had a chance of being attacked. Knuckles shut up and closed his eyes again. They flew back to Tails' workshop. After a very long, silent, and heartbreaking flight, they began to land. Tails landed the plane with almost natural precision. Even when crying his eyes out, he could still fly perfectly. As the plane slowly ground to a halt on the runway, Knuckles jumped off. Without a word, he stormed across the field towards the workshop. Tails turned off the Tornado and jumped out. He took off his pilot helmet and threw it across the field.

"THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" he screamed, letting more tears fall

Tails then ran for the workshop, crying away. Amy sat in her seat silently, looking out into the sky. She exhaled through her nose loudly and looked down. She was calm and silent on the outside, but on the inside, it was a far different story. Inside she was screaming to the point where she could hear herself. Inside her head, a flood of emotions and regrets filled her. Every memory about Sonic and her came up. The memories were so clear. She could remember every single time she ever talked to him, and when he would wink at her or smile at one of her jokes. It made her cry inside. Nothing was worse to her than this moment. Inside her head, a violent beast of emotions swirled around. But how could she show how angered, saddened, and heartbroken she was? Actions could not describe how she felt. The best thing for her to do was not do anything. Be controlled for once.

Amy got out of the plane and slowly walked back to the workshop. As she was walking past, she looking out at Station Square. The pillars of smoke and distant sounds of explosions could still be heard. Amy let a little smirk appear.

"Ha. If I'm going to suffer this badly, everyone will." She whispered

After she said this, she realized how wrong it was. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. She was utterly shocked by what she had just said. It was so unlike her.

"Oh my gosh, did I just say that?" she asked herself

Amy was quite unnerved by this. Her face now appeared somewhat shocked. She stiffed up and went inside. As she approached the workshop, muffled voices could be heard from outside. The voices were more like screams, arguing. Amy breathed in and exhaled. She opened the door and walked in. Tails' workshop had once been a place where friends came together to talk, laugh, live, and hang out. Now it was a battleground. Tails and Knuckles stood there in each other's faces. Their faces were red and their fists were clenched. It looked like they were about to jump on each other and fight.

"It was your fault!" Tails screamed

"Shut up about that already! I'm sorry! Don't you think this is hard on me too?" Knuckles replied

Tails tried to punch Knuckles back, but the strong echidna was too heavy for the small fox. Knuckles growled and shoved Tails to the floor. He walked up to Tails and picked up the fox by his chest fur. Tails gasped in shock and closed his eyes, still crying.

"Listen up you mutt!" Knuckles yelled, "I didn't want this to happen either! He was my friend! We had our fights, but he was a teammate! Don't think I wanted this to happen! Understand?!"

"B-but you were the one who beat him up!" Tails screamed back

Knuckles held his fist up and snarled.

"I didn't plan on killing him! And besides, this is just as much your fault as it is mine!"

Tails' bloodshot eyes shot open and stared at Knuckles.

"HOW WAS IT MY FAULT?!" He screamed

"You didn't even try to distract the robot, and you didn't tell us the robot was shooting until it was too late!" Knuckles explained

"The radio can't reach inside the cave! And I couldn't ever try to stop it! It… it's your fucking fault!"

Tails was crying harder than he ever had. The tears streamed down his cheeks. He was just a kid, only 15. The loss was hitting him hard. Amy couldn't stand to watch as her friend was being pushed around. She snarled and pulled out her hammer. She walked over to knuckles, dragging the hammer on the ground. Knuckles noticed her and his face soon turned to one of fear and helplessness.

"Put my friend down!" Amy demanded

Knuckles quickly put Tails down and walked away in a huff. Tails looked up at Amy with a thankful face. Amy narrowed her eyes at the fox and put her hammer away.

"Thanks, Amy." Tails said, wiping away a tear

Amy didn't say a word. She frowned and turned around. She walked away quickly towards her room. Tails just stood there watching as his friends walked away from him. He began to cry again.

"All my friends are gone." He whimpered

Amy opened the door to her room and slammed it behind her. Now she could let her emotions out. Amy fell to the floor and sat against the door. The first few tears began to fall. But as those tears fell, their numbers grew. She began to cry, harder and harder. She curled up into a ball and let it go.

"SONIC!" she screamed

Amy whimpered and cried harder than she knew she could. She rolled around on the ground, crying. The emotions she had been holding inside during the flight were let loose. Her sadness and depression were hitting her hard. Tears streamed wildly down her face. Her mascara began to leave black streaks under her eyes.

"WHY'D YOU LEAVE ME?!" she howled

Amy tried to stand up, but stumbled. She tried again and stood up. She stumbled over to her bedside table. Amy kneeled down in front of the table. The table had all kinds of books, perfumes, and other girly things on it. But Amy stared at something in particular. A picture. It was a picture of Sonic and her sharing a smoothie. That was the date they had after Sonic saved the world from Dark Gaia. Amy slowly picked up the picture with her shaking hands. She held it close and hugged the picture. It meant so much to her. It was one of the memories she had of him.

Amy suddenly had a new emotion come over her. It was an emotion that she knew was wrong, but still felt it. Anger. She started to get a deadly mix of sadness and anger.

"He promised he'd never leave me." She growled

Amy looked at the picture and tore it up. She tore it right between her and Sonic. She threw the photo down and stomped on it, crying as she went.

"HE PROMISED!" she screamed

Amy was now feeling a deep burning sensation inside of her. The feeling could only be described as supernatural. A feeling of incredible strength, and nothing to show it came over her. Amy growled and looked around. Pictures of Sonic and her friends hung on the walls, on her desk, and even in her diary. She began to get angry at everything. She looked over at a picture of Sonic and his friends. Tails was in it. He had done nothing but shoot down planes the entire battle. If he had been down there, he could have helped them, and prevented Sonic's death. Knuckles was in it as well. Amy's true anger began to show. He was the real reason Sonic was dead. He beat up Rouge and Sonic, then left sonic for dead inside that cave. He was the reason Sonic had died, and Amy didn't like that.

"I'll kill you if I get the chance, echidna." Amy snarled

Amy caught herself saying that, and grew very worried. How could she say such a thing? She began hearing voices in her head.

"He killed him. It's his fault." Said a voice much like hers

"No! That's not right. It was nobody's fault, things happen." Said another

Amy grabbed her head and screamed.

"GGAAHH! I CAN'T THINK!" she screamed in pain

Amy fell to the ground and continued to cry and scream. The emotions and voices she was feeling were unbearable. She couldn't handle them. Amy couldn't control anything anymore, not without Sonic. She stood up and pulled out her hammer. She began to think of Knuckles, Tails, and Eggman.

"THEY DID THIS!" she screamed

Amy grabbed her hammer with both hands and began swinging. Her anger was controlling her emotions, causing her to go wild. She smashed around her room. She used her Piko Piko hammer to crush everything around her. She smashed her bed, and the bedside table. All its contents exploded out of it. She jumped around and smashed her dresser. Her clothes flew around everywhere. She went for her little coffee table and beanbag chair. She smashed the glass table, making shards fly everywhere, even cutting her. She then bashed the beanbag chair, letting the little beanies fly around. Amy was going psychotic.

"THE MEMORIES!" she screamed

Amy was right. The memories of Sonic were flooding her head. They were making her go insane.

"WHY ME?! She screamed

Amy threw her hammer, it smashed through the door to her bathroom. The water faucet broke open and water shot out of it. Amy turned around, her pupils as small as mustard seeds. A crazed look was on her face. She sprinted for the pillows on what was left of her bed. She grabbed one and ripped it apart. She threw the remains of the pillow away and looked down. Under her pillows was a book. It was a small notebook with a rose painted on the brown cover. Amy instantly knew what it was. It was her diary. Amy stopped her rampage and picked up the book. She opened the book and read some of the pages. Small doodles were everywhere on the pages. One of the pages read this:

"Dear diary, today was the best day ever! Sonikku gave me a nice present for my birthday. It was a picture of us when he invited me out to a movie. He said it was just because he had nothing else to give me, but I know my Sonic better than that. He's funny like that. I can always tell when he shows he likes me. Someday, I will be with that blue hedgie. Well, that's it. I gotta go to bed, Sonic said we have a trip to Emerald Coast tomorrow!"

Amy sniffled, letting tears soak into the pages. She dropped the book and looked out the window. Outside was Station Square. The chaotic city looked like a deathtrap from her room. But out there was her Sonic. A new thought popped into her head.

"Dead or not, I need to see Sonikku one last time." Amy whispered to herself

Amy stepped off her bed and slowly walked up to the window as if she was possessed by something. She stopped just in front of the window and stared out at the city beyond. She slowly put one of her hands on the glass and rested her forehead against the glass pane. She closed her eyes and let a couple more tears fall.

"I won't forget you, Sonic. My one and only true love." She whispered

Amy whimpered and opened her eyes again. She stepped back slightly from the window. She wiped away her tears and mascara. Amy held her hand out just slightly and snapped her fingers. A massive Piko Piko hammer materialized in her hand. She held onto tightly with both hands and pulled it back, ready to swing.

"For Sonic." She said to herself

Amy pulled back and swung. The hammer flew forward and smashed against the wall that separated her from the city. The wall was completely destroyed by her blow. The impact made the house shake down to its foundation. Debris and other parts of the wall were shot out in almost every direction. A cloud of smoke and dust choked the air around her. But Amy was unscathed, and unnerved by what she had just done. There was an obstacle between her and Sonic, and she had gotten rid of it. Amy got rid of her hammer and started walking forward. She left Tails' workshop. Once she was clear of the building, she turned her head around and looked back at the workshop.

"I'll be back, but I need to clear my conscious." She said to herself

Amy turned back around and sprinted off for the crater where they had been fighting. She was a girl on a mission, and she intended to see it through. Find Sonic, dead or alive.

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