No Hope

Going back

"Then he said to them, 'Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. ."

-Luke 12:15

The dust and dirt flew through the air inside the excavation cave. Boulders still crumbled and rolled down the walls, cracking when they hit the floor. The cave-in had caused the entrance to be sealed, cutting off all light in the cave. It was pitch black inside the blocked half of the cave. There was not a single sound to be heard, just silence, and complete darkness. A wall of boulders and dirt separated the cave from the outside world. Inside that cave, was no food, no water, no light, and most of all, no air. Anyone trapped inside was sure to die a slow, horrifying, and lonely death. If they were lucky, they'd run out of air before they ran out of food. This idea was just one of the terrifying ideas racing through Sonic's head.

There he lay, the fastest thing alive, lying on the ground without an ounce of strength to pick himself up. A boulder was crushing his right leg. The cone shaped stalagmite had broken his bone in two. The pain was unbearable. The bottom half of his leg had no feeling in it, and he knew he was losing blood rapidly. Nothing could get him up. And even if he did, what options did he have? No light, no tools to get out. He was completely trapped. Sonic just laid there, thinking about his life before he died. He thought about his family. His mother, sister, and brother. He had promised them he would come home for the holidays, but that seemed like it might not happen. He thought about Tails, his best friend. He had left his friend, who had just become a teenager. He was going to miss everything that Tails had hoped he could see, like meeting girls, and graduating high-school. And one other thought came to his head. This one however, was the one that made him feel the worst.

"A… Amy!" He groaned

It was true. He was never going to see her again. She was going to live on without him. The girl that he had finally figured out was the perfect one for him, was slipping away from his fingers. He was so close to asking her out, so close to finally confessing. But fate had different plans. Now they were separated, and he could never tell her how he felt. She would live on thinking he didn't love her, when he actually did. That was what hurt the most about leaving her. Sonic knew she was a delicate person who needed to be loved, and he had planned on being the one to love her, but now she was alone. Sonic would give the world just to say his goodbyes to his friends and family. But no, he was going to die alone, without any friends, and without a word.

Sonic reached out with his hand. He didn't know why he was trying to crawl, it wouldn't have made a difference. He reached out as far as he could, but eventually let go. His arm flopped to the ground. He exhaled into the cold air. Sonic knew this was the end. He slowly closed his eyes, ready to embrace his fate. Little did he know, his salvation was about to arrive.

As Sonic closed his eyes, a faint light began to shine from deeper in the cave.

"Hello?! Is someone over there?! I heard someone call a name!" yelled a voice with a thick southern accent


Amy walked down the streets of Station Square. The city was as quiet as she was. A thick layer of fog covered the ground just above her knees. Echoes of screams could still be heard if you paid close attention. Dead robot bodies littered the streets, as well as dead GUN troops. Empty shell casings and craters were all over the streets. Bullet holes lined the walls of the skyscrapers. Stores had their windows smashed in, and were looted. In the mist of all this devastation, Amy was alone. Not a single soul could be seen outside. The people were all inside their houses, still cowering in fear. It was a depressing scene. The skies were clear, but the contrails of GUN fighters and swat-bot dropships still lingered. It was terrible. But Amy tried to ignore all of it. She was too focused on her goal.

Amy was in terrible shape. Her dress was torn, cuts and bruises coved her body, and her boots were scuffed. She still had the black streaks of mascara on her cheeks. She breathed hard and sporadically. Her eyes were bloodshot from her crying. Although she had stopped crying, she was still sniffling and whimpering. Nothing could lighten her mood. Nevertheless, she walked down the middle of the street. Nothing would stop her. As she was walking along, she heard something besides her footsteps. Amy halted. The sounds were robot, the sounds of hydraulics. Amy looked around desperately. She looked for the robot, but she couldn't focus. Her mind was still on Sonic. Amy pulled out her hammer and growled.

"I'm not in the mood for this!" she yelled

The sounds of hydraulics suddenly stopped. But they were replaced by a new sound, talking. Amy heard the talking coming from an alleyway next to the street. She growled and slowly approached the alley with her hammer ready. The talking got closer, and louder. As the sounds approached, Amy could make out what they were saying.

"You think Hunter 2-3 made it out?" asked one

"Doubt it, I'm surprised our Claw made it out. I bet even command is offline." Said another

The talking sounded like humans. Probably GUN soldiers. Amy still held her hammer up, ready to fight.

"We're alone and without communication to the rest of the forces. S.S.D.D man." Said the one

"Hoorah." Groaned the other

As the two forms came out of the shadow of the alley, Amy became relieved. They were GUN soldiers. Their gear and weapons proved it. The two humans stopped when they saw Amy. One of them, the smaller of the two, placed his finger on the trigger of his assault rifle. The taller one just stared at Amy through the visor of his helmet. For a brief second, they just stared at each other. Amy was still standing there with her hammer ready. The two troopers stood there, not moving a bit. Amy inspected them. They both had nametapes on the sides of their shoulders. The tall one's read Bolton, the short one's read Bragg.

"Hey there," said Bolton cheerfully

"Hi." Amy snarled

The two soldiers looked at each other for a second, and then back at Amy. They seemed confused.

"What are you doing out here? All citizens were told to evacuate when the fighting started." said Bolton

"I could ask you the same thing." Amy challenged, "All gun forces were told to pull back I though. Why are you two out here?"

"We lost contact with command and our buddies. Trust me, we don't want to be here either." Said Bragg

Amy didn't believe what they were saying.

"Is that so? Well why did I hear the sounds of robots in that alleyway where you just came from?" she asked harshly

Bragg looked up at Bolton. The scarf covering his face didn't show his emotions, but Amy could tell he was saying 'show her'. Bolton nodded at his companion and stepped aside. He pulled out a tablet from one of his pouches and pressed a button.

"You may want to step aside, ma'am." He said

Suddenly, the sounds of robotic footsteps echoed through the hallway. A green light lit up in the shadows. Amy gripped her hammer tighter and stared into the alleyway. As the sounds got louder, the source of the noise came closer. Soon, the green dot came out, with the robot body it was attached to. What came out of the alleyway nearly made Amy scream and crush it. It was a robot the size of a cow. It had four armored legs. An automated machine gun was attached to the top of it. The armored robot was painted in a tan camo. The picture of a saber tooth tiger was painted on the side. It was an absolutely terrifying machine.

"Say hello to the Claw." Said Bolton proudly, "It's our newest piece of gear to combat Eggman."

Amy was speechless. She couldn't believe GUN was capable of creating such a scary looking robot. She just stood there and looked at it in horror.

"It fires 30mm grenades at 600 rounds per minute. It chops up swat-bots like they're butter. Too bad we don't have more of these." Bragg explained

Amy shot a scared look at Bragg.

"More?" she asked

"Yeah. It's a prototype, this was its test run. And guess who gets to pilot it." Bragg said, staring at Bolton

"I'm the lucky bastard who is in charge of making sure this thing gets back to HQ." Bolton groaned

Amy stepped back a little and smiled nervously. She put away her hammer and chuckled. She was terrible at hiding the fact that she was still horrified by the robot they called the Claw.

"Well you guys better head back to the HQ. Don't let Eggman see that thing." Amy suggested

Bolton chuckled and scratched his chin.

"Yeah... But wait. Where are you going?" he asked

Any breath Amy had in her was immediately sucked out by that question. The thought of seeing Sonic's dead body made her shiver. She didn't know what to say, even though the answer was clear.

"I… I… I need to go… find something." She mumbled

Bragg nodded slowly and looked down.

"We understand ma'am. Go do what you gotta do. But stay safe, we don't know if there's any more swat-bots roaming the city." Said Bragg

Amy nodded and smiled weakly.

"Thanks." She said, turning to walk away

Amy left the two soldiers and their terrifying robot behind. She continued on down the street. She could hear the Claw's robotic legs stomp their way down the street in the opposite direction. But as they were walking away, Amy could here Bolton say something to his friend.

"If she finds Sonic's body, it might be too much for her."

"Yeah. I feel like she may not like what she sees." Bragg commented

Amy felt that same shiver go up and down her spine. The sudden feeling of being alone hit her. She felt like everyone was gone, and she had no friends left. Not even Cream. But she knew it was just her mind playing tricks on her. However, no matter how much she pushed that thought away, it still lingered. It lingered all the way to the crater.

Amy stood at the edge of the excavation crater. She looked down at the massive carter. Inside that crater were not only hundreds of destroyed robots and dead GUN soldiers, but memories. Mixed with the torn apart robots and craters were Amy's memories of fighting with Sonic against Eggman. Mixed with the dead bodies of GUN soldiers were the times Amy and Sonic hung out together. Amy couldn't bear to see such a sight of devastation. Amy looked up at the sky and closing her eyes to hold back the tears. The sun shown down on the battlefield, reflecting off the metal of the swat-bots. The smoke mixed with the sweetly-sick smell of burnt flesh. Pillars of smoke were still rising up from the destroyed vehicles. Nobody could imagine the carnage down there. And it just made Amy's heart break even more, seeing so much death.

"Somewhere down there is Sonic." She whispered to herself

Amy jumped and skidded down the side of the crater, creating a path of dust behind her. Amy landed on her feet inside the crater. She looked out over the battlefield again. She sighed and slowly began to walk through the battlefield. It seemed that in the wake of this battle, a path had been made between her and the cave where Sonic was buried. The dead swat-bots and GUN soldiers were parted it seemed. Amy spotted the cave and stared at it. Her eyes began to water again, she was ready to cry. Amy took one step, then another. She slowly walked through the battlefield, staring at the mouth of the cave like it was a disgusting work of art. As she got closer to the cave, she finally let the tears go, but she wasn't crying. The tears just fell down her cheeks. When she tried to speak, the words got caught in her throat.

"S-Son… Sonic." She choked

All of a sudden, a bright light shined from the cave. The beams of light were blinding. Amy covered her eyes from the light. She stopped and tried to get used to the light.

"Sonic?" she asked, uncertain of what was happening

The light subsided a bit, and Amy slowly lowered her arm. What she saw nearly made her faint. It was Sonic. He was standing in front of the cave with the beams of light shining from behind him. He glowed with a white aura around him. His face was calm and happy. Amy couldn't believe what she saw. He was right there!

"Sonic!" she screamed

Amy fell to her knees and stared at him with an amazed expression. The tears streamed down her face. She couldn't believe he was right there. Sonic slowly walked toward her. The ground glowed white when his shoes touched it.

"Hey Amy." Sonic greeted calmly

Amy couldn't find the words to say to him. They were all getting stuck in her throat.

"Is it really you?" she asked in an almost childish voice

"Yes it is my love." He said, smirking

Amy's jaw dropped when she heard this. Did he really just say what she heard? She couldn't believe it.

"Did you say that?" she asked

Sonic chuckled and looked down at her.

"Yes I did, Ames." He replied

"But… but… but…"

Sonic stopped her by putting his finger over her mouth. Amy went completely silent immediately. Sonic knelt down and grazed her cheek with his finger, wiping away her tears.

"But I don't think you understand something my Rose." Sonic said, still smiling

Amy's delighted expression disappeared. She frowned

"What do you mean?" she asked worriedly

"I need you to do something for me." He said

"Anything!" Amy exclaimed

Sonic chuckled.

"Avenge me. Avenge me by any means necessary. Punish the ones who killed me, and help the ones who will side with you. Don't give into their lies. They will tell you things that sound great, but are wrong. And never, ever give up fighting. If you do, you will have failed me, and our love." Sonic's said, becoming serious

Amy was totally confused by what he was saying.

"But how will I know who will help me?" she asked

"The voices in your head are the will of our love my rose. Follow them, and you will find peace with me."

Amy nodded her head quickly. She was desperate to fulfil what Sonic had asked.

"Anything else, Sonikku?" she asked, nearly whispering

"Wake up." He said

Before Amy could respond, Sonic stood up. He spread his arms out and closed his eyes. May watched in horror as Sonic dissolved into white light. Amy jumped up and stretched out her hand.

"Sonic! Don't leave me!" she screamed

Before Sonic completely disappeared, he uttered one last sentence.

"Do as I have said, and we will live happily together." He said

Amy stood there and stared at Sonic as he completely disappeared. The tears poured down her face.

"Sonic! Don't leave me again!" she screamed

The white light disappeared completely. But suddenly, the world around her just broke apart. Amy looked around. The world was no longer filled with white light, it was normal. Dead bodies and robots covered the field. Smoke was still rising from small fires. But something had stayed the same. Amy wasn't alone. Amy looked towards the cave. She squinted her eyes to see who was there. The figure was tall… and fat. The figure wore a red lab coat and black pants and boots. A long red mustache was on its pale and bald head. The figure was looking at her. Amy's eyes widened, and she gasped in shock. Only one word came out of her mouth.

"EGGMAN!" she screamed

Eggman was standing in front of the cave, staring at her. Amy felt her emotions boil up inside. He was the killer of Sonic. Amy felt a fire begin to burn in her chest, and that fire showed in her eyes. She started growling, but that growl turned into a scream. She pulled out her Piko Piko hammer and began sprinting for the scientist.

"THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!" she screamed, tears streaming down her face

Amy sprinted towards Eggman, screaming. Eggman stared at her with a smug grin on his face. As Amy got closer, she heard something else besides her screaming. Swat-bots. She looked up and saw two swat-bots jump down from a ledge. They landed next to Eggman with their machine guns aimed in on Amy. Amy skidded to a halt just a couple meters from Eggman.

"What are you doing here?!" she cried

Eggman chuckled and looked down. He kicked a pebble and looked back up at her.

"Paying my respects to my old foe. Much like what you're doing now." He said, looking back at the cave

"I'll pay my respects when you're dead!" Amy screamed, getting ready to charge

But just as May held her hammer up a bit higher, the sounds of the swat-bots loading their machine guns could be heard. One of them took a step forward, aiming directly at her head. Amy was pissed. She turned her attention to the swat-bot closest to her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Eggman said, turning back around

Amy looked over at him with a furious face.

"Why not?!" she asked

Eggman smiled a little. He stroked his long red mustache and walked over to one of the swat-bots.

"Because these little robots are what are going to help you with your revenge." He said, patting its metal body

What he said took Amy completely by surprise. She was not expecting him to say that. She was expecting some grand speech about how he was superior to Sonic and that destroying a swat-bot would be useless. But no, he had said something completely different. But the disturbing part, was that it intrigued her. Amy lowered her hammer a little and stared at him with a confused face.

"What?" she asked

"If I recall, I wasn't the one who was beating him up, or the one who had abandoned him. I wasn't the one who beat up his friends and tried to take the glory. I wasn't the one who proved to be useless at giving close air support. Was I the one who did any of that?" Eggman said, taking a couple steps closer to her

Amy lowered her hammer and looked down, frowning. He was right. That statement was true, but Amy knew something was wrong with what he was saying, even though it made sense. She stared at him and narrowed her eyes in skepticism.

"I know what you're doing." She said slowly

"What am I doing?" he asked, acting oblivious to her question

Amy pointed at him and grew an angered face.

"You're trying to make me turn against my friends!" she accused him

Eggman was panicking inside. She knew what he was doing. Suddenly, his earpiece went off. It was Consilium.

"Doctor, explain that you can help her. Mislead her as much as you can, or your chances of winning her mind will drop to 12 percent."

Eggman acknowledged the statement and grinned.

"If I were trying to turn you against your friends, I would have just kidnapped you and brainwashed you. It would be far easier. No. I am here to help you, take away some of the pain from you little heart." Eggman said, walking up to her

Eggman stood over the pink hedgehog. She looked up at him with a snarling face. He just adjusted his glasses and looked out over the battlefield.

"See that area of death out there?" Eggman said, pointing to the field

Amy looked over.

"Yeah…" she said cautiously

"Knuckles, Tails, and the others were the reason for this much bloodshed. If they had taken the time to plan out an attack against me, I am sure many more GUN soldiers would be home with their families right now."

Amy looked up at him with a horrified face. How did he know about their lack of a plan? What else did he know about them? But nevertheless, he was right. If only her friends had taken the time to plan out an attack, Sonic may have lived, and fewer soldiers would be dead.

"That's true…" she said

Inside her head, Amy was beginning to wonder what Eggman's true intentions were. He sounded genuine in his speech, but she knew better. However, that little voice in her head was speaking to her.


"But I know better. Eggman likes to trick us a lot." Amy thought back


Amy had no thoughts or reason to disagree with that voice. But she knew it was wrong, but was it wrong to take revenge? Amy couldn't stop debating in her head. She was slowly beginning to think Eggman might actually want to help her. He knew what it was like to lose someone you care about.

"And to think that Knuckles and Tails were the ones who really killed Sonic, not me.

Amy looked up at him and swallowed hard.

"You really think so?" she asked in a nervous voice

Eggman knelt down next to Amy and put a hand on her shoulder. Amy dropped her hammer and looked at him with an innocent face. Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes. Eggman nodded slowly and lowered his head.

"I do believe it was Knuckles who killed Sonic, not me." Eggman looked up at her and pointed at Amy's heart, "And I think you know that too." Said quietly

Amy was at a crossroad. She knew deep down in her heart that it was wrong to follow what Eggman was saying. But her mind was telling her it was the right thing. She didn't know which one to believe. She had always followed what her heart had said, and it had gotten her hurt. It was time to do what her mind told her, not her heart. Amy couldn't take it, too many thoughts and emotions were running through her head. That little voice wasn't so little anymore.


Amy couldn't ignore it anymore. She knew it was her conscious telling her to do it. She was slowly about to turn over to Eggman's side, and join him. If he was right, he would help her, and give her peace.

Amy began to let the tears fall. She fell to the ground and bust out crying. Eggman just knelt there, staring at her. While she was hunched over, crying into the dirt, he was grinning evilly. He knew it was working. His earpiece went off again.

"Calculating from her current emotional status, there is a 98 percent chance she will help you." Consilium reported

Eggman couldn't help but feel proud of himself, he was so close, and he just needed to seal the deal with one last sentence.

"Do what Sonic would want you to do. Would he want you to avenge in?" Eggman asked

Amy opened her eyes when he said this. She stared at the dirt and thought about it. She knew Sonic would have done anything to avenge her, so was she obligated to do the same?


Amy sat up and looked out at the battlefield. She sniffled and wiped the tears from her face.

"You may have been the one who killed him, but it is their actions that led to this. It is their fault… and they're gonna regret it." Amy said, her voice turning cold and emotionless

Amy stood up and looked over at Eggman. Her face was angered and frustrated. But at the same time determined and ready to fight. She nodded slowly at him and then looked over at the cave. Amy stared into the black hole that had entombed her lover. She just stared at it with a cold expression.

"Sonic… my love… I'm doing this for you, and our love. I will avenge you, and I will not stop until they pay… all of them." She said, clenching her fists

Eggman smiled proudly.

"Congratulations doctor, you've turned her. In this state of mind, there is only a two percent chance she will be able to be turned back." Consilium reported

Eggman was so proud of himself. Everything had been going to plan lately. He was ready to go on the offensive, get rid of the rest of the rodents, and build Eggmanland. He was so close. He looked down at Amy and chuckled. She looked up at him and grinned.

"May I go and kill them?" she asked in an almost innocent tone

Eggman patted her on the head and chuckled.

"Not yet my little pink friend. Let's get you in some new clothes, upgrade your weapons, and get you little help from my swat-bots. Come." Eggman said, showing her to his ship

Eggman had done it. He had turned Amy against her friends, and she was going to become a cold blooded killer. She was no longer Amy Rose. From this day on, she would be known as Agent R, the destroyer of all we know.

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