No Hope

The surprise

"My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness."

-Isaiah 26:9

Amy had not expected Dr. Eggman to have a guest room in his secret base. She had not expected to see a fully stocked closet with all sorts of women's' clothes in it either. The clothes were sexy and threatening. But she didn't mind it. She had felt like a little kid again inside that closet. But not a happy kid, more like an ornery delinquent. After a very long and drawn out process, Amy had finally outfitted herself in a new, and frightening look. It was sexy, yet terrifying.

Amy stepped out of the bathroom, fixing the top part of her new outfit. A floor to ceiling mirror was close to where she was standing. She looked at the mirror and smiled evilly at herself. Her new look had no resemblance to her old self. She was wearing a tight red and black top. It cut off just below her breasts. A heart-shaped cut out showed off some of her new cleavage. The "shirt" had no sleeves but did have a red collar around her neck. She also wore a red and grey short skirt. On her legs were tall black hooker boots that came up to her knees. She had on red and black bracelets and grey fingerless gloves. Not only had her outfit changed, but also her makeup and hair. Amy had her back quills pulled back and into a loose ponytail. She now had on new black mascara and red eyeliner.

"Sexy naught bitchy me." She said to herself

It was true. She did look more like a hooker than Eggman's newest sidekick. Then again, Rouge was the same way. So it must have been okay. Did it bother Amy that she was dressing like this and about to go out to fight? Yes it did. But she knew deep down, this is what Sonic would have wanted. He had always fought, and fought for what he loved, why should she not do the same thing? And he would have liked this new outfit, she was sure of that. It pained her slightly to have to work with Eggman to achieve the goal, but just like her dream said, she needed to be able to do anything to avenge him, and that was what she was doing. Amy knew she was ready to fight the people she once called friends. The deep hatred inside of her was burning wildly. She was furious at them, and she was ready to take that anger out on the world. She was ready to do whatever was necessary to avenge her beloved Sonic. Amy looked herself over one last time.

She then turned around and looked over at the bedside table. On the table was her old red hairband. Amy slowly walked up to it and picked it up. She had worn that hairband for so many years. It was a symbol of the old Amy. The peaceful, kind, bubbly, and energetic Amy. But now she was an angel of death. Part of her still didn't want to do this, but she decided not to pay attention to it. Amy smiled a bit and looked at her reflection in the shining hairband. For a brief second, something startling happened. She didn't see herself. She saw a horrifying killer, with blood smeared across her face and a crazed look in her eyes. Amy gasped and quickly put the hairband back down.

"What was that?" she asked herself

Amy shook it off and turned to leave. As she was leaving, her earpiece went off. She put a finger up to her right ear and pressed the tiny grey earpiece.

"Agent R here." She answered

"Agent R, report to the control room at once. I have a surprise for you." Eggman said with a delighted tone

"Rodger that." She responded

Amy clicked off her earpiece and started walking down the hallway. Amy walked through the expansive base. She was in total wonder of the base. She couldn't fathom the idea of such a massive base being underground. The hallways had glass windows lining them, revealing the monumental hanger below her. As she walked by, Amy looked out through one of the windows. Below her were armies of swat-bots, dropships, and other robots. Assembly lines were cranking out robots of all types faster than she could count. It was unbelievable. How he managed to produce so many robots was a question she would always have. But then a sudden thought popped into her head.

"They're all mine." She said, a sinister smile curing up her cheeks

She was right. She was in control of all of them, they would do whatever she said, and follow her wherever she went. The power at her fingertips was unbelievable. Amy smiled proudly and puffed out her chest. She walked with pride, sexiness, and intimidation. After a long walk, Amy made it to the control room. When she walked in, Eggman had his back to her. He was looking at a map of Station Square and the areas around it. A red field covered a small part of the city. Surrounding that small red field was a blue field. Amy stepped in and the door shut behind her.

"You called?" she said, putting a hand on her hip

Eggman turned around and was taken back in shock. He was taken completely by surprise. His jaw hung open in surprise. It was hard for him to realize that was Amy rose in that costume. He looked her over and smiled slightly. Amy rolled her eyes and scoffed slightly. She looked at him with an unamused face.

"You look… different… Am-Agent R." he said in disbelief

Amy looked at herself and smiled slightly.

"Thanks. I am hoping to be the sexiest, and scariest thing my victims will ever see." She said darkly

Eggman smiled evilly. He had completely won her over now. It was hard to imagine her just a couple hours ago being the wonderful little girl she used to be. He then composed himself and coughed a little.

"Well good for you. But I called you up for something else besides your new looks." He said

Amy raised an eyebrow and looked at him suspiciously.

"What?" she asked, as if she was annoyed

Eggman smiled and looked over to one of the monitors.

"Consilium, fetch me her new weapon." Eggman ordered

Consilium's red eye appeared on the black screen. For a second, Amy was startled by the unnatural and creepy eye of Consilium. It was so blank and featureless, that it was plain scary. But she collected herself and looked at the computer.

"As you wish, doctor." Consilium said in his calm, robotic voice

A minute later, the door to the control room opened. In came a small robot with something in its robotic hands. What Amy saw made her jaw drop in awe and shock. She didn't know whether it was beautiful, or threatening. It was a huge hammer, much like her piko piko hammer, but something was different about it. It was black. Huge razor-sharp gothic spikes protruded from its sides. There was something else different about it. It had huge red rubies on its sides. In the center of the huge gothic hammer was a heart, a broken heart. The heart shined beautifully in the light of the room. The sight nearly made Amy come to tears. She put her hand over her mouth and gasped. Her eyes began to shine with tears, ready to burst. She looked over at Eggman.

"Is that?" she mumbled

"It's your new piko piko hammer." He said, "Take it."

Amy slowly reached out and took the hammer. The red ruby heart shined even brighter when she grasped the hammer. Amy slowly pulled it away and swung it around. The hammer was light, but not too light. She swung it some more, but this time, one of the spikes scraped against the metal floor. Sparks flew up from the floor. A long scratch could be seen in the floor from her hammer. Amy's eyes widened when she saw how sharp the hammer really was.

"It cut through the steel!" she exclaimed

Eggman chuckled in pride.

"Yes, and just imagine what it does to flesh."

Amy stared at him for a second with a somewhat scared look. But then she understood what he meant. She grinned and put her new hammer away.

"You're right. I am sure it'll leave one hell of a cut." She hissed

Eggman laughed and walked up to his accomplice. He put his hand on her shoulder and looked down at her.

"Agent R, you think a lot like I do. Now, how about I brief you on your mission?"

"Good idea, I've been itching to seek those traitors out." She said

Eggman chuckled and looked over at Consilium.

"Consilium, pull up the battle plan, and while you're at it, arm up a couple squads of swat-bots." Eggman ordered

"Yes, doctor." Consilium said, his eye slowly disappearing

Suddenly, the screen turned into a plan. Eggman led Amy over to the monitor. Amy looked over the plan and nodded in approval.

"Just a straight up knock 'em down and kill 'em?" she asked, looking at the plan

"Yes. But, I want you to collect data on any of Tails' latest projects, and inventions. Then, destroy the place, I want no remains, none at all. And if I see fit, no survivors."

Amy nodded and frowned.

"I'll make those sons of bitches pay for what they did." She growled

Eggman nodded slowly and looked down at her. She was so young, but so ruthless. It was almost scary.

"Go, I have swat-bots waiting for you in hanger 8." He ordered

Amy smiled and turned to leave. She left the room without a word. Her fists were clenched and a determined look was on her face. As Amy made her way down to the hanger, and throughout the entire trip, she thought about what she was about to do. What she was about to do was something that, if she was wrong, would be unforgiveable. She knew that she was turning against the people she had once called friends and family. But the pain they had caused was what drove her to this point. If she didn't do anything now, she would regret it later. Now was the time to strike, when the memories of Sonic were still ingrained in her head. Those memories were fueling her anger, her hatred. He was her life, and now he was gone. She had given up on her old life, and accepted her new one. She was no longer Amy Rose. She was Agent R, and she would prove that.


Amy sat in the troop bay of one of Eggman's dropships. The massive space was taken up by swat-bots, all standing still, ready to fight. She sat next to the dozens of swat-bots. The huge robots were armed to the teeth. She still felt as if they were the enemy. She had spent so much time fighting them, it was hard to break old habits. She shook off the feeling to smash the robots right there. Amy peered out one of the windows, they were getting close to the city limits, and she was close to Tails' workshop. Amy saw the woods in the distance. She put a finger up to her earpiece.

"Fly lower, I'm getting off here." She ordered

The dropship descended a little. Suddenly, the main hatch opened, letting in the darkness of night. Amy stood up and squeezed through the swat-bots towards the main door. She looked out into the dark night, the ground looked more like a sea of black. Amy gripped the side of the dropship as the wind flailed her pink quills around. She swallowed hard.

"For you, Sonic, my love." She whispered

Amy jumped off the dropship and landed on the ground. The dropship flew past her and gained altitude. Amy stood up and dusted off her hands. She looked over in the direction he dropship was heading. In the distance, she saw the lights of Tails' workshop. The little house was a couple hundred feet from her. Amy frowned and slowly began walking up to the building. She walked up the runway towards the building, not making a sound. She exhaled slightly. Her breath was a cloud in the cold night air. Amy walked up to the door. She stood in front of the door and knocked on it.


Tails stood in front of Amy's door. He was silent, with his head lowered.

"Amy…" he said "I know you must be taking this very hard, but you haven't come out of your room in a while. I was hoping you would like to come out and have some dinner. We really need to talk. We need to be here for each other, not separated."

Tails didn't get an answer, just silence. Suddenly, he heard a knocking sound coming from the front door. He walked away from Amy's door, wiping away his tears. He heard Knuckles come up out of his room. Both of them were in terrible shape. Knuckles looked as if he had just woken up and had a light hangover. He had clearly been drinking. Tails however, looked absolutely awful. His eyes were bloodshot from crying and the fur around his eyes was damp from the crying. He sniffled a little bit and looked back at Knuckles.

"Who do you think it is?" he asked

"Whoever it is, tell 'em to fuck off." Knuckles said, rubbing his eyes

Tails ignored his friend's ignorant comment and turned to open the door. He opened the door, which would later prove to be the worst decision of his life. Tails was both shocked and scared at what was in front of him.

"Amy!" he yelled in amazement

Technically, it was Amy, not the same Amy. Her dark from stood there, staring at him. Her green eyes were angry and filled with hatred. She had a sinister smile spread across her face. Tails looked her over. She looked different. But the thing that truly scared him was her response.

"Hello, Tails. Want to see what revenge is like?" she said in insane tone

Tails' frowned a bit in confusion.

"What?" he asked nervously

Suddenly, Amy punched Tails as hard as she could. Tails went flying backwards and crashed against one of the workbenches. Knuckles was in total shock as to what just happened. He got into a fighting stance and stared at Amy, who was walking in casually.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" he screamed

Amy pulled out her new hammer and swung it around. She turned and looked over at Knuckles.

"Avenging Sonic, and getting my revenge." She hissed, "BECAUSE YOU KILLED HIM!" she screamed

Amy sprinted for Knuckles, and Knuckles sprinted for her. Amy swung her hammer. Knuckles tried to dodge, but suddenly felt a sharp pain in his right arm. He howled in pain. He then saw blood fly out of his arm. Knuckles landed on the ground and quickly got up, putting pressure on his bleeding bicep.

"Amy! Stop!" Knuckles demanded

"Why should I?" she asked, walking over to him, dragging her hammer behind her

The hammer cut the wooden panels as it scraped the floor. Knuckles ignored his wound and got ready to punch her again. He yelled as he ran for her. Amy put her hammer away and got into a fighting stance. Just as he approached, she kicked him with all her might. Her foot made contact with his chest and he fell back. Amy frowned and spit on Knuckles.

"You're the reason he's dead." She hissed

Knuckles grunted, trying to get up. Amy walked up and grabbed his chest fur. She raised him up off the ground. He struggled to break free, but he couldn't. Amy growled at him.

"I'm gonna make sure you pay." She said darkly

"Knuckles! Amy, stop!" Tails said, running for her with a wrench in his hand

Amy smiled and threw Knuckles at Tails. He made contact with the fox and they fell on each other. Amy approached them, making her hands into fists. The two were no match for the new Amy. She had surprised them in the worst of ways. They had no idea what was going on, but they knew it was wrong. Amy walked up and kicked Knuckles aside. She picked Tails up by his chest fur and held him in the air. His little feet dangled wildly. He grabbed her arm, trying to release himself. Amy chuckled and slapped the fox.

"It's because of you that I have to do this. Do you think I like this, Tails? DO YOU?!" she asked

"W-what?" he responded

Amy then punched him in the face.


"Put him down!" Knuckles grunted

Amy looked over and saw Knuckles stumbling to stand up. Amy threw Tails against the ground and turned her attention to Knuckles. She walked up and punched Knuckles in the face. He fell backwards. Just then, he grinned and swiped his foot across the floor, making Amy fall over. He stood up and got on top of her. He held her down and punched her in the face.

"What did we do, Amy? WHAT?!" Knuckles yelled

Amy spit into his eyes and kicked him in the crotch. Knuckles screamed in pain and rolled over. Amy stood up and kicked him in his side.

"You killed him. YOU KILLED SONIC!" she screamed

Knuckles looked up at her with a confused and surprised expression.

"We what?!" he screamed

Amy knelt down and punched him in the face multiple times. Soon, his face was bruised and blood was beginning to seep out of his mouth and nose.

"You know what I mean, you boyfriend killing bastard!" she screamed

"LEAVE US ALONE, AMY!" Tails yelled

Amy looked up just in time to dodge Tails trying to hit her with his wrench. She jumped back and pulled out her hammer. Tails looked over at Amy. He was crying furiously. She knew why. All his closest friends were either dying or turning on him. Good. She wanted him to suffer, she wanted all of them to suffer. Amy swung her hammer. Tails jumped back and then attacked her. He tried to hit her but Amy sidestepped him. She flipped her hammer around and then hit him with the handle of her hammer. He fell forward and landed on his face. Amy was just about to swing her hammer when suddenly, a hand grabbed her boot. She looked down and squeaked as she was pulled to the ground. Knuckles got up and wiped some blood from his face.

"Amy, we don't want to fight. We didn't mean for this to happen. Please stop fighting." Tails said, getting up

Amy grinned evilly.

"I'll stop fighting when your heads are hanging from a tree." She growled

Suddenly, Amy summoned her hammer and swung it up. One of the sharp spikes impaled Knuckles' left leg. He screamed and fell over.

"Knuckles!" Tails cried out

Amy jumped up and kicked Tails aside. Knuckles was lying on his back, grabbing his leg, and screaming. Amy walked over to Tails, twirling her hammer in her hand. Tails continued to back away, crying.

"Amy! Please!" he begged

"No! I'll never show mercy on any of you!"

Amy swung her hammer. Tails jumped up and flew over her head. Amy's hammer smashed through the door that was where Tails had once been. This door however, wasn't just any door, it was the door to her room. Amy looked in through the smashed door and looked around. Her room was still the way she left it, completely destroyed. She sniffled a little, thinking about the terrible things that had happened. She forced the feelings away. She would deal with those later. Amy turned around and looked back. Tails was beside Knuckles, trying to stop the bleeding with cloth.

"Now… where were we?" she asked, walking over to them

Amy swung her hammer around as she approached. Tails and Knuckles both stared at her with fear and horror. She grinned evilly.

"Stay still so I can kill you." She joked

"Get back!" Tails screamed

Amy ignored him and continued walking, laughing. She was enjoying this. But her cockiness got the best of her. Tails helped Knuckles up and helped Knuckles stand.

"COME ON!" Tails yelled

Tails put Knuckles' arm around his neck. The two helpless heroes ran for the door. Amy watched as they ran, laughing inside. She was going to give them a little head start to make this fun. They left the house without hesitation. Amy walked over to the open door and watched as they limped away as fast as they could. Amy got ready to run, but then her earpiece went off. Amy grumbled in annoyance and clicked the earpiece.

"I was just about to get the kill!" she complained

"I know, Agent R. But Consilium says they are more valuable if left alive. I will tell you when you get back. Now. Complete the other half of your mission. I want any plans you can find." Eggman ordered

Amy sighed in annoyance.

"Fine." She said

"By the way. My swat-bots should be coming in any time now to help you find info. They should do most of the work for you, so rest up. Dropships will be coming in soon to level the place"

"Copy. I'll get what I need." Amy said

Amy turned off her earpiece and turned back around, walking inside. She stepped over the broken wood and bloodstains on the floor. She looked around at the place she once called home. But home was where your heart was, and it was not here anymore. In fact, her heart was dead. It was with Sonic, it always was. Wherever he was, her home was. But now he was gone, and so was her heart. She felt a sudden chill of loneliness overcome her. For a second, she could have sworn she saw a ghostly figure of her and Sonic talking on the couch over by the wall. Amy was laughing at a joke and Sonic was smiling contently.

"I wish." She said to herself

Amy turned around and walked over to her door. She looked inside the dark room. The massive hole in the wall was still there. Amy stepped over the broken door and walked inside. Nothing could describe the feelings she had. She looked around, looking for something in particular. Amy slowly walked through the destroyed room. The broken wood, glass, and possessions cracked beneath her boots. Amy looked around, getting a little bit more frantic by the second. The thing she was looking for was beyond special to her, it was a memory of her past as a child, something that meant the world to her. She could lose everything else in the world, but this one thing was too special to lose.

"Where is it?" she asked herself

Amy continued to search. She searched, even when the swat-bots came in, wrecking the place, looking for info and inventions. Nevertheless, she continued searching. But then something caught her eye. She narrowed her eyes to see what it was. Tied to the leg of her bed, was a red bandana. Amy's eyes widened. She ran and knelt down for it. She untied the bandana.

"There you are!" she cried out

This tattered old stained and worn-out bandana was given to her as an infant by her parents. It was her first gift. She wore it as a hairband when she was a child. Back when she was the girlfriend of Nicky, she used it to clean up one of his wounds. But when Nicky turned out to be Sonic, he gave it back to her. She kept that bandana with her ever since. It reminded her of when she was just a child, and was the girlfriend of Nicky, who was actually Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy loved this piece of fabric with all her heart. Amy tied the old cloth around her arm and stood up. She patted it and smiled a little.

"I won't forget." She said quietly


Sonic didn't feel much when he first woke up. Before he could think about anything, he could feel only pain. He felt pain all over his body. But nowhere more severe than his leg. When Sonic first opened his eyes, all he could see was white. For a minute, he thought he had died, and was now in heaven. But as his vision cleared, he saw where he was. He was in a hospital room. Sonic couldn't believe it. He was alive, and out of that cave! A smile grew on his face, even though it hurt to smile. Sonic looked around. He was in a hospital room, but something was wrong. Hospital rooms were always quiet and peaceful. But this one was different. The muffled sounds of yelling, screaming, and chaos could be heard on the other side of the door to the room. Sonic adjusted himself slightly, trying to sit up.

"What's going on?" he grunted

Just then, Sonic noticed something else. His entire right leg was in a white cast. It hurt more than anything in the entire world. He was sure of that. The cast came up to his knee. Sonic looked around for something to call a nurse with. Right now, he could only think about his friends. He needed to know where he and his friends were, and then he could figure out how to fix all of this. Eventually, he spotted a pager. He grabbed it and quickly pressed the button. A couple minutes later, a human nurse walked in. She closed the door behind her and walked in. Her dirty blonde hair was ruffled up and messy. Her eyes were tired and heavy. Her uniform was completely red with blood. She looked terrible, like she had been working for a very long time in the emergency room.

"You're awake, how nice." She said while out of breath

Sonic cut straight to the point.

"Where am I? What happened?" he asked

The nurse walked over and looked at the monitor displaying his vital signs.

"Why you're in the hospital, and you're very lucky as well." She said, not looking at him

"How'd I get here?" he asked

"You were picked up by a rescue party sent to help another group of miners just before the invasion. You and the others were airlifted back here." She answered

"But Station Square doesn't have a hospital." He said

"Yes, you're in Gus Lacy Hospital. It's a couple hundred miles outside of Station Square. Close enough to airlift patients, but far enough not to get destroyed." She said

The nurse quickly realized the mistake of what she just said.

"Destroyed?!" Sonic cried

The nurse sat down next to him. She looked at him with a sorrowful expression.

"Yes. Most of Station Square is in ruins right now. After your supposed death, GUN forces and your friends pulled out. We haven't been able to contact anybody in Station Square as of recently. I'm sorry." She said

Sonic laid his head back, trying to take it in. But how could he? His home, his life, and his friends, were gone. For all he knew, they could be dead. And the fact that he couldn't contact them was just as painful. He was separated from his friends. He would need to heal up fast if he ever wanted to save what was left of Station Square, and bring peace back to the world.

But something Sonic didn't know, was that the idea of bringing peace back might be a little tougher than he thought. Now that Amy was against him, it would be near impossible, too bad Sonic didn't know Amy was now Agent R.

Too bad the girl he once knew was dead.

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