No Hope

Fighting her

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

-Ephesians 2:10

The raid on Tails' workshop by Amy had been a resounding success. She had not only kicked Tails and Knuckles out of their home, but also secured the plans to all of Tails' inventions. With these, Eggman could build even more incredible machines and devices to help him rule the world. The possibilities with these simple plans were priceless. And now, he had no rivals to stop him. Since those pesky rodents were kicked out of their home, destroying them would be as easy as killing a bug. But killing them wasn't what he needed to do just yet. Consilium had recommended a much better plan.

"MUWAHAHAHA!" Eggman bellowed

Eggman spun around in his chair, throwing blueprints for some of Tails' inventions into the air. He laughed hysterically at the power he now possessed. He wiped a tear of joy from his eye and looked around him. His personal office was completely filled with blueprints, half-built gadgets, and maps of Station Square. Next to the center of his wooden desk was a small computer monitor. The screen was turned off and a picture of the Eggman logo was on it. Eggman turned his attention to one paper in particular though. It was a statistics sheet. A statistics sheet about Amy Rose, otherwise known as Agent R. He frowned and picked up the sheet to read it. Eggman liked what he saw. The summery at the top was all the proof he needed to say he was successful in his attempts to turn Amy evil. Eggman tightened his lips and nodded in approval. Agent R was showing increased combat skills, and a ferocity never before seen in Amy Rose. She was a completely different person. Suddenly, Eggman's computer screen turned on and Consilium's red eye appeared on the black screen.

"Everything alright, doctor?" Consilium asked in his monotone voice

Eggman jumped a little. His computer friend had startled him. He looked over at Consilium and smiled evilly.

"Yes, yes. Agent R showed off a lot of skills we had previously never even knew she had." Eggman said, reading one line of the paper

"Yes. I took a test on her bio readings when she returned. The possibility of her even feeling remotely sorry for Knuckles or Tails is diminishing rapidly. I estimate the likeliness of her showing mercy below 18 percent."

Eggman pressed a button on the keyboard for the computer, and a video of Amy fighting Knuckles and Tails appeared. He watched as she beat up the two ruthlessly. He grinned.

"So I would say her not killing them immediately is because she wants to watch them suffer?" Eggman asked

"Correct. From the data I have stored. Revenge is a strange emotion. The person who wants revenge has a tendency to make their target suffer and be as miserable as possible before death. They want to, as humans say, 'Make 'em pay.' Am I accurate in that analysis?"

"You are." Eggman said, standing up

Eggman put his hands behind his back and walked up to a map he had on the wall. The map showed Station Square, and where GUN forces were known to be. There were so many GUN units still securing the city. If he wanted this city to be the start of Eggmanland, he would have to get rid of those pesky soldiers, and he knew just how to do that.

"Consilium," Eggman said, still looking at the map, "What is your estimate on Knuckles and Tails going to GUN to help them out?"

Consilium was silent for a moment, clearly thinking. That was what he was good at, what he was programmed for.

"A 73 percent chance, doctor. It only seems logical that if one is in need of help, they will seek it. And with the wounds they suffered from the first battle, I think they would defiantly go to get help from GUN's medics and troops. It is what I would do if I was in their position." Consilium said

Eggman chuckled and turned around, walking back to the desk. He sat down and picked up his radio.

"Good. Get five squads of swat-bots ready for deployment, and make sure they are equipped with anti-personnel rounds." Eggman ordered

"As you wish." Consilium said

Consilium's eye disappeared and the screen turned off again. Eggman hailed Agent R on his radio.

"Agent R?" he asked

A couple seconds later, Amy's voice crackled through the radio.

"What?" she replied

Her voice sounded sassy and angry, perfect. She wasn't having a good day.

"Report to the control room, I have a new mission for you." He said, his voice dropping with excitement

"Got it. Be there in a sec." she said

Amy took her fingers away from her earpiece and resumed what she was doing. She was doing something she hadn't done since she was a little girl. She was drawing. She was drawing the only thing that was on her mind. Sonic. She was doing the best she could to draw her lover from memory. It pained her not having a single picture of Sonic with her. But the bombardment of Tails' workshop had made it impossible to find a picture of the one she held deer. Her memories were all she had. That and her old bandana. Sketching pencils, crumpled up paper, and tissues were everywhere on the floor. Amy put her drawing pad away and jumped up. She dusted off her outfit and checked to see if her red bandana was tied tightly around her arm and walked out the door. She walked up to the control room with so much confidence and swagger, nobody could tell she was forever crying and screaming inside.

"Get out of my head." She whispered to herself

But the more she tried to get herself to stop the crying and screaming, the louder it got. That was the fuel for her revenge. The thought of making things right. And eye for an eye, as some had said. Amy would do anything, act anyway, just to make things right. Avenging Sonic was all she could think of, and the hatred of Knuckles and Tails. After a long walk, she finally made it to the control room. The door slid open, and Amy walked in. Inside was Dr. Eggman, standing there with a file in his hand. Amy walked in, moving her hips in a very feminine way. She stood in front of Eggman and looked up at him.

"New mission?" she asked

"I expect the best from you." Eggman said, handing her the file

Amy took it and opened up to read what it said inside. While she read, an evil smirk slowly grew on her face. After she read it, she closed it and turned her attention to Eggman.

"You're certain they'll be here?" she asked in a doubtful tone

"Consilium and I looked at the data, and this is where they'll be. Kill them all, but leave Knuckles and Tails alive. I want them to continue leading us to the GUN stations. Understood?"

Amy nodded and turned around, walking out.

"There is a dropship waiting for you in hanger 2." Eggman called out

Amy didn't turn to acknowledge the information. But instead, put up her middle finger as she walked out. Eggman was somewhat shocked by how rude she was becoming. That may have been why she was so much more deadly while fighting. She was not holding anything back. Clearly, the loss of Sonic was destroying her old personality. It worried Eggman to some extent. But until she was no longer needed, she would be useful, no matter how rude or ferocious she was. Being a deadly killer was exactly what Agent R was. Nothing more, nothing less.


It had been a tough battle for GUN lately. Eggman's swat-bots were ravaging Station Square. Ever since they got their foothold in that godforsaken mining crater, the swat-bots kept on coming. Now that there was no Sonic to help them, GUN was forced to combat the robots by themselves. The worst part was that they were not outfitted right for such a battle. What a terrible time for them to have budget cutbacks. GUN forces were at a stalemate in the city. The GUN forces controlled the ground, but Eggman controlled the skies. No new troops or supplies were coming in due to the power of Eggman's UAV's. There were too many of them. When a supply truck, patrol, or plane was close to the city, it was instantly destroyed by the UAVs' firepower. The situation inside the city was getting dire. The units scattered around the city were getting low on ammo, fuel, food, water, and medical supplies. If they were going to get out, it needed to be soon.

Commander Wilkins stood in the control room of one of GUN's thousands of hastily built bunkers inside the city. The unsteady, crumbling, and dirty bunkers were the only thing protecting him and his men from the fighters and swat-bots outside. But he paid no attention to what was outside, he had things to do inside. He stood in front of a wall of monitors, all of them showing satellite images of the surrounding ground. They showed troop numbers, casualties, and estimated enemy forces. Wilkins shook his head and turned around, walking out of the room. But as he was walking out, something stopped him.

"Sir! Fire-team Claw is on the line, they say they have something for us!" one of the troops called out

Wilkins stopped in his tracks and turned around. A look of confusion was on his face.

"Claw? What did the scouting team say they have?" he asked, walking over to the radio the trooper was using

Wilkins leaned forward, resting against the chair, staring at the radio. The trooper held his hand over one of his headphones, listening to what the fire-team had to say.

"Sir. They say they have found friends of Sonic the Hedgehog. But are injured and need immediate assistance." The trooper explained

Wilkins couldn't believe it. Friends of Sonic? They were thought to be dead after the attack that had been reported the night before, it was amazing to hear this. Wilkins composed himself and started walking out of the control room.

"Open up the gate and bring them back! Get a medical team on station!" he barked

"Aye sir!" The trooper replied

As Wilkins walked down the corridor, he looked around. His troops were in horrible condition. Chemical lights, small lanterns, and flashlights were the only sources of light in the bunkers. Dozens of troops were lying on stretchers, or on the ground, groaning in pain. As he made it through the bunker, an explosion from the surface rocked the bunker. Dirt from the ceiling fell and some screaming from shell-shocked troopers echoes through the air. The sounds of radio chatter and people talking all mixed into one big sound of chaos. Wilkins sighed in pity for his men. They were suffering, and needed to get out.

"We need to get out of this hell hole." He said to himself

Wilkins walked up to a huge metal door with two troopers sanding guard there. They saw him and saluted. Wilkins saluted back.

"As you were. Get the door ready for fire-team Claw." He ordered

One of the troopers nodded and slung his assault rifle. He turned and slid open a small window at eye level. He peered out for some time. The other trooper looked at his companion with an uneasy look. Wilkins knew that trooper. He was fresh out of selection, a 'FNG', or, 'fucking new guy'. The FNG took his safety off and looked at his friend.

"What do ya see out there, Johnson? Any swat-bots?" he asked

"None yet. All I see is a cluster-fuck of a city and… wait…"

Johnson held out his fist and motioned for the FNG to get ready.

"I see four contacts coming out of the fog." He reported

The FNG opened up his little window and looked out of it.

"LIGHTENING!" the FNG called out

A moment later, a response came from the fog.

"THUNDER!" replied a voice

Wilkins knew that voice anywhere. It was Corporal Bragg's voice. He and Bolton were the only two members of fire-team Claw left. The Claw they had been ordered to defend was at a safe house in the center of the city. That thing was far too valuable to lose. Even fire-team Claw, the best team in the city, was too cautious to take it out for use, seeing as how all the mechanics were killed, and nobody wanted to have a broken Claw on their hands.

"Open up the door." Wilkins ordered

The two troopers nodded and slung their weapons. They unlocked the massive steel doors and grabbed the handles to the huge double doors. They grunted as they pulled with all their might. The massive doors screeched against the concrete floor. A flood of light, dust, and fog rolled in. along with the sickening smell of motor oil and burning flesh. Wilkins covered his nose and mouth as he walked outside. The two soldiers pulled up their assault rifles and made a perimeter around him.

"Get in here!" Johnson shouted into the fog

Finally, the four forms in the fog could be seen perfectly. Two humans, and two Mobians. The two humans appeared first. They were Bolton and Bragg. Bolton walked backwards, checking their backs. The two troopers approached the bunker. Not far behind them, the two Mobians appeared. One was a red echidna, and the other was a yellow fox. The red echidna was being helped along by the fox. The echidna was limping, and dripping blood from his leg, lots of blood.

"Get them inside!" Wilkins ordered

Everyone made it inside. The two guards closed and locked the doors behind them. Within seconds of them all getting inside, a medical team rushed over to Knuckles.

"Be careful." Tails cautioned, handing Knuckles to the medics

The medics nodded as they took Knuckles and placed him on a stretcher. Before they lifted him up off the ground, Knuckles stretched his hand out. Tails knelt down and took it. They both looked at each other with solemn faces.

"Make… make sure you stop him, and bring her back. Be strong little buddy." Knuckles croaked

Tails started to cry again.

"You b-bet." Tails stuttered

Knuckles chuckled and laid his head down. The two medics took him away into another room, ready to treat him. Tails just stared at the dark corridor they took his friend into. Tails was being emotionally ripped apart by what was going on. All his friends were gone. All of them, even Knuckles was almost gone. He was enduring a lot for a young teenager. Tails was starting to realize that everything was resting on his shoulders. There was no Sonic to lead him and his friends to victory. Amy, the one who he thought would never turn evil, had destroyed their home, and nearly killed Knuckles. Nothing could possibly make his life any more miserable.

Just as Tails was about to follow his friend, a hand rested on his shoulder. He turned around and looked up at Commander Wilkins. The aging man had streaks of grey going across his blonde hair. Dirt and blood were all over his BDUs. He didn't look like the GUN general he was used to, all clean and young. But despite the situation, he was still able to put a kind smile on his aging face. Tails didn't smile back.

"Your friend will be fine. We have the best medics in the corps." Wilkins said, trying to reassure Tails

Tails knew that was a lie. He snarled and forcefully took Wilkins' hand off his shoulder and started quickly walking to the control room. Wilkins, fire-team Claw, and the two guards followed.

"Where the hell have you been?!" Tails growled

"We have been trying our best to hold the city with the supplies we have." Wilkins reported

Tails didn't care what that man had to say. They walked into the control room and Tails promptly fell to the ground, crying. Tails let everything out. He was away from Knuckles, he could finally break down again. This caught everyone by surprise. Nobody, not Bragg, Bolton, or Wilkins knew what to do. They just stared at him with pity. Bolton looked around. He frowned. If nobody was going to help out this teenager, then he would. Bolton slowly walked over to Tails and knelt down. He patted the fox's back lightly.

"There, there. It's okay little guy." Bolton said softly

Tails didn't stop crying, but was able to make out a couple words.

"She… she will kill us." He sobbed

Bolton's face, along with everyone's, turned surprised. Bolton took off his helmet, revealing a skullcap and a pair of headphones. He turned Tails' head to look him dead in the eyes. Even though he had sunglasses on, Tails could tell Bolton's eyes were hard and determined.

"Who do you mean by 'her'?" he asked

Tails wanted to kill himself when he said her name.

"A… Amy." He said, bursting out crying again

Tails let out a flood of new tears when he said her name. It pained him even more to look up and see the surprise on everyone's faces. He knew what they were about to say.

"Amy Rose? The pink hedgehog who is in love with Sonic? How the fuck?" Bragg exclaimed

Tails couldn't speak anymore. Retelling what was going on was far too stressful for him. Every time he tried to talk, he just choked on his words. Bolton couldn't help but feel bad for the little fox.

"It's gonna be okay kid." Bolton comforted

Tails looked up just in time to hear a loud pounding noise coming from the main doors. Everyone stopped and turned to look back down the corridor. Sounds of yelling and more pounding came from down by the metal doors. Then, the most horrifying sound of them all. Robot hydraulics.

"Oh no."

That was all Bolton could say before a massive explosion destroyed the metal doors. The doors flew forward, crushing a couple troopers in front of them. Then, everything went to shit. Swat-bots began to pour in from the outside. They marched in, gunning down the unsuspecting troopers. Screams and gunfire echoed through the bunker as troopers rushed to defend the bunker. Smoke and dirt clogged the air. Tails and the others coughed up and tried to realize what just happened. Tails just sat there, crying.

"HERE SHE COMES!" he cried out

Wilkins stood up, coughing, but giving orders.


Bolton looked up and grabbed his helmet, strapping it on.

"Looks like we got another firefight!" he said

Bolton and Bragg both pulled up their assault rifles and began firing down the corridor. Everyone took cover along the walls, behind crates, dead bodies, anything that would shield them from the hail of gunfire coming from the entrance. Tails jumped up and sprinted for cover.

"She's here." he mumbled to himself

Tails had no weapons on him, he couldn't defend himself. He just huddled into a corner and screamed in terror as a battle raged on inside the bunker. Bolton ducked behind cover just as a couple rounds hit the sandbags in front of him.


Bragg fired more shots, dropping a few swat-bots.


Tails looked around. For a moment, the world went into slow-motion. He looked around at the chaos. Fire-team after fire-team poured into the corridor, getting mowed down by the swat-bots. Empty shell casings covered the ground in a carpet of brass. Dead bodies were dropping down everywhere, along with torn apart swat-bots. All Tails did was scream, scream and cry.

"SONIC!" he screamed

The world resumed it speed when Tails heard a voice calling his name.

"TAILS! TAILS!" screamed Bragg

Tails looked up and saw Bragg shooting at the robots. He then knelt down and looked at the fox. He unclipped the strap on his drop-leg holster and pulled out a pistol. He flipped it around and handed it to him. Tails backed away slightly from the weapon.


Without thinking, Tails grabbed the pistol and peered around the crate he and Bragg were behind. He aimed at the swat-bot and pulled the trigger. He saw the round go and push the metal robot back. It fell to the ground, dead. A shot of adrenalin went into his veins. His pupils became small, and he growled. All the fear and terror in his head disappeared and was filled with anger and determination.

"This is for Sonic!" he yelled

Tails fired more shots at the swat-bots. Every shot was like letting a little bit more stress leave his body. The rush of battle felt amazing. He continued to fire at the swat-bots. They dropped with every shot. Bragg noticed and smiled behind his scarf.

"THERE YA GO!" he screamed

Tails didn't notice, and just continued to fire the pistol until the magazine was empty. The slide flew back and the magazine fell out of the grip. Bragg saw this.

"RIGHT LEG! RIGHT LEG!" he screamed

Tails knew what he meant. He looked over at Bragg's right leg. Strapped to it were stacks of pistol magazine pouches. Tails pulled a magazine out of one pouch and loaded it. He pushed the slide forward, loading a new round, and started shooting at the swat-bots again.

This battle continued for only a couple minutes before the situation began to change. There were a lot of swat-bots, and not a lot of GUN troopers. Soon, the swat-bots began to gain the upper hand. They started pushing forward, cutting down the GUN troopers. Pretty soon, the swat-bots had gained a considerable foothold in the bunker. Everyone was beginning to notice it. Eventually, Wilkins knew he had to do something. He crouched down behind cover and looked over at the group of troopers around him.


Johnson looked over at the commander and nodded. He tapped the FNG's shoulder. They stopped shooting, turned, and ran down on of the corridors, laying down fire as they went. They needed to defend Knuckles. His strength was something they really needed right now. Wilkins then looked over at Bolton, Bragg, and Tails.


Bolton crouched behind cover and looked over at Wilkins.



"BuT…" Bolton began


Bolton nodded and patted Bragg's shoulder. They looked at each other and nodded. Bragg roughly grabbed Tails' arm and pulled him around a corner. Wilkins watched as Tails was led by the soldiers down the corridor. He exhaled loudly. His job was done. He had gotten them out. He loaded another magazine into his pistol and got ready to start shooting again. But then, something strange happened. The shooting in the hallway stopped. No more rounds were tearing into the sandbags in front of him. Wilkins frowned and wondered what it could be that made them stop. He slowly peered around the corner. What he saw was the last thing he expected to see.

Wilkins watched as the swat-bots parted to the sides, letting a path form between them. Then a figure walked in. A pink hedgehog. She was dragging a huge gothic looking hammer behind her. Her outfit was slutty, but terrifying. A look of pure hatred and evil was on her face. Suddenly, the things Tails had said all made sense. Amy Rose was against them. She walked into the corridor and stopped. She put her hand on her hip and rested the hammer on her shoulder.

"Hello boys. Ready to have some fun?" she asked in a seductive tone

Wilkins was completely frozen in shock. He didn't think to look away and hide behind cover, which would lead to his undoing. Amy noticed the head poking around the sandbags and smiled evilly.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?" she asked, walking up the corridor

As she was walking up the corridor, a GUN trooper jumped out from the corner with a knife in his hands.

"Die!" he screamed

Amy saw him just in time and swung at him. The spikes on the hammer impaled the trooper. His lifeless body hung from her hammer. She smiled, and kicked his lifeless body off the hammer. Then, she continued walking up to Wilkins as if nothing had happened. Wilkins just stared at her with huge eyes and an open mouth. He couldn't believe it. She looked so different, and was acting different as well. She had killed a trooper without even a thought. Amy approached him and stood over him. She looked down at Wilkins, letting an evil smile crept its way up her cheeks. Wilkins was beginning to shake in fear. Who knew what this girl was capable of?

"Where are they?" she asked casually

"What?" he replied

Amy suddenly turned angry and grabbed his uniform and pulled him up. He stared right into her eyes. He could see the fire burning in them.

"I said… WHERE ARE THEY?!" she screamed

Wilkins struggled to break free but it was no use. And he knew he would rather die than give her the location of Tails and Knuckles.

"Go to hell you slut." He whispered

Wilkins watched in horror as Amy began to snarl. She showed her canines and lifted him higher into the air. He could see a scream working its way up her chest. He instantly regretted calling her that. Amy dropped him on the ground and held her hammer in both hands. She lifted it up higher, ready to strike.

"DIE, BASTARD!" she screamed

Amy struck Wilkins with her hammer as hard as she could. When the hammer made contact, it tore through his flesh. Blood, flesh, and organs exploded everywhere, covering Amy and the walls in gore. She wiped the blood off her face and smiled evilly.

"I'm not a slut." She whispered

Amy pulled her hammer out of the mutilated body of Wilkins and turned around. She walked up to the swat-bots.

"Find them, search the entire bunker. If you find them, bring them to the dropship, and load them up. Eggman wants them alive." She ordered

The swat-bots followed her commands and began searching the base. Amy stood there, looking down at herself. She frowned in annoyance.

"Great… now I need to clean my outfit." She said, pulling a little flesh off her skirt.

Amy then heard GUN troopers yelling down one corridor. She swung her hammer over her shoulder and walked down the hallway, ready to kill.


This cycle of Amy finding GUN bases, destroying them, and killing almost everyone inside continued for weeks. After Amy destroyed their comms relay station, communication with the other GUN forces became non-existent. Within days, Eggman, with Amy and Consilium's help, created a blockade around the city, surrounding it and cutting it off from the outside world. The Gun troops began to run extremely low on supplies. Fuel was considered liquid gold. Ammunition was used sparingly. Medical supplies were only used on high ranking officers. Vehicles were only used for full on assaults. But most of all, the moral of the troops faded quickly. With no hope of getting out, or reinforcements getting in, the troops saw no point in even fighting. And with Tails and Knuckles MIA, it was impossible to come up with a plan. The situation for the remaining GUN troops was terrible. In only a couple weeks, Eggman had been able to all but destroy five whole GUN divisions. It was the worst possible scenario for GUN, Tails, and Knuckles. All of this because Amy had turned against them, and became Agent R. She had become more than an agent of evil, but a cold blooded killer. Fighting with no mercy tore down her morals and any thoughts that what she was doing was wrong. It was just as Eggman had planned. Nothing could stop Agent R, or Eggman. It seemed all was lost for the 2,000 GUN troops, Knuckles, and Tails. The fight was finished. It seemed that Eggman had won. Over the course of several weeks, he had done what it had taken him nearly a lifetime to accomplish.

.Several Weeks Later

Not being able to walk, yet being so close to walking was an excruciating feeling. So close, yet so far. Sonic had been in that hospital bed for weeks now. Even with all the recent advances in accelerated healing, and faster bone development, Sonic was still required to stay in bed. But as of recently, he was given clearance to walk with crutches. But he was still in his bed.

Sonic sat up in his bed with an annoyed expression on his face. His arms were folded. He tapped his fingers impatiently. He looked down at his leg, which now only a brace on it. He had finally been able to put his shoe on, but he still had that stupid brace. Sonic sighed and ran his hand through his quills.

"When is she gonna be here?" he asked himself

The nurse, Francesca, was late again, as usual. He never understood why she was always late to check up on him. She was the only person he could ever talk to besides the doctor. But when she came in, she was always tired, moody, and covered in blood. Sonic was interrupted by his thoughts when the door opened. Francesca walked in, flustered, tired, and moody as usual. Sonic watched as she checked his vitals, refilled his IV, and looked at his schedule.

"Well, good news." She said, flipping a bang back behind her ear, "You can get crutches now."

Sonic had no patience right now. He had just heard that Station Square was announced a lost cause by GUN headquarters. The only thing he wanted was to leave.

"It's about flipping time! I need those crutches now! I need to get back to fighting as soon as possible!" Sonic snapped

That was the last straw for Francesca. She threw down the schedule and stared at him with an angry face.

"You know! You're not the only one with problems right now!" she yelled, "I have 20 other patients in urgent care right now! You're not very high on my priorities list!"

Francesca had made her point. Sonic instantly felt terribly sorry for yelling at her. He should have been more considerate of the fact that she was doing her best, and that he wasn't a very high priority with just a broken leg. Sonic lowered his head a little.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's just that I have a girl I really care about whose trapped in the city. I don't know whether she's okay or not. I guess that is just why I am angry right now." He confessed

It was true. Sonic had been thinking about Amy a lot recently. He was incredibly worried about how she was doing, and if she and his friends were safe. He hadn't heard any news on them recently. It was only normal that he would be mad about the lack of information. What Sonic didn't expect was to see Francesca pull up a chair and sit beside him. She had a melancholy face. She pulled out a picture from her blue scrubs and held it in her hand. It was a picture of her and a man in a GUN dress uniform.

"I know how you feel. My husband is fighting in that godforsaken city. I haven't received any news about him, and I'm getting really worried. The last time we talked, he said he would be home yesterday. But he isn't, and I am really worried. So I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm mad that I can't see him."

Sonic couldn't help but feel sorry for her. He didn't know what to say. This woman was clearly going through a rougher time than he was. All Sonic could think to do was try to make her feel better. He chuckled a little and laid back.

"I guess we both have people we care about in danger." He said slowly

Francesca put the photo away and stood up.

"Yeah. Hopefully we meet our lovers after all this is over." She said

Sonic looked down and twiddled his thumbs.

"I hope." He said

Francesca picked up the schedule and put it back.

"Thanks for the talk, Sonic. I'll go get your crutches now." She said as if she was distracted by another thought

Sonic smiled.

"It's gonna be okay" He reassured

Francesca smiled back and left the room. Sonic looked up at the ceiling and frowned.

"What the chaos is going on in that city?"

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